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Where there is Advertising Smoke you will find
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From 8n Franclieo
America Maru Juno 11
Sierra Juno 18
For San Francisco
Alameda . . .....June 10
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For Victoria
Moana July 2
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Priob 6 Gents.
Vol. XI. No. 2170.
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Coffifafe toort
CAPTAIN'8 BOAT Arrived at Makawell, Kauai, Friday Morning, June 6th:
1. Captain Charles Gibbons Master
2. Thomas Mil Second Officer
3. Archie Gibbons (Captain's son) Third Officer
4. A. Grotfend Carpenter
5. W. Munday, Steward
6. Charles R. Jones 8allmaKer
7. K. Hans Ab,e Seaman
8. Ed. Sullivan Able Seaman
9. T. Hartnett Able 8eaman
10. Vm. Barrows Able 8eaman
11. Peter Green Able Seaman
12. George Farley Able Seaman
13. C. Peterson .. Able Seaman
14. Benjamin Pearson Apprentice
FIR6T OFFICER'S BOAT Arrived at Walmea, Kauai, Saturday, June 7:
1D. David Longwlll First Officer
16. H, Ranta Able Seaman
17. H. Kollemann Able 8eaman
18. Charles A. Richards Able Seaman
19. George Rendall Able Seaman
20. Joseph Santchez Able 8eaman
21. D. Kentzel Able Seaman
22. 8amuel Murphy Able 8eaman
23. Ed. Carley Able Seaman
24. Morris Jones Ablo Seaman
25. H. Dobson Apprentlc
BOATSWAIN'S BOAT Arrived at Nllhau, Sunday, June 8:
26. John Robertson Boatswain
27. James Patrick Murphy Able 8eaman
28. Prlnco Thompson Cook
29. Michael Coleman Able 8eaman
To twcnty-nlno worn-out, ship
wrecked seamen Honolulu Is today tho
most beautiful nlace In all tho world;
and tho crew of the British ship Fnn-good-by to Captain Gregory at tho
nlo Kerr, which was abandoned scvenwharf, "and wo won't forget what
or eight hundred miles to the north-you've done for us; that wo won't."
west or tho Island of Kauai on tho All hands marched to the Sailors'
29th of May, nro well qualified toHome, where Captain Dray, tho super
Judge of delightful spots on the sur-lntcndent, ushered them In and gave
face of tho earth, for even tho two ap- orders for the accommodation of tho
prentice boys, midshipmen as they aro crowd.
sometimes called, have seen a good bit British Commissioner Hoaro was
of tho world. notified of tho arrival of tho Mlkahala
With tho light of day this morning with Captain Gibbons and tho Fannie
the steamer Mlkahala, Captain Greg- Kerr's crew. At 9 o'clock this morn
ory, arrived In port from the Island otlng Captain Gibbons and his officers
Kauai. She brought the captain, oft!- appeared beforo Commissioner Hoare
Out at Kapiolanu Park
on Kamehameha
0. B. Wilson Will Do Starting
Officers Have All Been Uhosen
Large Crowd Assured
For Tommorrow.
From the present Indications, tho
races at KaplolanI Park tomorrow will
be far abovo tho average. This lm-
prcssion is so general uini mere is
hardly anyone on the streets today
who does not Intend to go out to Ka -
plolanl Park. Tho races will begin at
10 o-ciock sharp or as sharp as pos-, occllpt0B a position opposite the Judges' I l0 raanf o vi "" "'"'morning to view tho building which
slblo Tho band will bo present, tho mJ ,", kcpt for neWepaper men I "' '" arsTf practl?i In this cUy hundreds of people passing by on Nun
wind will blow, the track Is In good nlone and outsiders will not bo allowed cft X Tyhritt.to cannot help but bo a menace to tho
conditions, tho officers aro In a good
nZi1; Lwl,1rvbVsut 'J", "nil ev
assure the very best of races, and ev-
erythlng. It Is believed, will consplro
to make June 11th this year ono of
Tho wrong way to buy
Is the cheap way. If your
picture Is to do you Justice It
must bo a good picture,
Is to como to our studio.
Rice & Perkins
Oregon Block, cor. Hotel and
Union Streets.
Entrance on Union.
- . L.-... i.y lfJjN, '- - A'i'iLL-iL-.-iliJ JjjjlAM..LiEfltjMiifcx UBmjiil'lllJMJ.ilU'liMJWlff"BJllllffl'ff'"
- ccrs and every man of the Fnnnle Kerr,
"We'll see you again, Captain, cried
the- tlred-out mariners as they said
the most successful that has been held
here for a long time.
