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price $50.00
The one dlsplnycd In our window with the BLUE MEAD.
Guaranteed fop the rond.
E. O. Hall & Son, Ltd.
H. W Filter. Jeweler, 15s Mote! St. ,
(J. H llerrey's office 1 Campbell bid.'
Paint our loifs with the PEER
The transport Egbert sails fm S.m
Francisco at 5 o'i loi k thin iittrruoou.
Gomes & Mi riRliP, successors to Cn
tnara & Co , liquor dealers. 95 King St.
Pedolln relieves and cures bunions
Und soft iorn )r V It Huale. Ore
(.on Mock.
Attorney Hem ml Dolt will proliubly
aitompan) hi mule Governor Dole,
to Can Francisco In the Ahum-da.
Charles Molleno, formerly of Mer
chant street, has reopened his shaving
parlor on King street, opposite Young
Tttre will be a special meeting ot
the Woman's (lulld of St Clement's
thapel at the rectory, Tuesday uftei
noon, March IS, at 3 o'clock.
After trouble In whlih piopeller and
boilers played a large part, the tians
.,.. t..wnn rn. iti.lt. Ilirn.fiini M.1II1HI
C .... m..ii., i..i.. k, vLli.itf1
No. 2 about t, o'clock yesterday morn-
Don't forget Canurluos of the Call
forolt Krult Market when you want
fruit and vegetables. He always has
on hand a fresh supply of both Califor
nia and Isbnd fruits. Telephone Main
The annual convention of the Antl-
Saloon Ltagm will be held Thursday,
.March 27. At that time, leports for
the nat vtnr will be lead and un elec-
tion of officers held
w,n n,,iKn.i ,.,..i,t I ..I .,lL-l,iL
vN in. Holland was arrested last nigiit
, the charge of i.smuU and b.itlery on
Ulcer Kawalaea. It lb jllegid that
the fellow did nut cure to obey the or
ders of the polite ollUel nnd, on the
Idtlcr InsUtiiig, Holland sliutk him
Jilt Utlidegon of New llochelle, N.
1. 1. .nt.... I...... .vltl. fiiit.ini..
., n.iw i.... ..... - -
lead of lemming home In the Ala-
ici-tla as she had prevlouslj arranged. 1
The Hawaiian Hotel Annex will uj
clod tomorrow to guests. No bath- "-.".,
Ing will be allowed. This will be douOilu l'',t1' b Jn 'Htee
out of lespett for the late E. C. .Mai- Captain I'll ne. one of the military
Urlaue, whote fuuernl tukes plate to- r dicers aboard the transport Warren
morroy afternoon from the Catholln vns shot threugh the head whllo In
Cathedral. Cuba. He nearly lost his life.
At a meeting of the Puliation Ilast
Uil! AJMclntlon held recently, the fol
lowing ollkers wero elected- John So
jer, captain; J. O. Carter Jr., manager,
uod A. Steere, coach. Steere was for-
wl, hH captain of the Drown Fnlver-
tit) team.
boldlt-rs from the Kgbm kept the
police busy on the streets Friday night.
While they did not get Into any great
trouble, they were In a very quarrel
same mood and wanted to light about
every lire minutes with any person
-who happened along
(toverrnor Dole. In pursuance tn in
structions from the President, Is mak
Ine his arrangements to go to San
Francisco In the Alameda Wednesday
afternoon. Henry E. Cooper, Secretary
of the Territory, will bo the acting
governor In the absence of Mr. Dole.
The Hawaiian Mission Chlldn n's So-
'!! !!'C""..,e,,'"
May with congratulatory
listlnc for two evenings.
The pro
gram bah
Jl trill cerUI
, ,,r . . K . l" n n .
J or a It It ha r da next Saturday evening
to Uotlde on the nrrangemenU for thB
Jubtlee celebration.
