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Evening Bulletin
Item dan Frtnoiieo:
"CINCH" Is a word used to
describe that sort of certainty which
is not so well described by nny other
word. ,
Example It's a Cinch that ninc
tcnths of the store-bargains in this
city will be secured by the shovpers
who watch the BULLETIN ADS.
Tcnyo Maru Dec. 17
For Ban Francisco:
America Maru Dec. 18
From 'Vancouver:
Monna Dec 12
Kor Vancrnivnr-
The Best Way to Find Holiday Bargains is to Read the Bulletin
Aor",,Ki - 6ii(n tsurrioiN
VOL. X. NO. 4180.
Offlco of tliu Second Assistant Postmaster ticncinl, Division of
Foreign Ma IW.
To the I'nsttuubtvr. Honolulu, llaw.ill:
Relative to tlio agreement recently concluded between the
Untied Kingdom or Uient ISrIUlu and Ireland and tlio United
States providing for a rcductloi In (lip letter rate of postage
between tlic two countries, I linvo to Inform joii that It has been
determined (tint tlio term "United States" In tlio agreement In
question embraces only tlio States themselves and tlio Territo
ries, Including Alaska, on tlio continent of North America, anil
iIoch not cnihraco Hawaii, I'oito Klro, ami other possessions of
the United Stutes. JOSHl'll STKWAUT.
Second Assistant Postmaster General.
October 7, 190S.
According In the ruling of tlio Postofflco Department, Ha
waii Is not a part of tlio United Stntes. The foregoing letter Is
n delayed response to a loquest nindo by Postmaster I'ralt for a
ruling under the recent postal igreenient between (Jrcat llrltnln
and the United Rtntes, Mr. Pratt lias been proceeding on tlio
theory that these. Islands being a Territory of tlio United States
wero n part of It. The Postmaster (lenernl or the "Govern
ment" nppcars to think othcrwljo. The subject Is one that will
probably bo taken up by the public organization of tho city.
Harbor Light Comes
On Steamer Lurline
Soon tlio light 'will bo shining in to pack the lamp and machinery, mid
the tower of tho new llghthoiiiio the total outfit weighs n number of
which has Just been lomplclod on tho tons. The lenses in u inado of tho
bar In tho harbor. The .urllno to-, highest grade of optical glass, mid
day brought tho lamp, lenses, ma- hao to bo packed mid handled with
chlucry, and other equipment ncces- its groat caio as do tho lenses of tolo
bary, and tho bcatoii tower will bo Mopes,
placed in commission Immediately. I Tho lamp and machinery will pro-
Tho equipment brought on tho bably bo turned over to tho (itucrii
I.urllne Is considerably moio compll-jnient eillrors this afternoon. Just as
catcd than the port that used to ho soon as it Is received it will probably
installed In lighthouses. Tho harbor ho Installed, ngjnnrlueis are anxious
light Is considered ouu of tho most to have tho harbor light In opcinHon
Important In tho entire group and im lit thu earliest possible moment.
equipment of what Is known as tho
"first order" has been provided.
It required numerous largo parcels
The I.urllne nlo brought n second
lighthouse equipment for use in tho
Contest Hangs On
Meaning of "Any"
In Election ; Laws
What i3 or arc the election district districts. I
or districts of Oahu? Is thcro only Later on In his argument WntMii
one "election" district? What Is tho plated that ho contended that theio
meaning to bo placed upon tho word were three separate and distinct ill
"any" In Section 41 of tho Klccllon visions In tlio matter of districts
Laws of llnwall? first, tho Senatorial district, which
These wero among the Important embraced tho whole Inland; second.
questions which wero argued and d:- tho two KcprcsentntUc districts; an I
bated by tlio lawyers in tho matter third, tho election districts. Tho
of tho demurrer filed to tho contest election laws of tho Territory state
of JamcH Kullkc, ct nl., versus Jf J. "Any candidate directly interested.
Kern before tho Supreme Court all or any thirty duly qualified voters
morning. K. M. Watson and Wnd'S of any election district, may file a po-
Warren Thaicr supported tlio demur- tltlon" for tho purpose of contesting
rer should bo overruled. Tho main pn election. Tho whole matter this
feature of tho debate camo from moinlng seemingly hinged on the ox-
JL. .
Watson at tho start-off when ho sta'-
ed to tho Court that tho demurrer to
tho contest should bo sustained pri
marily on tho ground that tho thirty
"duly qualified voters" who had sign
ed tho petition were not from ono
particular election district, being, on
tho contrary, from both tho Fourth
and Fifth Representative Districts,
which practically means, according tu
his contention, from both election
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act meaning .of the word "any" bo-
foro "election district" In tho fore
going quotation from tho election
Watson contended that "any"
meant "ono particular" district. Ar
guing on a different phaso of the do
murrer to the contest, Thacr mado
the statement that it would bo pos
sible (or thirty duly qualified vutcrs
on Kauai to contest the election ct
an olllcer on Hawaii. This was a
matter to be decided Ijy tho Court,
however, or, rather. It appeared to
sift down to n question of tho Juris
diction of tho court.
A. O. M. Robertson spoke at length,
following Ocorgo A. Davis, In answer
to tho arguments advanced by Wat
son nnd Thayer.
