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mir taili. HnwoJ $ Thi BULLETIN Is a Pressing, Progressive Paper, and Invites Advertisers to
3 From tan Francltcoi
Alameda Sept. 23
Korea Sept. 27
For tan Francltcoi
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Manuka Sept. 24
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Mtowcrn , Oct. 10
Evening Bulletin
Nothing bring the
hard worked mer
chant to near to a va
cation on the Main
land at the whol e
to' me help of
o ADS o
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3:30 O'CLOCK
Shan In lis Suqcess.
Vol. XVI. No. 2875
PniOB 6 Ohntb
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? i-.-
A sensational motion was sprung by
ounscl for tho accused In a murder
i use In criminal court this morning.
Attorney J. W, Cnthcart, represent'
Ink Hayashlda, n Japanese charged
with doing to death a fellow-countryman
In" Walalun, this Island, moved
that the alleged grand Jury Indict
ment be quashed, claiming, practically!
that no 'Indictment had been returned.
Inasmuch, as the Instrument nt talked
purports to bo the rue bill of t he 10 muri,er of ,p u g ,,,
a!'.n"V,.Vy .f lh" ," 0r.y.,f "? '' 'ho Pantheon Saloon recently, is
wall;" Catluart contends that there It K)rC8CIlle(, by AUorney n. A. ,,0H.
In fYltfnnpA tin mull itnilv na tint nriliiil .. ... ... . .
... , " " , 7, ,, ,
Jury of the Territory of Hawaii, that
tho Inquisition now In session is the
(Irnnd Jury of the Circuit Court ol
the First Judicial Circuit of the Ter
rltory of Hawaii." Indictment Is re
turned by a so-called grand Jury "ol
tho Tcrritor)" and there Is no such
It Cathcart's point Is well taken It
Mill mean that tho twcnty-llvo persons
already Indicted by the grand Jury this
term will have their tases nolle pros'd
and, In order to ho prosecuted on
barges alleged, will hare to be Indict
ed over again and In a proper manner;
It will mean a considerable loss of
time, although It Is unlikely that the I
grand Jury will have to again call
before them all the witnesses who have
Judge Gear did not rule on the mo
tion, continuing the matter until to
morrow morning. I'rior to tho filing
uf the motion to quash, Catlicart had
tiled a plea In bar, submitting that his
client had been onco In Jeopardy,
which was overruled by tho court
tins luiiuimii una ucruinni u nuiliu
fifteen arfralgnments of defendants
Banner Raising
On Friday Night
" The banner raising at Republican
headquarters In- the Fourth District
Friday night this week will be tho
Initial campaign gun for the Republl
( an ticket on that side. Arrangements
have been made for a big meeting and
tho Fourth District banner will be
unfurled to tho tune of high pitched
oratory and victorious music.
h. A. Andrews, chairman of the
Fourth District Committee, will pre
side and candidates for the Senate and
House will address the people.
While tho assembly room at head
quarters will accommodato a largo
crowd, arrangements will be made to
lake care of tho overflow. The vacant
lot between tho electric building and
tho Occidental hotel has been secured
for the campaign as an out-door meet
ing place. Wires aro being run and tho
space will be brilliantly illuminated.
A speakers' stand will bo erected and
accommodations provided for all who
wish to bear. This place will be ready
for the Friday night meeting and will
' bo used during the campaign for Re
publican meetings two or three times
each week.
Every Indictment
til Addition to those already reported
t'1" followlnB presentments "have been
transferred from tho seiret to the open
flic, defendants being In custody:
Ah Koon, larieny, second degree.
Chin Lo Jan, burglary, first degree.
I.ee Yip, Ah Kim and John Doe,
assault with a dangerous M capon.
Chung I.un, Oh Kim, John Doe and
Itlcharil Roe, riot.
(leneau. the senman of the U. S.
gunboat Wheeling, who Is charged with
"Inl"- "" ra8e wii continued ror plea
until the 28th Instant, Wednesday
Akana pleads on Friday to n bur
glary charge.
