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CLUrTIH, sTOMtMJLV, T.H.,-,(WDAV( OCT. 19. 1908.
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Your home lthb;uWfm;or:
keep Primo Beer and serve it at meal
Most people drink too little liquid
because water is flat v and unpalatable,
and their systems become clogged and
The drinking of Primo is good for
you because it induces you to drink
more liquid than . you would drink
without it.
And Prirrib Be'er is both a food and
a tonic of the highest order. It makes
a pure, healthful beverage.
Drink PrijrnoBeer at Home
: You'll be "a long time
King and Mauna Kea
Have a drink npw.
The Irish Consul.
' V -
t ;
- ...Si,.
I ' i i ' . v i ;
i' 'V
, w
mimmm mwi
Hawaiian Sports Shown
For Najtidn's Defenders
Aquatic sports of ancient Hawaii
iports that mo famous throughout
the world for ttie nerve and skill
which they rcqulre'of their devotees
woro revived yesterday In all tlielr
glory for tho entertainment of the
officers and seimen of the cruiser
tquudron. .
There wcro sealing canoe, races,
ix-paddle canoe races, four-paddle
nd women's ianoo races, surf-boat-
lug contests, surf-boarding contests,
itnd other eveuts of equal Interest.
The events took place oft Walklkl
lleuch nnd weio witnessed by thou-
c&uds of spectators.
It would be Impossible to Imagine
n better day than thai which graced
the occasion. There was sufficient
l.ieeze to make the sailing races In
teresting, and enough surf for the
riders of the board.
too Serious Accidents
Though tliero was a large entry
(1st, and though the events wcic nil
well tilled, there was not an unto
ward accident to mar the daj's en
joyment. To bo sure, a canoe or two
capsized and plunged the crews Into
'lie water, but no one paid any at
tsntlon to such occurrences boond
submitting the unfortunate crews loVcje fraught with more danger of
merciless chaffing. laccldent than .tho foregoing events.
The closest coutestlof the da) was
in the second race, for six-puddlo na-
five canoes. There Vfere six entries
nnd, as the pistol of the starter
ang out the flgnnl tp begin, the
noses or mo erau poxeu oui uoonu
tho shudow of the Moana pier utmost
Once well under way and there
wus a decided change in the order.
Flrtt one canoe broke from the)
hunch, then another, until the crafts
were headed for the flags In parade
formation. ' '"
Clever Work Saves Boat
In coming about, several of the ca
noes narrowly missed coming to
grief, but clever navigation brought
them all safely through and they
ttartcd on the home-stretch In fairly
good order1. ,
Tho danger was not over, however.
A great roller, which, In the excite
ment of rounding the flags had been
overlooked, came rushing down on
the racing craft. There was a cry
from the shore, but cither tho con
testants did not hear or had their
hands full, right Into the oncoming
sea tho frail crafts poked their heads.
Tho leading canoe rose on the
wave, remained poised In a hazard
ous situation for a couple of seconds.
and then passed safely out of tho
whirlpool, Tho second and third ca
noes also passed In safety, though
their outriggers were lifted high out
of tho water.
Wave Bringi Grief
rne tourtn ranoe, tne crow or
which wus making Herculean efforts
to make up the distance betwesn it
and the leaders; was less fortunate,-
howover. Just as the Inundating
wave, gathering power as It neared
tho shore, struck the craft, the steers
man endeavored to change the course
a little shoreward. Tho result was
that the canoe took the breaker
There was a sudden stillness as
tho craft j'ose on the cresi of' the
wave, the crowd on the shore yelled.
and Bang! the canoe, turned. tur
lie. up in tne uir went tne outrig
ger, six, dusky forms' dove under tho
bull, and boat No, 4 was out of the
race, '
Once the canoe was over It ceased
to bo a matter of Interest to anyone
but tho1 occupants; everybody elso
- - i
Iub uusy . waimuig iiiu progress ok
the other craft.
