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From tan Francttool
Alameda Sept. 23
Mark Twain said: "A felftH wh
Evening Bulletin
uoesn t Know wnat Kinu 01 a pian
.Sept. 27
H lie will land In when he dloa certain
Per tin Franclaca:
Mongolia , . . .
Alameda . , ....
Prom Vancouver:
Ptr Vaneeuvtrt
ly ought to learn one foreign tongue.
...Sept. 24
Sept. 28
The successful merchant la
he who (earns the benefit of
..Sept. 24
...Oct. 19
2:30 O'CLOCK
Voi XVI. No. 2878
Price f Omnea
TOF? v ' iiwiWIMipwiMl 'If W"IV"fTl mini
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' i
a mBmH
Masons Of Maui
Organized and New
Lodge Is Dedicated
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Special tu Tho Iliillctln.
Wnllnkii, Maul, Sept. 21. Maul )onble party.
Lodge, F. & A. M. wan consecrated nnil Hostile the officers nboe inctitloneil
Hh ofllccrs Installed In the K. 1. Hall MasonB vho attended the Installation
Ht Walluku Thursday evening. Sep- cercm6ny were: Ilcv. A. 11. Wcymniitli,
tunlier 22ml, with an Impressive cere- Frank II. Jonlart, Jos. W. Hergstrom,
monj ocr which Hon. Henry K. Coop- Oeo. Freelnnd, Cupt. 1 II. Kendall. .
i-i, Acting District Grand Master of 11. Wo ler, Sam K. Dowdlc, Thus. Illaik
the Graml Lodge of Scollnnd, preslilnl anil Walter D. Lowell.
'I ho following officers of I'nrlflc Lodgii
KT O I. P. A i nl tfiinnlillt. .. .
pled stations In'thci Installing District I MEN- PA! I FFl FAR
(iruml Lodge: 11. W. M. John Kld-WllLLl vAbJULl 1 UI
well, 1. M. Clinton J Hutching. 8. W
Chailes II. rra7ler; .1. W. Chas. F. Mur
lay. Treasurer V. O. Atwater
Maul Lodge startH off with unusually
lirlglit prospects. The charter "mem
bers number eleen Masons prominent
In professional anil business life on the
Thlity-slx men nro supposed to pre-
The Democratic contention for tun Senators. tliciiiit(iited llciiiibllinnH The ileuub-
nomlnatlon of Senators for Oalm anil Hlplkauo said personally lie was noi llcan polk) Is to win any way by hook
Ilcpresentatlvca from tho Fourth anil lu foor of Urown. "I believe Cecil or trook Cecil Urown has rebelled
fifth Districts was called to order to- Urown was Instrumental In the ever against tho one-horse tinner and the
day at 10 o'clock nt Waverley hall throw and In downing the County Act ci-tutle muiull We will be able to
Col. McCarthy was In the chair, I. It. I am opposed to Urown bwnime lie Is make such Iuwh ns are necessary for
Mcdelros scned aw secretary, and the not n member of our party. Hu has uot Ihu welfare of the Democratic patty,
loom was well (llled with lUlegateH uluned ont rolls and I do not think wo Wo will have hard work but will hu
The conuntlon went right at the bind should support him at all. I do nul able to do it, It Democrats Mite right.
ncss in nunu. think we should endorse hint bemuse "If nu (oiint our school ihlldrcn
Mr. Turrll moved that the oneu we don't know whore ho will Jump If today ) on will find thot Inside of flf
tlon nominate two Senators nud no It had not been for him Wo would now teen or twenty )cnr&tho Hawaiian will
more. John Ummcluth asked that It be on the sunny side of easy strut.' Iiavo to seek the Japanese otcs to re
be embodied lu tho motion that one I,. W. P. Kanealll said the Supreme tain their rights"
Senator be named from each of the Court endorsed Urown's idea of the Frank Harvey Speaks,
fourth and Fifth districts. County Act. "tlcntlcmen, I want us to Frank Harvey was then called. He
Purpose of the Action. endorse Cedl Urown as against the said: "I wish to remind jou that wo
Speaking on tho motion, W. A. Kin bulldozing of the Administration" must stand by our pledges and work
ney asked that a rising oto be taken Nominations Made. together for lclory. What have tho
lo show Just how united tho party if K. II. F. Wollors was nominated from ltepubllcans done for us. Thcj nro
on tho suhjett. He raid It was well the Fourth District, and Frank It. liar- looking out for themsehes but genep
known what the purposo of th. action cy was placed In nomination from tho "Hy wo are going from bad to worse.
