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, - " T , .- , . , ' ' ' '" 'l
See Pno 8. N3W TO-DAY, for Now Ada.
Groom wants position In prlvato family
or watchman. T. Savage, Alakea
House 31G0-1W
A young man or woman as clerk. Must
be willing to bo generally useful.
Address W., this office. 3165-lw
A cocker spaniel pup.
this office.
Address Dog,
HOUSE On raclflc Heights.
HOUSE On lleach at Walklkl.
OFFICES In Walty Ditlldlng and
corner of Merchant and Nuuanu StB.
STOKES On Fort Street, opposlto
Catholic Church.
Improved and Unimproved Proper
ties. Houses In alt parts of tho City.
11ISHOP & CO.,
Merchant Street.
Two modern two-story houses, on Kl-
nau street; mosquito proof; electric
light and servants' quarters. Rent
$35 and $30. Inquire 736 Lunnlllo,
phone TCI lllue.
On Mnklkl St. near Wilder Ave., 1
cottage, C rooms, modern Improve
ments; 1 furnished cottage. En
quiro 1527 Maklkl St. 3101-lw
Those who wnnt good furnished rooms
will And tbcm at THE NEW ERA.
on Fort street, on their own terms.
tarnished Rooms Housekeeping nl-
lowed; cool and mosquito proof. Ala-1
kca House, Alakea St bet Hotel and
King. 22C5-tt
- !
Nicely furnished room In prlvato fain-
lly; no other roomers; largo garden; I
only $6. C8 Kuktit St. nr. Fort
Newly painted 5-room cottago;
tary plumbing. River St Apply J.',
w. I'oamcre, uctnei ana King.
- a.-
Two good rooms at Mrs. Kearn's. 184 r Bhw Mc cred t Is due hta' a8
Hotel street; rent very reasonable LZ ,.u,!ul "J T singing rendered
to right party. 3168-lw rom, Uie n,nJluG n"a,B,n,f nB..rf ,! '
fi I by them It shows that after this thero
Cottages In Chrlstly Lane. Apply'1" no neCS8y ' sending to Hono-
Wong Kwil, Smith St, mauka Hotel,1"1" for musicians to como to Maul (
sTtarnlshed bout ekceplng rooms at Cot-
tage drove, King St Enquire No. 8.
Furnished rooms; flno air.
pal between Lunalilo St.
1329 Ala-
Vewly furnished mosquito proof rooms.
At 84 Vineyard St 2728-tf
Furnished rooms at 1223 Emma street
Mrs. McCunnell. 2563
-room cottage,
325 Vineyard St near
i '
'Hawaiian Ballasting Company.
Best black sand from $2 to $3 a load
j according to distance hauled. Coral
rocks for stable, roads and side-
-walks; firewood. Third door below
-..l-JClng, Maunakea St; P. O. box 820.
".Telephone Main 396.
Uemura dyes (any color) and cleans
clothes; repairs bicycles and fur
nishes empl.jees. 620 King St
'Ring 'up Main "147, when yci have
clothes to clean or press. Makea
St, Kaplolanl Bldg. 3060-tf
r. Hayashl Clothes cleaned, repaired
and dyed. E37 Beretanla St
'For house-help, phone White 2891, Ma
klkl. General Employment Office,
cor. Pensacola and Beretanla.
Wing Chong, cor. King and Bethel,
Contractor and Builder, and Dealer
in furniture; manufacture all kinds
of Koa Fu-ilture. 3139-U
(Umbrellas repaired and brass polish
ing. Takata, 1284 Fort St
A: R. Rowat, D.V.8., 777 King street
TeL Bine' 3101.
Fff nlcs, smooth shave call at tho
Criterion Shop, 1111 Fort St
A big stock of cigars, has been bought
from the American and Theobald
and Oppenhclmer Cigar Co.'s. To
make room for this new Block, I will
for the next CO days sell cigars, now
In stock, by the box for less than
cost. Over 100,000 cigars are ou
sale. All tho leading brands of E
cent cigars will bo sold from $1.50
to $3.50 per 100; 10-cent clear Ha
vana cigars from $3.50 to $6.00 per
100. Myrtle Cigar Store, T. J. F1U
patrlck, prop., Fort St
Two housee and lot, 100x130, at Ka
palama, near Knlulanl School, for
merly rcsldenco of H. R. H. Ruth
Kecllkolanl. Two lots, 60x130, ad
joining same. At a Bargain. P. E.
