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Evening Bulletin
3:30 EDITION There is only one best Way to do anything the Bulletin does it every day
From San Francisco:
Mnnrlnii la June 30
Foi ban i-innciscc:
Mongolia July li
From Vancouver:
Aoratffel July 21
For Vancouver:
Mm mini juij 2 )
Bulletin Want Ads carry their
message every day to five thousand
people who aie lookinc for things
partly worn out, but still useful. A
Bulletin Want Ad will give you
n better price than a Japanese sec
ond-hand dealer.
VOL, XI. NO. 4340.
& fma
' "f tTt' r
Ailmlral IJIrhl's training ship'.
Ilii' So.i mill Ami, ulu being decotnt
ed toilay Willi Hugs, ImiitliiK and
ilocttlo lights In honor of tlio Ail
mil iiI'h illniicr to (lovcrnor lrunr
mill Mnjor Fern tonight.
Tlif luiiiMiift will commence nt
7 : :tu oVIiwIi, but ptccedlng til tH tliu
murine liiiml will piny nppioprlntu
selections, lioth Oilelital uiul Occl
ilenlnl. lit side tliu Governor mid
Mnjor, 11 number of well-known lo
t it I pooplo have been Invited to at
tt'inl. Tomorrow night tlio Ailmlral will
give nuntlior hiiniim-t In honor of
Consul tlcnciiit l')ent nnil, some
piiiiiilniint local Japanese.
On Thursday, probably In tho
nioinlliK. tlio .two cruisers: will lake
J huh tloputtiiiu foi lliikoiluto. Ila-,
l.udalu Ih tlie nnithornmoal seapotl
III .IliP'lll. It It sltlltlteil on tile is-
I11111I or Hokkaido. I'ioiii there they
Will pllHCt'll tO tile YokoStlKa IlUVIll
wifpsIeath "
delays trial'
Ri.t Case Continued
Until Tomorrow--
Juror Bereaved
(in art' iiti! of tlii' Hiiiltlf 1 ili'itlh ,M'i"
li'ii, i ill Mm John II .liiiii', wife of
out' 01 tlii- Jurtn.i diuwn In thi.' Japan
i' 1 lot utse. tin1 Irlul ivlikti tliu lo
hn v prot t'uilt'tl thin 11101 ti.iik' has been
co.iiluued until tnnioirow morning ill
In o'clock Ak Ii whether Mr .loni'ii
lam nllfiiil thou will In- 11 mutter of
consideration between now ami then,
tin' It In highly Impioh.ible lliat tlio
til il will proceed before tht luitiT putt
tit tin- week. Owing to ll"1 conspiracy
lrl.il being set for . 1 1 1 1 I, both sides
air anxious in illKptitti of tin' rim cist'
!IK Kllllll iih ikibsIIiIo.
IH.T tlULLEriN At) "v
You can get
Nouauavs in a reaily-to-wear suit
of clothes made by expert tailors
than ou an in custom-made clothes
pat together by mediocre tailors.
And you can i;ct more satisfaction
in an
otlirr make.
suit than in
The Kash Co., as
LVr. Foit uiul Hotel Sts.
Oahu Fails To Show Any
Increase In
Plontor Mill stock, which for days
pant hax holered aroittiil HiU-lti2, look
.1 Jump IIiIh morning ami appealed 011
Hit' i:cli.tngo board at 104 Mil, 16S
tusked. I'lfty Khart'it changed IiiiuiIh at
ltil',4. a Kiilistalitliil nilvatico In price.
There Iiiih lit'L'ii no iccent trading In
Pioneer Mill lint tliu last saloH with
at Ifil.
O.1I111 ri.inlnlliMi rtiutluitt'4 to hIIiIo
downwind, lining piobnbl to unsettled
Inlior concllllons. Hll slimes woro
bold totlay nt 29. niitl 120 at 2UV4. Tho
quotation today was 2'J lilil, 29 asked,
against 2Vi. 2!)V4 of .veslerday.
All of tlio drain halo been Kiuull
ont'H, ninl luillcait' Unit only tho small
holdera ttru showing any tlciilru to let
loose, finch liltK-kn as 1110 offeivtl aro
quickly snapped up.
'uslcmi Case Before
Uni'.ed StaUs District
'llio tpii'stliin at star 1. MImi
"ilco" "beans," or "rife nnd beans."
It may houii.I straugo, but It Is an ap
is'iil fioiii the Hoard of (it'iienil Ai
prjlwrn of Nov. Yolk, as to what;
rhoiilil bo the ptojer cnsloiii duty on
the UDstorlniis "Mlso" wbe.i shlppod
Into this Territory from it foreign
'itirt. Deputy l.Utilet At oiuey Ititw -illis
iippo'iiod In the I'nlled States
1'iiutt this miirnliiK rt'iireeutlng tliu
t'listoni otllcei's who Inuinsed I he duly,
nnd Attoiuey I'elois appiai'd for H.
