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-. v- v -
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i i
Sec our new Imported Ribbons, in Dresden
and Persian c fleets
They'll re exquisitely colored
White Goods
Direct from New York
We have all the latest styles in Rain Coals
the Cravanette, and others,
in plain and stripes.
Lace Evening Waists
i i
Mere is a chance to get a very ljandsomc
Waist at little expense.
Waists in White and Cream
'-pHKSR GOODS, comprising Lawns,
Nainsooks, Linens, Chiflon, Batiste
Persian Lawns, and Dimities are the very
latest in
White Dress Goods
And right in the next department we have
an immense stock of Laces and Embroideries
for trimming them.
Winds!? Ties
foF CiiiidFesi
In Plain, Plaids, aid Stripes. Very neat
and pretty.
. Girdles
For the neckjin Gold and Velvet. The latest
Dry Goods Co.,
Fort & Beretania
Zm Egcgfc.iijiBaBgEi.'ar'ii'wiwiPMi
l- ""? A '
fegaJ issEWBBaoi-jiacBTa kmem
,UT v II MltS COItYWN P. IO. tuber Llpplucott's Is being eagerly
IlKKS vim imiT.r- llicli homo ' ie.ul "nd widely discussed Natur
al Tlic I'has.mton gao uu'"". c.crhnd.- Ik Interested, unit all
e1.ibin.it i illniirr on Saturday I Umioliihi linn been moio nr less agog
oxenlnc lust in the iilnt.i'wllii curiosity cer since It was
dining-room Double hlhlmn .Known that Hie hail written n ro
.. . ... '....... ..r trrt.. .it .!.,.. i(....rmnH la
iSmlo an cffe'ili. table decoration,
ifnfl On fuft l.'diance from the tall
rtlndle. i diii ahrrudod, was moat bc
etTnilllg. The guests Included Cnp
TSlii nnil Mrs. JIumh," Admiral and
M.t. Holly day. Mrs. Walter Trcar.
,M"rs. Augustus Knmlt.ru, Mr. and
Mrs. ('allies, Dr. Vletor Collins and
I)r!' Cofcr. Mrs. Hics looked ".cry
n.inte of Hnvall. Miss Kaufman Ii
returning to the l.iun sho loves mi
dofitedly In Niivcmlier, to lit n Rural
at Sana Soucl, and sho may wrlto
a Kill n of our icilnl life, the Install
tnnemi3 succor of "The Jewel of the
Seas" certainly warranting It.
1 Prom th Arponaut H the follow
I Ing about Jcu-Ie Kaufman's novel.
'liandHonio In a whlto toilette ami Octolicr ..d:
rtlrs. August un Kniiil-en. In renin To overlook Joi-slo Kaufman's cotn-
l$ratdt was greatly admired. Mrs. Vivic ncucl In Upplncott's Magazine,
ift-oar In white mailo a pleasing pic- fur October would bo to slight tho
ftfirc and Mrs. Moses' frock wns in.ido Klfts of the llte-nry Rods. Miss Kmtf
in lMrls and suited her perfectly, man Is already well known In San
jfra. llnllidny. n pretty bltio.od 1'ianclt.co, but It seems prudent thus
woman, wore Mm, and Mrs dailies cnily to nffert our rights of proprlc-
'ifiblted very illbtlngiilshcd In black. orshli over an author of such stcr-
m i, i, ir "nR promise who not only breaks
Otlsi Jcsilo Kaufman's novel In the new ground, but does It with bitch
energy and success.
"A .lewel of the Seas" Is a romance
nt Hawaii, an.l while there are al
ready uonio few writers .who havi!
shown us tho fictional possibilities
or the I'.ulllc Irlainls, there Is so far
no one within our recollection who
handles such :' wealth of model u
material with a touch fo dcfl nr
with such humor and abandon. To
opllnmljo Mlsa Kaufman's story I
supcrlliions liecnusc Its grnceful and
clever plot Iln.li a (ompctltor In a
dlaliiRiiu mi lar; nail so witty that
wo almost wonder at thn lavish hand
with which It is bestowed. Most wri
ters would hoard such a store of good
things and spread It nut over u ear's
work, but Miss Kaufman's prodigal
ity leads us to hope that the mine U
Hill young.
.Miss Kaufman should certainly
(ontlnuo to wilte. She has few ef
fective competitors In a Held that Is
so conspicuously her own. 8ho seems
1o know Hawaiian society to tho
i-atuiatlon point, anil from It m're boh In the Navy
popular aspect She wiltes without on the i Hied Ibu
Ailmli.it CI ii I.
lie M lu., 1, III'
i I place In iiniior of Admit. il and M
.1 '8,. Inhume l'i ptaln and Mit. C.