It. Straucb, Walty Dldg, No. 7 King
Flno corner lot In Maktkl. Curbing,
water, fruit and ornamental trees
and all Improvements. Two min
utes' walk from cars and Punahou
College Addrees R. F., this office.
Sterling Hawaiian soinenlr spoons, on tho examination paper, nnd It
lllg assortment of different designs would naturally bo nn Immense nd
to select from. Dlclz, Fort St, , vnntago If tho candldnto could prepare
It In advance. For this reason great
Soui water and all tho latest drinks,
Hawaiian Soda Works,- 1425 Emma
St. Tel. Bluo 2871. 3113-tf
Flno men's suits made to order In all
styles. W. L. Lung, 1018 Nuuanu, I
near King. 3121-tf
chickens, $12 per doz; 2 good cows.
ddrcss Mrs. C. Rhodes, Wnhlawa.
3108 In-
Cheap Homo near Park, Walklkl.
Address R. S. K., Bulletin.
(Special to The Bulletin)
Spreckelsvllle, Maul. Aug. 31. A
farewell luau wns given nt tho home
lot Mrs. W. II. Daniels on Saturday
. i evening In honor of her daughter
Nancy who departs for Honolulu on
Wednesday to enter school. The event
was n'sa ,0 commemorate the 20th
birthday of her younges' son Harry. '
Eatables of various Hawaiian dishes
were spread on n table forty feet long
nt which the Invited guests sat down
nt about 7 o'clock nnd It wns well be-
twecn 8:30 nnd 9 o'clock before they
had the Inner man contented.
The tables were then cleared nnd
lancing was Indulged In until way nft-
; cr midnight The feature of tho even-
ling wns llie music furnished by tho1
' n n. .!.. 1.. A.nt..l 1... r
I to play for any of our big dances,
. I Among those present were the follow-
'b: Mr. and Mrs. William Walsh, Mr.
nnd Mrs. James Fantom, Mr. nnd Mrs.
A. J. Gossln, Mrs. C. Hansen and
daughter, Mrs. Belts and three daugh
ters, Mrs. Onlway, Mrs. E. F. Dlnert,
Mrs. W.'H. Cornwcll Jr., Misses Nancy,
Mollle, Y:tta, Hannah and Rose Cum
mlngs, A. Buchanan, Rose Daniels, El
len Daniels, Helen Wrenn, Messrs. A.
J. Case, George Mayflcld, II. Amundsen,
E. C. Campbell, A. Voss. A. S. rrescott,
T. A. Lloyd, C. R. Show, W. E. Smith,
H. Sullivan, II. Shoemaker, A. C. Betts,
W. Lougher, J. B. Thomson, Edgar
Morton, T, Nicholson and J. II. Nelson.
Mr. Jas. Sheridan has opened a repair
ing shop at 1168 Miller St cor Bere
tanla. Charges reasonable. A num
ber of second-hand pianos In good
condition, cheap. Orders may be
left at Haw'n. News Co.
Piano taught In 6 months by experi
enced teacher; $3 month (8 lessons);
special attention to adult beginners.
Address Music, this office. 3157-tf
See John M. Martin for paiptlng and
Interior decorating, 1010 Alakea St
Tel. 3131 White. ' 3097
See Hastings for repairs of Locks,
Keys, Music Boxes, Sharpening of
Fine Cutlery. Rear Union Grill.
V. T. Rawlins, Attorney and Counts!-lor-at-Law,
502 Stangenwald Build
ing. 3118-tf
Wing Hlng Draylng Express and Bal
last Co., Klawl and Ohla wood for
sale delivered to any part of the
city. Office at Kee Chang Co.,
Smith and Hotel Sts. Tel. White
1696. 3151-tf
Dr. A. N. Sinclair Residence Tele
phono W. 2861; office Telephone M.
885. Has changed his office hours
to tho following); 8:30 to 10 a. m.;
4 to 5 p. m.; evenings by appoint
ment or Tel. W. 2861. 3166-lra
Fine Job Printing at Tho Bulletin
CT "Return of
Author of "The Advcnturct of Shtrlock Holmta,"
"The Hound of the niiktrvlllu." Th fisn ILLUSTRATED
of th four," "A Study In Sctrlct," Etc. BY F. D. SI
The Adventure of
the Three Students
No. 0 of the Series
(Continued from Saturday)
"1 tnust explain to you, Mr. Holmes,
that tomorrow Is tho first day of the
examination for tho Fortescuo scholar
ship. I am one of tho examiners. My
subject Is Greek, and tho first of tho
papers consists of a large pnssago of .
