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Lenhl Chapter Ho. 2 Renular.
Hawaiian Second Dearee.
Hawaiian Lodne Installation
of Officer!.
All visiting members of the
Unlor nro coiillully Invited to
attend meetings of local lodges
HARMONY LODGE, No. 3, 1. 0. 0. F.
Meets every Monday evening nt
7-30 In I. 0. O. l llnll, Fort Street.
,- i:. It. IIKXUKY, Secretary.
i:n. r. vicKcns, n. a.
All visiting brothers very cordially,
! OAIIU LODGE, No. 1, K. of P.
: x Meets every first mid third Frl
f lay evening at 7:30 In IC. of I. Hall,
corner Fort and Ilcrctenla. Visiting
brotnera cordially Invited to attend.
a. a. nr.KiiiNo, c.c,
Honolulu Lodge- No. CIO, II. P. O,
B.. will meet In their hill on King
near Kort Street every l'rlday even
Uy order of the E. II.:
vm. it. mcinj:uny. n. n.
r & Ww. M'KINLEY LODGE No.8, K.ofP.
n' , Mcots every 2nd and 4th Saturday
V evening at 7 P.o o'i lock In K. of r.
Hall, cor. l'oit and Ileictaula. Vlslv-
i. Ing ljrothcis cordially Invited to at-
S k w. l. frazee, c.c,
V Sleets on tho 2nd and 4th WED-
' SESDAY evonlnga of each month at
i g 7:30 o'clock In IC. of I'. Hall, corner
HeretnnU nnd l'ort streets.
4 Visiting Eagles are Invited to at-
, tend.
Wt .v. h. frazce, w., rrest.
'tf. H. T. MOORE, Secy.
$j. '- HAWAIIAN TRIBE No. 1, 1. 0. R. M.
5 Meets every first nnd third Thura-
5' dajs of each month at Knights of
J Pythias Hall. VWtlng brothers cor-
jfci dlally invited to attend.
A. B. ARLEIOH, Sachem.
, . .A. E. MURPHY, C. of It.
done by the
with their new l'RENCH
di-y-clcaiiing process.
237 Brrctania St. Thonc 1401,
'' McTighe Favorite
i The Best Whiskey on the Market.
" ' 101-105 KING ST.
?W VIl0NZ M0- P- - B0X 755-
(t A ivr nTTnrTnvrri
tt-XN J u J. 11 y
I tin a brand new scvcn-scatcr. Call up
LpjOl-or 1453 mid nsk for
E HEnnryrirm ratt t innig.
.... .. "; ::; J
i ( owi, wiii,s itAia ironi sa.uu up.
1028 NL'UANU ST.
Wong Wong,
0Jlcc: Honolulu Paintinp; Co,
:' Kins St.; p 0. Box 314.
i , rrrz-z
i' N l I H( Nli f 'f 1
g f wfiiuij i,k 4 .jiiiuio lunibicasca,
n ti
All kinds of K0A and
El Order.
M - 1j u u u n . s anu jj n l w k a
PT' . ' T)ip mntf nniinlnr
,Jt. nlarw In tn-mn.
- Thp Fashion Salnnn
... . .w..... u...v.,,
. Hotel St. near Fort.
Jack Scully. Jack Roberts.
fiem Theatre
Admission 10c' and 20c
Children 5c.
Wonderful Motion Pictures bring,
ine to view scenes from many lands
and embracing Comedy and Pathos.
Two changes each week.
Monday and Thursday
The Tonpmcse in Their Country;
A Cabman's Delusion; The Thieving
Hand; A Cowboy's Elopement; A Col
ored Man's Revenge ; A Yankee Man-
o'-Warsman; A Fiftht for Love; For
the Hate of the Miller; A Runaway
The best assortment ever
shown in the city. STYLES
Leave your oraer fo'r ft box
ofLchnhardt's Candy, Fresh
only at
CO., Ltd.
Corner King and Fort Streets.
PHONE 13,1.
Our Expert
Storage Batteries,
and Coils
A Specialty is made of repairing
TEL. 388.
Absolutely Certain
Tou aaval
When you get
ua to maka
your clothat
at ready-to
wear prlcec
Our $25. suit
have no
Tuxedo Sulti
ISO. np.
