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10 lbs. for 60c
25 lbs. for $1.25
Prepared by
Hawaiian Pertilizer Co.
Sold by
E. O. Hall & Son, Ltd.
HONOLULU, June 28, 1909.
The week was slfghtly warmer than the preceding one on Molokal;
Oahu, excepting In the Koolaupoko district; Kauai, excepting In the
Kawalhau district; Maul, excepting In the Lahalna district, and In the
N. Kohala, Hamakua, N. Hllo and Kau districts of Hawaii.
The total rainfall for the week was above the average of ten or more
years at all stations having such records on Kauai, Oahu, generally; In
the Makawao district of Maul, and in the N. Kohala and portions of the
Hamakua districts of Hawaii.
The following are the departures from the average, In Inches, In the
several districts: Hawaii N. Kohala -'0.14 to -(0 30, Hamakua 0.58
to ,0 08, N. Hllo 0 07 to 0.83, Puna 0 08, Kau 0 19, and N. Kona
0 04; Maui Makawao '1.03. and Lahalna 0.02; Oahu Koolauloa
0 28, Koolaupoko 0.14 to 1.27, Honolulu 0 00 to 1.52, and Ewa -10.10;
and Kauai Hanalei 0.33, Koloa -(0 92, and Walmea -10.18.
Following are the amounts, In Inches, In the several districts: Ha
waii N. Kohala 0 88 to 1.10, Hamakua 0.00 to 0.63, N. Hllo 0.20 to 0.50,
S Hllo 0.65 to 1.57, Puna 0 80, Kau 0 00 to 0.17, S Kona 2 08 and N.
Kona 144; Maul Makawao 183 to 3 11, Hana 2.C5 to 3 28, Walluku
0 00 to 0 03, and Lahalna 0 06; Oahu Koolauloa 0 58, Koolaupoko 0.50
to 2 18, Honolulu 0.12 to 3 63, and Ewa 0 21 to 3 41; Kauai Hanalei
1.27, Kawaihau 0.91, Koloa 0.70 to 1.84, and Walmea 0 23; and Molokal
0 86.
The need of rain Is being felt In some districts of Hawaii, and Kauai,
other than the dry districts.
The following table shows the weekly averages of temperature and
rainfall for the principal Islands and for the Group:
Hawaii 728' 0.73 Inch.
Maul . .. 74.7 1.15 Inches.
Oahu 75.5' 1.39 inches.
Kauai 75 6" 1.00 Inch.
Molokal . 75 0 0 86 Inch.
Entire Group 74.2 0.99 inch.
At the local office of the U. S. Weather Bureau In Honolulu partly
cloudy ts cloudy weather obtained, with measurable rainfall on five
dates amounting to 0.12 inch, normal for the week, and 0.24 less than
during the preceding week. The maximum temperature was 83, min
imum 70", and mean 76.4, 0.7C below the normal, and 0 8 higher than
last week's.. The mean dally relative humidity ranged from 66
to 78 , and the mean for the week was 70 0". Northeasterly
winds prevailed on each day, with an averago hourly velocity of 8.7
miles. The mean dally barometer rarged from 29.99 to 30.10 inches,
ind the mean for the week, 30 05, was 04 Inch above normal.
(Note The flguies following tlio name of station Indicate the (lulu
Willi which the week's report closed)
Puakea Ranch (21) Ittiin fell on tlirco (kites, amounting to 1 10
Inches, US Inch more than during tho preceding week A. Mason
Kohala Mission (25) -The mean temper.ituio wax 73 1. and tho
rainfall which occurred on four dales .8X Inch, 14 above tho average,
anil ,J9 nmiu than laid week's Hr 11. D Ilbnd
Kohala Mill (24) Mensurnblo rain fell on four dales and amounted
to .91 Inch, .30 about tlio average, and 11 111010 than tho previous
vveek'H. T. II Lllllc
Kukulhaele (21) The mean tempeiatnro waB 701. and there was
.10 Inch of rainfall on tho 23d 1.02 Inches lean than during the piece
ding week. K T, Harcla)
Honokaa (23) There was no lalafall, a deficiency of 1.21 Inches as
compared with last week's, and 58 Inch below tho uvcingo. Tho mean
tempt rattiro was 74,0 I' V Kniulsen
Paauhau (21) Tho mean temperature was 73 4, and tho rainfall
which occuricd on tho 24tli 03 Inch, 72 less than tlio previous
wcck'11, and .08 moiu than the nvuingo L. Wilson
Ookala (24) Showers occuricd on two dates and amounted lo 29
Inch, .68 below tho average, and 3.18 Inches less than last week's. Tho
mean temperature wus 7.' 2" V O, Walker
Laupahoehoe (24) Warm, diy weather obtained, with light "trades,"
and smooth urn Shovvcis occurred on three dates and amounted to
f0 inch, .91 below tho average, and 3 35 Inches less than last week's.
