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From San Francisco
For San Francisco:
Aug. 30
Hongkong Maru . . . Aug.
Sierra . . ., Sept.
From Vancouver:
Manuka Aug.
For Vancouver:
Aorangl Aug.
Vol. IX No. 3778
St. Louis' Are Baseball Champions Of . 1907
The campaign against the admission
of Japanese to Canada is on in earnest.
The trades councils of the various
cities are being aroused by the Van
couver workmen who were stirred by
the Kumeric shipment. The following
dispatches from late Canadian flics
tell the story:
Vancouver, B. .C, Aug. 14. After
the most thorough examination that
the Japanese and their yellow cousins
have yet received since the agitation
against them, they were unanimously
rejected as "Underslrables" at Labor
hall Monday night, their friendly op
ponents forming an Asiatic Exclusion
league, the first in Canada.
From every point of view the Japa
nese particularly were considered, and
from every point of view were found
wanting In the qualities required in a
white man's country, Just because they
are Japanese and the yellow can never
Relations Strained
In Rapid Transit Co.
The Lockwood controversy has
brought on a small war . In Rapid
ri'.ansit circles. Lockwood is the ex
conductor of the Rapid Transit Com
pany, who was convicted of assault
on a Japanese a few days ago. Pre
vious to the conviction he had been
discharged from the employ of the
street railway , company. Manager
Ballentyne, of the Rapid Transit, has
been very persistent In the prosecu
tion of Lockwood, and even after a
conviction was obtained against the
conductor, it is said, kept matters so
warm for the man that a feeling of
resentment was aroused among the
other employes of the company.
It Is understood that the fellow
amnlrtvpR nf T.npUwnnH Rtnrfprt a fiilh-
B?ription for the purpose of raising a'.
fund to in some wise defend the man!
from the prosecutions of Manager
r.atlentyne. An amount or nearly
$70 was subscribed, nearly every em
ploye signing the subscription.
A Store you
can rely upon
YOU'LL find in dealing with
this store, that honest goods,
at honest prices is the basis
upon which we do all our
business. No exaggerated advertis
ing. No "brag" in any of our
claims. We are here to serve our
customers in a way that will gain
their confidence and their custom.
We'd like to show you the new
Spring fashions in Alfred Benjamin
& Co. clothing.
13:30 O'CLOCK
asslmilalo with the white. Upon this
all were agreed. The only difference
of opinion was In regard to the method
of keeping him out.
The discussion upon this lasted un
til 11:30 o'clock, when the majority
agreed that the remedy Is solely with
I the Government at Ottawa. The
I longest arid strongest resolution thus
far framed upon the subject was half
j an hour later sent to Sir Wilfrid Lan
kier by the chairman, John P. Mc
Donnell, editor of the Saturday Sun
I set. , A copy will also be Bent to Pre
, mier McBride. A second resolution
was also passed to similar effect, but
with a clause that the British Colum-
Ma legislature continue to re-enact
Hon. Mr. Bowser's Natal act.
I But as pointed out the mere enact
ment or re-enactment of that measure
is ineffective unless Ottawa author
izes Its assent, the Lieutenant Gover
Manager Ballentyne, hearing of
tills subscription move, attempted to
nip the bud before It bloomed, and
investigating the matter, discharged
the man whom he thought was the
prime mover In the affair. In mak
ing this move, he also made a mis
take in his man, which increased the
feeling already rankling In the
breasts of the men.
It is reported that the instigator
of the subscription moveNvoluntaiily
visited Mr. Ballentyne's office yester
day afternoon, and in very few words
read the manager the "riot act," and
is reported to have threatened to call
. (Continued on Page 4)
The entire stock of an exclusive hat
store has been purchased by L. B. Kerr
&'Co., Alakea street, for 45 cents on
the dollar and will be offered to the
public today at unheard of prices.
Don't fall to call today. The store
will be open until 9 p. m.
The number of homes into which the Bulletin goes guarantees home buyers
Evening Bul
nor being a servant of the Dominion
Government. So the remedy is alone
with Ottawa.
There was no time left for the elec
tion of officers of the new league,
which was deferred for a meeting to
be held at the call of the chair, but
a committee was appointed to wait
upon Hon. Frank Oliver, minister of
the Interior, who will be In Vancouver
on Wednesday morning.
The resolutions passed were as fol
lows: "One of the races now coming here
is excessively aggressive, and we fear,
that they look forward to ultimately j
controlling this part of Canada.