Hotel St
I.onls V. Hill, president of tba
(ircat Northern railroad company,
goon to San Francisco to mako .plans
for now 'Btonnibhlp linu aotweon that
(lly anil roitland.
Dr. Simon Wexnur of tho Ilockc
leflor Institute, New York, nnnounc
i (1 ho had discovered a remedy In rea
der man immune to tuberculosis.
Itupoit Illgglna, eon of tho director
of tho Covcnt Qarden Opera Com
pany, Loudon, whh hurt In a taxlcab
collision In Now York.
Illinois manufacturers offer to co
opciato with California Hhlpporu In
protest ugaiust I ho proposed Increase
In ficlBht rates.
One tiny dog at tho New York do
fclinw, whU h opened at tho Wnldorf
.Mfirla Hotel In New York, was Bold
for 1 1500.
If you have a. bdsineii opportunity
to offer, persist reasonably, in B n 1
1 e t i n want advertising it and it
will apnea! to the right person.
Phone 290. P.R.Sull'ivan, Hack 115.
Take your carriage or automobile
to Hawaiian Carriage Manfg. Co., for
up-todato repairs.
C. u. wells was among mo arrivals
this morning from Maul.
Commercial lutings. Merc, nefcr-
enco Agcy., 39 Young Bids'. Phone
Count In Dool'a House contort up
to noon today Is given In Whltnoy
& Mnrsh'a nd.
1( you nro looking for any of your
friends go to the "Two Jacks" and
jon'll find them.
W. O. Smith, who sailed yesterday
In the Manna Kra, returned today, ar
riving In the Claudlne
It you want good goods at bargain
prices go to Mom's. ChriBlmas toys
cheap. Open evenings.
Fresh family milch cows. Thor
oughbred Imported bulls tor sale. Tel
109 or call at Club stables.
Call at the B u 1 1 e t i n office and
get a free list of the riew fire alarm
nnnbert and all the ehancei:
Hide in mo swell Btuaeoakor driven
by tho expert chaffeur,nM.vT, Lutx.
Phono 191. Iloyal Hawaiian Oarago.
A bottln of Malle, cologne will b'e ac
cepted with pleasure by any lady, tien-
son, Bmlth.ft Co.,:I.td , Hotel and Fort.
Have your typewriters and machines
repaired at Wall, Nichols Co., Ltd.,
Fort and' Merchant' streets. Tele
phone 16.
Henry May ft Co., Ltd., have a large,
Ircsh shipment of Puritan and Califor
nia Creamery Butter. Order now,
phone 22,
A. Hanneberg, auditor of II. Hack-
leld 6 Company, returned today In
the Claudlno from Maul. He was away
four weeks.
Representative J. H. Coney 'I of
Kaunl, camo over from tho other Island
to watch the election contest which. Is
now before tho Supreme Court.
Tho Alexander Young Xdafo will
t.crvo a special CbrUUnaa dinner from
6 o'clock tilt 8:30 Christmas iDay.
I'rlcca aro 75c nnd $1.00. Phono 59 for
tcsorved tables
Prlmo beer Is a, boon to tlioso who
aro run down and nervous. A glass
with meals Insures easy digestion and
rdstful sleep. Order a case for the
holiday festivities. f
Acting Governor Mott-Smlth has ro
celved a cable stating that Chester
Doylo is now on his way back .hero
with Abe, tho absconder. He will bo
hero In a short, time now. ,
Yo have all tho finest wine, and
liquors for the Christmas festivities.
Get your orders In early tor Cur fine
whiskeys, Bartlett water, and Kaupa-
kulua Wine. Lovejoy ft Co., Ltd.
Have an Xma party at "Royal An.
Christmas boxes of Adallna Pattls.
Separate compartments! holding bIx dif
ferent shapes and sizes. Tho neatest
Christmas box ever offered In Ilono
lulu. Fltxpatrlck Bros.; two stores.
Some people would not recognise an
OPPORTUNITY If they met It In tho
middle of tho street In the mlddlo of
the day. Aro you ono of them? BUY
Deputy Attorney , General Larnach
has returned to work, after' a short
vacation Bpont at Halolwa. Mr. Lar-
nlch was worn out by tho stress of
work on the othor Islands, .and was
compelled to tako a -rest.