S. a Spauldlng. one of the wealthiest
men of Hutfalo, N. Y.. has sent an ur-1
gent request 10 r.. a. r. ,
thu firm of Dickey & Newcomb of this
Wtr to go at once to Ruffato to design
end superintend the erection of a largi
city residence and barn. Mr. Ncw-
comb states that ho will accept the
commission to the extent of taking a
dying trip and designing the buildings
Louis Reynolds, son of C. F. Hey
nolds, superintendent of the leper set
tlement on Molokal, left Honolulu
Thursday afternoon In the collier.
Alexander, bound for Norfolk. Loult,
r eo ,u.uk. "-'"- McCarthy, C. F. rhllllngworth. W. F.
not J. been decl.W on but , , , Th , ,
UlnybelntcrestliiB. Ihe.-',,, ,,1UnB8lOD j. A. mshn j. c.
aeetlug at the humo of Tht-o- '.. ,...,. i,-n-....i
was fortunnte enough to senile thu day reinstating Will Hnnna In tho reg
position of freight clerk. It will prob- lth division of the postofflec, but In
ably be a year or two before he sccia Krade Just below tho ono formerly
his borne ngaln but that docs not wor-h(M liy h)ln, Ho was suspended sov
ry him for he Is bent on seeing some- , wck) nR0 fof an H,lc,gl,d nrrat..
thing of the world. (Im (f tw reBUtatolllli nnd nn nppen,
It la understood that Griggs, tho , Washington wns mnclo.
conductor 0: tne 1,11111a street unpiu
Transit car, who is nllegcd to have at'
tacked Captain Parker Friday night.
will plead guilty In the Police Court
Monday afternoon. Ho appeared In
tho Police Court yesterday forenoon
and bis case went over, Griggs refus-
t-d to recognize Captain Parker's badge
and would not let blm ride, he then put
the senior captain of the police off the
car, with the assistance ot tho motor-
20 LBS,
P.uhr,o's Dandruff Killer Is n won
derful scalp tonic and cleaner.
Housekeeping furniture for two
rooms Is for sale at 1.19 Miller street
Nliely furnished rooms, l'opular
House, 1219 Tort St., $1.(0 per week up.
Ill.iuk books of all sorts, ledgers, etc.
manufactured by the bulletin Publish
ing Co.
The ste.imer Eureka has ai lived af
ter safely loading n thousand tons of
sugar at Anahola.
The weekly edition of the Evening
llulletln gives a complete Bummary of
the news of the. day.
Representative Jullnn Monsnrrat ol
Kapapala raneh, Kau, arrived In the
Klnnu yesterday artcrnoon.
M(Cnrth) has been found guilty of
assault and battery. He was sentenced
to six months' Imprisonment.
The sermon In St. And.-ew's Cathe
dral this morning nt 10:30 o'clock v.'ll
' be prenched by Itev. Dr. Jenner.
The Inttrmcdljte class of the . M.
(' A Is organizing a baseball team and
Intends to start practice on oMnday.
N. S. Sachs Dry Goods Co. received
their second shipment of spilng goods
li) the Alameda. See their ad today.
Tho Supreme Court h.is remitted
Terrltoiy vs. Ah (luong to Judje I.'t
tie. Fourth Circuit, on uuount ut e'lor,
Ilourhon Whiskey, 6 years old, J3.50;
Claret, 50 cents; Sherry and Tokay, 73
cents a gallon at lloffschlacgcr Co.'s,
KlnS street.
The Y. M. C. A. otolites arc now In
tlnlnK regularly for the coming tli Id
. u,,. .,. ,w,t nt..,, -.in i, nut
SVi.- S35
, , .....
rui.v.,1, ririiwe. U..-I ii.v .., ...
.1... In, a L- f, lln,,..t,no tnb.i li miui t
........... , .......... ...... ,...- ,...t ...
. the Cntholle Cathedral at .'1 .10 o'clock
this afternoon
Father J. .1. Fault- of D11I1I111 . 1.1 .
. .... I,
S' clthedii, uZ
,vu,ln ' '30 Ollook-
Sailors who libelled the ship A. .1.
