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Evening bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1895-1912, September 23, 1904, 3:30 O'CLOCK EDITION, COLORED COMIC SUPPLEMENT, Image 4

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tmm-i imni li"HBW) jumitTy.nj-
1 1
atllihed Every Day Except Sunday,
At 1J0 King Btreet, Honolulu,
T. II., by the
ctered at the Postoffico t Hono-
talm aa second class matter.
Evening Bulletin.
Vn month, anywhere In U. 8. ..I .75
Twr quarter, anywhere In U. 8.. 2.00
Par year, any where In U. B 8.00
f year, postpaid, foreign 11.00
Weekly Bulletin.
Bt montht I .60
Far year, anywhere In U. 8.... 1.00
Per year, postpaid, foreign .... 1.C0
Telephone 256
Poitofflce Box 718
.SKIT a, loot.
Jonah K. Kalanianaole
For Senators.
Fourth District Representatives.
I Fifth District Repretentatlvei.
Tho communication signed b A. S.
I'uakumilil will be published when the
author makes himself known at the
iiulk-lln oHlce.
Secret) in conducting the legitimate
ly public business of an American
court paves the way fur lorruptlon
Judgo Gear did a public service In put
ting nu end to star chamber methods
the moment they were attempted in
his tourt.
Aftermath reports of thu battle of
l.luojnng prove that Kttropiitkln hud
Kurokl whipped nil but finishing when
lie retreated and left the victory to the
Japanese. It's another Instance of the
man who doesn't know when ho Ik
licked finally vv inning the battle.
C0NPI'.8UK ITS llO.Mli
A plea of confession and evasion Is
offered by tho Homo Ruin Advertiser
In rcsponea to tho exposure of Its po
Iltlcnl perfidy and plain opposition to
tho llepuhlUaii party by Tho llulletln.
The now expouent of tho Homo Ituln
text "Wc will bo Independent of Amer
ican parties" mnko n clear confession'. .
of Its open opposition to tho Hcpublt
can platform nnd tho legislative can
didates placed before thu people by tho
llcpubllcun voters ut thu primaries.
Tho Advertiser has not endorsed tbo
itcpubllcan platform which places the
stamp of approval on tho Republican
Administration. Tho Advcitlsur re-
'"" iu..uir.w
ful In aimnnt tin mlnAliilAH n Ihsl
... .,.,,,,, . Vlmv.t..c. . "".ihurunahous.
piaiiorm auu wno aiono can uo no
pended upon to glvo tho Administra
tion tho legislative co-operation that
will advance) Republicanism and the
progrcsslvo and Intelligent develop
ment of this Territory.
To put it briefly, tho Advertiser has
bolted tho Republican party as clearly,
as Cecil Drown hns bolted tho conven-
tlon. It Is aiming to widen the breach
made by llrown In tho Senatorial tick
ot till It extends to tho Representative
and Congressional ticket nnd forces
dofeat all along tho Republican lino of
On tbo basis of tho Advertiser's
claim that It Is still Republican, these
words of Chairman Robertson directed
at Ilrown's candidacy apply with dou
ble force to tho Advertiser apposition
to the Republican ticket and platform:
"Tho very form of our govern
ment requires tho formatlun and
maintenance of political parties
divided on broad jet definite lines
in order thnt the party In power
may have opposed to It an honest
and vlrilo opposition. Only In this
way can a healthy administration
of public affairs bo attained.
"Without party loyalty, parties
could not exist; thcro would then
bo chaos and confusion."
On tbo busts of practical fact thu
morning paper has placed Itself en
tirely outside tho Republican ranks
and thcro Is no other class la which
to put It than beside tho hearthstone
of discredited Homo Rulolsm.
Kvadlng further attempts to explain
Us own position of political piracy, tho
Advertiser answers Tho Bulletin with
too childish cry, "You'ro another!"
ad quotes In full an editorial from
Tko Bulletin In which this papor made
m plain statement ot what President
Roosevelt did for this Territory when
kn placed his perfunctory stamp of ap
proval on tho' administration of Gov
ernor Dole.
