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; 4
At 120 Kmi; Sreet Hon julu. Territory of Hawaii.
fitly everyday except Sunday. Weeklv iued on Tuesday of each week.
VVniltice W. r3tri-lnton, - Editor
I'rr Month, anyu herein PS is .7rt
Per 'Juartsr an whtrt In I S a.oo
I'er Year, ftiivAtictelnl'S h.do
Per Vear, pmtpaul, foreign, 13. (Mi
in the Territory
yvJ I tfdilorlal Rooms,
A i'i3usincss Office,
A citizen of Honolulu who lias Been
long service In tlio 'government" ot
the Islands li.ia frequent!) remarked
that when a man has been long tn
the "government building" ho sets a
habit ot "sitting up there and look-'
Ins at things from a distance," all!
the while lolng touch with the sen
timent o( the people.
Others have hail the same experi
ence and made a business of circu
lating "down town" In order to Keep
In touch with the people.
The Bulletin tan give no other
solution than thin lnllucnco of "ser
vice In the government of Hawaii"
that causes Acting Governor Mott
Smith to lew with surprise the do
tire of the people of Hawaii to Know
more of what Is being done with the
Organic Act by "the gn eminent."
It Is true that the amendment of
the land laws has been discussed
over since they were originally pised
II Is also n fact that the matter of
I lng salaries has been talked and
lu titer than that, some J ears ago the
President In his mess.ige recommend
ed that tho Cffivernor of the Territory
be given tho authority to remove ofll-
ers whom lie has appointed. All
i'icsc things nro true.
Uut 1)10 THE CITIZENS ot the
Territory of Hawaii KNOW that tho
purpose of tho Governor on his last
trip to Washington was to frame and
Introduce n bill covering these points
Act of the Territory?
There Is onl one answer to this.
Even the Acting Governor lu his
published Interviews has not been
able to state thu text of this new bill
In exact terms. He tells us that he
thlnl.s the bill Is as he gives It. To
day we know the text because It has
been received from Washington.
This incident In lUclf demonstrates
the absolute lack of exact Informa
tion regarding tho manner and extent
ot the amending that Is going on.
This Is not as it should be.
It docs not appeal to thn business
men of tho city. They want to know,
They should Ijiiow. And tho whole
situation as well as the text of tho
bill should hae been thoroughly can
vassed before tho campaign was start
ed lu Washington.
The assurance of tho Acting Gov
ernor that our friends lu Washington
will not allow an thing harmful lo
bo done to Hawaii Is gratifying. Hut
we doubt that nil) member of Con
gress would introduce a bill modify
ing tho Organic Act of his State or
his district or any Kectlon of it If
such a thing were possible without
the text of tho bill hnvlnc been care
fully passed tion by tho pcoplo ot
'the district In which ho lhed.
Let us hopo that nothing but good
will como from the amendments thn
Governor has Incorporated In tho bill
now before Congrcbs.
This docs not change tho fact that
tho method and tho program followed
thus far Is dangcious.
Has It been generally understood
that tho opportune time for tho revi
sion of tho Organic Act "was tho ses
sion of Congress just previous to an
extra session to bo called for tho ro
vision of the tariff tn which tho fu
ture of these islands Is vitally ln
olved? Wo Judge not
Ono may ask what connection tho
levlslun of the Organic Act has with
tho revision of tho tat 1ft?
It may huvo much or little. There
Is not the slightest doubt that tho
Territory of Hawaii does not streng
then Its position by u rovlslou In
which special favors nro sought, and
at tho same time demand as n matter
of right that Us status as a Terri
tory, Ilko any other Territory of tjii
mainland, shall bo respected and Its
Industries given protection.
Tho danger of u mix-up Is not to
"Jo vlowed lightly.
Tho Executive of tho Territory
and, wo presume, tho Oclcgato do not
shnio what they might tall this ti
Tho people of Haw-all aie Informed
that tho I'icsldcnt and tho Cnblnot
aro with us. Docs that scttlo It?
HaR'lt not often boon proved that
the.l'resident and the Cabinet do not
compose Congress?
