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V KVnNINrt nUI.t.RTlN, ITONOMIMJ. T. II , Tl'E3rAY. THB 12, lift: c ? W
The Marathon Mystery
By Burton E. Stevenson
Author 0! Th
A detective story of surpassing interest most
cleverly told. So skillfully is the real villain
veiled that he is hardly suspected until near
the end.
Tlie Slarathon Mystery will
sure to start with the first
murder in the 'apartment
fftf 13p pj
Grace Croydon and the subsequent murder at Great South
Bay causing the arrest of her
cumstances point, keep the
Not even Connn Doyle ever wrote a
more thrilling tale of the utiraeliti; of a
mystery of crime. Duooki.vk K.uji.u.
Two vurdlits were returned jestcr
(ii) In Judge Do Holt's Court against
the Honolulu Hnnld Transit & l.aud
Co In thu suit himight by two ladles
lor damages. Two thoiibjud dollars In
lull was uwiinhd to .Mrs. Wnl.eku He
leluhl mid Mrs. Kuhnkiihualtol Kculo
hiipauolu iiielvcd u balm of S1CUU I'l
.Medical iitlendnnto lo thu sum of
17I Is Included lu the uwnrils. Huih
had claliuid dnmiigcs Ui thu tunu ot
lluth women uro past middle age, and
Mrs. Kenloluipnuole, Is In (pillo a feehlu
.Mntu. She Is eonneetcd by imiriluge
to thu late Princess Iterulcu I'nuahl
While driving on Klnt,' sticet nt Kn
llhl it eur ngo Juuuaiy, ,thu two wn.
men were llnnwn from their buggy b)
thu linpait of u Itnjilil Transit dir from
thu lear. llotli received berious In
Douthltl and Dunne have Imd clmrg'i
of thu suit, the former making the
iloslug nddrcss to thu Juiy. I). 1
Wlthlngton, assisted by T. M. Hnrrl
koii, attended to thu defendants' end of
thu cake. At thu titiuoiinu incut of the
voidlct, Ilanison noted exceptions and
rnvo notice of motion for a new trial
J. K. I'renilcrgast was foreimin of the
In pluco of tho trial Jmois who have
lecn excused ot dUqiiullllei, thu foi
lowing names have been submitted by
(lllbert J. Waller anil Jns. U MuLcnu,
Juiy coinmlssloueis. They lire to serve
thu icmnlnder of thu couit Jtur:
Chas. H. Klctiler. Ilemy Asch, John
II. Thompson, truest (I. Young, Jns,
K. McCunilless, Jumes McQueen, J. .M,
Itlggs, i:. N. Voeller, John I Hem I lis.
Chas. P. Merrllleld, Janus K. Feuice,
JaiiitH U. W)nian, IliulolpU (1. Moore,
Josephus 1: Axtell. Hurry P. Murray
mid A. F. Cooke,
A illvoicu suit has been brought by
II. Humo Hwulllto ugulust Ills wltu
KeHiln for desertion since I'cbiuuiy 15,
JKb(. They lmvu no children mid were
mairleil In Ma), 1SC0. W. W. Thnei
Is nttoiutiy for llhelhiut,
Hauiuel I'ujiiihl denies all allegations
of unite for dlvoue Hindu by his wife
I'etltlons for approval of nee omits,
mid dlschnigu mo imido by M. W,
'IVchudl, executor of tha will of Jen
plu lllalclifmd Tbcliudl (or Tschuddl).
In the Biilt of Walter Peacock vs.
John a. Utothwell, Attorney Ashfoid
lor philntiff gives noticu to defendant
mid his attorneys, Judd, Mott-Smlth U
llemeiiwuy, to producu two certain
piouilsboty notes executed by defend
nut to plalutlrf. Ilo nlbo dfiiiuuiU Id
teis written by ptnlutlff to defendant
(lu defendant's peibomil cliaiucter and
In his capacity lis executor of the en-
tutu of li. Way and as ugcut of Alice
mid Plhel Way) lu icply to uuy ami all
Nolladay Cue"
begin in our next Issue. Be
installment. The mysterious
house implicating beautiful
lover, to w bom all the cir
reader guesting to the end.
