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From tan Franolsca:
Alameda Sort. 23
Korea Sept. 27
Mark Twain raid: "A fellow who
Bf emxg Bulletin
doesn't know what kind of a place
be will land In when he dies certain
ly ought to learn one foreign tongue.'
The auecettful merchant la
he who learna the benefit of
3 Per San Francises:
V" i.
Mongolia . . . . , Sept. 24
Alameda iSept. 28
From Vaneouvar:
Manuka Sept, 24
Far Vaneouvar!
Mlowern Oct. 10
lr ijT
- -A-v V9l -XI"
o;ou VF WLVWINs.
Vou XVI. No. 2877
PniOB 5 Cents
w" "
jvrajgBHBfralHHF """sjHbp n'
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""' rJUTX
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The tnter-Islaml Steam Navigation
Company, In whose employ Frank Hap
vey hag served for yennt, has with
drawn whatever opposition It hnd to
Harvey's becoming n candidate for
legislative honinn on tho Domocrntlc
ticket. It Is apparent from Manager
Kennedy's letter to Harvey, delivered
today, that the company has novcr ro
fused to allow Harvey to become n
cnndldate for tho Legislature It conn
soled him, however, ngulnBt running In
opposition to n follow employe. The
whole matter Is set forth In tho follow-
Ing letter to Harvey from Mr. Ken-
Honolulu, Sept. 22, '01.
Mr. F. It. Harvey, Honolulu.
Dear Sir: Jlcferrlng to our conver-i-atlon
bf Monday, September 19, '01,
when you flrst approached the writer
asking consent to run for Senator at
tho coming election, at tho same time
expressing regrets that two of our
The Canadian-Australian steamship
Manuka was sighted at about noon to
day, being about a day ahead of tho
schedule time for arrival from Vnn-
conver nnd Victoria. The steamship
c-unio Into tho harbor In very short or
der, being docked In tho Bishop slip nl
about 1:30 p. in.
Right Of Way Secured
For Kohala Ditch
Work Begins At Once
Ily tlio close of business today
it Is.
i,ierteil that slmiatures will have been
., ... ...i ,i, -ii.i
attached to papers securing the right
sstse sua cwfistiifj) tj U liUUVl w!4
of way for tho Kohala Ditch Companj lln8 Thcse( t ls cxpectcil( vm
for the Kohala branch of Its proposed back by next Tuesday,
big Irrigation ditch. A meeting of the , Work will begin at once upon the
directors of tho Kohala Sugar Com- ditch. There will bo a vaBt amount of
pany was held yesterday and nn agree- preliminary work necessary, such as
ment was reached whereby tho ditch! tho construction of roads, trails, etc.
Is given right-of-way free of cost, This will be done by a force of men
through two miles of its lands. Thereunder Engineer O'Shaiigncssy or ono
are three or four more right-of-way of his assistants. When this prellmln
contracts to sign nnd the parties to all nry work Is done, contracts for ditch
these have agreed upon terms and slit- building will be let.
i- I
employes of opposite pnlltlinl slew
should run for the Bennto ul this eleu
tlon, also approving of your running
for tho House of Representatives pro
vlded your party should give you tho
nomination, believing that If elected
to tho House you could do more good
and bo of greater Influence than Id
the Senate.
From your Interview with thu writer
this morning and our statement to ou
that the politics of our employees da
not rontrol our actions, coupled with
tho statement that your party Insists
on your running on tho Senatorial
ticket at the comlug election, we will
raise no objection and glvo ou out
consent to run for either Senate or
Uouso as your party may In their wl
dom deem best.
The Manuka enjoyed n pleasant
trip. The put sit reports as follows:
"Left Vamouu-r at 3:15 p. m. Sept.
1G nnd urilved lit Victoria at 8:40 p. ra.
same day. Sailed again at 10: IS p. in.
Cleared Cape Flattery at 2:30 a. m. on
Sept. 17 mid arrived at Honolulu Sept.
23, nftcr a lino weather voyage."