II. Kiillyama, who 11 led proeteilliigs lo
hare the amuinit lei'iieed on the
ground thai It was Illegal, too high. It
now Ht'cmx to be a ipiustlon of what
t lagulKt'aiioii Ml mi can ho put In mid
what the legitimate customs would bo.
The ohm went over until July 1. The
decision will settle a dispute of many
Sears' standing mid uiimeiouH h1iIh
itieuts lmiKiiled by Mr l-'ljlymiiii.
MAHQUnS III this rltv, June 28, linio,
lo Mr, mid Tdrs. J H. .M.inpics, n son.
V f
fr -IS
k?-w mx
Hotel Men Wrathful Ov r
Ac ion of L'cense
I While no tlollnlli' statement i-ml I
ho seemed from any of llio atlni fe rt
who appeared befiuti llio License
,11011m yestoiday atleinoon, tliu roil-
elusion an llio result of a conference
'last night between tliu lintel men and
'their lawyers. Is that a test ease will
.be uiiiilo of the Sunday closing prlv-
liege It Is understood one of the luv
,11'Ik will continue soiling as hoielofiire,
.Invito the authorities to tiling action
jitgalnst them uiul light tho matter to
,a llnlsh In the courts. Tho hotel and
jrehtaitrant men aro intllgnnnt oer me
action of tliu Commissioners, nnd sa)
.11 means not oi.ly a groat loss of tout-
1st and transient buslnoss but llio clou
lug of one or more of tho bote's.
One of the hotel owners who d.oos
not wish his iiiiiiil mentioned at pre
out, uld this morning: "The. tact
Hint n lew mny halo abused these Sim-
day privileges Is no reast.n toe the
Hoard taking such discriminate action
It will end up In the town being ilood- malleied If Parker does stand charged
ed wllli blind pigs, mid work more wl,, vui,nK Olllcer C. Aui over
I barm than the Hoard will be able lo thu iuM wm, u3Ille iiiakait; him
Itiuruiel for a long time lo come." I ,;,k uko . i,:l(i been Ihioiigb a situ
I lly tho action or the Hoard of lie- ruBU m, AlllI ( Wils f lltt. rim.
t'iico('onindsslonersesteiili.all Sun- (.eqiieneu whothoi' the tonrl waited t.i
'day privileges weio taken away from lry iurker on tho Indictment broiuhl
I tho hotels and lesliiuraiils. Following against him. nowvcVlate!.. At, least
) their Usui! secretive ciutmn the msni- aror mil his counsel went lin
bers liiimlctl out llils lat,t lemon tlur- nreised with tho lniioitanee of the
lug mi executive tension. It Is under- Mnr.ilhoii taco. mid tl creiMlty of
Mooti lliat tills ilrastlc stei was taken Jackson "gelling his se.i legs
011 account or the manner In which tho , though what for when 11 Mane
Siinda privileges hale been abused thou Is generally pulled tilt on land
In tho past. I Mr (jHmi 0I10 k0WHi well tho
Tho Hoard granted the following He lj,iKl. con-ldeied. tho Jury was sworn
leiiRes: J. P. Medelros, wholesale; 1
Lewis & Co., Ltd.. wbolosalo; Ah 'claim as Champion Marathon Haccr. or
Chow, Heola, retail; Shigem.itsuku.l anything else In the BlHirtlug line. Hut
Wiillinhu, wholesale. I tliu County Attorney said ho did not
Licenses without Sunday and after- wish to interfere with "manly nth.
hour prlilleges wore granted to llm i u-Uch" and so the tllal was continued
Moann Hotel, Walklkl Inn. Seaside I July C. Funny, watn't ItT
Hotel, llalelwa Hotel and Young hotel. I
The present license of the Witlpahu
saloon was extended three months J11
lorlei- to glio the Ueas oslale time lo
settle up Its affairs. It. Tmiakii, Ho
louliiill lequestw'd 11 rehearing or hi
oaso, but was tinned down, lioth the
reqiients of tho Union drill and the
Itoyal Annex for u rehearing were re
fused. 12. I.. Hermit, Harbor Saloon,
requested to have his llceuso trans
foried to Mnt'licn' Iteffern, but was ic
Jected. Permission was granted James
Thompson to keep his Kalinin on Ala
ken htrout open until July 3. as his
Hethol street place will not ho ready
lor opening until that date. ,
Attorney Potors appeared In behalf
of Alexander Yo.ing, owner or llio Mo
ana nntl Young hotels, and nindu a
statement before tho Hoard that tho
cancelling of Sunday privileges meant
n great Iocs to these places, and would
compel tho closing of el least mm of
I the two hotels. Judge I2d!ngs argued
'In belutlf or thu Union Ot 111, for the
We have some very attract
ive sites on our "For Sale"
lists which are worth your
time and attention to inves
tigate. Arc you lookinc for a con
venient office? There are no
better office buildings than
the Boston nnd the Judd,
Call today.
