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' .
Co., Ltd.
816 Fort 8treet,
Honolulu, T. H,
Agents For
Havlland Ware
Victor Safe & Lock Co.
Ideal Heady Mixed
Pansy Stores.
Improved Btono Filters.
And the Steel Aennotor.
Honolulu Investment Co
Real Estate and
Insurance Agents
A. V. Gear President
Henry Smith Vice President
Emmett May Secretary
J. H. Fisher Treasurer
J. D. Holt
W. G. Ashley )udlters
T. E. Wall )
JBy having your photo
taken. My work Is
of tho highest quality
and prices reasonable
J. J. Williams,
Take elevator In Boston Block.
Motor Carriage and Machine
Safe Work of All Kinds.
Typewriter, Phonographs,
Etc, Etc, Repaired.
UNION 8TREET, near Hotel.
Phone Blue 721. P. O. box 112.
J. W. 8CH0ENING, Mara.er.
In Knplolanl Park
Addition and In
Kolllil. ....
Public Typewriting
by Allss Ella Dayton
E. W. Quinn,
Patronage of Owners, Architects
and Builders solicited.
II68 Union St, Phone, Main 394
1000 shades MUST bo sold at onco
from 25c up.
60c shades reduced to ZJc.
75c shades reduced to 35c.
$1.60 shades reduced to 75c.
L. S. Mathews,
710 Fort Street, Orpheum Block.
If you havt thfm your feet hive limply acquired
bad habit! It li not neceitary lo to toMured by
corns, Ingrowing nails, bunions chilblains, etc
Thv may be curedthat Is your feet may be broken
of thilt bad habits, You will be surprised, net only
how much mere easily and comfortable yon will walk
but with how moch more vigor and force you will be
able to think and acf In all your business or social
call and see me about his, or send me word and I
will call on you.
Dr. W. R. Bogle,
Oregon Block.
Union 8tn)et above Hotel.
Consultation t offi. frM.
Woman's Exchange
has removed to the
Arlington Block, Hotel Street,
In tho store formerly occupied by
IL W. Foster.
Slow Business and Poor Appetite
'Mondays nro getting to bo tho
queerest days of tho week, said tho
head waiter In a restaurant which has
a large noonday patronage from busi
ness sections. "The day has changed
completely. Monday used to be a brisk
business day, and at luncheon the
rooms would bo full of men discussing
plans and projects over their midday
"You sec. Saturday has changed a
great deal also, and the luncheon trado
falls off, for every ono hurries out of
town now and for over Sunday. The
result Is that there Is a general delay
In getting back to business routine on
Monday, nnd nowhere Is It moro In evi
dence than right hero In this restaur
"It Is manifest In various ways, but
Gold That's
If we could suddenly make avail
able the gold that Is all around us
there is no telling what tho effect on
Its vnltio would be," said Mr. Joshua
Itaylnirn, of London, who is on his way
homo from Austral!:., while chatting
In tho Sub-Treasury In Wnll street.
"That Is not likely to happen," ho
continued, "but tho fact Is thero is
gold In tho clay and gravel under. our
very feet, and there Is more or less of
It In every cubic foot of water that
washes tho shores here and that en
circles tho continents and Islands of
tho world.
"Tho trouble Is that this great sup
ply of gold Is not available with our
present means of gnthcrlng It, aiii! the
fact that It now costs more lo gather
an ounce of it than an ounco Is worth
has wrecked many n venture. Thero
Is hardly a placo where the white man
has gono that there has not been a
gold excitement. It has been up in
Connecticut, over In New Jersey, down
In Kansas and, by the way, they nro
having ono there now In all the
States of tho great Mississippi Valley
All communications to this column to bo addressed to Chess Editor, Sun
day Bulletin, P. O. Box 718, Honolulu. Contributions and solutions of prob
lems should reach tho editor beforo Thursday noon of each week.
To Correspondents: Solution to Problem No. 49, 1 B B 2. We regret
that there Is n second solution to this problem, viz: 1 Kt Q . Other so
lutions sent In nre prevented by l...,Kt x B (B3). Both solutions received
from F. Weed, II. T. Moore; 1 Kt Q sq from G. Turner and F. Schmidt.
By A. F. Mackenzie, First Prize "Humpstead Eprcts" Touincy
IPBB A ill! BH
l P f B
I JL 8 i figf
ill UPsI A iWMfc HI!P -A '
wmt mum . wmrwxim "A
Tho following game was awarded
tho Brilliancy prize at tho Monte 'Car
lo tournament:
Ruy Loper.
Mason, Janowskl.
