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For San Francisco: . LJ V I i I -J- 1 II I U I 1 i subscribers, and their cheerful test!- .-'M
Ata",da J- J""" 3 I li V Hi I ll T llllilir'il IX moriy makes the work of securing M
MnukSCaT": Juno 27 " " .XJJI X .JL X 1 VJf -J V- Jk.. Jt JL.Ji .Mji JL. M,.X T subscriptions from people who do not . Sj
.Yy??'..l!!!!llZ,i 3.30 EDITION TO LET Advertising Space With Power. ' See the Bulletin. liJ ' I
From San Francisco:
China Juno 7
For San Francisco:
Alameda j . June 3
From Vancouver:
Manuka Juno 27
For Vancouver:
Mnrnrrm .' Juno 24
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Cf , !4 Mft
Breckons Case
Taken To Grand Jurv
Tlie caRe ngalnst U. S. District At
torney 11. W. Ilreckons, charged with
attending tho prlzc-llght nt tho Or
pheum bet Saturday evening, was
nolle proBd. In tlio Police Court this
The same action was taken In tho
cttsea of Ah Sam and Jockey Willis
the principals In tlio hout, who weie
chaigcd with nffray.
County Attorney Cnthcart, who
personally entered the nolle prosses.,
gave us his reason tho fact that ho
was not satisfied that a prize-fight
within tho in can lug of the law had
taken phico, that tho Federal author
ities had declined to net In the samo
matter, and that the principals and
those who attended prohahly did so
relying on this construction of the
law. i
Cathcart criticized tho method
resting Ilreckons, stating that tho
proper course to pursue would have
..... ... ......... UlAIlM 1.ov
been to bring tho matter before tho
Grand. Jury. He pointed out that
this course wns still open to anyone
who thought thut the law had been'
. Richards says he will not carry
trie n ftali' any further. Thwlng says
Old Friendships In
i Lee Let Jury Talk
'The afternoon session of Judgo
Robinson's court was devoted to ob
taining tho Leo Let Jury. The at
torneys kopt up tholr rapid fire of
questions which were principally to
know whether tho prospective Juror
considered the word of nn Advertiser
inpnrtnr ns cnod ns n Chlunman. Da:
'ld Notle:' was excuted by I.arnach
r.nd McKnth by Thompson. Thelr
places In tho box were taken by
Frank Robello nnd Harney Olden
r.teln. Godfroy was excti'i-d by the
prosecution and Wm. A. Hall taken In
bin placo. Pressed by Thompson to
know what ho.knqw of II. M, Ayrcs of
the Advertiser. Hall said ho knew
Ayros wns a good mllo wnlkor and n
slnglehandc.l talker. Also n sporflng
editor. "You moan nn editor of
We. are showing a beautiful assortment of these suits
in the finest materials.
There's nothing neater or more dressy for- your Boy
than these natty suit with bloomer trousers.
All sizes, in blaek, blues, grcy3, and mixed goods.
X's m i
As J,?.6?"" w"il!reJSinJL.0Ver
uuu '' ""C lit ill U1C
subject of a prize-fight
law test case
it will he taken lo tho Grand Jury,
oven If he has to do sn himself.
The assembly room of tho Hoard
of Supervisors, in which the sessions
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sportB," said Thompson.
Tho veracity of newspapers, news
paper reporters, and Chinamen was
discussed nt great length this morn
ing when tho members of tho Jury tol
try tho famous Lee Let bribery case,
otherwise known ns the Advertiser
vs. Leo Let, wore selectad. Frank
Thompson, representing Leo Let, and
Deputy Attorney General, Larnach,
assisted by Deputy Attorney General
Sutton, were opposed to .each other.
Very few points of great significance
In tho trial wero reached In tho llt
tlo sct-to3 this morning; on tho con
trary, tho real enso was only hinted
nt now nnd then, seemingly ns an ex
?tiro for one or tho other of the at-
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CO., LTD.,
Must Pay Contempt Fine
Or Languish In
The appeal of Harry T. Mills from
tho Judgment of District Magistrate
Andrudo fining him' $10 for contempt
for fighting In opon court wns this
morning decided by the .Supreme
Court against Mills. This ends the
matter, us no appeal lies to the U, S.
Supremo Court, nnd the l'ast-Duo
man will now cither have to pay his
ten-spot or go to jail to servo It out.
