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A Reduction oi 25 per cent
Sec Our Window Display.
ugglers Fall to Defeat
Hawaiian Iron Fence and Monumental Go.
H. E.
176-180 KING STREET.
If you don't, you had butter confldo your troubles to us and let
us straighten them out. Our '
Is ovoryWhore conceded (o bo the best. It Is pure, sweet and fresh,
and wo guarantco It. Tho best will spoil In this climate If you allow
It to become soft, so It Is often your fault and no other that your
butter Is bad. Wo also have WHITE CLOVER BUTTER at 35c,
Telophono your order and we will deliver promptly. Wo send
our butter out In neat cardboard cartons which keep It from contact
with othor food In tho Ice chest.
Metropolitan Meat Co., Ltd.
New potatoes
and navel
Just arrive. Tho potatoes will
prove a treat and tho oranges
are very excellent, full of Julco
and BwecL Tho worm weather
makes Iced drinks quite popular
and the favorlto flavors aro
Welsh's Grape Juice
Raspberry Syrup
and Grenadine
Telcphono your orders and
don't forget our fresh candles.
H. MAY & GO.
The Popular Grocery.
,,' and '
'f hens
That there Is quality In
upholstering Is amply de
monstrated by the class of
work wo do.
Wo make couches, mat
tresses, etc., and have
men who understand their
business thoroughly.
In Yesterday's Ball Game
Those who oxpecteU to see an ex
citing game of baseball wcro not dis
appointed when the Custom House and
Malle-Illma teams got to work on the
Punahou campus yesterday afternoon.
The gamo from a standpoint of good
playing could not bo rolled a great
success, for tho Custom llouso team's
work was full of errors and tho Malles
were by no means free from faulty
The Custom House team was decid
edly the favorite In yesterday after
noon's first game. Why, It Is' hard to
say unless It was due to the fact that
the Custom House team has always
been considered Invincible, and with
good reason, too, for Blnco that aggre
gation first stepped forth Into tho
field, the boys had not lost a single
Third Inning,
In the third, Akau for tho Malles hit
to third and secured the base on a
wild throw by Elston. Clark made a
slnglo into right. Talor hit to short,
who threw to third to catch Aknu. El
ston fumbled the ball, leaving three
men on bases. Klley hit to third, who
throw home, catching Akau-
and Moore let the ball go through his
hands. Klley made a two-baso hit,
scoring Akau nnd Clarke. Mana made
a thrce-baso hit, storing inylor and
Klley. Davis fouled out to Gorman.
Jones singled into rlgilt and Bush
struck out.
Tho lun was not yet oer and for a
Bases little whllo It looked as li the Custom
center i ouso boys would still pull tho game
still full. Mana flew out to
and then Clark camo homd. Gorman "". " n" "" of tho ninth,
threw wild to llilrd and Taylor came Scanlon made a base hit past short,
home. Elston then threw to second, Tucker did the same thing. Bowers
which was belne covered by Scanlon. nt "fo Into right for ono bng. .Klwa
The latter let the ball go through his '" "'- Into tenter and brought Scan-
hands and Klley went to third. Davis "n and Tucker In. Gay Dow out to
mnrtn ft dean twohaeeer Into center I center and Dowers came home. Moore
and Klley camo home. Jones made a
single Into left. Dush struck out.
Moore went to the bat for the Cus
toms and flew out to second. Nowell
hit to first, Davis fumbled the ball and
However, yesterday proved to bo tho tho runner was forced to slide to his
Waterloo of the Smugglers. The hoys
fell down completely and tho Malic
Tilmas walked off the field not only, as
the victors but ns the first team that
had ever won from tho invinclbles.
Excitement at High Pitch.
Tho excitement throughout tho
game was at a very high pitch, but
during the eighth Inning, when tho
baBe, so close was the baseman. Now
ell stolo second. Gorman flew- out to
second. Elston hit til left for a two
bagger, bringing In Nowell. Scanlon
got base on balls. Tucker flew out to
Fourth Inning
In the fourth inning Luahlwa for
tho Malles, made base on balls. Akau
hit safe Into right and TClwa came
home. Mooio was caught at second.
i .. - . .