X When within 100 jnrds from the
finish, the Llokeokeo canoe, which
had been banging on about the mid
dle of the procession, began to gain
ground, A'woid from the steersman
and the backs of the paddlers b'ent
double like Jacknlves, Paddles Oft
tho waer and the narrow craft shot
through the surf llko a great marine
locket. The men had been saving
themselves and, when the pistol
crack announced that the victor had
crossed tho finishing line. It was tho
Liokeokeo that wag la the lead
A very heady race was also, pad
dled by the boys of the Outrigger
Club, the winners of tho first event.
Thoy showed much generalship In
laying out their work, allowing their
opponents to exhaust themsolves nnd
then finishing with a burst of speed
which was a revelation to those un
acquainted with the possibilities of
the Hawaiian outrigger canoe.
Tho race between the four-paddla
canoes, for women contestants, was
fi aught with muck Interest. Only
half tho course was gone over, the
canoes going to the Hags which woro
placed off the leach below the Sea
side Hotel nnd racing to the end of
the Moana whnrf.
The women "oirsmcn" handled
their craft In n masterly way nnd
sent them through the waves In a
manner which evoked remarks of nd-
mliatlon from ,thc spectators. As
the treacherous breaker line was
reached, those' on uhoro held their
breath, but they need not lime wor
ried; tho women knew what they
were about and passed through the
danger zone safely.
An event of more than ordinary
Interest was (ho 'contest between
crews of sailors. Though unused to
canoes, tho seamen knew all about
boats and their muscles were like
steel. ,
To avoid laccldent. a Hawaiian
steersman was placed In each canoe.
He couched the bluejackets ns best
he could and his advice, together
with the powerful muscles which seu
life produces, itifflcod to send the ca
noes thrqugh the wpter In a manner
which compared very favorably with
tho performances nf the more expe
rienced cnnolsn
Tho races between 'the sailing en-
i ops. thnuch less eirlllnc to wntch.
Several oTf th craft" swnraped nnd
finishing against the' wind was far
from easy.
i The first oniie sailing events was
'for modern outrigger canoes, 'man-
pod .with a crow, .of not more than
two. The start was spectacular but,
owing to contrary winds, the finish
was rather monotonous. '
in trying to pass between tho flags
which markod the channel for the
finish of the race, two of tho Hawaii
an sailing canoes came to grief. A
heavy sea swept In Just as they start
ed to eomVabOut and the rasultwao
Hint they filled with water andfwcr'e
put out of'busincss as far as the race
was (Concerned. After considerable
tacking the others managed to finish
In the proper manner.
The surf-boat riding was very
spectacular. Great breakers Were ho
Ing tossed up by the iwlnd and, 'as
cue of tho boats was caught on tho
crest of a wav. It was sent flying,
through a mis', of spray, shoreward.
There were narrow escapes galore,
but no mishaps, tthough several of
the crews took desperate chances.
The surf-bnattng in particular
seemed to take the fancy of the sail
ers. With a Hawaiian ileersman In
the stern each craft, to keep tho boat
from falling a victim to the hunger
of the waves, tho bluejackets were
carried through the breakers In style,
cheering madly as a particularly
heavy roller caught them and liter
ally threw them at the shore,
Tho surf-board riding also called
forth some exciting competition and,
an the winner of the contest finally
hit the sands of the beach, he was
gieeted with a round of cheers.
One of ,the features of tho day's
sport was tho remarkable good na
ture of tho contestants. Though the
victory in severnl events hung upon
a technical point, there was no dis
satisfaction with the decisions mani
fested and every announcement of
the Judgra was received with a smile.
The list of victors In tho different
aents Is as follows;
First race Hoys' canoe. Outrigger
Club, first; l.elca, second,
Second race 81x paeldlo Hawaiian
canoe. Uokeokoo, first; Hanakookl,
second; Kalel, third. Time C minutes
C4 seconds.
Third raco Four-paddlo modern ca
noe for women. Manukeokco, first;
I.anaklla, second. Distance, one length
of course. Time, 3 St.