Kulu'r tor 20 ".a account of In-
The Y. W. C. A. may stait a publl-
tatlnn of Its own. For the piesenl, th"
young ladles will publish their news In
u regular column of the "Friend."
- "-'7. ".V "b.
Smith contempt case which may yet
HM A C!ait.4AtA lll l-t fltlll tllA f tAI t It
'be settled by the Department of Jus-
W, G. Irwin, who controls a large
portion of I-anal, hns made 11 proposl-
linn In flnv Tr llnhlnunn utilt-li mnv re-
u n ,,, , of ,nc ,8land ly
I the latter. The deal Involves a mat-
ter of $100,000.
The report of P. D. Kellet Jr.. ns
master of the accounts of .1 F. Hark-
feld, guardian of the EhleiH minors,
was approved by Judge liuniphuys,
who ordered a new bond In (15,000 and
a fi e of (25 to the master
..irtM. .nU dlnnJrmny be bad of
Tickets for th the St. Patrick's Day
any of the following gintlcmm C. J.
lnn, Clurles McGonaglc,
;. : 2
Captain D. II. Ward, formerly of tb
I htirk Diamond Head, goes to Manila
' nu raflnnnap rt thu fn1lfrrnlaf nnlln
Comm,,rclnl company. Ltd. The com-
pany takes scverul agencies there for
American concerns nnd hopes to Inter-
, .,., , ,u ,,.inmn, , .h.lFOR 8ALE Exclusive rlKhta of a vnl
. '
The association football game next
Saturday afternoon for the benefit of
the McKlnley Memorial Fund Bhould ho
I kept steadily In mind for It will be the
event of the kind of the season. The
boys are doing some hard practicing
and mean to make tba gnme a most In
teresting one to watch.
Orders came by the Alumedn Frl-
An officer of tho 16th Infantry aboard
the Wnrren stated on Friday Hist theio
was nothing radically wrong with the
transport. Ho said that sh.i could Jmt
08 well as not have gone on after tho
accident which made It advisable for
'them to return to port, but tha; It wan
ilrcmed best for the pence of mind of
all persons aboard and the ladles In
particular to return to port and hao
the repairs made.
(Continued from pasto 1.)
house nt 2.30 o'clock this afternoon.
The sen Ices nt the church will com
mencp at 3-30 o'clock. The Iltshop of
1'anopolls has sent word to tho be
reaved family that he will personally
conduct the services.
The pallbearers will ho: Joseph O.
Cnrttr, Hon. A. S. Cleghorn, Prlnco
David Kawannnakoa, F. M. Hnlch,
William Llshman A. Sousa do Cana
arro F Wundenberg and 12. I). Ten
tiey. A platoon of police headed by High
Sheriff llrown will accompany tho
hearse In the procession.
It Is seldom thnt tho death of any
man In this community causes such
widespread grief as hns the death of
"Ned" Maefarlane. ns Ms friends call
ed him. As was so beautifully ex
pressed on one of the llornl pieces re
ceived at the residence yesterday, he
was "A True Friend."
Disposition of Body.
The nged mother and tho bereaved
widow, together with the rest of the
family, have been deeply touthed by
the many sincere expressions of sym
pathy which hivo been received from
San Kranclsco and Honolulu friends.
Numerous friends on the Mainland
sent Instructions to Honolulu for floral
The young widow will remain with
Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Mnifnrlanc ami
perhaps make her home hole for soiuo
time to come.
The oldest biolber of the deceased,
llikttnf l fi nfit ln tin ti n u t un titivlmiiJ
thnt the caskt-t should be with him at
his home. Ho feared that tho effeit
m III. mnllii.r u.inl.l l, I,.n ..vi.ii..
should the ri mains he taken to hef
nome. ine casket was puieeu 111 tne
cottage formerly occupied by the de
ceased, however, where the mother
fiom her residence could bo near. Now
that the worst of the ordeal Is over
the sons feel that this was the best
arrangement that could have been
Many Friends Call,
Yesterday n largo number of tho
Honolulu friends of the deceased call
ed at the homo to tako n last look
upon the faeu of the roan they all re
spected and admired. Numbers re
marked on tho peaceful expression,
saying that It seemed that tho deceas
ed was only In a deep sleep. The cas
ket was ho arranged that tho sliding
back of n panel revealed the face) ol
the dead.