Among tho passengers for Honolulu
was A. 11. Ingnlls, examiner nnd gang
er of the customs service. Ho surprised
most of Ills friends by bilnglng back
with him a bride. Mrs. Ingalls, nee
flurbcr, Is well known In this city,
vi hero slio spent several years as a
teacher of music. She has ghen pul-
lie violin concerts here. Mrs. Ingnlls
left Honolulu a couple or years ngo to
go to Seattle, wnere ner parents lesiue.
Thollnnukn will sail for the Colonlesj
at 8 o'clock tonight:
J. Hubcnsteiu vs. II. I lack f eld, suit
to restrain tho latter handling "Little
Joker" tobacco, Is occupying Judge
Clear (his afternoon.
will be appended this after-
oon- tlln -'s( t tho Union Mill
i ,
Company tho papers must bo sent to
' ' ,,'.' ,, , . ,
Public Confidence
la difficult to obtain and easy to lose.
For thirty yeara thousanda of correct
dressera have had Implicit confidence
In the clothea bearing this famous
There are more reasons for this than
there ia space In which to tell them.
Take BENJAMIN Spring Suits aa an
example. The fabrics are rich, varied,
and exclusive; the fit la Individual and
perfect; the atyles, like Poole'a of Lon
don, are conservative but correct; the
tailoring Is equal to that of the best
London and New York custom-shops)
the prices are reasonable and right Is
It strange that BENJAMIN Clothea
have enjoyed public confidence for ao
many yeara? la it any wonder that
are to America what Poole la to Eng
land leadera In sartorial art?
We are Exclusive Distrlbutora
here of this famoua apparel.
The Kash Co., Ltd.,
San Francisco, Sept. 23. Sugar 88
nnalysls beets: lis. d. Previous
quotation 10s. 11 'i.
Chas. 8. Hall, T. J. King and K. It. 0.
Wallace returned In the Alameda to
day from San Francisco where they
ultended the twenty-ninth Triennial
Conclave of tho Knights Templar, af
representatives of Honolulu Command-
cry No. 1. They return with too few
words to describe the miinlflcenco ol
the reception given by tho City of San
Francisco to her thousnnds of visitors.
They return Immensely pleased with
the conclave but with many a regret
that Hawaii was not represented by a
lurge delegation with established head
quarters alongside of those from tha
East and South and Middle West. They
found delegates from everywhere, anx
ious to know about Hawaii and eager
to obtain souvenirs and badges.
Chat. S. Hall and II. It. Williams ol
the Honolulu Commandery were aides
to Grand Commander Chas. U Field
during the parade that marched
through tho streets of the city. Over
10,000 uniformed men wero In line and
Ban Franrtsco had made regal and
pompous preparation for the magnif
icent procession. Delegate Chas. S.
Hall said: "It Is useless for me to try
to give an Impression of the grandeur
of tho demonstration In San Francisco.
The preparations for the entertainment
of the visiting Knights was the high
water marks, surpassing nil previous
i-fforts anywhere. Electricity was made
to do its most marvellous effects. The
i Ity had leased the gieat Mechanics
Pavilion and hero nil tho California
Commanderles had established tooths,
In which were displayed the fruits and
. tirolii(.ts of tho different sections. At
niKht tho lmvnn appeared like a MX
fair. It was open to Knights only nnd
their ladles. Thousands were to be
seen there every night and they al
ways went away laden with good thlnga
to eat. The finest fruits In tho world
were distributed free to the big crowds.
"There were receptions at Command
ery Headquarters every evenlug. These
wero brilliant social affairs. It would
have dona those Islands a lot of good
to have hnd headquarters where these
people from all parts of tho country
could have been given formal cour
From Vancouver and Victoria, per
8. S. Manuka, Sept. 23. For Honolulu!
Misses II. Shllllngton, M.-'Shllllngtou,
Misses Mary Cratk, L. a. Cameron, K
Webster, Ida Qulnton, II. Held, Messrs.
v. Cravcr, A. II. Ingalls and wife, Mrs,
Pearson and son vleo. Thomas, 11
Clark, J. T Craven, II. Turner, F.
Webster and wife. For the Colonics!