Fourth race Four-paddle Hawaiian
canoe. I.Iokeokeo, first; Hanakookl,
second; Alabama, third. Time, C:30.
Fifth raco Kourpaddlo modern ca
noo. I.anaklla, first; Manukcokeo, sec
ond; Malkal Vine, third. Time, 6:18.
Sixth raco Surf board contest. Vln
vent Gonovcs, first; Ilothwell, second.
Seventh raco Sailor's canoo. Colo
rado, first; South Dakota, second;
Pennsylvania, third. Time, 2:55.
Eighth raco Modorn sailing canoe,
Kcokllani, first; Holuamanu, second;
Makalol, third. Time Sl:K.
Ninth raco Hawaiian sailing canoe.
Lei Illma, first; Hanlkawao, second;
Hanakookl, third. Tlnio, 21 minutes.
Tenth raco Surf riding Hawaiian
canoo. Outrigger Club, first; Kalel,
Eloventh race. Surf riding canoo
for sailors. South Dakota, fl rst;Pcnu
syhanla, becond.
Additional Sports on Page 10
"That sowing woman Bays she Is
getting knock-down prices on tho
shirts sho makes." "Perhaps that ac
counts for her felling tho seams,"
illaltluioro American,
Morals of Opponents To
Cathcart Decidedly
Editor n v c it 1 n g 11 u 1 1 e 1 1 n '
Tho Advertiser has mado tome er
serious charged ngalnsl John W. C.tth
inrt. Now, to a fair-minded busi
ness man, tlicic is something er
strange about the manner of pre
senting charges of so grae nn Im
port nnd also in the time selected In
I ringing them out.
The Adcrtlcr claims to liae had
a knowledge of some of the most se
rious on for a matter of nine eurt.
Wli) did thlr great moral urgnn
permit .i ninti to fccrve the public in
one of the most important public of
fices for so long a time knowing all
the while his tilleged criminal nets?
Wli has the Advertiser, which
Claims to hntc the good of the com
munity nt lieai t, kept these charges
n secret until row 7 Doei It not ap
pear to a man of cen nrdlnim In
telligence that the Advertiser is
uvlly In collusion with the alleged
Criminal It permits to remain In of
fice us long M Hint criminal walks
according to tli? lines prescribed by
the Advertiser office nnd divulges the
knowledge of his criminal acts only
v hrn It wlshc to attain its selfish
ends? Perhnpe the Advertiser calla
this chit), but it looks leal fish) to
the community.
Whether John V. Cathcnrt Is
fultty or not guilty Is left to the vo
ters of the Tcriltorj to determine
One of the Initructlnns given by a
Judge to n Jury Is to observo tho man
ner of witnesses and consider their
leneral bearing In weighing the val
ue of their testimony. The Adver
t.sei, as an accuser and n witness.
icmtnds one of tho wily Oriental who
wished to get an enemy lu trouble
by charging him with assault, and,
when his attorney asked him wheth
er his assailant used a Knife or a gun,
tngenuousl) asked, "Which ou think
Honolulu. Oct. 19, '08.
Kuthnrlno Oliver will present a pro
gram tonight mado up of her selected
numbers and promises to be her best
program. It would he difficult to say
In which Miss Ollvci excels, tho gravu
or gay. Her Interpretation is a revela
tion In this age of "elocution," and
dramatic posing. Miss Oliver Is not
an elocutionist, but nn Imiiersonatnr,
whose Interpretation of these Scottish
talcs peoples her stage, and sends
away her audtenco with tho feeling
that they have seen tho faces, listened
(o the voices, nnd pressed the hands
of theso honest Scots whoso names,
within past jears, havo become, so fa
miliar with tilt great reading public.
Scats for this last recital aro on sale
at Dergstrom Music Co.
"For Salt" cards at Bulletin.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine
Tablets. All druggists refund
the money if it fails to cure,
. W. Grove's signature it. on
each box
PARIS MliDICINn CO , St. Louu, U. S. A.
