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Evening Bulletin
At 120 King Street, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii.
Dally every day except Sunday. Weekly issued on Tuesday of each week.
Wallnco R. FurH njjton. - - IEdltor
liVHMNQ IJUl-l-liT!N VIllKt-Y UUL.1.U1IN
rrr Month, tnyw litre In I 9 7n Per Six Montln $ Ko
Per Quarter, anywhere in V 3 . 3.uo Per Year, anywlicrc in U S I.uo
I'cr Ytnr, mi v a here Inl S . ... H.oo Per Year, nn litre in CaimJa I. Ho
Per Year, iwttpaid. loreiRti. Il.oo Per Year postpaid, foreign 2.oo
in the Territory of Hawaii.
rp -a I Editorial Rooms, - 185
M Business Office, - 256
Cn-fetl at the Pwtoffl(. At Honolulu
to ftrtonil lUh m titer.
The appointment of Dr. I. K. Cofer
ns the executive head of tlie Board
of Health undoubtedly marks llio
first step toward the Federal control
of sanitary conditions In tlio Terri
tory of Hawaii.
This Is the significance of the ap
pointment. There is no abler man In this Ter
ritory, and iniRhty few In the United
States. Dr. Gofer's administration of
the quarantine scrvlco of this poit
has been of n chntactcr to Inspire tho
confidence of all people who under
stand the difficulties and the Impor
tance of his office. His constructive
work nt the United States Quarantine
Station hus proved hU ability to do
a great deal with limited funds.
Those who believe that the sani
tary administration of the Islands
should be under the direction of tho
Federal Goernment and eventually
carried on ut its expense, will bo
pleased with the Governor's action.
Those who view with alarm the Fed
crul encroachment of authority will
be displeased.
So far as tho II u 1 1 e 1 1 n Is con
cerned, Federal administration ac
companied by tho acceptance of Fed
eral financial Responsibility 'will do
Hawaii 11 world of good.
So far as the Republican party Is
concerned, tho move made by the
Governor violates the spirit of its
early declarations made during the
time when ex-Governor Carter was
In the ranks of tho political leaders,
and therefore the party Is put In the
position of cither changing front or
straddling. -.
Mr. I'lnlihnm will wlthdrnw-ffoni
his position with a record for work
well done that has not been dupli
cated by any predecessor, and his suc
cessors will have gieat difficulty III
equaling It. He has been moio wide
ly and vigorously endorsed than nny
man who has ever been proposed for
an office In this Territory. Ho has
the outspoken respect of the respect
able and honest element of the com
munity. Governor Frear will undoubted!
state, If asked, that ho has no sym
pathy with the malicious campaign
that has been made against Mr. Pink
ham. He cannot escape the fuct,
however, that his nctlon has given
moral support to that campaign. The
Issue has been so clear-cut that It
could not be otherwise, and ho Kas
not raised his voice to protest or of
fered an objection to such methods.
That is tho piactlcal result, and it
will not be changed though It Is ar
gued and hammered on with as much
excitement, as long, und as bitterly
as tho preliminary Hnkham furore.
There is no doubt that Dr. Cofcr
will hnve the hearty support of the
business men of tho Territory, and
Cofer Is, after all, the man who has
the principal cause for personal wor
ry, since he occupies a dual position
and is striking out on a new program
for dealing with old problcips thut
have been a constant source of fric
tion. The Bulletin wishes Dr. Cofer
well. Muy ho duplicate in the Terri
torial Bcrvico tho mngnincont results
gained In his Federal work.
While Wallnch was In tho glory
of heroic light, tho II u 1 1 o 1 1 n sug
gested that the Hlmo might come
when ho could plume himself with
the honor of having In ought about
Federal control of tho sunltnry af
fairs of tho Territory of Hawaii.
From the vantngo-ground of tho
House of Silence, the "healer" may
now contemplate a ilrbt Btep toward
the result.
Tho Republican convention assem
bled this morning bids fnlr to bo
,'thorouehly peaceful and oxpiesslvo
''of n united party.
Let tho eood work? go- on. ,
There Is no occasion for contests.
, Pass thoso up to tho National con-
APRIL 13, 1008
ri... ,.,n..t..i.t Mf.fr .ll.n r.. A. .I1
I publishes as Its leading article tor
the month a character-sketch of
Presldcijt Hoosevelt that Is one of the
liesl thus far given the public. Tho
name of the author Is not divulged,
but theio Is little doubt thnt he
knows Roosevelt.
