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a TEAMER(TABLE. ' jj ??.
Frem 8an Francisco: - . '
Sierra , Apr, 4 g g M 11
! Hes i Evening Bulletin
Mlowcra ....Apr. 7 MBk
For Vancouver: - tr
Moana Apr' 4 i:30 O'CLOCK bulletin ads hunt up buyers EDITION
Vol. XTVni No J1340
Detailed Stearpship
Campbell Challenges
Statements Of
Anti-Saloon Leagoe
"I believe In people wbo do things glvo him all Information at any time,
and not In mere talk," said Acting Gov- Since that time I hae not heard of
ornor Atkinson tins morning whllo ills- your league doing anything, although a
mining the anti-liquor crusade. "I am representative of our league has ex-
certainly cgalnit the saloons. That I, atnlned applications on fllo In this of-
1 believe there should he soma saloons, flee.
but under tho present liquor law there jjow Mr Mchards as t hao neither
are far too many, anj drunkenness' Is the time nor the Inclination to correct
en the Increase" statements which you may hastily run
The following Interesting letters jnt0 print with, I most respectfully as.c
from Treasurer Campbell, answering that heroifter you better Inform jour-
the open letter of Theo Illchards, were
then given out:
Honolulu Oahu. March 23, 1006
Theotfoie Itlchards. Ksq , Chairman
Antl-Sa.rcn League, Honolulu, T. II.
Dear Sir I notice In the dally pa.
tiers under date of the 22nd Inst , n let
ter from you setting forth that certain
statements are all facts. i
1st. You state In referring to Kona
that "there has been considerable
tercst around among the people thcte
u oppuiing pennons lor .moon..
The fact Is that no protest or petition
of any kind against the two licensed
you name otr reached this omco,
You state a. a fact that T. S1.I-
Imuma of Kealakekua, S. Kona, "ob
taned eight signatures on his petition,
of which names five are those living
outside the limit."
7h fact Is that, T Shlbajama'a pe
titton contained forty-two signatures
which jpu can erlfy-ut any tlmo by
examining the papers which are part
of the official records of this office, a
full account of whlcn was scnt.you yes
terday. 3rd You state that, "It Is notewor
thy that thU same Shlbayama is an ap
plicant for another saloou a Kolua
'u. too "
No such application nor any records
of any such application tan be found
In this offi although one K. Sulla
jfin.i has made an application for a
llcenre to manufacture wine at liolua
lot, N Kona
The denial of certain 'of tho signers
to bdth the petitions of Sing Sing and
T Shluayama raises a very scilous
question and one on which I wrote you
fully )eiitrday; but It Is not more than
possible, that when your short letter
conalns so many Inaccurate statements,
that jour Information concerning no
taries Is more than likely just as un
reliable However, I-hayo written to
the parties you named In your letter
of the V.Mi Inst, and If your hearsay
evidence Is confirmed by them, uu.
doubted))- the notaries will be proso.
cuted i
Borne months ago Mr, Lyle A. Dickey
called on me and stated that'he waai
on a committee of your league to take
in hand the liquor licenses. I told him
that I was pleased to learn that actlw
work was 1o be taken up anil Informed
him that cnythtns this office could do
to help would be done and at the same
lime insirociea me license cicru iu
Henrv wa erhnusB Trust no.. Ltfl..
..... "
MOCK antl UOnC "fOKefS.
Offices: Cor. Fort and Merchant Sts.
Telepnone Exchange No. 4.
wvwvinnnnncnnivwtnnrvvnnnrwwi---- j
The Home of
When you see this label on a suit you know Ifi good bet.
ter, in fact, than the best tailor-made. Benjamin Clothes are
made correctly, the materials are the best.
.Our New
The Kash
JJrWir - i-mr-'sTTJstftMiMsl
,Cf on questions you wish to subml
In open letters to the public, and that
)ou make, n correction of yestcrdaj s
letter giving the same ns much public.
Ity as you did the original
Respectfully yours
Treasurer, Territory of Hawaii
Honolulu, Oahu. March 23, 1006.
ln-.The0uoro nichards, Esq,
Honolulu T. II.
n..ol,.v,. r h 1-l.t, In.t.
reporting on behalf of tho Antl Saloon
League certain supposed Irregularities
"n,c.C"" ") h2,i"Tt0.10.r.
liquor licenses at Sing Sing at Kalna
llu, N. Kona, and to T. Shlbayama, at
Kealakekua, S. Kona, was received
vfliterdny. In both cases yoiTSet forth
that qulto a number of tho signers of
tho atlldavlt aro outside or the limit.
