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M ''
Lidles' Dlnck Hermsdorf Hose, open
work In Laco patterns and I.Ulo Hose.
25e. per pair. Ilcmombcr they are
Hermsdorf and wo hnve only one ense
of DO pairs.
Entirely now Importation and the
first of this scaBon In White IMquo,
Duck, Uncn, Crash. CovertB and other
materials. All new effects and vory
Another new addition to our stock
In this department. Speclnl vnlucs
this week. 25c.
New washnblo Onion trimmings In
endless variety of patterns and latest
effects. NOW OPEN and on display
the newest novelties In Silk Galons as
well as I-nces over In wash dress ma
The best Imitation of SHU for drap
eries In pretty patterns, only one case.
Special at . . 12 1-2e. yd-
Pacific Import Co.,
Model Block, Fort Street
The "COLUMBIA" of today has
reached a state of perfection unequal
ed In any other bicycle, nnd Its popu
larity is ever increasing.
Light running uphill or on the level,
cushion frame, choice of tires, saddle,
pedals, etc. Prlco
Largo stock now on hand and wo
sell them for cash or on Installments.
E. O. HALL & SON, Ltd:
For Want Column See Page Six
A LADY STRANGER In City wishes a
position, saleslady preferred. Ad
dress office L. L. lls-lw.
TO LET Suite of rooms, furnished or
unfurnished. C6 So. Vineyard be
tween Fort and Nuuanu, 210G-tf
FOR 8ALE Two beautiful collie dogs,
pedigree guaranteed; and registered
In the American and English Ken
nel Clubs; also one great Dane, fe
male pup. Address W. J., this offlco
FOR SALE Three Island bred mules.
well broken. Enqulro of QUI & Par
ley, Magoon Bldg.
21U-2t i
mm Ri
Deputy Sheriff Chllllngwortb was
abroad again last night and as usual
succeeded In capturing a few of those
who sin In dark places. Accompanied
by some of his officers tho Deputy
Sheriff went to a house on IJIIha
street, right back of tho lano which
runs mauka of Vineyard street. This
house has for some tlmo been suspect
ed by Cbllllngworth as being an Im
moral placo and the raid mado upon It
was eminently successful, two Japan
ese women and a man being caught
flagranti dellctu.
Next tho Deputy Sheriff turned his
attention to a cnttage in Iwllel Just
near tho rice mill which ho had under!
suspicion for tho samo reason, For an
hour did the patient deputy Ho on a
roof opposite watching tho houso. The
cold and wet made tho watch a very
disagreeable ono but at last his pa
ttenco was rewarded and another guil
ty couple were taken to tho station
house, -
Tho rest of last night's arrests in
cluded one common nuisance; ono
heedless driving and six drunks.
"Olhson" styles In shirt waists, the
newest Mens In open front ns well as
open back waist, tlicy nre excellent
fitting, beautirully finished and n low
ness or price not to be found elsewhere.
for tho 1902 Summer sea
son. Entirely now stock
Just opened. Mother
should see these stilts nt
once as the assortment Is
now complete and tho
"Hcgattn Brand" has no
equal In style, quality and
fit. Prices are extremely
low considering the goods
and money cheerfully re
turned whero they prove
unsatisfactory IIUSSIAN
BLOUSE SUITS for boys.
age from 2 to 4 years.
Come and bco them.
All bills duo tho McKechnlo Paint
and Wall Paper Co., Ltd., must bo paid
to the Honolulu Paint and Wall Paper
Co., Ltd.. at 11C Bothel Street, on or
before April 15th, 1902.
All bills against tho McKecbnle
Paint and Wall Paper Co.. Ltd.. must
be presented to the Honolulu Paint
and Wall Paper Co., Ltd., for auditing
on or before April 1Mb, 1902.
lls-St 11C Bethel Street.
Tuo funeral of tho late Geo. A. Haw-
'i'"8 w'" 'ik plnco from the residence
opposite Royal School, Emma Street,
, at 1 o'clock this nfternoon. Officers
and members Mystic and Oahu Lodges
land all sojourning Knights are re
quested to attend.
ED. C. ALDRICH, K. of B. & 8.
llB-lt Oahu Lodge No. 1, K. of P.
At a special meeting of tho McKech
nlo Paint and Wnll Paper Co. held this
second day of April, 1902, Mr, H. Mc
Kechnle resigned from said corpora
tion. Tho corporation will bo known hero
after ns tho Honolulu 1'alTO and Wall
Paper Co., Ltd., with tho following
named officers and directors ns elect
ed at said meeting:
T. P. Sturtovnnt, President and Mali
nger. J. P. Bowler, Vlco President.