White. Black.
1 P K 1 1 P K t
2 Kt KB 3 2 Kt QB3
3 B Kt 6 3 P Q It 3
4 B 114 4 Kt ITS
6 Castles 5 B K2
0 Kt B 3 6 P Q 3
7 B x Kt eh 7 P x B
8 P Q 4 8 P x P
9 Kt x P . 9 UQ 2
10 P Q Kt 3 10 Q Kt Bq
11 B 1U2 11 Q IU2
12 Tl Ksq 12 Castles QR
13 Q Q 3 13 K II K sq
14 P QKt4 14 B Bsq
16 QH Ktsq 15 P Q 4
16 P K5 1C Kt Kt5
17 Kt B3 17 P Kt3
18 P K It 3 18 B K B 4
19 d-Q 2 19 Kt II 3
20 P R3 20 Kt Ktsq
21 Kt Q4 21 B K3
22 Kt 114 22 Kt ft 3
23 Q B3 23 Kt n4
24 KtxP 24 H Q2
25 Kt Q t 25 Kt X Kt
26 q x Kt 26 11 K B 4
27 q II B sq 27 q B 3
28 Kt 1) 3 28 P K H 4
29 Kt K 2 29 B 11 3
30 P K B 4 30 H-B sq
31 q-B2 31 II K 3
32 Kt q 4 32 q Kt 3
33 B Kt sq 33 B K D I
34 B 113 34 II KB
ss p q it 4 35 p q n s
ordinarily In tho odd things that peo
ple order for their luncheons on Mon
days. The Monday menu Is delicate
enough for a bird. Every one Is dys
peptic, nervous and tired. Half tho
time they don't want to cat anything
and nuk for Instructions as to what
they shall get, Imparting the Informa
tion that they have eaten no breakfast.
"They always begin with bracers of
I somo sort, and then go on to such
viands ns lamb hasu with green pep
pers, or deviled chicken or somo such
J dish. When they meet they nro full of
golf nnd polo, baseball and riding, and
business Is hardly talked of. In fact,
tho lazy Monday Is getting to bo tho
usual thing among business men down-
I town.
"Tlmo was when they'd come la
with their hats .full of letters and telo
I grams and stack them up on the table
.. mrttt .t ..tt.ll.. . t.A., ..(a n n..,.t.lHiv
lu I CUM wiiiiu int.; uiv vk uiiiuiuK
Not Available
and of the Gulf coast; In fact, It has
been everywhere on this continent, as
well as on all of tho other continents.
This has nil been with reason, bo
causo there Is gold every place, but
not In paying quantities.
"Millions of dollars have been lost
In learning where It Is not in paying
quantities, and the result is that thero
has been a dollar, In money or labor,
put In tho ground for eery dollar that
lias been taken out.
"I havo mined for gold all uround
tho world, ending In Austrnlin, and I
know what I am talking about. I fur
ther know that Improvement In meth
ods Is making the mining of gold
cheaper nnd cheaper every yenr, and
It Is not lmprobablo that before this
century has reached Its old age gold
will be gotten from clays and gravels
within ten miles of this spot in pajlng
quantities. And It Is qulto likely that
tho seas beating on yonr shores will bo
yielding up their suspended gold In
a profltnblo mnnner.
"At the present rate of Improvement
In mining, I believe that before tho
30 P 115 '
36 q U2
37 H Kt 2
3S K Q2
3'J K II Ktsq
40 B K2
41 II Kt4
42 q Kt 2
43 BxB
41 It Kt3
45 K Bsq
46 q q2 N
47 q-K3
48 K q2 ,
i5 TTxH
50 Hxq
51 K B2
52 K x It
63 K 11 2
54 P KT
55 K q2
50 K B2
67 K q2
58 PxP
59 K 112
CO B Kt7'
61 BxP
62 B Kt 5
63 B K 7
64 BxKt
65 Resigns
37 H Kt2
38 K It Kt sq
39 K Ilsq
40 q K sq
41 Kt Kt3
42 11 q 4
43 11 Bo
41 PxB
45 q 11 4
40 q B6
47 K 112
48 q H 8 ch
49 Kt q 4
60 qxlt
51 11x11
62 Ktxqch
53 Kt q 4
54 P Kt4
55 P B3
56 K Ktsq
57 K B2
68 P B5
59 P x P
60 K K3
01 Kt B3
62 Kt X P
63 K 114
64 Kt 113
65 K X B
"aiailys," ho sighed, as ho leaned to
ward tho frivolous young thing
"Gladys, thero Is somefTiiiik'wlthln me
that tells mo that you lovo me somo
TTilng that tlirllla through and through
mo, hearing a message "
"Henry," Interrupted tho maiden
fair, "you have evidently cross-circuited
n wireless messago that I bavo
nothing to do with." Judgo.
they could get quickly, nut tho Sun
day out of town and tho early getting
away on Saturday demoralizes the us
ual business man. Even when tho
men stay In town they olways have
big dinners and go to entertainments
In tho city. They talk about It at Mon
day's luncheon until the conversation
sound as though n pink tea wcro go
ing on.