Is. It Is to ghe the Democratic lotcru Fifth. The Hawaiian who aro advocating tho
a chance to register their sentiments l J. Tcstn sold Honey Is a mii of Republican ticket hnu been bought,
on the Issue raised between the Ailmla- the soil, born and raised In the Fifth They hao sold their birthright for a
istratlon and Cecil Drown. Togltctha District. Hu was once a cowboy and mess of pottage. In Republican cam-
otcr a chance to voto ngnlnst coen Ion Is now a prominent leader on the water- potent, Hawallans nro ghen presents
bv the Executive and In behalf of fro- fmnt. lln In n raiml ntn cotter im for otes and then forgotten. Look nt
dom of the Individual citizen. "I want shown In his candidacy, at the count- Owirge It. Carter. He looks like n flno
a rising oto to show that tho stories election, when lie wo ihosen as u ung man. Hut Inside he Is a hell of
that the Democratic party Is divided Supervisor for Oalm. nntagonlsm to Hawaii. Gentlemen, his
and torn with strlfo on this subject aro On motion of Ann ford the two above lioast that ho had the politics of Hawaii
false. Tho only difference among ita named were declared tho Democratic In his pocket will bo proven false. They
has been a difference of method. The nominees for the Senate from tho have thrown Cecil Drown. WhyT He-
Democrats are one with Cecil Hrovvu Third Senatorial District. Three cheers ,n"e "" not lie leu around ny
In his light against coercion." .were given for tho Senatorial ticket. the nose. I compliment you for leaving
urioff Punished .
For Russian Defeat
Associated Press Special Cable.
ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, Sept. 24. Major General Orloff I held re
sponsible for, the retreat of the Russians at Llaoyang. He will be detached
from tho army and given another command or dismissed.
Fifty Were Killed
KNOXVILLE, Term. Sept. 24 - Over fifty persons are reported killed and
123 Injured In a collision on the Southern Railway.
TSINQTAU, China, Sept. 24 There are 1,500 sick and wounded at Port
CHEFOO, China, Sept 24. Heavy firing was heard at Port Arthur this
morning, Indicating another general Japanese attack.
LONDON, England, Sept. 24. A successful operation was today performed
on Lady Curzon.
F. J Testa heartily endorsed tho
sentiments expressed by Mr. Kinney
and "especially do I want to Join In re
monstrating against tho high-handed
methods of the Administration.
Walter Accent. a spaco for lirown, wiiom- politics may
Wolters was called to make n speech. ffcr from our, but whoso sentiments
Ho said good goods wcro often done nro tho snmo with us. Wo nro going
up In small packages. He promised Into the light on n bro.nl plane, giving
to do all In his novvor to nirrv tho day all honest, tnpabto men n ihanre."
Air. AHhtoril wanted to split Hie two unci would do It with the aid of Frnuk t-ourtu uisirici.
mntlens, wanting tho prluclplo set Harvey." I bellcvo that tho gap left After tho completion of the work of
forth without a rider. On his request, on our ticket will bo rilled by Ceill tho Senatorial convention, tho Fourth
the mover modified the motion, leaving Itroun livery Democrat should otc Dlstilct eommlttco was called to order
It simply that the convention name two for him. We will gain the support o( (Contlnutu on Page 4.)