.ri"nhe tilp with the big tmulng
h vim; been intuit Mlicest full
Wvnr tam wil1 be more
I ULU IIUIIIC healthful if you
keep Primo Beer and serve it at meal
Most people drink too little liquid
because water is flat and unpalatable,
and their systems become clogged and
The drinking of Primo is good for
you because it induces you to drink
more liquid than you would drink
without it'.
And Primo Beer is both a food and
a tonic of the highest order. It makes
a pure, healthful beverage.
Drink PrimoBeer at Home
friction anil with keca and union- idea hit tilp n Hie Stale, stopplne;
.cntlnmil humor. Sho has Ihtufoio heic and then as fani) elcil. The
nil tho niatcrlil for substantial an. I url has apartments at the l-'utr-
abldliiR success and slit will lertalnl niont S. I', (Hobe.
have the eneiiiiriigliiR appbiiti-e of Mm. yider, by the wit), has been
llioHe who
Miis Oliver bad a large ami liril
llant audience on Titerday oxcnlug
and "Tito l.lttle Mlnlater" was llul
rned to with attention. She under
stands peifeclv her rolo mid "Iuly
Hobble" hctself secmcil to snillo upon
the audience, mi Intensely did the
clever nitlst riealo the ntiniisphein
of Harries lieinlue. On Thuisday
evening one lMined to "The Confes
sions of a l.tteiaiy I'llRilpi" and Hie
art with whlih hho recited was om
inenled on generally. It Is mi tiu
ijualined iilea.iure to listen to the
r.weet tones of this artist mid the
rjpld changes nl her 10I03 arc inost
nrttstlcall mai'iiged. On Monday
night she will tecllo In the Opera
l'.,i ir
Itees g.m n il'iiiinr' for tlu'in re- iierompllsJied. Mrs. liilwnril Htrolbe'r
ceiitl The color behonm of hj'i iiIko boon tisltlni; lit thla faBh
the table dccoiatliun was lilfilt, ilu- lonable licnltli riSurt.
fheMO iu-ih. lnaldeiilialr fern", and I '
imik-iilniileil i idlcHllcki'. umiblnius " Violet Damon wns very mwcU
lead "A Jewel of tho much unlet tallied during her Mijourn to proditco ti tliiirinlng effect. Those niluiliod whlltf " vIMtor "In Perkeluy.
who gathered nround It wore Ailmlr- . " Bnuo m uosioo. wmro me
al mill Mm. Swinburne, (lovcrnor unil , Winter month will be lWflnd In
Sim. 1'renr, Major mitt Mrp. Smnurl fuay.
S. DunnluK. Mr. ana Mib. (Jeorgo Da- A
.... ... .. . . I fn Thlimilnr MVnnlnff .TttrlUv. nrt
vies, uaiit.un enu Jirs. lorwin o., i -
A.n.ilinl Hnl.m, nml Ciunniinder Oil- '" Sli'ees- ll.illim enteits.lied -n
Tc:-iMr tor i;n", n'Kior iipii mrs. ico'i-
nn, C, pin t Myeu, Mr. .leni.un.
Ill Sin I'lauclsco, whole she Is n
guest at tho fnsrUinable Hotol .lef-forMJti.
The Mornlii!; .Music Club met tit
Mn. Wcstonclt's nt College Hills
fen I he III nt lime tills c.imiii. It wna
a Mry pleasant affair and nearly all
the members wen present. The pro
giam was us follows:
l'nper: "The Syinplinn"
Mis. V. L. Whitney
S.Nmphouy No. V, Op. (!7, Allegro
i on bio, andante con mnlo (two
pianos) 1lcclhiicii
1'iof. I.cwls mid Sou
(ill "An iter Sotiueii Scholn (h)
vci. Tho Call.
Tho Mimna Hotel wns t!iC sreno ot
a pietty lutielicoii on Tlmrsil.ij lu
l Im prlvuto dlnlns-rooni, the ho.de- i
being Mm. I'lelds, to well liked hole.
I'lnk enriiatlons nml ijitcuj Hindu
mi aillstlo ecnterpleeo and over each
i hair wiu a pink earnittlon lei The
RiiestB luelildod Mm. Walter Ki-oat,
IMrs. Sidney Uallou, Mre. Uobeitmin.
Mrs. Augustus Kiiudsen, Mrs. Alun
lzo (laitley, Mrs. .lames Judil, Mm.
