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Evening bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1895-1912, December 15, 1906, 2:30 O'CLOCK EDITION, Part II, Image 16

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Legal Notices.
Notice o Foreclosure of
In nccordance with the pro Islons of
those five certain mortgages made by
U A1II.0 mill wire In fnor or I'nitl
Isenbcrg, lleurj I" Glade mid John
V llncklchl, n copartnership doing
business tinner the firm nnmo or II
llnckfcld 1 Company ntnl In accord
mice with the prov IkIoiis of Ihose two
certain mortgages executed by L.
l'ANY. I.IMITi:i), n corporation slid
mortgages executed to II Ilarkfelil
Cnnipim a Coinrlnoishlp having
been dill) nsslgned to mid II HACK-
nixlenincnt dated 1st ilnj of Septem-
tier, A I) 1897, and recorded In the
office of the Registrar of Convo)nnces
on the 29th (In) of December A. D.
1897. Ill liber 102 on folion 191 lo 496
Notice Is hcrcb) given that the said II
assignee of said mortgages first above
iiiintlotied and mortgagee of the last
two mortgages. Intend to foreclose
the same for condition broken, to wit
the non pajment of principal and In
Nntlte Is likewise given lh.it
nfter the expiration of three consee
itllvp weeks Ironi dnte of publication
of this notice, said II IIACKKP.LD &
COMPANY LIMITKD. Intends to and
will foreclose the name and will nil
rrtlsp and offer for sale the pi open
covered nnd cnnve)ed b) said mot I
gnges and will sell the same nt public
miction nt the taction rooms of .lames
I" Morgan In the tll or Honolulu.
Territory of Hawaii on the 7th day of
January, A I) Ifm7 at 12 oelock noon
of said da)
'Hit ninrigngis above referred to
together with the pmpcrtv tbereln inn
vc)cd arc more particular!) described
us follows
That lertaln morlgnge executed b
enlil I.. AIII.O and Lnhcla AIII.O to
the snid Paul Ismberg Henry I
(liado nnd .lolin V llaikfeld doing
business under the firm nnmo nt II
llACKri:i.D and COM PANT, dnted
the 20lh dn of January, A. I) 1892,
and recorded In the office of the Reg
tslrnr or Coneances on the Silt dn
or rcbruar. A I) 1892, In liber 132,
Fills 111) to tin
The lollowlng Is a description or
the properly lonxejed by Ibis mort
1 All or thoso tracts and parcels
of land and lenses ol land sllualed nt
Wnlkalua. Knneohc, Oaliu, mentioned
In the schedule hereto nnnoxcil nnd
Hindi' n part hereof marked A " and
all other parcels of land forming a.
part of said Ahlo's rice plantation at
wild vn KJlua.
2 All of those tracts nnd parcels
of land and leases of land situated at
Walplo P.wn, Oaliu. mentioned In tno
schedule hereto annexed and mado a
part hereof marked n, nnd nil other
parcels of land forming n part or saw
Ahlng rice plantation nt snlil Walplo
:: All of the right title and Inter-
ist or tho party of tbo first part in nnd
lo all lands, lenses ami otner property
situated nt Wnlaliia, Oahu. belonging
to the firm of Sun Shin Vnl Co.; tho
samo being mentioned In Articles of
Copartnership of said firm dated Nov.
18th, 1891
t Thnt icrlalii lndcnttiro of I.easo
of premises nt Knpalama, Oahu, made
bj and between Win Knlachno of tho
tlrst part, and said 1. Ahlo or the sec
ond part, dated June 27th 1891 or
lecord In tho llawnllan Kcglstr) ol
Deeds In Lib 131. Pols 247-248
5 All buildings, Improvements,
rice, machinery, tools, nnd Implements
now on nil and singular tho nrloun
plantations nlmo mentioned, nnd all
lieu-after to bo placed thereon nnd
also nil lle slock, poultry chattels
and effects of every description upon
nil or any of said premises, nlso nil
crops now planted ntnl nil hereafter
to In) planted tncreon. ami aiso mo
rlco mill and nil appurtenances, about
to be erected by tho party of tho first
pjrt at Kapnlama, Othu, towards whbli
advances nro now being made by said
parties of tho second part,
l Deed from Peter II KiiIi.ui to I.
Ahln of nrcmlsos at said Kiinooho.
containing 3 228-1000 acres, described
In Ronl P.itcnt 29I0 I C A 29H.
dated Dec 1st, 1886, of record In 1.1b
101. Pol. ?.;
2. Deed from Cecil Ilrown to I..
Ahlo of his right, tltlo .mil Interest in
premises nt said Knneohe, containing
1 10-100 mres. described In Royal Pat
ent 1191. I, C A 1959 to Nnmokiieliia.
dated Dec 2nd. 1880. of ret (ml 111 Mb
101, Kola 212-313.
3 Deed from Ida II C.iMle and
hitslnnd to I. Ahlo of picmliea shu
nted at Bibl Knneohe. being Apanas 1,
2. and I of Itoyitl Patent 1J8S, I C A
21)28 to Pacle, dated Doe 2nd, 1880, of
rerord In lib. 101. Pols. 35:-31l.
I. Deed from .1 N Knttlliia lo U
Ahlo of ;ircmlrci at said Knncohn br
ing Apanas 2 and 3 of Royal Patent
13SI, I.. C A 107.P to Pa, dated Apill
2nd, 18S7. of record in Mb 100. I ok
ft Deed from I liilaaiilanl to .1 .