According to this writer President
Hoosevelt has achieved greatness by
bin constant "energizing" along the
lines of the comninnplace. Given a
handful of aged maxims, like "Hon
est) Is the best policy" and "lie good
and .ton will ho happy," he so rings
tho changes on them thnt they be
come wutchwords of a political revo
lution. He Is a manifestation of the
homely virtues of tho people them
selves. "His versatility amazes one:
his energy Is appalling; and yet It
Is only commonness energized to the
Nth degree."
Uoosevelt has not thought, this
writer InBlsts; he has read and ho has
acted acted Immediately, continu
ally, tiemendously. He has persisted
In all undertakings und by sheer
force has achieved respcctnblo re
sults In all dliectlons. "George
Washington was a distant aristocrat,
Lincoln n man of lonely divinity,"
but Itooscvclt "whoops gloriously
with the wholo crowd." This writer
declares further; "Ho is Just like
us. As. a people we act swiftly und
continuous! and do our thinking
afterward " Tho natural conclusion,
therefore, Is that "Uoosevelt has rep
resented us tho mass of Americans.
Kilauea Volcano
" 'The-Woiider of .the Western
Returning Visitors Proclaim It To Be
the Grandest Spectacle Ever
Witnessed by Them.
The flno new steamship MAUNA
KKA will sail for Hilo on Tuesday,
April 14th. at noon; returning Sat
urday morning, April 18th.
Faro for'the round trip to tho Vol
cano and return, J12.r,u.
For Information regiudlng tho trip
apply to
Cor. Fort and Merchant Sts.,
King Street $40.00
Manoa $C0.00
King Street $40.00
Prospect Street $50.00
Bcretania Street $35,00
King Street $15.00
Kinau Street $30.00
Beretania Street $40.00
Emma Street $50,00
Beretania Street . . . .$18.00
Kaimuki $20.00
Lunalilo Street $23,00
Matlock Avenue $22.50
Aloha Lane , . $18.00
Kcwalo Street $22.50
notel Street $20.00
Matlock Avenue $30.00
Lunalilo Street $25.00
Kalihi $17.00
A Bargain Makiki District. Three
bedroom, modern cottage. Cash oV
Waterhouse Trust
Corner Fort and Merchant Sti.
Sjwid Hjmk LoXft
Furnished Houses
Manoa, 2 bedrooms $27.50
Young- St., 2 bedrooms $30.00
King St., 3 bedrooms $35.00
Greene St., 4 bedrooms $35.00
Prospect St., 4 bedrooms SQ0.00
Waikiki. 4 bedrooms $60.00
Manoa, 3 bedrooms , $60.00
Manoa, 4 bedrooms $G0.00
Ainahau, Wnikiki $75.00
Sjwd mk io.HH
The reforms he has advocated are
leally our reforms, not his. IIo has
voiced them valiantly and fearlessly.
It Is his sunremo service that lm bus
articulated our desires."
This Is so truo that the nubile ceii-
orally must recognize its truth. Hut
the writer plocceds: "Uoosevelt nev
er leads; he always follows. Ho acts,
but ho nets only when bo thli.l.-n l.n
ciowd Is behind him. His under
standing bf us leads him rarely as
tray; and when ho does go astray ho
Instantly acts in the opposite man
nerand gets In again with the
crowd." In short. Uoosevelt Ims rho.
ceeded becauso he forged tho com
monplace vlitues of the American
people Into thunderbolts. WW, i,
hurled them and the stricken wrong
doers bellowed with pain and rage
he was absolutely secure from their
counter nttneks. Having done the
obvious thing with n sort of old-testament
directness, the neonln nmlnr.
stood and appreciated his motives
nnu sustained him unwaveringly. It
was what they themselves would
have liked to do.
President Roosevelt lino ,-ivnn -
marvelous demonstration of ability
to read the popular mind nnd Inter
pret It by his actions. Tho public
has watched him ns nun wnii-lmn ,,,
self In a mirror. It has felt that it
was dolnar all those thlnn-a vM,.,, .,
did. When n loar of everrnllnn
burst from any corner tho public lis
tened with tho snmo Bort nf iHnrm,.,-
with which ono listens to abuse or
ono's self. Thus opposition to tho
President's policies has been wholly
ISan Frnnclsco Trade Journal
California has an army of long
bearded soothsayers who piofess to
bo In touch with tho BecretB of com
mercial destiny.
