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Persistent and Prudent Advertising Makes Business
From San Francisco
America Maru June 11
Sierra Juno 18 T
For San Francltco -f
Alameda Juno 10 X
Hongkong Maru Juno 13 T
For Victoria $
& 4 4-t-k 4M-M-M44 -
the man
in business
who believes that money spent In
advertising Is thrown away might
ho likened to tlio professional hun
ter who preferred running after
gamo to shooting it, because gun
powder wbb so dear.
Naked Truth.
x Moana July 2 S
x From Victoria t
Moana July 5 i
Vol. XI. No. 2169.
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Piuoh 5 Oknts.
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X Chorus: "Hold on to It, my honey boy I" X
yt Washington 8tar. C
mm at saved ot mi
Two Horses Plunge Over
Side to Certain
Manager Barkbausen of Fnneer Mill
Co. Was Passenger Loss of
$700 To Iao
Walluku, June 7. Tho first serious
accident that has happened on tho PII J
road between Walluku and Lahalna
since Its opening about five or six years
ago occurred last Thursday evening,
June 5.
Manager Darkhausen of tho Pioneer
Mill Co , after attending a case In tbo
Circuit Court, returned that afternoon
about 4:30 o'clock In a hack owned by
the Iao Stables and driven by Nichols.
Tho team used on this long Journey
was made up of Dellrlnger colts, not
three years old and not quite well
broken to harness. They were fine Isl
and bred animals and wero valued at
Everything went well until Mnno
walnut, halt way, was passed and at C
o'clock, when rounding a sharp turn,
one of the horses becamo unmanage
able and leaped oer the other horso.
Mr. Darkhausen Jumped off the hack
and attempted to aid the driver In
bringing the team to a standstill, but
the Insldo horse was beyond control,
bis front legs being already off and
oer the stone wall, alt the while exert
alng most frantically for a downward ttiday morning, and happily found it
leap to sure destruction. I unnecessary to leavo port.
Mr. Darkhausen, realizing that It I Ab announced In tlie Sunday Bulln
was Impossible to save horses and tin, tho second boat landed at Walmea
. nacn, eaneu oui 10 me uriver to let go
tho reins and Jump off the hack,
Scarcely had these words left his lips
when Nichols Jumped off, and at fhat
Instant, horses, hack and all wero
dashed headlong down the steep preel
pice, rolling down as though they wero
Tho hack, before reaching tho bot
tom, a distance of several hundred
ards, was dashed to pieces. One of
tho hoises, when tho bottom was reach-
l '
The wrong way to buy
Is the cheap way. If jour
plcturo Is to do jou JuBtlce It
linibt bo a good picture.
Is to come to our studio.
Rice & Perkins
Oregon Block, cor. Hotel and
Union Streets.
Entrance on Union,
Captain Gibbons of Wrecked British
Four-Master Fannie Kerr Has
Interesting Story To
When tho steamer Mlkahaln arrives
In port iroui the Island of Kauai l
11.01 row morning she will probably
Invo aboard tho captain, officers and
crew of the burned Drltlsh ship Fnunio
Kerr. Tbeso men, Captain Chas. Gib
bons In particular will havo most In'
l-restlug storles-to tell of bow tho fire
first started In the coal cargo of tho
big steel wind-Jammer; of how .ill
bauds fought against tho progress of
the awful furnace beneath their feet;
of how tho good ship was finally aban-
il.miul nnntn unimn ni nltvlbf hl.tirlrml
,,,, , tho north,cst 0 Kaual; and
uf how tll0 BUp-a company mado their
wuy In three boats to the Garden Isle.
eight and nine dajs' sail from the flam
ing wreck.
Tho Sunday Bulletin yesterday pul
llshcd tho glad news that tho entire
'crew of tho Fannie Kerr had safely
p i rived on Kaual, the news of tbo safe
arrival of tbo second and third life
boats on Kaual being brought by tbo
hi earner W. G. TIall, which arrived in
tnis port at 4 o'clock In tho morning.
'Iho story of the burning vessel and
how the crew abaivoued her, and the
n-rhal of tho first boat at Makawell,
with Captain Gibbons, his ton, and a
;ortlon of tne crew, was first told by
Ciiptaln Tullctt of the James Makce,
which arrived here from Kaual on Bat
i,day morning. When tho Makco left
Kaual two boats, containing sixteen
men, wero still to bo accounted for.
The Albatross was mado ready to go
In searcli of tho mlBsIng men. Slio
waited for the arrival of tho Hall yes
inn mu mini nuiu innuen on mo ibi
and of Nilhau, the Mlkahala going to
Mllhau to tako tho sailors to Walmea.
