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Evening Bulletin
At 120 King Street, Hon olulu, Territory of Hawaii.
Dnily every dnv except Sunday. Weekly issued on Tuesday of each week.
VVnllnco R. Purrlnston. - - Editor
ItVltlMNtl I1U1.I.I1TI.N
Pm Month, itiyuhere tn V ....A ,7A
IVr (JuAiler, nn wtier. It. l.' S 2. no
I'rr Vrar, avlir InU.S H.t 10
Tcr Yr, Krttpaul. lor.ip.n I2.m
wnmci.v hui-i.iitin
IV, mi Moutni .no
f.r War, anOitt. In U S. I.oo
Pet Yrar.aiiv litre in Canada. ., I. no
Per Year postpaid, foreign 3.oo
'" in the Territory of Hawaii.
'np -a I Editorial Rooms, - 185
eM Business Office, - 256
. Entered t ht PotoflW t Hon o.u.t
m nvnmil-ca nutter.
MAY 20, 1909
Tin- ARiuiWir .mil r"htig- if ivory strong supporting nrm of his rnun-
coniiininlty lire nlwiiyt mi the list ir Iij'h representative when lie comes
undesirable clilsons mid I'lii'iiiltH nf hack to his task, ami the inornl sup-
Hi. puiiiir kiuiiI i - : i ' lir.r'M'"! men whom lie ran
. Iiiimi. This In iiililltliin lo lln pro-
Mau.'s lilRh-wnnc association at- lection Americans nml our govern-
tempt :il MiiAn.xiiiliii l notable lor im-ni give law-abiding, IntliiKtrUniK
- the ri-ftiral ir u
lilli,'. i!u:.:-i!v.'J
r il-c Bang.
.lltllhl.' J.UMIH'IH' til llH'll.
v I).' numberc 1 with, Wlien common soiim- mm common
decency prevail, us they will event-
- - ually, the workmen run llien ileal
Strikers short ( the food that was directly with tho plati'iitloti opcra
p.nmlnod them lire remlnileil that ARl-'tor. on the wage or in., outer ques
ti.lors live on wind and what they cnn'tlon that may Involve 'heir present
rnjioerc from the poor misguided nml future welfaie.
nirlkpr. j The Agitator nnd It's agent, the
imirderotis TIiiir. iiiimi ro.
Tho AKllutors anil Thugs of Hie The Japanese Mer.Iiaiilit' Assocla-
If you nrc thinking of building a
home nnd desire a. cool location,
mountain nnd marine views, high
devation, near proximity to car line
nnd to the Country Club, we have a
250x200 ft. lot which cannot buc
interest von. The climate is rijht,
the view of harbor and mountains
unsursassed; neighborhood is good,
nnd the price rediculousuly low.
Trent Trust Co., Ltd.
WOLTEItS SEES NEED !--- :-i - mother's letter.