Kn.illu.1, her husband, lo I. Ahlo ol
one undivided half In land situated at
said Knneohe being Apiua 1 of Itoyal
Patent 971. I, C A 1991 to Ntiole, dat
ed April 13tb 1887, of reiord In Mb
1UJ, Kols 304-303,
b Deed from .1 N Kaalliin to I,
Ablo of ono undivided half liilciest in
land situated at said Kaneolie, being
Apana I of Itoyal Patent ri7l. I C A
1995, to Nimle, dated April 13th 1887,
of record In Mb 107 Pol 11
7 Deed from C I Knlielo to I
lo I.. Ahlo of premises at said Kiini-ohs
described In ltci)nl Paicnt 110(1 I, C
A. 101.68 II dated April 19th. 1887 of
-ccoril In Mb HU, Kol .13.1
8. Deed trom lleklll and litisbiuil
to 1, Ahlo ol picmlbuc at said Knneohe
ilcsc-rlbeil In Uojul rati m till, I. C
A. 1900 lo Mllpunl. dated Apt II 17th
TSSS. of in. ml In Mb llu I'idi '17
0 Deed from Hev Ilemj II Pari,
cr to I, Ahlo of piemlses at said Kit-
nwho containing 2 07-100 ncrcs, ilos
crlbed In Royal Patent 1391. U C A
-177 to Knhitt dtlcd March 12tli. lssu
of record Ii l.l'i 115. Pols. 391-391
Id llrrl tin n Knwnlhoino (w) in
Ahlo of nir ilifs nt said Knneohi
enntnlnlnr, Bl-ion of nil nere ilecrila
In Ilojl Patent 070 I C A IS'.S lo
.vnnclniimhlrp dated Jan. 3rd. 1890
recrrd In Mb 122 Pols 10-11
11 Deed Iro-n Kanohoknhl (k) to
I. liln or premises nt said Kaneolie
described In Ho.,il Patent 9SI, 1. C
717 1 dated Pcti 1810, of record In
Mb 122 Kil.i 1.10-ir.l
12 liel f om Knttneliii to I,. Ahlo
or preml-iM at sild Knneohe described
in Kcjal Paicnt 1I0S. I, C. A 3691 to
Kniiblmibti and nl o pnnns 2 nnd 4
of Rnvnl Pitent 137S I, C. A. ItOS'l,
ilitnl Nov 1st. 1890, ef record In Mb
12.".. Pols 131-lTi
M Heed trom Nahlnn nnd wlto to
l. liio or prcinlis n. wild Knnrnhe
drsi rlli-il In ltojnl Pil-nt B36S I.. C
2-0 to Kiihllkoi'a"l dated Aug-
lift llllll 11I r' inrl In Mb 130,
I ois 17 i-l ill
1 I cas 1 1 inn Ann-lnrea to I. Ahlo
ol premises nt said Kn leoho. t'escrlb-
d 111 lloial IMi Ml' I'M I,. C. A. 10202.
dated tunc 2nd, IfSI. of record In Mb
91. Pol 70.
2 l.e-ye from Knl.nlepankal to I.
Ahlo of premise rl slid Knneohe, be
ing Apan.is 1 nrd 2 or ltojnl Patent
0S2 1, C A f1 to Knoplhl, con-
tiring I si ion n-r s I'nted May 7th,
ISSR or reionl in Mb 96 Pols 71-72
3 I en-e i mm Kniililmnhti to I..
Milo ol premise nl said Knneohe, do
icrlbeil III Rotnl Pat-nt 1109 I, C. A.
ism to Kniiliimihu 2 dated Jnnuar)
.:nd 1SS7
I. I.casc- riom Harlakn (w) to I,
Ablo of premlsis nt said Knneohe de
'crlbed In Ho.'al Patent 2309. I.. C A
1472. dated Mat Ist 1888
ft. I.nase from Nannie II Ilrewer
lo I.. Ahlo of pri-inlscH nl snid Kane
ohe, dnted Ma) 17lh, 188S, or record
In Mb 106. Pols 171 17.'.
!' I.ensp Ironi W P Wood to I..
Ahlo of premises nt snlil Knneohe,
ronlnlnlng 1 2-lon mres, dated Jail
uar 1st. 1SS9. of record In Mb 113
Kols 121 422
7 l.ense from Ciiinmlsslnners or
Crown Lnnils to I, Ahlo or premises
nt said Kaneolie. lontnlnlng M-inn of
in nere. ilateil January 1st, 1889.
S l.i aso front C. W. Mnl.nwalu
Trustee or T Pepp. his wire, to I.
Ahlo or the right or said T Pope In
premises nt said Knneoho containing
9-ln or nil acre, being Apann 1 of Ito)
it Patent 232. 1.. C A 7171. ilnlnl
Pebruary 3rd. 1810 of record In Mb
121. Pols 919.'
9 l.i-.isp fiom Mnlknt All l.ojnu to
I. Ahlo of premises nt snlil Kaiii-ohi-,
being Ap.iita 2 or lloynl Patent 1.181
I. C A 107.19 lo Pn pana 1 of lloal
Patent 1392 I. C A 3707 to Kiawe.
ami n kuleann In (Irani 206O to Knuln
Inn dated .May .list 1890, of rercuil
III Mb 121, Kols, .IT. 3.".6.
10 l.ense Ironi Pnhati lo I, Ablo
3f premises at said Kaneolie descrlb
eil In !Unl Pnlent 4S3S. I. C A
2411 to Kcnwekiihla, dated July Ist.
11 All of thosn tracts of land and
lenses ol land nl said Kancohe. mm
prising tbo rlco plantation formerly
carried on bv Kwo.s Hop Wnl Com
pnny referred lo In Hill of Pale from
Ah (Juil to said Kwong Hon Wnl Com-
naiiv datPil Noeembcr loth, 18S1. of
rpi-ord In Mb 71. Pol 410. and In 1)111
of Sale from Kwong Man Yuen & Co.
to !.. Ablo dated A'irll 2.th. 1881, of
tecord In Mb 89, Pol. Ill, and nil
crops live stock and chattels on said
premUes nnd all hereafler to bo grown
or used thereon.
1 Deed from Oplci tw ) nnd Keknpa,
her husband, to I. Ahlo of tho dower
right of snlil Oplo as widow of Nalin-
ina, In premises at Walplo, i;wn. uauii
described In Iloynl Patent JS28. I. C A
1012, Apann 1 to Nnhnlna, containing
3H2 acres, dated March 30th, 1886. of
lecord In Mb 9. Kol 170
2 I-easp from M. S Kamakco to 1
Ahlo of prpmlsps at llnlntila. I'wa,
Oahu, daleil Juno 12th 1886, of tec Old
in Mb 100, Pol 237-218
J l.ensn from Irene II Drown ami
husband to I. Ablo of premises at said
WnlpV. dated May lilt) 1888, cf rev
ord III Mb inn, Pols 176-178
I Letts') from Irene II. Drown nnd
husband lo I.. Ahlo of premises nl said
Walplo called tho PI anil Pcko kulc
nnas described In Royal Patent 813
and lloial Patent 70S7, dnted May 18th,
ft l.easn from Irene II. Ilrown nnd
husband, to I.. Ablo of picmlses at
said Walplo, described In Royul Patent
2212 to Pakl. containing S 9-10 hcicj.
dated June 30th, 1888, of record In Mb
113, Pols. 22-21
d. All kulennas and other trntt of
land owned by said U Ahlo nnd used
In conneclinii with said premises, or
situated within the limits of t-ald plan
tation II
That icil'iin mortgage executed by
PANY dnti il the list day of May A. D,
1892 and lerotdeil In tlin olllco of thn
Registrar of Conveyances on the 2nd
tiny of Juno A I) 1892 In Mb. 138, on
PnN 80-81 and 82
The following Is a do'crlptlon of tho
propel tv innvejed bj iui n,nIKa,r
1 Thoso premises at Kawalloa,
Wilaltia, Oahu dcsiiibed In Royal Pat
ent 1171, Ijind Commission Award 7418
coulalitliiK .1 48-I0S acre- to Kaalavva.i
inoilgngod by J 7. l'aliul(ula to Mrs
S Robertson unci pun based by mo at
the foreclosure sale of said mortgage,
2 All of tli.it land ut Waikclc, Cvva,
Oihu, cniitnlnlng 2 77 ncres described
In llo'iil Patent 1 1 18. Iind CominU
lioii Awiird 1614 conveyed to me by
deed of Cecil Ilrown dated December
1st, 1886. of roe owl In I. Hi 98. Pol 112.
