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For the most
ever offered in the Retail Dry Goodi
Trace of Honolulu
No Merit on our part. The Great
Bargains we are giving at this
Clean-Up Sale
Require no selling powers from us.
Nothing like it ever happened before.
Our New StocK will be here shortly.
We Must Get Ready
We will make a clearauce of
Dress Goods
SILKS, in great variety;
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Everything Must Go !
Save Money at Honolulu's Busy
Cost Be Borne By
57th Day Afternoon Session
Willi the close of tlio session yes
tcnlny afternoon the House virtual
ly ended Its work for 1909, so far as
new business Is concerned, and all
that now remains to be done Is to
gather up the loose ends and iut on
the finishing touches. It Is too late
for any new bill or Joint resolution
to be made law, as each takes thico
readings In the Mouse and ns many
In the Senate, and the adjournment
sine die is only tlueo worklng-dns
distant now.
There will bo no reclamation of
tho Will Ml; I swamps so far ns tlio
Territory Is cotucruud. That Is
made evident by the report of tho
Walklkt Itcclamatlon Commission
submitted to the House yesterday.
This commission, composed of Mars-
ton Campbell, Kdw. Davis, and W.
W. North, was appointed two cars
ago, In conformity with a resolution
adopted by the Legislature of 190"
to Imesllgntc tlio proposed draining
of the Wnlklki duck ponds and mos
quito swamps and tlio reclamation uf
the Hooded land.
For sumo reason, the report of tho
inmmlsslou was not submitted until
estoid.iy afternoon, although, as
Vl"e Speaker Itlco observed, fifty-six
days of the session had elapsed and
It Is now too late for tho present
Legislature to do nny thing townid
following out the recommendations
In the rcpoit.
The commission is of the opinion
that the Territory cannot undertnko
the work on account of its cost, hut
should be carried on by tho City and
County of Honolulu under a special
Act of the Legislature authorizing
the City and County to create recla
mation dlstilcts and assess the cost
of tho reclamation against the dis
trict benefited by and thiotigh such
Ilefore any reclamation work can
lie undertaken, however, a complete
sjslcni of loads must ho laid out,
which should take Into consideration
the problems of dialmige. Nothing
more dtiectly relates to tho health
and comfort of the residents of Ho
nolulu than the reclamation of these
The commission points out the
danger of tho Introduction Into tho
Island of the ) el low fever mosquito,
for which tho Wnlklkl swamps, un
less reclaimed, will offer splendid
The proposed work Is of such
cost and magnitude that It could not
properly bo borne by tho Issuance of
bonils, cither by tho Territory or by
tho City and County of Honolulu. It
therefore becomes tho obligation of
the property to carry tho burden of
Its Improvement. This method of
Improvement Is a now ono In this
Territory so far as statutoiy laws are
Tho commission urges haste In tho
matter and advises Hint tho present
Legislature shall pass the Act nccom
paujlng tho report to authorize rec
lamation by assessment. Hut it is
too lalo In tho session. There Is no
possibility whatever of the needed
law being enacted. If tho report had
como In a few days ago, there might
have been some chanco for It, but it
was withhold too long, Tho report
was referred to tho Health and Po
lice Committee, which,' however, can
do nothing more with It than to rec
ommend Its consideration to tho next
That Gas Resolution
Tho efforts of the Judiciary Com
mltteo to smother to death Castro's
resolution calling for tho appoint
ment of a commission to invcstlgato
tho manner of doing business and
tho service rendered by tho gas and
clcctilc light companies was only
partially successful. It became evi
dent Thursday that tho committee
was going to let tho resolution die
quietly and without any fuss, in ac
cordance with tho requests of cer
tnln Interests. Members of tho com
mittee when questioned ns to when
they were going to report the reso
lution back were very cvaslvo In
their nnswois. Yesterday morning
the resolution was still quietly sleep
ing Itself to death, hut Castro and