IIUL.il.iiu UL.L.U i,l,l.u i mtcril c0.,Bt, imt .throimh- Mrs. Samutlle Vi'jncau graphically
HF AMPIUPAM SlliPv"m ""' Unl"" ,,y ,l0"l'!" "' wl,al " lBl describes the tllness nnd the re
lit lli.LI. IllIll dUirOiiiow. within n few years. 1 coreni nf her daunhter
ll t'lii'l.' Sam wants to show - f ... ., j
Editor i:viiii..r :. it : . 1 1 1 n. - V,.ir n tii, Hiipreme uiim vIimKUt of All luotlicrs dliotuu JUIU,
HavlliK had wrtt'lnii tn tnuel In ime,i, I'acll'ie, ho Will have to take a
or the Caiiftdlaii Aiistnillnn steamships , lutnhk- In lime, and lli.1l quick, oihn
tho Afnkurn, It kIvi-s me Kreit p.cjsurnUrt.o stitncone elfu will, and that mlgli
Hi Mty thai nil f-ervlro on li.mnl wa jiy t-iitni. Hero In Aitttr.tlla aru the fin
Hist Vliflis In oM'ry way, shape,!.!- form .est iiiilpp?d steamships of all Hie su
fiont captain down to the liwesl etil'-'piejno poweiH of the world, ospcdnllv
plnyce, all and eveiyhidy nie rlvll la Japan iiiiIIppuIi.o, and all Kiilisilli.ed
wllh nealnesH. eie.. ilr. l.y their lespectlvo rihitiiiiii'IH", hid
AllhniiKli the lompTliy Is nt pr .it the Amcrlcah ttai; U ery seldom rv
running there first class hteainei-., atjunly al occasional limes and then mil)
a' small h. to the owneis, yet Hi") lover Irnmps nt IMncaiil.ir, llilab.ine
keep lit It and tile wnllhiK for (he (lino or Townsvllle, lrnllMMirlliiK heef nn.l '
inerlenn section of the cotnmiinliy n,, 1M M,,i b() n polite Iuiiruiiku
. hive Ihelr feel In lite name tumuli imlnmi tlio Japanese Consul Has pointed
j tho TIiiwh nii'l AKli.ni.ru of thi-Japan-1 the samo course. Hvi.y ieiutahle
i to utrlke. j innn In this Territory voices the
-- 'same sentiment.
. When Hi" . e known It la tin-1 T1C ,, ,)t tlll t,t.n. wm the
mouiately i nt unit Hawaii .. lltnt,m manaKers he In n'
clallon. The Hat of subscribers,'
however. Is carefully iciordcd In
books, which aru open to Inspection
by the members of tho association
and Ihe subscribers. Ynninshlio
says that there Is cuoiirIi money tn
keep up the strike for the next six
Five Hundred for Ewa.
to come when New Zealand will nop
forward with u heller subsidy than
what that rolony Is nl present provid
ing for Ihe company. If their imilll Inoi.r
boats will call at Auckland. Fiji
Queensland, New Boulh Wales and
Canada nil. Humid tiUhsldlzn this line lo
tho lotal amount of $lf.iHinn per an
until, I'lJI paylni; separately from Ihe
outer loionies. which h iiiciinie.i in.
the tihnvc amount. I
The curt nnd expeiidltiiro of on.
boat from Vancouver to Sydney, run'-'
aliout iih follows:
Consnmpllon of coal, per day
inn Inns from Viiiicoiiut to
Sydney 2f, days, nt 12 kIiIIIIii;(
per ton, say $ 1 .r,.;n
I-"ood, etc, onicers and crew, per
day, $7.". 1.875
Salaries ier tilp ." t)mi
Incidentals, pilots, harbor dues,
etc r.on
million lo the 1'hlllppltie Islands.
My till menus WaHilliKlnu, wake
nml that quick, theie N no time
Yours vety slnccndy,
tlrlsbane, AustrallH.
Ilrlshane, Queensland, May 7, '0'J,
Twenty-five thousand dollars Is
I'lve hundred men will he taken the stake for which conteiullnB par
ol! at I'Jwu plantation tomorrow lies nre pluyliiR in .Indue l)e Holt's
morultiK .thus milking fifteen htm- couit today, the case on U la I lieinK
dreil men Hint will he employed In the daiiiane suit brought by Louis
the strlku-brenkltiK operations. Sanchez (Inrrla iiKalnst Ihe Walliin
Hawaiians Make Good. ARrleulturnl Company. Ltd.
tt Oahii plantation come most (inrcln Is u young I'orttiRiiesc boy.
(.neatest in i I- more Anierlrnu P"- ( pcutltlnn to deal with the que.Ulon of favorable repoits of the work done only in yenrs of iirp, who entercil
s 'ticer shins Ix-tween Honolulu audi .i r., ..... i,i,r,..u wit. by Ihe Hawaiians. They are mak- the coMrl room on erutclies. One of
Pacific coiikI ports.
! IIiir to work.