V. Hofimann, Treasurer,
J. P. niley, Sccrotary.
A. Arcndt, Auditor,
Tho Honolulu Paint nnd Wnll Paper
Co, assumes all liabilities nnd assets
of tho former McKechnlo Paint and
Wall Paper Co.
Honolulu, T. H April 2nd, 1902.
Tho Evening Bulletin, 75 cents jvr
As was expected the Ellefords met
with a rousing reception nt tho Or
pheum last evening, the house being
packed to overflowing and tho "stand
ing room only" sign placed on the box
office early.
Their opening piece was happily SO'
lected nnd plensed all. Tho Man o
, ,.., . . ...
' " B
or exciting situations ami inugnauio
positions Interspersed with some f,ood
f m fa r m - ft ft r. Rs !
Theater Party
The 1902 Club had n very successful ,
theater part to witness tho perform-
nncc nt the Orpheura last night. The!
members of the Club met nt tho quar-j
ters on tho corner of Miller and Berc-
tanla street .whence they inarched two
by two to the Orphcum whero n whulo
section divided off by ribbons In the
Club colors, gold nnd blue, awaited
them. 7M thoso .who participated whero light refreshments wcro partak
were gaily decked out with lels and j en of. Tho members of tho Club pres
flowers and during the performance lent wcro as follows:
the lndy members of the troupe) were j I. C. Buzzcll, Esq., E. 0. Talrler, P.
iho recipients of boquets accompanied '(1. Noyes, J. T. Orecnwood, P. M.
by enrds piesentlng tho compliments j Lynch, Miss M. C. Hcrrlck, Miss O,
r n Mi ft i fa f i f fa ns r f fa
Last night another body was found
floating In tho harbor of this city, but I
this time It Is very unlikely that any
mystery Is connected with It. The '
body is that of a native sailor named
Wnlknpu It was found near tho ,
Oceanic dock by a boatboy named An-
drew Kanacn. He, together with an-
other boatman, towed the body to tho
boatlandlng. Tho police were Inform-
ed at once and the body was taken to
the morgue. Tho body docs not Miow ,
thc slightest sign of violence and decs
not seem to havo been In tho water
for a very long tlmo. It Is supposed
by the police that the man fell over-
board while In n stnte of Intoxlcntlon
and thus met his death by drowning.
Saturday, April 3.
Am. sp. George Curtis, a. H. Cal
l'.oun, 12 days from San Francisco with
general cargo.
P. M. S. S. Peking, Smith, from San
Francisco, March 29.
Stmr. Kc Au Hon, Mosher, from Wal
mra, with 3610 bags of sugar. !
Stmr. Nllhau, Thompson, from Ko
loa with 2SS0 bags of sugar.
Stmr. Klnau, Freemna, from llllo
and way ports, at 12:45 p. m.. with 57 contmlcs bIowlnK for BCeral dnys af.
sacks corn, 45 sacks coffee, 37 pack- ter the late heay rains that much sick
ages hides, 30 barrels bottles, 2 horses, ness will ensue.
08 hogu and 115 packages sundries,
Saturday. April 5.
P. M. S. S. Peking, Smith, for the
Orient, nt 4 p. m.
From San Francisco, per Am. slip.
George Curtis, April 6 Mr. nnd Mrs.
Hooper and Dr. Calhoun.
Prom San Francisco, per P. M. S. S.
Peking, April 5. Honolulu Mr. and
Mrs. P. Carty and child. Ensign A. N.
Aiiicueii, u. a. r..; j. ji. wuson, Mr.
tlll.t..ll n . v v ian ..!...
nnd Mrs. J. A. Johnson nnd child,
Miss J. Lellchua. H. Tlerney. J. Tier-
ney, W. S. Wordsworth.
For tho Orient, per P. M. S. 8. Pe
lting. April 5. Mrs. H. D. Oreene, P.
P. Prentles ami wife, Mrs. Weesener
and Miss Tall, G. Spencer, M. Skalfo,
C. H. Thlkl, K
HIrnynma, Miss P. A.
For San Francisco, per P, M. S. S. Guard, has been obtained for the uso The attention of Knights of Pythias
China, sailing Tuesday, April 8. John ot tno Jr'" 8,ied for the agricultural Is cnlled to tho funeral notice of Oeo.
