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'Tha RIIIIFTIN h a Pmarrflinor. Pri7rAlvA PAnnr. aii Inilfls IrimlkQR tn
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f ening Bulletin
Prom Sin Franelscol ..
Alameda Sept. 23
Korea Sept. 27
For Sin Frincliei:
Mongolia Sept. 24
Alameda Sept. 28
Nothing brings the
hard worked mer
chant to near to a va
cation on the Main
land at the whole
tome help of
o AOS o
I Prom Vancouver:
I Manuka Sept, 24
i For Vineouvir!
J Mlowcrn Oct. 19
3:30 O'CLOCK
Share In lis Succass.
Vol. XVI. No. 2870
PltlOB 5 0FHT8
J ii',; iTiiun Tin . v v
' .t.
) -
Cecil Drown has issued his announce-
ruont to the toters as th opening gun
of his Independent candidacy for the
Territorial Senate. Mr. llrown makes
Ills personal canvass on n platform pro-
testing against unwarranted Interior-
cuco ot otnelals in political contention.
111 address to the voters follows:
To the Electors of the Thlul Benntorlol
District or the Territory or na- opposition nml protestation ly ludtvtil
wall! 'nnl voters. In mv onlnlon the Hxec-
At the request of many tote rei-ld-
lug on tho Islnntl of 0.ihu ami else-
tvlicrc In thlH Territory, I have tlecld-
ul to run as an Independent Ilepubll
can candldato for the olTUc ot Senator
In this Senatorial District, notvrlth
standing tho fact that I failed to secure
u nomination from tho Republican con-
tuition held In Honolulu on tho ICth
Inst. j circumstances are such and tho mis-
I claim that an unwarrantable Inter chief of nllotvlng such practices to tako
Icrcncc by certain olUcers of tho Kxec root and establish thcuiHeltes In our
ullte Department of tho Terrltorj politics so ninnlfest, the result so ccr
caused my defeat In that Convention, tain that when established they will
and that these persons used the power paturnlly bo turned inoic and mnro
ot their olllces directly and coerclvely openly against good govern incut and
In the contention, particularly among legitimate and wholesome "criticism
tho onice holdltiB delegates, to compel and arrayed on the side of corruption
a vote against mc regardless of the and bad government, nncl lised to sup
personal convictions of the delegates press nnd Intimidate public opinion and
and the wishes of their cotifetltiientH. personal freedom of speech, that I be
.Much of tho proof of this charge came llcve nn opportunity should lio offered
to mo after tho contention had acted, n a clear nncl iinmlitaknbla manner
and I feel tbn.t tho Issues thus raised to tho totem to express their Judgment
nra of such Importance to every cltlztu and conviction upon the nti'thods.
ot the Territory Hint I should put the. Under thrso circumstances my can
matter to the teat, as I proposo. clldacy ns nn Imlciieudcnl Itcpulillcnn
One ot tho chief functions of the Leg- tmlurally follows,
Ulaturo Is tn rctlew and pass Judg -
incnt upon tho aits ot the Kxccuttvo
Gear Will Not Keep
Hurtt vs. Hurtl
Divorce Gase Secret
"As far as this court is concerned,"
said Judge Uc-ar from thu bench this
morning, "all pioceedlngs nro public;
theie ar no bocrct proceedings hern
and there will not bo ob long as this
court has anything to say."
This remaik nns brought forth by
tho Judgo discovering, during tho trial
of Dan Kamal Kahili for manslaugh
ter, a typewritten motion, signed by
l L. .Weaver, lying on his desk, pray,
ing that tho divorce caso of Hurtt vs.
Hurtt bo ordered placed on tho secret
Judgo Gear consulted with Clerk W.
H. Sims ns to tho significance ot the
document, asking for Information as
to the papers In the case. Sims had
heard nothing further ot tho matter
than that tho motion by Weaver had
boen left on tho desk.
"It Is Judgo Wentcr's case," said
Sims, "and this Is n motion asking that
tho Hurtt dlvorco proceedings be.
placed on tho secret file."