Captain Tullett,, delegate from Ho
nolulu Harbor to the national conven
tion of tho Amcrloan Association of
Mastors, Males ami Pilots, will sail
from hero on the Matson.llner Hllonlan
on December 29, bound for Washing
ton. Alohlkea, tho Hawaiian who yes
terday ran amuck with a hammer In
Kevvalo, Is at present at the police
station, being detained for Investiga
tion. His victims, both the roan and
the woman, are at the Queen's Hos
pital nnd are reported to be doing
Tho key ring and riumbored Tag pre
sented by tho Henry Wfltcrhouno Trust
company Is ono of tho best gifts of thb
season. Each tagged ring Is numbered
and the name of the owner registered
nt tho Trust Company office. .ThU
makes the kejs absolutely safe", and
for largor things the company has safe
deposit boxes at a very reasonable
'Any niari who tries (o figure out tho
dopo for tho Christmas .soccer gam
is pretty likely to como a cropper. On
tho surfaco the operation Jooks.BlmplB
enough, but when thb wise man tries
to got down to cases,, ho Is likely' to
land with a thud which .will awaken
the echoes. Ono clever lad. uridertook
tho Job yesterday afternoon, and' after
an hour's work, he found tho answer
according to thorelatlvo showings
of tho teams, tho Mallfts should be
ablo to boat ther.ibclves by a score of
something like 2 tol. Thon he quit
and announced that ho should stay
A Most ExeeUent-Aieb'rtment trf
W. W. Ahana Co.,
Liquor Board Wouldn't
Allow. Corregeo In
, "Scotty's
In days gone by, when "Scotty"
Meston was In the height of his glory
In Ilonblulu, there hung a painting,
an undoubted masterpiece, on tho
walls of the Iloyal Annex Cafe. On
flrst.and casual glance the most strik
ing feature about the old master
piece, porhnps a genuine Corrcglo,
might be the nudo figure of n womani
W, C. Peacock, the owner of the
painting, feels 'assured that the can
vas, If not ngenulhc Correglo from
the hand of the wonderful old mas
ter, Is at least a study that was con
ceived and painted three or four hun
dred yepra ago. Experts, men who
should know about such things, have
pronouncod tho canvas centuries old.
Yet this Is the identical painting
which the Board of Liquor Commis
sioners condemned as Immoral!
The masterpiece now hangs In the
gallery of J. J, Williams.
(Contjnned from Page 1)
ly, nd placed tho kcroseno lamp on
tho tnblo after turning it down so
that thoro was practically no light
from It. Ho then went to the bedroom
door. This awakened my wife, Sho
raw tho man, but owing to tho almost
completo darkness, she thought that
It was I, and she called out: "la
that you, Archie?" As sho got no
pnswer, sho got out of bed and called.
"Who Is there?" At this tho burglar
ran out through tho kitchen and
climbed through tho window through
which ho had entered, making consid
erable racket as ho did so by collid
ing with a gas stove which stood right
under tho window.
"My wife immediately notified neigh
bors, and a niessago was sent to tho
liollce station. An officer arrived at
about 1 o'clock. Ho asked a few quat
tions, but beyond thnt I have heard
nothing further .from tho police."
A notlceablo feature about this nt
tempted burglary Is the fact that its
circumstances, are practically Identical
with those of the Sponccr, the Akaka
Lund other similar affairs which have
cocurrea in ino.iast row nays, indicat
ing that tho same person Is respons
ible for these jobs. In each case tlw
burglar has entered through a win
dow, using a box as a ladder. Ho Is
ovldcntly an unintelligent person, who
trusts to luck for his booty, rather
than making a systematic search for
silverware and tho like, and that he Is
of a timid nature is shown by tho fact
that In every enso he has been easily
frightened oft by the outcry of no-
J. O. Lutted, the proprietor of the
New England Bakory, has been sin
gled out for a couplo of burglarleatPrnyeri Song No. 273; moving plc-
LaBt Saturday night a burglar forced
open tho back door of tho room noxt
to tho restaurant and tackled the safe
which was thcro. Tho main door of
,lho safe waB open, but tho Inner box
was locked. The latter was taken by
tho Intruder out in the back yard,
where ho smashed it open, obtaining
about $15 or-$20 worth of Hawaiian
coins and Bomo Jewelry. A revolver
and some postage stamps which were
lying on a table In plain vlow, wort
not touched
On Monday mornlne Lulled found
that tho back lldor leading to another
room had bten forcedopen, tho pad
lock being broken off, but tho thief bad
obtained no booty In this case, as the
room contained only pastboard boxes
used for the packing of tabasco Baited.
