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Some men think there are circumstances wtien they can do without advertising There are no such
Prom San 1rrinclco:
Alameda .". Sept. 23
Korea Sept. 27
For ttn Franclsce:
Mongolia Sept. 24
Alameiln Sept. 28
From Vancouvtrl
Mail; Twain said: "A follow who
Evening Bulletin
doesn't know what kind of a place
lie will land In when he dies certain
ly ought to It-tii ii one foreign tongue
The successful merchant ti
he who learnt the benefit of
Manuka Sept 24 ..
rr Vaneouvsr: vm
Mluwcrn 0c,i3
I 3:30 O'CLOCK
Vol. XVI. No. 2870
PniOB 5 Obntb
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Jffv" l
l30i "
Genevieve Dowsett
Awarded $429 For
Wet Goods.
Jridge Dole rendered n decision thin
morning In tho milt for damages of
(lenovlevo Dowsett against Wlldor'a
Steamship Company, for recovery on a
trunk whoso contents wcro ruined by
u Halt water drenching while landlug
nt Makcna, Maul, during rough weath
er. The court nwnrds J 121'.
In Its answer Wllder'B S. S. Co.
Illumed tho ruination of the tmnk-load
of dainty feminine wearing apparel on
Providence, saying that tho accident
was unavoidable. Judge Dole exon
erates tho elements mid the powers
that control tho same and finds the
steamship company llahle.
Says (hu opinion In part:
Tho llliclhint claims damages for
Injury to n trunk of clothes occurring
nt the landing of Mnkenn, Island ot
.Maul, whllo In one of llbelleo's boats
on Its way from the shore to tho ship,
Thu lllicllee, admitting tho Injury, do
lends on tho ground that such Injury
was caused hy a vis major or net of
(lod, In that, as tho boat left tho shore
It was caught unexpectedly by a blind
roller and swamped under clrciim
Munces In which It could not have been
prevented by any care or precautions
on Its pint; and also that It it Ib llublo
for damages. It Is only liable for one
hundicd dollars, as It had notices to
tho passengers In largo typo displayed
in thu walls of Its (i III co In Honolulu,
where tickets arc sold, nnd also on
tho walls of the staterooms on tho
mid steamer Klnaii. to the effect that
llio shin would not ho llahle for dnm -
ngos to Imggago for any amount over cttec-'" modifying tho llbelleo's ru
liumlied dollars. I sponslblllty In regard to tho transpor-
Tho main If sue In this case Is thoMa""" m "KT ""ukc
question whether the damago to thn
baggngo was caused hy Inevitable nc
i lilcnt or whether It happened through
tho negligence of llbelleo's servnnts.
I am not convinced that tho accident
In tills ensu wns an Incvltahlo ono, but
urn of tho opinion Hint It occurred bo
ruiiso of tho negllgenco of the servants
of tho llbellee in loading tho boat so
Hint tho necessary uso of thu oars was
Interfered with, nnd by their careless
ness in managing tho boat In tho faco
of a danger that called for more than
ordinary care, which negllgenco and
carelessness was a tllioct nnd proxi
mate cause of tho loss.
. Whllo "It Is undoubtedly competent
for carriers of passengers, by specific
regulations, distinctly brought to tho
knowledge of tho passongcr, which nrn
renkonnble In their character and not
Inconsistent with uny statute or their
'duties to the public-, to protect them
helves ugalnst liability, as Insurers, for
baggage exceeding a fixed amount In
value, except upon additional compen
sation, proportioned to tho risk, (Hall'
i &y avakcrs flwyoRK
The Bulletin always hat good things
fof Its newtboyt. It gives them the
beet newspaper In town every day and
there It not a paper published from
which the boys make at large returns
or that Is as easy for them to sell.
From time to time this paper hat
given the boys prizes for their energy
as street merchants. These are always
popular with the boys and gives them
an additional useful reward for their
Industry. The boys take an Interest In
The Bulletin and It Is no more than
fair that they should have some recog
nition of their loyalty. The earnings
of these boys go toward the family
fund In many Inttancet, to pay for
food and clothing,
That the boys may have greater op
portunity to help out In family ex-
pentei, The Bulletin will oft the 1at of
October Inaugurate a monthly prize
Is a reward that Is mighty useful and
there are few things that help a boy
along more than being well dressed.