Inland of Maul and there are at the tent themselves In Judgo Gear's tourt
present time, between thirty anil forty , Monday morning lu response to special
applicants for degrees, as well ns a venlui retifrnablc at that time, to make
number of Masons who wish to affiliate up n trial Jury In the Havaalilda mur
wllh tho new lodge. der case. Delow appear the names of
The ollliers Installed to serve Maul those called. .
Lodge for Hip ensuing year aro as fob 11. F. Dillingham and P. M. I ansdale
lows: Dr. 11. II. Dlnegur. Right Wor-jgre both absent from the country. Sev
Nhlpful Master; Donald F. Nicholson, iciity live, per cent of tho others aro ex
Depute Mnster; Ames Scott, Substitute Ipected to disqualify or bo challenged
Mater;Judge A. N. Kepolkai, Senior for cause when examined as to their
Warden; 1). II. Case, Junior Warden; qualifications. Another venire will b
V. 1 Iloeck, Secretary; W. T. Robin- necessary before a Jury can be succrai:
son. Treasurer; Chas. U. Copeland. Jun
tor Deacon; Max Kikart, Inner Guard;
11. (1 Scott, Tyler.
Paraphernalia for the new lodge Is
Richard Kauanl. Jessln Andradc.
Wni. Keho, 8. K. Paulo, II. F. Dilling
ham, P. M. I ansdale, David Ilalemanu,
Obed Klkala, E. Wells Peterson, S. W.
expected from tho Hast ery shortly iRose, A. T. Ilannlster, Allan Dunn, Jas,
and with the excellent start already , Die. knell, T. J, Fitpatrlck, 11. F, Vkk
made, Lodge Maul will hereafter be ers, Herbert C. Austin, Sam'l. Kaw ales,
prominently ldentlfleil with Masonry Frank Carvalho, S. K. Pierce, W. H.
on the Islands. Drown, J. It. Gait, John Paaluhl, Jon
The Installing officers from Honolulu Naukaua, A. 11. Arlclgh. Quy Owens.
arrived on tho Claudino Wednesday U. P. Knolil, Joseph Andrade, A. M.
morning and were Immediately taken iKcoho, J, C. Axtell, W. O, Atvvuter, W.
In charge by the Maul Masons. Alldur-U Fletcher, F. J. Dutra, Edgar h.
Ing their stay In Walluku they were en- J lewis, Thomas Poole, John Isaac,
Admiral Hcckley during his stay In
Hito this week received a letter from
David Dowse tt hns re-turned from
school and taken up thn managc-mcitl
tif thu Duwsctt Company, Limited, tin
dor tho Hawaiian Trust Co., Ltd. Tho
Secretary Jack Atklnuu returned
Curtis Iaukea. Tho Democratic nom- '""" :,lam a8 n l,a.88nKcr in me ivinau
ln, fnn IUi.nl. In en,. .nniin ..I "ll IOrVllOOn. JIO lOOIietl CO" BUU-
hlu Inur nf llntt-nll ulntlnn- ll.nt II, n blimt 1111(1 StrCUUOUS BH lie lallllCll, ClUll , ,l, ltnu.cnlt i;',,lv l,n.
natives wero friendly and his meeting J" !,'s r,.ll"K .mlli' ,, T'j Secretary's ,lut.n wlll , n v )R,nm Co.,
successful. Ho felt conndent that the """"" n"""- ',' """'"" ' Ltd, for a number nf ears.
Democratic party would pull a strong. uf" nbom as follows: .
oto on Hawaii t rom nuo aikiusou went to tiama-
Iaukea advised neckloy of his Inten- Itlm'1 hc c wttlcil the strike of the
tlon of going in tho Klnau for Ifanolu- "1?' ," ' K T?.
cano, through Kan and Kona ami then
by steamer to Maul. Jade landed at
l.ahnlna and went on lo Honolua and
then to Kula and Makawao and Ulapa
lakuii. Governor Carter and tho Secre
tary then Journeyed back to Makawao
anil then on to Haiku, lluelo and on
lu direct next week as ho wanted to
Interesting Sale
terlalncd In a most hospitable manner,
Friday evening n luau was given In
honor of tho v lulling brethren and of
Hutu of thu new lodgo by Judge Kepol
kai at thn Fisheries at Kahulul. The
luau was attended by Masons from ni
parts of the Island and was a most en-
Henry Puhl.