Some weeks ago Lutted lost some
Jewelry from his residence In Manon
valley, but this was apparently, a case
of daylight pilfering rather than of
burglary, Reports have been made
to tho poiico about all those cases, but
nothing has bcon given out about thein
by the authorities'.
McShano, the messenger boy who is
clloged to have had something to do
With tho.Mme. Lambert affair, has had
i charge of burglary placed against
h(m. As far as can be learned from
tho police, the' principal evidences
against him Is tho fact that ho admits
that ho loves. Mnio. Lambert, and that
he hoa been pestering her with his at
tendons. . Chief of Detectives Kalaklola and
bis, staff, a'ro .making' strenuous efforts
to cope .with, tho burglary epidemic.
Last night, all wore out almost all
night, Bomdton whoolB and somo on
foot, patrolling tho town from Diamond
Head to Kallhi, but.nothlrig was found
of any valuer In" the matter.
i j ;
'Shortly after-10 o'clock this mgrn
Ing. tho bark Androw Welch, operated
by (ho M"atsbh Navigation Company,
cast(off hor moorings lit the Mauna
Kea wharf and started for San Fran
elkco. Aa tho vosh will bo on tho
.high seas Christmas day, a goodly
itock of dainties, such ns satlormeu
ucllght In, was taken on board to sup
ply (Ho 'holiday ''flxlngi" for tho
Christmas dinner t
1500 Children Take Part
In Christmas -Of
The Mailhlnl Christmas Tree will
bo ready for tho children nt 10 o'clock
Friday morning; in the Young Hotel
It will be the greatest tree thnt
over was, nnd fifteen hundred' chil
dren wili recelvo sifts from Santa
Early yesterday morning the chief
Snnta Clans telephoned tho , It u ! -
I c 1 1 u office and asked that five
hundred inoro tickets bo printed.
Ono thousand had already been run
off, but the demand was so great that
they hnd to have more.
The tickets are nil numbered from
ono to fifteen hundred and each tick
et goes to n child who Is vouched for
and will appreciate the good things.
Among those coming Under this head
ing nre ono hundred of the Hullo
1 1 n newsboys under twelve years of
age. One hundred tickets were
handed in to the Bulletin this
forenoon for tho boys, tho only con
dition being that they should go to
the littlest fellows.
There will be great, doings. Tho
Santas nnd the Santa Clausesses will
bo on hand. Tho children will bo
there, nnd the police have promised
to have an ample guard to keep or
Thcro will be the best music to bo
hnd. Kant's Glee Club' nnd the Ha
waiian Band will alternate In fur
nishing music.
Action, nctlon all the time, will bo
the spirit of tho occasion. Just llko
Snnta Claus. Always busy and al
ways making pcoplo happy.
Tho Mailhlnl Christmas Tree will
be n great treat to tho town.
ffllft.il UHlOH
Moro than six hundred Sunday
school children of tho Central Union
Church, accompanied by their par
ents, congrcgnted last night In tho
meeting-room nt tho church nnd wero
elaborately entertained by the nfllrera
nnd members of the church. It was
a Christmas entertainment. Tho
loom was dcccratcd with tropical
plants. Besides enJo.vlng the music
al and literary program nrrnnged for
the occasion, the oung people were
presented with Christmas gifts, such
as candies nnd other tempting deli
cacies. Before the program was over
refreshments were served.