Dr. Marks, Mrs. Mllno and two daugh
tcrs, T. Henderson, J. Mnrslen, Mis
Marsdcu, Mrs. Uiichanan, G. W. Whit
combe, Mrs. Squire and Infant, KobL
Morton, W. II. Dartlett and wife, Wra
Cooper, Miss Cooper, W. K. Chambers.
Dr. A. E. It ilsdale. I.. E. Newman. K
McOuluuess, A. J. H. Atkln, Miss M.
Campbell, P. Stewart nnd wife, MrB. V,
Taylor. Mlts Taylor. Mrs. Golsteln and
lift RUIN
flii II UKMt
child, T. Thompson, M. Watson, T. Tho Iroquois arrived at .Midway last
Henry, S. Morley, J. Costello, Mrs. I Friday morning. Owing to the rough
Green, Mrs. lluthcrford and child, H. weather which prevailed tho Iroquois
O Scrgcll and wife, Mrs. A. l'aterson, remained outside tho reef. While the
Mrs. Newton. F. C. Littleton, J. W. channel leading Into the Ingoon Is Bev
elling. Wm. Geo. Wllloughhy, Miss Ina ty feet wide It is very Bhallow. The
FlUgerald, W. Ware, Jno. Mcllratnoy,
Miss McLean, Thos. Stewart, Dr. Stan
ley Jones, Miss K Ilrandon, W. II. liar
ber, A, II. McDonald and Wife, I). Hut
ledge, wife and two children, C. Coolc,
wife and two daughters, C. G. Sher
wood, wife nnd two children, C. Dun
gry, Clarence Tlsdale, a. Wycherley,
Mrs. Cameron anil two children', Miss
A. M, Thomson, A. McKcnzle, Dr. J.
Corlls nnd wife. Miss Gllmour and
A. S. Ilrownell, wife nnd daughter, Mrs.
Marggrotf, O. C. 1'hllllps, J. C. Smith,
E. C. Trouton, Hon. W. II. Irvine and
wife, II. P. I). Powell, I. Zarnowsky, G.
Honett, Wm. Hood, wife and sou, N.J
l-elloy Tracy, G. W. Edwards, Mr. Me-
Piabb, wife and daughter, Guy Jen
uliigs, II. Anderson, Mrs. F, Edwards.
A. II. a. Spooner, Mrs. A. Thomson,
Miss Hartley.
The canlno population of Ireland U
not far short of half a million, accord
ing to a return Just Issued.
By telephoning Main 227 (oILENT
BARBER 8HOP) ladles desiring fa
cial massage can secure the services
of an expert operator at their homes.
Murder Trial Delayed
By todTJuTsysteui1
Owing to tho Ineffectiveness of the
present Inw governing the Jury sys
tem, the Hayashlda murder caso goes
over until Monday morning, with Half
or no prospect of even at Hint time so
curing n Jury to try the Japanesn fot
tho alleged premeditated killing of a
fellow countryman.
This morning the panel of trial Jur
ors was exhausted 'lu tho unsuccessful
attempt to secure a dozen trlalsmen.
At 10:35 o'clock twulvo men were
called to tho Jury box. 1'rosser briefly
stated that the defendant, Hayashlda,
fwho sat by his attorney, J. W. Cath-
cart, was accused of the murder of one
Salto In the district of Walalua.
C. J, Flschel among tho twelve flrst
called, asked tho Court to excuso him . not Join In a verdict which would re
from service. "This Is going to be a' suit In tho death penalty,
three or four days' trial," said be, "and I Craig was Anally excused by tho
my detention hero will work a great Court. Ho firmly stated that ho would
hardship to mo In my business." I not tnko tho oath unless the Court
"All tho Jurors have tho samo ex-.
cuse," snld Judgo Clear; "It Is no doubt
a great haidshlp, but I'm afraid that I
cannot excuso you."
Examining Flschel as to bis quail-
flcatluus to serve, counsel for defensu
asked: I
"Do ou entertain any opinion to tho
effect that, as n race, the Japanese arc
mnro prono to acts of vloleuco thnn
other people?"