History has amply Justified every
scrtlon of Tho Rullctln regarding tho
Dnlo administration, Incidents nro
numerous, but no better proof cnu lift
offered than tho rclatlvo success of
Governor llolo and Governor Carter In
dealing with tho last Legislature Gov-
ernor Dole haggled along with the Leg-
lslatuie for weary factional months.
Governor Carter cnlled tho same men
together and completed tho work to be
done In n few dajs, with harmonious
Tho Advertiser's ihargc might have
some force If It had any application.
tinder tho circumstances, It Is silly.
Wo hnvo et to learn that Just criti
cism rif executive ofllclals constitutes
putty illslovalty. Tho Home llule ad
i urate makoM a laughingstock of itself
lrlng to prove It. Dole could not
cmo the endorsement of tho Itepuljll- tluns against I.lao)nng as twche days
inn part) till the last days of his term, of the hardest possible fighting and
when It whb certain ho wns going out, J marching, on abort rations, with n tern
and common courtesy entitled lilm to peroturo of 10 degrees In the shade and
1 passing farewell. I frequent falls of rain. All of this, he
Despite Its conviction that Dolu wna'rn)s, has been borne sptindldly though
a most unfortunate mlsllt. The llulletln
gnvo Its stendfast support to tho Ru-. struggle
publican organization during his terml Kerountlng the gineral linen of
and In every campaign fought for tho fighting, the lorrcspondcnl a)s: "On
election of n Itepubllrnn Leglslaturfl' September 2d, while tho other orrnleif
that would assist him so far as he were pi esslug I.lnojang from the nouth,
would allow nnono to nsslst him In 'the turning force continued desperate
bringing order out of chaos Tho Bul-lly fighting the i-tuMtorn foe Hut slow
Ictln gave to tho Dolu ndmlnlstrntlnn advance, was made, and step by step
that honest Republican support to so-. was the onlj advantage gained,
cure a llepubllcnn legislature which "On Heptemlicr 3d tho uttnek of the
the Advertiser now refuses tho Carter ' Japanese first army hud been ihecked.
Administration. In every Territorial Tho enemy were much stronger th.in
and In the County campaign Tho Bui r, they having llu itMlons holding
Ictln hns from tho outset endorsed the
stialght Republican ticket and the Ho
publican organization
This the Advertiser has never dune.
It has been hedging away, sidling out.n
of tho Republican party until now, column, re-cnforccd us, making out
when It is ile.irlv uulslde thn rniika posllon safer.
and Is pioperly rtgnrded as an open1 "0" September 4th the inemy wnt
neniy. The nttlttido r the Advertiser ' f" retreat, and the first army was
Is such that there inn iww bo nu doubt . "l''l '" Pursue. General Kuropat
that It seeks tho defeat of the llepuli.'ln,it retreat wns masterly. He hi Id
lleun Congiesslonal mid U-glslntlvo H" northeastern heights to thu last
Mel.cts mid lonseiiuent discredit for.rsslble moment and seuued n siifs
b t'-iiter Administration.
That Is Home Itiilelsm pure nud sim
ple. That is tho Advertiser plan. And
the result. If It could be successful, Is
to enthrone In legislative halls of Ha
waii the worst political elements with
whli li this Toirltoiy bus to deal, elo
nieuts that iieknowledgo no oignnlzcd
party restraint or print Iple; that are of
piejudlie. by prejudice and for preju
dice first. Inst ami nlwajs.
A cricket match will be. plajcd on
Maklkl grounds tomorrow at 2 p 111
Teams will lw selected from the fol
lowing players.
It. Anderson, S Ueardmore, J II Cat
ton, J. 1.. Cockhurn, A II Crook, 1', O.