"Whero aro tho papers In tho case?'1 1
Garnet Chtbahrfikn
r5SjHryirflsu!; Hxiss
I -SMAMMCw -vll
branch of the Oovermiienl, nud II
J"""'" in u,c r.xci.imo . .- ..,
to manipulate the selection by the pc&
Jic pf mcn t0 t , jmlgmcn(
t1)pr omca r0inluct, the evil that will
r(l(11t i. Kc1f-cvlloiit. particularly If of-
ft.c liolilcra nre permitted to use tho
j)()tt(.r nn, prerogatives of their onlcea
i M-ctirlni' control nf these ronvcu-
t,;nKi nn,i joatlis down anil silencing
ntlvr- should not Interfere with the
jcj slallvo or Judicial departments;
,,... .innartnictits should bo kept sen-
nrntB nn,j distinct one from tho other
. fMt i,n8 nH separate ami distinct
fluty to perform In carrying out tho
funrtlonH ot government
u ,n,i ,Cen my Intention to abldo by
tho decision of tho contention, but the
. Honolulu, Sept. 2!, IDOL
ckcii. nnow.N.
Inquired tho Court. "I sou nothing but
tho motion asking that tha causo go
on the secret file. Havo tho paperd
been issued? Call Clerk George Lit
llAlllft Hills called Mr. Lucas from
thu general clerks' oflk'0.
' "Where mo the papers In the Huitt
divorce sult7 asked Judgo Gear.
"They are out for tcivlcc, 1 pto
"Havo they been Mod?"
"They welt- llled for service yestor-
day and I suppose they nro out for ser.
tlco ut tho pieuent tlmo."
"Are they not on (llo u tho clerks'
"Not at thu present time."
"Well, when they are returned, th'-v
will bo filed In tho regular wny. They
will bo mado public. There is a mo
tion hero to have them placed on tho
I secret file, but this Court docs not do
things In secict. Until this Court
makes an order, which It will never
do. that tlieso papers bo placed on tho
Public Confidence
Is difficult to obtain and easy to lose.
For thirty years thousanda of correct
dressers have had Implicit confidence
In the clothes bearing this famous
There aro more reasons for this than
there Is space In which to tell them.
Take BENJAMIN Sprlna Suits as an
example. The fabrics are rich, varied,
and exclusive; the fit Is Individual and
perfect; the atyles, like Poole's of Lon
don, are conservative but correct; the
tailoring Is equal to that of the best
London and New York custom-shops,
the prices are reasonable and right. Is
It strange that BENJAMIN Clothes
have enjoyed public confidence for so
many years? Is It any wonder that
are to America what Poole Is to Eng
landleaders In sartorial art?
We are Exclusive Distributors
here of this famous apparel.
The Kash Co., Ltd.,
Dan Kama! Kahili Now
Being Tried For
Dan Kamal Kahili Is now on trial In
criminal court before Judgo dear for
manslaughter. M. K. I'rosser, Deputy
Attorney General, for tho Terrltoy, and
B. I". ChlllliiHworth for defendant.
Tills caso was tnllecl today nbout
10: IS h. in., and no time was lost In
(lie getting of a Jury, both prosecution
and defense waiving peremptory chal
Icngi-s. John C. I.ano was excused
without ado upon declaring that he
line! nlready formed a very decided
jplulon In the matter.
Knhltl Is charged with killing emu
Unhurt Knllmnkama In n drunken
brnwl at a house back of Punchbowl
sonic months ago. lloth clcrfendnnfnnd
lecenscd are alleged to lmvn lieen In
toxicated at tho time. Tho tight oc
curred In tho yard of the house ut
which certain festivities were In ping
less. Tho liouso belonKcd tu a nutlio
Hawaiian and numeittUK prisons were
lulling at Hit' time.
IK'fi'iiilaul and deceased hud left thu
hoiiso for the 5ard. Soon nfter n cry
was luaid. Kahili was supposed to
be thiiattnliig to kill the cither, using
strong oaths to emphasize his alleged
lutt ntloii,
A Hawaiian, tho first to go the
witness stand this morning, Henry Kn
loan, rushed from the building to be
hold the tumlmtanlK fiercely 'strug
gling for tho mastery. Knlimuhnuin
hit Kuhlll In the Taco several times
nnd then the accused got tho oilier
down on the ground and stiurk him.
Witness scleral times, with great ef
fort, managed to separate the fighters,
but they persistently went at each
other, swaying, giappllng, hugging,
swearing, falling and striking.