other House members who were In
terested In Its passage and believed
It a good measure so Insistently de
manded Hint It be repotted back by
tho committee that Chairman Doti
t 111 1 1 finally was forced out Into tho
open, and yesterday afternoon tho
committee reported, recommending a
substltuto Joint resolution. Tho new
resolution says nothing about any In
vestigation Into the complaints mado
against tho two public sorvleo enr
poraltoiis, hut piovldes that tlio Su
perintendent of Public Works do ap
point sonio fit and competent person
to ho known as the flas and Klectrl
cnl Inspector, whose duties It shall
bo to exninlno and Inspect tho lay
ing mid placing of pipes, conduits,
poles, nnd wires, and generally to In
spect and examine nil nppnratus of
companies using or supplying gas or
electricity, and that tho Superinten
dent of Public Works do pay to said
Inspector n reasonable, salary, which
salary shall bo paid from tho follow
ing funds, viz.' Three-fourths of said
salary shall be paid from tho nnnual
royalty or payment paid to tho Su
perintendent of Public Works by tho
Hnwallan Electric Company, Limit
ed, nnd one-fourth of said salary
shall bo paid from tho annual royal
ty or payment paid by tho Honolulu
(las Company, Limited, to tho Super
intendent of Public Works, nnd fur
thermore that the Superintendent of
Public Works of the Territory of Ha.
wall do examine generally Into the
conduct of tho n flairs of tho several
public service corporations using or
supplying gns or electricity by vlrtuo
of rights granted them under fran
chises from the (lovcrnment of tho
Territory of Hawaii, nnd report tho
result of his examination to tho Leg
islature of 1DU."
- This substitute resolution passed
Ha first reading nnd was placed on
tho order of tho tiny for second read
ing today. Hut It does not carry out
tho Intent of the original resolution,
nnd Castro was obliged to accept It
merely because ho considered half a
loaf better than no loaf at all. Hut
ho may get tho other halt of tho
loaf, too, for no sooner had tho first
resolution been disposed of than Al
fonso oITercd another, ns follows,
which passed Its first reading:
"Ho It Itseolved, by tho Legisla
ture of the Territory of Hawaii, Thnt
ns soon ns may be, uftcr tho npprov
a 1 of this resolution, tho Governor
shall nppolnt a commission of three
competent and disinterested persons,
to bo known ns tho Commission on
Public Utilities, who shall carefully
Investigate Into the matter of tlio
services rendered nnd charges mado
by corporations of public utility.
Said commission shall report to tho
Governor not later than December
31, 1910, transmitting with its re
port such proposed legislation as it
may deem ndvlsahlo for tho public
good; and the members of said com
mission shnll scivo without compen
sation whatever, but shall be allowed
nil expenses Incurred whilo actually
performing the duties herein prcscrlb
From gas tho House Jumped to
woman's suffrage, Kcalawaa becom
ing tho hero of the hour. Ho Intro
duced a resolution which, although
of courso It stands no chanco of be
ing adopted, at least afforded tho
Ifepresentatlves something to think
about. Tlio resolution, which was re
ferred to tho Miscellaneous Commit
tee, Is us follows:
"Whereas, In the history of Hawaii
ncl It has been demonstrated that
tho women are fully capable of tak
ing nn Intelligent part In tho govern
ment of the country; nnd.
"Whereas, at tho present tlcm tho
women of 'Hnwall nro nble to nnd do
tnko an Intelligent Interest In tho
politics and government of tho Ter
ritory, tnking pnrt In tho political
campaigns as workers and speakers;
"Whereas, It would bo a distinct
benefit to this Territory in many
ways If the women were allowed to
become actual na well as nctlvo fac
tors In tho government of this Terri
tory; therefore
"lie It Ilesolved by the House of
Hcpresentntlves, That it is the sense
of this llouso thnt tho full franelilso
bo granted to women in this Terri
tory, tlio wives of tho citizens nnd
the daughters of citizens over the
ago of 21 years; ami
"Ho It further Resolved. That the
Delegate to Congress bo requested to
secure such amendments to the Or
ganic Act ns will bring this about."