"I bellcvo they are," replied the
Juuir. ' I
Struck Heavy Weather
On The Outward
The V. S. S. Iroquois arrived at nbout
30 o'clock this morning from Mid
day Island. On her way out tho vessel
i "truck rather rough weather. During
a gulo her main topmast wub lost and
her mainsail spIlL
Iroquois would
If You
Have Property
And wish to select an admini
strator, Riudhn or trustee
weigh ill- permanency nnd
responsibility nf .t corpontlon
against the 'ostlhle disabili
ties of an Individual
Furthermore ,i trust com
pany Is ngmlzfd for just
such du'les by mrn of large
"Would this opinion affect your con
sideration of the facts as brought oul
in evidence?"
"It would not."
Flschel was nsked if tho fact that
Crlmlnaloglst C. Doylu might testify
would make any difference In his men
tal attitude toward the proceedings.
Flschel admitted that bo would be
llovo Doylo'a testimony as readily as
that on another.
Flschel and Itoth passed for cause.
J. A. M. Johnson had conscientious
scruples against the Infliction of the
death penalty nnd said ho would ro
(uso to tako tho oath.
Ceo. Dillingham was excused on tho
samo ground, declaring that he would
compelled him so to do. Ho would not
bo a party, directly or Indirectly, to
putting a man to death. Craig also ro-
marked that ho belluved capital pun
lshmcnt not severe enough In some
cases. Incidentally, ho believed In
public whippings for certain offences.
Craig stated that ho wns called on the
Jones murder case; ho never wanted
anything moto to do with murder
tnses; If ho had known then all that
bo Know now, ho said, ho would not
(Continued on Page 6.)
Indies lietween her keel and the bot
tom so under the circumstances Cap
tain NIblac-k decided not to risk enter
ing. As a consequence tho supplies for
the Island, had to be taken nshoro In
o row boat, a distance of nlmut two
and a half miles.
Captain Nlblack reports that tho de
tachment of twenty marines under the
command of Lieut. Owen, with Asst.
Surgeon High, U. S. N. as medical of
ficer, wero In excellent health. The
cable people were also well, but nmong
tho laborers, who wero employed In
erecting tho new buildings
for the
(Bhlo company, there wns considerable morning practicing his twonty-flvo mil
slcKness. Out of tho twenty who wero glclnns In tho garden of his Mlllef
working under Mllllkeu Ilroa. eight street residence, a largo, stout, lm
wero broken down in health nnd re-' portant appearing natlvo Hawaiian,
turned to this city In tho Iroquois, j wlioso name ho cannot now recollect,
They will bo sent from hero to Snn uut who parades tho principal streets
Francisco later on. While tho climate , nr ilm cltv offering calabashes fot
on Midway is a very good ono It seems
that' the heat prevents whlto men from I
doing hard manual labor of the char
acter which these mechanics did. lie-
sides these eight men the Iroquois
brought bock a laborer for tho rnblo should afllx their slgnatuics to the doc
inmpany, named Taylor. ument, which proved to bo an endorse-
Tho erection of tho cable company's nlent 0f Cecil ifrown na Senator nnd a
buildings on Midway Is progressing piedgo to voto for Mr. llrown at the
much moro slowly than had been ex-' , omlnK election.
peeled. It Is now thought that they
will not bo completed beforo next Janu-
ary. Five buildings and a largo rcser-
voir aro now under construction. The
buildings are characterized by Captain
NiuiacK as ncing superu. t ncy aro an
of the most modern flro-proof construe
tlon with slnte roofs, etc. A cold stor
age plant Is also being Installed. The
departure of tho eight laborers, whq
left by the Iroquois, will nocessaril
delay the work greatly as no substi
tutes for them can be had.
Tho Iroquois lanued her supplies
Frldav. All wero In good shapo with
exceptions of some of tho vegetables.
iuu uutjuuio iciuuiucu ui imunu; uii
Friday and Saturday to glvo tho lone
inhabitants a chance to answer the
mall tuey had received. Sho left Sat
unlay evening and experienced a pleas
mid and uneventful return voyage.
