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Circulation quantity and quality is the "Only honest return for an advertisers' money
From San FraMifcTsM N
There is not a business or residen
China . iiSr:. . yjJiine 7
tial block in Honolulu that is with
out i healthy quota of B u 1 1 e t i n
Bulletin patrons are satisfied
subscribers, and their cheerful testi
mony makes the vork of securing
subscriptions from people who do not
read the Bulletin an easy task.
Backbone is better than wishbone.
MnnchutJXP'. . , a iWiJifie 14
Tor SanMdMa
Evening Bui
Alnnd . A aV. . . . tgrfitne 3
Aslar & vVJ. Juno 6
From Tntfuvtta,tw
MnnuRvJjoSJf; Juno 27
Mnrama . . . . . .July 25
For Vancouver:
Maramn , June 24
AmnriKl July 22
3:30 O'OL-OCK Bulletin affords greatest number of.business opportunities EJjplT'OlN
VOL. X. NO. 4017
'..... . . i
tail Tilings Moving
On Pearl Harbor Work
r'r. Parks and Mr. Burrell, who,
havo charge of the construction of thai
dock, left early this afternoon for
Pearl Harbor In the'raval launch, In
charge of Coitswaln Kenncy, for tl e
purpose of making a preliminary sur
vey of the nround.
CMI Knglncrr U. II. Parks, mil Ills
iihHlstnnt. Iluircll. wllh a lurtv of
pliant n 1l07.cn, nnlvcd ttilB morn-
Ini: mi tho Sllboita, tlio englneem coin
ing undo." orders to go to vork at
onco on thu Pearl Harlrir Improve
nicnto. Oil tho Auraiwl, "ntiiri'ay, ni
lived Architect L C. Woo.lm.iii, from
(Seattle, who joins tho I'arks party
lioru tn v.orU en llm I'.raftl.is psrt of
tho job Mr. l'arl.8 with Mr. lliiiri'll
v.ent at n:cu to liin Kav.il 3tUIo:i
wlmu they vero butj ttitu morulas
l.oM'i,? uii'f till place, and tjettli,;
i uttlei'.
"i-ii, I am hero iv tlio IVarl liar
hor v.nrl: " raid Mr V4r. thli nara
I IK. 'l nm In ro.K-i to tl i Capt
Schnici'.er board 'which sits when the
licet Is hcio. Now, 1 ntu merely to col
lect Information.
"Along with, us mo sonio draftsmen,
anil others whom wo will need at onco
l'i tho work. Tho duck will probibly
bo klmllir to that at Seattle when It
is constiuctcd.
"ThH Is iry flint trip here, anil I
know nofil'ig of the place", oxcopt
that It U a piradlpe.
"Wo hni e to Ret busy at once "
Mm. I'arka accompanies her luw
baml. l'arkv 1 1 consMcre I ono of tho best
constrtr-.ioulHts In tho Nnvr.l sorvlcc.
Cnit. Coiwln 1'. IUei, comniaiiilant at
the local Naval Station, was stationed
nllh lilm nt t'orlsmontli. N. 1I and
(Continued on Page 2)
Thi defendants 'in the (Ur.ller va.
llavvallrn Kloct.lc Co. cato vveio' (his
nn'i-il'is! given ten dty. In which tu
oii.ri' tl-elr p'etVv'i'" '' ' '
Fleet Wl it if I
ffl. 8 . t ff B . 1 B
svppses Ai mmm mm
Prince Is
Very Low
The Princess Kawananakoa
O received a cablegram this
O morning stating that Prince
David, who Is 111 with pneu-
monla In San Francisco, Is
ninth worse nnd very low,
flit I Hi
(Special to thu Bulletin) -f
KIJp'.o. Knual, May 30. The
uiwsonKi'i llct In chaii;u of Ucp- -f
roientallvo J, ). Sllva, 'ha Is on yf
the Kleet Csmml'.tco Tor thu Kl-
'nan c:curtlrn trip to Ildnoltilu, -f
Is nioetliiK with nil kinds of mio-
-Ceas, - .