Ah Koon pleaded guilty. He Is at
present In Jail working out a sentence.
Sentence Is set for 9:30, Friday morn
ing next.
Fujlmoto, charged with burglary,
-i,. nipl,,i-,i ii.v n,i n.Uo.i n r.n
l0 ,ml)090 . ..ch. Ben,enc. men,ioninB
his wife as ono who would like to see
nn exhibition of leniency. Judge Oear
will consider the punishment proposi
tion later.
Tho morning being devoted to ar
raignments and the business attendant
thereon, the court excused all trial
Jurors until 10 o'clock tomorrow- fore
noon. "Tho man whom I marry," said Miss
Bparker, "must be handsome nnd"
"And rich?" put in Miss WhUem. "Ho
must bo more than rich," exclaimed
I ..lino Qfiuini-I , lllu I1IUPI ue Ml, IV lu Jiuy
lllft rpiinfr hilt nn mv niitmnnlilln "
Cleveland Leader.
Tor B," , ,t Bullttln offle.
Fifth Republicans
Quick Action
At tho meeting of the Fifth District
Committee last night at district head
quarters, a vigorous campaign was de
cided ujion to !egln Monday. Monday
morning the Oahu Senators will accom
pany Kuhlo on this trlii. The party
will go by tho Tall road to the other
side and hold meetings at all places
down as far as Walalua. They will re
turn from Walalua by train.
There Is also a plan forming to hold
o meeting Friday night of this week in
the Fifth, at which Delegate Kuhlo Is
to speak.
Tho Walanao meeting tonight will
be a hot ono and will be tho Republi
can opening In tho Fifth. Tho party
of speakers will leave on tho 3:15 train
Hits afternoon anil will be headed by
Delegate Kuhlo. John Lane, J. M. Dow
sett and K. F. lllshop, Oahu's Republi
can nominees for the Senato, will go
down as well as a number of candidates
for tho House. Walanao will be given
B Republican house warming tonight.
A. I). Lindsay of Honokaa, llama
kua, returned to this city from Kauai
lu tho steamer Mlkahala this morning.
Public Confidence
It difficult to obtain and easy to lose.
For thirty years thoutands of correct
drettert have had Implicit confidence
In the clothes bearing thlt famout
There are more reasons for this than
there It space In which to tell them.
Take BENJAMIN 8prlng Suits at an
example. The fabrics are rich, varied,
and exclusive; the fit It Individual and
perfect; the stylet, like Poole's of Lon
don, are conservative but correct; the
tailoring It equal to that or the bett
London and New York cuttom-thopt)
the prices are reatonable and right Is
it strange that BENJAMIN Clothes
have enjoyed public confidence for so
many years? It It any wonder that
are to America what Poole It to Eng
landleaders In sartorial art?
We are Exclusive Distributors
here of this famout apparel.
The Kash Co., Ltd.,
San Francisco, 8ept. 21. Sugar. 88
analysis beets, 10s. U 1-1 U. Previous
quotation, 10s. 9d.
Judgo Dc Holt this nfternoon ap
pointed C. K. Katarua guardian of die
persons nnd properties o two Joung
ladles bearing tho names of Kahoo
ptopto and Mahoe.
The examination of their affairs nec
essary to tho court's disposition of the
matter brought out some entertaining
tacts. It seems that tho aunt of Ka
booploplo very strenuously objected
to the girl being taken to court. Upon
the arrival of a police ofllccr nt their
Manoa. valley home, this aunt espied
the Until of the law from afar and
sought to prevent tho summons being
served. The ofllccr finally managed
to get within rango of Kahooploplo
and began to read to her the court's)
order, but the energetic aunt endeav
ored to get tho young woman away,
not succeeding until thli document
had been read. Then camo the aunt's
turn to be served. When tho uni
formed gentleman drew a paper on
her she gathered her skirts about hor
and fled for the taro patches, tho offi
cer lit hot pursuit. Mr. Policeman
did not care to lay hands on the lady,
fearing that he might have to answer
for assault and battery.