Brendt, O. II. Paul, C, V. Lagerstrom, exnlu't contemplated for Juno next. , A. Hawkins, published under New To
R. II. I-ong E. Monroo Mrs C u'l W C" J' ottmaDn ofrcrs two collies , day of this Issue. The funeral Is to
,,L ' ,,' i,ii,i' ., l !J 'or sille which nre probably the best'tako place this afternoon nt tho rcsi-
Unrren and child, Mrs. M. 'ncheco, bIooiIc(I anma,s n , cou,ry I lk,lce oppo,,te tlu. ,,,, Bchoo,t Bm.
Sllss M. M. urron. Miss Rachel War- cimnco Force Is n slx-yeur-old dog of mn street. All Knights are requested
rcn, Master Charles Warren, Mrs.
Klncald and boy, II. If. Strulfcldt and
wife A. Blom, wife and child; P. C. i
Jones and wife, Miss Alice Jones, Mrs. '
Klnscy, J. M. Yaplo and wlfo, Miss
P. G. Lustncr, M. P. Prosser, E. L.
Collins James Mallon and wife Mi
ter Tamesn Mall m, m si
wlfo, Miss
ser E L 1
wife Mi
- uivluu, 4 vitiouu, rl UUU
i, H
child; N. Scholfleld, C. D. Haven,
B. Schnoetko and flvo men
Quartermaster's depot, Col. Z. S.
For San Francisco, per O. S. S, Ala
meda, sailing Wednesday, April 9.
Mss D'Oyly, J, W. Hosmer and wlfo,
Mrs. Benden, Miss Benden, Mrs, T.
Cole, Miss J, Kauffman, Prof, Avu'
dam and .wife, children and govern-
ess; Dr. Colty, Mrs. W. It. Hayselden
and child, Miss Q. Clark. Mr. and
Mrs, Douglas, R, Wlnkloman, A.
Frank and wlfo, Mrs. C. O. Ives and
children, Miss A. S. Anderson, Mrs.
11. Edwell, Mrs. H. O. Ellis, MIbs O.
Hasklns, Miss S. Livingston, W. O.
Gregg, Arthur Bozlo, C. II. Brown, C,
Russell, James P. W. Arnst, W. M.
Alexander, O, D, Haven, E, H. Hart,
E. L. Btrykor, Young Kin, H. M.
Levy, T. H. Wilcox, Mrs. W. H.
Mays, Mr. Fountain, Mr. Wortham.'J.
D. Ryan, James Dnbois,
From llllo and way ports, per stmr.
speclaltlos in which Ilaby Lillian and
Llttlo Evelyn, the children who won so
many friends by their cleverness on
tnclr last Visit, and Miss Ada .Lucas
appeared well, while Truo Iloardman,
n rag-tlmo Blnger and dancer, made n
hit with a new coon song.
From tho acting of every member
"" lJ ra"K ' iBnui
Is easy to seo that they hnvo been
working together n long tlmo and they
nn showed a
familiarity with their
to a ps p hi r m p t ft M f r m fx r f a fs r m ft r let
Organised By the 1902 Club
of tho Club. Tho members of tho
troupo who received floral tributes
Miss Clalrlc Washington, Miss May
Towers, Miss Lucas, Miss Cutnmlngs,
Baby Lillian, Little Lourlc, Allccn
After tho performance the party ad
journed to tho Elite Ico Cream parlors
fn f- Tm ft f- f f fa f s fa M Ha M
Read "Wants" on page 6.
H. W. Foster, Jeweler, 1GS Hotel St.
Gomes & McTlghe are sole agents for
3 ceieoratcu I. ue turns uiiiormn
""" ... ...
R O. Jerrelra has been appointed a
J01 uW,c W AUorl,c ae"Cral "'
' wUh 1KBHLKS3
jESERVINa PAINT will not warn
crac- or decay,
. , ', galcslaily wlghc. cm.
,,ioyment. See Want column under
Sew Today, page 8.
Gomes & McTlghe, the liquor dcal-
crs, deliver orders to any part of the
city free. Tel. Main 140.
The Pacific Import Co. has some very
excellent offerB to make In their ad-
ertlsement In this Issue,
Bourbon Whiskey, years old, J3.G0;
Claret, CO cents; Sherry and Tokay, 75
cents a gallon nt Hoffschlacger Co.'s,
King street
i Notices of Interest to ci editors of
I nnd debtors to the McKechnle Paint &
Wnll Pnpcr Co. appear under Now To-
uay on page 3.
j A list of tho names of the newly , 8lzeSi for Ealo nt Honolulu Photo Sup
fleeted officers of the Honolulu Paint ,,iy Co nt 20 ,)er cent below rcguar
& Wall Paper Co. appear under New ,rCe
I Today on page 8. I . ,, , .. . ,
I , , . . I The Brownlo camera No. 2 Is a mar.
oancrs grocery uas rccciveu a largo
shipment of fresh supplies of canned
goods, hams nnd bacon, per the Ala-
medn, Tel. Blue CSl.