When the Alameda takes tfio nows
of tho burning of tho Tannic Kerr to
tho Coast tomorrow she will also tako
the Information that all her crow aro
cd, mado an attempt to stand up and
then fell headlong and expired Tho
other horse survived until morning
when a man wns sent from Walluku to
put an end to Its agonies.
The do Rcgo brothers figuro up their
loss In this sad accident to bo about
$700. Manager Darkhausen lays no
blnmo whatever to the driver ns ho did
his best to prevent the disaster until
It got beyond his power to control. Tho
cause, of the Insldo horse becoming
frightened will remain a mystery.
Another hnck from I.ahalna cams
over and picked up Mr. Harkhauscn
and driver Nichols and took them over
to Lahalna.
Tho pall road Is not the place for
taking vicious animals, as tho road in
some places is hardl) wide enough for
two hacks to pass abreast but tho
team of the Iao Stables was not In any
senso considered vicious Thoj wero
young, freshly broken colts and un
accustomed to long Journeys and tra
veling by night.
Tho train scheduled to leave Honolulu
at 3 15 will not leave until C IS on Juno
11th to accommodate thosit attending
tho rates,
Toma Abe, tho Japanese pollco officer
Eocb to Molokal this afternoon to cook
for Sheriff Drown and his party, now
on a deei hunting fishing trip.
(flgjfcaim-i, .1,1"' M '.
J. A Kennedy, chairman of the
f Republican Territorial Committee
has resigned fiom Hint position,
giving pressure of business mat-
ters as his reason. Tho rcslgna-
tlon will be considered ut tho next
f meeting of tho committee which
will bo tomorrow evening.
J. 11 Fisher, secretary of the
committee, was seen today with
f reference to tho letter of reslgna--f
tlon sent to him and ho stated
Just what had been given In the
f preceding paragraph. Mr. Flsh-
er did not think It proper to glvo
f out nn) thing but tho general pur
f port of tho letter since It had not
f yet been presented to the body to
which It Is addressed.
I -m-r -r-r-r-H-H--r-tH-t
Judge Ustco partly heard the Involun
tary bankruptcy of Shlmamura, a .la
panese storekeeper at Lahalna, thin
morning. Thajcr & Hcmcnway np
peared for not only the bankrupt but
three of the creditors. Two Japanese
witnesses wero examined. The bank
rupt had transferred his storo building
to them In April, becausn he was un
able to repay them for loans of $200
and 400 respectively. Judge Estcc
said bo would have to set asldo thli
sale of the building as fraudulent, be
cause the bankrupt knew ho was Insol
vent when ho made the conveyance
Mr. Hcmenway coincided with tho
court's view. Tho hearing was con
tinued until Friday morning to give
Referee Fleming time to examine tho
Treasurer W. H. WrlgtTT received
but ono bid for the advertised short
teim Government loan on Treasury
mites at 6 per cent. Tho single bid
was for only two thousand dollars, and
ii 1 as been accepted. Tho amount ad
vertised for was JloO.OuO.
Something About Entries For Polo
Pony Race-Prize Cup Offered
By Mr. Foster,
A very Interesting exhibit of racing
cups can be seen today In the window
of Pearson H Potter on Hotel street.
Some of the cups are very old, having
been won In the das when horse rac
ing was In Its Infancy on tbo local turf.
Among the cups, the Hllo Race Ttack
cup and the Roslta challenge cup am
to bo competed for this year. The for
mer, which Is to be won twlco by tha
B.ime owner, Is at present In the pos
session of Prince David, Wcller having
won It once In Hllo on Christmas day
of 1901.
The Roslta challenge, cup, which In
raced for ever) vcar, is also held by
Prime David at present, Viorls having
won It on Junt It, 1900.
Of tho other cups, the Kanicliameli.i
Plate won by Carry-the-News on Juno
11, 1872, and owned by J. A. Cummins,
and tho King's cup, won by Carlotta
June 11, 1872, and also owned by J. A.
Cummins, are of especial interest. The
others on show are:
Hawaiian Jockey Club's cup, won by
Wcller, June IS, 1901, owner, Prince
Governor Domlnls' cup, won by
Ivory ,Juno 11, 1889, owner, J. A. Cum
mins. Cup for H4 miles, free-for-all, won by
Weller, owner, Prince David.
Piesldent's cup, won by Travoler,
1891, owner, J. A. Cummins.
Maim cup, won by Gartallne, 5-8 mil
dash, June, 1900, owner, W, II. Corn-
Vice President's cup, won by Llttl?