AuminuifiAiiuu mcMJunc
Tho proper course of action to ho
taken lu connection with tho plat
form declaration of the Republican
patty on 11 College of Agrlcultmu
mid Mechanic Arts was brought up
by W. O. Smith ut thu meeting of thu
coinmltteu held in Hepubllciiii head
quarters last ovuulng.
Mr. Smith stated that he had gone
over tlm report of thu Department ot
I'ulillc instruction prepared by Mr.
I'nriliigton. lie wus impressed with
tho fad that tho Agricultural Col
lege was not n school In any sensu of
tho woid, hut 11 college, an Institu
tion of advanced learning. Ilo be
lieved In thu measuro hut thought thu
bill preparing tho way for tho college
should ho an Administration rather
than a purely party measure.
There were matters of general ed
ucational policy Involved and as this
also included mutters of exponso he
thought that from ovory standpoint
It would ho butter to leave Ihe gen
eral policy In tho hands of the Gov
ernor. If tho Governor did not sec
lit to net, tho members of tho Legis
lature could do 11s they saw fit.
Mr. Smith's vlovv mot with tho ap
proval of those piesent at thu meet
lug mid It was proposed that the
legislative sub-commltteo should
meet with the (lovornor and go ojer
tho whole subject. Hero wus an In
stitution that would give tho young
students 'of Hawaii many mid ovent
ually nil the advantages of an ad
vanced college of thu mainland. It
would bo 11 grand thing for tho Tor
titory mid should hn fosteicd In cv
eiy way possible
Mr. Partington icpoited that ho
hnd tlnnlly found a law passed by
Congiess which furnished a preco-
dbnt for tho establishment of thcio
colleges lu a Tenltory. Tho luw was
In connection with tho college endow
ed for tho Territory of New Mexico
and contained In Volume t! of tho
United States Statutes.
Denny & Co. hare a few secoiid-liund
machines In good condition for sain,
12GG Fort St. Phono Main 483.
letters mentioned lu defendant's notice
to plaintiff to produce. Hlght IctieiB
at 0 demniiUed by defendant.
J Allied Magoou Is being sued by
Mis W. H. Hoogu, 011 a" piomUsoiy
note for $1,1)00 with luteiest ut'8 pel
cent ner unman. The note wus made
December 2, 1901, und pa)ablo tluee
montliB after date. Thompson it dem
ons aio uctlug for plulntitT.
Notice Is given by Deputy Attorue.
General M F Piosset, thut on Wed
resday nt 9 a m. ho will hi lug cm lor
hearing, before) Jiulgu Lindsay, tlm
motion of 'Pal Ylik for u now til.il,
TTYTaarraM y
Scheme For Primary Law
And Other Laws -
The figures f Assistant Supcrln-.the
tenilunt or I'ulillc WorkH llowlaiid,'
ulilcli weiu published In the llullutlu!
Inst night, showing n ilelkll of $0fi,-
tiUO, when properly uiialzcd, full to
dhow any siuh legitimate dellclt. vln
fnct, they show Hint, while there nmy
not he nny gain, there Is prncttrtilly
no lois hi the operation of the Ileum
lulu wnter works for the 12 mouths
ending June :iu, llion.