3 All of thai land nt Kaneolie, Koo
lnupoko, Oahu, containing 80-100 of an
aire described In Hojal Patent 1J88,
Laud Commission Awaul 2628, con
veved to me by deed of Mnnii Molo nnd
(liisiav M Roho dated January 13th,
1812, of rrcoid In Mb US, Pols 50-57
I All of ni) i lalm against Knnmm
hu under his nolo nnd mortgagn to A
J C.irtw right dated April 20th, 1S82,
of record In Mb 72. Pol 416, and all
of 111) right, llth nml Interest In mullft0, pageH 321 unci 321. dated liiuiuj
to tho pioperl) liuiiiiil lu '.aid moil- " 18'H
rny Said mnrlgaKe being rccordul in the
f. Lot No 3. Illoch A Lot No I 'otllco of the Registrar of Coiucjantet.
Illock 8, and lot No 1, lllock 10 al on tho 6th day or Maicli A D 1895 In
Petri City Uwa, Oahu, convejed to
me bv deed dated Nov 29th. 1890, of
moril In Mb 130 Kols G9 60. subject
to a mortgage for n part of the p-ir-
chasr price
fi I.eaic from the Comini-sioncr-of
Crown 1-tnds to mc (Hied January
Mtb 1801 of land of Knnohotilulwl.
Knneohe Oihu dated lantinr) llth,
7 Notes ol S All Pat dated April
llth 1S92 amounting to $.1,r,00 and
morlgnge from sild S. Ah Pat to ni"
to secure the same dnted April llth.
1S92 of record In lib 138. Pol- 14-46
8 AM of m claim agilnst Apa and
Tnl Pe Apa his Son for rent of lands
nt Wnlnlo. P.wn Oihu now leafed to
Sin SI Hop & Co slid claim ic-illl-ing
from deed of Wong Hut. nllns Apt
or Apa Po Tal to me dated 27th of
December 1888 and of renin! In Mb
11. ptge 211
That certain morlgnge executed bv
said I. AHLO nnd I.AHi:i.A AIII.O to
ed the Ist day of Mairh A D. 1814 nnd
recorded In Ibe olllec or the lleglsll.ir
or Conveyance on the Otli ilni ol
Milch A D 1891 In Mb 117. Pols fft
1 6-67-68
1 All thai parcel of land situated
at Knneolip. Koolnupoko Oahu. con
tnlnlng an area of one nnd seven!) -live
hundicdths acres being tho snme prem
ises derrlbeil ns Apana 3. Il0)nl Pat
ent 072 (I. C A 1S99), being the rame
premlfp ronveyed lo the pnrty of the
llrst part bv deed of Makaonl and oth
ers, dated October 2"th, 1891, reiordcd
In stld regl-tr) Mli 146 Pol 38
2 That icrlnln lea-e from the Com
mlsleoners of Crown Uinds lo I'lm -
h.i-.i wood, of ntnl known us wiilkii
Itl.l SeclI'Mis 'I ' nnd (!,' sltnitid nt
said Kaneolie dated January 1st IWJ.
1 That certain Ict-c from D K
Pnhl nnd wife lo u AIII.O. of prcm-
I-ps sllimted nl said Kaneolie. described
III Ro)al Patent 28, (U C A 10191)
and Rnval Patent 2S1 (I. C A 2191).
iccoriled In registry of crnveaincs
Ml 144. pigen 11.7 and 168 of date
October 8li. I8tl
4 'Hint certain leisn from Malk.u
Ahlolaii to I.. AIII.O. of premises sll
ualed nt said Koolnupoko desirlbrd m
pana 2. Royal Patent I3SI (I. C A
107.19) nnd Royal Patent 1.192 (U C A.
3707) nnd nl-o 1, C A 2060. dnled Jnn
inry 3rd. 1891. recorded 111 said reg
istry Mb 111 ptget 310 to 311
5 That rerlnln lea-e fmm (lulstnn
H Ropert. Illshop of Pannpolis lo I..
AIII.O of premises sltuitcd nt snlil Kn
neohe Oilfii. lontalnlng .1 ami ftl hui.-
dredths nrres. desirlbeil In I. C A
IS'.l. ami I. C A I1'8. onted Maicli
2'ilh. IS9.I. and reiordcd In said r'g
IMr) Mb 110. pages 179 to 480
6 Thai cirlaln liase fiom Pnpoha-
kti iwi ami o-hers to U AIII.O of
premises situated nl said Knneohe
Oahu. containing 2 nnd C" liundiedth-)
mres de-crllicl In Iloynl Patent 381
(1. C A 2',SI) dated March .intli, 189.1,
recorded In said Registry Mb 110
pigcs ISO tc 181
7 All that rlco mill, buildings, ma
chinery plant iippiirtcniuccs llxtiucs
nnd chattels belonging to the party
of Hip 111 si part, upon the premltcs at
Kcahnla. Knneohe, convc)ed to taiil
pari) of the llrst part by deed of lle
klnl dated April 17th. 18S8 ictorih'il
In Volume 110, page 237, nnd also nil
l lie to be (leaned at said mill, which
Hip oirty of the llrst part may nrnuiic
or lintn any Inti rest in. including what
be may purchase from others, or re
ceive tor milling, or ralso himself
Together with nil thn lands, leases,
nud other properly named In Hint cer
tain mortgngn da led January 20th, A.
I). 1892 nnd iccoriled In Mb. 132. Pols
110-11.' mid In that certain ollici mort
gage dated 31st da) of May A D. 1892
and recorded In Mb 138 Pols 80 to 82
Snid mortgage being more pirtlc
ularly described above
That certain mortgage executed by
said I. Ahlo and I.ahcl.i Ohio lo ll
Hnckrclil and Company dated the 28th
day or November A I) lS'H and H-
corded In the oll'.ce or the Registrar ot
Conve)anies thn 1 11 It day of December
A I) 1891 In l.lb l.il, Pols 278
'Hip following Is n description of file
pioperty eonvc.veil 111 litis mortgage
'Hint certain luclrntiiic of leaso of
premises situate in the District of Hwu
on the Island of Malm, made b) nnd
between Irene II lliimn nnd Cbailes
A Ilrown, her husband, mid snlil
AIII.O, dnled November 12lh, A I)
1891 and leiorded In Die olllco of I lie
Reglstinr of Conve) nines in Mh l.Mi.