N'oMly ovcry property holder's affi
davit on fllo In this offico has names
on it, of porsons who aro outsldo of
tho limit, hut In checking up with the
tUt of property holdors supplied this
office by tho Sheriffs or Deputy Sher
iffs of the respective districts all
names of persons not qualified to sign
n omitted. And although the appli
cant swears beforo a notary that tho
names aro a majority of property hold
era or occu pints within the prcscrlb
td distances, it after eliminating
names not qualified to sign there does
not remain a majority, tho application
la refused; several applications have
net this fato.
Tho reason why so many of these af
fidavits contain names other than
those qualified to sign, Is In some
cases duo to tho crude methods which
they havo of arriving at tho correct
boundaries; In other cases it Is due to
the dcslro of tho notaries who general,
ly get the signatures, to secure as
many names as possible, as they aro
paid for each acknowledgment; and
possibly, in some cases It Is dono to
mislead this Department. "
Licenses wcro Issued to many of the
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., ,,,. i,rnnnn nnd extension
Dmp " " .""oi eS
of the Q een . twrt r k W
"," .,., Th m,nin
ovcnlng ns usual. The rmple narn
unoil flooring came on the Alameda and
m put m mo extension m once
rw Mnmlnv etcnlni! tne
bone to have tho enlarged rink ready
for skntlng Bond concert at i SO to-
night, f
m.mmmmmmmmmnin-tt iwibw
Spring Styles
- -8
TEL. MAIN 25. i
. tjl;. iiiy,'n ti?i-mk tiifliiiititiinnlriiiy'Vil
111!: MEN!
f The colored comic' supplement
that has been a feature of tho 4
t- Saturday Dulletln for nearly two
-- cars wilt be discontinued for a.
f time at least and a new feature
Introduced which tho Dulletln te-
llees will be even more popular. 4
f Unfortunately tho delivery of
shipments from New York Is at-
tended by such unexpected1 delays
that the cessation of the comic
supplement Is not coincident with
the Introduction of that which Is
to take Its place. It is expected, t
4- however, thit only a short tlnte
4- will elapso beforo Dulletln patrons -t
4- wilt bo served with something ad- -f
tllllQtial which ft thoroughly met-
ropolltan and furnishes an aid to
4- digestion and good humor on
4- other das, as well as Saturday.
t-r- -4- -4- -T--T--T--T- 4-
. , . , . , .. I Steamship Company In New York, with
There Is a deal on whereby tho Ho- the retuft th,f th; .u.m.nip people
nolulu Gas Co and tho Washington I have mapped out a scheme for the
Light Co, will consolidate. Clarcnco1 realization of the new line.
V Macfarlano of tho Washington! ', ' Idea of tile Amerlcan-Ha-Llgnt
Co. sells out. except for planta- walln Steamship Company that a
tlon business on the other Islands, to 'steamship be constructed at a cost of
the Gas Co. and will join the manage
rial staff of the gas company.
mis io mi
A. II. Durns, formerly of the staff of
thj Evening Star, returned todny from
Hawaii, where be has been spending A
lllll) HERALD
couple or weeks with senator 1'aimeri The owning company would contract from which we can assure the com
P. Woods on his ranch In Kohala.l with the American-Hawaiian 8. 8. Co. pany of the necessary support from
While on Hawaii Uurns accepted the to operate the steamship, the actual our end."
ha.I.I.m a .HHnnJ .llln. nt .tin till... . - --- '
Herald. He will return to Hawaii!
next Tuesday, and install himself In tho
editorial chair on April 1.
Joe Marsdcn cmnhatlcally denies that
he Is going to tbe Philippines for labor
for Hawaii. Ho returns to tho main.,
land in the Alameda on Wednesday.
Mrs. Kearna requests all who Intend
tending cases of her, jam and chutney
by the Al-irocda to send In orders for
same as soon as possible
The steamshln Siberia finally clock
.j .. u..i.r.i.i. ..!... .. K An.iu
h0r tg viorntng. after being In quar.
amino rutslde sinco Thursday night.
1 Cabin passengers wero allowed ashore
jon paBg0g Dt. tho strictest quarantine
maintained on tbe stccrago passengers
and crew. Tho Siberia sails for
Ktarclsco at
i o'clock this nlteruoon.
PHrsar s s s s -ws-tsks
It Is a most common
i occur- , ;--r,
i, will J vai
ly to do ,lK''
rence that one says, "Oh
ttend to my Will late
then loses the opportunity
so, either through accident or
sickness. It is not wise to delay
making your Will. Better do It
at once. We shall be happy to
dive you any advice that lies In
our power and will help you tola
draw up your Will In proper le-l
gal form. '
w Hawaiian
,S Trust Co.,
fe Limited.,
U Fori Street, Uonnlola
zm-sar s s w&
IT ,'
A-H. 8. 8.
