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A Reduction of 25 per cent
6ee Our Window Display.
Kamehamehas Beat Artillery
Honolulus Win From Mailes
The first game ol the afternoon was
called a little alter 1 30 o'clock, th
sialics going first to the hat. Tba
tennis hatted in the following onlcr:
Malle-lKma Kalawana, rf; Davis,
lh; Join.?, ss; Kilty, c; Lnalilwa, If;
Akau, 3h; Clark, p; Mono, 2b; and
H. A. C. Prjcc, ss; Aylett, cf; Wil
liams, p; Louis, rf; Joy, i; Cunha,
c; Hansman, If; Thompson, 2b; ami
Gleason, lh.
You ran always get large, fat oysters at our counter for that loaf
or stow or oyster fry. Somo pejplo hnvo oysters often, others have
them on special occasions only ours aro a treat for anyone. Deliv
ered anywhere In the city. When you buy butter, If you buy the best
It will bo I
Crystal Spring Butter
Telephone Mnln 45.
iw'ff n i i ii ii w,nui -iTHT:m.cr..fcvy ml
&&ggj6&ssg&& gF-
Hawaiian Iron Fence and Monumental Go.
Walluku, Maul, May 1, 1002.
Dear Sirs: In my Innoccnco I pur
chased In Honolulu a Jar of your
Pin-money Pickles
It brought mo great trouble, and one
of threo things must occur:
1. You must stop making them; or
2. I must get them at less expense;
3. I am a ruined man.
Since my first venture I'vo had many
"Jars." My family from early morn
cry "Pickles"; neighbors rlnglho door
bell and shout 'Tickles"; relatives vis
it me In expectation of "Pickles".
Your pickles aro my Nomosls. Pleaso,
dear sirs, quto them by tlio keg, bar
rel, hogshead, ton or shipload, and
"prcservo" mo. Yours very truly,
P. 8. I want Gherkins, Cauliflower,
Onion, Marynla, Mixed, Peaches and
Mango. C. W.
To Messrs.
General bookbinding, ruling, gilding,
embossing, maps, charts and artistic
prlntlnK at tha EVENING BULLETIN
that Is, or the ono to be, will
appreciate the freshness, purity
and Ilaor of our
We have built up a large rale
of these candies In a very Bhort
time and it is the superiority of
the sweets that has done it. Or
der either at the store or by tel
ephone; you will get the Ui-t
either way.
H. MAY & CO.
Tlio Popular Grocery.
First Mailes Missed Chance.
Knlawnna went to the bat first for
the Mailes nnil sent a but! to Joy at
third for an error, making his first
laee. I)als made n hit past second
tor n hnse. Jones hit to pitcher, who
tnrew to third, catching Knlawana,
Dcvls and Jones were advanced to
ti lrd. nnd second, respectively, on a
poised ball. Kiley new out to rlgnt,
Davis had all the time In tlio world
U get home, but he froze to his third
with neither rhyme nor reason. Lua
hlwa struck out. The Mailes had ev
ery chance to score but something hap-icned.
Pryce for the Honolulus went out,
short to first. Aylett flow out to sec-
tnu. Williams flew out to third on n
Second Mallet Hit Ball.
In the second inning Akau went to
lint first for the Mailes and sent n fly
over second for one base. Clark got
In st on a slow hit to pitcher. Mann
wade a two-baso hit Into right and
brought In Akau. Louis fumbled the
ball nnd fell down, and then Claris
enmo In, Mnna going to third. Tnylof
hit past first, Thompbon on second
innde n good stop and the runner wag
put out, but Mann came home. Knla
wnna went out, short to first. Davis
(Taylor running) hit to short and beat
the ball out to first. Jones went out,
second to first.
Louis for the Honolulus went out,
second to first. Joy got flrBt on nn er
ror by short. Cunha got bnse on balls.
Ilnnsman hit to tlhrd and the ball was
thrown to second, catching Cunha
Thompson got base on balls. Gleason
made a base hit ovei third and Joy
cane in. The ball was thrown wild
f.-om left to cntcher and Hansman
enme In. Pryce went but, short to
Third Mailes a Run Ahead.