i:. W. Itarnai il '
Honohlna (24) I'lno weather obtained, with mcasurablo rainfall on
four dates amounting to .20 Inch, 3 37 Inches less than tho preceding
week's, and 1 26 below tho average W. M Fraser.
Hakalau (24) ShuweiR occuried on t dates and totaled .65 Inch.
.71 below tho averiiKO, and 3.10 inches less than during tho provlous
wocS Tho mean temperature was 73 0 J. TraBor. .
Papalkou (2D Showem occurred on flvo dates and umountcd to
1 r7 Inches, 134 less than during tho preceding week, and 07 Inch bo
low t lie average J T. Molr
Hllo (24) The mean temperaturo was 72.S", and tho rainfall which
oicuiied on live dateb 72 Inch, S3 below tlio aveiuge, and 2.90 Inches
less than last week's I, C Lvnian,
Ponahawal (21) Showers occurred daily, amounting lo 1 01 Inches,
.21 Inch U'bs than dining Iho preceding week. Tho menu temperaturo
was 70 9. .1 V. Oamullelson
Kapoho CM) (Six davs) Showcu ocomed dally and amounted to
.SS Inch, 118 below Iho nveiugo, ami 07 less than last week's, Tho
mean timperature was 73 l II J l.viuan.
Pahala (23) Tho mean temperature was 72.0. and thoro was no
liillifall, 08 Inch Ma than dining tho pluvious weelt, and .19 Ik low
the avuinge flaw Agile Co
Kau (23) Mcasuiablo rain fell on tin on dates, amounting to .17
inch, .35 I ibs than during the preceding week The mean temperattiin
was lai 2 W II HavMlden
Kealakekua (21) Showers occuricd daily and totaled 2.08 Indies,
1 20 moio than during the previous week. It. Wallace
Kealakekua (23) Tho moan toinpeiaturo was 70 7". Showers incur
ml dull) uiul totaled 1 14 inches, .01 Inch less than Iho uveragu, and
38 nun 0 than last week's llev H II. Davis.
Haiku (21) Light "tiuiles" piovallul, with char, sunny das, and
nightly bhowei-H amounting to l.b3 Inches, 1 OJ above Iho average, and
102 nun u lliau last week's The mean temperature was 73 0 I) I)
Huelo (21) The mean limpeiaturn was 70 6 Italns full dall) and
amounted to 3 11 luilies 19 liuli less lliuu liming tlm preceding week
I, I, IVrrclia
Nahlku I2J) Blinvvors oriurii'd dull) and totaled 3 28 Imlius 37
UK IT Ili:S0LVi:i), b) the Hoard of Sjiipervtsors of the City uud
Count) of Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii that Iho following iiiuii
llUNDIlLD SUITY-KIOIIT AND r.0-100 DOl.l.AKS, (J313 COS 50) ate
hereby appropriated to be paid out 0'' months In the Gcnurul Tumi
of the Tronsur of the Cit) and Count) if Honolulu fur Salailes fixed
hv law and other ralarles wages of Irhoi doiutiotis, iiialutqnance of
J ills, schools, and general epenCH of the sttld City and Count) for
Iho period beginning with the First tlt of Jul), 1909 and ending with
tho Thli tj-Pirpt day of December 1' 9 fnld ia)menl to on nude li
pio rata monthly sub divisions of said amount us stated In the schedule
thereof herein contained
lVr Month Six Month
Salailes fixed b) law I 3,(10500 1801000
2nd Illstiict .Magistrate of Honolulu, no: pro
ral"d . . ... U.DOO
District Court Mntctlal and Supplies 50.00 300.00
Clerk, Ofuco Lmplovees -M3 00 2 070 0,)