"Wator Sprite" .t. ,
.Schumann 'Mirscf, Mrs. Wlnfied llabbllt. Mix.
House nml a i.uge and niitliticlnRltc I Mesdamcs Cooper. Siott, Hitchcock. I'lillllp
nuillcnco can In counted itpnn. .Mrs.
Oliver wote u becoming while laco
frock nnil her Ijige, dark eyes weio
lovely. .Man leas have been given
inr Dr. .mil Mis. Oliver. The Kllo
hana Art League .Dianmtlc Clrclo
gave her an Infoimal tea mi Monday
afternoon mid It was delightful to
listen to her brilliant rouvoisntliui.
.Mis. Krear entertained her most In
formally nt l"n. only n few bring 1
present, but It was a very enJoahlo
afternoon, much appreciated by tho
talented elocutionist. "Dr. Uiko of
Hie Lahradoi" will ho given on Mon
day. So many alTalrs mo on for tho
l'lcet that one's time Is very much
on Hull, Kltiuoy, Miss Ward
Piano Kilo, "Peiifceo ruglllve" . .
Mis. S. ".. Wilder
Vocal nilo, "Ave Maria" I.ulzzl
Mlsi Sehaofer
Violin solo, "Noiliirno". . .Ilafs VI It
Mis. i: A. It. Host
Vocal tolii, "Lullaby, llaby's Sleep"
Violin iililll-.itu, Mis. Coopor
.Miss Wmd
Vocal iliut, "tluienado". . . .Sclmbort
Mesdanica Mmt-Stnltli and Weight
Mrs. Al thin' lliowu of Honolulu,
i who Is the gucfct of Mrs. Chillies
On l'riday ovenlng of lust week
Mr. Kleb.ihu i;ne u bIiib dinner In
honor of Sir. I'lotcuhuuor. who soon
goes nhinail tu Join Ilia wlfo. Mrs.
lTnteiiliuiior In trnvellng with Iho
lllahopt mill they mo now nt Haslo.
Tho Hlshops expect to return In De
cember nml Mlts Agues Wnlkor will
actoutpany thoui. Mr. rfolenhauer (
gave a uliig dinner on Satuiday nlfiln!
nl which wore tho Herman set. I
Mr. mid Mri. C. AV. Cnso-Dcc:lug,
who alwass entertain well, gao a
dinner on Wednesday In honor of
Mlsa Nnney lluck Winston, who n.illi
Mr. and Hk. ritld.
Mr. (Veil llruwn and party, who
. ro In New Yoi k, Imhullne Mi's,
lie'i" l)li:kiiiii tnd MIhh Ada Illuvlr ,
vlll lotii- Ksypi. with Minn Mmltf Mm
II it, whom they will Join lu Kr- -laud.
Mi:i. Philip Andrews, so impitl r
and handsome, will ream In with V
pin cats, Captain nnil Mrs. Audi.
l'u Her, until Decumber or JnuiiiM.
Mr. and Mrs VicdcrlH Klnnip i .
n very onjoyuble dinner on rl
dav evonlng in honir of sevcial iC
eoi's. -Y
Consul Ceneinl and Mis. Mil. hell
ontertalned nt dinner on Wed'ie day
nvenl'ig In bo. or of Mr. tuul ?1i.
WllllaniH-nf WMiiliin.
i iuci iiuii ones lime is very niiicil .. ., ,, ..... .. - ,-
taken up, hut It will well ho worth Cla"z ' "',U"S- W,,H tho Ktioit of lion- j tll0 Mmichuila. Tho tablo w.n
l.ot.h".. TmX "t"0,'a,C,, WU" '" 1"''nUCC rS"3 """
l'SolangJ'tlnieimo" d ' J''""" lo" ? '",''
.ludgo and Mrs, Hallou mo giving 'dahllaa and ferns weio used as tablo "r ,,,ac,i lllco '"'' "atm' '" &laM
Hiclr i crept Inn In honor of Meut. and house decoiatlons. Those asked
C niamlqr and Mis. Ashley Herman '" "lcet MH. Hiown wero Mrs. 1,'. M.
Itoborlbon this evening. Those io-Kelll'' Ml8 ChnrlrB Cranss Perkins,
iclvliw with th.Vi will be Admlial 'f: "''" I'llcnlrn. Jr.. aim. llonry
c..i. i 1....1 i.i . 1'Uller, Mis. Tod lord and Mis.
belrce . I.leu (, brnlth, Jetd. l'ro-.c.lry Mauris ltoblnSou.-P..sadon.i
ti v
teet. Captain Powcis I.ymlnKton
I.loul. .leiiMiu. Major JIiis, l,eut.