Tho llouso adopted tho concurrent
resolution Introduced by tho Land
Commission relntlvo to proposed
amendments to tho Organic, Act.
It was expected that the report of
tho Conference Committee on tho
Appropriation Hill would bo submit
ted to the llouso during tho after
noon, and tho llouso cvcn waited a
whllo for It, but Cohen, acting as
chairman while Itlco Is nctlng Speak
er, finally stated that tho report
could not como In before this morning.
A pretty llttlo dinner was given at
tho Moana Hotel on Wednesday even
ing last by Mr. Gibbons and Miss Lyd
In Gibbons. Yellow coreopsis beauti
fully decorated tho table. Her mar
riage to Mr. Gustav Schacfcr will prob
ably take placu In tho early autumn.
Last Monday afternoon Mrs. KHz
abelh Church poured ten for tho guests
at tho Young hotel In tho lounging
room, nnd most delightfully did shy
attend to her pleasing duties. Many
of tho guests and their friends took
advantage of the occnslon.
There was n surfing party given at
tho Moana hotel on Wednesday in
honor of Miss Robson nnd Miss Ilrctch
er. Fourteen took ten under tho fnm
ous old halt trees, and tho tnhlo with
red carnations In largo vases looked
Mrs. Weston, tho dlstlugiitshed-look
lug New Yorker, Is spending n fow
dnys nt tlio Itcctory with Canon nnd
Mrs, Usbourno.
A surfing party was given nt tho
Moana hotel by Mr. nnd Mrs. W. II,
Davis of Detroit, on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Janice Wilder nro
spending tho week-end at tholr moun
tain house on Tantalus.
Miss Itobson, a guest nt tho Moann
from Los Angeles, Is" much admired.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Wnllnco Fnrrlngton
return from Tnnlnlus Monday.
Additional Social on Pages 0 and 10
Whitney & Marsh
Beginning Monday, the 26th,
wc will close out at REDUCED PRICES broken lots of
Ladies' Vests
Regular 10c REDUCED TO 3 for 25o
20o REDUCED TO 15a
40o REDUCED TO 25o
50o REDUCED TO 30c
$1.00 REDUCED TO 75c
Most of these arc the celebrated KAYSER make.
..l..l! Ml J
Sailor Huberts, tho local wrestler,
Is anxious to have n go at somcono
nnd would dearly like to hnvo a fall I
or two out of Hans Froclcchor, who
Is cxpoctcd to nrrlvo In Honolulu in
the near future. Roberts is In good
condition; In fact, ho Is always more
or less In trnlning, and it takes very
llttlo work to put htm Into condition
for a bout.
There are Btlll two games of ball
to bo played between tho Marines
nnd tho Kowalos to decide the cham
pionship, and these will probably bo
played on a Sunday afternoon. At
present tho Kownlos havo ono game
to their credit nnd should they win
tho next tho championship becomes
Nigel Jackson Is now out after now
honors; walking Is his latest fad, and
tho Marathon winner thinks ho can
put It nil over any hcol-and-too ar
tist In this country. A race may
como oft In tho near future between
Jackson and Ayres.
There will be, 'ho baseball at Aula
Park on Sunday, as tho games havo
been postponed on account of tho
Military League starting on that
Aiclilo Chlsholm, who met with un
accident at tho Palaco Cafe yesterday,
which resulted In his having his cm
split open, refused to allow the Doc
tor to sow tho torn pVces together. It
appears thnt Chlsholm had finished
dlnuert nnd upon rUIng to leavo tho
cafo, had tripped and fallen to tho
floor; his head lauded on a cuspidor
mid the edgo of that article cut his
ear wide open.