Ileal Estute Department,
Hawaiian Trust Company,
Marathon Aspirant Asls
Court To Wait While '
he Runs
Time m.,y iUfa Jtirlfit ;an wait, ami
,1(, W,BUH 0f Justice stop, but Nigel t
Jnckron, the alleged Iilnli-Kearoil ttpilnt-i
llR c,aniplon of Hie H.wailan islands,
mUBl participate In the Marathon race
, ue "dulled (,rf at llilo July 4, or
M,nielhlng will bust, Ipeak or go up In
j,,,,, Whitney was on the bench,
l(u j1rj. nuK nltliig to be sworn and
county Attorney Cathcarl was loJtly
llir al;tnt a(L., by his depiitlos. Hut
Attorney Clem Qiilnn saw a ilunce to!
cruck M(II10 riloquenie on behalf of
tie Wt,mL.fii girting procllvltloi of
Hawaii and bo spread ll on lliict. He
, wut a grout wee of t,poits "wo
, limI tti,nl u ,ireadrul thing It
W()ll,i t. ( tho"nforo8ald M.uathon
,.ace Wtis not pttljed oft. And how could
lt without the principal, the original-
or ,, Champion of the Hawaiian
Mends," who had jjent ni.ly l0 In
mt'iiaratlon? Ceilaluly not What
,,,,,1 Mr c.iilienrt rhili.n,.,.,l ii,u..r'-
One of the most delightful bops of
the ear will bo gliou at tho Moan a
hotel tonight lo which llio officers of
the U. S. S. St. Louis; local army and
navy peop'u mid town folk aro cordial
ly Invited by tho management.
Tonight bids fair to bo most pro
pitious for tliu occasion us the moon
light and surf at thu Moana are de
lightful uiul specially line native music
will be furnished by thu Itoyal Ha
wullun Quintet Club.
Thosu who have nuver danced to
Itnwtlltlill Mllwte linen n Ir.tnt In .hiru
0I- ,,,, ,, K()0lI ,lme H ntlHr,.,i
lor ever 0110.
Hf ! 4
granting or after hour prlilleges. Pot
ors ah-o ropiosoiited Ai Thiirlow, of
1 the Hoal Annex Cafe, against which
rosieu inu cuurge uini uoiiiud goods,
had been purchased and taken away
from tho plucu on Sunday, Tliiirlow
strenuously denied the charges. Fen
null said bu had seen two men outer,
and leave the place witli bottles und
er their arms. Attorney Doiithltt
1 made an extended uigiiniont oil behalf
or J. 11. Hens, executor or tho ostatu of
the lalu P. A Deis, to keep thu Wulpi '
lilt saloon open foi at least six months
longer M F Piosser lupresented S.
Osald, against whoso place rbaiges
have been made as to llio conduct of
Jho saloon Doiithltt ulso spoke In be
half ol Ah Chow
Magistrate Will Put A
Mp To Au'o
In tlio Police Court Ibis morning,
Harold Cuctlo, who was arrested for
careless mid furious driving of an
automobile, pleaded guilty to the
charge, and was lined $25 mid costs
by Judge Long,
Former Judge Hallou appeared for
the defendant. Ho said that Castlo
wits driving his machine on a rainy
night, ami the p-iietucnt was so slip
pery that It was Impo-tslblo lor him to
slow down at the point where the ac
cident happened.
Prosecutor llrnwn asked that, tinder
tho circumstances, that sumo penalty
be lltiusi'd on Castle, as had been
handed out lo other offenders. This
was 01 del ed accordingly by Judge
The cane against Hlackwoll, uulolst
of ex-(loeriior Carter, on tho same
charge appealed before the court,
but as his attorney. Frank Thompson.
Is ali'fiit on tho Island of Hawaii, his
care was pt.stpouod until Ju,y G.
Manuel Ptitro charged with assault
ing his wife who was m in led only
tour months ago was given a slHT lec
ture by Judge Long. The nowly-inar-rled
couple after they have stood be
fore the bar of Justice, decided to
smooth down tho troubled waters, and
10 start ri now and happy Hie. ' Alter
he was convinced of the goo I Intention
or the couple. Judge Long sil"ondt-d
the sentence of Dnlro for thliteeii
It S. U. Hlnes, minager of the Sail t.'