Ihr good. One of the lunas was his feet Is missing, and It Is for this
The price of miliar Is rtilltiK nt a
fguro that should give plantation
workmen splendid returns. If they re-j
I irn to their tusks and lake up the I
i.iiuKtlun of remuneration in u law- (
ubldlns, buslnessllbo manner.
Agitators and Thugs have never very much" surprised Hip other day missing foot thai he Is nriuglng the
en nnd never will be agents of Mo sec a paity of Huwallans quIttlnK suit.
pi ospei Ity.
The 11 ti 1 1 1-1 I n has tllways favored ',
lh Hpisiltitmeiii of mnlnlanders to of-'
flee In Hawaii. The selection of A. O.
The II ii 1 1 f 1 1 n has reason to ho-
llee that Influential men indirectly
M. Itobeii-oii in Scn!id United States connected with Ihe great freight carry-
Judge la one or the exceptions that .'v- In steamship Hue handling Hawaii's
firjri-ne should suj.Srt, to prove the linrlness nie strongly urging Ihe man
rule. ,ag"rs of the Hint lo equip one of the
new steamers building for the llono-
Sotithcrn Demopi-aev slan.! lirml.. lulu run to carry .1 bun lied and more
for (he sun. i lailff mid proletdion ut (hut class passengers.
Iimtie Iniliii'.lry. When prosperity Is! TIiIh Ih Rood work. The people of
nt Kluke. tliei.. Ik no reason why dll-;t!iin city liuuld help It along. Our
hIiiim rn political lines should check business men know the headiprjilers
our slJilcxm. n In ktan.lliiK for the.r tbe American Hawaiian steamship
rtttht. ' line, and the people generally know the
!uililii-ss. They, ono slid a'l. rlionld lei
Strike ARIlatoiH r.iy lli.-y urn urR- ,i1(, ,,.,, win ilhci-l Ihe destinies of
lag Hie Jupaneic- fl.-lit contract men tM. Atiierlniii-llnwalliiii line know I.)
lo .icltu-n tn wo.k I'liut Huiinili (.-sdiiiiI leiier Hill Ihls port wantx I
lil?c when II Is said properly. Cor- iore end lii'lt n-Bleamhlp accoinnioda-1
rectly Intcrpieted. H means that the tl ,ii,.ci with Co -si po'ts. e.n-l that,
Aelt'i'ors are on the run. They ,, ,Hivc- Ihe I. new do iik Ihe g.e-il
can no longer Tool the Hold contract -vthilli. tut- ue.i of ih slnli h
liion. aud liny hole Is small enouRh .mi, i.ewilze Ihe pisn'iig.-r ill-
Tor an ARltntor i ruwl tbriiugn. tn.m.i
PHimclnlly when he hn a lot of men' 1hl. An-erle-in-IInwallan line Is not
.n lib hands who begin .o renll.e n ihe pUMMigei buidness. bill Ihe time
that Uievluive been deceived. , lH ,.,,, t).r wlien the people of Hawaii i
i v.lll gKe i lull- rieighls lo the Hues that
'r" n '""": "I Hr. :-ir.y tlietW, ,.,,. ,,((.r ,. paHseiigera, mid how
position made vacmt by the rmtlKinJ ,,,,. Knm. ( lmwll,.rH l)ll(,or ,h(. llinn.
Hon of I)i nrinckerlioff is doubtless .,, ,,, ..,. i ... riK
; si
work shortly ufler 3 o'clock. He Tho complaint alleges that on
thought he tun! n sttlkc on his I'ebriinry 211 of last ear the hoy
hands, hut on Inquiry found that a Jumped on one of the nine cars to
stunt he had expected would keep Meal a tide. The conductor nnd
the Hawaiians busy tlll quitting fireman raw him and begun to beat
time had heun completed tn half Mm with sticks lo makn' him Ret off.