This contest will open the first day of
October. At the end of October the
I boy who leads will get a fine new suit
November will follow with another
contest, and so on through the year.
The boy who does not land at the head
of the list the first month always has
a chance at It the next. It Is a prlzo
worthy the effort of any boy and there
Is no doubt there will be a hustle to
lead the list.
u tt :::::: :: it n t: u n tt :t
road Company vs. FralolT, lllO U. B,
21, 2(1), a notice to passengers minted
on tho hack of n ticket to which tho
attention of tho passenger has not
been called and which ho has not read,
Is not n part of tho contract embodied
in thu ticket. Tho Majestic, KG U
S., 375,
It follows from those authorities
that notices to passengers, which
were not brought to Iter attention nor
lead bylicr, were not part of tho con
itiuct between her nnd lllicllee, and hnil
The; evldenco as to tho valuo of II-
liellant's clothing contained In tho
trunk In question, Is not disputed. It
wns given by tho lebcllant and a pn
fesslonnl dressmaker, whoso estimates
nearly agree. Tho aggregato valuo of
this clothing before tho Injury, ns slat
ed by tho latter, Is 1129, which Is un
der tho amount claimed. Tho loss wna
fntill nrenrillni? to Ills evltlonen ntnl
tlm, or tll0 ii,.llaiit.
A ilucreo may bo entered In favor ot
the llhellant for that amount nnd
Tho Democrats will hold a ratifica
tion meeting Saturday night at. tho
Orphcum. Tho candidates on
Democratic ticket and leaders In
party will ruako speeches.
REGISTER early and avoid tin
rush. If you want a vote this year you
Public Confidence
Is difficult to obtain and easy to lose
For thirty years thousands of correct
dresters have had Implicit confidence
In the clothes bearing this famous
There are more reasons for this than
there Is space In which to tell them
Take BENJAMIN Spring Suits as an
DEilM. 10 R1IY
example. The fabrics are rich, varied,
and exclusive; the fit Is Individual and
perfect; the styles, like Poole's of Lon
don, are conservative but correct; the
tailoring Is equal to that of the best
London and New York custom-shopsi
the prices are reasonable and right. Is
It strange that BENJAMIN Clothes
have, enjoyed public confidence for so
many years? Is It any wonder that
are to America what Poole Is to Eng
land leaders In sartorial art?
We are Exclusive Distributors
here of this famous apparel.
The Kash Co,, Ltd ,
...... . ... ,, . . t I. ... ' ' -' '
Maui's Enthusiasm Is
Overflowing With
Good Things.
s "
(.Special to The Dullctln.
Walluku, Maul, Sept. 21. Hon. Clcu.