Tho Injured mun was taken to tho
hospital, and ns soon as tho doctor had
washed tho wound In order to sow It
up, Chlsholm wnlked out of the Institu
tion, refusing t oallow the patching to
bo done.
McVHY IN ItOUND 2 Paris,
Fiance, April 9. In n boxing con
test here tonight Sam McVoy, the
American heavyweight pugilist,
knocked out "Hill" Wurren, nn F,ng
llslintun, in thu second round,
(Continued from Pie I)
floor. On tho hack lanal there aro
footbaths that will allow of ID pco-
; pie using them at once; towel rncks
nro also provided. Lavatories, which
will accommodate eighteen persons,
nt once, nro also on tho ground floor,
and the toilet arrangements nro per
The main stairway leads out of tho
reception-room, and Is u fine wido
ono; another staircase reaches to tho
second floor from the back of the
house. This obviates any danger
from flro, tho children being able to
very quickly make their way down
stairs. On tho second floor four more bed
rooms are provided for tho faculty,
nnd also a sewing-room. Off tho lat
ter Is the lanal, which Is thirty-eight
feet long by twelve feet wldo. This
veranda wilt probably bo used as n
sowing-school, Hatha and toilets arc
also provided on this floor for tho
grown-up girls.
The whole building Is doslgned on
plans suitable for the tropics, nnd
every detnll has been well consider
ed and thought out. The wind, which
blows fairly strong at times up tho
Valley, has been guarded against,
and the building has been clamped
down to solid lock by some -.twenty
bolts which extend to the founda
tions on which the odlflco Is erected.
In the yard another building, 30 x
40 will bo erected, nnd this will bo
used as n laundry. The latest stylo
of fixed tubs, etc., have been arrang
ed for, and running water, lint and
cold, will bo on tap. This laundry
will bo ono of the beBt In this coun
try when complete.
THE MILL will never grind faster unless you
increase the flow of water. If the wheels of
your business turn slow it is because there is
no pressure to increase their revolutions. Ad
vertising develops this pressure. It increases demand.
It creates and continually enlarges patronage. The
man who makes a great success in the mercantile trade
points to his policy of advertising as the basio factor
to his prosperity. The
has turned many a poor business into a profitable bus
iness by recruiting customers for it, It is a .uapcr read
by people who are buyers, but discreet buyers. They
believe it is a merchant s function to advise them if he
desires their p,atr;nage.
- '
Secretnry II. P. Wood of tho I'm
motion Committee continues to re
ceive convincing proof that Hawaii
is being brought Into the public eye.
Tho following letter arrived by tlio
Inst mall:
"Thnnks for yours of Mnrch 11 Hi.
Glad to know that wo nro helping
some. Our Mr. Kramer will give
'Hawaii' noxt year In over fifteen
cities not touched by mo this ear.
"Any now Information to bo In
corporated will bo welcome,
"I may bo passln gthrough Hono
lulu on Korea In Into May en louto
to Japan with Mr. Kramer.
"With best wishes,
"Sincerely yours, T
J Four Killed in Tax Riot Monte I.o
ono, Calabria, April 7. Four men wore
, killed and ninny others, wounded In it '
conflict In this town today wllh tho
.local carlbceners. Tho authorities nro
ondeavmlng to collect new taxes,
which are exceedingly unpopular.
I Declines Ambanadorihlp Washing
ton April 7. Judgu Meyer Sulzberger
of tho court of common pleas of Phil
adelphia, an eminent Orlcnt-il scholar,
has been offered nnd declined tho am
Inssadorshlp lo Turkey, preferring to
remain upon tho bench,
Never mind tho Payno If nt last tho
tariff brings penco. Atlanta Constitution,
Clearance Sale
Dry Goods
of Superior Quality
Phenominal Bargains This Week
L. B. KERR & CO., LTD.,
AlaKea Street
WbVlitmhim4n'imi ., :
,',", yfoi

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