Pols 231 to 2.1S Inclusive.
That certain moitgago execuled lv
stld I.. AHLO and LRHAI.A AHLO to
ed tbo .'.til day of Match A D. 189.1
I lip following Is a descrlntlon or lnc
proneity convc)rd by this mortgage
I llnnr leilnln picmlses nt Ka -
walloa Walaltia, Oahu, ionvo)oc tin
mn by deed of llapa and wife of lecoid
lu Lib. 118, Kol 19'. and by deed or P
W Lnknna of record In Mb 118 Pol
321 subject to a flirt moitguge lu f ivor
ol W R Castle. Trustee
2 Those rerlnln premises al Kii
ncohe mid Piiualuii, Oahu, conveyed In
mo by llattlo I". Puhl b) deed of rei
ord In Mb IIS Pol 120, subject lo n
Ural morlg.ifjo in favor of C M Coosc
3 'that certain Io.iko from liiceni
K Kiimalae et al to me of premlsea
situated at said Kiineobe, being Apana
1, of Ro)al Paicnt 1928, Kuleann 1 nl c
to Muliian and lontalnlng 1111 area or
'. ii acre, also tho Kumnlan Homrsieail
nt said Kmieohn, ice circled lu Mb 111
on pacei 432 nnd 13.1 and dalid May
5th. 1811
I Thnt icitaln Ice-p fiom Ani
dtriu In 1110 nf prcmlhes sllttnle at Un
neoho described In Iloynl Patent !M
Kuleann 10202, rei iuile.1 In I.lli I .111 on
pages 323-321 and dated Dcccmbei lo
5. That certain lease from Paim
haku et al lo mn or prcmbes slluate
at said haucohn rciotded lu Lib 150
on p iron .I25-320 and daled Jantiai) 3
(. That rerlaln lease fiom I II
llarcuaht to mo of picmlses al said
Knneohe described lu Royal Patent
1 1391, Kuleann 3700, recorded lu Mb
Mb 151. Pols 49.'.-496
That ci rtaln mortgage executed by
said I. AHLO mid LAHHI.A AHLO 10
Red. dnted 22rd dny nt Jnninrv A I)
1903, recorded In the oMlcc of the Reg
istrar of Conveyance on Iho 21th da)
of.laiiinr A I) 1903, In Lib. 211. Holt
197 lo 207
The follow lug I- n description of tbo
pioperl) convejcd In said mortgage!
1 All of Hint tract of land In Kn
becki Wnlnliit Onliu mntnlnlng flfiy
ti0) n're- and being tho same prem
ises s-t fo-lli In Royal Patent (Ornnt)
128 to Ktiitoitnl. (nnve)cd lo tald
mortgagor by deed of James II Pa-
kele daled March 2nd, 1899 nnd re
corded In the Registrar's otllco, Oahu,
In liber 189 nt ptge 116 Snid nbove
described premises being subject lo
Hint certain mot ige In the sum of
four thousand demurs (J 100 00) given
by Hie morlgiiM-r l.e cln lo Vernon L.
Teline). dnled Ml) list 1811 nml le
iorded In snid Registrar's olllco on
June 2nd ISt9. In Lib 130. nt page 27
2 Al-o two lots at Pillinliiu, Knne
ohe Oaliu, lontnlnlng 1 96-100 acres
mote or less nud being the same prem
ises mnv '.veil to llio mortgngor herein
I iv deed or Kllin el nl. recorded In sain
Registries office. In liber 16,., nt pige
.1 Al-o two lots nt Pumiltiu. Kane-
olic Oihu lonlnlnlng J 61-100 ucrei,
more or les- nnd being the same
premises conveyed to the mortgagor
herein b) deed or Oktiu. reiorded In
still Registrar u cilllcc, In liber l.'l, nl
pige l.'i
I and " Also Apanas three (3) ami
tour II) or Land Cnmmlssloneis
Award 1211 to I'alnu. In Pnlnmn, be
ing the premises coilrvl to the mort
gagor Ii) deed ot V. II. Tell recorded
In raid Registrar's olllrc. In liber 161,
nt page 4 IS
6 Also Apana three (.1) or litid
Commissioners' Award 2676. contain
ing 1 11-100 acres, conveyed lo mid
uiorlsngoi bv deed or Alan, triorded
in said Kegl-liar's olllrc In liber 1.11,
at ptge 101
7 Also Hip premise ifliitniulng .'t
Ii-lnaire at Pnntna. Wnlaliia, covrreil
by Ltnd Conimlssloners' Award 2673,
mid conveyed to the mortgagor by dee I
ol W II Hartley, dated January Stli,
1898, n corded In said Registrar's olllie,
March 8th, 1898. In lllic-r 176, at page)
8 Also n lot ol three (3) nrres at
Knvvnlloa, Wuliilnn, I he Kanie being
covered b) lln)nl Pnlent 2062 Lmul
Conimlisloners' Award 2710 nnd ioii
ve)ed lo Hie morlgngor by deed or
Icilin llnp.i iciorded In sild Rigls
tiirs ofllce In llher 118, at page 196,
nml liy deed of P W Ixikana. recnidiil
In said Registrar's olllri) In liber lis nt
pare 231
'I he premises nbovo iimve)ed In
parngr.ipbs numbered 2 to 8, bulli lu-elusive-
being subject to that certain
mortgage In the sum of $1100 00, given
by tbo morlgngor herein to William It
Castle, dated April 30th, 1898. due In
three )cars from Its dale nnd record
ed In said Registrar's ofllce on May lo.
IS9S. In liber 179, nt page 370. and
which said moitgngn was duly nsslgncil
to Hip Western and lltwnllnn Invest
ment Company, on November 2 III).
1899, which said assignment Is reiord
ed In snid Registrar's olllco In llbrr
179. at pige 371
9 l-o Apann one (1) of Itnyal Pat
ent list kntetna 1228, to Kniihl.
10 Also mortgagor's Interest In
,'n-IOH or mi arm or laud, being Apana
two (2) of Ro)al Patent 1928. Land
ConimlstlonerK' Award HI, 161 In Nil
luae The premises nhnve (onve)ed In par
agraphs numbered 9 mid 10 being sub
Ject lo Hint eerinln morlgnge In Hip
sum of $30 00. given b) the mortgagor
herein lo A N Cnmpbell Trustee, dn'.
ed January 22nd, 1902, and recorded In
said Rcglstrnr'H olllco, In llher 232. at
page 21ft nnd also subject to thnt cer
l.tln mortgnge In the sum of $1800 00,
given by said mortgagor lo William II
Caslle Trustee, dated September 13th,
1902. and recorded In stld HcglHlr.it s
iii'Mco In llher 2.16, at page 147
11 Also tho picmlses covered b)
Rev al Patent 2.1.12. Ltnd Commit
Hollers' ward 7171, lonvood to Ho
moilgagor bv deed of Makawalii, dated
M.iuli 17th. 1900. iccoriled In said Itig
istnir's oHl(P In llher 201. at pngp 121
12 Also thp premises, covered by
Ro)iit Patent ir.si. Uiml Commission
ers wnrd 4238, iono)cd lo Hid mort
gagor by deed of Kaalliin, dated Maicli
12th 1898,
1.! Also thn prrmbcH covered by
Itoyal Patent 9S2, Ltnd Commission-.
irs' Award 18.17. convoyed to tho mort-
gihor hy clccd or Kalialc Panknl, clul
id September 1th. 1899 nnd recmili-d
In said Iteglstrnr'H olllco, In liber I9S,
at page .111, by deed nl Pnakal, dalid
September 2(tli, 1899, and leiorded In
tsald Regislrar'H olllec In liber 198, at
jpagn 182.