"No ono can tell mo that American
men nro not lcttfng up from the In
tense nervous strain that used to
characterize them In business affairs.
They practically cut three days out of
tho week now and they don't seem to
mind It.
"It's the outdoor sports that have
dono It If wo can Judge by what they
tnlk about. Sometimes they want to
know what has happened In tho city
since Saturday at noon and boast that
they have been out of reach of tele
century has one-quarter gone wo will
havo Increased our gold yield 300 per
cent, nnd be mining yearly at least
$500,000,000 of the precious metal. Ily
that time all of tho goltl within reach
will havo become available."
Time Was Filled In
At Prayer Meeting
The prayer meeting was held at
good Brother W's house on tho hill.
Tho meeting had progressed, and re
marks nnd prayer an' fiyrnns bad oc
cupied the tlmo. The hour of closing
had almost arrived. The good dominie,
In n low voice, said: "Now there Is
Just n moment loft; Isn't thero somo
one would like to fill In that moment
before wo cTose?" Dend silence, when.
In the twinkling of an eye, tho door of
tho clock flew open, and out popped tho
head of n little bird, which said:
Man to Man,
Man's Inhumanity to man is when a
fellow will persist In telling the truth
when he might Just as well have lied
and helped you out of a scrape and
himself, In all probability. Into one.
At one time for many months Frank
R. Stockton was unable to use his
eyes, and his friends had to read to
him. When at last he was able to
read for himself, the members of the
household wero exceedingly curious to
know what sort of reading bo would
call for first.
A great shout of laughter arose when
the novelist In nil seriousness colled
eagerly for advertisements. Tho fact
was that during all those months of
darkness his friends had read oveiy
thing else to him but advertisements,
and In regard to these ho had an Intel
lectual famine. No species of litem
ture so persistently and frankly as
these makes Its apponl to human na
ture, and In nono therefore Is human
nature so clearly defined.
0OOOOOO O O 000X00000040 O 0 1C0000
Q u jtAmthmtm sr 111 4 W A f B
Two of the most remarkablo criminals ever locked up behind Now York prison bars aro Louis Lester
and Thomas Riley, awaiting trial for grand larceny. Tho boys confess to having robbed over two hundred
churches. They have traveled from Pittsburg t6 New York 'visiting churches In every town on their routo nnd
stripping them of their contents. Thoy declaro it Is so easy to pillage churches. Tho stuff they stolo In one town
they wTJuld systematically pawn In tho next.
0000-S04VO O O O0r000'0 o O 00-OX"X
Resented the Question.
Representative 'Williams of Missis
sippi has a new negro story.
"Aro you the defendant'" asked a
man In the court room, speaking o an
old negro.
"No, boss," was the reply. "I alnt
done nothing to bo called names llko
that. I'se got u lawyer here wlio di es
the defenslng."
"Then who aro you?"
"l'sie tho gentleman what stole the
" A Bygone.
Parmer Bontover Now, William
Jcnnlu's Bryan
Farmer Hornhcak Aw, let bygones
bo bygones. Puck.
on Monday.
phone or telegraph and haven't looked
at a paper. And although It may bs
2 o'clock on Monday afternoon when
they como In hero for something to cat
It Is quite evident that they haven't
waked up to business yet.
"Tho avernge man may go through
his mall and have somo letters dictat
ed on Mondays, but I don't think any
big deals go through or any very Im
portant moves are made. It's nothing
but 'Clarence, bring me an absinthe
frappo strong nnd deep!' And they
talk about fierce drives they mado over
tho hm or how some dutfer foozled at
the eleventh hole.
"Ono man comes In here every Mon
day and lunches off mineral water and
soda crackers with his elbows on the
table and a look of deep thought on
his face. On other days his appetite
Is all right and he's brisk and wide
awake and alive, but Mondays he's all
Divorce Interesting to Musicians
Macon, Mo., April 28. About forty
Bohemians of both sexes camo up
from Lingo mining camp today as wit
nesses in a case wherein ono of their
number sought a separation from an-
.other. Frank Strlvcr, a man of 2C,
wanted a divorce from his wife Mag
gie, a good-looking woman of 20, be
cause, ho claims, she flirted with oth
er men, refused to cook for him- and
called him bad names.