11. Carter, (lovemor of the Territory,
l.i being feasted and limited nt Puuuetw
this afternoon. The Governor and
party returned from Fast Mnul via Ha-
leakala crater last Thursday afternoon,
Kverywhero the Governor went he was
received with a hearty welcome hy the
residents, Hawnllans, hn'olcs, Porta
giicsa and other nationalities enjoying
the citizenship benefits ot this TcrrI
Tho gubernatorial tour along Koolau
side wob n real triumphant march, the
citizens of each locality vicing with
each other to show their appreciation
of tho chief magistrate's tour through
every little hamlet In order to person
ally acquaint himself with the. actual
needs ot each locality. Kloral archoi
on which were Inscribed words of wel
come, such as : : "Aloha oc o Ko Kla
atnn," "13 Klpa," nud tho like wer
placed In prominent places nlong the
rmite especially at Kcanac, Nnhlktt and
liana. There were luaus galore ot pigs
and other good things that mnku up
a real old time liinu. At liana, be
sides tho luau In which champnguft
flowed Incessantly, thero was n grnnd
hall given at the landing last Monday
0 Tucsduy. tho Governor, was at Kl
pahuhi, and on Wednesday, tho resi
dents of Kaupo came out to greet the
Governor nnd his party, l.naim were
always part of tho program. Thursduy
morning tho Governor nnd suite left
Kaupo and passed through tho crater
by way of tho Kaupo Gap and reached
Kulamniiti", the Mnkawao home of
J. P. Cooke, In tho afternoon-.
The luau at Puiincno will be fol
lowed by a dance this evening. Kree
trains will run this afternoon and
ovcnlng to convey people from Walluku
nnd the outlying districts to tho luau
and dance. The Governor will tuko o
much needed rest tomorrow. Notwith
standing ho has been constantly mak
ing addresses nil tho week, tho Gover
nor Is still fresh and strong, and seems
ablo to undergo another banqueting
tour for another fortnight wcro It not
for tho stress of official business nt Ho
nolulu which dcmnnil3 his presence.
On Monday afternoon, September
:cth, tho Governor will bo given a
grnnd luau at Hon. and Mrs. J. W. Ka-
luu's Walluku residence. A largo lanal
to hold hundreds of people, Is lielnu
put up on tho premises. Arches ot
wclcomo will likewise bo erected whlli
tho town Itself will put on n holiday
attlro on Monday ns the merchant,
Chlneso ns well ns Japanese, have glad
ly contented to decorato In Oriental
fashion their places of business In
honor of tho Governor. Tho Governor
and party, will bo met nt tho depot by
tho reception committee on Monday
morning and escorted by Company "1",
N. 0, II., under command ot Captain
W, K. Hall. Tho procession will march
up to Judge Kalua's. Thn committor!
will tako thu Governor around In tho
forenoon to show him Iao valley and
other places ot Interest In central Maul,
A luau and nddress by tho Governor
will take up thu afternoon, and danc
ing nnd hulas will likely occupy -tho
latter part ot tho evening.
Tho following committees, appointed
nt n citizens' meeting at Walluku court
lioiibo last Monday evening, will have
llio luau In hand;
Hecoptlon Committee lion. J. V,
Kalua, chairman; U M. Ilaldwln, C. II.
Wells, W. A. McKay, C. A. Kanaoholo,
T. II. Lyons nnd W. II .Cornwell.
I.unu Committee Hon. A. N. Kepol-
Klnnnco Committee C. 1). I.utkln,
chairman; C. II. Wells nnd It. A. Wads-
Invitation Committee T. II. Lyons,
W. II. Cornwell nnd C. A. Kanaoholo.
Decoration Committee, Jas. N, K.
Kt-ola, John Klnl Kaaa and W. H. Suf-
By telephoning Main 227 (QILENT
BARBER SHOP) ladles desiring fa-
:lal massage can secure the services
if an expert ooerator at their homes,
Among the passengers on hoard tin j
tlcamshln Mongolia Is Tom McKay, thu
famous passenger agent who can prill
, , ,, , , . ... '
himself on having hooked almost every
notable pcrsonaoo who crossed tho
Pacific during thu paBt years. Mc
Kay Is nervous, quick and the acme of
energy ns ever,
Tom McKay represents the Pacific
Malt Steamship Company, Occidental
& Orleiitnl Steamship Company, Toyu n load of timber for tho new Seoul rail
Klscn Knlshn (Oriental S. S. Co.), way. When she wns Hearing her des
Southern Pacific: Company, Union Pn- tlnntlou a heavy fog caused her to lose j
tine Jtnuroati c;onipniiy, micngo
Ninth-Western Hallway and Atchison,
Topeka & Santa Fu Hallway. III! inalu
office Is in Yokohama hut lie Is eon-
stantly travelling from one end of tlu
Orient to tho other making frequent
trips to thu mainland. He Is nt piesc-nt
on his wny to (he St. Louts FaposI
Hon. Ho will only make, a Hying vlsll
and will then go to India.