This fact was brought out lit the
meeting of the Fxecntlvo Commltlo
of thu llepiihllciin Central Coinmltteu
with inenihets of the l.cglslatuic last
Jtallentync's Analysis
n, it. iiancni)iic, ciiairmuii 01 in J
Biib-comnitltco (n legislation, hail
piomlseil to hnvu the figures for ton-
Udcriitlon lit thu meeting, lie Mat
ed that lis they hnd heen puhllshed In
thu I 111 I let I n )csterelay nfturniHiii,
there was no necessity for reading
them .Mr. I'nrrlnglon nsked lilm to
anal) ?e the figures, and this ellcllu'l
fi oni Il.illcnt)iiu thu Inforuiatlon that
thu Item of extension unavoidable,
iimouiitlng to fiT.,(l()n, which was In
eluded In thu niiiiiuil costs, had no
business there, being In the natural
of permanent Improvements. This' loinmltteu ought to hsik at the ni.it
bioiight thu supposed dellclt down to vler lis a business propiMltlon "I
within u thousand dollars of the an-, think," lio said. "If nil) Comities nn
uiial receipts. II Is possible that mine their water winks, the) ought
there nru other Items charged In the1 to assume u pioportlomite part of tha
annual costs which might be slml
laily eliminated.
SupRestive 'Water Works Bill
'the mutter tame up thiough thu
presentation to the Central Commit-1
ttu by thu suh-iommltteu of the draft,
of a bill providing for thu taking ov-,
er by thu Counties of their water.
works. C. 0. Il.illcnt)ne, chulrm.ui
of thu (ominlttee, piesunted thu bill.
hut refused to endorse It. He slated
that It was only presented for the
lonstderiitlon if tho committee and
lor suggestions. Thu siih-iomuilttce
did not recommend It.
Thu hill us presented provides that
on petition of 11 certain percentage of
(nullified voters of 11 County asking
for n vote on tho tnklng over of the
water works, n special election shall
ho held ut which the mutter shall be
presented to the people. If thu peti
tion Is presented after six months
f 1 0111 the List tegulnr election, the
matter shall lomn up nt tha next reg
ular election.
It Is thus made optional with the
Counties whether or not they shall
tnkc over their wnter works. They
iiiu not obliged to do so unless they
Transfer of Title .
W. O. Smith, 11 member of the sub
committee, stilted tluit suverul il 1 111
(illtles hud hi en cmouutcicil lu
drafting the hill, lu the tlrst phuu.
he said, It would bu Impossible for
Washington, Fib. I, The cpiestlou
whether pending dlffeiences between
tho Hulled States uud Jaiiail 11111 I e
u-ttled by tieat) ami legislation dur
ing tlie brief time remaining of till .
session of Cougicvs wns widely dis
cussed ut tlie Capitol today. It Is ud
milted on all bides thut If Congress ad
journs with tho Japanese question uu-i-cttled,
theie ma) be startling devel
opments us thu lehiilt of Japanese Iiii -
migration to Hawaii und tho PucWe'
Coabt. The; uiiiioiiucemeut from San'
Francisco thut thu school nutlioiltlrs'
weiu willing to admit Japanese till!
dreu to the public schools If it timid
bu shown thut 11 treaty could hu r.itlllcd I
excluding Jnp.iucbu luboiers docj not!
... 1 - ., n.i .1 1... .11.... 1
uppear to have cluiused the situation.,
Tho California delegation has been ier-, '"VJie slutcmcnt that thu Sun Fran- slat on some giiuiuutcu from lliu United
lulu from the first that thu Sail l'lun-! elsco peoplu hold thu l.e to thu situ-' Stales Government thut 110 disc rlmlilu
Cisco authorities would recede. 'I lielrj ntlon hull bosh Japan holds thu key tlou shall be practiced ugulust Japan
leal anxiety la us tu thu attitude of und we don't know whut Jho wants iso In this country. Thu dltllculty ot
Japan und not as to the attitude of Sun Tho President himself does not know making hitch 11 guarantee without In
Francisco. Opinions nre divided unions iiccorillug lo v hat he told us. It Japan Hinging upon the lights of the States
legislators us to tho probability of 11
I lompt uud satisfactory adjustment ot
pending qtiebtloutt. Olio ot the mos'
llilliieutiul meiubeis of the California
delegation said;
"The Pieslelent In his talk with us
did nut go so fur us to assuie us that
II tieaty had been negotiated Hu lu
Mitlahl) aualllleel his remarks by siev
ing ho thought he could leach uu ugl ce
ment with Japan. Ilo tin tied to Sec
letai) Hoot for confirmation ot tbl J,
but Mr. Hoot was still more couteivu
tlve. Mr. Hoot uieiely sulci hu hoped
u tieuty could be ui ranged Wu uro
imxlous, ot course, to have an exclu
sion trsutj und uu act earning It Into
effect Jlut we pioposo to bo biiro of
tins lictoie wo tuck iiown oil tuo bcncsil
iiicstlcm, Thu mere drafting of u
Organization Adopts
Territory to transfer tin titles In.