When tho case was called all Bo
hemia wns in tho court room, attired
in Its best Sunday clothes, ready to en
Joy this most sensational social event
of tho season and take a hand In It.
The defendant was becomingly dress
ed In black and sat nt the tablo with
her lawyer, Robert Mitchell. It was
admitted tho plaintiff was an honest,
hard-working young man and did not
drink nny more beer than was usual In
social circles In his section.
Leading up to his main cause of ac
tion, the plaintiff's counsel naked him:
"What occurred the night of your
wedding. Frank?"
When King Edward VII takes th
oath on the dav of his coronation ho
, UB0 for that nurposo a beautiful
Bible, which will be specially embel
lished for tho occasion.
Tho book Is a large quarto, and It
will be bound In rich red morocco and
will have a protection of masslvo gold
at tho corners and sides. On tho cov
er will bo tho monogram "E. R. VII.,"
nnd above It a royal crown will bs
fashioned In gold and lowcls.
After tho coronation this BIblo,
which Is valued at $2000, will becomo
tho property of tho Archbishop of Can
terbury. Z.JZ3TER'
I No amount or lovo is sufficient to
broil a beefsteak.
Anyway, ministers' fees to get rmr
rlcd don't cost as much as lawyers'
fees to get unmarried.
Flirting Is so necessary to somo girls
that If there Is nobody else to do It
with they will pick out a picture from
a photograpli album and flirt with it.
Tho most active mathematics of a
girl's life In Just beforo her marrlogo,
when b!io tries to figure out tho per
centage of presents her wedding invi
tations will bring.
Weekly edition of the Bulletin ,1
thought and retrospection. I Imagine
ho must be In lovo with some girl out
of town.
"While appetites are oft on Monday
the rest of the week sees (ue luncheon
crowd quite the opposite. Business
men are taking longer for their lunch
cons than they .over did before, and If
It la a fad to go without" any midday
meal you would never imaglno It to
ludeo from the crowd that acts In here
everyday. And when the menu Is very
claborato they will sit for moro than
an hour at tho tabic.
"It used to bo somo milk and crack
ers or a hurried rush for a sandwich,
but that's all over -with now. Wo havo
to be very particular with the things
we havo for tho reason that this mid
day crowd Is so particular and their
palates are keener to flavorB and to
cookery than they are later In tlio
"She danced with Charley Howe six
"Was the danco at your houso?"
"No, sir; at her mother's."
"Why did you object to her dancing
with young Howo?"
"I didn't think she ought to dance so
often with ono man,"
Then the defendant's attorney struck
"Frank, did you ever attend
"Yes, sir; often."
"Have you seen married women
thero dnnclng?"
"Yes, sir; lots of them."
"But you never danrcd with nnv of
"No, sir; never."
"Will you please tell tho court why?"
"Becauso I fiddled."
Tho court said it looked like piling
on tho agony to require a man to Ad
dle while his wife danced with other
men. and taking this Into account wttll
other evidence adduced he said lie felt
Justified In granting tho plaintiff a sev
King Edward will wear at his coro
nation probably tho costliest oa -well
as tho mo.it beautiful crown In the
world. It was made for queen Victo
ria In 1838 by Rundcll and Bridge. It
Is set with four rubles, eleven cmer
aids, sixteen sapphires, 277 pearls and
2,783 diamonds.
It contains tho famous ruby given to
Edward, tho Black Prlnco, by Don Pe
dro, King of Castile; n sapphire fiom
tho ring of Edward tho Confessor and
anotfior of great size given to Georgo
III by Cardinal York, from the crown
of Charles II.
The Latest Drink.
American What will you tako7
Frenchman I will take a drop of zo
American Contradiction. What on
earth do you mean?
Frenchman Veil, yoifput In zo
whisky to make It strong, zo water to
mako It weak, ze lemon to mako It
sour and zo Btigar to make It sweet.
Den you say, "Here's to you!" and
take It yourself Insctad of glvo tt to
A Different Kind.
Wlfo Cast your bread upon tho wa
ters and It will return to you after
many days. '
Husband Not the kind you make.
Lines of Travel.
Bisiness Men
Cm Saw
laiy Boars
Sai Francisco - Portlaid
iilf THREE DAYS to Chicago.
Only FOUR DAYS to New York.
'Uuaa Palace Sleepers. Buffet, Emok.
