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Evening bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1895-1912, September 23, 1904, 3:30 O'CLOCK EDITION, COLORED COMIC SUPPLEMENT, Image 3

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.W I
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Special Sale of the
r. & c. CORSET
Monday, Sept. 26th
These arc the most reli
able corset on the market
and consequently the most
Sec Bcrctanla Street
show window for reduced
prices and a glimpse of
the goods.
cm mm
1 1C
S ','
Just Received
Splendid new line of Ladies' Muslin Under
wear direct from New York manufacturers.
Very large assortment.
Another New Thin
Is the handsome bla:k spangled Bertha lace,
ready shaped for collars.
Delegate's Secretary
And U.S. Building
Before The Merchants
another, "It a proper prim Is offered,
It will lie i onnldercd," until Mr. on
llamni. "I recommend the site where
the Hackfcld building in," wild Mr.
The meeting adjourned to convent
again in October to henr the report ol
the Committee on Transportation.
The Merchantn' Association net in
special scsslen yesterday afternoon,
The two matters before the Association
were that of making an appropriation
to assist in compensating a secretary
to Delegate Knhlo at Washington and
the matter of recommending a site for
a Federal Building at Honolulu.
The secretaryship business enme tip
in the form of a report of a Joint com
mlttce of members of tin Merihantf
Association and members of the Cham
bcr of Commerce, recommending that
Geo. II. McClcltan be endorsed ns the
Delegate's secretary and that the Arso
elation give the sum of $50 per month
toward the payment of his salary. The
report of the same committee to tint
Chamber of Commerce had been adopt
cd at a meeting of that body and a
sum of $50 per month voted. Congress
allows only $1200 per jcar as compen
sation for a secretary and the move
ment on foot hero Is to raise thli to
$300 per month in order to giro tin'
Delegate the assistance of a competent
and experienced man. Delegate Ktihlu
was M) pleased with the work of Mo
Ctcllan, who hntl business beforo Con
gress last winter, that he desires to General Stakelberg's wild southward
tako him along In an oftlilal iapai.lt adventure, foncd by tho superior au
this session. Ithorlty of the Emperor.
The Merchants' Asset latlon as n body The correspondent Fays: "it Is too
has been and Is a firm believer In J H. enrly as et to Fpcak of the appalling
I'ratt as a man who is able to do n and nlmost Inioncchoblo dimutltle
much or more for tho Tcrrltorj ul , that faced Kuropatkln during the first
Washington than any other man. Con- phase of the campaign. Borne day l
scqucntly when the subject tome up, will be known how many, or ralhei
Mr. Pratt's name was suggested and .how few, troops ho had when he ar
several urged that he bo substituted in rived in Manchuria, and what nronor
place of Mr. McClellan. No objection i tlon, or rather disproportion, were
was offered to Mr. McClellan by uny keen, ardent young soldiers of Ittissla.
member, his ability and fitness for tho Russia will know how far 8lbcrlo lev leu
position were generally reiognlm'. At were equipped nnd qualified for the
Kuropatkin's Skillful
HandlingWeak Army
london, 8ept. If.. The Dally Mail'
correspondent with General Kuropat
kin's nrmy writes, tinder date of Sep
tember 8th, an interesting analysis of
Itttselnn strategy at the battle of I.tno
jnng, bestowing the highest praise up
on Kuropatkin's skillful handling and
vlthdrnwal of the weak, scattered Rus
sian forces without demoralization
without. In fart, suffering the army to
even understand that it was being with
drawn, nnd thus repairing blunder
due to Viceroy Alcxteff'B iguorance uuil
N. S. Sachs Dry Goods Company,
" Drink More " AndWhatToDrink-
Dr. Titus Munson Coan, In Harper's Magazine, declares In favor
of "Soda Water" for table use. "Soda Water (more properly
called Carbonated Water) whether manufactured or natural Is a
POWERFUL AID TO DIGESTION by stimulating the stomach
and alio probably aiding to dissolve the mineral Ingredients of the
food. It Is very appetizing, it corrects acidity In the stomach,
checks the disposition to nausea and cools the system In febrile
complaints and Is Indeed the Ideal beverage for the water drinker."