the time. It wr.s u "uku pan" Job Losing his head, the boy fell nnd
hustled through In great shnpe. his foot was caught by Ihe wheels
of the car ntlil.rut off iibove the
Denver. .May 10. Miss Sarah N'lch- The boy flRiirt-s Hint It Is worth
ul.1. who three weeks ago was shot J2r.,O0O to him It) have to 'go
by. John Collins, father or Mrs. Me- thiough life a cripple, nn.l he hns
Donald, wife nf former (lovernor brought suit for that nmountagalnst
Jesse .McDonald, died Iriliij of her the company. Ho Is reptesented by
wounds, She win. Ihe aunt of Mis. Weaver and Mngnon. Castle &
Total cost per single trip.. $1)775
This company Is offering faster ser
vice from and after July Hist. If sub
sidies are Increased.
New Zealand and Australia favor
this Increase. Canada Ih not In favor
of ll.
The talk now Is lo put vessels on the
following run. from Sydney to Auck
land, llieuce to Suva, llieuco to Hono
lulu and Sun I'rauciscii.
Eneli and every crew on arilvnl pi
Sydney Is paid off; n new crew If
shipped nr.e week prior of Hailing, thus
a saving Is tiffected of two weeks nt
the end of each trip while walling.
j You cm ree how eaiucsl the sever::!
j Colonies or States of Australia nro i-
keep tit the commerdal ptrt oi their
t livelihood In tho Pacific, which Is Ih.
means of sustaining the lives of bin
i.liods of Ihoiisan Is of while pe.iple In
Ihls coniii-y. Here Is a great gate for
Uncle Ham's niauiirucliiiers. etc. etc.
If Win-hlngtou would subsidize nut
one mall line only but two at hurt.
biiv one from Seattle, and one either
Irom Sim l-'rnnclbco or Los AnisaUu hi
,' place ol wasting so ninny millions or
dollars on a ceuntrv like the Philippine
i Tho .Masonic charm which was
I stolen from llm Sheriff's nUh-e some
lime iiRo tit Ihe same lime that a
: watch and chain illsappcmcd, bus al
last been dhcovered In the posses
sion of n pallor named Charles Lain
berg, who arrived here us n member
of Hip crew of the Dlrlgo,
Lamlierg told the police Hint he
had been given Hip charm by
olhpr sailor. On Hip back of tho to
lipti the nnnin of William While ap
peared, and as n man of that name.
he , n-
nil-! Ml
IH.SAMri'.l.l.r VKlNKAt', Am
lierat, Isle lie I Magdallne, Can-
ada. writes.
"I wrilu to tell you that I am r"
fcctlv well. I tools only thrco Ixrltlef
had died here some tlmo ago Chief ' '"" -e"'.i ncporuiiig o. ,..i.r
l.e.,l tliouelit that Shorn nilslit llavo ' vice and Ihe direction. Ill your lx.ok,
been foul play In connection with
Ihe death.
The Chief was discussing Ihe ease i
wllh lliu Deputy Sheriff when Sheriff
Janet I happened along. As soon
ns the Sheriff saw tho charm he ex-1
claimed: "Why. that Is the charm!
that wns stolen front my ollice nfler
the Inquest over William White
remains. The silver watch and
chain nnd wmie other things also
went at the mine limn." ,
Chief Leal marled mil to luvcs-;
tlgnte and toon found Hint the sail-1 1
or had bought Iho ch.n.ii Mr 1 from '
iinolhrr sailor who said ho had
round It. That sailor was round. I
nn.l he stated Hint he had round Hip.
trlnckit tit Hie back of MniT.irl.mc's I
wholesale wiirebriise lying In tlui
dill. After holding It' for u .lav or
two he Mild the charm to another
The phiijp the iliaiin v.-ns found
Is Jttfl belu'v n window of the'riilfce
Stut lam. and ll I 'i piohai.;e taut the
and it reslor.-d my health.
"It hIku cured my daughter, who l 17
years old. Shu look onu bolllu sccoril-
I Ing to directions, 1 naiiru you thai no
doctor ! equal to your book and ur
sdvlce, I l.aveTecommciidcdourreui'
edy lo a number of ieroii."