Img and Library Cars, with Barb
sop and Pleasant Reading Rooms,
Dining Can (Meals a-la-carte).
Tree Reclining Chain. f
Pullman Ordinary Sleepers, i
f. X. LOTH nOP, General Agent -4
ltt Third street, Portland, Oregoa.
. W. HITCHCOCK, General Agent,
Ho, 1 Montgomery St, Ban Francisco.
. fc. LOMAX, G. P. T. A.,
1471 Omaha, Nebraska.
Hawaiian Tramway's Time
i:i)A.M. iO .vtrjr it mloutt. thin.tt.r till it otrM.
Ctrt Lav. Poll and' King strt tt. corntr lor Patau
t:io A.M. ao4 rtty is mlnuta. atlar Mil ii.m
Or. Uiy. lor Palana only .1 j an! y.y A.M.
Car. havt Palama for Walklkfs II A.M. and nwr
IBlnuMillllo.lP.M, then at o ij .n4 lo.jf.M
ID. Il'lt' A. Irora Palama for Puliation Afllv a
toW.lkUlon Saturday..
i.ar. itav. ron ana iunj witti corner loi Rill.
Raot. t 5 an! w A.M.
Car. Lav. Fort and Kins atre.tt corner lor Watklk
at t os A.M. and v.iy ij nlnut.. till to sr. it ttitn .1
lO'lf and Il!l PM. Th. tlilt P.M. 0a I A Walklkl
.9 Saturday, only.
Can Itav. Punahou Stael. lor Town at 5:3. tod
lor Town and Vatlty at 40 S'S 6.io 4.m 6 40 1 and
ro a.m.
Carataava OAhu Colltva for (awn ana V.iu. i
i'yi 6.50 and t:io A.M and vr 10 mlnuu. till 10 1.
P.M. tic.pt th. vtn hour and hall, hour car. wtkt
run Irom th. Stahl.
Cariltav. Nuuanu Vallty at 6'to 6. to 6 to A.M and
tvtry 10 aalnuttt thereafter tilt 10 so P.M.
Car. leav. Fort and Quean street, lor Punaboo
Collet at 05 6 .5 6 ,j A.M and .very 10 atnute.
after till g 4 p.m. Alter that th. car. run to th.
Stabl. up to h:jop.m. which l.th.laitcar Irom Town
rtacblnc th. Stabt. at ii:jo p.m.
Felephone to All Parts of the Island.
Horo nd CatMtlsigee
For Bxcurslons
To the Volcano or the Mounuilns.
An excellent chance Is onVred for
tourists to
Carriages meet the S. S. Mauna lass
it Ksllua and take passengers overlan
to Hookena, where the steamer Is mei
O. R. & L. Co.
'.. nv '
From and after January 1. 1891.
(Outward! ex. Sun. DAILY ex. Sun. DAILY Daily
A.M. A.M. A.M, P.M. P.M
Honolulu t.io 9 M :oS J l 5'K
PmtI City,,,, lo g oil 11:40 j,? :j.
Ewa Mill I) 10.0S it. 00 405 I.10
WaUnat ..... .... 10 $ . 4 45
Walalua... . .... n:jj 54
Kabuku it. 6.1 j ..
(Inward) tx. Sun. DAILY DAILY DAILY
AM. A.M P.M P.M.
Tahuku ., j.js .... a 08
Walalua 0.10 .... s'so
Walanat 7.10 . .. $.55
Ewa Mill 3:50 T.4 I'os 4:3
Pearl City 6.1$ 8 oj :jo 4.$
Honolulu . 45: jo 8:15 305 j at
T C. SMITH, Gen'l Pass. & Ticket Agt.
Q. P. DHN1BON. Superintendent
Safes, Pianos,
Furniture MOVED
Drays for Freight
and Lumber
Our representative meets all Incom
ing steamers from the Coast, and w
check baggage on all outgoing steins
n. WblU and Black San" For Sale
Office with Evening Bulletin, 111
King street. Tel 88.
IS. URSE1I. hTr.
When You Want a Rig
i : : : : bib fort street
Btable 'Phone, 109 Main.
Hack Stand, 'Phones 319 and 32.
Pitn. tod .itlmattl turnlth.4 tor all clat.tt
Contracting work.
Tel. Main 249.
ROOM 300 aOSTON BLK. Honolulu.
Honolulu Iron Works.
Improved and modern SUGAR MA
CHINERY of every capacity and de
scription made to order. Boiler work
nt RIVETED PIPES for Irrigation
purpose, n specialty. Particular atten
tion paid to JOB WORK, and repaln
executed at shortest notice.

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