When the Alamedn arrived here
with the remains from San Francisco
the flags of the steamship were at
holf mast. It Is sold thnt this was dl-
rcctcd by J. I). Spreckels. who was a
... .
particular friend of tho deceased.
Edward Creamor Mactarlane was
. )(J ()( ,,,, g ,
iflng 52 enrsThuri.day
. , ...
i.i ,,, iiiit nine til inn 11, -mil
Inter 1
meiit will take plate In Xiiuanu Con
At the a, ,eng , the tenuis
jnssoc lotion of the tlty held Friday the
following officers wero re-tletted to
servo during the ensuing year fi. A.
It. ltos. itreslilent; D. II. Hitchcock
vice president; nnd (1. P. Wilder, sec-letiiry-treasurer.
It was del tiled to
hold the regular annual tournament in
the month of Mny, the 7th being the
da decided tin. Theie will bo five
events men's singles. Indies' singles.
men's doubles. Indies' doubles and
mixed doubles, E. It. Adams of the
Pacific Tennis Club was appointed
chairman of the tournament commit
tie with power to choose two mem
bers of the association to ait with
him. Notice will be given In the pa
pers of the opening of the entries.
VvANTED To buy lamlly horse;
price must be riasonahle. Address
F. II. , this office.
FOR 8ALE Furniture for two house-
keeping rooms cheap. 139 Miller
street. 8s-lw
FOR SALE A small road cart and
harness; (oat $!0V. Cheap. Address
M, L, thlH office. Ss-lw
FOR SALE Pacheco's Dandruff Kill
er, a reliable and sure cure for dan
druff and Itching scalps. At Union
Rarhcr Shop. Fs-tf
I liable invention, for Australln.Now Zea-
I land, Tasmania and Philippines; also
States and counties on tho Mainland,
. Any penon with a capital of J2000 can
decure a business that will return their
1 Investment and n good proilt the first
year and a perpetual Income, for th
term of the patent thereafter. Apply
nt McKechnlo Paint Store, Hcthel
stieet, Honolulu, between 0 and 10 a.
in. nnd I to 5 o'clock p. m.
Business of Importance.
There will bo a regular meeting of
Honolulu Haibor No. 54 A, A. of M.
& P. at Harmony Hall this Sunday
evening, March 16. 1902, at 7 o'clock p.
m. All sojourning brethren are cor
dially Invited to attend by order.
Worthy Captain,
8s If
I ' si
! Ci
H" I. Id
$ 2 ?
Monitr 'tci
I ) t
' )
iv "
i m
Tuctiljr ,
S S t ! 4 4u o jo II 16
W4nl4r t
Thjtljljr 1)
"J !,10
6 jj l 6
g to 1.6
) to if t ) A. tn.
r nt
6 cr it til
b 4? It 4t
I to
t 4t
4 ll
5 4
Saturday Iij
Sunday p6
? V 1
9 14 t
11 .4 1.?
to 4! 4 to
First quarter of the moon on tne
IKth ut 11 43 a. m.
Tides from the United States Coast
and Ueodctlc Survey Tables.
Tho tides nt Kaliulul ana lino occur
about an hour earlier than at Ho
Hawaiian Standard Time Is lOh 30m
slower than Green wclh time, being
tnat of the meridian of 157.30. Tho
time whistle ..ows nt 1:30 p. m whlcn
Is tho samo as Greenwich, Ua Om.
Masters of vessels sailing from this
port for San Kranclsco will find thcro
n branch of tho U. S. Hydrogrnphlc
Omco located In tho Merchants' Ex
change, whro Is maintained for their
bcnetlt free of charge, complete sets
of charts and directions of the world.