.nowcii nit saro past second for one
I bag and stole second. Nowell was
caught at third, ending tho game.
The score by Innings was as fol
1"3 3 1 5 6 7 8 9
1 Malle-Illma ....0 0330110 6 11
Custom Houso .0 1100114 412
I Tho score by Innings was as fol
' lows:
1 2
,..0 0
...0 1
Custom House team tied tho scoro and i ow ,mt t0 rBhti c,ark hlt t0 ghort(
then again In the ninth, when tho
Malles piled up six rounds, tho enthu
siasm know no bounds and tho police
were powerless to keep tho crowds
back behind the ropes. Tho Custom
House team piled up four runs In the
T3st Inning anil then died, leaving the
score 14 to 12 In favor or the Malles.
It 7s always very hard to judgo a
crowd when scattered over such a
Manila . . .
H. A. C. ...
M. I. A. C.
Klley. c. ...
Mana, 2b. .
Davis, lb. .
who threw to third. Nowell made a
very bad error and Luahlwa, running
from first, was safe at second. Taylor Joncij, ss G
went out on threo strikes and Gorman Hush, rf. G
threw wild to first. The result was Luahlwa, If 4
that Akau camo home and Clark was18"; 3u 5
n.li.n.n.l ... M-,1 Vilnv .nt l.n an nn Clark, P 4
utl. (..... . ........ ..W ftwv aw "...,,
balls and stole second. Mana got base
on balls. lal (I.uahlwa running)
made a clean hit Into center, bringing
3 4 G 6 7 8 9
000000 00
1 0 G 0 0 4 '11
T. It. H.O.A. E.
1 G 4 0
2 G
2 9
1 Tnylor, cf.
third to first.
Doners for the Customs got baso on
Total ...' 14 14 27
U. S. C T. It. H.O.
Moore, ss G
Nowell, 21 G
Anderson, rf. 1
Custom House and Malle-Uinia teams
was about half over, the band arrived
on the scene and from that time until
the end of the second gamo, fine, live
ly music was furnished by tho boys.
Manilas Play Manly Game.
A word with reference to tho game
between the Honolulu Athletic Club
team and tho nine from the Manila. It
was a very slow and uninteresting ex
hibition, but there wero a few bright
spots. It must be said of tho blue
Jackets that they are flne,N gentleman
ly players and take defeat like men.
With a little practice, fEey would
covered his territory
3b. .
Scanlon, lb. ....
Tucker, p. rf. .
Bowers, cf. . . .
Klwa. 3b. rf. p.
Gay, If
12 4
. I
largo piaco as me runanou campus. ;, catk am, ,.,er Joncs went outi
but, nt b rougn estimate tncro wero
In the neighborhood of seven or eight
hundred people there yesterday after- ,,. Kwa g,rlIck out and 0ay ,,., Gorman, c
noon. I. . ..... ,. ........ Alston, c.
Ilijwtru Bull. uuntrB Biuie luiiu.
When the great game between tholMnr . r,n9 nn h.. .. .
-, . ...-. ..- -.---.
I out to Mana. who ran from second far
Into right.
Fifth Inning.
In tho fifth Inning Klwa went Into)
the box in place of Tucker, who was
perceptibly played out. Bush went out
on an assist from pitcher to first. I.ua
hlwa flew out to second arfTl Akau went
out, short to first,
Gorman for the Customs got base
on balls and stolo second. Elston
went out, third to first
returned ror Gorman, who, in sliding, i struck out By Tucker 2
slipped and went past the base. El-'3; by Clark, 3.