"i-.Tho support of tho Executive la
jfr -( r '
rtr SU Montln s .Bo
Per Year, anywhere In US I.uo
I'M Year, anywhere In Canada I. no
I'er ear postpaid, foreign .. . 3.oo
of Hawaii
Entrrtd t Iht Pcwlortier at Honolulu
inotitl rla ratttCT.
DECEMBER 26, 1908
Hut Is It not quite possible that
Hawaii will wake up and find It has
a great amount of fat lu tho lire, nil
at ono time?
Our executive officers hao nn erro
neous Idea of their responsibility to
tho people, and what the pcoplo ex
pect of them, If they believe that
public business Involving the Organic
Act should bo first staitcd In Wash
Ington In the form of bills, tho do
tills of which are to bo learned In
Honolulu niter the hearings havo
been held.
Congress may think Hawaii pecu
liar. It our people want to be fully
Informed concerning the conduct of
their own business, they arc by no
means fur removed from tho Ideals
and general character ot tho nvcrngo
American citizen ot tho United States
of America, including Alaska,
It Is rather unfortunate that tho
Acting Governor should refer to tho
Mahuka-slte Incident as nn evidence,
by Inference, of tho fickle character
ot Honolulu public opinion.
Recent Mahuka-slto history fur
nished ono of those surprises In tho
administration ot the Territorial gov
ernment that has given tho pcoplo
Just cause to bo suspicious.
Tho Mahuka-Blto exchange wag
hatched In Honolulu and In the Cap
itol building, notwithstanding tho at
tempt on the part of a section of, tho
local press to throw tho personal
blanfb on W. G. Irwin.
Tho owner ot the property has said
tlmo and again and repeated It ovor
his signature, that he docs not and
did not "caro a rap" whether tho ox
rhnngo went through or not. Ho was
ollctted to make tho exchange.
Now all tilts solicitation from pub
lic officials went on, all this was go
ing on. In secret.
Tho people tif tho city of Honolulu
l-new absolutely nothing of tho deal
fathered by tho Governor and tho De
partment until It was signed, scaled,
and delivered to far as tho oxecuttve
departments of tho government tould
sign, seal, and deliver It.
Only the protest ot tho pcoplo and
tho certainty that the exchnngo
would be blocked In Congress brought
about a clintiKo of front.
AnuSwcro tho pcoplo consulted at
nny stago of that game? Didn't they
have to find nut us best ihey could
what was being dono for them, and
to them?
With such n record fresh In their
memory is It not reasonable that tho
pcoplo of Honolulu and tho Torrltory
of Hawnll should bo asking In somo
vvhat vigorous terms concerning tho
progress of events In public business
assumed by tho Executlvo?
It may ho all right. Wo want to
know before not nftor.
It was n merry Christmas and tho
weather was crisp enough to mako It
Incidentally, docs tho Delegato llg
uro anwhcro In this progrura for eon
oral revision ot our Organic Act?
In tho detail of events that tell ot
Honolulu's progress, noto tho In
crease In tho number of marines to
he stationed hero.
That malihlnl Christmas must
hnvo boon nn eve-opener to local pco
plo of large means wondering bow to
spond bomo of tho surplus capital.
All these Organic-Act changes
havo boon talked about for ton year.
Was this tho session solectcd as heit
timed for general rovlslon, tfnil by
Tho disparity In tho prlco of Euro
pean beet sugar nnd tho centrifugal
(ann sugar of tho Eastern market can
only bo explained by tho Louisiana
sugar-producers being foned to throw
tholr sugars on the market for what
they tan get It Is undoubtedly
biought about by a lack of organi
zation whli h enables the binkers tn
got lu ot their own prkeu.