Latest Information can be obtained rt
mrillnir lltrhtit riinr-nrn in navigation
an aall matters of Interest to ocean
Saturday, Mai eh 15
C.-A. S S. Mlowern, Hemming, from
Vancouver and Victoria.
Str. Klnnu, Freeman, from llllo and
way' Iorts with 81 hogs, tit sacks of
rora- 9 c,llt,' 'getablcs nnd 112 puck
"B uil"". '"' ueilh.-n
I G. N. S. S. Eiueka
I Anilhriln
Wecilon. from
gi,. Keiiiihou
Mosher, firm Hann-
Str. James Mnkcc, Tulett. from Kl-
Str. Helene, from Hawaii r.n 1 :ii.ul
Saturday, Match 15
1'. H. A. T. Wnrren, Ilirnerou. for
Manila; t a. m.
Htr. Hanalel, for Honuapo mil i'una
I1111. Str. Kauai, for Makawell. .VnlntiM
and Kekahn.
C.-A. S. S. Mlowcra, Hou.mln,
Suva and llrlsbane.
With one thousand tons of sugar
aboard the Globe Navigation com
pany's steamer Eurckn. Captain Weed
on, i turned to port nt an early hour
yesttrday morning from A1111I10I.1
wheie she went to take on part of her
sugar targo for the Coast
The Eureka experienced the finest of
weather nt Anahola, ljlug nt nuchur
while the surf boats brought her su
gar. She sails for San Francisco ou
The band will bo veiy busy during
the pretent week. This nfternoon the
hoys will play nt the .Maefarlane fu
neral. There will bo a concert nt th
Moana Hotel Monday night In connec
tion wit lithe St. Palilek's Day tele
lirntlon, and on Tuesday thu band will
play the Elks off to Hllo and serenade
the Inmates of the Queen's Hospital In
the nfternoon. On Wednesday even
ing there will be n moonlight concert
on Pacific Heights. The hand will also
play tho Alameda off on tho same day.
On Thursday evening there will he a
moonlight concert on tne grounds of
the Hawaiian Hotel.
The St. I-ouIs College third baseball
nine tovered Itself with glory yester
day morning by beating the second
nine from the High School In n game
1 of baseball played on thu Mnklkl
grounds In the morning. Although tho
High School boys had the ndvnntngo
"' being older and, as a consequence
bad a longer si t of legs at their dis
posal, the nimble kids from St. Louis
Fcurrled over the ground with the ra
pidity of cottontails and put their eld
ur upponents to shame.
The line-up of the teams was as
follow h:
High School. St. IxjuIs College.
A. Kwul Win. Achl
C. Smith John Amoy
Flrbt Ilase.
E. Johson John Meyers
Second llaho.
En Dot Hong Chock
Third llnte.
C. Mark Cannrln
Short Stop.
K. Thompson Chun I.eong
Left Field.
O. Smith . . . .' G. Clark
Center Held.
F. Davis Jack Winter
Right Field.
It. Hanks Ilcaley
The siciro by Innings was as follows:
St. 1-ouls 2 1001330 111
High School ...12302020 010
Mrs. Guntber and Miss llaclgalupo
of Chicago were among tho returning
Volcano patseugers in tho Klnau to
day. They enjoyed tne trip Immensely.
THE L00M8 OF NEW ENuLAND have como to bo today tho
wonder of the world, nnkoe skill and Ingenuity Is able to dupli
cate the finest productions of Kagland and Prance, and nt from one
third to onehnlf the cost.
lion enn they do It? How can they produce a fine, even, sightly
fabric embellished with the dalntleat of color printings for so no'mlnal
n sum? (live It up. The goods are hero to amaze both you and us.
Adequate desirlptlon Is utterly Impossible, but the following hints
DAINTY SWISSF8 Perfect reproductions of the European origi
nals, you could not tell tho dlffernce nor could wc. The weave and
the color effects are worthy of goods costing several ttmes tho price.
There are tnany, many news patterns In this ever popular fabric.
The stjies are Trench but the product Is entirely American.