It Is Intended for thoic, on the 4
leu side of Kami to Ij1Vu iui the
Kin in tm Saturday erenlns. tiku
In the I!ooi.i!k'i! all day Sun Jay
and bo luck U K-ui'i! on .Mini lay
- -- - -
Iionolulil will not supply the 1'leet
with beef or othoi piovUlons. The
JlccouniRlng nei.'a to tills effect was
ontnlned In n Ictttr from Delegate
Kalanlannolo In answer to tho le
qucst of tie commeiUal organl7a
tlons mid the lanclmrs that lin do hM
In Ills power to induce tho Navy De
partment to let Honolulu gel u show
nt suppljlng beef mid other supplies
for tho I'leet.
Tho Delegate wiltcs that he com
piled with tho iciiuctt, but was not
ablo to bring about a faiorablo le
initt. Thu lluie.ui of Supplies offi
cials Htatcd that contracts for sup
plies for tho Fleet had long since
been cntoied for every particle of
supplies needed by tho Fleet for the
fl Ft four months after Us departure
fiom San Francisco. It gave as rea
lms for this step the statement that
Biippllcs could be bought cheaper on
l-tliu Coast, and tint to purchase. In
Honolulu would, rcuuiro tho making
'of Bpeclal con ti acts after calling fir
tonderB. Furthermore, In regard to
meat, tho beef already bought would
carry tlio Fleet to Australia, which
j was one of tho cheapest meat markets
In tho world, and It would therefore
bo unbusinesslike for tho Fleet to
re-stock on keef in Honolulu. It
would albo bo more troublo to ro
stock the Fleet with beef purchased
in the local market during Its stay In
Hawaiian waters than It would bo to
do so from the supply ships' which
accompany It.
The opinion Is expressed that tho
Navy Department's maln reason for
taking this action Is n desire to mako
the cruise conform as closely as pos
sible to the conditions which would
exist Injictunl war, and it wants to
test Its ability to stock a largo Fleet
for a four mouths' cruise.
Notwithstanding the efforts of
(Governor Ficar and W. O. Smith, It
has been found that the $15,000 ap
propriation wulch the Honolulu
Chamber of Commerce has asked for
to keep tlio city of Honolulu clean,
will not bo available except in caso
of an cmeigency. Tlio local sanita
tion will not bo taken into conslder-
(Continned oa Page 2)
Cut of tlio etoro or moio Hindoos
who ni lived Satin day on tho Nippon
Mam. fourteen will bo sent back to
the Orient this afternoon on tho SI
hoi In, as they lnvovbccn found at the
Immigration Station tn bo siirferlni;
f i om trachoma, and othor contagious
diseases. .This Is thu bccond lot to be
rcjicted by tho officials within a week.
and there are more hot days coming. We arc not laying
it to discourage you, bat "forewarned is forearmed," you
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WHITE IISLE SHIRTS 75c per garment
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MORRIS UNIVERSITY Short-sleeved coats, ( .
knee drawers 50c per garment
FRENCH WHITE BALBRIOGAN. . .75c per garment
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72 S. King St
Phone 15.
a man's estate, tho greater -theneed
that his. will be
clearly and concisely word- .
ed and properly executed.
We make no charge for j
drawing up wills in proper -legal
form, if we areimade"
one of the executors.
Call and see us about it.
Hawaiian Trust
Company, Ltd.
Fori 8i. BcnoluK
Washington, D. C, May 20.
Editor i: v o n I n g II u I I e 1 1 n
No buctess that lias been achieved
for Hawaii since I have been In Con
gress has been more gratlfjlng to mo
thaiHthat of securing 1850,000 for a
Federal building In Honolulu. Tlio
work for I'carl Harbor, although
lompll atcd, had tho support of na
tional considerations; but a Federal
building Is a local proposition, and
to secure adequate appropriations In
that line Is generally considered ono
of the most difficult things In a Con
gressman's career.
As the bill passed the House on
Friday last, Hawaii has tho happy
distinction of having tho largest
Item allowed I'h this bill to airy city
In tho cntfro country, the next larg
est Item being J75' Aoo for a new
postofllcr site In ChlJao.