Tho Jockey Club officers In charge
of tho arrangements at KaplolanI Park
tomorrow aro as follows: W. H. Corn
well, president; Edgar Halstead, vlco
president; C. L. Crabbe, secretary; and
O. P. Wilder, treasurer.
Executive Committee Prince David
Kawananakoa, Frank Halstead, S. I.
Shaw and C. L. Crabbe.
Reception Commltteo H. M. Whit
ney Jr., Dr. M. E. Grossman and W. C.
Judges A. N. Tripp, Edgar Halstead,
and A. Horner.
Clerk T. 1'. King.
Starter Charles B. Wilson.
Timekeepers - James L. Torbert,
Louis Marks and Chris Willis.
Clerk of the Course Thomas P.
Saddling Padock L. H. Dee.
Handlcappcr Robert Balllnetlne.
These rules must be observed:
All races to bo run or trotted under
the rules of tho California Jockey Club
L..i .i.. xt.ii t...c A.-nMntinn
All riders and drivers to appear In
At least three to enter and two to
All horses are exDected to start unless
withdrawn by 10 n. m. on the day pro- rmj jwo daughters aro at homo with
vlous to th eracc. the elderly pa.-ents. One son Is a pro-
the grand stand and refreshment. I fassor In Dalhouslo College, Halifax,
Tmlnv nil la hiiRtln at thn track nnd'cnlv slxtv mllbj from homo. Another
booths are being whipped Into Bhapo
for the great eventg tomorrow. Every-
1 one of tho boxes In the grand stand
j,ave been takelli Tne preaa box wncn
i . ,.;:.,. .m. w D ,vi,,.l
. ..,. . ,. , ,,,,,,
,gt Qf entr,cg becauae the mca ln
. ho ram wlah t0 havB
I -
their convrlEht nrotectod and the east -
est way to do this, they bellevo. Is to
.. .. . .
nnow no one to bco mese entries.
Qrcat Interest Is being taken In tho
Weller races In the running events. It
Is said that thero may bo a surprise
which Is not anticipated at tho present
time, However, thre aro plenty who
will stfll bank on Weller.
This morning, more light ws thrown
on the question which had nrlscn
among the polo players as to whether
the maro wbjch Charles Rico brought
over from Kauai and entered tor the
polo pony race was qualified to starl
In that race or not.
It appears that this morning Mr. Rico
had a consultation with those In au
thorlty and demonstrated that his maro
Is a bona fide polo pony and, as Btich,
i qualified to run In the race. Mr.
Rico states that his animal, a black
mare by tho name of Gypsy, a half
Arab, has been used by him In numer
ous poto games on the Garden Island.
She has also been used by Mr. Rlcr
fop cattle work but has never entered
In a race before. Mr. Rice does not
ascribe any cspecnl speed to tho marr
In addition to tho racing cups dls
played In Pearson & Potter's window
on Hotel street yesterday some new
and Interesting trophies havo been
added.- Among them, tho California
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at Last
Br Itls h;
and a preliminary Inquiry was made
of tho circumstances leading up to tho
abandoning of the flno vessel which
Is now probably a smoking hulk on tho
broad bosom of tho Pacific.
Tho officers and men were seen ear
ly this morning at the Sailors' Home.
Each man had his story to tell. In the
main each account was the same as
far as the Pi'o aboard ship was con
cerned, Tho occupants of the differ
ent boats which pushod off from tho
burning ship's side, of course, varied,
as did the fortunes of tho boats.
When Captain Tullctt of tho steam-
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Brother of Dr. Murray, Late of Hono
lulu, Proves Very Much Alive
After His Supposed
An extremely trying experience lato
ly befell the family ot Dr. II. V. Mur
ray, formerly of Honolulu but now llv
Int. In atinnfrhnl tt wn nnnthnr nv-
ininlNrAtlnn nr tun mini?n innt trlltu
..... ... . ......
. Btraner thfln nctIon ,. . ca30
stranger man nciion, ocing a caso
"" r,1 "' .l16",,,8.?,"
r;rr: Z, l,Z ": l n; nt
' Mnva .,,,, h nrouht'
L ire f.miiv. Thorn am flvn or six
,i, , i, mm,i, o.iimntn.i
Is professor or mathematics In Cornell
University and the author of standard
tt uo " 'hat subject. Dr. Mur -
lay, already mentioned. Is well known
. " c,r V.? "" miiuiuuW
l,,i ,, ., , ,in.itv 111 i
Colorado. Within a few days n sealed
coffin was received at tho old homo
.. - ..I ll...lnA1 1.. I I....!