Cox, T. Gill, A llntll.-ld. II U Herbert,
1' Harrlroii, It A .Ionian. A It. Jor
dan, 8. Jordan. C V Morse, A. 81 C
1'lUnala, W. I.. Stanley, It. da 11. I uy
ard, J. It. M Maclean, J Mncklnnnn,
O. C. Head, A Tullctt. It. Weedou. I)
Center, It. Mvtton, i: II Smith. J
Tinker, J T. Ilojil, II 1' Ueurdtuurii.
The iiimiulttie appointed by tho .Mer
chants' Association yesterday to con
fir with Dele-gate Kuhlu regarding the
secretary matter met and after ion
hlderatlou decided to recommiind Mr.
Han This conclusion was
run lied In fore talking with Kuhlu.
At tho baseball park tomorrow the
II. A. Ch and Kams will iross bat
and tho i:iks will play the 1'unahous.
Al lltn Hniilnlniil t-r.mn.lu CSiin.lnv Hid
Honolulu Iron Works team will pln
I "
He who fights and rung away will
live to arbitrate
g The United Stales Fidelity
nd Guaranty Company
Of Baltimore, Md.
Cash Resources, $3,000,000
Abundant Resources,
Thorough Organization,
Progressive and
Conservative Methods
Enables this Company to
execute all kinds of surety
undertakings with utmost
despatch and satu faction to
Local Agents,
Cor. Fort and Merchant Sis.
Honolulu, Hawaii.
London, Sept. 12 The .Morning
1 - ost's correspondent In the flild with
so-.General Kurokl describes tho opera
the men were worn out after thn tenso
the northeastern heights, our post
Hon for the time, wns critical, in view
of the possibility that the enemy
might have attacked us In tone. Hut
mixed brigade, and later tint loft
tetlrement for his nrmy and his guns.1
llcnnett llurlclgh sends to the Dally
Telegraph from the Jupuncso heacl
qiuriers 11 long dvcerlptluu of. thr
fighting. Ho sii)s:
"Gvuernt Kurokl, who was hntl) at
tniked by Kiiropatkln nud was for a
tluio III Jeopard), was nimble to gel
uxtrldc the railway, othervvlso l.laojanK
would have been 11 Si-dun for tho Hum-
What surprised me niuru than any
thing else was the wonderful nianuei
In which the Japanese lontlnued for
a whole week their awful bombard-
nieut of tho Russian positions. 11 was
the lleree-st artillery attack perhaps In
history. Tens of thousands of shellf
were thrown dall), but the supplies of
them mi-viik-iI Inexhaustible The Rus
sians only repllid sp.ismodlinll), but
their rllle lire was often the heaviest
"It must bit said for tho Japnne-o1
thnt, although they fight with thn ut
inoit flerieiii-ss, dining and courage,
they buttle nut like luadmin, but with
their bends, mid they oln-y their ulll
cers In nil straits."
Hiirlclgli testified, as other correit
I'oudeutH hnvo done, tho Jnpanesc)
are continually drafting fresh men In
tho lighting ranks, nnd remarks how
mnrvelously they took fortglflratlons
vheu capture nppcarcd to bo Impos
stble . He asserts that It was Kuroki's
dangerous position that compelled the
other .InpiiuiBO armies In form tin,
fighting, tun! Ka)s It wii4 partly the
ihell tire nud pnrll), a I bo, Russian lu
militarism that produced the uniting,
intlon lu thn Russian quarter of Mao
)ang, the Incendiarism probably bo
lug thn net of drunken soldiers.
"Tho Muscovites presented a mot
dijeetcd nppearnneu in tho retreat,'
continue!) Burleigh. "The men are ol
good material, but the officers lack
many nccesiary qualities. The war l
most unpopular with nil the Russian
soldiers. In Japan it Is Just the re
verse. I learn thnt the Russians have
heavily fortified their lines upon tho
river and town, forty miles north ot
Mukden, where they intend making a
desperate stand. Undoubtedly tho Jap
buufii Intend taking Mukden, probably
within three weeks. They already are
half way through tho mountains with
n temporary iinrrow-gnugo railway.