To show Honolulu's good fortune
by way of comparison, we aro given
nearly eight times the amount pro
vided foe Santa llarbara, California;
nnd wo aro glicn Just seventy per
cent, more than Is allowed for the
new building nt Minneapolis, Minn.,
a city of nioro than n quarter of u
million inhabitants.
Wo are deeply Indebted, to Chair
man itar'thnldt, to Mr.. Hodenberg,
and to tlio enjlrc Committee for this
generous treatment at their hands.
1 have secured the flag that floated
over the Hoiyse of Hepresentatlves
when it passed this bill, and ihill
bring It to Honolulu to be raised
when the corner-stono of the new
building Ih laid, nnd to-float over t(io
completed building on the day of Ita
occupation; - "t
f Continued on f ge-'4)
Spectators Of Fight
May Be Prosecuted
I'rettciitlons wilt follow tho prize
fight at the Orpiieum. This statement
was reiterated this morning by Mr.
Thwlng, hut how fnr thi.se prosecu
tions will be. can led or by what
means thev will be purducd Is still be
ing kept dark.
''Yen, prosecutions will be instigat
ed," said 'I living. "It may bo through
tho. Chic Federation, or tho .Minis
terial Union oi by Individuals. I can
not say nt present how they will bo
started, but uu may bo suro that thu
matter will not be chopped."
"Will sou luivu thu spectators lit-.
rested' ob well hh thu principals?"
usKi'ii mil icporieu.
"I cannot say at present," answered
Thwlng. "Wo ha'.o a pretty complete
list of those who wero present.
The Ministerial Union held a meet
Ing this forenoon at which tho prize
fight wan. very thoioiighly discussed.
'Iho, ministers were, lioy.eicr, wxceed
Ingty shy about giving any Information
about the matter, though they denied
very BlienuouEly tlio Insinuation that
It had been a star chamber mcotlngi
They stated that they were absolutel)
against prize fighting, but that tho
Union' was not ready to act as ot. A
special meeting mllit I o called at any
time to take It up. This morning all
that was deno apparently was tho
authorizing of another letter to Dis
trict Attorney Ilreckons calling on lilm
to enforce tho law,
"1 have nothing to say regarding tho
fight," stated United States District
Attorney Ilreckons this morning, In
answer to a query as to whether or
not ho Intended to make any arrests.
At noon, Theo. Illchards and Thwlng
ie, rt'.&eMr.'firc
, No one is hot in our
Cafe since we have in
stalled that New York
Ventilating System,
Alexander Young Cafe
were clozctel ."(IVJr.'lrcckoiis, and
an oaiuobt i!wiiu?lbV'WlU tho result.
though what wJ-tJpfi, offtcoiriu Is not
l6iawn ycUas'.nieKoiiB ufused tu
furnish any .light' on' the subject.
"A Chic Federation' momber stated
this morning tht steps. would bo tak
en to. have, ull concerned In tho flghi
spectators nB well, as principals, ar
rested. However, while it is probablo
that tho the Law anil Order Commit
tee or tlio i eiloratlifj will have n
meeting to consider thu proposition,
none has yet been held as far as can
bu luained.
In this connection Jockey Willis de
nies thu text of thu Intorviow with
Thwlng which was published in tho
morning paper. Ho Issues tho follow
ing signed statement.
In regard 'to tho- Interview t had
with Mr. Timing, I wish to stato that
when I (nldthlm that Mr. Ilreckons
was Undo Bam down 'hero I was Just
expressing, my own opinion of his po
sition. Mr, Tbwlng's memory seems
to be falling or olso tho Iced toa went
to his head according to tho way .ho
ft my remarks tangled, When 'a
fellow wishes to show there Is no par
tonal feeling-of animosity, Mr. Thwlng
twists the statements to suit himself.
All tho newspapers sparring Ii pain
ful and looks'llko two kids squabbling.
What few remarks woro inado amount
(CoiMmumL m ?ageQ
Ioe Cream
Pure, home-made, delicious, at
Hollister Drug Co.,
Telephone 301.
J. Hopp & Co.,
S.P." HeldFor T
LOS ANGELES, Calif., June 1. WASHINGTON, D. C, June 1.
I'M soutnern racmc railway was; The President has appointed F. B.
indicted today on 29 counts for vio- Loomis, Frederick Skiff, and F. D.
lating the Federal law against rail
way freight rebates.