' " was sadly and BOlemniy mterrcu
"""" bntM plot. The flow,
iorR hnrt nnt wlthnrfMl nn thn mound
hnwnvfi, .., PrnfnlIBnr Mllrrav of
Halifax received postMve tidings from
his brothor supposed to bo resting In
, hi' grave, that ho was still In tho land
of tho living. Tho body of mistaken
Identity was to be disinterred, accord-
11 sisstVpi f '' ' 11' ir I twWMMJ jaBWWWfT'nwwg''aM L '
Very Fortunately No
Lives Are Placed In
Mortar Used Comes From Kaumakapili
RuinsAuthorities Have Made
No Investigations
Without any apparent reason; with
not oven tho slightest breeze from any
direction or the Impelling forco of oven
tho slightest earthquake; with no onu
to to push or no one to pull, the front
wall of the Japaneso built brick wall
of the new structure being erected at
the, makal Ewa end of Nuuanu and
Beretanla streets, fell at about 3 o'clock
this morning,
It was certainly great good fortune
that no one happened to be passing by
on Nuuanu street at the hour mention
cd for, even had persons been In tho
middle of tho street near the building
that ought to be condemned, death or
horrible maiming would have surely
resulted from the hundreds of falling
bricks and mortar.
When a reporter of tho Bulletin call
ed at the place at about 7 o'clock thU
mornlng.the Japaneso employed on tho
structure were working with might anil
main to clear the street of the orlcks
but with all their quick work and zeal
In tho matter of covering up their
tracks, they could not obliterate tho
marks the mortar, ground Into tho
hard dirt, by the falling bricks. These
marks extended over and upon tho
tramcar tracks showing that,' had a
car been passing at tho tlmo, It must
hnvn been wrecked beyond all power
' of recognition.
I The building In question is another
! One 01 IUOSO CUUrullUlji nuanj bw uw
tures that, since the commencement of
rebuilding operations In old Chinatown
I hnv. ofmfi1 tn hold sway. Although
'n brick building, there is absolutely no
I foundation, the various pillars and
walls have been built directly from tho
ground and In such a way as to mane
them accommodato themselves to tho
various curvatures of tho ground, thus
assuring curvatures In tho very spins
of the building.
With this sort of a lack of foundation
on which to build, tho Japaneeso brick
masons have gone to work like a lot
of children with mud and stones. The
walls of tho lower floor constituted no
problem whatever. In no tlmo, they
were up and then began the work on
tho walls of tho second floor. Tho
start was mado from tho makal end
and tho work went along swimming
ly until yesterday afternoon nt quit
ting time, between fifty and sixty feet
nf fim wnll had been built a little
' -I...... in reomna nr Tnn nnmuruus wiu-
uuuj uv nwv. . ...
, i hoir work con-
tented and during tho early morning
hours, when all were asleep, uio wau
for a space of something over tony
' feet from the mauka end, Just noauod
and rollansed and now. as the day pro-
I gresses, the same men aro putting up
the same wall In tho same way and
with tho same mortar, without oven
' iKn .oml.lnn nf nn oblectlob from tho
' proper authorities, based on the sani-
tary regulations of tho Board of
, HeaUn for the Honolulu District
. reportcr who caed around this
T-ei " T "
?. S vv " v -t 1- ' '?
Ing to a Halifax dispatch In a Montreal
paper, which, however, neither Tells
1 . 1. .. nl.Mllr ni BlnUA U'flU T1IH I It.' Ill I
,bow tho gnasiiy misiaiw '
what was to bo dono wttn mo nDK.
' fiend.
nnn of tho Murray boys was n col-
lege chum of n son ot Oeo. It. Kwnrt ot
Kllauea, Kami, In McOllI University,
Montreal, tnrua years ago and possibly
I. tho ono ho.'o sliown to have been
burled by proxy.
The Advertiser's
This morning's Advertiser contains
the following editorial paragraph: I
"Tho statement of tho Bulletin that
Acting Governor Cooper refused tho
pardon In the Smith tontempt caso
which Governor Dole bo promptly ,
granted Is untrue and Is probably de-
signed to create more friction In the
Hcpubllcan party. When called upon I
last Thui sday night Judge Cooper was
a very sick mnn, but he said he hoped
to be able to tako tin the nuestlon of a
pardon tho first thing In the morning.