The opinion Is written by Clilot
Justice Hartwell. Tho syllnbiu
Contempt; Judgment of, appeal
from,' mittimus. No appeal lies from
n Judgment of direct criminal con
tempt. A mittimus, reciting that the
petitioner by, etc., wns adjudged
guilty of direct contempt of court In
that ho took yurt in a light with one
T. In tho court room whon the court
wns engaged In the trial of a case
entitled, etc., on, etc., and wob sum
marily sentenced to pay a fine of $10
or hc'lmprlsoned until the fine should
bo paid, for a term not to exceed ten
days, and thatjt appeared that the
fine had not boen paid, sufficiently
compiles with the statute requiring
that the particular circumstances of
the offense be fully set forth.
Habeas corpus; review of facts on
which contempt Is adjudged; fighting
In court. .The court will consider In
habeas corpus whether tho facts on
which n contempt was adjudged con
stitute tho offense but will not ques
tion their truth nor allow them to be
ontrndicted. Fighting in presence
of tho court Is prima facie culpable.
. In the course of tho opinion tho
Justlco says:
Tho questions presented by tho
case and which have.been argued
with clearness and precision are as
follovJ, namely: (1) WnB tho peti
tioner's appeal from the sontenco Im
posing upon him a fine of $10 for
contempt allowable undor Sec. 18T.S
K. L., "Appeals shall be allowed from
nil decisions of district magistrate?,
whother civil or criminal, to the cir
cuit court of tho snmo circuit," not
withstanding the provision In Sec.
1SC0 n. Ij. that "Nothing herein con
tained shall be construed to permit
nn appeal to be takon from any order
by any judge or magistrate allowing
nny warrant, attachment, writ or
other process, or for any other order
of n llko nature," and If this ques
tion Is answered In the negative, (2)
does tho mittimus comply with the
requirement of Sec. 3073 It. L. that
"Whonvor any person shall bo ad-
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For $5.00 per Year
If you invest $5.00 per year in one
of our Safe Deposit Boxes, you will
be perfectly at ease in. regard to the
safety of your valuables."
It's worth it, isn't itt
i Hawaiian Trust
Company, Ltoi,
Port 3i. Bcnobln
I oil
Hawaii Off
,n. l..t 11.. 1111.. itlu..1..
LAHAINA, Maul, Juno 3. Yacht j
Hawaii, undor foresail and two Jibs, J
sighted off Knnnap.ill In heavy sea.
Reported nil well aboard, I
Col. Sam Johnson was today of
fered tho position of outsldo mana
ger of tho Hawaiian Mahogany Com
pany. Ha will probably accept this,
In which caso his resignation as
Koad Supervisor will follow.
Iroquois Carried Naval
Party Out This
Shortly before 10 o'clock this
morning tlio U. S. S. Iroquois sailed
lor Pearl Ilartor, with tho command
ant of the local naval station, Cnpt.
Corwln I', Itces, together with Kngl
neors I'arks and Ilurrcll on board.
They go .to look over the ground at
the slto of tho proposed naval sta
tion and repair shops there. Tho
headquarters of tho engineers have
been fixed for the time at the naval
station. This is the second vl3lt of
I'arks and his usslstant to the sceno
of action, but Is the flrct which they
bnvo made In company with the lo
cal naval officials.
Tho paity returned enrly this aft
ernoon. Mr. PnrkB said: "There was
nothing very special In connection
with our visit. Wo nre making nn
effort to get things moving nt once,
and a ro now getting rid of the pre
liminary work. So fur, there is no
one on the gioimd, at l'cnrl Harbor,"
i " .
A Joint motions of tho Kxecntlvo
and Kntertnlnment Committees of tho
fleet will be held tomorrow afternoon
at 1:30 o'clock In tho Chamber o'
Commerce rooms. Mattqrs of Import
ance will bo dlticiiffcod and lu order to
obtain n better understanding between
the two committees all tho members
nro urgently requested to bo present
and take part In tlio discussion.
MMMMW iii.i.ii . i. i .
Island Fruit Co.,
72 S. King St.
Phone 15.
No one is hot in our
Cafe since we have in
stalled that New York
Ventilating System.
Alexander Young Cafe
Telephone 361.
Waldron Accuses Garter
' Of Trying To Run
Kxchange of heated arguments
and explanations which evidently
did not meet with unqualified suc
cess took place nt the Fleet Execu
tive Committee meeting this after
noon between Chairman Carter of
the Fleet Executive Committee and
Chairman Waldron of tho Entertain
ment Committee. Waldron left tho
meeting during the discussion of the
ball 'affair. He was not satisfied
with the treatment of tho Entertain
ment Committee by tho Executive
Committee, threatening to resign as
chairman of that committee if Its
requests were not gi anted by the Ex
ecutive Committee.
"I don't believe you nre express
ing the' views of the majority of your
committee, Mr. Waldron," said Car
ter, i
"I am certainly representing them
here," answered Waldron.
"Well," continued Carter, "I have
met a good many of your committee
men who did not .express tho same
views as you ore presenting her'c."
