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t fy ' "lMi5HBt mraywa.y ay' i , -Wvon, .j,-
vwf ? "i8IIMt'!?,r'f ?-'' m- i'( ($ 2 f j
nvBNiNn titiu.irriN. noNot.n.1), t. h Tuesday, junc 20, 1900.
Hurrah !
. Boating
Rowing I
4th of July
1 n
I lM
The motorcycle that i, noted for its Simplicity, Durabili
ty StrcnRth, Power aid Soccd
The econo.nv of the motor bicycle apneals to nil, Its
(nit of maintenance a id operation is so insignficant as to
mike motorcycling th. most economical form of transpor
tation known today. When you stop to consider the vast
amount of rccicntion and pleasure obtained nt such low
operating cost, it is n)t surprising that motorcycling is
steadily gaining 111 public favor And when you bring
to these conditions a machine that is perfect in construc
tion, and dependable under the most severe service condi
tions, there can be lit le cause for wonder that the "R-S"
Motor Bicycle ''as Rained such a strong hold on public
Call and see our n stock or send for a catalogue.
Pottle s
A Sure and Safe Kid
ney Regulator.
Blood Tonic
To Cool and Purify the Blood.
These two Remedies arc necessary m a tropical climate. Are given
in the feed and water. For Horses that stumble or are logy and out
of sorts- von cannot do better than guc a course of these Remedies.
II JOHN POTTIE Hotel and Union Sts.
For Home Entertainment
The post-card pr, lector, which reproduces postcards,
photographs, etc. greitly magnified, upon n screen at
home. A wonderful 11 ;w invention.
Three sizes $5. $7 50 and $10,
Don't fail to see it right away.
Honolulu Photo Supply Co., Ltd.,
"Everything Photographic " Fort St.. below Hotel.
On Sale by
Coyne Furniture Co., Ltd.
The License Commission
Has no objection to people selling our SODA Sundays or
any other day The ol 1 town can't go dry so long as this
law is in effect. Ask t'01 Consolidated Soda at all Restaur
ants or order a case foi home,
Consolidated Soda Water Works Co., Ltd.
Telephone 71.
Tlio Standard Office Filing Cabinet is tlio
It is used in every office and known to be the BEST.
Prograpiof tlllo
Sports on , -July
As nminl at about thin time In tho .
cnr n Iiiiru Imncli of niort aro lie-j
KliinliiK to ft-ol lOHtlcmt .i.iid look low?-
ItiKly toward llllo, wlierj the fourth
Ik nlnuyi kept ii In uucli Rood style
Some ot tlio luck) ones urc going
up to Hit' rainy city on the Manna K-a
today, ami they will had tlmo to got
into form so us to Kreot tin. rest of the
Imncli who are IvaWnc tin Saturday
atternoon. And What a greeting 11
will he too, and how man) questions
will ho bIiiiib at tho men who saw the
llrst da) "a racing, as to how and what'
has won the events that were run on
Saturday, It is unfortunate thai the
crowd which Is going on Saturday's
hout will TiTlss one day'j racing, but
thai cannot be helped, and uujhnr
the big Merchants' Staked Is run on
N'lgcl Jackson, Dal Pah) and Kaoo
(the Walalua Horse) are lealng on
the Manna Kea and they ure feeling
very confident that thu race from Nino
Miles, Olaa, to llllo, will result In the
Honolulu trio finishing one, two, three
In tho race.
A) res also goes forward on the Mau
na Kea, and us he has been training
hard for tho walking race It will take
a good man to head him ocr any dis
tance at the heel and too game.
1 he horse racing portion of tho pro
gram for tho Fourth Is u ery good one
and the amount of prlio money pro-
lded Is rcmnrkablo for a town tho
slzo ot llllo. Most Interest Is taken in
the Merchants' Stakes and thoro nro
four entries for the race. Uanonlca,
Waring, Major Collier and Webber
aro the horses that will run, nnd Da
noulca should hao no troitblo in winning
The soccer football team is making
the trip ulso, and us they hao prac
ticed hard lately, there should be a
most Interesting game on the raco
track on Monday.
Thd amended program Is herewith
printed: ,
Saturday, July 3.
1 Hulf-mllo, Japanese horses, H'i
hands or under. I'urse, $50.
2. Threo-iuartcrB mile, freo for-all.
Purse, 11000.
3, Three-quarters mllo, Japanese
free-for-all. Purse, $100.
4 Ono mllo Hawaiian breds. Purse,
5. KlNcclghtliB mile, free for-all
Purse, 1300.
C. One and one-half mile relay race,
Purso, IIS.
Theto will be other races elicit for
cowbo) nnd broncho riding
Monday, July S.
1. Half-mile free for all. Purse
!!. , Three-quarter mile, Hawaiian
bred, Merchants' Stake. Maidens.
Purso 1500.
3. One and one-quarter mile
Merchants' Stake, free for all. Clos
ed with flo nominations as follows:
I. rt'arren, McLcnnon, Urughelll
John O'Hourke and Japanese Little
Joker. Purso (1500.