In thn course of events witness no
ticed a knife In the hand of Kahili and
Inter It was seen that Knllmakama had
been cut severely In several places.
The biceps of his left arm was sev
ered; ho had a misty slash In the
breast nnd nn ugly gash In the abdo
men peimltted thu entrails tn pro
trude. Kalimlkama died.
Dr. N. II. Kmcrsou next took the
stand to give expert testimony as to
tho naturo of thu wounds Jind their re
lation to the death of Kallmnkama.
Judge dear, preceding the culling nf
(Continued on Page 4.)
Attorney General Andrews Is again
engaged on fishery rights cases.
becret file, they will be filed In tho leg
ular public manner. 1 obscrvo that
there has alieady been sumo public
ciltlclsm of secret methods In such
auitters. Hutu there been any divorce
luses tried In secret, Mr, Lucas?''
"There used to be, Your Honor," re
plied I.ucus, "snmo tlmo ago, but there
aid none now."
"Tho Court wishes It understood,
Mr. I.uins, that it Is not In uny way
criticizing you, but all matters In this
cou it uru open to publla scrutiny and
this Court will make no order placing
any court matter on tho secretflle, I
have, noticed somo criticism of secret
methods; I don't know what other
judges may havo ordered, but, as far
as this Couil Is concerned, all things
ire public-."- '
"I understand," replied Mr. Lucas.
1. L. Weater, attornoy for llbcllant
In tho divorce case sought to bo kept
secict, Judgo of tho Torrens Laud
Court, soon after entered tho court
room and approached the Judgo'
bench, holding conversation with the
Court, tho manslaughter rnso being
or the moment delayed,
"Tho Court can make no such or
der," Bald Judgo Gear aloud. "The
notion to place tho dlvorco suit ot
Hurtt vs. Hurtt on tho secret filo Is
Judge Gear then handed tho papers
In the case, In ought Into court by
By telephoning Main 227 (0ILENT
ARBER 8HOPI ladles desiring fa
lal massage can secure the services
if an expert operator at their homes.
W oM BOtt
Knn stock Is taking a new- hnom on
the basis of recent reports. It Is stat
ed the plantation will tako up r?00,000
of Its bonds the first of next yranjind
tho remaining $100,000 Juno 30th next.
This will leave the plantation free
fro mdel.t. It Is also Btated that tho
Ilwn dividend will iHjIncieascd toon.
per cent a mouth next Januury,
.. .. .,. -. ... n.,. '
1-npern in mi! case c me n-rriiiirj
ts Unoth Johnson, Indicted for
1 '1H nil uvu nuin iAn;iio a iniiiiih kiii
last regular session of the Legislature,
were tills afternoon deposited for final
shelving in the general clerks oftlco
of the circuit, hearing the enodrsement:
"Nolle prosequi entered."
Territorial Crand Jury, among other
things. Is conducting an Investigation
of the present system and condition ot
tho wnter works bureau buslnoss.
When tho Inqulstlon hands In Its flnal
report numerous Interesting recom
mendations along this and other lines
nre anticipated.
Today's San Francisco quotations on
Hawaiian rtocks received by tho Henry-
Wntorhouse Trust Co., Ltd. are as fol
Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar. .SjfiS.oO
Honokna , If
Maknwell '.'H.GO
Onomea , 28.0U
A new Swiss watch contains n tiny
bard rubber phonograph plate which
calls out the hours loud enough to bo
heard twenty fitt away. Sentiment
enn bo added by hating tflf words re
corded on the plato in tho tone of a
dear friend as those nf a man's wife
oi children
rt -..:-
Judge Weaver, lo Clerk Sims lind or
dered Hint they be noted on th min
Alba Milton Hurtt fcues Mabel Scott
Hurtt for divorce, alleging extieme
mental eiuetty. Ills wife Is at present
In California, where she has been
since 1U02. Ho ullvges that ho has
been cnused gloat mental anguish by
false accusations madu by his wile.
He says that she frequently and pub
licly licensed him of Inning to Uo with
other women, naming, among others,
the wife of n close neighbor. Her nl-
leged accusations of adulterous and
lnscttious conduct, nffected his health,
he B.iyB, nnd ho wnnts dltoico.
Hurtt Is n conductor tu the employ
of tho O. It. & L. Co. The 1902 direct
ory (1902 was thu year In which Mrs.