"The dread Cossack cavalry is a
myth which the Japanesu infantry
despise. Thn Russians mndn abaoluto
ly no use, of their ninsies of horse"
Burleigh ascribes to the Jnpaneee
dlsllko of nil foielgners, among other
reasons, tho hludrnuiCH plated on
many correspondents who are preclud
ed from doing their duty or honest
work. Neither correspondents nor nt
taches nro peimltted to npproacu
neaier than six miles to Ilia flghtlmi
and only those who brtak uwny are
ablo to Join tho firing lines. Tho or
respondents, ha su)s, would like to r
turn oil ueeouni ot these restrictions,
and the nttaehes privately express thn
deepest disappointment.
Kurokl had to withstand a llcrio as
sault by half tho Russian troops, says
Mr. Burleigh, and for two days it wat
nip and tuck to keep his ground, That
I saw, and also repeated Russian at
tempts to cut In between Kurokl and
"In truth matters were t-erlous all
around for twenty-four hours, and only
Oku's mngnlflicnt assault saved tin
fdtuatiou and prevented Kurokl from
having to mako a retrograde movement
And more lies behind this. It was not
tho Japanese staff, whose operations
appear slow, particularly in pursuits,
but the wonderful soldiers and young
officers of Japan, who freely drenchctl
plain and hills with their llfc'n blood.'
The man who dwells In the (op ol
the flat Is not necessarily accustomed
to high lite.
Dan Kamnl Knhlll, Indicted by tho
fliitml .fnrv fur thn nlti-m'tl ninnat.'lliiili.
trr of Knllmaknmn, trlid by Jury In1
Judge Gears criminal court nud os
lerdny afternoon found guilty, accord
ing to crdlct, of,only assault and bat
lory, and that with a recommendation
that tho Court be merciful, mn never
be sentenced, or, If sentence N Impos
ed, may not bo punished bP)ond, say, a
fine of n ory few dollar mid losta
nst as if ho hail been tried 111 the I'o
lice Court for nu ordinary rase of as
sault and let off with, peihnps, a flue
of three dollars nnd the costs of tho
Tho verdict of the Jury in the Kahili
taso was clearly a compromise prop 1
It Is well understood that three out
of tho twelve men stood for thn de
fendant's ncqulttnl, whllu tho others
were divided between manslaughter In!
the first or sirond degrees nnd assault
and battery.
Dan Kamnl Knhlll wvis. In tho nnt-
unil course of events, supposed to bej
sentenced this morning, but Judgo, dismantlement ns may be prescribed
Gear, In view of tin queer verdict, took by the rommnnilalit of the navy nrd;
tho matter of senti uro under eonstd I thnt the inptnln give n written guar
frntloii, giving a few expressions nf unlet- that tho Lena shall not leave
opinion i-out tuning tho ventlet Itself.! Snn I'innrlseo until peace shall have
In the opinion of the Court, tho ver-lbeeii (oneludeil; that the officers nnu
diet wns 11 iniiipiiiinlse. If tho Jury
believed the story id the piusiiutlun
lu the Knhlll (use. It sieined that a
veidli't of guilt) should have been lu
tiirneil. mi Ihe other hand. If tli" nit in
hers of the Jul) entertained a reason
able doubt us In the guilt nf the defend
Ullt, II veiillct of liiqiilllnl should htivc
In 11 brought In.
Tim verdict retiirnid si 1 ineil dear
I) tu Iodic .He Ihe existence nf a lias
unable doubt among the Juriiis us to
Ihe iiiiiii'h guilt. Not mil) did tlii'Juryjnt a pilvute ilmk the iimimuud.int nl
ti dm e the crime from manslaughter to the navy )iud nt .Mare island shall
assault nud batter), but the vrullit have iuhIuiI) of the ship, and thu re
had tacked to It n iiiummindatlou for
Under Ihese lirtumstiinccH II up
ptureil in ihe Couit that the Jury had
vei) stinug doubts 111 to thn prisoner's
kiiill unil time was the ipioHllnii in tin
Court's mind as In whither the ver-
diet vvitM not esseutlnll) an anpilttu!