' .ah nn.ii.lil 1.1m lnnvB Via nnl.1.1 VAJ DaDOd tn ltfttta.llv rVttffBf 1 ItW t I .
prove a match for any team In tho." "" , "J" ""..'V " iT" ?" TV" i.a.V ' ' '
lo.o.o c(,,l ,o.l .hM I,. I " otnuiuu iiutn, vui m:i uv.uB '--..--."--"
made of Prultt. the second baseman, hlt ln 'I" leBaml Bhu'l- I
who played an errorless gamo andl 8,xth ,nnlnB-
UlarK ror tho .Malles got base on I
balls in tho sixth. Taylor got first on!
an error by Elston at third, Klley "
knocked another one through the , In tho second game, tho teams lined
Hands of Elston at third. Mana hit up as follows:
through pitcher for a single, Clark ( Honolulu Athletic Club Pryce. ss;
camo homo but center fielder got the, Aylctt, cf; J. Williams, p; Louis, rf;
ball back to pitcher and thenco lo Joy, 3b; Cunha, c; Leslie, lb; Thomp-
catcher In time to catch Tajlor at tho'.xon, 2b; II. Williams, If.
Manllu Weisz, 3b; l'rultt, 2b; Gels'-
Total 12 16 27 13 12
M. I. A.C 0 0 3 3 0 110 614
V. B. Customs ..01100114 412
Three base hits Mana, Nowell.
Two base hits Klley, Davis, Gor
man, Elston, Klwa.
Sacrifice hits Elston, Klwa.
fc'rt.. T.. " ...., , wm.n,
" """ """ Moore, Nowell 3, Gorman, Bowers 3.
by Klwa,
Wild pitch-Clark 1.
with excellent
Ouderkirk Tries Steam plough the Fast
Pacer Wayboy Makes Mile
in 2:19 Tony Yelentine
Hard at Work.
tf tho Present general condition of
tho fast horses at Kapiolanf Park con
tinues until the 11th of June, Honolulu
lovers of good sport will witness on
that day some of tho very best races
that hio ever been run on Hawaiian
soil. From tho very first day the
horses were taken to the track, until
tho present clay, there has been a sin
gular freedom from sickness.
It Is just three days short of three
weeks before tho big races and more
and more Interest Is being taken dally
by tho men who lovo to sec fast horses
on the track. Tho consequence Is that
the attendance at the park during the
forenoon when the horses arc worked
out. Is gradually Increasing until there
will be a erltablc grand stand full of
Interested ones.
There was a crowd larger than usual
nt the track yesterday morning. It had
been learned that John Ouderkirk In
tended drllng his fast pacer Steam
plough In 2:25. The boys were anxious
to sec him perform this well-nigh Im
possible feat but they wero sadly dis
appointed for, try as Ouderkirk would,
ho could not get his horse to ctoho
anjthlng better than 2:30. Billy
Lcmps, drUen by Jack Gibson, worked
right along with Steamplough, miking
the same time as the latter ln two
Both the runners and pacers were out
yesterday. Of the former, Carter Har
rison made three-nuarters In 1:19, Wel
ter ran a mile In 1:49 and Socialist in
1:47'4. These were the only runners
that were put on the track.
Of tho pacers, Edna G. ran three
heats, her best being 2:20V4. Violin
went a mile In 2:25 and Wayboy In
Waldo J. and C) clone both did a lit
tic work but paced only slow heats,
the time of w hlch It w as useless to take,
Larry Dee had Albert M. out on Fri
day and the fast pacer made n mile In
2:24. the last half ln 1:11 Albert M.
will be a very hard horse to beat In his
The event of the week was the mak
ing of a mllo In 2:19 ny Wnyboy. It
might also be stated that Wm. Smith's
Abdlne made a mile In 2:204- As these
horses will be pitted against each other
In the 2:14 class race It can well be
seen that something worth seeing Is
In Btnre for the sport lotlng public.
On Friday, Leahl made a mile In 2:4
and Madelalne. the new Creole Ally did
tho same distance In 2:50. Here again
will be an Interesting event as both
horses are in the raco for Hawaiian
Tony Valentine keeps bard at work
on the track so that the work with the
horses Is most satisfactory. By the
11th of June, Tony hopes to present lo
the view of the assembled multitude, n
track the equal of which cannot be
found In the world.
New York Dental
Tho high class of work turned out at
tho New York Dental Parlors every
day counts and more pcoplo are realiz
ing that they can get better work and
loner prices than anywhere clso.