Greek translation which tho candidate
lias not seen. This passage Is printed
care Is taken to keep the paper secret. J,
I "Today oliont 0 o'clock tho proofs
of tnls Paper arrived from the printers.
The exercise consists of half a chapter
, Thucydldes. 1 had to read It over
carefully, as the text must be abso
lutely correct At 4 30 my task was
not yet completed. I had, however,
promised to tako tea In n friend's
rooms, so I left tho proof upon my
desk. I was absent more than an hour. I
"Vou are aware, Mr. Holmes, that Bonnie, thnt, unlcsi the Imllnu student
our collego doors arc double a green recognized tho roll ns being proofs, tbo
balzo ono within nnd a heavy oak ouo man who tumpcrcd with them camo
without? As I approached my outer upon them accidentally without know
door I was nmazed to see a key. In It Ing that they were there."
For an Instant I Imagined tlmt I had
left my own there, but on feeling In my
pocket I found that It was all rlgh't
Tlie only dupllcato which existed, so
far as I knew, was that which belonged
to my servant, Bannister, a man who
has looked after my room for ten years '
and whoso honesty Is absolutely nbovo
suspicion. I found that the key wns
Indeed his, that ha had entered my
room to know If I wnnted tea and that
he had very carelessly left tbo key in
the door when ho enmo out. His visit
to my room must huvo been within n
very row minut.-s of my leaving It Ills
lorgcuuincs? nuoui mo Key wouiu imTo
mattered little upon nny other occa
sion, but on this ouo ilny It has pro
duced the most doplornblo conse
quence. "Tho moment I looked nt my table I
wns aware that some, ouo had rum-
""' .",J' lm- T" VC
TM '" tl,rco lo"K K"1"'- l lmd lc"
them nil together. Now I found that
oncof ,U(,m wn ,y,II(0I1 lll0 oor ouc
was ou the sldo table near tbo window
unJ ,), tllIril was wlu.ro l lllul lert ,t
Holmes stirred for the first tlmo.
"Tho tlrst page on tho floor, tho sec
ond In tho window, tho l,lrd wbcroyou
left It?" said he.
"Exactly, Mr. Holmes. You amaze
me. How could you possibly know
Tray continue your very Interesting
"For nn iustnnt I Imagined that Ban
nister had taken tho unpardonablo lib
erty of examining my papers. He de
nied It however, with tho utmostenr
neatness, and I am convinced that ho
was speaking tbo truth. The alterna
tive was that some ono passing had ob
served tho key In tho door, had known
that I wns out and had entered to look,
at tho papers. A large sum of money
Is at stake, for tho scholarship Is a
very valuable one, nnd an unscrupulous
man might very well run a risk In or
der to gain on advantage over bui fel
lows. "Bannister was very much upset by
the Incident Ho had nearly fainted
when wo fonnd that tho papers had
undoubtedly been tampered with. I
guvo him a llttlo brandy nnd left him
collapsed In a chair-while I made a
most careful examination of tho room.
I soon saw that tho Intruder had left
other traces of his presence besides the
rumpled papers. On tho table In tho
window wero several shreds from a
pencil which had been sharpened. A
broken tip of lead was lying there also.
Evidently tho rascal had copied tbo
paper In n great hurry, had broken Ills
pencil nnd had lieen compelled to put
a fresh point to It"
"Excellent 1" snld nolmes, who was
recovering his goivl humor as his at
tention became moro engrossed by tho
case. "Fqrtuno has been your friend."
"Tills wns not all. I havo a now
writing tablo with n flno surface of
red leather. I am prepared to swear,
nnd so Is Bannister, tlmt It wns smooth
and unstained. Now I found a clean
cut In It about three Inches long not a
mere scratch, but a positive cut. Not
only this, but on tbo table I found a
small ball of black dough or clay, with
specks of something which looks like
sawdust In It I am convlnout that
theso marks wero left by the man who
rifled the papers. There wero no foot-
marks and no other evidence as to bis
Identity. I was at my wits' ends when
suddenly the happy thought occurred to
me that you were In the town, and I
came straight round to put the matter
Into your bands. Do help me, Mr.