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Under tho Organic-Act change the
High Sheriff will be wiped out. Very
well. Aro there not a good number
ot our cltlrcns who bcllevo that when
n general revision ot tho Act Is made,
tho ultimate transfer of tho Public
Works administration to tho Coun
ties should bo provided for? It can't
bo dono Immediately, but It Is ulti
mate destiny unless Government by
Commission is in the minds ot the
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Incorporated under tho name of Irwin
& Co. It was after this tlmo that
Spreckcls gradually gavo up Ills In
terests In Hawaiian sugar ventures,
hut his family has still considerable
Spreckcls Is ono of tho mon who Is
responsible for tho development of tho
local sugar Industry to tho Important
position which It now holds. Ho also
took nn Impartnnt part in Hawaiian
politics at tho tlmo of tho monarchy
The deceased leaves n widow, four
sons nnd ono daughter. Tho sons nro
John D., Adolph II , C. Augustus and
Rudolph. Tho daughter, Emma, mar
ried a man named Watson, who slnco
died, nnd she hns married again,
though tho namo of her hecond hus
band Is not known to thn local friends
of tho family.
"That's a nice-looking chap at tho
next tabic," said tho voung man who
was trcntlngjils best girl to a lob
ster supper. "Is ho n friend of
jours?" "Yes, Indeed," Inughod tho
pretty girl. "Well, cr I think I'll
nsk him to Join us." "Oh, this is so
sudden!" "What's so sudden?" "Why
why, that's our young minister."
For Rent
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Alapai Street $10,00
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Waterhouse Trust
Talk by
with Island friends or representatives
-i. i. Uto i
Oceanic Company Starts
Big Advertising
Charles Green, San Francisco Adver
tising Magnate, Will Tour Isl
ands in Motor Car
"The Oceanic Steamship Company
has started a campaign of advertising
which will do much for Honolulu. A
three months' contract has been sitrn
ed "with me, and, on December 14, I
out up the first of the advcrtisiurr os
ters telling of the beauties of Ha-
"Honolulu is a wonderful nlace-
different from any other place in the
woria. j. unarlcs Orccn.
"Honolulu Is a wonderful place
different from nny other plnio In tho
world," were tho words used by .1.
Chnrlcs Green, the San l'laiulsco ad
vertising magnate and multl-mll'llou-
tolro business man, when tisked for his
first Impressions ot this city by it
II u 1 1 e 1 1 n icportcr this morning.
Green, accompanied by his wife,
son, slstcr-ln-lnw and chauffeur, ar
rived heio jesterday morning on tho
Alameda. Ho brought his 0Q-horbO-powcr
Thomas Kljcr touring car with
lilm, nnd expects to cover every tour-
able Inch of tho Territory during tlu
four weeks ho plans to icmnln hero.
Tho nutomnbllo was lu ought along
on tho Alniucdn, ond rnrly this mom
lng tho party started out for n first
Impression of this Island. Green
refused to hazard any guess as to
whero theyi.wero going, announcing
Hint ho Intended to r-co over thing
"I um not hero on business. I am
hero simply for rest nnd recreation,"
nnnounccd tho visitor, when nsked
tho object ot his visit. "I have made
It p practlco.to mako vacation motor
trips flif-HOviital years, nnd this tlmo
I decided to com? to tho Hawaiian
Islands. I-cniuseo right now that I
made no mistake.
"The! Oris (Ono thing that Honolulu
pcoplo shouldr do,' however: thnt Is
ndvcrtlso. Ij must admit woeful Ig
norance concerning these Islands, nnd
I believe that the great majority of
pcoplo on thn mainland nro In the
same. boat. Why, had I had nny ink
ling of what I should find hoie, 1
should have como long ngo.
"The Oceanic Steamship Company
has started campaign of advertis
ing which vyjll do much for Honolu
lu, A tluee months' contract has
been signed with me, and, on Decem
ber 14. I put up the first of the ad
vertisinc posters) telling of the beau
ties of Hawaii. I was called up by
Mr. Cochroft of the Company the next
dav and informed that the first day's
display of posters had resulted in the
sale of three tickets to Honolulu.
That is the, sort of advertising that
nays, it should be kept up all o
the country.
"Wo havo started out to bring tho
population of Ban Fmnclsto'up to tho
1,000,000 mark. Wo will placard
tho entire country with pictures show
lng views of tho now buildings being
erected, and the weutlier table for
the thirty davs piccodlng. Thnt will
bring pcoplo to San Frnuilsto lu
droves. Tho samo thing can, nnd
should bo dono for' Honolulu.