.,,. .-Mln . t
i, ut-ii iiiuMiuiK cutiiu iiu whs wurse nmi seen mni yrBieruuy caiieu up nis real-1 iiiicriurf, u, ju uiu iucu ui ine auiriii
he has not yet returned to duty. As denrc telephone number at Pearl City atlon of sentence by the Supremo
Judge Cooper Is the man who. In the to nsk If he had seen the contradiction Court, It would have been nn unwonted
famous contempt proceedings of a of tho Bulletin's news article about Interference with the Judiciary. While
year ago .Issued the pardons which himself In the Advertiser. The an-1 tho acting chief cxecuttvo felt that
kept Judge Hartwcll and Messrs. Kin- swer was that ho had not seen thli the sentence was excessive, he constd
ncy and Ballou from going to Jail at morning's paper, and tho following ' crcd that Intervention tho very day tho
the Instance of a disreputable and re-1 message was conveyed to blm: I sentence began to take effect would bo
vengeful court, his attitude In the "The Advertiser says that the Bullc-1 decidedly premature."
moro recent crisis of the fight for good .tin's statement regarding Mr. Cooper Since the Advertiser has ventured
government may be easily surmised." I and tho Smith pardon Is untrue. Ask upon a bluff In the matter, It may be
Taking the third statement In tho ' Mr. Cooper, please, If ho has anything stated that the Bulletin was In a post
foregoing first, namely, that Secretary to say on tho matter." tlon to state yesterday, but preferred
Cooper "has not yet returned to duty," I Whllo tho reporter waited Mr. Coop- reserve to that extent, tnat Secretary
tho reply Is that he attended tho exec-l cr came to the telephone personally, Cooper had In conversation expressed
utlve council yesterday morning and , when the question was repeated to him regret that Governor Dolo should have
remained there until noon. Ho was and ho replied: Interfered so hastily.
o ooo o o ooooo o-oooo o o oooo
Another Consenting Defendant in
Partition Suit Mesick Separation
Case Discontinued Van Giesea
Divorce Case.
. . -
Tho famous Hagey Cure Company
caso continued from yesterday beforo
the Supreme Court this morning Rob-
crtson & Wilder represent the plaintiff,
whllo Kinney, Ballou & McClanahan
OBDear with .1. A. Mncnnn nnn nf thn
defendants, for the local memhem of
tho company. A Jury returned a vcr-' C"" ot nn ol1 P!.tralt of, he',e J
diet for T. M. Harrison, allowing him I flcc Lawrence McCu ly with the palnt
JIO.OOO on the contract shown. Judge lnB Thco. Wores latoly exhibited by
Gear denied a motion for a now trial ' the Kllohnna Art League, which she
made on the ground that ono of the
Jurors had taken the shroo euro for al
coholism as tho company was formed
to exploit In the Colonies and India.
The appeal Is on exceptions from
Judge Gear's ruling and tho verdict.
Mr. McClanahan was arguing this
morning on tho limited liability of tho
Honolulu stockholders under tho arti
cles of association,
William I.ono Austin by his nttor
npys, Peterson & Matthewman and T.
McCants Stewart, agrees that It. Wil
liam Holt and others may have ten
days more to answer his hill In equity
to declaro a trust,
Anno W. Akong by her nttorncys,
Robertson & Wilder, files a. replication
to Rudolph Duncan's answer to her
complaint, saying It Is untrue, uncer
tain and insufficient, nnd she wll provo
her bill for Injunction to be true, cer
tain and sufficient.
Judge Robinson approved the report
of sale In Buffandeau vs. Montano by
C. F, Reynolds, commissioner, allowing
him a fee of $300.
James D. Lewis, ono of the defend
ants in tho partition suit of Bailey and
others vs. Cushlngham and others. In
volving tho old Auld estate, answers
with consent to tho sale of tho property
at King and Bethel streets, besides
giving his opinion that another piece
of property mentioned Is Incapnblo of
tablo parmIoil nml 0UgM i0 ua
go(, portion of It Is low and
. . . I
swampy and far from the government'
road, other portions nro not swampy
and a third locality 1b high and suit-'
ablo for residences. Ho prays that all
of th property bo sold at public auc
tlon nnd the proceeds divided amongst
the parties entitled thereto. 1
Tho Mesick separation caso has been
discontinued beforo Judge Robinson, ,
lu tho dlvorco caso of Oorgo Henry j
Van GleBcn vs, Elizabeth H. Van Qlo- 1
sen, tho llbclleo was refused cuBtody of 1
the child but allowed $15 a month nil-1
mony from the husband pending a de
cision, together with $25 for her law-'
yer'a fee. Chllllngworth for llbellant; '
Mngoon & Peters for libelee. I
Commissioner E. S. Gill, after hold
ing an examination, bound Manuel and
Daisy Vlerra over to the grand Jury In ,
S1000 ball each, for tho unlawful distil
lation of spirituous liquor. Up till this
afternoon, they liar not found ball. Tho
Vlcrras with their okolehao still were
captuied Saturday night by Deputy
Sheriff Cbllllngnortu.