"Coming from a country where the
struggle for existence Is keener and
the standard of living lower than inj
any "white nation, they easily displace
the white man aiti his family. I
Lord's Accusations
lost Cont
"I have deemed It the better policy
to ignore absolutely the contemptible
and unjust accusations made by one
who is not man enough to settle his
differences In a less public manner. To
be judged Ignorant by one as illiterate,
as Mr. Lord will certainly not be the
cause of my losing a bit of sleep. . In
order to effect his own selfish gains,
he sees fit to adopt this most detesta
ble method of procedure. All I care
to say is that he is welcome to any
benefits or gains that he may derive
The above statement made by J.
Hastings Howland, engineer in charge
of the construction of' the Nuuanu
dam, is his answer to the attack made
upon him and his, work a few days
ago by E. J. Lord, the contractor. And
that is all he cares to say In regard to
Lord's charges.
In reference to the general charges
of Incompetence made against him,
Mr. Howland merely points to his rec
ord, to the work he has done, to the
bridges, culverts, wharves, etc., built
under his supervision. "Isn't that an
swer enough," he asks. "Has there
over been any complaint made of the
work I have done? Haven't, the
bridges I have built stood the test of
use? '
"Two noted experts were brought
A trust Company represents the
highest development of these quali
ties and on this account renders the
best of sendees as executor,' guardian
or trustee.
Never out of town; never sick;
and employs the most approved busi
ness methods.
n ?! t i
Hawaiian irubi
Company, Ltd.
Fort St. 8cnolu
Women Read the Ads and
"British Columbia Is the Western
gateway of the Dominion. 4f It Is eve:1
attacked n that count its defenders
must be Its own people. If the masses
are an alien race with foreign sym
pathies, It needs no argument to Bhow
liow easily a foreign nation could ob
tain a foothold here, and once ob
tained, how difficult to dislodge.
"We cannot conceive that the na
tions effected by an act of exclusion
could object to the measures, as, 11'
they were threatened with similar con
ditions, they would speedily adopt sim
ilar measures against us.
"The question today Is easy of so
lution. In time, when these men av?
not only laborers, but merchants and
manufacturers wkh large material in
terests In the country, their ingress
tan only be prevented at the expense
- (Cor.tlnjeJ -on Page 2)
here to Investigate the condition of the
dam. Did they find any fault with my
work? Didn't they say it was all right
and that I had done everything as it
should be done? What more do you
"I haven't thought best to make any
reply to these charges and accusations.
I have felt it better to let my work
speak for itself than to answer the
idle talk of a lot of people who don't
know anything about the dam or what
they are talking about.
"I have pushed the work ahead as
fast as possible and it is not my fault
(Continued on Page 4)
Visit Hill's new souvenir store at
the post office. .
185 King Street
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72 S. King. Phone Main 15.
Sal llepatica
The ideal saline laxative.
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buy the goods
Tai lenders
1 2 3 4 5 -'6 7 8 9
S. ; 2 2 0 JJ "10 0 1- 7
S. 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-2
The loss of today'fe . game by the
Kamehameha team assures the St.
l.-ouis team of the championship. St.
I.ouls can loue its game today and still
lead. Had trie Kanis won there was a
possibility of tying the St. Louis' for
first place.
Kams. Lemon, If.; Miller, as.;
Jones, c; Vannatta, 2b.; Lota, 31).;
'(uhlna, 1 b.; Plunkett, rf.; Renter, p.;
Kern, cf.
Puns. Hampton, c; J. Desha, 2b.;
K.. Desha, 3b;; Kia, cf.; Winne, lb.;
Williams, p.; Sumner, rf.; A. Williams,
ss.; D. Desha, If.
; The Kams won the toss and took the
Hampton bits toxin. Hampton stole
(Continued on Page 3)
8 T
8 The above Is a splendid like- 8
8 ness of "1)111" Hampton, probably 8
8 the fastest and best all round 8
8 baseball player in the Hawaiian 8
8 Islands today. Here Is a lad who 8
8 is a ball player through and 8
8 through, and if there is any one 8
tt who deserves a trial in the Coast 8
3 League it is Bill Ham. 8
8 Hampton began his baseball 8
8 career in Honolulu in 1904 with 8
8 the Marine team that took the 8
8 Mailes' place in the local league. 8
8 He was easily the best man on 8
8 that team and gained a "rep" 8
8 with the fans. 8
8 In 1905 Ham joined the Elks 8
8 and acted as captain of the team. 8
8 During this season he did slab 8
a work for bis team and out pltchqd 8
8 Barney Joy. He won the major- 8
8 ity of the games and it was only 8
8 due to a two series proposition 8
8 that he lost the championship. 8
8 When the 1906 season rolled 8
8 around Bill was made captain of 8
8 the Oahu team and again showed 8
a his class. All acknowledged that 8
8 he was by far the best fielding 8
a pitcher In the League and also 8
a used the best Judgment. U
8 Hampton has always played 8
8 with little practice and has been 8
8 out of his place In the box. (live 8
8 this hid practice and training, 8
it and wllh his clever fielding, good 8
8 slick work, fastness on Ihn base 8
8 liiifs unit superior judgment there 8
ft Is no doubt but wluil be is fas! 8
8 I'IhiiikIi f'"- any cimiiiiiny. 8
8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 tt tt tt 8 tt 8 8 tt
r u
a I n
8 ., """ 18
8 I 3 8
8 I
8 5 V 8
A v
8 j y A
a. v t
IV t
8 i
a I
I ..