Phil, Juno 11, 1890, owner, W. II Corn
well. Maul Racing Association's cup, won
by Surprise, July 4, 1890, owner, J. A.
Walklkl Inn cup, won by Amarlno
1900 owner, R Dallcntyne.
Maul Racing Association's cup, won
by Dllly C, July 4, 1691, owner, W. II.
Criterion Cup, w on by Amarlno, own
er, It llallentyne.
Governor Domlnls' cup, won by May
D, owner, W. II. Cornwell.
Oceanic cup. won by Dllly C , June
Iirock, owner, W II. Cornwell.
Oceanic S S. Co 's cup, won by Lord
Brock, ownre, W II Cornwell.
Oceanic S S Co.'s cup, won by Con
federate. Juno 11, 1890, owner. I Hal-
Wulkopu cup, latest winner, Venus,
June 11 1898, owner, W. H. Cornwell.
Another cup presented by tho Hono
lulu Ilriwlug and Malting Company,
for the l'i mile handicap, Is also on
show This Is n beautiful large silver
loving cup with threo handles. It In
mountt d on an ebony pedestal.
In the window of II W Foster, the
Jewclti, Is to ho seqn a beautiful and
very unique cup, to hi presented by
Mr. Foster to the winner of the rate
for polo ponies Tho troph) Is a beau
tiful lame ko'i calabash, shaped as i
loving cup with three largo loar'B tusks
forming the handles Around tho tala-
j bash a mallo nnd Illma wreath of
. A. IfflDrY REM
Executive Council Votes
Committee One
Rapid Transit Company Submits Plans
For King Street Line-Light Wine
and Beer License For Kohala
The first meeting of the Kxecutlve
Council, since Governor Dole a return,
T.as convened this morning and re
mained In session until 1:35 this aft
crroon But little was allowed to bo given
out for publication at tbo closo of tho
meeting, protracted as were the delib
It was voted that the Governor hold
en official reception on the Fourth ot
July, and Secretary Cooper was au
thorized to contrlbuto one thousand
dollars to the citizens' committee on
account of such recoptlon.
Superintendent J. H. Boyd rubmlt'
tod a detailed report of what had been
done In the Department of Public
Works during the Governor's absence.
A light wine and beer llcenso was
granted for the club house of the Ko
hala Club and Transportation Co.
The Honolulu Rnpld Transit Land
Co. suiimltted plans of Its proposed
track along King from Llllha to Vic
toria street. Action thereon was de
fured to a day when representatives
ut the company could meet tho Coun
cil. Attorney General K. P Dole submit
ted a written opinion to Superintend
ent Bojil. In answer to tffe following
"In making compromise with nron-
-rty owners for land inquired for
street Improvements and for public
I urposes, tho proposition of maxlng
such compromises by extension of
Government leases held bv flio parties
,'eelrlnK to make the compromises for
u term of years, has been mado to this
office, and a question has been raised
ai to the authority of the Government
to make compromises as proposed un
der the provision ol section 17.1, chnp-'
lor 15 of tho Civil Laws oriS57. nnd
'0 would therefore respectfully nsk
that jou will kindly glvo this depart
ment your opinion on tlio matter at
jour earliest convenience."
The Attorney General quotes law and
authority, finishing up with a Federal
decision, upon which he concludes:
"It seems to mo that tho foregoing
doctrine affirmed by the Supremo
Court of tho United Slates and other
courts of last rosoit nnd embodied In
nn opinion from the department of tho
Attorney General of tho United States
rclatlvo to matters In this Territory,
rendered only two months ago. Is au
thority ample to Justify tho local gov
ernment In extending a lease of gov
ernment land (such lease not being
prohibited b tho Organic Act) In con
side! ntion of a title In other land re
quired for government purposes, or In
compromise or settlement of the claim
which could and otherwise would be
mado for taking such land under tho
right of eminent domain "
oxidized silver Is wound On tho sides
of tho calabash In tho spaces between
tho handles Is a goli)n ehlelil In
scribed In bluo nnd silver, n shield
bearing the Hawaiian coit-of-arms und
tho insignia of the Polo Club, n pair of
crossed polo sticks and a Jockey tap.
A fcrcat amount of Interest seems to
bo tiikm In tbo polo pony raco and a
fair number of entries have been made
Major Potter has entered his Grey Boy
and J T Irvine, Den Bolt Geo II An
gus has entered Daisy but It Is not cor
tain If tho mare will run Dr McAdory
hni entered Kallhl and II H. Plker
his roin mure. Gclslia Chas Rico has
entored a horso bo has brought from
Kami and about which theio seems to
be a good bit of doubt as to qualifica
tion to run If tho horso has played
In n regular polo mutch on tho Garden
Isle, he Is qujlllled and It Is said that
In this case tho cup will piolmbly bo
won b Itlce. If this horso is not al
lowed to run Pottci's Grey Boy will ba
tno favorite.