Each department In chargo'of a spe
cialist and our operators aro graduate
dentists oi the bcst-recognlzed schools
In tho U. a. or tho world.
Wo havo a larger staff than any oth
er dental office In tBo city; wo havo
tho best plate workers, crown and
bridge specialists, and In fact all
branches of dentistry as practiced by
us aro strictly up to date.
Wo can save you money on your den
tal work. Wo will tell you In advanco
exactly what jour work will cost by a
free examination.
Full Plate of Teeth $5.00
Gold Crowns SM
Bridge Work, per tooth 6.00
Gold Fillings . 'f0O
8llver Fillings SO
( 1 1 --,-, j i y
All our Instruments arc thoroughly
sterilized before use.
New York Denial Parlors,
Iloom 4, Elite Building, Hotel Street.
Ladles In Attendance.
Hours, 8 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Sundays, 9 a. m. to 12 m.
If you wish to take a picture
of a group, a wldo building, an
extensive landscape, or anything
else of tho kind, you need an
Takes a picture with a scopo
of about 180 degrees. Call for
free catalogue showing pictures.
"Piny Ball" at, Last.
All things seemed to consplro to de
lay tho beginning of the first game. In
the first place, It was Impossible to
get tho pitcher's box, tb'o batters' box
and the various lines rcadv. Then
again, the police did not arrive In tltuc pll,te- "avU "truck olU nU(l JoncB fo,-
Fred. L. Waldron
P. O. Box 553; TeJ Blue 701; Room
J, Bprflcke'a Bulldltf.
Telephone the EVENING BULLK
TIN, Main 258, If you have books to be
made, printing to be done, etc, etc,
and we will call. We have men that
know their bualseia (or tkt purpose.
Ants do, It given the Antollno
treatment. Greatest success
attends use ot this newly dls
covered ant exterminator. If
the pests use It once they nev'
er do aaln.
In the pantry Antollno Is
Invaluable as It is not a poison
but has the desired result.
Honolulu Drugstore
Still in the Field
has started In business again now at
BUILDING, where ho Is prepared to
In all Its branches, and will bo pleased
to seo nil of his old patrons, as well
as new ones. He has no connection
with any other shop.
to get tne grounds cleared off. Lastly,
Gorman, tho catcher for tho Custom
Houso team and one of I ho most Im
portant players of that aggregation,
failed to put In an nppcarancc. The
Custom Houso men finally got tired of
waiting and at 2 o'clock. Umpire New
ton called out "Play ball," Elston tak
ing the place of Gorman behind the
bat. The teams wero as follows:
Mallellimn Klley, c; Mana, 2b;
Davis, lb; Jones, ss; Bush, rf; Luahl
wa, If; Aknu, 3b; Clarke, p; and Toy
Custom House Moore, ss; Nowell,
2b; Gorman, c Elston, 3b; Scanlon,
lb; Tucker, p; BowcrH, cf; Klwa, rf;
and Gay, If.
First Inning.
Klley stnited off for the Mullen and
hit far out Into center for what seem
ed to be a two-baso flit. Bowers made
a record run and caught tlio ball In tlm
midst of tho bushes. Mana went out,
second to first and Davis (Taylor run'
nlng for him), catcher to first. Tucker
was forced to tako off his hat on ac
count of tho continued plaudits ot the
crow'd. It was his first work in tho
box during the Beacon.
Moore for the Customs went out on
an assist from pitcher to first. Tho
work wag very swift here, but It was
sufficient. Nowell went out on anoth
er close assist from second to first and
Anderson went out, third to first. The
playing during the first Inning was
like clockwork and not a slnglo error
was recorded.
Second Inning.
In the second inning, Jones for the
Malles went out on a foul to catcher.
Gorman arrived on the sceno at this
tlmo and tbo players shifted, Elston
taking his place at third and Ander
son going out. Bush went out on an
assist, third to first, Elston throwing
beautifully, Luahlwa, a now player
for the Malles, kept up his old time
reputation nnd made a Blnglo Into left
but was caught at second. Luahlwa
bears the distinction of being tho
first man to roach 'first.