In tne third Klley made n two-hag.
per Into left for the Mailes. Luahiwn
flow out to right, Louis making a fino
inn three-quarters of the way to sec
end to field the ball. Akau went out,
t.ilrd to first, on n sacrifice. Clark
fr.nned out. Klley w-ns left on tlilrd.
Aylett for the Honolulus flew out to
right. Williams flew out to center.
I.ouls made n base hit closo to second.
-oy went out, third to first.
Fourth Pair of Circlets.
.Mnna was first man for the Mailes lu
he fourth. He went out, pitcher to
first. Taylor went out. second to first
Kclawana fanned out.
Cunha for the Honolulus made a two
base lift Into light. Ilnnsman went
.ul. tliiid to first, Davis catching the
lui 11 in one hand, 'lhompsou struck
til. Gleason did the same.
Fifth Score Tied.
Fifth Inning, with Dai Is nt tho bat
or the Mailes. Plow out to right.
Jones hit In (he direction of first. Glen-
f-or. went out to get the ball nnd Wil
I'nms ran from his box to first nnd got
tin re In time to catch his man. Klley
flew out to Thompson nt second.
Pryce for tho Honolulus flow out ta
left. Aylett made n twobngger inlo
rlrht Had the ball not hit one of the
r.nlm ttees. It would havo been a three
bigger. Aylett got tli'nl on n passed
hall. Williams made n three-bagger
into right, bringing Aylett In nnd mnk
ng the score a tie. Louis flow out to
right nnd then Wllllnms, making n
tierutlful run, enmo home. Joy got his
base on halls. Cunna struck out.
Sixth Joy Into Box.
I.uahlwa for tho Mailes In tho sixth,
'oy In the box foi tho Honolulus. I.ua
hlwa struck out. A1au mado a haso
lilt over second. ClarTt was at tha
bat. Suddenly Cunha sent tho hall to
first and Akau was cuuglu off tho base.
Clark struck out. It looked very much
like n different story with Joy In the
liox again
Hunsman foi tho Honolulus went
out, short to first. Thompson mado a
cH-an base hit over third. Gleason
rnt another slnglo between third and
short. Pryco hit to short, who threw
to third, catching Thompson. Aylett
IV-w out to flrBt.
Seventh Joy Sheds Sweater.
In tho Bcvcnth Inning Joy took of!
his sweator and It was nil off with the
Mfalles Mana for the Mailes flow nut
10 shoit, Williams, tho previous pitch
t-r fielding tho ball. Just hero. Joy
'hrew Biich n tremendous drop thnt It
dug a great pleco out of tho ground and
rnt past Cuuhn. rortunatol), thero
were no men on bases. Taylor and
Knlawnna hotn struck out
Williams for tho Honolulus Hew out
o center. Louis got first nu an error
, by short. Joy hit Into" (enter for a
laso and got second on a bad error by
bocond. Louis was advanced to third.
Lur.ha made n bnse hit Into center,
bringing In Louis and Joy. The run
ner would not have got second had It
not been that Taylor fumbled tho Call.
Thompson went out, third to first.
Eighth Score Tied Again.
In tho eighth, Davis (Tnlor mu
ring) for tho Mailes made a hit past
first. Jones struck out. Klley made
a single between first and second. Lua-t-lwa
mado a baso hit Into left and Da
' is came homo. Akau struck out.
Clark made n single past short and
Klley and Lunhlwa came home. Mnna
tie wout to HniiBman In left. The ex
citement at this stage of the game was
tremendous. Tho Mnllo aggregation
n-mply went wild at tho outlook.
Gleason for the Honolulus got first
en another error by Jotios nt short.
Cileason was caught stealing second.
Pryce went out, second to first. Ay
Irtl hit an easy high fly Into right,
which was by cory right the propertj
of the fielder there. Howevoi, Mana
nf second wanted to make a grand
bland piny and went after the ball,
muffing it as was to be expected. As
p consequence. Aylett got two bases.
llllams went out on a slow grounder
to first.