Robert W Shingle entciol Jim Crow
but lias since then found that he will bo
too busy to rldo so that this horse will
not be run Seveial of the entries
vvcio made by tho owners for tho pur
pobo of milking the race a full ono
rothci than fiom un hope of winning
tho cup
Sealed tenders aro asked for by tho
Superintendent of Public Works for
last Iron pipe and fittings of different
('intensions Seo under Ily Authority
n.i pago 8
The gnsollno schooner Kdlpso nr
lived In port this moruliig liom Hawaii
nnd Mnul ports with untie, sheep nnd
II 1 0 wood.
Read the Bulletin. $1 per year.
f It was common opinion when
the Supreme Court diclslon In the -
t Smith contempt case was render- -f
f ed tint the petitioner would tako
f reiourse to the executive pardon-
lug power This Is what was ac-
f tually done In bis behalf Immcdl-
f ntel, without awaiting tbo return
ot Governor Dole. -f
L A Tbuiston proprietor of tbo
Advertiser, with a copj of the de-
- clslon In bis bands proceeded the
evening It wns rendered to the
home of Aitlug Governor Cooper
at Pearl Cltj There he Importun-
t ed the Acting Governor until a
t hte hour at night to grant a par- -f
don to the edltoi of the Advcr- -f
f User then lemnnded to the cus-
tod) of the High Sheriff for car-
Olug out his senti nee of thirty
davs' Imprisonment for contempt
of court. -f
Mr Cooper steadfastly refused
to interfeie as In the face of tho -f
alllrmatlon of sentence by the Sit-
prptnr Court it would have been
nn unwonted Interfcicnct with the
Judlclarj While the acting thief
f executive felt that the smtenco
f was excessive, he considered that
f Intervention tho very daj the
sentence began to take effect
f would be decidedly premature
' i
Canine Landed at Waimea With His
Master -Was Secured While
Mariner Was In
When Captain Charles GMibons was
seen In Walmea by Inspector of Li
tenses J. Datchelor, there was at his
sldo a huge mountain St. Dcrnard dog
from tho Swiss Alps whoso points wero
so perfect that Mr. Datchelor, an en
thusiast on pure bred cunlnes, was
moved to ask Captain Gibbons vhern
ho bad secured the noblo nnlniat and
this is tho story ho got.
It seems that when tho captain was
In Uuropo some years ago ho met a sea
faring friend of his -who was tho ownei
of a bitch that had Just given birth to
a little of One pups. One of tliete lit
tle fellows was given to Captain Gib
bons who took him aboard his ship.
Since that time the dog has been al
most continuously on ship hoard nnd
has weathered man n Hen e gale stand
ing trustfully nt the side of his master.
Ho seemed to havo Inherited with In
terest the noblo qualities of bis raco
nnd on more than one oicaslon during
his life has shown the Intelligence
which Is coupled with these noblo qual
ities When Captain Gibbons was forced to
lenvo his ship on Ma) 29. ho did not
forget bin dog and saw to It that he
was dul) Installed In the boat.
There were lift) days' rations In tha
boats for captain nnd nun nnd no orm
knew hut that It might bo a hundred
dajs or perhaps never that thoy would
seo land again K.irh da), tho ration
were dealt out aciurdlng to the piopor
tlons ngried on and the captain reli
giously set aside one-half of his share
of food and water for his dog There
could be no cumplalut as h's share of
tho food was bis to do with what ho
Of course when land was sighted, all
hands had no further need to stint
themselves and the dog got all h
wished to eat
Whilo Mr Datchelor was talking to
Captain Gibbons about the dog tho St
Bernard hlmcelf got up oft tho (loot,
looked up Into the intern fato and
then poked his noso bitween his mas
ter's knees moving his hi ad from ono
side to tho other. This was a signal
that tho niptnln cvliltntl) knew for li.
called for a pall of watu and the dog.
In order to show his appreciation of liU
master's great comprehension of tho
sign Innguago of niilnnls plunged UU
bead deep Into the water and then
proceedtd to lap up tbu major part ot
tho contents.
Tho London Lancet Is doing splendid
work In It3 liboratory for lie public
health of Client llrllalu and It l..i been;
considering that the post ige stump is
not too Important for 1U atttulnp.