Tho room was filled to its utmost
capacity. Following was the pro
gram: Part I Orchestra; Song No. 16;
turo, "Breeding Pheasants"; Orches
tra; moving picture, "Tommy's Birth
day"; Orchestra; moving picture,
"Tho Dollmaker," "A Practical
Part II Orchestra; Song No. 160;
dinloguo, "ClirlstnuiH Tide"; V,V-
come to Santa Claus; Distribution of
Gifts; Distribution of Candy; Hc-
freshmonts; Orchestra; Goodnight
"Glmmo n pound of sugar," snap
ped the crabbed woman In the red
sunbonnct. "What, will It be, mad
am?" asked tho rural storekeeper,
who was slightly deaf. "Oh, I reckon
II will be a composition of sand and
glucose. That's what It always turns
out to be When I buy It here." And
the next time the crabbed woman
In the red sunbonnet came In tho
old storekeeper Bent his brightest
clerk to tako hor order.
By and ly tho fragrant blossom
Upon the orchard tree
May turn into an apple large.
As sour as bour can be.
Likewise tho sweot girl bahv
You dance upon your knee
May 1 1 forty be a spinster
iAs tart as tart can bo.
"Tho looking glnsa Is the only
truth-teller that Is universally popu
lar with tho fair sex." remarked the
typewriter boarder. "That Is because
womon Interpret Its icflections to suit
themselves, and not literally," re
joined the scnnty-bnlred bachelor at
tho pedal extremity of tho mahogany.
IF YOU WAIT for the serious
trouble with your eyes, you will take
the serious consequences.
Come to us with the tint symptom.
; - t,
' Wednesday, December 23
AUCKLAND Sailed Dec. IS:
B, S. Den of Hulhven, for Honolulu.
KJUIQUI Sailed Dec. 22:
Bluno. Maknvvell, for Honolulu.
SAUNA CBUZ Arrived Dec. 22:
S, 8. Mlssourlan.from San FrnncUco.
HlLO Arrived Dec. 20:
S. S. Enterprise, from San Fran
cisco. ELEELE Sailed Dec. 22: N
8 S. Vermont, for Novvcnstle.
YOKOHAMA Sailed Dec. 23:
8. S. China, for Honolulu.
YOKOHAMA Arrived Dec. IP.
8. S. Mongolia, henco Dec. 8.
NEWCASTLE Sailed Dee. 12:
8. S. aiondevon, for Honolulu.
Temperatures 6 n. in., 72; 8 n. in.,
72; 10 a. m., 76; noon, 77; morning
minimum, 67.
Barometer, 8 n. in., 30.12; nlisoluli
humidity, 8 a. in, 5.100 grains pe-
cubic foot; relative humidity. .'. n. m
61 per cent; dew point, 8 a. in., 8.
Wind G n. m, velocity 4, dlrcctloi.
N, E.; 8 n. in., velocity 9, direction N
E ; 10 a. m velocity 15, direction N.
E.; noon, velocity 14, direction N. E.
nnlnfnll during 21 hours ended 8 n.
m trncc.
Total wind movement during 24
hours ended at noon, 299 miles.
Section Director. Weather Bureau.
After n long period of Inwsults am
Idleness, tho old bark Aldett Besso hnr
been overhauled and placed In com
mission at Snn Pedro, Cat. Sho vvlti
load a general CHrgo for Honolulu.
todny, arriving early this morning. She
brought ns freight 7000 bags Biignr, St
bags rice, 164 bundles hides, 51 boxes
I oney, 6 crates C. W. P., 63 crateB or
nnges, 1 horso and 240 packages sun
dries. Purser Grubo reports tho S. S
Vermont having left Elcclo jesterda)
morning for Newcastle.
THE PACIFIC MAIL linen Siberia
will arrivo hero Christmas niurnliig In
all probability. She will sail i-ithci
that night or the follow ing morning. II
tho arrives early Christinas morning
her sailing, time will depend entirely
I'pon whether or not tho iigcnls hcie
r.ro nblo to get stevedores to unload
her cargog that day.
HACKFELD & CO. received a cablo
gram jestcrdny announcing tho de
parturo of tho steamship Korea fiom
San Francisco for Honolulu on ached
ulo time. Shu la duu hero Dccenibei
Us .