c i
8 J
a 1
i- - -
niJJ1 , .
Now Agree
tAttociated Pretti Special Cablti
Russia and Japan will raise their le
gations here and at Tokio to the rank
of embassies.
iAuniated Vre Soial Cable)
George F. Duffey has resigned as
President of the Board of Public
Works. Michael Casey has been ap
pointed to succeed him.
DAVENPORT, Eng., Aug. 24'
The Dattiesmp leremeraire was
launched here today.
Beets : . 88 analysis, 10b. Parity 4.11
cents. Previous quotation, 9s 11 l-4d,
. '
A good cooling powder for perspIr -
lug feet is composed of four parts tal-
cum powder and ona part boracic acid
thoroughly mixed.
And Slav
Tried To Wreck Pump
Malicins Attempt
Suspected 8y
A malicious attempt on the part of
persons unknown to wreck the big new
pump recently bought for the purpose
of sluicing earth down into the fill of
the Nuuanu dam is suspected by the
Public Works Department.
A "sensational story was recently
published in the Advertiser to the ef
fect that the engineers knew so little
about their business and were so care
less that they had neglected to remove
(Continued on Page 4.)
Sunday afternoon and evening the
management requests the public to en-
gage tables for dinner In advance.
Ring up Red 101. The best quintette
club in the Islands will play while you
eat the best dinner for one dollar ever
served In Honolulu.
The Inducement of Quality
Manufacturers' Shoe
E Have you got your goods all in a
E for the fall trade? Good. You 5
S have a foundation for your busi- g
ness. How are you going to move s
S them? Will you wait for the g
E chance customer or will you ere- g
ate a demand by advertising? s
There are people who want these S
E goods. Do you fancy they will S
E seek them in your store, of the E
5 existence of which they may be E
in complete ignorance, or in me s
E store of your competitor, who
S tells the people through the
Evening Bulletin. S
HiiiiiH E(IIIIUIimillll!imilll!imillll?
Price 5 Oknts
(A anciattd Freat Special Cable)
powder explosion at Sobrante today
Killed two men.
A general panic was caused in the
canneries by the explosion. The em
ployes thought it was an earthquake
and stampeded. Many were injured.
tSHKiictatcd Pretts Special fabltt
NEW YORK. Auir. 24. The strike
is causing a meat famine in this city.
. K0HMA' 24. It is de-
nied here that the Dowager Empress
is HI.
liliH IH
(Special B ulUtin Wireless. )
HUo, Hawatia, Aug. 24. George I'n-
i uti uuhl ui utu rktfiwiru.v luuay uueo
( cl,t 0f five In the tennis finals. Thu
game for the challenge cup will b
played today between Hapai and Irwin
To Complete Nuuanu
Dam Within Six
"If we are allowed to continue the
vork without further delay or
hindrance, the Nuuanu dam will hi
completed in about six months."
ThlB statement was made this morn
ing by J. Hastings Howland, the engi
neer in charge of the construction of
(he darn. "So far," he said, "there ,
has been more delay than work, on
account of the numerous stops caused
by investigations, etc. Now I hope we
are in a position to go ahead and fin
ish It up. If there are no accidents be
yond such as may commonly be ex
pected in such work, and we are al
lowed to proceed, I think wo shall
have the big dam completed within six
months at the most.
"About all the work that remains
to be done is the completion of the big
earth fill. There are 146,000 cubic '
yards of earth to be put into this, and
our new pump, that the Advertiser
(Continued on Page 4)
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powerful than price. Every
boy is naturally hard on his
footwear and needs good
strong shoes. We have just
received the strongest line of
boys shoes ever shown. All
styles, all leathers, all sizes;
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We guarantee our boys
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Co., Ltd.. iesi Fart St.

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