Than these no cloth or color stands the laundry better. The French
product sells at 30c a yard. These patterns made at the mills of Low
ell, Mass., wc guarantee to be is solid In colors, ns lasting and as
pretty, at exactly half "tho price of the foreign materials.
PERCALES No need to my that where a strong, closely woven
wash fabric is wanted nothing Is quite as good as percale. You have
j our choice of some, fifty patterns.
And then there are white goods and printed goods and goods
djed In tho yarn; In fact, no such assemblage of wash goods beauty
has ever been gathered hero before. Come and see It.
(Continued from page 1.)
wordy argument. Tucker risked a
run to first on a poor hit and was put
out. Gorman went to bat, siuck 10
center nnd landed linfo on first Scan
Ion picked up the club. Gorman Btole
second, while Rcnnlon nnd tho pitch
er were having run, Then Scanlon
earned first while Gorman went hums
Elston went to bat nnd earned sec
ond. Si anion took third nnd Rowers
made his how nt the haL Rower
wint out on strikes, Elston went to
third and Scanlon went home, Clarke
took the bat nnd earned first on a
shoit hit nnd Gny took tho sockr.
Clarke stolo second mid Gny was put
out on strikes.
Soldiers Rushed Out.
The mill from the Egbert gave the
Held to the Smugglers nnd made anjtii
er atttmpt at batting. Clnrk m
caught out by the Siuuggli r on third
and Fnulkod went to the bat. lie hit
n ll. The customs men like fly and
this one never touched the ground.
Davis wint to bat mid came to grief
trying tn change his lesldonc- to
first. Three men nut 111 short onl-rl
I The Smugglers could not withhold
I tin Ir ehei rs
I When the customs 1111 11 went to hat
for the third time. Gorman led off by
being caught out by the Infantryman
on second. Now ell went to bat and
was put out at first. Tucker followed
nt the pile-driver mid won first on a
ilaintj knocker. Gorman annexed the
cudgel Tucker tiled to stent second,
slid nnd failed to connect. Three men
out' It wns the soldiers' turn tn yell
Three Quick Outs.
The Koldiers now fined the halt
Time men went out almost ns fast A
tliey touiu gn to the bnt. Hulllvau
was touched at first, having failed to
conmei wnu ine nng; ine samo iuin
happened to llnnlon and Oabel.
For the fourth time the Smugglers
Mood up to Statts' fast pitching. Cur-
man came first nnd managed to malcH , ir(5i,.
first. Scanlon followed at the blfffi'
and went nut on strikes. Elston vent
to hat, earned first on n swat to right
field nnd Nowell pinched the swatter
Gorman woiked third safely and Nov
ell went out on strikes. Clarke trotted
to tho suinsher nnd went nut oh
Smugglers' Good Work. 1
The toldlc rs weie tumble to score
against the Smugglers. The latter had
their e-yis open nil the time nnd their
hands weie not In their pockets. Th"
soldiers batted through a short Inning
without worlng.
Gay held the bat for the customs
men whin they next commenced send
ing hot bulls through the ether. He
was put out ut first in quick order,
bow-ever. Mooiu next Bwattvd and
won first. Now ell came to bnt and
sent Tdoore home while ho went to
second. Tucker took up the hall-buster.
Nowell wnH punished for trying
to steal third, Ho wns put out by a
throw to third by the catcher, Davis,
a negro. Davis is cine of the best
throwers who ever graced Honolulu
with his temporary presence. Tucker
made first all right and Gorman "vent
to thu bat. He was caught out, A
benutilul double play by the soldiers
put Tucker out also.
The soldiers again went to thu bat
hut failed to scene.
Neither the Smugglers nor the sol
diers scoied In the next Inning.
Three Last Innings.
The play In the last three Innings
wns somewhat faster than at first. The
soldiers fulled to score nnd tho Smug
glers added again and again to their
already en ditable score.
The features of the game wero tho
catching of Davis and the pitching of
Stnnts of the soldiers; nnd the batting
of the Smugglers. Their catching was
The soldiers were good on fielding.