Elston for tbo Custom Houso flew
but to center, Scanlon went out, sec
ond to first, airtl Tucker mado a clean
lowed suit.
Tucker for tho Customs mado a
clean slugbj over short but was caught
at second. Bowers got base on balls
nnd stole second. Klwa hit Into left
for a two base liH, bringing In Boners.
Gay flow ont to center. Moore flow
out to Tnlor In center.
Seventh Inning
In thu seventh, Bush struclc out. Lu
ahlwa (Jones running) hit Into left.
bach, lb; Tanslll, ss; Dawson, cf; Di
em, -; Hunt, p; McGovtrn, rf; White,
Thcro wqre not many dlstlnctlvo
features about this game. Tho blue
jackets did tln'lr bust to get a run, but
they Bcldom got any further than sec
In the beginning, the sailors did
very well, but they could not bold
their advantage long. The fielding
Owners of Lots and Property
En Route Are Putting Up
Good BonusLots Are
Monro got the linn but did not, in order to glvo them a llttlo practice.
wbeic to throw It and Clark Thu scoro stood 11 to 0 In favor of tho
Gay fumbled tho ball nnd Jones mado , was excellent.
fccumd. Akau hit Into left for a'sln- However, the Honolulu players had
gle. Clark hit to Elston, who fum- an cnBy thing of It from start to fin
bled tho ball whllo tlio runner got'lsh and rushed In all their substitutes
Know wbeic to throw It and Clark
mado bis first while Akau was safo on i local players
third. Tnlor struck out and Klley
flow out to center. I
Nowell flew out to second. Gorman
put a high fly to center which, being
muffed by Tayloi, gao the runner
two bases. Elston went out, third to
first. Gorman got homo on a passed '
Tall. Scanlon went out, catcher io"
Eight Inning
A Company,
Sltck Mi ImJ InkMi
Offices Stangsnwald Bid. Mw
chant Street Tel. wain let,
An Excellent program was presented
last night nt the Murphy Club hall.
The opening sketch, "MrB. O'llnfTer
ty's lodging llousu," by Messrs. Ward
and Mr. A. J. Dolllnger, assisted by
In the eighth, Mana for the MullcslMIss Schtefcr. was very good. A few
flow out to Gorman, half way be-'lsongR and recitations followed. A
iwcen mo piaie ami ine pucuers uox.
Davis flew out on a tine running catch
by Nowcll all thu way from second
base to right foul line. Jones flow out
to Elston at third.
Tucker for the Customs struck out,
Bowers singled to center. Taylor let
sketch entitled "Mol 1y Illley," by J
S. Dolllnger nnd Master Illgglns, caus
ed ripples of laughter all over the
house. Mr. Addison ln a well rendered
song was followed by Misses Nina
Gardner and ScTlimnann in a cako-walk.
the ball go by him and Bowers wenti Tho best thing on tho program prov
to second. Klwa hit to first base for cf to bo tho comical Ward brothers In
a sacrifice. Bowers went to third.' a magnificent magical sketch. Kraut;
Gay singled and Bowers came Home. I II. Ward started with "Tbo Crowe Sis
Tvloore bunted safely and Nowell made tera' Comedy Company," at tho agV of
a three-bagger, scoring Oay and ' 13, traveled ono seabou with them,
Moore. Nowell stale home. Gorman then ono season with the Imhof HJep
made a two-baso hit. Elston hit tOertolre Company, followed by threo
Jones, who fumbled, and Gorman tried seasons wit lit ho McVlckcr Theatrical
to get home hut was caught at tho j Company. One season wss spent with
plate, i tho Wallace Ili-othors circus, in con-
Kolmukl, the finest residence tract
in the suburbs of Honolulu, has prom
Iso of being soon opened up completely
by the extension of rapid transit.