May me not supply you with our beverages?
Yours for health, first, last and all the time.
Consolidated Soda Water Works, ltd.
the same time members of the Associa
tion who were In touch with Mr. 1'ratt'j
work at Washington in connection with
tho i'lrc Claims, felt that such n line
record was the highest rccommemla
tion that he be returned.
Fred Macfarlanc said: "It secnu tn
rac since Mr. I'ratt succeeded In cetttmi
from Congress $1,000,000 when none ol
us had hopes, that he is the man best
able to assist the Delegate In looking
otter the Interests of the Territory. I
understand also that there are letters
in tovrn from Senators and officials In
Washington asking that Mr. I'ratt bo
sent ns Kuhlo's secretary. The belief
stems to have been formed nntong tho
friends of Hawaii nl Washington that
Mr. I'ratt would greatly strengthen
our representation there. Since
task they had to perform, and when the
facts are known tho world will realize
tho enormous responsibility cast upon
this silent, resolute man, and with
what strength, silence and resolution
he faced aud conquered It."
Port Arthur Garrison
Has Buildings Mined
HH vr )k
mC1 Ik I
IV Miss Acnes Miller, nf
Miss Agnes Miller, of
Chicago, speaks to young women
about dangers of the Menstrual
" To Yotmo Womb t I suffered for
stx years with dysmenorrhea (painful
periods), so mncn so that I dreaded
every month, as I knew it meant three
or four days of intense pain. The
doctor said this was due to an inflamed
condition of tho uterine appendages
cauted by repeated and neglected colds.
"it young Rtris only resitted now
it is to uutc ci
Thank God for JjYilla
dangerous It Is
ahVijse-ssa;- aRwa?5 7&?&&&izt
I It Pays
I To Get the Best
No matter what you are buying, it always
pays to get the best. Ever sit kown next to
a kerosene lamp and try to enjoy a good
book ? Impossibility. Excessive heat dis
pels all idea of con fort.
There is no heat if you use incandescent
electric light, but there are comforts and con
veniences innumerable.
If you are one of those wide-awake citizens
who desire to get the best for their honest
money then phone us tor information.
Hawaiian Electric Co., Ltd.
Office King Si', near Alakea. 'Phone Main joo.
rj-rx---r&rz-trgissiis-j-fit.rL'-.'L w'-j. &--j '-t-nj-u l.-j
- - . , wt.,.t,t-s
to tntte cold nt this
critical time, much suffering would be
spired them. Thank God for Iydlr
1.. lMnkhnm'ri Vcuctnblo Com
pound, that wai the only medicine
which helped mo any. Within tlirco
weeks nftcr I started to take it, I
noticed a marked Improvement in my
general health, and nt tho time of my
next monthly period the pain had
diminished considerably. I kept up
tho treatment, and was cured a month
inter. I am like another person since. I
I am in perfect health, ray eyes are
brighter, I havo added 12 pounds to my
weight, my cohr Is good, and I feci
light and happy," MimAoNi.sMit.r.rit,
21 Potomaa Ave, Cblcago, 111. (SOOO
forfeit If original tf about hltor proving genwnf
nut cannot bo produetd.
Tho monthly sickness reflects
tho condition of tv woman's
health. Anything unusual nt
that time should havo prompt
and proper attention.
son j m
The United States Rotary Washers
This Is the lightest running machine on the market, 1 he
clothes are turned back and forth through the hot soap
suds, cleaning them without rubbing them to pieces. This
Is our second shipment and parties who have used these
machines speak very, highly of them.
THEO. H. DAVIES & Co., Limited,
oro to put up money for tho coinpenn
tlon of the proposed tccretnry, it up
ptars to me that wo should havo tomii
thltiK to say In choosing the man."
W W, Hall said he had been in dose
toinh with Mr. I'ratt white ho was at
Washington On the Fire Claims busi
ness und doubted it there was another
man who could do more for the Terri
tory than he. Mr, Hall was careful to
ttato that he had the highest opinion of
Mr. McClellan but thought I'ratt would
Utter serve the interests of the Terri
tory. W V. Harris said that tho business
bodies had better not send any ono mi
le sn that was agreeable to the Delegate
He understood that McClellan was Ku
hlo's tholro and that ought to end it.