Captain Nlblack holds u commission
o customs Inspector for Midway and
other surrounding Islands. On tho out
v.ard voyngo ho visited lllrd Island,
Seeker Island, Gardner Island, Pearl
Itcef and Hermes Itecf. On nono of
thoni was any ovldcnco found of the
proicnca of bird catchers or other In
fringers on tha revenue laws. Captain
Nlblack sent a report containing these
'ncti to Collector of tho Port E. U
sincknble this morning.
Wei's Fargo V. Co.
VUsonic 7'rmple "li-i flue 81
EAST BROOKFIELD, Mast., Sept. 23 The train bearing the Archbishop
of Canterbury and J. Plerpont Morgan was wrecked In a collision here with an
enuine running light. Both Morgan and the Archbishop were severely shaken
up but not seriously Injured.
Japanese Taking
Offensive At Mukden
ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, Sept. 23. The Japanese have assumed th
offensive twelve miles from Mukden.
SUEZ, Isthmus of Suez, Sept 23. The Russian auxiliary crullers St. Pet
ersburg and Smolensk have arrived here.
QAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Sept. 23. Two clerks of the Central Grain Stock
Exchange were held up today by a masked robber. The man escaped with
a toot of $4,400, taken from the clerks.
PLEASANT RIDGE, Ohio, Sept. 23. The collapse of an outhouse at one
of the public school houses here precipitated many children Into a vault be
neath the house. Nine of the children were killed and six are In a critical con
8,000 ODD
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Sept. 23.
today. There were 8,000 men In line.
Certain Ilcrger of tho Territorial
band reports that whllo ho was tbll
sate, entered tho ynrd and approached
tho band boys armed with a petition,
Tho mysterious stranger urged and
Insisted, says Merger, that tho leadcl
nf tho band nnd nil his followers
ncrccr declares that ho cmphntlcal
jy refused to sign and that hu advised
n8 bandsmen to do llkuwlse, tho mu-
Bcnna taking tha advlco of their lead-
cr nua- strenuously declining to lend
. thcr autographs to tho public petition,
or petition to tha public.
Whereupon, says Dcrger, tho big, fat
man who peddles calabashes but
whoso name Ilergcr cannot now ro-
member, turned upon him and his men
and roundly abused them all, adding
threateningly that ho would "get ovcn"
with them "good and plenty" when
tho next Legislature had a hand In
nubUc nn-Brg including tho disposition
of the band. Uerger 1b wondering
what's to happen.
arvejjje ft .ajv2""'
A -ch'iiil snoe must be strong and of cood material- to
-tnnilhinl .war It mut lit arcumtely s as not to
injure yrowi m feet. Thrse qti.ni ics arc combined with
lov prices here,
Uivs' lace shies of vici leather of velouiscalf, $2,50 and $3 pair
Manufacturers' Shoe Co , Ltd.
The parade of Odd Fellows was held
Wireless messages wero this fore
noon received at the Capitol to tha ef
fect that Governor Carter leaves Maul
In tho steamer I.lkellkn on Monday
evening, being duo to reach Honolulu
Tuesday morning. Secretary Atkinson
and l-aml Commissioner 1'ratt return
In tomorrow's Klnau.
E. Faxon Illshop, ono of tho Hupub-
llcan nominees for Senatorial honors,
has thu distinction of being tho first to
fllo his nomination papers In the office
of tho Territorial Secretary, papers b-
Ing nccompnnlcd by tho requlslto ZS.
Judge Uoblqson, upon motion of It
V. Mead, attorney for Laura C. Green,
executrix of the will of Mary E. Green,
deceased, orders that W. M. Mlnton be
appointed to appraise, property for tha
purpose of ascertaining tho Inheritance
tax due thereon.
Tha Woman's Auxiliary and Guild of
B(. Andrew's Cathedral will hold Its
first regular monthly meeting for the
fall In tho Sunday School rooms on
Monday, September 2Cth at 2:30
o'clock. It Is desired that all members
be present as Important plana are to
bo discussed.
Pad "WRnls" nn nr fi
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aJStSjOsLMiMi. -1?-Tffiy..y ,i.itAiii&j!pax&
.! ttnii'.cidtfwrfriisWuisu;

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