H Fi nilsco Bridge Company, cab- 2!
ll led to Walt.'r Cllllngbani that ho ti
tt would sail today by tho Hllonlan It
tt for (his city. Mr Hlnes cumes !!
a here to confer regarding 'vtuk on is
tt tho construction or tho naval It
tt dock at Pearl Harbor lor which tt
tt his company has the contract. tt
At tho meeting ot the O. lt. & L. Co.,
Ltd., which wus held at 2 o'clock this
afternoon lu tho company's nfllco, the
action of the directors in Issuing the
new bonds wus ratified by uuunlminis
J. M. Oat returned from 11 business
trip to thu other Island this morning,
In thu Manna Uia.
OUR NEXT FRUIT boat will be
the Lurline, July 2.
Island Fruit Co.,
72 S. K1N0
Gold and Silver
Established 1879
THE PALM stands
for the best only
in all things to eat.
Hotel, nr. Union
Lloyd Conkling Regrets
Leaving His Old
Pos Hon
"While I feel highly honond tin
appointment as Tieastirui," sal. I I
Llo)d Conkling upon Ills lotii'ii fwim
Hawaii, this moinlng, "I feel 1110
grot in leaving my piesonl position
than pleasure In taking the nc.i one
Here 1 have become thoroiighli 11
qualntod with all details, and ktm
just how to handle matters 'I In- otlu t
Is all new work However. I n III .In
my best."
I Summoned back from bis tilp I"
(lovernor Frear to take the Tre.iMi.
IMisitlon, Mr. Conkling found hlmsoii
an extremely busy personage this
morning. A mass of ctirresisiudenci
lay before him on his desk, the tele
phono kept up a merry Jingle, and pet.
pie beselgo.1 him from ull sides Con
grutulatloiix were many and the tm.i
thing that kikjIIoiI It all was tin
thought or leaving the oh) st in I Net
ertheless It Is the opinion or Mr Colli.
llug'K friends that be will br'ng to bis
new appointment the same pale-' iltliu
methods mid eneigj III it hi- 111 j
him such 11 success as chlei 1 1 t V i
the ICxocitlio department. A.ie .
hns ipiulllled on his lund or $.'.imi,
this uftuniOLii, Mr Conkling will take
hold nl the reins of the department,
mid break Into ttio harness Renerit!
surprise but picture Is expressed on
all sides over the appointment or.Ir
Conkling. '
In rt.tu I to the miming of a man
to suck ed him, Ooiernor Piear said
this morning: "Several persons hale
made applications, but tho matter has
I not bcc'i decided as wo itre In no par
'tlculnr hurry and Mr. Mott-Smllh real
ly makes this appointment. The chief
cleik. however, has been acting us
clerk or this offlco also."
1 HiMfv C. Hapal. Registrar or Public
Arc lint said this morning "I am
veil much pleased lo hear or Mr
('inkling's apisiliitmeut and belleio be
will make a good treasurer. I b.m
'served under seien Tieasiirers, mid
belleio we will got ulong all right it
he wishes nie to remain '
I .Mr. Ilap'il has proved himself a 1.1I
liable public olllclul In Ibe tHisltioit tu
bas had for 01 or ton jears. and ho has
! tlio commence and esteem or the en
I tire administration us to his abllii.
I Integrity mid tho systematic manner
In which Mm conducts tlio affairs or
his office. Ho will probably remain as
Iteglslrar under Mr. Conkling, mid
them will bo no change In the olllce
Kaiser Awaits
Passing Crisis
I snondent Brandcnber? wns ndauittcd
prnTTM t on r. . ' todjiy by the jury. He was charfied
BERLIN, June 20. Emperor Wil- with inventing the nlleued statement
liam has canceled his cruise until of the late Grover Cleveland favor
the present Governmental crinii is nldi tn Mr Toft Mr. ri....in.Vi ..
Surpassing- duality and inimitable
styles. One pair sells another. The
new University last has just arrived.
We have them in patent kid and
vici kid oxfords.
Price, $6.50
' t n a e
LONDON. J;tn 20 - Throe thou,
and trjoos have been mobilized t
t'revent a ntd ol Sultt.igrttes oi
rrcmier Asqutth
mm lav
UOSigO s tm
i Rpffftn
WASHINGTON. June 20 Tin'
u l.'te on the lnrorrc tax bill in
tl educed bv Senator Aldrich bci;nii
ir .the Senate today Senator Aid
rich, leader of the Senate, favors the
Ficsitlimt's tilnn of n 3 per cent i.
on corporation dividends m prefer
ence to the income tax.
Senate today deic.ited the duty ot
ten. The bill as passed makes tea
177 Plague
Anioy Victims
AM0Y, China- June 20 Tlicto
have been 177 deaths in this city
from bubonic plnpuc during the past
NEW YORK. Jn.,.. onfini-re.
..w .v .,. ...,. ... wiuibtuiiu nu
penred as a witness against him
' VI
wJ I MW.-Tirf.'

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