Waldron retorted that Carter was
trying to run the whole thing by
himself. ' .
The question of whether It Is moro
feasible to give a subscription ball
was up for discussion. Waldron, In
referring to tho reports of tho En
tertainment Committee asked that
they be adopted. L. T. Peck claimed
thut more satisfactory explanations
should be given before voting on tho
appropriation of $3, COO. -
Waldron Insisted that tho reports
fully covered tho points wanted.
This atlrrcd up Peck and several oth
ers. Geo. Smith moved that $2, GOO be
appropriated 'or the Entertainment
Committee for giving tho ball, floor
ing, etc. Carried.
Waldron demanded that tho re
ports of the Entertainment Commit
tee bo adopted boforo the calling of
tho Joint meeting tomorrow. This
remark stirred up everybody present,
Morgan, Peck, Smith nnd Carter all
taking a hand nnd without the con
sent of the Chair.
"You aro trying to play horse," i
broke In Carter again." I
This wns the lust straw and Wal
dron quit tho meeting and went opt
in linger.
It Is expected that tho cntlro Enter
tainment Committee will resign on
account of tho discourtesy shown to
Its chairman. t
Carter said that ho was willing to
accept Its resignation nn'd appoint a
now committee Instead. From tho
prercnt Indications, It the meetings '
are not properly and carefully con
ducted, It Is expected that tho Exec
utive Committee will resign. t j
Gcorgo W, Smith acted ns poaco
maker during the disturbance.
' i m -
. , .. , , .
tUO A.-H. S. Si Nevadan Is duo
hero this afternoon from tho Sound.
Pine 'Job Printing at the Bulletin.
Sodas a
and 1
Ioe Cream
Pure, home-made, delicious, at
Hollister Drug Co.,
J. Hopp & Co.,
Roosevelt Throw
With His
WASHINGTON, D. C, June 3. President Roosevelt fell with his
horse Creek today while out for his daily ride. The President was some
what shaken but not badly hurt.
100-To-l Sim Won
LONDON, England, June 3. The Derby was won today by T. Gin
istrelli's Sic,norinetta. The horse s :ld at 100 to 1 in a field of eighteen
starters. The time was seven minutes 39 4-5 seconds. The purse is val
ued at $82,500.
De Young Libels Burns
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 3. Detective Burns has charged M.
H. De Youne, owner of the San Fit. 1::0 Chronicle, with libel. Dc
Young'was released on $50. bail. Burns' charge giows out of comment
en his acts i:i the graft cases.
1 i 1 1
Yacht Race
To Bermuda
It.laiodnlr.l rrtu Special Cablet
MAR-LEHEAD, Mass., June 3.
Six vnchts started here today in the
.ocean yacht race to Bermuda.
Atiodalttl i'rcn Sprcf'il Cntife
DES H0INES, Iowa, June 3,
Senator Allison was today reelected
to the U, S. Senate by the Iowa Legislature.
Prince David D
San Francisco
I Prlnca David Kawnnatiakua died
yestorday afternoon at 5: IS o'clock nt
tho Hotel Stewart nt San Franclrco.
Tho cause of death was pneumonia,
which dovelopcd front n cold. His en-
tiro Illness lasted only nbout ten days,
Ti, .,.,, nf ki. ,it1, mmn will, n
grontor shock owing to thn fnct that
yesterday morning Prlncoss Knvutm-
No. 535-
-PRICE $5.00
L; 1 sW
It 1 "HPT
Dl inn
lAitoclnltit l'rot Sptctal Cubic
PITTSBURO, Pn., June 3. It is
reported that the United States Steel
Company has been allotted an order
for a million tons of steel rails for
relaying the Siberian railway track.
"I'll try again," says Aeronaut
Morrell. "No!" says Oakland Chief
of Police. "You" shall not Imperil so
many lives ngnln."
nakoa had rocclvod a cablegram stnt-
Ing that her husband's condition had
Impioved. Col. nnd Mrs. Sam Pnrkor.
MIfscs Mm lei nnd Deatrtco Campbell,
and John llaker u( Hllo nro In Sanv
i-rancircn anil wero presumably with'
tho I'rlnrn nt thn limn nf IiIh ite.ith.
Cahlu advices statu that tho remains
(Continued on Page 5) "'
in Rails
pi n ,. iW-
Hotel 1
r '''JfeJll
Yours If You Want
WHAT 151 C 0 ra f 0 r t , of course. '
We bought these to give you com-.
fort, and feel sure that they will be
come the fast friends of many peo
ple who are having trouble with their
They are made of soft, Golden
Brown Vicl Kid, on an easy and
roomy last. We can recommend this
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1 ri
- . . it

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