A Woman's Remedy.
Mrs. A, I. Sliiiiffer.Caplouia, Kanaas,
U. S. A., write i '
"I'eruan 5 zlven me hmllti ami
lfrenA'li;ltllllnl-Kt iilcdl.'lllcihnl was
ever nuilu for wuiio-ii. My fru oils kuy
they nuvr lair such a ilunxu In
woman, I cannot say loo ii.uHi lur
I'he following wholesaln ilrugRlit
win supply tliu rolall tral.i:
lletiHon. Smith ti Co.,
Gt'flht Shock In Algeria. none, Al
geria, May 7 A slight earthquake
shock wiih exi.erlenced here tod ij-.
Csrmjn Oak" Wins. iKinsns City.
Ilrnesl Slcgtrle.l. known
iih the "ft. ra.i.n Oak." ami rb lint.toi.
. . ... .. .... i ....... ..... '
isiiiiiiiH, ciiu spent one io two niniioai inter wno h;ci .jib w.itcn anil cii.nn (traeru-Itnniii w'eat'e- of Oo-mnny
or dollars 111 the Pacific. suliffdUIng did not like lo lake a chance j.n the tonight ilefeai'd Joe Hogers of New
good mall bonis In dllTeient dliccltoiis. ' chnrm, which born While's name, vork hero, citch as cutch can style,
thai would bring wealth, strength nnd 'nnd so threw It out of Ihe window, winning in Flrulglit fallk.
r j u. tn a.
Mil. May'
Mcl) Id.
Posey County Goes Wet. Mount
Vernon, Ind.. May 7. I'ocey is the
sixth' Indian i county to vole "wel"
under thii local option law, having lo
day decided, by a majority nf 1,4VJ. to
retain the saloons. Tim majority Ih
the larger,' yet old allied by the "wets."
Wlthlugltiii and John Calheart rep
lesent the defendant company.
Bulletin Business Office Phone 250.
Bulletin Editorial Ttonm Phone 185
ono of the 11-n Pups or Ilr. Corel's
promotion lo the iisi of Assistant Sur-
. genu (lonoral In the Marin- Hospital
I fwrvlco Dr. Cofer thoiislil ery high-
"" ly of Mr. Curry, wh.i has made g-rod
In ovory iioeltloit of trust, unl profes-
' rlonnliy. He Is not afraid of work and
r(0D . u piv for sfeiihers
(Continued from Paje I)
in nl kpo tl.Rin todnv. but owing to
ahcnlil make n record thai will be a ,,,,,,, ,. lelurll rim wnlnltia this
oroitlt lo tho senl;o and or great vslu
to Hawaii
niornltiR they will not be nblo lo
roiiiplv with their wishes today.
visit Walma-
iThey will, however, visit Will
AGITATORS AND THUGS MUST Gr; -" Piummio.. m n... ..rtemoon
Sosa tired.
fro-n Ihlltor Sorii of thu agitation or-
lyXSaEVr!'.- ,-J III-".
Kaimuki lot of 120,000 sq. ft.,
cleared, fenced and fronting on
three streets. A genuine bargain
at ?2,G00.
Kalawai One acre with 100 ft
frontage on beach Cocoauut
palms, hau trees and fruit trees.
Price $3,000.
Manoa Valley Improved and unim
proved prooerty. Terms to suit
1 w
One workman near death
Injuries leeclvrd al Ihe hands of thu Ban was completely tired out this
Thugs urged o.t by the Agitators, motnlng Ills eyes refused to open
ought to be enough to more com- and seo the visitors. Ho was so fa
plrtoly solidify the reputable elc-1 tlgued that ho hud to rctlio to his
j. i. i. .......... la.. ...... i .. ... 1. . ' liiioin ti' Ii iii u Itn r ill lm uu I ll n i-aut I
nitons oi nun cuiiiiiiiiiuiy iiKHiusi i" "". --..v.u .... ..... ,... ...u '" mn, -,,... COKnrt
Acltntors' slrlUe. , of the day In slumber. j Wilier avenue $35.00
Acts of violence were, imfortu- Makino Speaks. I .".",' ilw ishn
j.itdy. lo be expected. Further M.iklno, chief of the IllRh.-WaRe Pensa.fcla street 35.00
ttlftcss or t hu Agllntors moans more i Association, declared this morning! FURNISHED.