Hurtt Is nlleged to have falsely nccus
ed her hushnnd) gives thu Hurtt resi
dence as being In Iwllel road.
Following Is uu abbreviation of tho
Alba .Milton Hurtt, residing at llo
nolulu, alleges:
That they worn married ut River
side. Cal., on October 2fi. 1900; that
they nro now living separate, the II
bclleo residing In rmnoim, Cal., and
the llbcllant In Honolulu: Hint libel
lant has lived hero two years next pre
ceding this application for dlvoice.
That libeller has been guilty of ex
treme cnielty to llbellunl for six
mouths preceding her ilepnrturo from
Honolulu on September 30, 1902; that
during said time llbellee repeatedly ac
cused llbcllant with adulterous and
lascivious conduct without truth,
(Continued on Page 4.)
If You
Have Property
And wish to select an admini
strator, Rui dim or trustee
weigh Hi- permanency and
responsibility of irorpor thm
against the rovdble disabili
ties of an Individual
Fuilhermnre a tru-.t com
pany Is n-ganlzed for just
such dti'les by men of large
SlPllth (lOP? (llinninP Oil
Fort Street For
al-,BUl EjvAlCJ lltDCH
nor rlvulvek fire
The rase of Manuel Antone, chrrgnd
with vagrancy, tamo up In the t'ollu'
Court this morning, developing more
Interesting points than one. Antono
Is a young Portuguese boy Alio works
at Frank l'acheco's bootblnclc (land In
the alley leading to the Union saloon.
He was arrested last Monday by one
ot Captain Dowers' men, named Kent,
who, after he had mado the nrrcrt,
swore to a warrant charging Antone
with being on the premise of tho Ha I
nolulu I'hoto Supply Company without '
lawful excuse.
Frank 1'acheco, tho barber, who U
the employer of Antone, was given
permission to appear os tho defendant's
legal representative I
Kent, the private sleuth took the
sland for tho prosecution. Did tory
sounded like nn extract from tho ix-
plolts of "Diamond Dick," "Nick Car
ter" or others of those fimoua dime
novel heroes.
Kent explained that iaat Saturday at
4 a. m. tin saw a boy near the corner ot
Fort nnd Hotel streets aiiim; in a very
suspicious manner, llo lust tight of
the boy and went to look tor him He
ifouml him in thu developing ruom of
thu Honolulu I'hoto Supplt Co. and
plaeed him under irrerft. Tho boy
begged on his knees to be let olt but
Kent was not to bo psruuaded. Dniiv-'
lng his revolver lu led hU prisoner to'
the pollco alarm box on tiu corner nf
I'ort and Hotel street.).
It appears that KcnlV valorous gun
display was effectlvo mora from u dra
matic than from u strictly practical
I tint ot view. When he wanted to
icn the alarm box he lml the key in
one hand and his revolver In the otln r.
As n consequence ha hud no hold ot tuo
boy, who was quick to grasp his oppor
tunity nnd bprlntcd doivr the nrect.
Kent (list fired a shot'.n thu ulr to
warn the fugutlve. A too iiuy icept on
running Kent followed, shooting at
him, aiming for Ills hg. Notwltn-
standing his strenuous efforts tho hoy
made go'id his escape.
Kent spjnt Satur.luy nnd Sunray In
"getting evidence." Ho nUo spotted
Antone ns being tin boy wln hud cs-
taped and on Monday pkved him under
Tho defendant told n very straight-
forward story. He stated tha' on Sit-
urday morning ho had gemo to his
work ns usual. He had not sen Kent
and knew nothing about the rbnotlng.
He said that Kent must havo made n
mistake In arresting him.
Frank 1'achcco now distinguished
himself by displaying legal talents'
which would do credit to many a reg-
(Contlnu-J on Page 4.)
The Kalmukl Improvement As-
soiiatlan will meet Saturday afternoon
nt 4 o'clock at the Merchants' Assoc la-
tlon rooms In the Young building. All provided for all. There will be good The schooner A. K. Sinale, 'which ar
the property owucrs In Kalmukl, I'alolo speeches, fine music and brilliant fire- rived from Karatsu September 2, was
and Walalae aro requested to be prcs-
The Bteamer Mnul Is to sail for Hllo
and other Hawaii ports tomorrow at
S p. m. Sho will tako to tho Dig Island
the Coast mall which tho Alameda will
bring tomorrow.