Ico cold beer $2.00 a dozen; Camara,
& Co.. Tel. Blue 4?2. I
Wells, Fargo & Co, Express
TEL. MAIN 199.
Masonic Temple, with AmerloJn
Messenger bervice.
t -3
mfiNrvSJBUKtiKUKNK in "1 fiJIr 1 iiiniliTTrrii7TiIfTTr7:Tii7m'F " i ' ' " " ' ' '
Absolutely False
seen In bis own office after 1 o'clock ,
by a representative of tho Bulletin,
who asked after his health and wheth-
er he had been present at the council
meeting. Answering tho latter qucs-
tlon In tho alllrmatlvo he remarked
that his regular custom was to retire
from the meeting at 12 o'clock.
Secretary Cooper was ascertained to
have been detained nt home again th!J
morning, not having quite recovered
from Ills recent Illness. The snma
'member of the Bulletin staff who hod
-! . . ,, ... . '(
I.avn In KJtauea's pit has risen a few
feet higher and Mokuawcowco I
smoking at a great rata.
This Is tho report brought from Ha
waii by tho steamer Kauai this morn
In .
The Kauai touched at Punaluu, KaJ-
lua and Honuapo. At each place therr
was talk of Increased activity on tho
part of Kllauea and brighter prospect
for an eruption of Mokuaweoweo. Pur
ser Clark of the Kauai did not hear
from Manager Waldron of the Volcano
l louse, inn Air. rvnneu ai i-unaiuu in
f,mj him tf.it w.i,i.n h.i i.
honed that tho lava was a little high
er In Kllauea than It had been.
, , ,
Mrs. Ellen MCUUlly-IllggMl Has re-
P'accd hc" former gift to the Supremo
and others consider much superior to
the other. Tho new one hangs In tho
same position as tho old one did oppo
s.ic the bench in tho chief courtroom.
II. Mlki, one of tho best educated and
most prominent Japaneso of the city,
was, upon recommendation of Deputy
Sheriff Chllllngworth, appointed Japan
ese Interpreter at the Second Circuit
term of the Circuit Court this morning.
Ho leaves for Wnlluku in the Claud'
Ino this afternoon.
Nlho Manuwal, tho pilot boat boy
who beat his wlfo Just after aha gave
birth t'o a child, had his case nollo
pros'd In tho Pollco Court this fore
noon, tho womnn not wishing to proso
cute. It Is understood that divorce
proceedings will shortly be Instituted
Thursday, June 12, at 10 a. m. Jas,
F. Morgan will auction tho furniture,
etc., of Mr. Slcbccker, Oaudcll Lane.
Seo his column.
Wn WfciwL IIP L
1 ""
No nepd of throwing away that pair of shoes. A now solo vlll
P'nbahlv mako It last twlco as long, nnd If you bought too shoes heio
ynu can paslly havo tho third solo put on. Our repair department Is
strictly up-to-date, RuCber bcols It you want them.
"U Is absolutely false. The last
words I had with Mr. Thurston were
to tell him I would not Interfere In the
matter at that time, but If Mr. Dole
.a' '-ol , reV ' vtou'a UKe ,l ln" ""
This contradiction of tho Advertiser
by Secretary Cooper incidentally cor
roborates the concluding statement In
yesterday's Bulletin, upon which ths
Advertiser evades commenting, name
"Air. Cooper steadfastly refused to
- . - - .. l .1... a ... ..
1 ffl! YMS
Strangers' Friend Society
Will Celebrate
Officers Elected at Regular Annual
Meeting Held This Morning Pre
sident to Read Report
The Strangers' Frlond Society held
their fiftieth annual meeting this
morning In the parlors ot the Y. M. C.
i. It was mainly a business meeting.
Tho report of the secretary, -Mrs. S.
M. Dnmon, gavo a review ot tho work
dono by tho osclety during the past
year as well as a short sketch of th
past of tho society.
The Strangers' Friend Society was
formed In tho year 1852 Id tho parlors
ot tho old Damon rostdenco on Chap
lain lano. Tho founding of tho society
had Its Initiation In a feeling among
tho ladles In Honolulu at that tlmo
that something could be dono and must
bo dono to alleviate tho sufferings of
thoso who were destitute, sick and
poor In the city. No regard was ta
ken for tho nationality or tho relic-
(Continued on pago 5.)

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