SAN FRANCISCO. Calif.. June 1.
The trial of Bartnett, director of the
Eafe Deposit and Trust Co., began
todaj. He is charged with embez
zling the Colton securities..
Milet as the American Commissioners
to the Tokio Exposition. Congress
anrrojriated over a million dollars
Cor the American exhibit.
MANILA. P. I.. June 1. Fauttino
Ablen, leadenof the Dios dios move-'
ment, and 0. Rota, his aid, hae
been executed. The Moros at Jo!o
are tronhVsome.
i . I
. BROOKLYN. K. T.. June 1. The1
Brooklyn ' Handicap .was won today
by CeltTimr, 2:041-5. T
WASHINCTON, D. C, June 1. 8.
Takahashi'lias been appointed Jap
anese Vice Consul for San Francisco.
ANTWERP, June 1. The steam
ship Vaderland, for whose safety
there has been much apprehension,
is all ritjht. Her delay was due to
slight '.nubia wjth her-machinery.
Clerk of the District Court Trank
Hatch this mornlix; received assur
ances through the mall that the money
for the Mnhuka site waaa ono the way
and would be here short). United
States Attorney Ilreckons received
notification somo timo ago that tho
TioatuYy department had been ord
(.red to send lilm u draft for tho first
amsiint, and ho expected tho inuncv
today f
.1 ' .' . ' -,
Tho Jneiubeni'iif UioJuKl.AmorlciK
nelfcf Kuml Society this morning met
nnd approved a deed of trust to the
Illshop Trust Company, whereby is
transferred $12,000 In sugar bonds
nnd some $400 or $500 In tho bank.
The American Itollct Kund, as thu
society was named, will hereafter bu
legarded as disbanded.
In a stntemenrglu'n out by Prof.
II Heath nawden of tho University of
Cincinnati whose rcrlwitlon ban been
lequesteil, tho educator snya comrade--.Mo
Hi,, only r,.-ii ii-isls or marrlige.
Ho would remove thu stigma of ill
orce from thoin not happll) mated
To Divide Garfield
Our Fleet! June 16
"Admiral Sp.rry In command of the
Atlantic Fleet with eight battleships
will arrive off Honolulu on July 16."
This Is tbo message conveyed to tho
Governor through the Interior Depig
ment In response to the query sent
somo tlroo ago in order to gain accm-.
uto Information ns to tho Itinerary of
tho Fleet,"
It Indtcntes that Honolulu will ob
tain only half tho Kleot and tho other
half will presumably coal off Kauuaka
kal or Lahalna.
ThepfTlclnl dates aro given as fol
Iowb: Thu Kloet will sail from San
frauclhco on July 7, arrive at Hono
lulu Tuosdny July '1C, and leave this
port July 23.
Thu division of tho Kleet Is tho now
phase of thu situation although it has
beon rumored for soma days.
Boston May 31, 'C3.
To Mott-Smlth.
Garfield arrives Honolulu June 16.
Return 2Sth. We start West tonlfjht.
Arrive Oakland Saturday or Sunday.
This cable, received from the Oov
crnor this morning, gives thu definite
Tlnto of Secretary Garfield', coming.
which was announced exclusively in
Iho llitfl otln several das ago. Tho
Secretary of tho Interior will romo to
Iho city on a warship ami probably ie
turn on a tegular liner.
Tho defalcation of William Mnnt
gomtry. formerly carhtcr ot tlio Alle
gheny National bank at IMttsburg,
will reach $1,250,000, instead ot S1G9,
000. ns first estimated, It Is raid.
Yours If You Want
It -
WHAT ISt C o m f o r t , of course.
We bought these to give you com
fort, and feel sure that they will be
come the fast friends of many peo
ple who are having trouble with their
They are made of soft, Oolden
Brown Vici Kid, on an easy and
roomy last. We can recommend this
shoe as possessing excellent wearing
qualities, as well as Comfort.
No. 635
Manufacturers' Shoe Co:,
' No. 630 PRICE 55.00 TEL. 282.-?a "14
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. f
- f
(; if
'A. .k.IBBJ
i 1
i i&Jw.

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