In court he testified that lip had
svrvi-d the minor but found It too
much to serve the aunt,
Detective McDufftie this afternoon
discovered that ten silver spoons sold
by Nomura to a Chinese wcro stolen
from Henry Merrick's place- on School
street. The set ot sterling silver
knives and forks were stolen from tho
residence of II. P. Hughes which is also
on School street in tho Immediate vi
cinity ot the Herrlck house.
It was also found that the watch be
longing to Officer Punohu, which was
sold by Nomura and recovered this
forenoon by McDuflle, was not the ous
which Punohu lost In a lavatory but
another timepiece which was stolen
from tho officer's house last Saturday
night. Punohu's residence Is also on
School street, close to those ot the
two other victims.
It Is quite evident that a thlet
made a regular raid on the neighbor
hood last Saturday night, Nomura,
however, denies that he Is tho guilty
party. He now maintains that he
bought all the articles.
Chas. E. Mooro has sold tho auto
mobilo repair shops on Union street
to Ouy Owens. Mr, Mooro leaves In
tbo Aorangl today for the Coast, where
bo will establish himself In business.
MrB. Mooro, who Is teaching In c.o
Kaabumanu school, will remain here
until Mr, Mooro Is settled.
Hond being furnished, Judge Gear
grants I. Rubensteln a temporary in
junction restraining II. Hackfcld A
Co. from dealing in a certain brand of
Attorney Oeneral Andicws has dis
posed of tho examination ot eight fish
ery rights cases. Two moro aro set for
Miss Minna Maby, formerly a teach
er at Walaholc, this Island, will arrlvo
from the mainland ln tho Korea.
J. L. Llghtfoot goes to Molokal to
day on business.
By telephoning Main 2i. wILENT
BARBER SHOP) ladles desiring
clal massage can secure the services
of an expert ootrator at their home
10 o ID
PaY I heir debts
Judge Do Dolt this morning signed I
an opinion In the assumpsit suit of
Ah Hing vs. Ah On, as follows: De
fendant, a government beneficiary, to
wit: a police ofllccr, ndmlU that he
owes me piainiui mo amount sued lor,
to wit: $151.35 with interest thereon
ftom June 27, 190.1, but be contends
that the garnishment of his salary in
the hands of tho Auditor cannot be
maintained becauso Act 53, 1 nws ot
1903, is unconstitutional, "in that it Is
class legislation and contrary to' public
policy." In my opinion the point It
not well taken. Judgment, therefore,
may be entered as prayed for.
This action, as set out In defend
ant's brief, was submitted upon a writ
ten stipulation admitting allegations
but claiming on tho defendant's part
the garnishment ot Auditor Fisher wot
Invalid, unconstitutional and agatnsl
the principles of the American theor)
of government. Salary of defendant
Is granted by tho Legislature and the
amount Is fixed by tho officer In charge
ot tho department by virtue ot his po
sition and upon the fixing or tho
amount It becomes tho absolute duty
ot the officer having tho control nud
disbursement ot the fund to pay it out
as shown by the proper order ot the
High Sheriff, to wit: the pa) roll.
I w
, , .. ,, . . , ... Their expected vacation has not ma
in preparing the list of voters of the r,luH .i ,, - .i.i .i
Territory the Secretary's ofllco has ox-
perlenco with many peculiar names.
Tho Secretary's sccretar. Jnmes
Lloyd, this .morning came across some- .nquLUorlal .body some matter for
th ng of a curiosity In. t.omenclaiure:laI nve5,Kallo, The ,lmiCnroc
Wllllam Samuela Jlme Ollwa Make. I f aton of , Jlirorg waa'not d.
kau which might be put Into English oatcUi lliacct, rjcpmy Attorney Oeneral
as William Samuel James Oliver Ma-',,. n n. ..,., h., .i.,M -..
keknu. Lloyd also discovered what ho
believed to be the shortest name on
record, Just plain "I." A. A. Braymcr,
o stenographer In the office, also work-Lh.n
SS-nJlS?, 5ih 'T"' ?"pllcalca
tho abbreviated title during the course
of the morning's work. Ho also dug
" an, Y , ? , i J',!?, .v."!