It Also the piemlsos covered liy
Hen a I Patent 7161, Land Conimlsslciu
eis' ward 8892, conveyed to thn mort-
gngoi by deed of W J Knliina, dated
May 12th, l9uo, and recorded In said
Reglslrars olllio In llb"i 208, at page
181 The premises above eotivc)cd In par
agraphs II lo II, both numbers Indus
he being subject to that ceitaln mnrt-
gige in llio sum nf $1800.00, given by
Iho moilgagor herein to Willi im It
Castle, Trustee, dated September 13th,
1902, and rcconled In snid Registrar h
ollli e. Ill liber 216, at page 417
I.. Also tlioKo icrlnln promises
ciiivo)ci to tho moilgugor lutein by 1 William MtCanillcsh to tho morlgagm
tleocl of Wllllnin 11. C.ihllo. dated April liereln. dated November 21th, 1899.
20th IS96. mid reiordcd in snid Reg- 47 Also Hint certain leaso fiom Pa-
Isliar's oflbn April 2Jrd, 1890, lu liber
1.3 at page 318
10 A No nil those icrtalu lands and
pre ml ci acrjtiiicd by tho said morl
gagoi In unci by virtue nf that certain
ileul of exchange between bald moil
gagor and Kekll Amnnu, et nl, daled
Sopieniher 3rd, 1900, ami iciorded Scp-
temlpr 7th, 1900, lu said Registrars
olllce. in libci 209 at pago 151
17 Also npinas 0110 (1) and two (2
' of Hti)iil Pnlent 982, Ijind Commlh-
Isloneis' Award 1817, lo Kaoplhl 11.11-
I lining 1 81-100 lines, mid being llio
line premises convc)cd to the moit
gagor hy deed dated May 7, 1881, mid
1 ci 01 clecl in bald Rcglstrnr'H oflleo lu
llbc 1 '16, nt page 71
is Alr.n Apau-i one (1) of ltojnl
1'. (out 2352, Ltnd Commissioners
Ward 7171, dated rebiutr) 3rd, 18'jO,
ami tec on I eel in said llcglslim's olllie
111 llher 121, nt page) 91.
19 Alo aptnn ono (l), ifoynl pal-.
cut 4128, Ltnd Commissioners' Award
10, 161 to Multiac. containing t& nuei,
together with the homestead of Ku
mnlae. at Kancohe, Oahu. described in
deed dated May Bill, 1SDI. and recorded
In stld Rcgl-lrnr'a olllec In llher 111,
nt page 432
20 Also all Ihose certain lands anil eel Mn) 21th 1900, made b) Lng Cbnn
premises described In deed trom Mrlennd llo'Leong lo tho mortgagor hcre-
Kthope and husband to the morlgagoi, In nnd rer irdod lu stld Reglslrars or-i
dated May llth 1891 mil re oideil In1 flip Mn) 211 n I'lOO in llboi 207. ntptgp1
said Registrar's office on May I.Uh, Hi, and being In the rum of $2lon on
1891, In llher HI, at page 92.
21 Alo all those, eetulii Inula nnd
prembios decerlbcd In deed from Kn-
knlln Unmaka lo the mortgagor dated
Mty 21rd. 1898. nnd recorded In said
Registrar's olllrp May 23rd, 1898, In
liber 181. nt ptge 138
22. Also nil those certain lands nud
premises described In deed rrom Josep.i
Knlalnn, et nl . lo the morlgngor, dat
ed Jul) Gill, 1S"'S, liber 181. at pige
23 Also nil those rerlnln lands nml
premises described In deed from Potku
Kcaloht to llio mortgngor dated Jul)
24th. 1899 nnd ruorded In said Regis
trar's olllce August 8th 1S19. In liber
198, nt page 213
21. Also nil tho morlgngor s rlgl.l,
title, Interest, claim and demand In
mid lo the premises described In that
certain deed from Oug thong to Ho
Knm Chong, dnted November 10th,
1900, and recorded April IStb, 1901.
in the said Registrar's office In liner
221, nt page 3.1
And tho said mortgagor herein, for
the consideration iifcn cenhl, does fur
there by these presents, bargain, sell
nsslgn, selover ntnl convey lo I lie until
iiiuim.iKri- iieri'iii, iiiiii iii tin siiiressiiiH i
iiuti assigns, an nip loiiowing iovi.es,.
mortgages mm oilier personal prop
erty, together wllh nil of said mint-1
gagor's claim right, title, Intetesl or
estate therein
2ft. Thnt certain lean' made by Hub
ert Wyllle Davis, el nl. ns lessors. In
(he morlgigor herein, nx lessee dale d! tpoc-llvcl), lu said lomp.iii), full) paid
Mn) 29th 1899. and ipcordid lu said ' n
Registrar's olIKe lune 2nd 1899 Itij '0 AIo Hint eorlalti stml. ceilli
llher 197, at page .12 Said lease hav- lento iiutulii reel 21. of die- Manns Is-l-ig
been morlcaged b) the lessn to land (Itinnn Company, tho slum, li-lng
ernon I. Tenno). by that rerlnln
mottgnge covering thn mine properly
set forth mid convc)cd in paragraph !
of Hip hereinbefore described hinds.
27 Also Hint ecrlnln lin.to from
Tliomns llavvahakiil lo the morlgagor.
dated April 21th. 1891, mid rounded lu
Mild Ijeglstrar's oflhp May l.lih. IMI.
In libel 1.10 nl page 179
2S Also Him ceitaln lease from I.