Ninth Great Excitement.
Taylor stnrted off the ninth Inning
for the Mailes and ptunkod a ball
right Into Thompson's fingers for an
out. Knlawnna made first on an er
toi by short. The gieat Davis fanned
out and waddled back to his bench.
while Jones went out. third to first,
Louis for tho Honolulus went out,
becond to Mist. Snmo story foi Joy
Cur.hn flew out to center and nnothcr
Inning was necessary
Tenth Band Began to Play.
In the tenth the hand started up and
Kiley for the Mailes flew out to Glea-
Eon at flrBt. I.uahlwa went out, third
to first. Akau got first on an error by
first. Llaik Hew out to Thompson at
Ilnnsman got first on nn error by
Mann at second. This was not a very
i ml error, tho hall bouncing awkward
cud tho rooter got two bases. Ren
nett went out, pitcher to first, sacrific
ing nnd advancing 8tonc to third. Ma
tile flew to third. Dc Lisle struck out
Mid Rooter Stone marched In from
third with a tired look on his face.
Third Neither Side Scores.
In tho third, Renter, a new player
for the Knms, went out, second ta
first, nnd Cockctt Hew out to right
i High). J. Kekuewn flow out to sec-
Davis for the Soldiers mado a hit
past second. Drown went out on a
s'cw grounder, sacrificing and advanc
ing Davis to third. Smith flew out to
left. DaxlB made no nllcinpt to get
home after the hall had been fielded
High flew out to pitcher.
Fourth Mors Goose Eggs.
Jones for the Kams In the fourth,
went out. short to first. Knhaulello and
iilchards both struck out.
I'llnry for the Soldiers got base on
balls. Stone struck out nnd went hack
io tell his friends what tho matter
was. Dennett struck nut nnd Pllnoy
icnlly stole second. Mnnls Btruck
Fifth Lemon Gets to Work.
In the fifth. Kokt for the Knms hit
1 slow ball toward first. Tho pitcher
got the hall, threw It easily to tho
rooter at firut, hut the latter let It go
through his legs. Lemon flew out to
left. I). Kekuewn knocked a ball
light through short and out Into left
foi three bags, bringing KoM Iionie.
IU liter hit to second, the ball was
thrown to cntcher and D. Kckuewa
nas caught between that player and
uurn. neuter was advanced to sec
ond. Cockett flow out to centei.
Do Lisle for the Soldiers struck out!
Davis did tho same. Drown was thi
third victim. The applause was so
great an Lemon walked in off the field
that ho had to raise his hat and smlls
I Ic&santly Io tho people nt the report
ers' table.
Sixth An Island Record.
in tho Blxth J. Kekuewn went out,
km owl tn first. Jones flew out to sec
end. Knhntilello did the same as
Smith lor Soldiers struck out. This
Malte-lllma Athletic Club.
A. K. It. O. A. E.
Latawana, rf , 6 0 0 1
Davis, lb S 1 3 13
Jor.cs, ss 8 0 0 0
Klley. c C 1 2 5
Uinhtwa, If 5 111
fl an. 3l 5 1 2 3
Llurk, p S 1 1 0
Mnna, 2b 5 1 1 3
) lor. cf S 0 0 i
6 10 30 11 7
Score by Innings.
MI A. C .. .0 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 C
I A. C ...O20U202000 17
Three base hits Mann, Williams 2.
Two bale hits Klley. Aylett, Clin-
Sacrifice hits Akau, Taj lor.
Uaso hits Off Clark 12, oft Wlllams
0, off Joy 4.
Stolen bases Hansman, I.uahlwa.
Struck out l)y Williams 3, by Joy
by Clnrk S.
Dases on halls lly Clark 3.
Passed balls Cunna 1. Klley 1.
a. n
Smith. 21 2 0
High, rf t 0
Pllnoy, cf . .
Stone, lh .
Dennett. 3b
Mnnls. If . .
DoLlslc. SH
Davis, c . .
lire wn. p . .