Henry l.uhlson, bookkeeper for the
Hawaiian Klcctrlu Co., will leave In
tho Alameda next week for 3an Fran
cisco, whero he will remain.
The Ilrltish ship Queen Victoria
ailed this forenoon at 10:30 o'clock for
Sydney HeniK where she will reiolve
further orders,
Captain 1'arkcr thU forenoon arrest
ed Mela Kawalkau, n young Hawaiian
girl, on a charge of disobedience to her
Tho Canadian-Australian steamship
Manuka Is due to arrtvo from Van
couver and Victoria on Saturday morn
ing. Wells Fargo & Co.
Masonic Temple Tel. Blue 581
1 Associated Trees Special Cable.
' TOKIO, Japan, Sept 22. It Is believed that the JapaneM have captured
the fort west of lUshan heights and overlooking Port Arthur.
Oyama Fails To
Turn Russian Flank
fAseoclatcd Vices Special Cablo.l
OT. PETERSBURG, Russia, Sept. 22. The Japanese are continuing their
ursuecersful attempts to turn the Russian left.
Oyama'e advance Is thirty miles south of Fushan, where a fight Is expected.
Colorado Democrats
Name Alva Adams
Associated 1'rcss Special Cable.
DENVER, Colo, Sept. 22. The Democrats In the State Convention held
today n0P,natfd Alva Adami for Governor,
LONDON, England, Sept. 22. Lady
ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, Sept 22. The revised list of Russian caiual
ties In the battle of Llaoyang Is: 181 killed, 10,811 wounded, and 1,212 left on
the field.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Sept. 22.
White Hcuse today from his vacation
,. , , . , . ,,,,
TVrrltnrlnl flr.inil JllrV met tlllS
morning nnd. after completing certain
rpcclal work, adjourned until one week
from Monday. It Is said that tho In-
qulsltlon hns divided up Into a number
of committees to Investigate and r-
port on vnrlous matters supposed to
rcqulro tho searchlight of public ex-
amlnatlon, gambling, for oxnmple, anil
public morals, resorts of doubtful char-
actcr, questionable business systems
and liquor matters, tho selling of splr -
Its nnd beer on Sunday, or without a,
license, etc. All this ns a result. It Is
enld, of a word of suggestion from
Judge Gear to their foreman.
Tho open sparo adjacent to thn
Fourth District Republican hcadquar-
tors on Merchant street has been chrls-
'tinod "ltoosevclt IleBervatlon." There
wi be a hot time on the reservation
tomorrow night. Tho first gun In the
Fourth will be n big one. Seats will be
I Will be discussed and all their most
Interesting details explained In SAT
A school snoe must be stronc anil nf (inoJ material-, to
stand h.ird .war. It hum tit arctpaiely si as not to
injure urowi i feet. Tin se quail ics arc combined with
lo.v prices here.
Boys' lace slues of vici leather of veloms calf, J2.50 and $3 pair
Manufacturers' Shoe Co , Ltd.
Curzon Is critically III.
President Roosevelt returned, to
at his Oyster Bay home.
Markham Speaks At
King Street Corner
Georgo Markhnm hade his Ilcpuli-
Ilcan speech nt thu noon hour today on
bo corner ot King and Ilclhel streots.
Ho was favoied with the attention ot
a good nudlenco up and down tho
street. Mr. Markham endorsed lu
glowing torms tho administrations of
Iloosevelt and of Governor Carter. Hu
found fault with tno action ot Uecn
Drown In running on tho Independent
ticket and urged tho Republicans not
Mo support him. Ho also denounced
tho Advertiser's policy of cutting and
slashing tho Republican ticket,
According to bids received last
,nontl1 for the construction of tho fire
and pollco station building at Walluku,
Maul, tho $8000 appropriation Is Insuf-
tlitent. No bid was less than $10,000.
For this reason plans and specifications
will have to bo roniado and Walluku
will havo to put up with a building less
elrgant than originally planned or go
hauled over to tho Channel wharf this
morning to bo fumigated prior to her
Tho Oceanic steamship Alameda la
I duo to arrive from San Francisco early
tomorrow morning with a larco mall.
'tvmtf' 1 iWi iHftftlHrtlft M

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