THE CLAUDINE arrived this inorn
ing from Hawaii. Maul mid Moloknl
ports. Her cargo consisted of 484
railroad ties, 2171 feet oh I a lumber
12 cords wood, 1 horse, 38 lipgs, 161
packages hides.
THE REPAIR work on tho Inter
Island Btcamcr Holeuo Is about com
pleted. Tho Helcno has been thor
oughly overhauled and Is not only in
first Class condition, but looka trim
and shipshape.
THE OCEANIC liner Alameda Is
duo hero at daybicak Christmas morn
ing. Sho will bring ubput tho last of
tho ChrlstnuiH mall, and will also bring
a largo cargo of miscellaneous mcr
PURSER ORUIIE or tho stonmor Kl
nnii reports tho following sugar ready
for shipment on Kauai: Mnk., 28,794;
O. & R 2000; K. P., 4600; P., 4355;
H, M., 1400; K. S. C, 2000.
THE IWALANI sails tomorrow af.
ternoon for Hnmakua, Hawaii, Sho
will take a largo' consignment of
freight for Christmas and New Year.
FREIGHT WILI. be taken on board
by Intor-Island steamers tomorrow but
under no conditions, will any bo rc
celved on Christmas Day.
THE AMERICAN schooner Alice
Cooke, Captain Penhnllow command
Ing, left this morning at 8 o'clock for
Puget Sound.
THE STEAMER Heleno left today
for Pcpcckco, Hawaii, whero she will
discliargo cargo for tho stores there.
Attorney Peters has filed Ills brief
In tho tenement houso case. Ho has
taken up tho constitutional points In
the case almost exclusively, claiming,
In tho tlist place thatNho Boaid o(
Supervisors had no right to pubs tho
tonomout law, nnd In the bccoud place
that tho law Itself Is unconstitutional.
Deputy County Attorney Mllvorlnu will
write tho brief for the Territory In
Registrar Morrlam has proposed, a
now form of ncknavv lodgment, ono that
has been tried, accepted, and now in
ubo In all of tho Statea, for the Terrl
lory, anil ho will embody hla Ideas in
n bill which ho will present to tho Log
Mature. Tho present form of ac
knowledgment which is In use In (ho
Territory Is radically different from
tho ono in use In all the States.
Flro in tho Bronx, Now York,
thicatcufd tn tnuso tho explosion of
100 pounds or dynamite bulled In
tho ground, llosldents of the neigh
borhood lied from their homes.
' ' ' ' '- 4
WKilncsdny. December 23.
Stmr. Klnnii, Gregory, from Knual,
n. m.
atmr. Clniidlnc, Ilcnnolt, irom iw
wall nnd Maul, 1:45 n. m.
8. S. Itosecrans, from rncinc ionsi,
& n. in.
Tuesday, December 22.
Stmr. W. a. Hall, for Knual ports,
"i p. in. , , .
Stmr. Mlkahala, for Moloknl nnd
Maul ports, 5 p. m.
8. 8. Columbian for Kahuliil, Kn
Minpall and Hllti, 5 p. m.
Wednesday, Dccumner i..
Am. Bclir. Allcb Cooko, I'enlutUow,
for Pugct Bound, 8 n. in.
Am. hV. Andrew Welch. Pciihallovv,
for San Francisco, 10:10 n. m.
8. 8, Hosecrans, for Ka.innpati,
10:30 a. m.
v v
l'or ntnir. Mlknhnla. for Mntll mill
Mnlnknl n. Hltplirnrk H. It. Hitch.
cock, Jr.. Miss I. Mctiilstnn, Margnrct
Meyer, Iludolpli Moycr, Krnest siojcr.
I,.r Rlnir. W. (J. Hull for Kninl.
Miss A. Welbko Miss Kaeo, Father
John, L. Welnzhclmcr.
Pel stmr. Klnau, Gregory, from
Knual. Dec. 23. Mrs. M, D. Cook, Mlsa
C. Flnklcr, F. E. Harvey, W. K.
Schuftz nnd wife W. Schilling mid
wife, Ah Tan nnd daughter, Y. Shldo,
Hong Chuck, Y. Amny, Goo Cliong. W.
Sclilebcr, J. H. Coney. L. 8. lljortli.
iliss L. Pihl, Miss J. Keanialu, C. W.