H. O
0 8
1 1
0 1
1 11
n o
a. n.
0 3
Toliln hatted for DeLisle In ninth.
A. 11. II. o. a. i:
J. Kekuowa, II 4 0 0 4 0 1
Jones, ss 4 0 0 0 0 I
Knhaulello. rf 3 0 0 1 ft (
lllchnrds. 3h 3 0 1 t 1 1
Kokl, 2b 3 2 0 Ii 0
Lemon, i 3 0 0 1 2
I) Kekuewn, c .... 3 0 2 14 3
h( liter, cf 3 0 0 0 0
Cockctt. If 3 0 0 10
" Yukon"
Is perfect no other ono
to equal It. Has movable
flues, airtight locks, met
allic Ico rack, and Iho lar
ger ones nro lined with
enamel. Shelves nro
movable and tho rcfrlgcr
ntor is of tho best kiln
dried wood. Great varie
ty of sizes and nt prices
from $10.60 upward. Mado
In Grnnd Rapids. Mich.
and Saves tee.
Sold on Installments.
Total 2 3 27 G 3
Score by Innings.
Kniuchnincha ...0 1001000 0 2
Artillery . .... ..0, 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Three haso hits I). Kekuowa.
Sacrlflco lilts Lemon, Dennett,
Stolen bases Knhaulello, Iilchards
Struck out I!y Lemon 13, by
Tiown 1.
Rases on balls Hy Lemon 4. by
Prcwn 2.
Pnsseil balls Davis 1, Kekuewn 1
New York Dental
The high class of work turned out at
tho Now York Dental Parlors every
dny counts and moro people nre realiz
ing that they can get better work and
lower prices than anywhere else.
Kach department In chargo of a spe
cialist and our operators aro graduato
dentists oi tho best-recognlzcd school
In tho U. S. or tho world.
We havo a larger staff than nny oth
er dental offlco In tho city; wo havo
tho best plate workers, crown and
brldgo specialists, and In fact all
branches of dentistry as prncticcd by
us nro strictly up to date.
Wo cau snve you money on your den
tal work. Wo will tell you In advanco
exnetly what your work will cosl by a
frco examination.
Full Plate of Teeth $5.00
Gold Crowns 5.00
Bridge Work, per tooth 5.00
Gold Fillings fOO
Silver Fillings 50
ly. Thompson hit safe Into le'it for
cue base. Gleason hit tn short and
II... l.nll .. nu tl.H.1, h tn t U t .l .......t.l ..
V ' , , .TV: "as the seventh successive strike-out
Kensmnn. Pryco struck out. Aylett ...,,,,., . , '""'-,
.,. ,.'.,..' ''""on. which Is the fsland record.
I."..: V ...,1" ,.,.::'"...:. ''sh nUc a single Into left. Pllney
kinds. The Honolulus seemed tn lmo
lost the chance of their lives.
Eleventh Williams Wins Game.
In tho eleventh, Mnna for tho Mailes
struck out. Taylor flow out to Thomp
ror. nt second. Knlawana struck out.
Williams for the Honolulus hit far
out Into right through the palm trees.
The fielder there was confuted by the
ttees and Williams went around to the
third bag. LouIb hit In tho direction
of first. Davis fell In trlng to get the
nil and the runner got llrst safe, whllu
Wllllnms came In with the winning
After this most exciting game there
was nn Intermission of nbnut ten min
utes, dining which the two teams thnt
wcro to piny tlio sec-onil game got n
little practice. The batting order lu
ilils contest was as follows, the Kamt-
l'umohns winning b the very narrow
narglu ol 2 to u.
Artllleiy Smith. 2b; High, rf,
He), cf; Stone, lb; Dennett. 3b;
nln. If; Del. Isle, ss; Davis, c;
Biown, p.
Kninehainchn J. Kekuowa,
Jones, k; Knhaulello, rf: Iilchards, 3b;
Kokl, 2b, Lemon, p; D. Kckuewa, e;
lleuter, cf, nnd Cockctt, If.
First No Runs.