I It Is the opinion of one of the local
nlivalplnnii flint Onlcca n Btn, u-lml
Tho steamer Nllhau, arrllng yester
day, reports tho following sugar on
Kauai: K. S. M 1300; V. K., 500; W
l',,""i "' 'V811?6""!
', ' ' ' ' "' ' l'"-' """'
Mrs. L. S. GUI will depart In tho
Alameda next Wcdnrsday for tho
Coast. She expects to be away for scv-1
eral months during which time (die will
visit several of tho Pacific win States
... '
uon i lorgei (.amannos of mo (Jail-
,,.; BM i. .i'wV.. Tn.
luiniL i nil. .inirHPi wiipn vnii wnni
on hand a fresh supply of both Callfor-I
nla and Island fruits. Telephone Main
The Customs baseball players re
ceived tbclr new suits by tho Ala
meda from San Francisco: Blue shirts
and pants, red caps nnd stockings,
with the word "Customs" In large, chur;l have gone to Lale for their an
whlte letters on the shirt fronts. ' n,lal convention. Among them were
Tho consent of Cnntuln Wllllnmunn ' delegntes from the different Islunds a
of tho quurtermnster's depot and nlso
that of Colonel Jones of the National
Imported stock, direct from Scotland
kennels. TJils dog's mnto Is n yenr old
o'tch, Ormsklrk bred. . registered In '
American aud English kennels. The;
""s "" ue sold for S7&00 In
. , . , , . , ,
'.. J o clock yesterday morning, In
I V,? noman Calh"c Cuthe,Ir!- "l'"""
mot'lcra ' thl iS sold for 7500 In
,W . ,
. ot,ock yesterday morning, In
... "u,"aa v,muonc uameurni, "ivicr"
Allencnstre said good-bye to the -vorld
nnd was ordained a priest of tho Orderl
of tho Sacred Hearts by the Bishop of
PauopolU. He Is now Rev. Father '
oiepnen, i ne ceremonial was of a
highly Impres8lva character. Tho M
church was filled with friends of the
young priest, and prominent members ,
of tho Portuguese colony.
Klnau, April 5. C. L. Wight, H. ,
Frank and wlfo, J. W. Hosmer and
wlfo, Miss P. L. Champlln. Miss Hat-'
tlo Potter, C. It, Jnmes, W. II. Lay-'
nun, Q. P. Champlln, C. II. Ramsay,!
(wife, throo children and maid; O. V. '
Sturtovaut, G. 1J. Kona, J, S. Mc-1
;Candless, Guen Kwock, Mrs. I). Mda
ind child, John Richardson, J, D. Ry.
an, O. N. Schneider, Kce Hip, wlfo
and flvo children, Gcorgo Wilson, H.
II. Stowart, L. T. Kcnake, R. W.
Wl'lladcn, A. Oarfley, W. E. Skinner,
J. McConuIcK, 11. C. Redgway, Mrs.
II. B. Clark, Mrs. Lang Kce, II. L,
Williams, MTss Avo Aklng, Miss Em
ma Pan, H, W. Carter, Mrs. D. N.
Stakerly and 80 on deck.
I-'roin the start to flnlsfi thcro was
not a hitch In anything, nnd Manager
Elleford nnd Tom Bates nre to bo com
plimented upon tho selection of tho
Man of Mystery for an opener. Tho
pleco will be given Monday and Tues
day evenings nnd on Wednesday "The
Ulrl I Left Behind" will bo played.
mo saio oi seam iui u.u u
piny Is already largo and as tho play
will bo changed three times a week
the Interest In the shows will not hive
a chanco to IilgT
O'Brien. Will Ooldworthy, Klas
Wright, L. H. Stewart, Izabcl A. Doris,
D. A. McNamana, Grace Colburn, Per
cy I. Mcrlthcw, Miss A. B. DanleUoa,
Otto Burnlcstcr, Mrs. McNIchol, Duke
McNIchol, Mr. C. M. Taylor, Mrs. C. K.
Taylor, Mr. James I. Lynch, Mr. and
Mrs. Lutted, Miss Lutted, J. B. Wat
son. Miss Sexton, C. II. Bayer, J. A.