New Boat
16-KNOTS, 5 1-2 DAYS, 500 FT, $1,550,000
The American-Hawaiian 8teamshlp
Company has made a tentative propo
siti In the matter of providing Ha
wall with a large new steamship to
ply between this port and San Fran,
George W. Smith, president of the
Honolulu Merchants' Association, ac
companied by E. A. Mclnerny and
Mark Robinson, all
members of the!
delegation of Hawaiian business men
to Washington, to urgo the Federal
revenue refund bill for Hawaii, have
taken up the matter of a new steam-
nip far the local run with the main
office of the American Hawaiian
They have obtained preliminary
plans for a steamer 500 feet long, with
a speed of sixteen knot., to accommo
date between 200 and 300 saloon pas
Niri mni4 in irpw akniit O fiftfl innm
. .....- . . ..., -..w... .,.. .v..
! of measurement cargo and 5,000 tons
weight of sugar, with refrigerating
plant and special provision for carry,
Ing bananas. 0
I Such a steamer wcilld make the trip
between 8an Francisco and Honolulu
In 51-2 days, maintaining a schedule
of 21 days.
Talks Of
1 1
Although political moves aro still in
embryo, tho Homo Killers are losing
no time In planning how to pull their
party together for the fall campaign,
Mr, Notley. who Is tho president, and
virtually, tho mainstay of tho Homo
""'o Pry. ' very hopeful. He does
i ;ot regard the charges of tho weak
pess In his ranks very seriously. When
rcfoired to tho fact that his party has
only, one representative In tho House,
ho said: "What nioro can bo -x-ncctcd?
If tho official visits of the
Governor and tho Secretary, during
tbe last Territorial campaign, which
savored moro or less of political
schemes, and which no doubt produc
ed much weight and Influence) upon
the Hawallans, had not Intervened, tho
Homn Rulers would have been nblo to
boast of more than ono Hopresenta
tlvo Wo aro assured of bettor suc
cess this fall, providing tho high om
elals will not mako moro visits."
Jvsldo from this, Mr. Nolluy said.
'All political parties anyway havo
their tins and downs. Tho Democrats
havo suffered tho sar.vo thing at tho
I Nnttonul Capital, when, It will bo re
membered, that at ono time thoy had
but nrtv-threo llenrcscntntlvcs In tho
, House."
When asked about tho Intimation of
tno Auvertiscr, inae inu noma uuiu
auern ace buhljucivu ui living iium u
Honubllcan machine in order to
ti defeat from Its door. Mr Notloy
said. "Thoro is nothing In It. Wo
nrii pulling together not only for tho
nuriose of maintaining tho Identity
of a Hawaiian political organization.
but mora than anything else, to Keep
those under our intluenco from sub-
tContlnued en Page 4.)
Tho battleship Oregon, with her fa
mous homeward bound pennant trail.
Ing Irom masthead, sailed for San
I Francisco shortly after t o'clock this
afternoon, There was the usual erowct
of society peoplo at tho Navy wharf
to bid good byo to tho "Ilulldog of the
Evening Bulletin 75d Pr nnonth.
For Honolulu Run
Co. Offers
For Hawaii
net receipts of the steamer to go to the
owning company. x-
Officers of the owning company
would receive no salaries.
A satisfactory commission arrange
ment would be made with the sugar
shippers. A reasonable freight tariff youtd al
co be arranoed and the nassenaer tar-
iff would be scaled on the basis of ac-
con-rcaations, on the basis or a mini
mum of S50 one way. '
Less than $400,000. woufd have to
be provided by the Honolulu commu
nity, the A.-H. 8. 8. Co, Including the
nft'kctlng of bonds, providing over a
million dollars.
An there Is a possibility of the ship
subsidy bill passing the present Con.
gress, which might rttMf. In a large
demand on the ship building concerns
of the country, It is Important that the
matter be brought to a head as soon
SI possible.
President Q. W, Smith of the Mer
chants' Association saya In a private
letter from New York, dated March 7:
This la a matter of great importance
Cn ml n.r9tifllM .nMmnnllu mil nn,
.. ........... ..-....,. vv ...., ...... ....
In which the Merchants' Association
has Interested Itself for the past two
years. I deemed It a duty while In
I New York to take up the matter wth
the main office of the A.-H. 8, 8. Co.
"I trust that the Association and Its
members will use the utmost dlllgenco
I In bringing this matter to a point
May Go To
Governor Carter may go to Wash
Ington, and In all events bo will not
return to Honolulu In May, as was ex.
Acting Governor Atkinson today re
ceived a letter from tbe Governor,
win Is now staying In Southern Cali
fornia for tho purposo of building up
his health.