Tho serlco at tho Central Union
church tomorrow evening will bo ap
propriate to the Sisters of Rebec c a, tho
ladles of the Odd Fellows order. The
Itehccca lodgeB will lie present,
' , frgU MAKERS rttWyoRK
JJCornctCb(lKshr Men
Public Confidence
it difficult to obtain and easy to lose
For thirty years thousand of correct
dressers have had Implicit confidence
In the clothei bearing this famous
Of Various Storks
At an auction salo held by Auction
eer Will 12. Fisher at noon today of
personal property aud real estate of
tho estate of the lato Ely Peck soma
Interesting pi Ices wero established for
stocks of several kinds. The first lot,
Iti shares of Pioneer plantation stock,
par vnluo $100, was started at 1100
per share. Harry Armltagu and S. a
Peck bid against each other until tho
prlco of II If!, at which figure It was
Bccured by Peck.
S. S. Peck also bought all tho other
lots. Five shares of Hart & Co., par
Texas Calls Hawaii
To Water Congress
Tho Secretary's oulco Is In receipt
of nn "official call" from the extent jvu
ceimmlttee of thn Twelfth National
Irrigation Congress, to bo held Nov 4111
her 15, 16, 17 and 18, nt El Paso, Tux
AAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Sept. 24. The Odd Fellows' convention Installed
its new officers today and adjourned.
SAN TRANCISCO, Cal., Sept. 24. SUGAR: 88 analysis Deeti, 111 1 1-2d.
Previous quotation, lis 3-4d.
Validity Of License
Law Again Disputed
Thn coses of seven Chlncso charged
with keeping restaurants wlllioui nav
Another Young
Thief Arrested
mo uiun trail to me spoi nuoue uca-. .,, wh interested lu ronservlnir
Detectlvo Dan Ilenear today arrest
ed a Portuguese boy named Pedro For
lug licenses, camo tip In the Pollco relrn for stealing n silver watch at
Coutt this forenoon. Judgo Gear some tho Hawaiian Hotel Annex at Walkikl
tlmo ago In tho casu of the Territory last Saturday. Antono Caliral, a young
vs. Frank Lucwlecko, declared this II Portuguese, went bathing nt tho An-
censo law to bo unconstitutional and nex, leaving his clothes In ono of thu
tho ense this morning ussumed doold dressing rooms. When ho returned
edly tho air of a test. from his bath ho found that his watcb
Attorney Hitting nud Chtlllngworth bad been stolen. Ho suspected two
agreed to havo only uno raso, that of bojs whom ho had seen hanging
Ah Yong, tried and to let tho others bo around tho place of tho theft and ro-
disposed of In the same manner as ported tho matter to tho police,
that case. No testimony was taken, Renear found that the two boys In
tho attornc)8 for tho defenso admit- question wero Pedro Ferrelra and
ting tho facts that tho defendant had Manuel Gomes. It seems that Pedro
been keeping n lodging house, and hat took tho watch although Gomel tried
ho had no llccuso to do so. to persuade him to refrain from doing
Hitting argued at length on tho case, no. Pedro later on sold tho watch for
quoting authorities and nlso submit I !."." to a Japanese who keeps a small
ting Judgo Gear'B decision In tho Luc- storo near tho corner of Pllkol and
wlccko ease. Judgo Lindsay contln- Klnau streets.
m.,1 II. n i-nuf-K Until October 1 Willi tllO
purposo of Investigating the matter
Governor Carter and Secretary At
klnson were both present at tho open
i country extending tho habitable, area,
inTnf ill iii Z ir:;. rttiM 'Increasing products, tho extension of
hi,h hK!P?2 !.nSv ,KT, il iVi lc"'a' l "' commerce, aro In
m in ,,ian, Lr " f' vltcd to attend this coiign-M the or-
Ury ImuZ dMcr bes he scenery B"1"1"""1 r " w' "' v-
Kg the ilTh trail as being of the ernora of 8tatoa nnd Territories, ten
a ong tne i ten iraii as neinj, ot tue ,,. -.. ,,. ... ,.,,ii,i i, . n,..