4. Mllo heuts, 2 In 3, freo-for-all
trot or pace .owners to drive. Purse
r, Three-quarters mile Japanese,
fice for all. Purse 1150.
6 Three-quarters mile, Hawaii-
nn breds. Purso 1250.
7. Threo-quurters mile, free for
all. Purse 1250.
8 Half mile, Japanese horses, 14
hands. Turso J50.
9. Half mile, Cowboys. Purse
10 Mile relay race. Purso $13.
Ilronco riding. Purse $f-!0
11 rive-elghths mile, fiee for
all Purse 1250.
Inir ,or more to enter, three or
more to start, unless otherwise speci
Kntrles closo June 26 at G p m,
Saturday, July 3.
Marathon race, start 9 a 111 17, V
IMchards, starter
Throwing the hummer. 17 lbs
Putting the shot 14 lbs.
Throwing tlm weight, dS lbs
High Jump.
Long leap t
Hop, step and leap.
Sunday, July 4.
Daseball game between Mooheaus
and Hllos, and Young Hllos ami Nnul
Monday, July S.
Soccer football game Start ut JO
a m prompt
Dribbling comiictltlon 10 snkes
Prize, medal.
Secretaries or other author-
Ized representatives of cluba
t ure asked to send In a list of
events, scheduled by them, that
they may be Included In the
program. Address all cotninu-
nluitlons to ttio Sporting Edi
tor, Evening Uulletln.
Jul) 3:
Sullivan vs. Cordell.
3: Sarconl vs.
July 0: Team.
(Country Club.)
18: Opening of Oahu
llaseball League.
One hundred )ard dash,
Half-mile race.
One mile walking race.
One hundred and twenty )aul hurdle
a a tt
Oahu League is
Booming in
The Oahu Daseball League Is mak
ing a noise like ball, and on July 18
cne of tho most brilliant league
opening da) a wo have seen for a long
time will tako place.
The two branches of tho league,
cenlors and Juniors, will play games,
and some unique stunts will bo pull
ed off In, the way of throwing, run
ning, etc. Tho ground Is rapidly
tclrtg'put Into order and the build
ings are also approaching comple
The president of the league Is the
well-known baseball enthusiast, E.
W. Qulnn, who is nlwa)a alluded to
By Hour nr Trin
6. C. Beokloy, Jr.
PHONE 190. .
'Stoush Game
Its Looking
Joels Cordell worked out yester
day afternoon at the Orpheum, and a
hie bunch of snorts rolled up to
watch the aspirant for chcmplon
'shlp honors go through his stunt.
I Jack went two rounds with Illch
ards, two with Sarconl, two with
"Snowy," and wound up with a rat
tling good go with a sailor. The
little scrapper Is only a light
weight, but he handed the stouch
out In great style, and as be Is a
two-handed fighter, he. made It warm
for the middleweight.
Cordell Is looking In the best of
condition, and besides working out
nt the Orpheum he goes In for swim
ming u lot, nd consequently looks
like a regular surf-board fiend when
he strips.
Doth the principals in tho big
fight are ceasing Id their work, and,
as they are very fit Just now, a rest
for tho balance of the week vvould
do them no harm. Sullivan Is down
t'o his ordinary fighting weight and
will step into the ring weighing 158
The challenger will also make the
weight with case, but, as ho remark
ed the other day: "A pound or two
won't worry mo; I've been fighting
out of my class as regards weight for
years. Dig or small, let 'em all
come." That sounds like confi
dence, docs It not? Well, In this1
particular scrap there will bo no
odvantage ono way or the other as
'regards weight, and It will all de
pend on which man has got the best
wallop stowed away In liis mitt.
Tho preliminaries are, tho same
as announcod In the uu I let in
some time ago, with nociception
mat ternanuez nas ueen suusiuuicu
for Terry In the Sarconl scrap.
Everybody will bo glad to see
Ironman McCultough once moro In
the squnred circle, and what a veil
of delight will go up when his sill
ing countenance Is seen once more In
action. The man he Is taking' on Is
n good one and will be no punching
bag to run up against.
Sarconl, the lad who made such a
favorable Impression on the fans a
few months ago, will have a stranger
to go up against In Fernandez, and,
as the latter is said to be a good
man, a line scrap will surely eventu
The remaining go between the
heavyweights. Miller and Richards,
should provide great Joy ,aa both
men are of the rushing order ot
scrappers, and can bo relied upon to
keep things going all the time they
ore In the ring.
There will bo no less than four
scraps, and that Is a tasty dish of
Btoush to set before a fan. .Why, a
man with a weak heart would qqver
go past tho second bout nnd then
would only be present In spirit at
the big go botween Sullivan and Cor
dell. And as spirits cannot collect
Wagers there would be plllkla for
the departed one, especially If he had
in the flesh backed the winner.
The tickets are going off very fast,
und It behooves everyone who Ip
tends to see the tight to get busy and
purchase the pastboard at once.