Tom McKay is ono of thu best friend
Hawaii has. As ho represents the thrco
tteamshlii companies whoso liners go
.. .1 ... l. .. I .!.. i. .t 4... 11... n.l...l
to nnd from the mainland to the Orient
by way ot Honolulu, and Is In opposl-
Hon to those which do not touch here,
he makes n ttpcclalty of advertising Hn-
wnll In order to draw tho teyrlst travel
along his lines. Ho has travelled from
tho Persian Gulf to Vladivostok nnd
makes frequent trips through Japan,
China, India, Cochin China, the Phil-
Ipplncs, Straits Settlement, Java, Su-
luatra and ninny other places. At all
these places tho genial Tom McKay
tells tho pooplu of tho steamship lines
Olaa Plantation Facts
For Small Holders
By Agency Authority
S. M. Damon of Illshop & Co., agents
for thu Olaa Sugar Company, stated to
a llulletln representative today tnai
liu had read with Interest this paper's,
editorial on "Small Stockholders nud
Plantations," and concurred In Hh
spirit. Mr, Damon said that ho did
not consider It altogether the fault of
directors or mnnagers thnt thu small
stockholder did not know all that he
wished to know concerning the nffnln
ot tho companies In which ho held
It Is sometimes dllllcult for n innii
or woman holding a small block of
Block In u corporation to get nt tho
huurcu of tbo Information he wants.
They often feel a diffidence or back
wardness nlmut making Inquiries. They
perhaps feel that theyoro Intruding
. - .
or prying Into the work ot peopio more
concerned than they are. From my
own experience ns an Investor, I hnvo
always found tho agencies free to give
information sought tor,"
"What will bo your policy ns head
of the Ohm agencyt'tez
"I believo nil peopio Interested In
Olaa should know exactly where they
stand," replied Mr. Damon, "Olaa Ih
considered n great plantation nnd many
small holders are Interested In tt. The
plantation has passed through quite a
it-vero crisis In tho last few months
and u complete reorganization of ItH af
fairs hns been undertaken. Any Infor
mation that will bo of assistance to
(ho small stockholder that we tan glvu
will lie given gladly. As tho llulletln
suggests, tho small holder would llko
to know something of the plantation.
On that point tho plantation owns
In feu simple a little more than 10,000
If You
Have P. operty
And wish to elect anaJmlnl
stratnr, gua dl in or trus'te
weigh Ih- permanency and
rrspon-ilbllity of t-orpor tlmi
against the nhle dl'abill
ties of an individual
I'nrtherinnre a t'list com
pany Is n ginl7ed for just
such duile-i by nirn of luge
Among the passengers on board the
steamship Mongolia Is Captain It. M.
""'rt"n. who returns from Korea to
lKngland. Captain ltohertson former-
' C1)ramand(, thp ,,,, M,,milhp
Unerly, which was lost near Fusan,
i Korea, on July 29.
Captain Kobcrtsou stated today that
in heavy fog was responsible for the
loss of the Anerly. Sho was on her
way from Otaro, Japan, to Kusan with
ner ncnriagB nu sue wan wrcvi"i uh
llio rocky coast about twenty-llvo miles
north of Fusan. Captain ltohertson
nnd his crew managed to get ashore
nnd went to Kusan. Tho lieltcr part of
the Auerly's cargo was salved, but
owing to tho lack of proper facilities
nothing could Ihj done to save tho ves
sel. Sho was totnlly wrecked August
25 by a typhoon, which also played
meat havoc with the port of Kusan.
lie represents and advertises Hawaii.
tlLnr nlnlnn (lint toltllfV llin fnlirltf
McKay states that wlille tho tourist
travel to the Orient at present Is more
slack thnn It hns been for somo time, it
will pick up tremendously next year,
Winning about March. Tho wor Is nt
present discouraging tourists from go-
lug to tho Orient but by the time lie
mentions ho expects things will have
quieted down to such an extent thnt
tourists will (lock to. the Orient attract-
ed la order to observe the effects of
the war. Ho predicts that Hawaii will
get Its share of this travel.
seres of land. It lenses nt S 1. 00 nil acre
nlmut 400(1 ucrcs more or less, paying i
rental only on tho ncrcage actually
used. Of these areas there aro 9000
acres In actual cultivation.
i "Tho mill, costing rmnplcto 780,0(i0,
Is considered ono of the flncbt In the
Islands. The cost of production ol
-- .,. ,1 I. 1 ll. ...
fcuitur irum ciiu iium u n-iiti-n mu vumu.imii niu i(- .p
cars until It is bagged nud placed on
the track ready for shipment, stands
very close to tho record ot Hawaiian
Commercial, The Inst report of Ha
waiian Commercial sIiowh their cost of
manufacture, to Iki a few ccntB cheaper
than nt Olaa.