Hudson, M. I'ntlon W. Kelly, Nnlolo,
V. K u palm nnd wlfo Daisy Lilian, J. W.
PcrRstroin, K. Tnkcta.
Per stmr. Claudlno, Bennett, front
Hawaii, Maul, Molokal, Dec. 23. V.
J. Ryan, E. J. Walker, A. HnnebcrK
F. J. Hare. II. Kato, S. Oxakl. A. Uiw
rey,.E. C. Milter, Miss R. Naukann,
Miss Evn Scholtj!, Father Edward. Jti".
Stewart, H. Hutchlns, C. B. Wells, W.
O. Smith, E. O, Hall, Geo. P. Cooko.
Per P. M. S. 8. Siberia, for Sim
Francisco, nbqut Dec. 25 or 26. L. L.
Harding. Col. Spalding, C. 1). Wolls,
Mr. Halvorseii, Mr McCnnn, Princess
Knwaiianaku.i, Mrs. Reeves, Mr. Tot"
tenham, Tnrn Mctlrew, Miss Wlnul
fred C. Wheeler, H. It. Berry, Frnncla
U. Smith, L. M. Colin and wlfo, T. Cos
tollo and wife, A C. Beach nnd wife,
Misses Ada and Irunu broughcr, Whar
ton Thin stun, I).rW, Cooke, Walter A.
Fischer nnd wife. Win. F. McGco nnd
wife, Geo. 1'. Drake, Alex. Cross, L.
Hopo Robertson A. Hope Robertson,
Miss Robertson, Miss G. Robertson,
L. F. Moiilton nnd wife, Miss Bcatrlcu
Campbell, Mrs. A. Whitney. Hnrry
Grlswold, Snmucl Poormnn, C. Bnltc,
W. D. Wahlworth, Miss Anna D. Wahl.
worth, Leeds aullck, W. W. Harris, E.
F. Maine, Mrs. Blaine, Mnster Maine,
S. O. Fry, MIbs M. JorgeiiBcn, K. llto,
wlfo nnd two children, MIbs B. Helen
Per M. N'. 8. S Illlonlnii, for Sail
Francisco, Dec 29. Captain Tullett,
Mrs. Tullett and two children, Mrs. J.
S. Sharp nnd infant, Miss Jcnnlo F.
Stevenson, Mrs. Podmoro, II, Podmoro,
Sam Souza, C. II. Brown, Mis. Tom
It on want to make sumo quick
money, and somo Hiiro money, get
N, S. Mojer and M. (inn oil, nolillcii
from Camp Shatter, gut into serious
troublo last night, when thoy tried in
make merry In a tenement house jt
King street, Lclco. 'it appears that
they went up on tho veranda vvhuro
a Hawaiian man n'nd woman woro
sleeping. They smnfhed ho elertilo
light, and then proceeded to mako ml
vnnccs towards tho woman. Tho In.
mates of tho houso wero nmubed, and
a general hubbuli followed, w'llch was,
broken by tho arrival of Olllccrs Mo
kumalit nnd Humekil. Tho soldier.!
tried to escape, but wero arrested and
taken to tho station. This morning
they appealed in court on chargea o'
being on tho promises or another at
night without lawful excuso, but nt
tho request or nil officer from tho
enmp, they wero turned over to tho
military nuthmltles, by whom thoy
will undoubtedly bo toveiuly pun
ishcd, Tho police state that while tho sol
diers who have been here for sonio
time nro a vory well behaved set, Ihu
ones who have arrived hut recently
nro tho cause of contilderablo troublo
it was also reported to tho police
last night that u Chlnebo hnd been .vu
verely beaten o ntho corner of King
and Maunakeu streets, but whllo tho
man was found n a battuiod condition,
ho was not ablo to glvo any liifonin.
lion ns to tho Identity of his nssall.
Hear Admiral Mason, chlof of ord
nance. In his annual report sav tho
big guns on AniciUan wiushlps uui
tho oqual or nny In tho world.
Sea Wrens, $100
18-foot Motor Launch with 4-Cycle
Motor. $175, Complete.
King lit opposite South St.
1A.&, jjftg

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