(lie wulvr works to the Counties All
It (011I1I ilo woilld bo to turn oer to
the Counties tho right to use the ho
telns, the (ontiol to leiniilu with thu
Superintendent of Public Works,
who would hnvu general super; Islon
mid to whom would lime to be refer
red nny hrge extensions or other Im
provements. Smith suggested that the volu on
taking over thu water works ought
to lie lestrlcted to the taxpayers, the
ones who arc most vltnll) affected.
Il.illentync was Inclined to tluow
(old water on thu entire si heme, ami
hpoke several tllilus In opposition to
Ro'c;itson's Conclusion
Chali mnu Itoberlsoii said" "The
more I think of It, tlm more I am
Louvliiied Hint thu mil) way out Is
to get Congress to convey bar): to the
Territory the title to the public
works. That Is thu only wn) wu i.in
nipple with thu water works plnnk.
thu only way wu can grapple with the
iigrluilturnt plunk, tJio mil) way c
can grapple with thu laud plank "
Business Proposition
llalleiityne said he thought the
Territorial indebtedness And they
should not iissumo the water works
unlers they can get the iiliKolutu ti
tle. Theie should nlfco be In tlm bill
a piovlslou for u (.Inking fund If
thu County rei elves the n venue. It
ought to provide the sinking fiiud;
If thu Territory gets (he revenue. It
rhould piovtdu the sinking fund "
'Taxpayers' Sentiment
W It. Pnrrlngton nppioved tho
general spirit of tho bill "I, too,
think," he sulci, "that we should look
nt this matter us n business proposi
tion, but us taxpioeis of tlm County,
we should aim look at It with some
degree of sentiment. 'The County
ought to own tho wnter works. It
tho Honolulu water works are run
nt 11 loss of JfiS.OOO, It seems to n 0
thcro is mismanagement wuneulicc.
I think wu could find ten business
men In Honolulu will vnutd ho will
ing to taku over the water works ut
11 valuation of J 1. 000,001). mid run
them ut it pioflt It would hu better
to charge 11 higher watei talc. If
nciessmy, In order to run thu water
works at 11 profit "
W T Ituwllns thought tho wnter
works could hu made to pay by In
creasing the wnter rates.
"All right, do It, than." replied
Pnrrlngton. "There Is no reason whyjii petition for nomination wns niado
nny department of thu government! 1.". In nil (uses On motion of Pin
should bo 1 1111 ut 11 loss. We've got rlngton the draft of thu hill was then
to make up thu dellcteiKy b) taxa- adopted us amended
Mealy will not do. We lmvu been too
many tieattes full by the wajslde dm-
lug this iiilmlulstiatloii lo take an-
thing for granted
"The time Is now so short before ml-
Joiirnineiit that I have doubts that we
tun get 11 treat) uud uu exclusion net1
thiough Tho tieuty alone would lie-
(omjilish little (nod An net of Con-'
gress would ho necessary lu mder to'
.Iiibuiu tho exclusion of thu Jnpuiictu
laborers fiom Mexico, Canada uud nth-,
tr count! Ich. a week ogo thu proposl-
tlou to puss 11 Japaucsu exclusion net'
would huvo been denounced, but u
mighty ctmiigo ma) bu brought about
between now nud March I, but wu uru
not bo sanguine tcs to reguid It us ppjb-
..1. 1.. '
is willing to mule uu uxcliiblou ttciit)
without Imposing luudltlous thut cuii-
not bo uccepled. It ma) bu possible to
negotiate 11 tieat) with her. Whut wo
fear Is that Jiimiu may ask (ui mine
ilian wu cuii giant This feur Is iihnied
by tho President uud Secretary Hoot
"Viscount Aokl has Intimated that
Japan will Insist upon the insertion of Senator will ugico thut this coinll
11 piovhslon Blunting to Jiipaiiebu lu the tutlonul point can bu kept lu tho back'
United Stutes the rights uud pi h lieges gioiind foi thu uuku of iciuovlng filer
enjojed by citizens uud subjects ot tho tlou lu mil lelatlous with Japan l'u
1110.il fuvoted nations, This ma mean,' less uu ugiccuicnt is reached nud thu
llom the Japanese point ot view, the Jupuucsu luboiers excluded theie will
privilege of Japanese childtcu to enter
the public bdiools of tho Stutes
Some of tho Senators hnve told us
thut If thu proposed treat) contains nn
pi o vision like that the) will oppose It
on tho groiniil that It would bo uu at -
lion sooner or later.'