After general discussion. Messrs, W.
W. Harris, 1'rcil Macfarlanc and O. II.
Angus were appointed to confer with
Delegate Kulilo on the subject nnd re
port to tho dlrectois of the Merchants'
Tho public building matter was
brought up by n statement by Presi
dent Oco. W. Smith. Mr. Smith said
"As a matter that will bo of interest
to tho merchants I ileslro to say that 1
havo been Informed that the bill for a
Icdcral building introduced by our
Delegato last winter, has been taken
up with Uio Treasury Department and
will bo pushed forward vigorously, A
Federal official In this city has been
asked to ascertain the number of square
feet of floor spaco required by tho dif
ferent Federal oluccrs in tho city. Tho
customs, Internal ro venue, Judiciary,
war, naval, postal and other depart
ments ore all to bo given space tinner
one roof. liuslness men now muBt get
together and recommend a site. This
Is something that Bhould be settled bo
that our Delegate may bo able to go to
work upon it as soon as ho reaches
Washington. Too communication re-
Chvfoo, Sept. 10. The Jnpanen
troops, between September 8th nnd Sep
Umber 10th, captured a fort situated
on a high hill two miles cart of ths
Golden hill by assault. Tho fighting
was not Hcvere. Tho Japanese wero. ,, . . ...
.1,1. m r,n,i in ..,n frt Wn ti,. 'B- Petersburg correspondent quotes an
wo quality of the powder used nt Hidden
London, Sept. 17. Tho Telegraph's
New Shipment Of
Crystal Springs Butter
There Is no guesswork about Crystal Springs Butter and never
any variation In the quality. You can order It at all times with Hie
absolute confidence that It Is perfectly pure and sweet. We send It
out In neat cardboard cartons that keep It from contact with other
foods In the Ice chest We have Just received a large new shipment
on the "Sierra".
Metropolitan Meat Co., Ltd.,
Merchants' Parcel Delivery.
Parcels, Furniture, Baggage, Etc., moved
to any part of the City. Will meet steam
en and check outgoing baggage. Prompt
and reliable service.
Phone Main 109.
J. HOPP & Co.,
Of King and Bethel Streets, have received
a line shipment of Ostermoor Patent Elas
tic Felt Mattresses. These are now on
sale. Anyone looking for health, comfort
and sleep should not fall to Inspect these,
as they are the best mattresses made for
this climate.
hill was so poor that many shells fell
short and others failed to explode Th
foregoing information wns received
from an intelligent Chinese who left
i'ort Arthur on September 12th. H
bad been a duikyard laborer there for
many years. He adds that the Japan
ese arc tunneling under the Russian
furts with the intention of blowing
them up. Hi) says that tho work of
tunneling is slow and nrdttous, and
v 111 possibly be unsuccessful.
Thu Russians have plaied mines
under all the public buildings, wharves,
arsenals und ever thing that lOtild pos
sibly be of use to the Japanese, with
the Intention of causing their destruc
tion should the Japanese enter the city.
Tho house formerly occupied by Vice
roy Alcxleff was hit by a shell recent
ly nnd partially wrecked.
Another shell struck a destroyer
whkh was Ijlng In the dock undergo
ing repairs, knocking It Into kindling
wood and killing seven sailors. This
ehell came from tho Jnpancso licet,
which comes In much closer than for
merly, dally throwing n few shells. Ono
shell demolished several engines In the
dockyards nnd killed an odlcer nnd two
Funeral Service For
Private Montgomery
Funeral bervkes were held at 10
o'clock this morning at tho undcrtak
lng parlors of Mrs. Williams, over llin
remains of U N. Montgomery, a prlvata
In the ZSth Coast Artillery, who died
of typhoid fever Wednesday at the ho
pltal. The funeral service was con
ducted by Itev. Mr. Simpson of thr
Uplscopal Church, tho Artillery com
pany of whlib the deceased was a mem
ber, being present In a body. Tho re
cetved from mo Treasury Department mains will bo sent In a transport tc
signifies that tho Washington oniclalsiiho Coast and shipped to tho Mont
would like to be spared any exhibition' gomery homo at Crisp, Mo., for burial
or wire-pulling among thoso wlto liavo The deceased had been with the
sites to offer. Tho letter also indicates "8th Coast Artillery for two years and
Clothing, Pajamas and Neckwear, Ties,
Etc., at
that tho Federal Government docs not
want a -donation of a slta from tho Ter
ritory nnd Is avorse to tho schomo to
exchange Territorial lands for prlvato
blocks In Honolulu, with n view of pre
senting such si to to tho United States
The Federal Government wants to pay
for tho site,
"Tho matter Is brought up hero for
tho purposo of giving it publicity
among business men and In tho news
papers. Tho letter from Washington
had proved himself nn excellent soldiei
in every way.