"Thn Olaa plantation Is a largo insti
tution nnd will require, as Mr. Watt,
the new manager, states, ionic consld
crablu tlmu to gather In all the rondl-
tlons. and ohtnln n grip ns It were, on
I,u ..Aaall.lllllnu Tlinrn linu I innn
its possibilities. Thero has been
a gradual drawing , In of ex
Iiendlturcs nnd lopping off of con-
icctlons thnt were not properly u part
of Olaa. It hns been tho policy ot the
agents nud thu manager to '"inline
themselves strictly to the Intcesds ot
the company nnd mnku everything
bend in thnt direction
"Connected with tho plantation aro
como CO miles of Humes. Thn water
supply Is brought from lnnd In Kall
mann, back ot I llio, and serves tho
purpose ot Iluuilng cano nnd firewood
nnd supplies tho mill with whutovcr
water needed.
"We asked Manager Wntt what ho
considered was tho trua reason for
Olaa's yield, In connection with Punn,
of a crop of only 17,000 tons when 22,-
000 tons wns tho original estimate of
tho crop. Ho staled that thero were
four reasons: First, nil exaggerated es
timate of tho yield; second, the attackB
of the leafhoppcr In upper fields, where
tho Whitney Ilnmhoo cano had been
planted exclusively; third, over rat
ioning of Holds, liutcad ot planting
with plant cane; fourth, lack of cultl
vntlon on two upper fields. Mr. Watt
did not consider the Inst as essentially
connected with tho results as tho other
"This year thero has been planted
2200 acres tor thu crop of 190C. Tho
crop ot 1905 will bo small for tho rea
son that thero is no plant cano, nud the
short period of lime between tho
liango of management and tho taking
rt of tlio crop of 1905. does not admit
ot extcnslvo changes. Ilcncflts will
appear more from tho crops of 1900
nnd onwnrd. I think Manager Watt
(Continued on Page 5.)
DON'T FORGET that to vote In the
orring Territorial election YOU
...... T prr.(VrERi
WePs Fargo & Co.
Masonic Temple Tel. Blue 581
ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, Sept. 26. Gen. Sakharotf reports the re
pulse of Japanese forces attempting to occupy Kaouton Pats, which commands
the road to Futhan.
ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, Sept 26. Gen, Kuropatkln announces that
the Japanese are preparing an extensive turning movement east of Mukden.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cat., Sept. 26.
nt auction by Receiver Smith of the United States Shipbuilding Company gen-
erally known as the 6hlp Trust. Charles
was the only bidder, their bid of $1,700,000 being accepted.
WALMER CASTLE, England, Sept. 26. Lady Curzon is Improving.
NAPLES, Italy, Sept. 26. The eruption of Vesuvius continues unabated.
8WIATOPOLK, 8ept. 26. Governor Mlrsky hat arrived here.
are anticipated with the Inauguration of hit regime.
Judge Gaibraith
Better Than Ever
Judge and Mrs. C. A. Gnlhrnllh ro
turned from tho mainland In the Koren
today having been absent since Juno I,
Judge Gaibraith was a delegate to tho
Democratic National Convention nt St
Louis and wns ono of tho committee ta
notify Judgu Parker at ;:sopiiB of hll
nomination, Mrs. Gathrnlth accom
panied Judge Gaibraith to Ksopus and
was one of thrco ladles who witnessed
the ceremony of notification.