The main point at Ibsuo llos In tho
question as to what kind of election
districts Is meant If Watson Is sus
tained In his light that the-olertl l
laws refer to the two Kcprcscutativii
districts when speaking of "election"
districts, It will practically mean
that through a technicality the con
test will not be allowed. Tho Re
publicans maintain, of course, that,
as tho voters fiom tho whole Sena
torial district Mited for Mayor, so
should tho voters from the whols
Senatorial district ho considered In
the petition for recount.
Upon convening of the court this
morning it made the following an
nouncement: "A rule of Court will
be made that In election contests thu
Court will feet the case for hearing
upon the defendant's filing his di-
murrcr, plea, or answer which ho will
ho at liberty to do at any time beforo
the return day; that no replication
or Jolndor In demurrer will bo fllcd."
Tho Court beforo hearing the de
murrer made the following-order: "It
WASHINGTON, Dec. 11 .-President-elect Taft
and the Republican members of the Ways and
Means Committee have reached an agreement by
-..which the Philippines will be given free trade with
the Mainland. The Democratic members concur in
this program.
The sugar interests have indicated that they
are willing to accept a compromise restricting the
amount of sugar admitted free to 300,000 tons annu
ally. All. in excess of this amount should, they
claim, pay the present duty. The beet sugar men
are now conferring with the Commitee. Free
tobacco will be restricted.
Alexander Young
Is ordered upon (ho Court's modern,
that the plaintiff's affidavits bo
struck from tho Mies together with
tho defendant's motion to strike them
off and the plaintiff's joinder in de
murrer and motion to set tho caso
for hearing."
Washington, Nov. 21. Somebody
has been giving out tho unwarranted
Impression, Judging by tho almost
frantic queries received hero today
that there Is dip-yr of a reduction on
oranges, walnuts, dried f-ults and oth
er fruits, especially thoso of a semi
tropical character. In response to this
(car It Is declared by ono wh6 should
bo In a position to know a great deal
of tho Intentions of Congress that
thero Is a disposition to tako caro of
the farmer, and that all products of
tho soil will bo piotected, practically
without exception. It may ho difficult.
If not impossible, to get tho ralso of
half a cent on lemunb anil a cent on
raisins asked for by California, but
It is pretty safo to cay thcro will be
po reduction. i,
Florida wants protection on pine
apples and on vegetables in a natural
elate, and, -whllo tho administration
feels that it owes nothing to n stato
which g.ivo a big plurality for thu
Democratic ticket, yet tho pleas of
California alono will doubtless Inniir!'
that llorlda will he given what It
asks for, at least, substantial recogni
tion. Thero will bo some real revision,
that Is said to bo certain; but tho ro
'Ifclon downward will bo on what the
former bu)s and not on what ho pro
Frear Talks Land
WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 11, Governor Frcnr of Htiwaii appear
ed today before the Senate Committee on Pacific Islands, of which Sen
ator Foraker is chairman. He dwelt at length on the land laws of the
Territory and 'other matters of public administration.
V ,f- ; -- .
We will take charge of your Christ
mas parcels, large or small, and de
liver them when you request.
Thone 301.
"'Tis Christmas till
New Year's" "
Our next shipment of selected
fruits will be made per steamer LUR
LINE, DEC. 19TH. Fruit sent at
this time will reach Coast points in
plenty of time for New Year's, '
Island Fruit Co.,
Phone 15. 72 S. King St.
White Statu
LOS ANGELES, Calif.. Dec. 11. The statue erected in this city in
memory of the late United States Sc.iator Stephen White was unveiled
today with great ceremony.
Got Harbor
Scores of letters that pasted bo
tween Millard nilmore, when hu waj
President of tho United States, and
Daniel Webster, I M ward Uverctt aivl
Henry Clay hae been found In tha
icsldcnro of the late Charles l. Mar
shall, in llurfalo,
tl'ho latest -uso of iclnfoned roll
cicto Is in tho building of boats.
Homo of thebo have recently been
constructed In Italy T-ainong them
The Hawaiian Dredging Company Ave of about 120 tons each for (hu
this morning roceUcd a cablegram Italian nnvy.
from Washington announcing that. .
the Pearl Harbor dredging contract j '" view of tho Incicaslng scarcity
haB been-u warded to tho company. "' "miwr. iroui wmen inmost mi p..-
j per is manufactured, It is of lntore.it
Tho skeleton of SyBonby. tho fa- to know that excellent brown paper
niou8 race horso, Is being exhibited Is produced from pc.it, and In all
at tlio American Museum of Naturul probability this can bo bleached.
History in Now York. James It. Thero nio ,800,000 urrcii of peat In
Kccne, owner of tho horse, had tho Ireland alone, averaging nftrcu fort
skeleton mounted nnd presented to In depth. An airo coutalns 1SU0
tho institution. tons of solid peat
kV Nl
H. 7
ej5l E&
nocscsTen. N.V.
Charming indeed mu thu
new I'lilL.tyU's in Colonial
Shoes for Women, Tho
trend of fashion for tho
season Ik aptly told In thu
illiiHtiatlou. Ono of 'JO
models now ready In all
weights and leathers to Ml It,
all bpes of feet.
$4.00, $4.SO
Chairs, Hookers, and Tables
J. Hopp & Co.,
Manufacturers Shoe Co.Ltd.
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V,t" fjfefy-

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