"Hawaii needs tourists now to
mako It tho greatest placo In tho
world. Tourists mean cottiers, and
scttlcis mean nn Inrreased popula
tion. That mcatiB Increased prosper
ity." Gicen brings nn Introduction tn
tho Chamber of Commence, officially
signed by the president nnd secretary
of the San Einmlteo Chamber of
Commerce, and bearing the corporate
seal of that organisation.
Crackshieu blow open nnd loot tho
safe of n Sair, Jose, grocer.
Mlbs Ileatrlco.Ogdon Mills will wed
Earl of Grnnard.
50c Each.
iiB if&jWtiSEf rflH
"I Have Used Peruna at. Various
" Times for Several Years." .
I Recommend Pcrnna,
Mr.Kdvjarrt M. Iliirtt,6N'. .TcfTcrxon
Ave., St.Imlx, Missouri, I'.H. A.,
writes: "Ifnffords mo much pleasure
to nnnounco that I hav o used your tried
Iclno at various times for foveral ycnr,
nnd tlmtlt has given cnllro satisfaction,
not only In my hw n family, but also that
ot others of my friends. And would
cheerfully recommend the mo of reru
ns, ns I certainly do endorse your med
icine" Catarrh of the Stomach. ,
Mr. Joseph Kchulcr, It. 1 1). No. 1,
Laity, Iowa, IJ. H. A., writes: "1
think It Is my duty to tell you what your
mcdlclnu. lias dono for mo. It has
cured me ot catarrh of the stomach of
twcntyllvu years' standing. Many
thanks for your kind medical advice."
Tcruna Is handy lo keep tn tho house
all tho year round. It Is good for the
colds of winter, It Is good for the petty
ailments ot summer. It Is good for the
grandfather and the grandchild. It is
tfavorlto remedy for the bouiowlfe.
Thu following wholesale druggist
will supply tho retail tr.-vle.:
Dcnson, Smith & Co., Honolulu,
All Kapaa Lands,
Except Cane, Now
Ready To Be Sold
"Tho lands which I urn advc-itl-dug
for milo today cover pracllcallj ovciy
thing except tho enno lauds at Kapaa,"
btated Land Commissioner rl'att thU
morning. . "Other than this there is
hardly nnv thing I run say, except to
icfer vnu to tho advertisement Itself
as It covers ever thing that has lo do
with tiie sales ngreement, etc."
"All tho land for ngrlcultural pur
poses of overy dcscilptlnn, with tho
exception of nitg.tr (alio laud, will bo
put up for sale. Thuio mo four dlf
fcient ngicementB under which tho
land will bo icleascd by tho Govern
ment Thoro Is sonio good pincipplo
property Included In tho lots now up.'
Ccntial Unlonn.'all n m , In Chapel
nnd 1'ail th louse, Hio Uiblo School
10 a. m., lu the parlor, lllblo Studv
Section ot Men's League under tho dl
ruction of tho Axslstnnt Mlnlstei, sub
Jtct "The l'rescrvntlon of tho Old Tcs
lament A Study of tho Ancient Mann
pcilpts.7 11 a. in., continuation of
Chilbtmas services, ramon by tho
minister, "Unto lis u Child la Horn";
rpeclal music. fi'IW p. in. tn tho Par
ish House, Chrlt tliiu Endeavor, Year
End Service. 7;:i0 p. in., evening wor
ship; "Tho oialorlo of thn Messiah,'
(Handel) by n combined chorus of -00
volrcs from tho Nmmal and Kuinehn
meha Schools; Stanley Ltvliigslon, ill
lector, hololsls: Mis. Alan While
Arthur Wall, Mrs. Walter Hoffman,
Cliofter l.lWngttrm.
"What wcio ilem golls laughing
iihoul?" nsked tho hollo ot Slumtj
lovvn as sho looked nt herself In n
lemnnnt of n mirror, "Why, dey mo
on to our engagement," responded
Tommy Tuff. "Well, dnt' makes me
hopping mad, Tommy, Noxt ring It
will get Bpread nil mound nnd do
wholo win -mid will hnvo delr oyes
on us llko dey has on dem rojal cou
ples when dey nro engaged."
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