J. Kekuewn fin tho Kams went out,
plukci to first. Jones went out, sec
ur.f. to first. Kiihaulelfo struck out.
Smltn for the Soldlctu got baso on
lulls, but was caught nt second on a
Icnutlful throw by ditcher Kekuowa.
High fanned out. Pllnoy did thu
same. Lemon for thu Kama was pitch'
iiig a beautiful gnme.
Second Kams Score.
In the Bocoiul, Illchnrds for the
Knms got his baso on balls. Kokt hit
ono right up Into tho air. Catcher
miffed it and pitchci, picking It up,
tl rcw to HocdTid, putting Iilchards out.
Lemon went out, Bccond to first. Kc
kuc-wa mnde a slnglo past second, but
was caught at second, lied however.
brought Kokl In.
Stone, tho "Philadelphia Rooter."
who makes mora noise, than any play,
cr In the Islands, lilt to 'third, who
thrciv'Vlld to first. Tho ball went by
nil to third and the ball was thrown
in second, catching High. Pllnoy was
caught stealing second.
Seventh Very Short Work.
In the scventn Iilchards for tho
Kerns went out. short to first. Kokl
went out. pitcher to llrst. Lemon flew
out to second.
Stone foi the Soldleru struck out
hi nln. Dennett flew out to right. Ma
nic struck nut.
Eighth Splendid Chance Gone.
I). Kekuewn for the Knms struck
cut. Iteuter Hew out to llrst. Cock
'It went out. pltchei to first.
De Lisle flow out to second. Davis
mule llrst on an error by Iilchards at
Iblrd, but was caught off first on a
swift tluuw by pitcher. Ilrown hit n
low ono tow aid first ami bent thu ball
out. Smith gut base on halls. High
struck out and the Artillerymen lost
the chance nf their Ilvos.
Ninth Kams Win.
J. Kekuowa for thu Kams got first
en an erior by first nnd second on still
mother hut was caught stealing to
ward third. Jouob wont out, pltchei
to first. Kahaulello got baso on balls
i.nd stole second. Iilchards made n
Use hit In the dticctlnn of second.
While Kokl was at the bat. Drown
vhirled suddenly nnd threw the hall to
second, catching Iilchards. This retlr
( d tho side.
Uy way of cheering up the Soldiers,
the hand plied "Throe Cheers for tin)
Hod. White and lllue," nnd Pllney went
to hat. making a strikeout. Stoim
h I do n haso hit post second. Dennett
got base on balls. Munis struck out.
liihln. a now man. wns put Into tlm
tatter's box In place nt Do Lisle,
known to bo n pool batter. It was
thought that this new player would
I ring In at least nno man. Howuver,
Mich wns not tlio enso. Dennett got
caught at second and tho game was
l-'ollowlng Is the present standing of
the clubs:
ii i WE TO Ii!
When tho Btcamshlp Mlowcra arriv
ed from Vaucouvcr"and Victoria last
night and docked at tho Pacific Mnll
wharf about a o'clock, a tery Impa
tie nt young man did his best to look
p-tlent nnd nt ease on tho wharf at
the end of tho gangway, while customs
Llflcers. Immigration officers ami doc
Urs were discharging their 'various Un
ties aboard.
William N. Patten, well known and
popular In Honolulu, was the youiiK
man on the wharf. Miss lileanor Phil
Hub. who has lived In this city for
about four years and who was formerly
stenographer at the Custom House, was
the jonng lady on the deck of tho
steamship. Miss Phillips was re
turning from a visit to friends up
When people from ashore were fin
ally allowed to hoard the steamer, Mr.
Patten lout no time In going aboard.
Thoy met.
Soon a carriage was bearing the hap
py couple to tho Culliollv Cathedral
and soon they were man nnd wife.
Patten had prepared a home for hi.
brltlc. having taken special pains to
have everything In readiness He had
secured a cozy little cottage, furnished
It nnd yesterday evening he decorated
the Interior with many beautiful flow
ers. The wedding was a quiet affair, only
a few intimate friends of tho bride nnd
groom being present. Mr. nnd Mrs.