. f" !Sf"! 0.r'ra"'1 8,,rra!,8lBe emorof each Stn'tcTand Territory, two
From Kennao tho Governor and hi. ' !!?B?L"! Jl"rc"",',!..!:' n?r.5!?,K?
party, IniludlnB Secretary Atkinson, Y?Z"J.i":llMtoui
went to Huna, Klpahulu aud to Kaupo ' rn' c '' t,ii,2i ,2i.J
through the Kaupo gap and tho crater aRrlcultural or horticultural society
,.,! it,. t f ll.Wbnl. a ., .. '" '" iluiL-guies t-iieii Hum uuj- re-K-
made at Ollnda. whero the urraundlns """'l ""'"i Bocl-Hy of engineers,
forest lands wero Inspected. . . .7 V" 1 7, . . . u
V.IUni- Pvpnlnn ltlllletlll
and human devil Thurston Is again charged with profanity, was roprlman
out with his Uory eyes furiously look- cled nnd discharged. The enses of Ha
Ing townrds hades nnd ins venomous uucciu, uicirnuii nun iihyuik cno in iick
tnnguo chained with a color lino bras ets In his possession, and of Ah Chong
ribbon around his forehead, slngtnil and Tnnaka, charged with profanity
and dancing tho hula hula song: nud heedless driving respectively wero
lli.tnt nh he In! tho weak snorts lu ' cuiiuiiuc-u.
Secretary Atkinson renorts that tha I'0" inrougnoiii mo eop nave mono i.
v ... -. .. - ., ...,. ..... ft nn ni nnvnp wn wmvm t raast nn Miin,
valuo 5. wcro sold o Peck for 11 a Governor will bo present nt a big luau '"' "' ",;" "Jay t rest In accord
.hare, there being no opposition to nd dance nt Puuneno this afternoon wUh tho sUlct prlu "lule. ?trftaUi
Peck's original bid. (and evening. Ho will return from Bnc! w lln no principles oi ootn
One share of Metropolitan Meat Co. f-ahalna In thu steamer Llkellke, arriv- '"u vcrnor anu nis ecretary.
dock was sturtod at about 50. ThU '"B IKJ WccineBciay ntlernoon. I
nguro was talsed In successive bids T. ! .;u,v, VI " """"iWriaf knrCQTPP Ha
t-uiiniuciiuii iiiu liiu uuicruur unci nisi iiw i vi wvivi iimii
There are more reasons for this than
there Is space In which to tell them.
Take DENJAMIN Spring Suits as an
example. The fabrics are rich, varied,
and exclusive; the fit Is Individual and
perfect; the styles, tike Poole's of Lon
don, aro conservative but correct; the
tailoring Is equal to that of the best
London and New York custom-shops
the prices are reasonable and right. Is
It strange that BENJAMIN Clothes
have enjoyed public confidence for so
many years? Is It any wonder that
are to America what Poole Is to Eng
landleaders In sartorial art?
We are Exclusive Distributor!
here of this famous apparel.
The Kash Co., Ltd.,
by Attorney Henry Holmes and S. S.
Peck until tho share was Anally Bold to
the latter for $90.
Slxty-soven shares of Olaa stock
wero bid In by Peck at I2.C0 a share,
thero being no opposition.
A lot of real estate on Vlnoyard
with twcho houses on It, known ns
Peck's cottages, was bid on by both
P. Peck and S. S. Peck, being finally
bought by the latter at a prlco of $12,-
0". Tho proceeds or tho entire salo
amounted to about $18,785.