Holmes. Ton see my dilemma. Either I
must find the man or else the examina
tion most be postponed until fresh pa-
pers are prepared, and since this cannot
uo uodu wiiuoui explanation mere will
ensue a hideous scandal which will
throw a cloud not only on tho college,
but on the university. Above all tilings
I desire to settle the matter quietly and
"I shall bo haDDV to look Into It ami
to give yon such advlco as I can," said
Holmes, rising and putting on his over
coat "The cast Is not entirely ftorold
of Interest. Had any ono visited yon In
your room after the papers came to
"Tin; young Dnulnt Ras, an Indian
student, who liven on the same stair,
camo In to ask me some particulars
abouthe examination."
"For which he was entered?"
"And the papers were on yonr ta
bloV "To the best of my belief they were
rolled up.",
"lint might be recognized as proofs?"
"No ouo elso In your room?"
Did nny one know that theso proofs
would bo there?"
"So ono save the printer."
"Did this mnu Bannister know?"
"No; certainly not. No ono knew."
"Wliero In Bannister now?"
"Ho was wry 111, poor follow! I
left him collapsed In the chalr,I was
In such n hurry to conic to you."
"Vou left your door open?"
"I locked up tho papers first"
"Then It amounts to this. Mr.
"Bo It seems to inc."
Holmes gave an enigmatic smile.
"Well," said ho, "let us go round.
Not ono of your cases, Watson men
tal, not physical All right; como If
you want to. Now, Mr. Soames, at
your disposal."
OopnVM bjr Collltr'l WmU.
The sitting room of our client opened
by a long, low, latticed window on to
tho ancient lichen tinted court of tho
old college. A Gothic arched door led
to a worn stone staircase. On tho
ground Door wns tho, tutor's room.
Above wero three students, ono ou
each story. It was already twilight
when wo reached tho scene of our
problem. Holmes halted and looked
earnestly nt the window; then he ap
proached It and, standing on tiptoe
with his neck craned, he looked Into'
the room.
"He must have entered through tho
door. There Js no opening except tho
ono pane," said our learned guide.
"Dear me I" said Holmes, and ho
smiled In a singular wuy us ho glanc
ed nt our companion. "Well, If thtvo
Is nothing, to bo learned hero wo had
best go Inside."
Tho lecturer unlocked the outer door
nnd ushered us into his room. We
stood nt the entrance whllo Ilolnieu
made nn examination of tho carpet
"I am afraid there are no signs
(here," said he. "Ono could hardly
hopa for any upon so dry a day. Your
servant seems to havo quite recovered.
You left him In a chair, you say.
Which chair?"
"By the window thero."
"1 see. Near this little table. You
can come In now. I have finished
with the carpet Let us take the llt
tlo tablo first Of courso what has
happcued Is very clear. Tho man en
tered and took the papers; sheet by
sheet from tho central table. Ho car
ried Uiom over to tho window tablo,
becauso from thero he could seo If you
camo across tho courtyard 'and so
could effect an escape." ,
"As a matter of fact he could not"
said Boames, "for I entered by 'tho
side door." '
"Ah, that's good! Well, anyhow, that
was in his mind. Let mo see tho three
strips. No finger Impressions no I
Well, he carried over this one first and
ho copied It How long would It take
him to do that using every possible
contraction? A quarter of an hour, not
less. Then be tossed It down and seiz
ed the next lie was In the midst of that
when your return caused him to mako
a very hurried retreat very hurried,
since bo hnd not time to replaco the
sBsBHJ3sxffivii M - ftgBPPptt
papers which w6uld tell yon that ho
had been there. You were not nwnre
of any hurrying t,eet on the stair as
you entered the outer door?"
"No, I enn't say I was."
"Well, he wrote so furiously that ho
broke lilt pencil, nnd hnd, as you ob
oerve, to sharpen It again. This Is of
Interest Wntson. Tho pencil wns not
an ordinary one. It was above the
usual size, with n soft lead, tho
outer color was dark blue, tho maker's
name wns printed In silver lettering,
nnd tho piece remaining Is only about
nn Inch and a half long. Look for such
a pencil, Mr, Soames, and you havo got
your man. When I add that he pos
sesses a large and very blunt knife you
have an additional aid." ':
Mr. Soames was somewhat over
whelmed by this flood of Information.