Tlf...,. .., I , . ...
I ...vu iiuib) uvrvisncs preicnu to up
inmes-ln-wntliig to tho Goddess of
Prosperity, and ono would think the
law against sacrllego would prevent
them from pretending that Piovldenco
Is a member of their chntterlus
Tliero aro editors In this noisy
band, nnd street-corner orators now
and then harangue tho miiltltudo, nnd
wear out Much expressions as "rights
of tho people," "wrongs of vested In
terests," "stealing of franchise," nnd
"pollution of tho law by courts."
In season and out of season tho
ranters rant, and tho canters cant,
Etlrrlng up village iws, dividing
communities Into warring factions,
and making neighbor suspect neigh
bor, friend distrust friend.
There can bo no progress whoro
such n spirit Is encouraged.
One of tho most successful business
men In San Fianclsco, who has uovor
had a partner or affiliated with n cor
poration, onco told tho wilter that It
was his iKilley to discharge at onco
rny cmplojeo. hnwovor skilful or
honest ho might bo. if caught mod-
For Your Next Evenintj Gown.
Made of Pineapple Fibre and Silk,
in stripes only.
We have two patterns in each of
the following colors:
36 inohes wide,
85c. Yard.
riling, gossiping oi tillrrltiR up iitilfi
In office or factor.,
Every community in California
should heed the lesson of this nun -example.
Hero In tins city and ci n i
ty, ns well as In this pari of the I? t
we need hnrmonv. Wo should on
courage business men to come and
dwell with us, to Invest their capital
here, nnd to help to make this com
munlty a model of commercial proa
perlty nnd brotherly noniclatlon.
Niituro liar don.' so much for us
thnt men should be ashamed to quar
rel, to PULL DOWN when there la
overy Incentive to agree. TO BUILD
UP. Let us meet the Imitation to be
men nt nil times mice nover.
LMItur K v c n I n g Bulletin:
It Is our most earnest belief thnt (tho
lato President) Mr. Plnkhnm has
done mnnv mnl oft ("oft." Is minll-
cal) kind and helpful deeds; nnd, al
so thnt ho Is a well-educated nnd
gifted officer, ns welt ns Industrious;
ho hns not nt nil the look of one in
dolent or somnolent.
Wo would llko to have him. (nt-
ull-ratcs we would bring forward no
objections) canonized, not Inciner
ated (slnncr.iatcd!) and enrolled on
mo Knicndnr or saints and mnrtyrs.
Wcro It not Just iih present, rather
hard times, on account, principally,
that tho Lilliputians havo so recent
ly robbed us nf all of our small
change, . wo might entrust (trust?)
Usburno to look about for n stntuo.
The Vvjlklv Edition af th !Tunlnn
Bulletin gives a complete summary of
mc rtcWB Qi Iflfl dAy.
We will cut'you a stylish
Visiting-card Plate and print
100 cords from the same.
'. 'I
li. K'Wfrhman & Co.
,- 'vitMITED,
'J Leading1 Jewelers
Die-Sinkers and
1042-1050 FORT ST.
Vice Is Spreading And
Is Now All Over
"Tho closing of Ivvilel has not
caupod any of tho prostitutes from
thut place to go out of business. On
tho contrary their number has been
Increased, so that theiu are now moto
Japanese women In that business
than theio wero before. Tho old In
mates of Iwllel aro now dlsti United
In bath bouses, hotels, barborshopa
and In hack rooms of stores, and they
have persuaded, and aro persuading n
number of women, who heretofore
were kept out of the business because
or tho publicity which etaylng In Iwl
lei Involved, to Join them."
Tho above statement was made this
morning by nn offlcer or tho police dc
partment who has male on luvuit.ga-
President of the
but our expert can lock after tho health of your
He knows his business nnd can make your machine
as good as new.
Hawaiian Office Specialty Co., Ltd.
PHONE. 143. , 031 FORT STREET.
iKmhm Ik Bold
f4Ji' -
S."Tr. fftS'S;.;'--
Our Easter Cards for 1908
( as also our supplies of
are specially selected to mket the
taste of our community, antt the
is published to meet the need of var
ied, reliable information pertaining
to the land we livo in.
Tlios. G-. TLu'wrn.
The Kapaa appraisers, consisting
of V". L. Hopper, George V. Ilcntun,
and .1. II. Maragne, have handed in
their report to Governor Frear.