Judge (luir will eousldei the strniigs
situation. R osslble that he may
';"K,B "" T",V ' .""'''V I"'"?
hat thn finding ot the Jill) Is ptaitl-1
rally mi uupiKlnl; or be may, peihapH,
Hint Knhlll SI mid tosts, a nominal seu
teni e.
From the Judge's 1 cm.it ks this morn
Inc.- It inn) In- ilenily Inferred that ha
bus little or no i-)mpntli) with turn
piuuilso vi-rdlct piopusltinus
Thf I'tasl of tho Hill Mnon Is In
course ur proper observance in China
town. Tin- Big Dragon nud the I.tttlo
l)iiii.-i)ii, waving )fllow banners, cjuecr
regalia, pencilling fiddles mid Iron
iliuius lire ull being wurktd to a finish.
Bursting bombs nud snnpplug fire
itiol.i is guet tho Dragons at every
Chilli se shop. The I'ull Moon pinms
slnu Is iittiuitlng great erowdr.
The stint t parade by this Oriental
cavalwidi- begau at 10 o'clock this
forenoon. It wilt Inst nil day. Thn
streets, Hwa of Kuiiami street uro
paiked with Chines ei who follow- tho
pageant lu Its slow wludlugs. The
mounted police nro assisting thu Ce
lestial nurshnls of tin day to keep
their lines in order.
Tho monster dragon, which Is the
most striking feature of tho marching
ruliimn, is over U0 feet In length. It
Is Mild to hnvo cost 12,000. It glitters
with ull tho colors of a rainbow and Is
borne along the strei ts by twenty Chi
nese who mm ih lu n serpentlno
A smaller dragon ftdlows near tho
rear. It is arrled by tlirco Chinese
nnd perfonus bucking broncho stunt
lu fiout of Chlnesu stores, whlih I
done- to guarantee good business until
another l'oll.Moon IVast.
Mnry Dunbar becks dlvoico from lid
ward S. Dunbnr and for cause of no
tion ullcgos that her husband has vio
lated thu marriage vows In many wn)s,
in that hv bus bun guilty of excessive
and habitual 111 treatment nnd, soon
after the murrlage, he eommeneod 11
course, of extreme cruelty, cxtremo nnd
repeated cruelty, Mrs. Dunbar da
dares that thu respondent bus often
ill treated nud abtiscel her In n moRt
cruel, Inhuman and shameful maimer
by striking, beating nud otheivvlso Ill
using her, mid using vile1, profane) and
abusive tplthcts toward her.
Tho Dunbars weio married on tho
"Tlh day ot February of this year,
l.lbellnnt alleges that there is ut tho
present tlmu no Issue as a result of
said marriage,
m -
Mosquito Agent Hall reports that his
work at Walklkl has entirely eradicat
ed tbo mosquito from tho ponds. To
morrow Ur. Hall will start on his semi
monthly tour ot putting out oil on
mosquito Infected places.
Washington, Sept. 15. Acting Sec
retary of State Adec today gave out
the following statement regarding tho
Russian ship tana, now at San Fran-
"The President has today Issued an
order, through tho Acting Secretary,
of Slute, directing that thu Russian,
nrnied transport Lena, now at San,
I'ranclsco, be tnketi In custody by tho
naval authorities of tho United Stntns
and disarmed. The main features of
tho conditions prescribed nro that tho
Lena be taken to tho More Island Navy
Yard, and then' be disarmed, by re'
moval of small guns, brecchlocks of
lnrgo guns, small nrms, ammunition
and oidiinnco stores nnd such other
crows shall be puioled, not to leave
San rrnmlsco until some other mulct
Mnndlng ns to thill' illspu-ml may bo
11 ached between tho United Stater
Government and both tho belligerents,
thin ntiei disarmament the vessel ma;
In 1 iiiovid In 11 dock for sueh lea son
tibli lepulls ns will iiinko her scuuor
th) 'ilid piexervic In r In good (oudltloi
timing hi r detention may be so lep.ilr
id 11I the imiy )iird If tho Russian
iiiiiiiiiaudi r should suileit: that while
pairs shall bo ovciseen by 1111 engineer
lolllier to bo detailed by tho command-
nut, and that, win 11 so repaired, ll
peace shall not have been concluded
the vessel shall bo taken back to the
Mute Island Navy Yard and be there
held In eustad) until the end of the
-This iittlon has been taken upon
t)1P rti,. ruimit of the commander
"'" n. addressed to Rear Admlr
nl Goodrich, setting forth thnt its tht
vessel Is Incapable of putting to set.