"I can follow tbo other oolnts." said
I ho. "but nnllv. In thla matter of the
Holmes held out a small chip with
tho letters NN and a space of 'clear
wood after them.
"You see?"
"No, I fonr that even now"
"Watson, 1 have always done you nn
Injustice. There aro others. What
could this NN be? It Is nt tho end of a
word. You aro a ware that Jobann
Fnticr Is tho most common maker's
name. Is It not clear that there Is Just
ns much of the pencil left ns usually
follows tho Johann?" Ho held the
small tnblo sideways to tho electric
light "I was hoping that If tho paper
on which, lie wrote wns thin some trace
of It might como through upon thjs pol
ished surface. No, I sec nothing. 1
don't think there Is anything more to
bo learned here. Now for tho antral
table. This small pellet Is, I presume,
the black, doughy mass you spoke of.
Roughly pyramidal In shape and hol
lowed out I perceive. As you say,
there appear to lie grains of sawdust In
It. Dcnr mo, this Is very Interesting.
And tho cut a positive tear, I sec. It
began with n thin scratch and ended
with n Jagged bolo. I am much In
debted to you for directing my atten
tion to this case, Mr. Soames. Where
does th,nt door lead to?"
-i'o my bedroom."
"Havo you bet-a In It since your Ad
venture?" "No, I camo straight away for you." '
"I should llko to have a glance,
round. What n charming, old fashion
ed room! Perhaps you will kindly
wait a minute until I have examined
tho floor. No, I sec nothing. What
about this curtain? You hang your
clothes behind It If any one were
forced to conceal himself In this riutu
be must do It there, since tbo bed Is
too low and tlio wardrobo too shallow.
No oue there, I suppose?"
An Holmes drew tbo curtain I was
aware from somo little rigidity nnd
alertness of his nttltudo that ho was
.prepared for an emergency. As a mat
ter of fact, tho drawn curtain dlsclos-
Orrrllht liy
Collltr'i ViMt.
Daulat Rat,
ed nothing but throo or four suits of
clothes hanging from a lino of pegs.
Holmes turned away and stooped sud
denly to tho floor.
"Hollo! What's this?" said be.
It was a small pyramid of black,
puttylike stuff, exactly like the one
upon tho tablo of the study. Holmes
held It out on his open palm In the
glare of the electric light
"Your visitor seems to have left
traces In your bedroom as well as In
your sitting room, Mr. Soames."
"What could he have wanted there?"
"I think it IS clear enough. You came
hack by an unexpected way, and so
ho had no warning until you were nt
tho very door. What could ho do? Ho
caught up everything which would be
tray him, and ho rushed Into your bed
room to conceal himself."
"Good gruclous, Mr. Holmes, do you
.mean to tell mo that all tho tlmo I wus
talking to Bannister in this room we
had tho man prisoner If wo had only
known It?"
"So I read It."
"Surely there is another alternative,
Mr. Holmes. I dou't know whether
you observed my bedroom whitlow?"
"Lattlco paued, lead framework,
three separate windows, ono swinging
on bingo and largo enough to admit a
"Exactly. And It looks out on an
unglo of tho courtyard so ns to be
partly Invisible. The man might havo
effected his entrance there, left traces
as. ho passed through tho bedroom, and
finally, finding tbo door open, have es
caped thqt way,"
Holmes shook his bead Impatiently.
"Let us bo practical," said he. "I
understand you to say that thero are
tlirco students who uso this stair and
xo In the habit of passing your door?"
"Yes, there are."
"And tbey are all U (or tola examina
tion?" '
i, "Have you any reason to suspect any
one of them moro than the others?"
Soames hesitated.
"It Is a very delicate question," said
he. "Ono hardly likes to throw sus
picion where there are no proofs."
"Let us hear tho suspicions. I will
look after tho proofs."
(To be continued)
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JhisjaaiisM,'iM;IH',aM,aaP WiMil
After bucking a .head wind, a head
sea and a westerly current for twenty-three
days in a badly crippled ves
sel, CapL Harris brought tho schooner
Chas. Levi Woodbury safely Into port
yesterday morning. Since the an.
nouncemejit a few days ago that tho
schooner was safe, at Laysan Island, no
serious fears were felt tor her on her
homeward trip. Dut, according to Capt.