It Is a lengthy and carefully pie
pared leport, but ns yet tho Governor
has not had time to go into It. It hus
to do with the distribution of the
lands nt Kapaa, and will probably
cover tho ground In tho matter. Tho
apportionment of these lands has
been a source ot worry not only to
this Administration but also to the
acceding one. Tho report may clear
IP the matter considerably.
lion or the matter and Is well quali
fied to speak. Ho states that ho Is
sum of his ground.
KU'ii If thl3 statement should leave
any doubt In tho minds or Thwlns and
hlt follnwora as to tho oMcicy of
their remedy, tho calendar ot tha Po
lice Court this morning tdiould dispel
It. Two ot tho Porto Illcan women
who former! wero confined to Iwllel.
were before tho court on charges of
Immoralltv, together with two men
who havo, according to tho police,
been stalm; with them for some tlmo.
Tho anest was, mado by "Detective
Leal, who found them In a hoaso on
Herctnnla street, between Nuuanii and
Foit, not more than a stone-throw
from Pnuahl btreet, against tho exist
ence of vice In which Theo. Itlchards
und his followers soiuo uars a so
nintlo strenuous piotos.tBvou nccouut
or Its proximity to tho business cen
ter or tho city. Tho tact that thou
veiy men havo driven vice out ot the
city nnd then driven it. back again In
be ins much commented on.,
Tho follow liift n cum, u and their con
sorts were thin morning sent to Jail
for bht ilnyu oach by Judgo An
drado: F Murrener, Carmella Un
man, Adclla, .1. .1. March, Unmon-i
Board of Health I
kr-rrfv.&rftfa in trans
. built to defy his strength and reck
lc3sneH, r.ud emerge handsome and intact fromjhe roughest U3age.
"Everywhere you go, you'll tc glnd"thatyoif have'a trunk thatis
built right, and that looks handsome aud genteel. Our trunks are con
structed by experts to withstand ths roughest usage.
Look over our STEAMER TRUNKS, onr LADIES' HAT and WARD
and TRUNK STRAPS. We also have the be3t WOOL STEAMER RUGS,
and Clothier, Corner fort
Your Milkman Charges You
For Water
Wc den't mean to make the assertion that ho lias ADDED water to
the milk he sells you.
v Eat in its natural state, nearly all milk is 87 per cent, water. And
when you pay 12c. ner quart, you ari helping to defray the cartage and
freight charges on this water. BUY
and add the water (which we have r:movcd) in your own kitchen. You
get a pare, sterilized product, richer in "butter-fat," and which iyJll go
farther than milk jou buy oi your ..a.lkaan, to say nothing of the conve
nience in use.
You Won't Need Half So Mach "shortening" in Your
Cooking, If You Use CARNATION MILK.
Oarela nnd J. Caarldy. Maria Cru
iredn and O. Oinvvford wen- unciL $2
. ml costs oach.
Forty-toven gamblers gathered ii
fior.i various places nlro mado HkI.
appearance In court thin morning.
Four of them were arrested b Detec
tives Itei'ves and tho rent by Detec
tive I.oal. They v.oio dud rrom $f! u
515 each, according to tho ii.imln'r
of times they had previously been ar
retted for slnillir offenses.
Tho pollco nro at pitac-nt innklnn
an Investigation' agauitt a hnclcman
who is alleged to lmvo been piocur
l.ig and to h-vo muds' ml covural Ha
waiian glrln on the downward path.
Tho m rest will probably bo made this
ft i -A' - -.V? rt ii f!
:t :: - a :: :: a -x a . ;; a t)
April 13.
TompeiiituivH fi c in., i!S; S a. m
"2; 10 a. in, 73, noon, TC; nioi-nlus
minimum, CS.
llaronieter, S a. hi., SO.O.'i;'' nl)3olutc
liumlc'ity, 8 a. in., fi.lOJ grains iter
cubic foot; relative humidity, 8 n. ni
Ul per 'iit; dew point, 8 n. in., 158.
Wind 0 a. m., velocity I), direction
i:.; S .t. m., velocity 7, direction N. K.;
10 a. m., velocity 7, direction K. U.i
noon, voloclty 10, direction N. K.
Italnfall during 21 hours endud S a.
m., .00 Inch.
Total wind movement dicing "'
hcmri: ended nt noon. U'.M mlleii.