William N. Patten arc now "at homo."
fJU vaBkTa w
llfcjr' v"- V m
All our Instruments aro thoroughly
sterilized beforo use.
New York Dental Parlors,
Room 4, Elilo Dulldlng, Hotel Street.
Ladles In Attendance.
Hours, 8 a. m. to C p. m.
Sundays, 9 n. m. to 12 in.
Albert Raas
Orders for the purchase or sal ol
stocks nnd bonds carefuly and prompt
ly executed. Loans negotiated ,
Office Room 401, 4th floor, 8Ungt,
watd Bldg. Postofflce box 390; Tele
phone Main 331.
On Ki May night the members of the
Scottish ThlBtlo Club presented
"Piper" II. .McDonald Murray with a
badge In the shape of a Scotch thUtln
surrounded by a garter bearing tho
U3iinl Inscription. Piper Murrny. who
will leave these Islands In the Alame
da has been of great service to tho
club and will he greatly missed at all
Its functions at which hlx music and
dancing have always been a most prom
incut feature.
J. II. McGregor another member ot
the club will leave In tho same steam
Still inhe Field
has started tn business again now at
BUILDING, where ho Is prepared to
In all Its ('ranches, and will bo pleased
to sco all of his old patrons, as well
as new ones. Ho has no connection
with any other shop.
550 KING ST.
P. O. DOX 203.
403 Judd Building.
-1 Jl
W. L.
BELT for
-- Aldcn Elwtnc "Belt'
? pensorv 's guaranteed
all the ..uratlve proper
ties of the espenslve belts now sold by
doctors ani druEg 's. It gives a very
tlong current of electricity andiseally
regulated. Bound to supersede others. Can
be had from the undersigned onlys nn
arents; nn discount. Clrculirfree. Address
lcrco Electric Co , 206 Post St.. Sin
Frai.iNco, Sent free to Haw-ail for 6C.00
The Dr.
(with sus-
to possess
Honolulu 4 0 4
l'unahou , .... 3 1 4
Mallo-Illina 3 2 3
Kcmchameha 2 2 4
Custom House 13 4
Artillery 0 5 5
Honolulu Athletic Club.
A. II. H. O
Piyoo, sb-31 0 0 0 (1
ylett. f 6 1 1 0
William, p us ti 2
Li ills, if 1. 1
Joy, 3b-. I 2
Cuuhn, 4 0
Ilnnsman. If r, 1
Thompson. 2b 1 0
(llenson lh K (1
if oiD
(Continued from page 1.)
2 3 2
3 0 0
1 1 1
10 3 0
1 11 0
l 3 0
12 1 1
7 12 33 II 4
went to Nllbau and took that portion nf
tho Kerr's crew to Walruea. Now all
hands aro at Walmca, awaiting the
Hulling of the Mlkaliala for Honolulu.
Captain Gibbons told Mr. Ihitchelor,
that after the burning vessel had been
left thn men In his boat did not suffer
for want 0' food or water. The weath
er for tho first two days after leavlnc
Iho vessel, salt! Captain Gibbons, waa
very nasi. Strong northeast wlmW
and hi',iv) scan were ex; i-rlom-cd Op
tho third nnd fourth dnyB southwest
winds, gqunlls nnd heavy rains were
met with Affr that north to north
easterly v Inds wcro hail for n change
and a ftv calms, with a smooth sea
weio cmj'.yed Tho ball from tho ship
'ii Makaell. a distance of 800 miles,
was made lu eight days A sail and
the 0111s weio used.
Fred. L. Waldron
P. O. Dox 563; TeJ Dlue 71; Room
, SprclcoU Dulldtuc
db Company.
Stock and Boad Brokers.
Orflcei Stingenwald Bldg, Mf
hant Street. Tel, main lit.
Next cxprcMS Mtcmiicr to const
Wells, Fargo & Go. Express
TEL. MAIN 199,
Masonic Temple, with AmerloJn
Messenger Hervicn,
job pguyt. .

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