"Tho Governor sayH that ho will not
coma back In May, as had at first been
decided," said Atkinson. "Ho will de
lay his return foe about a month, and
lie may go to Washington, but ho has
not decided about this last thing yet.
Tho Governor also writes that ho is
slowly Improving in health."
m t
2pm Hoys'
Vineyard strcot
rielil, Llllha near
Chnmplou uthletlc
2 IS p in Matinee by Iluhlcr com
pany at Opera House "lliclnln," for
Ijentllt Hawaii Ynclit Uluu
"30 p m Salvation Army scrvires.
Nuuanu and King strtets.
7'30 p. m Gospel Mission, Knrl
street, upp Club Stables
8 p. in. i;iks" social bcssiod, .Miner
end neretanla streets.
SMS p m "Held by tho Enemy" by
the Iluhlcr Co. Han alt Yacht Club
benefit, at Opera House.
Skating rink on Queen street open
all day mid evening
I Good Furniture 1
ji Largest 8tock In the City .(j
S from which to make selections. !J
ft ;
Ti 3
:; J. Honp & Co. :
Old Reliable Furniture House." .
Y O U N CUD U I L D I N G . Ij!
- 12 PAGES
Teiiuautepec Line
To Open In June
(Attoclalfit Vrtnt Special Cable)
WASHINGTON, D. C, March 24 It Is announced that the transfer of
freight over the Mexican railroad across Tehuantepec will begin In June.
The A.-H. 8. 8. Co. will operate nine steamers between San Francisco,
Sallna Cruz and Honolulu, connecting New Orleans and New York.
o -
(AMtoctattd rrtf Special Call 1 1
MANILA, P. I., March 24. There has teen an engagement at Samar be.
tween the Constabulary and the forces of the fanatical Pulajanes.
Governor Curry Is reported missing.
The Wisconsin will sail at midnight from Shanghai to Join the American
fleet with rush orders from Admiral Train.
Missed Ammunition ,
(AttoclateJ i'rrit Aprefal Cable)
HONGKONQ, China, March 24. Twenty thousand rounds of ammunition
were expected to be shipped on the American launch seized by pirates nevir
Canton yesterday, but they were transferred to a stamr,
SAN FRANCISCO, CaL, March 24. SUGAR! SB degree Centrifugals,
3.55 cents. Previous quotation, 3.545 cents. 88 analysis Beets. 8s 4 1-2d.
Fraud Says Prosser-
(ftnd Starts
Row ln0pen Court'
"It stinks with fraud "
This statement was made in open
court this morning by M. F. Trosscr,
attorney for plaintiffs, on the hearing
of the case of May & Co , Ltd , vs. Wal
kikl Seaside Hotel Co, Just after Fred
Wundcnbcrg had been on the witness
stand to answer for certain money In
his possession which had been nttached
by tho plaintiff. I'rosser referred tu a
dcoj of assignment whereby some of
the creditors of the defendant madn a
deed qf assignment to Wundcnbcrg.
"Tho 'whole thing Is simply this,"
said l'rosecr, explaining tho situation
"The Walklkl Seaside Hotel Co. was
owned by n bunch of Mncfarlancs. It
owed $18,000 to Macfarlano & Co,
19000 to Geo Macfarlano nnd over
J 1 000 to May & Co. Tho Macfarlano
then mido a deed of assignment Io
Fred WundenLcrK, the Idea being that
May & Co. would get about 40 cents as
its pro rata sliure, while tho Macf.tr-
is one of the first principles for the bus
iness' man's comfort. When he tties a
Heywood No, 204, Somerset bal. he will
experience that real satisfaction obtainable
in the good stout soles and durable uppers
of all our Heywoods
Price $4.50
Our method of fitting makes
Manufacturers Shoe Co., Ltd,!!
2 9
5 32000 PRIZE CONTEST. "
f f
8ATURDAY, MARCH 24, 1906, J
2 Thli vote ! good for three weel t m
fi from date. f
Phiob 6 Gents
To Manila
On Rush Orders
lanes as creditors would get the rest."
When the proceedings opened before
Judge Do Dolt today Wundenberg was
present, but a llttlo while later, when
I'rosser wanted to call hm on tho
Kand, ho had disappeared.
"I ask you In open Court, did joit
advise Wundenberg to leave tbe room-'
jld I'rosser tD Magoon.
"I nm not asking any .questional"
sild Magoon. "Just call jour wit
ness." "Same old game, eh?" rcinarknJ
Tbe bailiff reported that Wunden
berg could not be found, Magoon told
Ulm to look In tho dork's oflUe, and a
tittle later Wundenberg was produced
and was swor,n.
' "Hnve you received nny mone) from
the sale of tho furniture, etc.. of the
I Walklk Soaslds Hotel!" naked Pressor.
. "I have," said Wundenberg.
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