Section Director, II. 8. Weather Durcan
Entered for Record April 11, 1303,
Y Hashimoto ot nl to Hawaiian
Nhvs Co Ltd CM
Church of Jesus Ch-lst of I. D
Saints by ntty of Tr to I. II Nci
no.i D
Lynns ri Kalnoa nntl wf to Mutual
Illdg He Loan hoc of Ilnv Ltd 7..M
P K ft Straiich Tr and wf to Sam
uel Knpuna , . 1)
entered for Record April 13, 1003,
S V Nawahlo and wf to K W liau
nam.ino D
Kht of C K Illchui iltou by, ngt to
Wm II Nnlllmn Sr. ltd
Win. U. Ki'llliua and wf In Kxum of
Dst of C. H. Ulchardson SI
Keo.a Kanoho and bsli et nl to O
11 Vicars Tr ,...
E W Barnard to G It Vicars Tr I)
Sam Mnni to Ana Ahliin Alonii .-...D
Chuck Hoy ami wf to Kdw.ml K
Ajau ot all -.1)
Kunuika Koal to William (J Achl .
Tr M
.loliu II Kstato Ltd to Kaueolio lllcu
Mill Co Ltd I.
1 f f
Governor John A. Johnson of Min
nesota has written Swan J. Tuinblad
of the Swedish-American I'03t, Min
neapolis, "ir a nomination should
ctrnG to mo 1 should not relnso It.''
hut adds ho Is not a Democratic can
didate for the purposo or defeating
Mr. llryim.
Creditors Invaded th quarters In
Pu hi occupied by tho Duko of Chiiul
iiim und IiIh Aiueileau brldo (Theo
dora (Jhouts). but wcru turned uway
uy n man teivaiit, who tald tho Du.
cliewr money was not uvallablu for
the Dulio'u old debts.
to throw YOIIH. tminlra
Ground just the same ns the rest;
you can'tvstop him.
But you can have a trunk'that is
and Merchant Streets
Many Cases Disposed Of
By Postpone
ment Tho redcrrl Grand Jury for tho
Apill term met this morning anil
sovoral of tho Juroin wore ciuestlon
ed, but thoy wero dismissed until -o'clock
this afternoon, when thoy
will be uwoin. Tho following will
probably ba lumbered on the Oraud"
Samuel Mnholoua, John Audrccht,
Ilcniy llentnn. A. C. ltctts, St. Chilr
llldgood. Geo. C. Potior, Hugh Mc
Corriston, Oscar White, II. M. Whit
ney, Peter Hlggliis, Geo. P. Tulloch,
Goo. H. rnirchlld, L. 11. Novln, Kre.l.
Angus, II. II. Grant, C. G. llurtlott,
Tcllic It. Tranciuada. The following
wero excusod: Jacob Coerpor, James
S. Kmeiiiou, Ud. Worthlngtou, Kul
lua. lleach warrants were Issued nt
tho Instanco ot Dlstilct Attorney
Ilieckons tor fclx peoplo who woio
subpoenaed far tho Jury but who did
not appear this mor,nlng.
in (ho Supremo Court this moru
la;? n largo number of enses weo dis
posed or ror tho tlmo being. Tho
cjeo of tho United States vs. George
Kcknuohn, which camo up for sen
tence, vvnB continued until April 1 1.
Three Chlnctc. Kong Chi Suon, Chu
Hong Ycnig, and Klin Hong Cliueii,
had their cases continued until tho
next term of tho Grand Jury, 'j no
former two aro held under bIx In
dictments each.
A day will bo llxed for the trial ot '
tho case of tho If. S. vs. Mores Kolil.
He will bo tried' for connection vvllli
tho Walnio.i po.itolllco robberies. John
Kanao's mho was postponed until
noxt Monday. Tho easo of Lloyd
Smith und Kiic'tmel Wagucr was con
tinued until toinonow moinlng. Tho
catcs ol tho U. S. ngnlntt Alt Won,
Ah Hoy, Kohala. and Lam -Yip and
Lam Shoo, were nil continued until
A eoiuiulttoo of fifty citizens -of
South ltend, hid., has forced tho renin
ell to order nil gambling resents ami
other questionable places closed.
. 7T i
li M K
Ii'uinHlieil homo, three htdixioina.
Apply C. II. Smith, U01 Auiipiinl,
c-oiiiur Domliilu. 11075-11
..J .t
JurfiWJili.-AAljAji,aiAf Jk,Ut. , oi'v
jL"m,if&mttm 'i'iBiihykiMaaAitoigah..
- . i i jjtrt wt&t A!Bi
t i

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