Geographical Scientists
On Lost Pacific Islands
Now York, Sept. 13. At tho nftcr
noon session of tho eighth Intcrnatlon
ol Geographic Convention, James II,
Haguo of New York prosonted n paper
J, Lando, Hotel St. Store,
Weekly Bulletin, $1 a Year
nfka a Fedoral officer to get opinions concerning the "questionable existence
from tho merchants nnd business mon of a reported Island or Islands In tit
as to tho cholco of a site for tho build- North -Pacific between Hawaii nnd Pa
lng. The building contemplated is to noma, with results of tho cruise recent
cost not less than 11,000,000." ly made by tho Unlte.d States rtcamci
Tho raeinbors present informally ills- Tucoma In search of such isianas."
unnamed Russian statesman, "whoso
name," he says, "were I at liberty to
rrveal It, would cause bis words to clr
culatu with lightning-like rapidity
around tho world," as saying:
It Is posslblo tho war may end
sooner than most people. Imagine. Med
iation Is ns Impossible as Intervention.
Itushla cannot permit any Interference,
whether it emanates from friend or
neighbor. I cannot describe tho con
clusion of peace as an Impending event,
but ai a contingency which may be
realized much sooner than pcoplo sup
pose. Mediation will not achieve It,
but solely tho conviction that the cam
palgn must end as the battlo of l.lno
ung ended. In costly sacrifices on both
tides and decisive ndvuntage to neither,
Ittissla, single handed, can annihilate
Japan If sho puts forth all her strength
and draws upon all her resources. That
can be ascertained as any mathematical
truth, but the effort would exhaust the
nation without benefitting it, and Ilus
eIu'h ronsemtent temporary weaknosi
would operate as a temptation to enter
prising states to make their voices
heard. It wo attempt, not merely to
defeat but to suppress Japan, other
states interested in the Far Kast will
vigorously ttrgo their right to bo
heard, and Russia, weakened by her
losses, financial and military, nt the
long campaign, would find It hard to
disallow their claims."
Tho Tolegroph's Informant then
talks of the advisability of peaco with
out waiting for tho outcomo of years
of disastrous war, and says:
"l'eaco eighteen or twenty months
hence, with Japan embittered, but not
utterly defeated, would bo only an
armed truce that would be followed by
a more sanguinary campaign a few
j cars heme. Alternative) may be
formulated thus; Either the ruin of
Japan, purchased by ruinous sacrifices,
or a treaty of cordial friendship, to be
followed In fullness of time by that
offensive and defensive alliance which
for years has constituted the Ideal of
the Japancso Government, Ret ween
the roads leading to theso two goals
thoro can bo no third course. Tba
problem is now being attentively stud
ied In quarters whero will and deed will
follow each other at very short Inter
vals, and ns data for round opinion Is
abundant, It Is poislblc, and perhaps
probable that, peace will bo arranged
jooner than most people Imagine."
When asked whether there was any
public man In Japan likely to entertain
a similar view, the Informant replied
there wns. Ho mentioned among oth
ers General Kurokl as realizing the
advantaga of a Itusso-Japaucsa alll
Established In I8B8.
Transact business In all department
of Banking.
Collections carefully attended to.
Exchange bought and sold.
Commercial and Travelers' Letters
of Credit Issued on The Bank of Call
fornla and N. M. Rothschild ft Sons,
Correspondents The Bank of Call
fornla, Commercial Banking Co. of
Sydney, Ltd., London.