work for the Thugs and the com-1 that the planters had better go care-' yaikiki Beach $40
maud of the Industry of Hawaii ami; ruby In toiving tlio mgii-wage Pi-op-! Prospect street 40
For Rent
Three-bedroom house on
Knpiolani street, between
Magazine and Spencer
One extra large bedroom.
Wood and gas stoves. Sep
arate servants' quarters.
Furnishings new and com
plete suitable for three or
four bachelors.
Bent $50.00 a month.
.Bishop Trust Co., Lid.
Bethel St.
I"' mi mm.iww.mi'
Our Candies, and our Pastry,
Are of the best and ever new :
Our Tact'ry daily sends sup
plies. And that's wherein the secret
Young Cafe
tlio tnurcuntllo business of tho Jap- osUlon.
uiiese by tho Thug clement
He said Hint If the plant-
Threuts ers, who had summoned lliu uianaR-
nud Intimidation by the knlfo nnd.eis lo Honolulu, where they will
the liaslH of tllO'lloill it ciJllli'ti'llce uu ii.e iui.u imu'
bludgeon furnish
whole campaign that has been wur- .oslllim, Would not net ralrly with
ed by the Agitators and Shysters, III! the laborers, Hide will certainly be
ll for personal grurt. strike all over the island planin-
Tlien. Is no denying tho Issue, j Huns, lie concluded by saying that
And thute Is no question of tho: the cano contractors will bo nilvls-.
strong character of the combination cil lo stay by their Held and not Join i
of American and Japanese respectu-' tho strikers.
blllty jlnlng up lo halt, the Agltat-' Strike Fund 0. K. j
ors, put them whore they boloiiB, The "strike ruml" Is carofully ,
and clcor tin- Held In a manner to guarded by Treasurer M. Ynmashlto, ,
rpnserve the best Interests of the i proprietor of the Ydinashlro Hotel. I
honest workman. Tho rutins, accoruiug in me iigna-
Tho lesolullou of tho Jaounose tars, Is counted nnd checke'd by it
Merchants' Association and the of- dtieu mi.iiioi-i who bi'-e been n
liflnl ttatemenl or the Japanese Con-' polnte I by t.iu usjoclutloa whl-h
mil put the Jaoauoso on tho ilglit ( lhu loprtouit. Yiuuashlio 'ould
track. .Tho .Inptinese workman who: rot give out the amount or thu fund
vuh forced from his work by false! now In hum!. Hu says that It Is no
promise, nnd fear of physical vlo- business of tlio community In know
nee. now knuws liiui.iip nas inu nip iinaiiciui siiuaiioii i mo uu-
i.dUWbact!. o. ui-wdlki iMidb!iitAateiik .-Juui
Young street 50
Kinau street SO
Waterhouse Trust
Fort and Merchant Streets.
Remnants ! !
Sale of short lengths ot
Silks and Woolens begins
Tuesday, June 1st,
at 8, o'clock.
Don't Neglect
Your Watch
Bring your watch to us
if it does not keep good
time. We arc expert watch
ii. F. Wichman & Co.
Defy the Cracksmen-, Defy Fire
Sold by
Tlieo. H. Davies & Co.,
Tom Sharp
Sharp SiqnS
i iiwuim in i iHiii'ii'irfi m 'i nvi i iniiifi!..T u'tu!.'.1
Weekly Bulletin, $1 Year
ir; .vf'1
'A. ; U t,.'U V Jfc' '. -Ira .

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