lloliertKon mined tint iiucstlnn
to the leiuill)' of the bondholders If
thu title Is vested III the Pedcrul
flovcriinienr. ho couldn't see what
tho Count) would have to hark up
Its bonds.
Pari lugton said It Is the credit of
thu people which Is buck of nil bonds
Government lands nru not the secur
ity for Pederal bonds; it Is the el ed
it of till' peoplu of thu United States,
the levcnue capacity of tho peoplu.
Ituwllns wns of tho opinion that
the thing to do In to get Congress to
rede buck lo thu Teirltory nil public
works. That Is the way to get nt thu
loot of the mat I er, he said.
Federal Tests
Smith was rather doubtful nbout
Cougiess being willing fti pass such
mi enabling nit and tinning back to
the Terrltoiy nil the public works
"The Pedeinl Government Is testing
us, I think," ho said, "to see how fur
wu me capable of self-government
Anil the Kenllnieiit toward this Torrl
toi) is steadily becoming more fav
orable "
The Worst Blow
"The worst blow that County gov
ernment bus received since thu pas
mgo of thu County Act." continued
Smith, "was tlm net of thu Supcrvl
bins of Hawaii In repudiating their
contrnit with thu Honolulu Iron
Works That will do more to hurt
County government than mi) thing
else If County Supervisors show no
iiioiu sense of responsibility mid no
more business Judgment than that,
Cougiess will (out hide Hint we 1110
lliiupihlu of self-government mid
will he cmefiil nbout granting us
nny mote power."
After some further discussion, no
tion on the water woiks hill whs d
fei red
Lane's Flan
Senator luie proposed that tho
l.eglshituiu pass n perfected bill on
'tho Hues laid down by the lommltteu
and nt the same time n Joint resolu
Hon asking Congress to give the Ter
rltory tit lu to local property.
Primary Law
.Thu matter of tho hill providing
for primaries was next brought up
In answer to a iiucstlon by Mr. Pnr
rlngton as to the meaning of the
word "part)" as used In the draft of
the bill, Chairman Itobertson stated!
that It should bu defined by nclcllug
to a section of tlm hill the words,
"and which maintains a general or
ganization throughout thu County,
Including a regularly 1 (instituted
1 Central Committee."
Ihe number of iiiimes necessary oil
tempt 011 the pint of thu Kedeuil flov
eminent to usur) imitrol of thu public
kIumiIk of Ihe Stuti-H. lu some Slutes
I thu right of a State to control-Its pub
He schools may be regarded us much
11101 ci lmporluiit than thu exclusion ot
.i.ipancici hiboiers. Wu In California
uro wlllim; tu waive the smaller point
lor the sake of gaining tho larger one,
but other Slates may not see It lu that
"On the Other hand, If thu Govern
incut does not lllbert lu the treat) a
provision which Insures lo Japan thu
right to stud Japanese children to
American public sclusils It Is very
doubtful that Julian would ngiee to It.