Davis' throws to third, when several
men were put out, was the cause of
much complimentary remark. All tne
customs boys played well. The sol
diers did their best but showed the
need of practice. The Smugglers are
now not only the champions of the
Hawaiian Islands but are also the
champions of the Philippines. Ine
gnme ended with a score of 15 to 0 In
favor of the Smugglers.
The teams were as follows:
Clarke Statts
Gorman Davit
First Rase.
Scanlon (Capt.) .... (Capt: Ullrich
Second Base.
Nowell Seeds
Short Stop.
Moore Gabcl
Third Ilase.
EUtoa Sullivan
Left Field.
Gay Hanlou
Center Field.
11 R)Wi)r. Green
Right Field.
Tuiker Faulkod
The St Patrick's Day banquet piom
lrt to be more of u success than thu
committee had hoped for. Inquiries
from Maul Hawaii and Kuual have
ben received by the committee ask
ing for particulars.
The regular Monday evening eon-
cert of the Government Rand Is to
be given nt the Moana Hotel In honor
of the crouton. Chairman C. J. Mo
Carthy received 200 shamrocks by tho
Alameda on Friday. Visiting Irishmen
an. request,.,! to communicate with
Bnj. meniher of the committee, pub.
iallt.,i eihere n this Issue. The
banquet music will be rurnlshed by the
b,t rc-li4.stra In the city. There will
UH g.neraI EOoJ gonc8 1 80me of 1,1,
' .
in answer to a request
the committee desires to state
full tlresa is not obligatory.
A prominent and well-known mem
ber of the evecutlve committee has
been sent a green vest and shirt for
the occasion It Is doubtful If the ho
tel management will allow- the vest
ami shirt tn be worn 011 that evening,
as dauger might result to tho wenter
The complete list of toasts Is as fol
lows. The President of the United
State, The Day Wo Celebrate, The
Land We Live In, Our Native Land,
The Poets and Orators of Iteland. Ire
laud a Nation, Our Irish lassies, The
Editor Sunday llulletln: Thu fool
wonders why the new wharf was al
lowed to run across the Nuuanit
stream. The harbor Is small at best,
and wharf loom Is always In demand
tn the busy season. Why was not the
stream Itself made a slip as far as
King street bridge, and n wharf put
on each side of It?
Why where such buildings as tho
Hrewery and the Lew era & Cooke
building allowed built so close to the
curb on Queen street 7 Queen street
must In the tuture he the principal
warehouse street of tho city and
heavy trucks must have room. The
street must be widened, and while It
Is not difficult to move back ft nine
buildings, with brick buildings It Is
quite a different matter. Of course we
hear that It is all to come off the other
side ot the street. Wouldn't It be
cheaper to take a few feet off of the
lota on each side of the street than to
take about half of the lots one one
sldo? The fraction that Is left would
not be of any great value.
Why nie property holders allowed
to file additions to the city In which
tho streets are laid out only twenty
feet wide? (Remember, this la a
fact.) These additions aro out-of-
town lots when platted, but tho elec
tric cars soon mako tlicra desirable
residence property. Imagine King
street twenty feet from storo to store
then tako off four feet on each side .
for sidewalks, put In telephone poles,
and what have you got left? It would
look as though tho city authorities
ought to know that any addition to tho
city, however remote, will eventually
be built up, nnd that n street less than
forty feet from curb to curb is too nar
row for traffic, and that any addition
with streets narrower than forty feet
should not be filed. ,lf there Is no law
lint keeps property holders from filing
such additions, It Is time one was
Why do people generally suppose
that tho Salvation Army, Ponlel Mis
sion and Oospel tents aro for tho ben
efit of the slums? Wo read about
their work In slums ot the big cities,
among the low grog-shops, fallen wom
en and the like, and our hearts expand
and we wish wo could only find them
to donate some of our hard-earned
quarters. Wherever wo have wander
ed wc have found them, In tho lowest,
dirtiest part of tho city. Hero tn Ho
nolulu wc find them wITcro? In Ka
kaako, Kcwalo, along the waterfront?