Wood poisoning has, without doubt
been traced to lltklnj an infectious
postage stamp as a cause m d tho
chances of n postage stamp he om pg
Infectious arc obvlousl) abundant. This
Jear It was decided revert to ica as
tho distinguishing color of the pi mi
stump On examination It Is found that
ono of the Innocuous nnitlii" lrds was
used, whlth Is peculiar!) nslitant to
atmospheric action oi to the action of
molstuie Strong adds dlstmli it but
llttlo The adhesive niiteiial Is- dex
ttluo or Urltlsh gum In all ia&cs
At tho Strozzle Palace ii lion
there Is a book mule of 'nir'ilc il,
leaves being of maivelous tlilu cs
Next csprcHH steamer to count
Wells, Fargo & Co. Express
TEL. MAIN 199.
Masonic Temple, with American
Messenger (Service.
rW - - l - l - i - - l - - : - - i - - l - l - ri - - i - l -
I ";
- -
He Is dancing to the
Speculation As To Probable Purchaser
Globe Navigation Company May
Buy Gasoline Schooner
Is Practically New.
Dissolution is to be the fate of tho
Hawaiian Navigation Company,
The only vessel which holds tbe cor
poration together, tho gasoline schoon
er Eclipse, Is to be sold at public auc
tion tomorrow morning nt 10 o'clock By
J. F. Morgan.
Tho Eel Ipse Is practically a new vos
scl and was built, together with the
Surprise, for the Hawaiian Navigation
Company about two years ago. Tho
Surprise was wrecked on Kaual a llttlo
over a year ago Tho Eclipse cost about
$31,000 and was recently offered to the
Hoard of Health, which requires a boat1
to run to Molokal, for 112,000. Tho
Doard of ellalth could not consider the
proposition owing to shortage of funds
mere is considerable speculation on
the front as to tho probnblo purchaser.
It Is hinted that the Globe Navigation
Company may buy tho vessel Other
possible purchasers aro the Leant Navi
gation Company 11 Hackfeld & Co,
or one of the Inter-Island steamship
(Dy Wireless Telegraph.)
Walluku, June 9 Tho Morning
Stars nnd Puunenes pla)cd a game of
baseball at Wells' Park jpstenlay after
noon, the latter winning b) a score of
IS to S.
Tho standing of tho clubs In tho Maul
league Is as follows:
W. L T Pet
Morning Stars 2 1 3 GW
Walkupu l l 2 coo
Puuneno l l 2 D00
Maul Alerts 0 1 1 000
No need of thiowlng away that
prntiaulv make It last twlco as long,
you can easily havo tno third solo
strlctl) up to date. RuITber heels
Ins jnml
1 -J-l tfet-3i Mi&- i"?ji b
I -v -XZLi -i i t I u!i l i r
I jzs
1057 POUT
i - l - . - l - l - W - l - l"l, - l - i - ,l - M - l - I - ! - ! - l - l - l - I - I - I - I - '
. . .km rw
- - s I" W'
peasant's music now.
Minneapolis Journal.
Kamalo Promoters Have
Five Days to Pay
Isaac Testa Has His Rights Decreed
Supreme Court Opens New Session
Temporary Injunction
Judge Robinson rendered a decision
on demurrer this morning In tbo Or-
pheum contract case of C. A. Long vs.
I'. C. Macfarlano and others. Defend
ants Armltage, Cornwell nnd Lucas do
iiiirred to tho complaint on tlie ground
thnt tho plalntlfT had no right to sue.
Tbe court finds fhat lr tho nsslgnmcnt
of claims to plaintiff was In writing,
that fact ought to bo specially pleaded.
It Ib found that tho other grounds of
demurrer 5ro untenable. Upon tho
ground stated, tho demurrer Is sub
tn'red, with leavo to nmeiid the com
rlalnt within ten dnys.
Judge Robinson has decided tho
vwdnw's doner claim of Sophia Hunt
ir Kahalcaahu vs. Manuel SUvelm Po-n-ira
and S Kobnyashl. Plaintiff
cialmed as widow of William H. Pease,
who died on Juno 20, 1871. Defendant
Perelra claimed to bo owner In feo
slmplo under certain mesne convey
niecs from Fmmellno II. Pease, and
on Mny 1, 1899, ho leased a ploco ot
tho land to defendant Kobayashl for
fifteen ears nt tho rental of $300 per
n- num.
The court finds thnt tho plaintiff
r.u.de ucr demand for dower within tho
(Continued on page 8.)
pair of shoes. A new solo will
nnd It )ou bought tlio shoes Icio
put on. Our repair department Is
If )ou want them.

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