Tlio Young Hotel Grill room will he
open this ovonlng after tho Said Pasha
opera. A number of after theater par-i
ties have already mado arrangements
or accommodation. I
Tho Heamcr Klnau arrived from
lllo and way ports this forenoon at 11
('clock with the following' cargo: 257
4heep, 41 kegs, 11 cords wood, UJ
ackages sundries.
I I .M . 1 MMW.fc
By telephoning Main 22 (SILENT i
HARDER 8HOP) ladles desiring fa
tal massage can secure tho services
of an expert operator at their hornet.
If Ynn
Have P operty
And wish to lect anadmlnl
stratr, rui til in nr trustte
weigh Hi pernnncnev and
rrsjxinsjblllty nf i' nrpnr tlon
against the olhle dl-ablll-ties
of, in nJlvid'ial
Piittlierinofe a fust cum-
piny Is n g nired fur jjst
such du le-. by mm of I irge
Says of Hawaii Water
Washington, Sept. 12. William Hall
of the Agricultural Department, who is
In charge of forest extension, expressed
tho opinion today that it the cutting
down of tho forest In tho Hawaiian
lands continues, ruin will come to tho
sugar Industry. Mr, Hall said the
danger If that tho planters may go so
far In tho cutting dawn of forests as
to bring ultimate disaster upon them
selves by ruining tho wnter supply and
ucereatlng the rainfall.
Many plantations now obtain wnter
from mountain stream for dinning cano
t'j tha mills. Thero Is urnnoly enough
water for thli purposo now and It has
been noticed that with tho clearing oft
nt the lower slopes these smaller
itrcams have been dlmnlshcd.
Mrs. Monro, charged with assault
nnd battery on Ilattlo Kcola, was fco-ve-roly
reprimanded and discharged In
tho Pollco Court today, H. Souza wad
lined $2 and costs for assault and bat-
Sorehead tc-ry on Leo Yuen. Knlelkumahoa,
tho Republican ticket,
Turn! O turn away from my (ThurH
tonal favorites.
Oh! fair Hawaii bears thy sous,
The wholo Senatorial ticket, and thj
own nlno In tho Ilcpresentoiivfl
If Human Dovll Thurston, his Infest
d editor and their petit petioles con
tinuo discriminating against Hawaii
ana the course they nro pursuing
Nomura, tho Japancso who raided
tho Derrick, Hughes and Punohu res
idences on School street last week,
pleaded guilty to a chargo of larceny
in the koeond degrco In tho Pollco
Court today and was sentenced to ono
ear's Imprisonment,
Remember, Mr. Advertiser, the Ha-
wallaua hold the majority of the bal-
they will before long as a proof of their .lots In their bands. What If wo say:
disloyalty to the party, find that their ,"Voto for the kanakas and not for the
favorites, Messrs. 11 .ami a. tnrowu nnnies '7 lint wo aro not so narrow
Into the' waste backet and doomed for .minded as to do such low and base
work as the Advertiser Is constantly
Hoping and trusting this letter print
ed In one of your valuable columns.
I remain respectfully yours.
Honolulu. Sent. 22 1)101
Now this Is the time for the worth
less paper to explain whether the art
icle printed In one of Its columns, dot
ed. Sent. 22. 1901. U a "race prejudlco"
or not, or whether It meant to vote fo
tho haole and not for tho kanakas.
Chclf Clerk Walter B. Mallug nf the
Federal Court la oxpectol to return
from tho Mainland on October 9th, the
dav nrc-edlMT I'm nnenlnf nf tr"i.
Wells Fargo & Co.
Masonic Temple Tel. Blue 581
A school snoe must be strong and nf j;ock1 mateilah to
Mand h irt wear. It mu t fit arcu'utely s ai not t
injure urowl'iu feet. These quaii ics are cnmbineJ with
lov prices here.
Bciis lace shoes of vici leather of velouis calf, J 2. 50 and 3 pair
Manufacturers' ShoeCp , Ltd.
.cirfj- t. tif ! -t1 SiWflnKliiiiwiiTii -i ji -l . i-. , , v maaaaal
jiilitiiiiiiiin---'rj mmmmmu - Ti

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