I menu to say that Japan Is smut what
1 ... ....t..i.. i.i 1.., 1 ..in L.-
I biisulcloiis on this isilut and will 111'
1 Is n peiplexlug one,
"If an exclusion treaty is submitted
to the Semite wu pioiMisu to work foi
Its latllliatlon with all our might. Wu
uro willing lo wulvu mil right to ex
elude Japanese from the public si hoolu
nud wo shall ask other States to do thu
same. Wu believe u mnjoilt) of the
bo double, fur the 1011st will not tul-
J ernte much longer the Influx of 1000
Japanese n month Hint nud bloodshed
' will force the Issue. This is not meant
us 11 threat, but nierel) us 11 warning
' of what will leitululy occur.
I . t, - . -- 7 t 1
3 I?
Ittberve jour Uarth lu the SI'P.AKMA.N". Kvery ticket curries fit
11 now set of
lk'jerililng u i'oIIUIoii in 11 snowdrift when "the gieftt rams of sflil
mid tile had done tin lr work unci ihudit-dut each other fu cultd w nu
thu DUckwood gorge."
Thu mystery of the CowNnr fnglmsT w ho disappeared In a burning
building to save 11 mull lie bud injured In 11 strike row,
'IVMIng how nn old engine deveIoeil uneicctfd six-ed In a rrlill and
wus rescued from the digrtut of iiiuiiiug on u Jerkuter Hue.
How it iiiudu a great run ucruss tlm confluent to save a bank, when
"thu l'ivu-Nluu lurched nt thu curves like 11 nuu! vuuiuu, ahook freu
with very fury," uud took u burning bridge.
Tho story of a train dUpntcher who "saved the ronijsiny $800,000
that night thu Ogulallu train mil uwuv." Iluuka is vice pmalduul
Hon 11 consignment of silk was snvid from destruction by strikers
by thu cool nerve of u veiling engineer on his tint run.
Thrilling rescue of his enemy's little lsiy who witscuiight on ft cross
ing by Poley's engine.
Whndispl ijcsl great during nd coolness when the connecting rod
of Ills engine broke and begun threshing his (Mb to bpliuter.
A new conductor mi his llrst run by quick thinking prevents a col
lision villi a iHM'ui;er train and save thu lives of uiaiiy I imenera.
Tho story of 11 ner engine lu a collision w hie h led to the reunion of
fat bur olid sou (engineer and llreiuau 011 the Hk)craier) who hud
been lut lo each other for )iure.
These splendid Railroad Stories will be a
Saturday Bulletin Feature.
Then there is the Original Dooley in every
Saturday issue and Local Social News.
"As soon ns the treat) Is sent to the
Senate we will Introduce a bill to curr)
the treaty Into effect Wu hojie such n
bill cm bu enacted without long de
bate, but four weeks Is u short time lu
which to consider such legislation The
clutnces are against us. If It bee omen
appat ent that an exclusion treaty uud
tut cannot be passed b .March 4, ws.c.ers of thu army ami navy believe that
hope the President will bu tihlo to p.itchl 11 coulllct Is to come, with any nation,
up uu ugrccmtmt with Japan wheieb) 'there would hu diplomatic friction and
Japanese laborers will bo piohlhlted by
Imperial decree fiom coming to Ha
waii uud tho United Stutcs.
"If Japan will do that California
nioluhly would he willing tu admit
Japanese children of school ago Into
the public schools. '1 ho President tuny
be ublo to show tho Jupunese that such
1111 arrangement would prevent trouble
011 the I'adllc Cojst. If thu Japanese
wish to show good faith lu maintain
ing friendly rclutlons with us they will
have to ugree to boiuuthlng of that
Mud. If they have other ends lu view,
ut some of us suspect, thu present con
dition will continue, until there Is ail
ixploslou "
WilshliiBton, Feb 2. Within thlrt)
six hours some of the h)steileul ones
have hud the cmintr) 011 the verge of
wui with Japan This h)sterlu hu
passed, thu Goveiuiueut olllcluls hav
ing administered 11 close of Hut denials
Thu denials imipiestloniibly weru truth
'ill in 11 sense uud wholly diplomatic
uud necessary. .