Drafts and cable transfers on China
and Japan through the Hongkong A
Shanghai Ranking Corporation and
Chartered Bank of India, Australia
and China.
Interest allowed on term deposits at
the following rates per annum, vli:
Seven days' notice, at 2 per cent
Three months, at 3 per cent.
Six months, at 3 1-2 per cent
Twelve months, at 4 per cent,
Act as Trustees under mortgages.
Manage estates (real and personal)
Collect rents and dividends.
Valuablo papers. Wills, Bonds, etc.
received for safe-keeping.
Auditors for Corporations and Prl
vate Firms.
Books examined and reported on.
Statements of Affairs prepared.
Trustees on Bankrupt or insolvent
Deposits received and Interest al
lowed at 4 1-2 per cent per annum, ti
accordance with Rules and Regula
tions, copies of which may be obtained
on application.
Agents for Fire, Marine, Lift, Acol
dent and Employers' Liability Insur
ance Companies.
Insurance Office, 924 Bethel 8L
Claut Spreckels. Wm. Q. Irwin.
Claus Spreckels & Co.,
HONOLULU, : : : T. H.
8an Francisco Agents The Ns
rada National Bank of San Francisco.
Draw Exchange on tho Nevada Na
tional Dank of San Francisco.
London The Union of London an
Smith's Bank, Ltd.
New York American Exchange Na
tional Bank.
Chicago Corn Exchange Natioaal
Paris Credit Lyonnali.
Hongkong and Yokohama Hoaf
kong Shanghai Banking Corporation.
New Zealand and Australia Bank
of New Zealand and Bank ot Austra
lasia. Victoria and Vancouver Bank ol
British North America.
Deposits received. Loans made oa
approved security. Commercial and
Travelers' Credits issued. Bills of Bx
change bought and sold.
Collections Promptly Accounted For.
cussed the subject of a site. W. W. Hall
said tho Federal building should bo as
near Fort street as possible. Some ono
mentioned tho Gibson lot near the
Opora House. "THat is too far away."
(.aid threo or fou In a chorus. "Give
Ho discussed tho reasons for bellev
lng that the United Statei sloop of-wnr
Lfivant, which disappeared mysterious
ly In 18G0 on her voyage from Hawaii
to Panama, may havo been wrecked on
an island In thli neighborhood, wltr
tho Government the Young hotel," said tho posslblo survival of tho ship's crew
Vv. Ill be discussed and all their most
Interesting details explained in 8AT
The Yokohama Specie Bank, ltd.
Capital Subscribed Yen 24,000,000
Capital Paid Up Yen 18,000.000
Itosorvcd Fund Yen 9,5:0,000
SRANCHES Bombay, Hongkong, Ho
nolulu, Kobe, London, Lyons, Nags
sakl, Nowchwang, New York, Pe
king, San Francisco, Shanghai, TI
entslt, Toklo.
The bank buys and receives tor col
lection Bills of Exchange, Issues
Drafts and Letters of Credit ind trans
acts a general banking business.
The First
PAID UP CAPITAL 1100,00001
Frssldtnt Cscll Brown
Vies Prssldint ,.M. P. Robinson
Cashier W. O. Cooper
Office: Corner Fort and King Bts.
aterest allowed for yearly deposits at
'he rate of 4 1-2 per cent per annum.
Rule and regulations furnished ns
n application
niank honks nl nil sum, ledgers,
tc manufactured by thi llullutln Pub
lishing Company.
Blank books of all sorts, ledgers,
etc.. manufactured by tho Bulletin Pub
lishing Company.
if every dtscrlptlon, at the LOWEST
'RICES. Also a fine line of ALUMI-
en use our goods to advertise theirs
and please customers. Write us If In
4ed ot anything.
tftO MELR08E Ave. NEW YORK. N.Y.
Improved and Modtrn SUGAR MA
CHINERY of every capacity and ds
icrlptlon made to order. Boiler work
ind RIVETED PIPES for Irrigation
purposes a specialty. Particular atten
tion onld to JOB WflitK ana repairs
txtcutsd at shortest notles. ,J

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