Seventh Precinct ot tho Fifth District
nnd the other resides In tho Tenth or
the FItth. llrnymcr, who is something
or a wit, suggested that tho two "18,"
tbc two monocles, might mako a good
pair of spectacles If they wcro com
E. F. lllshop will not bo ablo to go
to the Walanao Republican meeting
tonight owing to the necessity of his
presenco at tho Fourth District confer
ence of precinct presidents and candi
dates. Representatives Mahelona and
Kalllopu will go and make speeches.1
It Is expected that two or three or tho
representative candidates from the
country will Join tho party,
Tonight at tho Fourth District no
publican headquarters, there will be a
meeting of tho Executive Committee
with tho presidents ot precinct clubs
and candidates to arrange campaign
work In that District
If You
Have Property
And wish to select anaj-nlm-strat'ir,
Rinrdlin ir tru re
weigh th- permanency and
responsibility of 4irp"ptli.n
agilnst the tosslhle dl-jblll-ties
of an Individual
Furthermore a trus' cin
piny Is oxmizeJ for J ist
such dalles by mm f I nge
et -"
ill II
A quartet of alleged rioters, Chung
Lorn, Ah Kim, John Doe and Richard
Roe, wcro urraigncd in criminal court
this forenoon on Indictment by tho
Grand Jury, Deputy Attorney Oencral
W, S. Fleming reading the present
These men, on September Rth, (Lab
or Day, by tho way) aro supposed to
have riotously nttacked Wong Chuck
Lung In tho district of Walalua. Tho
bill goes on to allege that these men
struck terror Into tho hearts of other
and with clubs, sticks, stones and cane
knives became tumultuously violent.
Uondsmen woro on hand with two
thousand dollars In good gold coin to
obtain the liberty of the defendants,
expecting, evidently, that ball above
;&00 each would not bo demanded. In
this matter, however, tho friends ot
tho accused reckoned without tho
court, for Judgo Oear refused to ac
cept as bond anything less than ono
thousand dollars cash bond ror each
man. '
At 9:30 o'clock tomorrow morning
further preliminary proceedings will be '
had In this connection. In tho mean
whllo defendants will languish "on
the rcct."
There still remain on tho secret flit
sovcral Indictments. Arraignments ol
all persons In custody, as tho result
of tho grand Jury's fruitful preliminary
report, aro complete.
Tomorrow morning the inquisition
again sits. On Monday tho grand Jur
ors, It will bo remembered, asked to
lift ftTftilCod fnr n miiiln rt u'nnLa
hM ,,. , ' ,lv .,, np ln
,,., , ,,,,,, ,, ,,,
,... ,.....!. . ..... ......i ... .u.
,hin f,,,.w fo- .,,.. ,. . .i .
. i,.. ,,. ,Mt. m.i. ..... .
u.. ,,, .,.,'. i . .
tho ,,. .. .,, Th.
Judge Gear, Instead of granting th.
vn.ntlon. rTC11BPIi , .rnr, n,M ,
.cl0(.k TUeglIay morning, when F.
man J- Tuekcr wn8 ordcr';d 'o
,,., , ,,,. , , ,
proach tho bench to listen to a wort
or two therefrom. Tho nature of the
supposed special Investigation Is at
present a mystery.
Pdrty Man's Duty
By colonel Soper
Col. J. 11. Sopcr said to a Rullc-tln
representative today regarding local
political problems, that ho considered
tho duty of a party man very plain In
the present campaign. "It's a Repub
lican's duty to support tbo ticket,"
said Mr. Soper. "It's a very slmplo
proposition. Tho action ot Cecil
Drown In running Independent I think
Is open o criticism. If ho had arisen
In tho convention and polntod out what
to him seemed tho Improper action of
parties opposing him, and bad there
declared bis Intention to run as a Re
publican, Independent or tbo conven
tion, I think his position would bo
moro defensible.