P.thukoi lo Iho mortgagor, ditecl Apul
I2lh 1891 nnd leiorded lu said Rogls
liar's ofllio May llllli, 1S9.1 In liner
110 at page 179
29 Abo Hint 1 1 rtaln hasp from I
A Mago.ui lo the morlgigor datul .Mnv I
1st, is1,, and recorded lu Hie said Rig
li-lrnrs olllce Ma) 1.1th. 1891 lu llher
l.ii) pagp 178
JO Alsnthat .erttiln Icse r.oin Na-
Itwnlnelui to the mortgagor, daled
.limn 20 1891. mid recorded In snid
Reglstrnr's olllce December Ith, 189ft,l
in uuor inti, at page 258
.11 Also tlial ceitaln lease from1
Isaac- D'lnci, 'I rustic, to the soldi
.......' ..leu nay isi, mas, ami
ir.,,r.le.l I.. ll, o.,l.l ....... ... ....... .
w....i .,, ,..,.- r.tn.1 ..'.Olll.l H (.Hill
Pebrtiary 1st, 1S99, in liber 190. nt piige!
32 Also Hut certain trasp from
Levi Kniiwnlti to tho morlgngor daled
November 2Cth. 189s, mid leiordcil ml
the said Registrar's, olllco Pebruar)
.mi. iwj, in liner Itv.i. at page 301.
31 Also th"t ccrtnln tense fwmi
Solomnna Kahiiliipup to Kapu Kali,
mil. unicil iictemlier 3rd. 1898. nnd re
corded in said Registrars olllco Peb
ruar) 20th. 1899. In llher 18ft. ut page
303. nnd Ii) iho lessm duly assigned In
the mortgagor herein on December
19th, 1898.
31 Also that certain lente tiom I).
Nnolwl to tho morlgagor herein, daled
April 12th. 1891, nnd icionlcd lu snid
Reglstiars oflleo Pebiuniy .'lid. 1899
In llher 181, at pagn 269
31 Also that certain leaso fiom
Sol II Kalamakii lo the moitgagoi
heroin daled October 2(. IS'i."
"6 Also that iiitaln lean- fiom
tliarles It Dlsltop el al, In Iho mort.
Eiigor heicln daleil Maieh 27th. 1891.
being lease No 519
37 Also that certain leise from .1
Kiilanul. cl nl. in I(. motigagoi
herein, dalid December 2Mh, 1891.
38. Also that ceitnln Icnso from P.
Mahaulii in the moitgagoi hcicln, dut
ed April 12th. 1891. mid lomnleil lu
said Itcglslrar's olllco May Mtli, )89u,
li llher 150. at papc i;t,
39 AI'O Hint certain lean. (....,
II. Kalaninkee In Ah Sing Kin nnd iho
iiiuriKiigor lieicln, dated Jul) Ut, 1895
10 Also that certain leasu from
Hen Nnken lo the mortgagor lieielu
daled Novemhoi 30th, I8D1.
11 Also that ciitaln leaio riom .
U Kmc-Min, it aid to Hip nioilgagoi
hcicln. dated Dcccmbei 0th. 1891
12 Also lh.it iptti.h. liii.n r., .
Ivaahuahkei to D. Nnolwl. datul May
29th. 189.1. and duly assigned In tltu
moitgagor heroin Junu sath. isur.
I! Also that certain Ictso fiom .1.
Alfied Alagooii In Hie moilgjgoi liue.
lu. dated Oeleibu 15lh, 1902
II Also that certain le..M. rrmn
John Watson to Hie mortgngor lieicln,
tl.ln.l IV.I... .i. ......
, . c-'p-i "" 11
oitoci 1 chruaiy 17lli, 1896. nnd rtiord-
i'JJ" j ''l!. ,tplRlr"f'' olllce. April 15th,
itv.. in llbei 156, al liago 191
lu Also thai icrtalu leat-c fiom
Jonah Kahinlanaolo to thu mnrlgagnr
herein daled Apill Int. 1901
Id Also Hint cert tin lcato fiom
ban 10 Ah Nee, expiring on July Int.
1913. and heinc tho 111emh.es desitlbeil
111 Uny.il Patent 18.13, Lund Comtuls-sloui-iH'
Award 2111 lo Kcawokuhhi.
mid duly assigned hy said Ah Ncn
tu the morlgagoi hcicln on Januaiy
llth 190.1
18. Also all of tlin moi tsagor'h
light, title unci Interest in mid to that
ceitaln cnt.u fioiu Iho TitibKeo under
(he will of Pauahl lllsbop to Knm U111,
elclecl Apill llth, 1890
19 AImi Hint ceitaln mottgnge lin
ed hepiemhei 18th, 1899, made h) Kong
fillip cvj l-.t In 11. rt iiin.lp.uni Ii, int..
mid itcoiiiccl 111 ll.OH.il,Mticlstrai'aor.'iliv nf Jani.n.v A ll I'm? m ! -, !.
Hep on September 12th, 1S99, lu llbei
199, at page 98
r.u M c. thu! ceitaln muiiengi), ilat
eel September 10th 1900 mtde h) Knm
flam and Knm r.tiu Tnl lo Iho incut-
gtgor heielu, and lecouled lu biild
Registrar's oHlre October Dili, 1900 In
liber 213. at page 210.
"I Also that certain mortgage, dat
ed .fiine HI, 1900 made by Akin.t nnd
Slink Sim lo the mortgagor herein nnd
recorded In snid Rcglslrm ofllce Juno!
12th 1900, 111 llher 204 nt ingp 409. llio1
same being In tho sum ol $2600 00. I
M. Also Hint ccrttln mortcnuc clit-l
ftl AIo that certain mortgage d it
ed September "Hi. 1897, mado by Wong
Peng Pan and Chong Lee to Hie inorl-
gtgor lie'cln, nnd lecorded In raid Rpg-
lstr.tr s ofllrp hoplember 20th, 1897. In
liber 71 ill ptf,o 262, nnd being In the
sum of "721 00
ftl Also that certain mortgage dn
ed December Mill 189S. mado b) II
Lo nnd Ken Chong lo the morlgtg i
lutein, nnd being In the sum of $.1ti0iin
ft.1 Also that ceitnln moilgige clal
ed October 20th. 1891, made bv l.en
Hop Will Co to thn muitgiigiu hiucu
nml ree oi iled In said Registrars olhi
Ocloher 30th, 1899, 111 liber 196 nl pagi
410. and being Hie sum ot $8000 00
ftl. Also that ceitaln mortgnge, lin
ed August 2.1 rd. 19011. made by Mnkm
Alolnit el nl , to the morlgagoi hcicln.
nnd recorded In snid Reglstinr's olilic
October (.III 1900. Ill llher 215. at pngjl
ID. nti.l l.nln.. In ll... vit , f (.nn fin I
.vo, , ...... "(, " .v . ...., v
r7 Also Hint certain morlgHgo (lnt-
id Oitol.er 21lh. 1S99. undu b) l.m
Yuen lo Hip mortgagor hue In. mm n-
lorded In said Reglstim's olllce Oct
olicr 27ib 1899. in llbrr 196. page 111 '
nnd being In the sum of $l8ooro.