Maybln, Marlon M. Liming, J. O. Hut-
me. Miss Sadlo Oundersen, A It. Van
Tnsscll, Miss Lily Dunn, Mrs. J. B
Wntson, Chas. P. West, Mrs. Jean
Singer. Harry 55. Austin, Julia It. Aus
tin, A. B. Wallace, Verna Lyman.
? f4 fa f fa fa fa Pa f fa f fu FM
Q, II. Bcrrey's office. 8 Campbell bid.
Nicely furnished rooms. Popular
House, 1249 Port St., $1.50 per week up.
Blank books of all sorts, ledgers, etc.
manufactured by tho Bulletin Publish
ing Co.
Dunbar & Gonsalves nre greeting
their friends at the First National, Tt
N. King street. '
Forestry Expert Griffiths, reports CS'
cedent opportunities for forest devel
opment In Hawaii.
Your amateur photographic work
will be well done If taken to Honolulu
Photo Supply Go.
Whitney & Marsh havo an attractive
list of bargains displayed In their ad
ertlsement in today's Issue.
Many new arrivals In the line of
dress goods and wash fabrics nt N. S.
Sachs Dry Goods Co. See nil today.
Tnule claret anil other wines nre
sold by Comes & McTlghe, liquor
dealers.N, King street. Tel. Main 140.
The story of what Fulton's Com
pounds did for a Vnltcjo, Cat., man ap
pears In another column of this Ibsu?,
Pantmnn nnr-knf fnlillncr kfwlnka fill
vel) tnkM a 8lli,rPj cean pctui-e ana
, , ost. .- J2.50. Call nnd seo them at
Honolulu Photo Supply Co.
Notice is given In another column of
the reorganization nnd chnnge of name
of the former McKechnlo Paint and
Wall Paper Co. See under New Today.
J. A. M. Johnton, former manager of
the II. & H. Paper Co., returned In the
City of Peking this morning, accom
panied by Mrs. Johnson aud their
Sam Wldd.neld
Honolulu's gallant
'son who enlisted lu tho United States
military serlco some time ago, has
j ))y valor t. ,1cij won the ,.ank ot
I .. ' ., ..,..,, ,
, At a lne,e,l"s "f ' M Meh U,C
1 house yesterday ufternoou, It was de-
ci.e.i . nsBCI1 the business to .1. P.
w . . i- a
K'"u"8 "" -- ''
UJ UBSfilJcp
Seeral hundred Chinamen went to
I the cemetery In Mnnoa alley eslerday
with red paper and other Jecorntlve ar
i tides with which to Jecurnte lbs
.graves of their departel ones.
i Two hundred saints of tho Mormon
I we" " representatives from Hunolu-
I ,u-
to bo In attendance.
The thief who entered the Golden
Rule iiazunr on the nlcht of Mnreh 2!;.
j the Triangle store on March 20, tilling
' Lung's store some six lnontha ago and
J who tried to get Into J. Uindo's store
, In the Oregon block Thursday night,
l's been caught and has already begun
l Lung's store some six lnontha ago
i who tried to get Into J. Uindo's t.
, In the Oregon block Thursday nl
iinB been caught and has already hi
I in ,.rv n .ni, nt ip, ,.,.,, ,
or six months each on threo sejiarate
charges. He Is Puuahl A'alnnai, a
young Hawalan not more than s.-ven-
' teen years of age,
The pure Juice of the California
Grape Fruit carbouated by us.
Delicious refreshing and health
ful. Delivered nt
30 cents
the dozen In the city limits.
Soda Water Works Go,, Ltd,
The Evening Bulletin, 75 cents per
A profusion of attractive walstlngs comprising all tho popular
weaves Is nere. Tasteful patterns in washable fabrics, sorao In Btrong
cloths, some In tho always desirable medium weights, and many gauzy
tissues apparently cVeated for Hawaii.
An extensive lino of patterns for men's shirts, the colors best
known to the art. We aro making a special display of these goods
this week.
Ladies who havo not the tlmo or tho Inclination to raako waists
should bear In mind the "Geisha Shirt Waist" undoubtedly tho larg
est stock ever shown this far from Now York. Wo sell Geisha Waists
at Eastern prices.
We are opening this week a large line of trimmings Galoons,
Bands, Insertions, Altovers, In Chiffon, Vcnlse, Arabian and Swiss,
also new Toscan Nets and Fancy Veilings.