"It was ln tho Dlatno campaign, I
think that Harper's Weekly bolted
from tho Republican lines. Tnat pa
per went along normally two or threw
wcoks after the convention. When
Rlalno's book was given to another
publishing houBo than Harpers, tho
Weekly bolted. Well It has never
amounted to much slnco.
"On tho other sldo there was Sen
ator Teller's bolt from tho Republican
convention at St. Louis In 1690. Tho
platform didn't suit him. Ho stated
his caso and walked out. I think Tel
ler went about It In tho proper wny."
The meeting or ladles of Irish
descent to organise nn auxiliary to
tbo Ancient Order ot Illbornlans takes
placo at tho Catholic mission at 8
' tM evening.
Wells Fargo & Co.
Masonic Temple Tel. Blue 58)
Associated Press Special Cable.)
ST. PETERSBURG, Sept. 21. General Kuropatkln reports that the Jap
anese forces were repulsed at Da Past.
General Oyama Is trying to flank Kuropatkln from the East.
Repairing Railway
For Japanese Army
KUROKt'S HEADQUARTERS, Sept. 21. The- railroad from Newchwang
to Llaoyang will soon be In operation for the transportation of Japanese men
and supplies.
Is Man Named
By New York Democrats
SARATOGA, N. Y., 8c pL21. D. C. Herrlck was nominated by David B.
Hill for Governor at the Democratic State Convention held here today. The
nomination was carried by a unanimous vote, F. B. Harrison wat nominated
for Lieutenant-Governor.
WASHINGTON, Sept 2t. One hundred and fifty marine have been
ordered to protect the Russian auxiliary cruiser Lena, dismantled at Mara
BELGRADE, Servla, Sept. 21. King Peter was crowned today with ap
propriate ceremony.
ST. PETERSBURG, Sept. 21. The Grand Duke 8erglus has been appoint
ed Inspector General of Artillery in the Russian army,
8AN FRANCISCO, Sept. 21. The next meeting of the Sovereign Grand
Lodge of Odd Fellows will be held at Washington, D. C.
SAN FRANCI8CO, Sept 19. 88 anatytjs beets, 10c 9d. Previous quota
tion, 10s 8 1-4 d.
Watcrhouso Trust Co. vs. J. Ka
lantanaola Is ready for trial befor'
Judge Robinson. If. O. Mtddledltch,
trtistco In bankruptcy or C. F. Herrlck
Carriage Co., moved to bo substituted
as plaintiff and Judgo Robinson grant
ed tho motion, In tho assumpsit suit
of Henry Watcrhouso Trust Co., trus
tee In bankruptcy ot C. F. Herrlck
Carrlago Co. vs. J. Kalantanaolc. On
July Cth the Waterhouso Trust Co.
was discharged by tho Federal Court
as trusteo and on July 20th II. O. Mid
dledltch was elected; ho Is now tho
owner or tho promissory nolo executed
by tho abovo defendant.
Read "Wants" on page S.
A school shoe must be strong and of pooJ material, to
Maml hir,1 .war. It mut fit accurately si as nnt to
injure urowl'iB feet. These qualities are combined with
lov prices here.
B ys' lace shoes of vici leather of velours calf, $2.50 and $3 pair
Manufacturers' Shoe Co , Ltd.
Judge Parker Is -said to tell an a fav
orite Btory tho tale ot a young man
l'i Savannah named Du nose, ,
Philadelphia Ledger, who Invited his
sweetheart to take a buggy rldo with
him. The young woman had a very
fetching lisp. When they reached a
lather lonesome bit ot road the young
man announced:
I "This Is where vou hiv In niv (nil
The toll U either a kiss or a squeexc.s
"Oh, Mr. Du Doth!" exclaimed hi
The Portuguese Mutual Benefit So
ciety sues Mary Ann Kabanamalkal
on a 11,000 note.
A man or words Is rarely ever a maq
of deeds.
t-, -

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