A. V. Gear has been working up tho
matter for Bcveral days, with a degree
ot success that Is most gratifying. Ills
method Is tho circulation of a subscrip
tion list for a bonus to the Honolulu
Itapld Truuslt & Land Company which
will Induce it to extend Its trucks to
Owners of lots In the tract arc gen
erally subscribing thu uniform amount
for euch lot which Is estimated as ne
cessary to make up the stipulated bon
us. The subscribers thus far Includo
some of the representative business
men ot Honolulu. Tho Bishop Estate,
the I'alolo Improvement Co. and the
McCully Tract Co. have showu their
practical interest in the scheme,
Mr. Gear will make his canvass in
cludo every property owner nlong thu
Walslae road from Beretanla Btrcet to
the summit of the Kalmukl ridge.
The Kalmukl tract combines the pos
session of magnificent views ot Hono
lulu city and harbor, and ocean and
mountain on different sides, with an
unfailing Bhare of every prevailing
breeze. Its overlooking ridge has beeu
selected, on the udvlec of ph)slclans,
for the Incorporated Home for Incur
ables, because ot the purity of tho at
mosphere. Already the movement to bring tha
electric cars to Kalmukl has resulted In
a number of sales of house lots in the
Albert Raas
Orders for tho purchase or tale ot
stocks and bonds cnrofuly and prompt
ly executed. Loans negotiated.....)
Office Room 401, 4th floor, Stingr
wsld Bldg. "Poitofflce box 3M; Tele
phone Main 331.
Ninth Inning.
Tho score wns tied and the excite
ment was Intense. It looked very
tortlonlst and acrobatic' work, Albert
J. Ward Is nono other than A. J. Dol
llnger, who has had two seasons wltb
550 KING 8T.
P. O. BOX 293.
baBe hit over short and stole second.
Bowers got baso on balls. Klwa hit to
center for two bags, bringing Tn Tuck
er and advancing Bowers to second.
Gay flew out to center.
much like another Custom House vie 'tho lato I'rof. Kole. nftlrlati nnd hyp
lory, but there wns a sad tale to tcll notlst, -who died nlmut two yenrs ngo
when tho Malles went again to the. In Mexico.
bat. Bush got first on an error Tiy l
Halstead & Co., Ltd
Stock and
Bond Brokers
921 Fort Street
TEL. MAIN 133.
Ill III ow
Klwa. Luahlwa went out, thud to
first. Bush was advanced to second,
Aknu made a base hit and Clark did
the Bame. An error by right field
brought In Bush. Taylor hit to short
Judge Humphreys will be the pre
siding Judge at chambers In the First
Circuit Court this week, according to
the new plan of rotation, Judge Itob
Inson will keep on with the criminal
Tho cricketers practiced on tha Ma
klkl grounds yesterday afternoon.
0er twenty men wero on the field each
one tnklng a turn of ten minutes nt thu
bat. It was decided that on Friday af
ternoon of thta week, that day bclnff
Decoration Day, a big match between
the Scotchmen aud tho World will be
played. As this Is the first Interna
tional cricket match of the season a
great deal of Interest will undoubtedly
be shown In It,
C. II. Drown was the recipient ot
many callers )esterday at his new and
elegant saloon on the mauka side of
King street, about four doors Ewa of
Nuuanu. It was opening day and Mr.
Brown with characteristic generosity
Invited his very largo circle of friends
to test some of the good cheer which
will always be kept at bis place. Need
less to say, the response was general.
The name ot Malic has been chosen
for the new saloon and on various parts
of a snow white front and beautifully
painted windows can be seen this name.
,Whlte.the saloon Is not n cry large
one, It Is very neatly fitted up Inside,
special attention having been paid to
the wood work. In tho rear is u large
reading room and back farther still are
a couple of small rooms, well ventilated
and lighted.
As Is well known, Mr, Brown has a
regular liquor llcenso and there can
always be found at the Made during
business hours, the very best of every
thing. The most expert ot bartenders
have been secured and special atten
tion will be paid to neatenees of sr
..l ;
, .l JU
n.ii.iii fa'.fr.iiVU1,,! ii :"',
' -"W ysAH.SWhL-
-I.,., tic,

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