Has It got a moldy, back-number,
aged sort of smell that takes away
your appetite for that thick. Juicy
Bteak you would havo othcrwlso en
joyed? The
wo Boll will creato an appetite not
tako It away. Better than any spring
tonic made. It Is pure, sweet and
fresh as a daisy.
Metropolitan Meat Co.
Bright's Disease and Diabetes
Are Positively Curable.
ISan Francisco Examiner.
I .1 flnmv ta wpll knnwn tn Vnlleln.
v. . w..W .- .. .
Three months ago ho was sent homo
from one of San I- ranclsco s largest u QMhoa nnd Robcn c,arki Ag ,n ,he
hospitals as Incurably 111 with Dlabo- flrst) no decision was given and tho af
tes, the physicians In charge telling fair was a pretty even draw. Clark
him he could not recover. His sister
thereupon came down to this city to
Investigate the Fulton treatment, with
the result that she took back with her
tho Diabetic Compound and put him
on It. Having exhausted tho hospital's
effortB before considering tho Kulton
Compounds, he was In such an ex
treme condition wo feared to give her
too much hope, simply saying tt wns
still possible for him to recover, not
withstanding the apparently hopeless
outlook. As further Buppllca of the
Compound were procured up there, we
lost track of the case. On Tuesday ot
last week (March 11) Carey himself
walked Into our offlco and told us ho
was the man who could not recover.
Said he: "My thirst is all gone, the
parched throat troubles mc no longer,
the palpitation has disappeared. I am
sleeping like a boy, and am up and
around again as usual and getting bet
ter and stronger overy day. I now be
llevo you can euro Diabetes, and you
have my permission to use my namo
anywhere." (Note. This Is tho sec
ond incurable caso from this same hos
pital we havo taken within three
months and put on tho road to recov
ery, the other being a caso of Blight's
Disease. '
Medical works agree that Bright's
Disease and Diabetes aro Incurable,
hut 87 per cent aro positively recover
ing under the Fulton Compounds,
(Common forms of kidney complaint
offer but short resistance.) Prlco, $1
for tho Bright's Dlseaso and $1.50 for
the Diabetes Compound. John J. Ful
ton Co., 420 Montgomery street, San
Francisco, sole compounders.
The Pulton Compounds can be pro
cured of
Sole Agent for tho Hawaiian Inlands,
at 30 South School strcot, Honolulu.
Island dealers supplied upon appli
cation to tho agent.
Descriptive pamphlet mailed free.
If you hive thm our fret hate tlmlv acquire J
bJ habit It it not nKMiny to b to tun J by
rnrns, fngruwln? nail, bunions chl tU'ni, etc.
They may b fure4th4t Is, your left may be bmken
of the'r bad lubltt. You will be urpr!J, not only
how much mire eulW anJ comfortable you will walk,
but with haw much more vigor and force ou will be
able to think anidit In all your buslneii or social
Cap ni sea nt about this, or send me word and I
will call on you.
Dr. W. R. Bogle,
Oregon Block.
Union Street above Hotel.
Constitution at ofrice fret.
The Malle Illma Qlub had "high
Jinks" In tho rooms of tho club Friday
night. Singing and somo bouts with
the gloves wcro tho principal amuse
ments. Dan Rencar and McDuffy first
stood up against each other. No deci
sion was given, the contestants being
pretty evenly matched. E. Stratcmeyer
next faced Sam Chllllngwortb. In this
. ML 1,(1 .1. 1 . , . . ,.,
, -- -"""'r " , 1.". " ", 'L.. 11 "
, had his thumb hurt slightly by hitting
his opponent with an open hand.
The Made Illma Quintet Club ren
dered the music and a very enjoyable
eovnlng was spent by all who attended.
J. G, Pratt, of the Fire Claims Com
mission, will leave for Wellington In
the Alameda to represent the rt,amber
of Commerce and Merchants Associa
Big Company
In tho successful comedy-drama,
A Man of Mystery
N w Songs, New Dances, and
Now Specialties....
Chango of Play Wednesday,
The Girl I Left Behind Me
Special Scenery and Effects.
Statu on sale.
Orphcum Popular Prices 25c, 50c, 75c
H. HackfeitU Co., Ltd.
General Commission Agents.
Sor. Fort and Queen Streets, Honolulu.
Madame A. Sclioellkupf,
'n classes or orlvate lessons.
Residence Extension of Hotel St,
oop. Adventlst Chi:h.
All Lovers of the Sport
are requested to register their
State or Territory at tho
Honolulu Bowling Parlors
1 V
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