No; I guess not. I Wonder If tho par
ties that run tne Kash Btore or tho
Hoffman saloon would be compliment
ed by telling them they wero In tho
slums of Honolulu?
Some tlmo ago one of the papers
had an Item to the effect that Mr.
Ktncald had heard somo ono remark
that his church was a clam chowder
affair, so he stated he was going to diV
missionary worn in a tent, wo gen
erally think of savages when mission
aries aro mentioned, nnd all kinds of
hardships and dangers, but for us wo
cannot sec that tho tent with Its new
chairs Is much' moro uncomfortable
than the Central Union, or that there
Is any change In tho congregation. If
the Oospel tent, the Salvation Army
or the Penlel Mission wUh to do the
work they wero organized lor, It
would look as though they would go
among the low dives to ho found In
Kakaako and Kowalo.
Why do those who aro Interested In
plantations howl about no labor for
tho plantation? They send men to
Washington nnd say thcr can't run
their plantations without Asiatics.
Tbey say that all that havo been
brought here aro still on tho plantn
tlons, but they havo not got enough
yet. I wonder If tho laboring class In
Honolulu think, after hunting around
town or on the waterfront for n Job,
there are any Japs or Chineso left
on the plantations. Is there a single
building In the course of erection to
day In Honolulu that Japanese and
Chinese arc not doing most of tho la
bor upon? Who Is putting In the
foundation for the building on the cor
ner of Merchant nnd Alakea street?
Who built the stono building on King
street In the burned district, and who
i.ie putting up tho brick bulldlngii
there now? Of course this makes nil
difference to whlto Btono masons or
bricklayers. On the Young building,
white rough carpenters got $2.50 a day,
on the fire proofing, while skilled Japs
got 2 to do tho more difficult work?
It Is natural for contractors to employ
the cheapest labor they can get, but,
If those who nro Interested In planta
tions wish to keep the Asiatics on the
plantations, why do they not put tho
saving clause In tho contract, that no
Japs or Chinese are to bo employed?
So long as Uicy only competed with
the laborer and mechanic very little
was said, but now that they are get
ting Into contractors and other busi
nesses we hear a howl. Tho Japs
could not leave the plantations If they
were not employed In town. They
would be foolish Indeed to work for
$22 a month on plantations when tbey
can get from $1 to $2.50 In town. If
those men. who are worrying them
stives to death about getting more la
bor for tho plantations, would put In
more of their worry on keeping what
they havo from running the white me
chanics off tho Islands, they would
not find themselves short of laborers.
Ol course, If they want the Japs to
do all the work, run all the business
nnd the Island In general, that's their
funeral. This is a nice place to lira
and all that, but there are other nlco
places to live, nnd nono of us own any
of the empty houses we ato scattered
about town.
Honolulu. March 16, '02.
The barkentlne Archer, Captain Cal
houn, arrived In port yesterday morn
ing twenty-three days from Ban Fran
cisco. The Archer had a naaty trip
throughout, experiencing everything
from calmB to hurricanes. Throe ves
sels were sighted during the voyage, a
bark heading In this direction, a ship
making to crossthc equator and a ship
bound north. Captain Calhoun thinks
the ship running for the line was tho
J. R. Thomas, Captain KnlghL Ho
sighted her In latitude 27.32 north, lon
gitude 131.31 west, on the 5th Instant.
"I charge that thoro Is collusion
among tho witnesses," cried the at
torney for tho defendant, springing to
his feet. "In that caso," said Judge
Wayback, "I ordor th' Sheriff tew
search 'cm, an' If ho finds any collu
sion, or anything else Intoxtcntln', he
will turn It over tow mo!" Ohio State
Superintendent (of Metropolitan;
Street Hallway) Here Is an article
saying the average American is gain
Ing In weight. President 1 bat's too
had. We won't be able to pack so
many or them in a car. As It la, wo
nro only making about 900 per cent ou
each passenger. Ufe,

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