Clerk. Materlvl and Supplies -50 00 31)0 00
Mu)or. Material and Supplies ,. -JW '"' 900 00
Supervisor -Material and applies":.. T7.Tr.'... 1000 fiOOO
Auditor. Ofllco IhnjIovwH 20500 1.230U0
Auditor, Material and Supplies 75 00 450 on
Attorney, Deputies and Ofuco Lniplojocs 03500 3810.00
Attinhev, Material and Supplies 50 00 300.00
Atiorncv, Expensm, Civil and Criminal cases,
(not pio rated) , 300,00
Tn usurer, Ofllce Lmplnjees ,150 00 90000
Treasurer. Material and Supplies 2500 15000
License Collectors. P.i)-Ilnl 250 00 1.600 00
License Collcctois, Mnterlal and Supplif-i, not
pro rated . . . COO 00
Municipal Omcos Kent 250.00 1600.00
Maintenance of Pounds, I'iD-ltoll 30()0 18000
DnglneerliiK nnd Surveying Woik, 1'ay-ltoll ... 480 00 2.830 00
Knglneerlug ami Soft c.v lug Work, Material and
Supplies . . 100 00 600 0)
Miiintenanco of Parks, Pu)-Holl 24000 1.44000
Maintenance of Parks, Material and Supplies .. 30 00 180 00
Donation Knplolanl I'aik 700.00 4.200 00
Dislilct Cuilit i:mploees 11500 2,4901)0
Maintenance of Police Force P.i)-Itoll 6,87000 41,220.00
Maintenance of Police Force, Mnterlal anil
Supplies ... 1.000 00 0,000 00
Maintenance of Tiro Stations and lira Appar-
Inch moro than last week's, Tho mean temperaturo was 09 9. Q. O.
Hana (22) Tho mean temperaturo was 74 C, Showers occurred
on tlio first six dates and amounted to 2.05 Inches, .84 Inch moru than
dining tho preceding week. O. O Cooper
Klhel (23) Clear, rainless weather obtained, with northeast winds
nnd a mean temperature of 7C3 F. II, Haysolilcn.
Puunene (24) Italnlcss weather continued, with a mean temperature
of 74.4. W. Se,irby
Kahulul (25) Stiff "trades" prevailed, with no rain, tho same as
last week's. The mean temperature was 78 6 J. A. Hattle.
Walluku (24) Tlio mean temperature was 76 6, and tho rainfall
.03 Inch on tho 18th .08 less than during tho preceding week. Uro,
Kaanapall (24) Light to moderate Nil. winds pro v oiled, with close,
sultry weather and measurable night showers on 0110 datu amounting
to .06 Inch that amount more than last week's, and 02 leis than the
average The temperaturo was 78.0. W. Hobb.
Kahuku (25) The mean temperaturo was 74 4. Showers occurred
dally and totaled 58 inch, .28 above tliu average, and .36 moru than
tho preceding week's. II. T. ChriBtopherseu,
Maunawlll Ranch (25) Showers occurred dally and amounted to 2.18
Inches, 1.27 above tho average, and .S3 Inch more than last week's. The
liieuu temperature was 73.2. J. Herd.
Walmanalo (25) Tho mean temperature wus 78 0. Showers oc
culted on four dates uud amounted to .60 Inch, 14 ahovu the average,
mil 18 more than tho preceding week's A. Irvine
Manca (25) Halus occuried dally and totaled 2 03 Inches, 1 52 above
the nveiugo, and 1.00 inch moro than during tho provlous week. F N.
Pai kor,
Walawa (20) Tlio mean temperaturo was 73,4. and the rainfall 1 47
Inches, .09 inch moro than during the preceding week At the ditch
I hern wus 3 41 Inches of rainfall, 1 96 moro than last week's. A Lister.