I xu mil 11
I ( a I Aw II 1
0 15
The Father of Sunday Baseball, who
will pitch the first ball at the open
ing of the Oahu Baseball League.
os the "Fathor of Sunday Dall." The
popular sport will pitch the first ball
on July 18, and the now league will
then start on Its Journey through
buseball life.
The prospects for a very success
ful season seem bright, and tt Is
thought that people won't mind pay
ing u moderate sum to watch ball, as
long as they are mado comfortable as
legards chairs, etc.
The now league had n hard fight
to got going, nnd everybody will re
member tho plllkla that hovo In
sight when It was thought uncertain
if tho C. A O. team would Join the
pew combination or not.
However, tho C. A. C.s showed
that they could, and would, stick to
their work when once glvon, and tho
icsult is that we aro to have some
teal live ball on a first-class ground,
whcio tho game can bo witnessed In
The bchcdulo for the Seniors was
published a few da) 8 ago, and toduy
that of the Juniors Is printed. It Is
as follows:
First gnme to start at 9:30 a. m.
Socond gnme at 12 m. Bharp.
,. July 18 Asahl D C. vs. P. A.
.; Muhock A. C. s, C. A. C.
July 25 P. A. C. vb. Muhock A.
C, ; 'Asahl II. C. vs. C. A. C. Jr.
Aug. 1 P. A. C. vs. C A. C.
Jr.; Asahl D. C. vs. Muhock A. C.
Aug.,8 C. A. C. Jr. vs. Muhock
Ai C.: P. Av C. vs. Asahl 11. C. I
Aug- K Muhotlc A. C. vs. P. A.
V . C. A. C vs, Asahl II, C. I
Aug 22 Miihnik A. C vs. Abu
hi II. C; C A C Jr. b P. A. C,
Aug. 29 Asahl 11 C. s. P. A.
C . Muhock A C vs. C A. C. Ji .
Sept. 5 p , C. vs. Muhock A. (Formerly cutter for H. P. Both, is
C . Asahl 11. C vs. C. A. C. Jr. now in chance of I. B. KERB &
Sept. 121; a. C. vs. C. a. C; CO.'S TAIL0IUNQ DEPARTMENT.
Following Is tho result ot the
baseball guino played at Lihue Park,
Kauai, June 20:
Vnraato 12345078
Duns ....053001 1C
Daso hlts..O 5 3 0 0 12 1
Asahl 12345C7 8
Huns ....1300022 10
Daso hlts.O 3 0 10 3 3 9
Struck out, by Kluiuro, 7; by Yo
komoto, 0, Daso on balls, Klniura,
3; Yokomoto, 4. Umpire, Sam Ahln.
Time of game, 2 hours and 10 min
utes. wntittatttiantiMn
Jr.; Asahl D. C. vs. Muhock A. O.
Sept. 19 C. A. C. vs. Muhock
A. C; P. A. C. vs. Abaht D. C.
Sept. 25 C. A. C. Jr. vs. Asahl
II C.j Muhock A. C. vs, P. A. C.
Oct. 3 Muhock A. C. vs. Asahl
n. C.J C. A. C. Jr. vs. P. A. C.
Oct. 10 Asahl II. C. B. P. A.
C; Muhock A. C. vs. C. A. C. Jr.
Oct. 17 P. A. C. vs. Muhock A.
C.J Asahl D. C. vs. C. A. C( Jr.
Oct. 24 P. A. C. vs. C. A. C.
Jr.! Asahl D. C. vs. Muhock A. C.
Oct. 31 C. A. C. Jr. vs. Mu
hock A. C.j P. A. C. vs. Asahl
H. C.
Nov. 7 C. A. C. Jr. vs. Asahl
u. u.; Muhock A. C. vs. P. A, C.
Nov. 14 Muhock A, C. vs. Asa-
hi D. C; C. A. C. Jr. vs. P. A. C.
and 4.;
Uncle Sam furnishes the!
4th and we are ready to fur
nish the fireworks.
Rockets, Finwhecls. Crack-:
en, Pistols, Flower Pots, Ro-',
man Candles, Torpedoes,
Canes- Balloons, Flage, Can
nons, Red Fire.
Exhibition assortments from
$3.50 to $20.00. Each one
a complete celebration.
Wall, Nichdte Co.
We have a Large New Shipment of
Now on disnlav. Look at our windows.
Very attractive prices. J
JL liLU L-
Iron Fence
Hawaiian Iron Fence and Monument Wor'
Brass Beds
$20 Each
and up
185 King St
Ladies' Undervests.
Good Quality,
White Cotton Cloth, 36 in. wide,
10c a yard
Xi. A-llOy, Nuuanu, below Hotel
Do you burn fr q I in your kitchei
range? An l-IJfll order place
with us will vvr1 prove how sup
erior it is to other fuel.
Honolulu Construction & Draying Cc,
Phone 281.
Fort St. Opposite Irwin & Co.
$1 a Year

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