(floss, I.leut. .Voi.es, Meut. .MeKtu-
noy, and a few other otlltcis. The
latin! will be utilized for tho refiesh
incnt loom and Chinese lanterns will
;nake it gay and attractive. Kiritrlc
lights will illuinluafo tho grounds
nml a good floor, brilliant music,
juetty woiiun, and bravo lueu will
Veitnlnly miikn ih(. iiallou mansion
till nttl'IlLlUn i.nnl tills nvr.nl in- Miu
llnliiiu has peifect tusto and alwaia
Is a 1sii(cess.rul hobtesi,
, It Is Interesting to know that Ad
Iniral Clark mentioned In tho follow
ing clipping is mi untie of Mr. Stan
ford Conness, who Is so soon to mar
ly Mrs. Unirinnr Wilder:
Admiral C '.; Clark, who took tho
Oregon aouud tho Horn during the
(Clel)ial,ed itiuid mailo by tho big
hntth'shlp, on that mrmorablo nice
Vhen war waa llrst declared with
Spain, Is making a Islt to this city
witli Mis. Claik and his two daugh
The Villi ami House, is sheltering
manj fioni Honolulu Just at pieseut.
Atnotig tho local guests tire Mrs.
.lames Caudle, Mis. Oeoigo Cablle,
Mis. Maiiule Phillips, llruco Cnit
wrlght. Jr., and tho Paxtons havo
only Just returned from n three
weeks' tilp. Kvoryhody la most en
thtthlnhtlu and Iho cool air, .wouilur
ful sights, and ngiccnhlo walks and
di Ives are attracting many to tho
world-fumed Volcano.
Mr. and Miti. StncUithlo will return
on November 10th ttnd occupy tho
lesldonio on ll.isslugor strcoi. Thcio
li.no been imiiiy decided changes,
rooms being nddcil and u lanal mndo
linger. Jlrs. Slncl.-alile, nee Inex
Neumnnn. Is well knuwn bcie, and
has always had nil iilo'lui for Hono
lulu. With tho aiilval of tho Fleet lu
Honolulu tho L'a)ctlos of that Inter
tuts, Mis. S. a. HohlnMin tuul Mrs. cbtlng plato me nt their height, l'u-
Included Mr. and Mis. A. (I. llnwe
Jr., Or. llutiiphiU, Dr. Victor Col-
llns. Mr. David Anderson.
Tho dinner which Dr. nml Mis.
Langhorno gave on Tlntrbday liven
ing was n Miry delightful iiffnli. Tin
covers encircled tho prettily decorat
ed tablo mid ll.c guests Included Mr
nnil Mrs. (iorrlt Wlldiir, Dr. and Mis.
Jamas .ludd. Miss Miiroaiet Castle,
MIbs Alice .Muilurlano, and Captain
Symlugtou. !
Mr. rmnrls Cogswell, a mid hip
man on the South Dakota, who has
beon 111 at the Queen's Hmiilliil. ;..'
turned 'a his ship' nu Wei1ue.idin.
Vtiung Cogswell, tho von of the htt
Admiral, Is u nephew of JudKc !'.
M. Hatch. I
Mrs. J. O. Oil-tor, who met with
such u pulurul uccldent not long
slnco. Is gottlne on Very well, nnu'li
to the satisfaction of her family unit
friends. '
Mrs. William C. Wilder, -vho hna
been vUItlug In California, returned
In the Km en much benefited lu health
by tho ihango.
Mr. and Mrs, Henry roster Dutton
Walter Baker
Sl Cos
i .
Cor eiill.i. drlpj(ln, li".."I cool.'!.;
Pure. Dcllcluvt!!, Nutrlllou
C, r, IltiKlies, whoso husbituUs tuo tvitulniiK'nts of nil Boris mo taklut; larivc licen euJtJy.tus, .Carlsbnd, their
Drcaltfau Coco. 1-2 tb. tins
DaLc'i Chocclite (untwertcnoi), ! -2 lb. r itt I
Gcrmtn Suet I QiocdUte, 1-4 lb. uik-
Trr Salo Iv I ecttUnt Grocer
In llciiaitliu
13 IllClltsr AWAkij IN 1.1 t '-.pr
xyUfcJ)MidA fe-v. . -
. miaAtaiiUM:1mii in,i1Mjj.. , ,ii
W. i. rfilli,nttlU.lA - jta. a V
-'-'---.-itttiMi. .", 'tetVn i ' ,&.. -'J.s."x.jl-t.-f(.
'4u.V-jte eu Su. w-.

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