Aifo mac ccriain stoii. leriii-,.,,,
u.ue iiiiiiii.iii-ii i., i, in me i .ii.iic.ii
Ami...i i I,........- 1...1...1 i.- '
llfllU UIMIIIII -ll'ltlll( lllllll-'l, l' lllfl,
for 2ft slimes ot i.ilil-iii slock or said
ft) Also Ihose letlaln stock irillf-
liati'R numbered 50. 51 mid 122 or tin
Sanitary Sleam 1 jintiilr.v ('ninp.iii)
i.iiuorii, inr u bii .inn .1 siinres
for ft ono shares In said company, full)
paid up
-t-i... ....... i ...
IMll It'lllllll IIHHIKUiil- IVHICCII "'
stld I. AHLO to II. IIACKPIR.I) A.s'l)
COMPANY, LIMITHD. dated ll' Hill
It) of Oitobei A. ll 1901, and Ii cull
ed In Iho olllrc of the Itcglstiai of Cnn
ve.vmices, Iho Slh ill) of .Novonibcr
I) 1901. ill lihi r 271, Pols IU2 in lol
1 he follii'Vlug Is a derillilln of the
ptopertv couve)od b) uihl mnilgiigi
I Apanas I (Oil in lol and 2 (."i.',J
miesl of ll P. 5171, L C A. Mill lo
K.ih.ll ni iiiiivoved In the moripig"'
dr'd of I. Nmios el nl of rexuril In
'he llauallan Keglsli) of Cciivejan.is , n,lm.il u anil r in Knnlil nnd wf
J" '"'T 'v- P'K" IV. nml il.oil ol II A- .,,,. ,,,,, pUb -, )(mrh (,,,
Hull of record ns tifoiusnld In Mbir..,. .. ,., . ,,.,v lu-.
1' P-'g- "8. -M. ,", B , ,a, "' M.rP. '"' ', , ,
in. i r ii ii -i-.c i i- i
2726 to Piinliiillull,' convine'cl in lit-
moilgagor bv di-ecl t K Knnkn pi id
lot recoril nt nforctahl lu l.llitr 191.
1 11 IRt? IIS
Iho lands hcielnahnvo doHirlbed
..i..... .iih - m. ""-
I lll.l. (llinll .f 11.1... r.,ro.l,l
...n-ii unci .-. in nig Miiiuin ni vv inn-
' " ...".....'
1 Ap urn .1 of It P. 2501. L. C A
2.18l II. In Milken iolive)od In (In
I mortgagor b) deed or llapil a nl e.l
loonl as afi.io.il.l In Llher H..1. pagp
- '1
i Apana 2 ol It p 1'ijs, I, c- A
10101 to M.iluac, louveyoil in the moil
giigor h) deed ol W lltillhce or n.
ord .is nroiesibl In l.lbei 10 pngo .Hi.
Linil ib scribed lu It P li'll. I.
C A. .1706 II In Nawal. uitivived In'ii
llio mortgagor h) deed of .1. K Kamii -
hi ci in or reiorn as oiorcmld In
i.ic.er isi ugc i ,u.
6 Utml dosi i Hud in ll P ..his. 1.
C A 2S06 in Kahlll-kiHilaui mnveynl,
In Iho mortgagor b) el.eil nf Nahlini it
nl. of ic. mil us alcnei-alil lu Mini 1 "i
page 175
'I he lauds herelnnbnvo doxciilioi
niuler ,1 In 6 Induslnvo being situate
at Kimenhe, Couiil) of (Iclin arorcsald
7 All htilbllngs. iiniuuvcmi ids uc.
ihluery. loots. Ininb m ills on all inn
singular the mucin of I mil arousal. i
mid iilsn all llvi stock limit. i ilmttil28( p 1 1.1 Dnieil lite 7 1!Ni(.
mid elT.clH or cvci) desiilpiliin 111.1111. , ,s- WoimI lo Trs of Kst of 11. nil.
ill 01 mi) or said piotulsct. mill aim
nil glow In;; emus and till hammed
crops Iherrciu mid nil ciopH liciealiei
lo be planted then on.
1'urther partlrtilirs mil) bo hid ot
Hour) I. Cooper, Allot up) foi llio
Motlgagoe, at his olllie lu Hie Judd
Iliilldlug. Hom.ltilu. T II
Haled. Honolulu, 'luiltoi) of U.t
wall I2lh diy of Decimliii A D I'mii.
. Pfnlonhiiltc 1,
Vice Prusldenl
Mint ;ugu.
. '. Ian ft.
Doc '1 . .
Ncnci: op 1 fiu
Sl in: HI
In acioidaneii wllh lap pinvldon.. "I
n irrttiln itnrlgige ovuiiiid bv 1.1
All I 0. Moilgnioi, of Honolulu. IM.1111
Of Oahu. Tptrllnrv nl Hnwiin i.td
f IIAIH.IN M C'Cirilv't- Tnislii M..ii.,"'4' d
1. in, ..t v.. 1.1 it..,.. I, ,1,, .1 1 .,1 ,
("' "I ni- --'-i 'in ' M 1 1. 11 ill) j
of (xtnhu A. D Jxlit and iiint.lccl In
tho Olllin of Hu Itnlttiiu of Cm ,n -
miios on (ho 28th day of Jniitiiitv A I)
1891, lu Mh 1,11. Pols .!l.2-!t..l wliu 11
mortgage) was dill) aaslgiu el b) said
r-IIAIll nu i .fii.t.-t ... 11 1... . r,.l..
A. Con,,..,;,)'. Limited, on tbo 12.1. da)
of November A I) I'ltic.
Notice la liereh) given Hint tin sild
II llaekfcld mid Company Llniiiul
Intenda to mid will lorrilosn lln- said
iiiiiitgiigu for condllioii biokiu lovit
11011 payment of principle, mid Intue.t
Nolle.) Is likewise ghoi that nfh 1
Iho expliallou of Hino ioip-pi ntlvi
wrcka fiom Iho ditto of publication of
this mil In. the Htilcl II llnikfi-ld and
Cnmp.iii) Limited as nssigm-ia of ild
Moilgagei) Intends to mid will ton -clou-
the samo mid will adviiilso and
nlfer foi sale tlin pioprily iovpiicI an'l () in SiMnr Co sin k at "2 On $27 .11
connived by said inortgago and will I .r.jrH inMiumonu $l.1ti, iindbai
spII the samp nl jiubili- nil. linn al Hip,n,rjln .lfln ,IIBH $r, onUo ,, .
iiilitioti moms of James P Moigim in 1
Ilm unl.l I'll. ,,r I l,.ti. I..I.. .... ,1... r. .. 1
neon of said dav
Tin. follow Iiik Is a ilrtiiliilln I of snid
l.lOlllliV 'All Illl.M. lllOl.ll OS 811
tcnh and dasnlbed nt tollmen
I That ceitnln lot hlinaie In Ki
ncolk), Koolnupoko, Oahu set foith lu
Rojnl Pnlent 285 to Meemnno
2 'I hat ei rtaln lot situate .n Puna
Inn Konlniiloa set forth In Roy.il
Patent 2S3 to Kalalkilo
3 All or the buildings stnioturci.
crops, etc on anv of the foregoing mm,
or panels of land the -aid preinlsoi
blng tho same conveyed to said I.