Perhaps It would hu better for Imlh
Japan nud America If thu exnet truth
concerning the lelutlous between the
two countries weru published Thu wur
(.caio of thu last two da)s would have
been no s'.ue ut nil If theie hud been
plain mm!, lug b those who knew
things Thu fuels did not warrant 11
biuri! foi a moment, but the did war
rant u warnlus.
Secietmy Tuft Is more anxious till
eur than hu bus been lu uu) )cur be
loru to obtain iidellllonul uppioprlutloii1im t wiuw from tho city, today
for fortlfjlng Hawaii uud the Philip
pines. Although not 1111 ulurmlbl lu
tiny sense, ho has Information whlili
Makes It his Impel utlvu duty to ill go
Ukiii Congress the necessity for up
pi opi latlng "ciulclc iiioue)" for Ilea.)
gnus Ui guard thu entrance of Pent I
harbor, In Hawaii, uud to iucnasu the
jini.iiucnt alte.iily unplaced lu the
'Ihe leal sciloiisuvss ot the Allien
tan Japanese mutter lies lu the report:
lu Secietury Ta(t Thu tinny uud navy
boat ds, the business of which wus to
ascertain the situation and draw leb
sous of preparation from the" ncepilie I
lcuowlcdg3, hnvu reported prhatelj
tucta that It would not do, for Interna.
llcinil reasons, to huvu reach the pub'
lie ear. Il would not do even to have),
IS ATfr. Ui AyFO.
them riiuli the ear of Congress, foi
Hint would glvu them puhllclt).
In urging Congress to grunt money
tor formications Sccretur) Tnft thVn
tore cannot tell nil he knows, uud this
)eur he litis not told Cougiess cum
tenth of whut uu knows-. If it weiu
tiild bluntly and openly that thu olll-
the war of tho fiitutu might become
thu wnr of the preseut The Wur mid
Slate departments uru In possession
of Information which leads them lo
believe that If Japan were 011 u sound
financial basis trouble between that,
country nud thu United Stales would
not be 11 question of the future, but o(
the present.
lcn who more than luiy diplomats
keep the departments Informed us lit
the real stuto of affairs have made the
Mntcmenl that thu P.ulllc iiossesslous
of tho United Stutes must bu furtilled
ucleepiutely us soon ua thu money can
l.u obtained. They are not mischief
makers, and, while the Cabinet official
huvo so regurdid them ut limes, this
)eur duct attention bus been paid In
what they huvu sulci.
I Stories of Julian esc Insolence huvu
(nine to Washington from time to time .
mil thu departments have diplomatic
all) discounted them. The stories ur
true. II Is true also that the pride of
the Japanese lu their Husslau victories
has not ubated a whit, uud that they
nro offensively vaunting this pride, cj
peclully ii.iiou oe elisions when Aincil
cans uru within hearing,
There Is 110 telling when tho Jap
anese Government will nud Itself on
a financial basis sound enough to vaunt
Its pride lu some other way than by
I words. Juiiuii is looking fur colony
outlet. It U llndlng one In Hawaii,
whiiu the Orlentalu nru simply crowd
ing into tho hurlHii gates.
New York, Jau, 18 Contractor
Iliiiellev. who lues charieu of thu re-
riported a great scarcity of men, Hu
ka,i u ,Us u tnse of "too much pros-
writ) " lie milled. "Men hnve better
" " "
Jobs and the) do not want to go snow
shoveling. Five )euro ngo thero would .
huvo been a long lino of applicants fo.
work on a morning like this at the
snow removul bureaus, bin. they only
cuno In two' uud threes today, mid
not many In nil."
The shoituge of men was the loin
plaint ot snow contractors ull over tho
Ill the hope of stemming the rapidly
lucieuslug number of suicides, General
Ilooth has opened an anti-sulcldu bu
reau, whero s)mputhPtlc and sensible
ndvhu will bu given to despairing per-

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