Harris, tho schooner nearly met with
a mishap on the last passage that
would have made her chances of get
ting hero rather slim. The patched
main boom sprung again In a heavy
wind. If it bad given way completely
the schooner would have been practi
cally unable to heat against the trad
Ajuong old skippers and sailors along
the waterfront it is regarded as extra'
ordinary that Harris should have at
tempted to beat against the trade
winds with bis vessel crippled as she Is,
One old sea captain said this morning
that the schooner should have -run
northward out of the trades and then
made her easting, asserting that tbll
course would have been far less hazard
ous, and about as short In the end.
The schooner Woodbury left this
port on July 1 and made a quick trip
to Laysan Island,' Arriving there In n
little over four days, At tho Island
150 short tons of guano were loaded,
and on July 13 tho Woodbury sailed
for Honolulu. Tho second day out In
a gale Bho lost her staysail and fore
sail. The pumps became clogged and
to free tho decks from the water of the
bulwarks were knocked away. At this
tlmo the schooner was running undot
bare poles. After threo days the storm
subsided. On Wednesday night, when
the storm seemed ,tp have blown Itself
nut, Captain Harris went below to
sleep. About 9:30 o'clock he was awak
ened by a crashing overhead and ran
on deck. He found that the schoonet
bad been 'struck aback by a sudden
squall ami 'tho malnboom broken off
Just over the house. Capt Schlemmer,
who was 'aboard, fixed up a fairly good
boom, and the schooner was headed foe
Laysan. Tnen Captain Harris found
that be was far to the westward.
Therefore he ran down to Ltslanskl Is
land, and from thero made for Laysan,
which was reached on August 9.
On the way to Laysan one of thf
Japanese sailors died at the. wheel, and
when found some time later, with hit
hands still clutching the spokes. He
wns burled the next day.
At Laysan Island the main boom was
repaired, being Bpllced up with the old
noom of the schooner C. Kennedy,
The schooner sailed from Laysan Is-
land on August 11, and after 12 days
at sea ran Into strong trades, Th
main boom sprung again and from that
time on the mainsail had to be partly
reefed. The schooner continued to
buck head winds nil the way to Kauai.
From that time, last Tuesday morning,
until' making port, variable winds, al
ternating with calms, were experienced.
The Woodbury was picked up off Dia
mond Head and towed Into port yes
terday morning. She Is tied up at
Railway wharf No. 2, and Is discharg
ing hor guano today. She will need
nn overhauling of her rigging before
another, trip to Laysan.
Tho weather was splendid at Hale
Iwa, Walalua, on Sunday, and the hotPl
had a very lively day. Dr. Howard
Humphrls and Mr. C. W. Case Deerlng
made tbo trip down In Mr. Dcerlng'a
auto, the party Intending to spend La
bor Day at Halelwa.
Over SO guests sat down to an ex
cellent luncheon and dinner and speuk
In eulogistic terms of Manager Bid
good's catering.
Mr, Joseph Aea played somo selec
tions on. the piano during the evening,
and everyone had a glorious time.
The golf links are In excellent shape
JuBt now, and many pleasant matches
were brought off. Mrs. Phillips and,
Mr. Oswald Mayall are matched against
Messrs. Bottomley and Phillips on La
hor Day, In a two ball foursome, a good
gamo Is .certain. ,
GIVES $50,000,000.
Cleveland, August 9. Tho World
News today says: At conferences now
tnklng place at Forest Hill between
John D. Rockefeller nnd President
William It. Harper of Chicago Univer
sity, plans are being formulated tor
the further endowment of that edu
cational .institution 'by Mr. Rockefel
ler. President and Mrs. Harper arrived In
Cleveland today. Tho visit of the
Harpers to tho home of Mr. Rocke
feller Is said to. be one of a social
nature, but It Is known that plans in
volving the outlay of $50,000,000 are
under consideration by Mr. Rockefeller,
who desires to make the university the
greatest seat of learning In the world.
It Is believed final' steps in the matter
will have been '.taken before President
Harper leaves, and his return to Chi
cago will be followed by the an
souncement that the work of enlarg
ing the university will be begun at
DEX, published In the Saturday Bulle
tin and the Weekly Edition, gives a
concise and complete resume of all le
gal notices, calls for tenders, Judo
ments, building permits and real es
tate transactions. Evening Bulletin,
75 cents pr month. Weekly Bulletin,
1 per year.
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