AIII.O bv doril nf llnttle K Ptihl anil
David K Ilihl dated the itn nav oi
Oitoher A U 1S9I
I urther particulars may ho hnd of
llpnry B Cropcr. Altortiey foi snid It
Hm-kfpld nnd Comimny. Limited at Inn
oHlc-p Jtnld Itulldlng In snlil Honolulu
Dated Honolulu, T It , Deccmb' i
12 a" n linn
Ry W Pfolcnhmici
Vile Proslilont
Dec 1ft. 22, 21, Jan ft
Entered for Record Dee 13. 1906
From 10'30 a m to 1 p m
Hani, or lltunll Ltd o Cdwnid
Tom Mnv bv iitM lo Chaibs
It- I
It- I
Chnrle-s H Ciam nud wf to Mutual
Dldg & Loan Socy M
,,.,.,,. .. .., I. .
" !-
'"', s Morneit . . I
M W T (hmll lo J Naal and wl Hi I
'Ink Win I.I Allium b) iiiikmh Id
Manuel V Pueliei o . n
y A,,,n , 0ahll i0iuH lj.n.1 Co I
UM f. . , .
i i . . . . . .. - t .
t" IAH I mynir rinviini
Cnleretl ror Record Dee. 14, 1900,
I From 9 a. m. to I0:J0 a m.
Hi my P tlaldwln lo (I K Mlnci lb t
M,rnu'el I" lalimn nml wr to Mnrla
( -r H (. ni ... II
W K Nalialnii nnd wr by ntTI ol mig
In West & llnwn luvt Co Lid
. . Hon MT-lt
K Nnhnlnn ami wf by nKgoi in
11. Walo-hoiise Tr Co Lid Ir I'
Recorded Dec. 0. 1906
Morlkuwa Mclchlro lo Miiratn hi
, U 1 w.imn llllll S hll-HI'H til
,"1' "H' """" """ , WI
I! 284 n 421 Dated Nov 12 lion
I Helm K Wilder to K D Ti nn-v P
(A, gi'tnral IMiwirs II 284. i 124 Ha
.leil l)"0 X 1IMM.
Chlnn Wnl Plik In Motrnpnllln'i
IiMis-1 Co Ltd, CM, household 'inn
ltun iiiiikPiv klii hen iin-iislls ii.
ol llnli'l l.tiilinla. ioi AIBRoii and l..
'""I S,M llopolulil, flK'i ll 2X'i p I I
lined Dei 7 tiuih
i AiiPinino iv run ami nsn m mnn i
Molr, M. bus 3 4 5 ami lilk I
Knpalinln Iraot lliitinliilu- $101 II 2Hi
p Ml. Dated Dei 5, 1906
v,., w,. .., wr , i Alfrnl Mn
R ,, 3g2, ,;, ,, ,.
.,,,, ,,...,
ii,,ii iiui
11 2M. p 2H
Hated Nov 2". 11t
Wllllnin 1 Willi" and wl in 1 M
lied .Mngiieiii: D. 2 0 Im In Hi 1 'I
iiil 127 Walkeh- Uwa. tlaliu $X" 11
2X6 p 292 Daled Nov 3d Pun.
Mis Nucsile MakiH- lo John II Hl
Lid, Auriiit, lu re R W for agls sin
mils, c'lc, lo c-nriy mdse, llio ii bv
ii.til.lia iiviir nri-llilm-H . fl II 2S1
126 Dnled Inn 28. 18119
I Victor M Hoiiito nml wr by ail) In
Jnlmv j- jorBnn. I). lol 6 blk 2u2
Palnlo Valley Honolulu, $100 II .'m,
p 2111 Dated Mar 2.1 1901.
1'iank iMuiphy to James W Young
118. Inrnlliire i tc of Piipulai llmis.
$15(0 II 2M, p 427. Hand Dec 7
.Inini b W Young and wf lo Hank .
Hawaii Ltd, M. 24kim c fl land Pn
kol St leasehold, hlclgx (uiiilluie it.
Hon SI,
Iinlli lloniiliilii $15(10 II
,. nw,K Hui ,, Ap II It P 117
Kill 771.1 Walnkoa Illlo. $1 11 288
p io Dated Doc 7, 1006
.loo M Dins nnd wl lo Illlo Mori an
lib- Co Ltd U, poi lot P, Series
Knkiiau 2nd Illlo, $13 58 mid iuIvh
11 1!81. p 116 Dated Nov 22 I9imI
Wllllnin T. Itnwlliis, atlorne) fi r
Sum Apiilnnn yeslerilay tiled a mili...i
in niiuah Hie Indli linetit ngalnM Apo
b linn clmiglng the defendant with
. innduiiliiK a uup gntno The mmlon
. I
koIk fiirlh Ijiut the- Indli lliieiu i)i n
not sot forth wllh tnifllelent n-riHiinv
Hip nffi-nsp ntnl Ihol no dap Is given
wne 11 Iho olTeuse was ininmlltid
,tu ni,.,i n, 11,. .am, , e
lo wllhtlrnvv the pla of not guilty on
b) Napoleon on the ground..
Hlinl ill Iho lime It was made llio di
llnmluiit was not lopresintnl by mint
,wl, Th" defpiicbini stal -s through IiIh
loiintel. that ho dctos not bellovi thai
the- Indictment was propcrl) drawn
und that ll dons not contain allogti
I"""" "'""''-1" "' "' "' '"-' ""
dofinilant to plead In It
Mis Kmil) P Dav exei ulnx of the
e lam of Dr ' lanu llnot Da ha
I. loci an Inventory of all the prnpuiv
of 111- dntoHMri 'I hi In Piiimy show
Hint III Day Ion pmporiy valued nt a
lotiil or $17,11101.8 HS fnllnwb 17.
Kb lies Wnlaliia Agric uliural Coin
li.ciO' slock at $115 $.1175 1100 siiari
ire $100 nil's. iniipsi In sHnitt'irlum A.
u "IIJ. half liilorosl III ai. mints nt D.i ,
, v.""" estimated
$27i5I.O lotal
, $'7 (3d 08
' ' ' "' -"
I Blank boolt3 of al tort-, ledgera
jc, luanufauturtnl by tbt Uiillcillu Put
llahliiK Company.
1. mi.m.llllli tiitiitiJU
,llf I i
i) ilitiWHIi'lllllllllll) in

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