For Men
We have just received over $20,000 worth of Regal
Shoes for men only in the latest Fall styles. These shoes
are made to conform to the natural shape of the foot, with
out looking square and clumsy.
They have clear-cut lines, a full treading surface, and
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Bring your old shoes to
wait. N
Claim Dr. Koch Is Proved
To Be Entirely
Washington, October 1 At tho
banquet given tonight bv Secretary
Hoot to the members of the Tubercu
losis Congress, the chief topic among
the scientists was the surprising re
huUr that haw rnmo throimh tlu In
oculatlon of twdve adults b Dr. I.ad-
Mas Detre of lludapcst. In an (Tort
to rontrovirt the. ruirted discoveries
lij I)r Koch, the anions Herman spe
cialist Dr Koch has Insisted before tho
rongross that bovine tuberculosis tan
not be. trimsmltti'd to human beings.
To test this the Inoculation of tho
twelve adults residing In the Wash
Ingtou Tubeiculosls Hospital, was
dono nlnioxt sinitlj Nothing was
(aid about tho te-st until tonight, when
It was trlumphantl) announced by Or
Dodo's siipi orient that the tests had
shown cloven of the patients xuffc'liiiR
Iroui human tubeiculosls nnd one nn
mlstaknblu case of limine tuberculo
sis, Koch Proved Wrong.
This absolute proof that Dr. Koch
Is wrong lu.hla thcor has moused In
tert ninong those who have1 been
accustomed to look on Koch us the
man v.ho saw the last word regard
ing the disease The matter Is cer
tain to be tho subject of some lively
debates at the session to morion of
the congress
The vaccination with live tubercle
bacilli for the prevention of tubercu
losis Is receiving wtat attention In
the congress
The claim of I)i Julius lHrtel of
Vlclin.l WflR Rtltltuill, ,1 t,i,lnv In tli.n.k
(mini nt Atnerlcin doctors Professor
.vi A llaruer or the Unlvcisltv of
Kansas, I)r. V. O Webb of Colorado
Springs, specialists In the disease
A hot discussion as to tho correct
ness of the tlionr) advanced with con
fldence b) the three phvslclans of the
West followed the leading of tho pi.
per That the tin or) has been pro
ven In hundreds of expel Inients, nml
lb the mil) chance of Immunizing hu
man beings was stated In the paper,
but there vvero a i.coro of foreign dele
gates who arose and contradicted tho
theor). Professor llaiber said In
Vaccination Possible.
Tho posslblllt) of producing free
dom from dheasc or Iminutilt) by thu
Inoculation u living organs till now
has been oniy accomplished In few
diseases The virus of smallpox,
weakened b) passage through the co.
can safelv he Innpiilniml l,w i,,,. ......
beings, resulting In protection against
"Iho human raco possesses In n
vnrvlni; nmnimt n iintiimi i,,......i...
against tuberculosis Were It not so
tne race would long ago havo become
extinct. Artificial protection from
tUllCrCUlOSlH ll.'IU Ilium- in, 1.. ,..
achieved for tho human rnce, but that
i iH u poBBiiimi) we believe. Inns
much ns It Is now possible by protec
tive Inoculation l 1Kb,,. ,,r-..t.......
of tho human tpo to protect cattle
mmi luuercuiosis
"All conceivable methpds of weak
cnlng tho tiibeido biclllus so that It
can bo sard) Inoculated for tho pro
duction or immunity havo up to this
time fulled. Trudcau has shown It
possible to proiliico a certain amount
of Imiuunlt) In guima pigs b tho usu
of living bacteria
"Dead tubeicle. bacilli nnd their
products, known ns vaccine nnd tuber
cullns, when used for Inoculation have
fulled to produce lasting Immunity, nl.
though of distinct value In the treat
ment of tuberculosis."
-T.h!,We,,l,y Edlllon 0,th Ev.nlno
BulUtln (jives a complete summary of
the news of ths day.
to be repaired while you
. riXtKUut.1,
... K,

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