without needful repairs sin must ilia
uriii, mid nsklng that need fill icpalrb
bu permitted after disarmament.
"The Seeretnr) of tho Navy has tel
rgrnphttl tho Dresldent's order to
Man riiuie Isen nnd given Instiucttons
to Admiral Goodilth, nnd to Captain
McCnll.i, tbo inmmaiidnnt of the Marc
Island Nuv) Vmd, to tarr) out its pro
visions." Minister Taknlilra railed upon Act
ing St cretnry Adoo toelay In connection
with this case. Ho hns 110 Instructions
(mm his nwn Government ns to any
representations that ho should mako
to tho State Department nnd ho la
cnusiqucnlly nt liberty to act on bin
own initiative. However, ho told Mr.
Aden that thn Japanese Government
had suih pel feet confidence In tho dis
position of the United States Gov em
inent tu do thn right thing In relation
In tho Lena that ho felt that it was
itnueeessaiy for him to oven mnko a
suggestion us to the disposition of thtt
uibe. His call today was only for the
purpose of Inquiring whether tiny now
phase hnd developed,
Tho main question rcganllng tint
Russian transport Lena having been
settled, otllt Inls of the Administration
nnd of thn two belligerent Govern
ments will now devoto themselves to
reaching mi understanding regarding
the officers mid cruw of tho vessel. As
indicated in tho statement made by the
Btato Department, tho present ur-
rnngement Is but a temporary one, do
klgnid tn niei t tho question as It Im
mediately presents llsself. It Is not
likely that tho officers nnd crew will
be allowed iiguln to partlclpntn In tho
w-nr unloBB Japan should wnlvo Its
pierogatlves In that legHrd, which Is
not thought to bo at all piobablc. An
arrangement will bo effected whereby
tho men will cither bo permitted to
letnrn to Russia or be Interned In tho
United Htates, as tho transport ts to
bo until tho cIobo of hostilities, at tho
expense of tho Russian Government
Presumably somo members of the
ciovv will lcmaln In ebmgu of tho ves
sel ns inrctitkeis, 11 privllogo to which
tho United States la not likely tu raise
any objection.
Thcodoro Hansen, first hocictnry of
tho Russian Kmbassy, has arrived In
Washington troni Bar Harbin, fhu
temporal y quartets dining the sum
mer of tho Russian Embassy, and cnll
ed upon Acting Secretary Adco toelay
In relation lb thu Lena ense. When he
was told of tho decision of this Gov
ernment to allow tho Lena to disman
tle and lay up at tho Maio Island Navy
Yard ho expressed perfect satisfaction
at the decision.
in 1
Will be discussed and all their most
interesting details explained In SAT
His feelings ho tried to disguise
Tho girl, though, began to surmulse,
That something like wooing Was cer
tainly doing. Bccaueo of his looks
and deep sulse. Cleveland Leader.
m 1
"For Rent" canto on ! at The Bui
letln tffloe.
On Approval
We have received from a collector
of Continetal reputation a line of the
Before returning such of these as
we do not care to keep, we have plac
ed the I'UI.l. MNi: on exhibition In
our Art Room for a few days.