On leaving Honolulu in Juno Judgo
Gnlhrulth left with the Intention of re
maining away permanently, lint to-
day ho said
"Mrs. Gaibraith and mself decided
before wu had been nwny from Hawaii
two months, that It wns thu finest plaeo
III the world to live. Consequently w
mado up our minds to return. We aro
homo a little earlier than we expected
I..., P ..In. I .if II '
Speaking of tho imllthal situation In
tho enst Judge Gaibraith said tho cam
paign hnd not gotten under wny lieforo
ho left. Hu considers tho Parker und
Davis ticket has n good chnnco to win
and believes that thoso who aro count
ing him out nt this stago aro prema
ture. "It's anybody's light yet," said
Indue Galhrnllh,
Thero will bo two Republican meet
ings In Honolulu tonight. Tho Itepub
llcnns of tho Fifth District will hold o
meeting at tho Vineyard street camr
nnd tho Republicans of tho Fourth will
hnvo n round-up nt Kukaako, corner n
Queen and Itlver stieets. Candidates
for tho Legislature will speak ut botu
meetings. Delegate Kuhlo will tnak
nn nddress nt Kakaako and go later to
tho Vlnuyuid street meeting.
Tho trip nn tbo other sldo of the
Island by tho Republican candidates
has been deferred until Wednesday.
Judge L. M. Bouthworth, en routo to
Manila per 8. 8. Korea, wlioro ho ex
ercises judicial functions, called on
Judgo Gear this morning, tho lattei
ordering a recess In court for a fow
minutes Hint thn Philippine Jurist
might meet Honolulu attorneys prei
cut at tho thno.
Tbo hot run nt Hnwnllan coffee In
tho rltv N Knelnnd Itakerv
A school snoe must be strong-- and of pi od iraeiul n
stnml'h.ird Avnr. It nni-t lit mcumtely so is n t
injure urovvi m feet. Tlirse quaii ies are combined h
lo.v prices here.
Boys' lace sluob of vid leather
Manufacturers' Shoe Co , l,i1.
SOLD FOR $1,700,000.
The Union Iron Works were sold today
8chwab's reorganization committee
Gas Plant Matters
'Frisco Likes Sugar
A. N. Campbell of tbo Waterhouso
Trust Co.. Ltd., returned today In tho
Korea from a trip to San KranclBco,
wlioro ho went in tho Interest of tho
Honolulu (Ins Company entcrpilse.
Mr. Campbell stated to a llulletln re
porter that tho financial arrangements
for the gas enterprise! nro now com
plete. Our plans nro in tho hands ot
nil engineer on tho Const nnd as soon
as ho can do his work contracts will bo
let for laying mains nnd erecting thn
plant. Thu gas plant will bo In oper
ation by Juno 1, 1905.
Speaking of tho flurry In San Fran
cisco over Hawaiian slocks, Mr. Camp
bell snld! "Tho San Francisco boom
Is not n broker's boom. Tho pcopln
up there havo faith In Hawaiian secur
ities nud thu activity on tho stock
hoard thero Is natural. Thero Is n
better feeling on tho Coast toward our
stocks nnd with the rise In sugar they
aro In demand."
S, M. Kanakanul, expert In tho mat
ter ot fishery rights, Is appointed by
Government Surveyor Wnll to ossIbI
Attorney General Andrews In tho hear-
i Ing of tneso rnses. All fishery matters,
with claims and mnps, nre to go to hint
'after hearing for nn expert opinion, af
ter which Andrews will give delcslon
i Three more cases aro ret for tomor-
Andrews will rehear tho matter ot
Anna Perry vs. the Territory, now
facts having como to light
Judge Gear orders another special
vcnlro of thirty-six to fill out tho Hay
nrhldn murder Jury. Veniremen are to
appear at 10 a. in. tomorrow.
McCarthy, tho shipping master, this
forenoon had a sailor, named Theodore
Altnieycr, arrested on a charge of as
sault and battery. Altmeycr has sworn
to n cross warrant for McCarthy's ar
lest on a similar charge.
In his will Harry Ogdcn Mellor. so
licitor, London, said: "I with my body
tl bo burned nnd my ashes scattered,
having an abhorrence of the barbarous
practice of burial of tho human body la
tho earth."
Iltank hooks ot nil sorts, ledgers,
etc., manufactured by the Tlullattn Pub
lishing CompsnT
of m lours calf, $2.50 tinl
iini'- i? ,-
i mi I luff" ri''u "
-t1- - MMf"
B.it,i'.iU.ililili'.i smmjXrih n u uso fi
.. 1

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