Pacific Hardware Company, Ltd,,
'!!. ftr"
w. it st.iiuk
.yri-i irr
What Price'Do You
Want To Pay
For a perfect fitting maJe-to-orJer suit? Such prices
as 1hee were never offereJ In Honolulu, Materials
arc on hand and must be olJ. A new lot of l-a'l
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Geo. A. Martin,
Thn Police Court calendar was com
paratively short this morning. Ilob
crt I'. Kelllna, the joung Hawaiian
boy who burglarized tho lesldences ot
Guy Otveus, Mrs. Halstend, Mrs. Lew
ith and several other places, came up
for trial, Kclllun demanding a prelim
inary hearing. Ho wns charged with
burglary In tho first degree committed
011 Guy Owens' residence.
Kelllnu pleaded not guilty. Ills part
ner in tho Owens burglary, a young
Portuguese named Krettas, testified
regarding how tho two hnd entered
the bouse by means ot a skeleton key,
had ransacked tho place and taken
nwny Jewelry and coin. According to
Ills testimony Kc-lllaa was tho instigat
or, I'reltas merely following his direc
tions. Deputy Sheriff Chilllngworth
und Guy Owens nlso testified. Judge
I.tmlsn) ordered Kelllnu held until thu
Giund Jury had Investigated his case,
Melt Kanmlhau, a fourteen-year old
Hawaiian girl, appeared on n charge of
dlsobedlcncn to here parents. It seems
that she ran away from her adopted
mother and took up with Chinese.
Judge Lindsay painted a bright picture
of the Girls' Industrial School to tho
youthful defendant, praising It In such
high teims that it came to reseiubln 11
second Vassar.
"In the Industrial School )ou will
learn n great many things," quoth the
Couit. "When ou get out from there
joii will bo a lady nnd will probably
marry n Senator," Mela was accord
ingly sent to tho Institution which
holds forth the alluring prospects men
tioned. Mokuula, a Hawaiian who Is well ac
quainted with tho Interior ot tho pris
on walls, appeared on a charge ot gross
cheat. He la alleged to have procured
from D. 0. Hall & Son paint brushes,
valued at $20.35, by falsely represent
ing that ho was working on a Job for
l'crcy I.lshman and had been scut for
the brushos on his order. Mokuula
bad notified the High Sheriff that ho
Intended to plead guilty. On faring the
court, however, be alteicd his deci
sion and pleaded not guilty, On the
defendant's request the lose was con
tinued until Monday,
Otto Gortz was charged wltn malic
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Old Stil won't vvnrp the
mint we tutt 011 your 1. .. '.
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ttn ntrninsl nil ilifllctiltL".
to tt3 about painting your
Stanfeyl Stephenson, the Painter.
Phone 426 137 King Street.
S.S. SignS make things hum!
Merchant Tailo',
Hotel Street.
ious Injury but had his case nolle
pros'd, Hung Chan, charged with bit
ing an agent for a ehc-ta bank, hoi
bos caso continued until tomorrow.
"Arnold" Goods
The d.im of the manufacttirer.s
of the "Arnold" goods is that
they produce the finest knit
underwear for hatles, children
and women in this country.
They also claim that their under
wear Is cut In such liberal pro
portions that It does not bind,
draw or lose In .shape, there being
no strain on the fabric and hence
will outwear all others.
That this soft, porous, absorb
ing, elastic and healthful material
is essential to the tender babe and
growing child must be apparent.
The "Arnold" (summer
weight) knit night drawer is only
one of the many garments made
by this company that wins every
mother's heart. An Important
feature is the absence of any
watchfulness or care of her sleep
ing child and the danger of be
coming uncovered and of resulting
On real estate repayable by Monthly
Installments at Low Rates of InteresL
For particulars apply
Judd Building, Honolulu.
PAID UP CAPITAL, S 1,300,000.00,
Artistic Signs
And Satisfaction Guaranteed when mad
foifrfen iritfr'infiiiTtrrrniiir . , ... !- n

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