Ewa (2ii) Clear to partly cloudy weather obtained, with rainfall mi
two dates amounting to 24 Inch, 10 ubovo the uverugo, and .20 moro
than last week's. The mean tepiporuliiru was 77.6. , Mullvr.
Kllauea (25) Tho mean teml
Khoweiy weather obtained, with iGlnfall amounting to 1,27 Inchon, ,3
I nth nhovo the average, and 31 111010 than last week's L. II Ilorelko
Kealia (25) Hliovveis occurred mi fclx dates and totaled .91 Inch, 63
mole t linn during the preceding week Mukio Sugar Co
Koloa (25) Dall) moinlng hIiowcis occurred and umoiiuiud Id I 84
Inches 97 Inch moro than lust week's, and .92 ubovo Hie uverugo 'm
mean temperature wus 75 2. The Knlou Huidr Co
Eleele (25) Showers occurred on Mx dates, umnuntluf, In 70 Hull,
.38 moro lliuu dining tlm preceding week Mcllryile Hugur -'"
Makawell (26) Tho liieuu luiiptratiliu wus 77 3" Showers Declined
011 lliu 251 h and amounted 10 28 Inch, 18 above, iho uvcrugu and ,21 moru
than lubt weeks Tlio liieuu lunpoiatuie wus 77.2' lluw Huyur Co
Mapulehu Ranch 126) -The nieuu luinjioruliirit was 750 Itulu fell
mi foui 'lulus and iiiuouiiii'il in 80 huh 18 iniiiu lliuu dining Hie pre
ceding week P f ('iiiiiadl
B'Mlen nirtctor,
uporiiiuru was 77.u. it, Miiuvr.
inijj'lturn wai 75.4. Partly cloudy.
1 lulnfull amounting to 1,27 Inches, .33
3 t75 00 2J,e'Ht i"
Ton 011
1 Km no
4 IHI 0.1
li 4imhmi
4 I Mm,
utus, I'uv-ltoll
.Maintenance of I'lto Stations and lire Appir
utus, Material and Supplies
Ccllccllou nml Disposition ol (laibngp
Maintenance nnd Construction of Lli-ctric Light
Sstem, Pay-IIoll , . .. (,85 on
Valiite-nanro nnd Construction of Electric Light
S)rttin. Material nnd Supplies l.olK.ui C Iomw
Maintenance and Construction of Ltectrlc Light
S)steui, Mateiial and Supplies, not pro laled. ysooo
Maintenance of Police and lire Alarm S)steni,
Pay Itoll 125-00 'iojao
Mi'lntenaiicu of Police and Fire Alarm System,
-Material and Supplies 125JW 7S4UbO
Mnlutenatiie of Ha walhn Hand, Pay-Itoll . . 169JOO 10.l70.oo
Maluleiiaiico of Huvvulian llaml, Matirlal and
-Supplies . - 1 .... 75.00 i'AJUQ
Corcners Imiuest. not pro rated 450JOO
Witness Kee-s, not pro rated 1(KUH)
Maintenance of Itoads, Honolulu District IIOOOZK) 72.ritKJj
Mnliiteiiauce of Cwa Itunil Dlstrlit 1 8'io.on iOMVJX)
Muiutenuncc ot Watanae Itoad District 490.00 S.toOXKl
.V.ullittliauce of Walalua Itoul District l.h'KUW 10.800jOO
.Maintenance of KiMilauloa Koad DUtrlet 1u0X)i) 10.kW.oo
Mulnteuaiiee of KiHilaupoko Itotd Distill t 2,1 hm 1.0 J IZMOojUU
Maintenance of Walmanalo ltoad District, not
pro rated G94UM
Kalliia llridge not pro rated tiJWi
Commission Collecting ltoad Tax, not pro rated ISOJDQ
Lulldlng and Pluiiiblug liiMis-ctor Salar l"i,oo - lfO.00
Dnlldlng and I'lnmblltg IimH'Ctor, Material and
Supplies 10.00 iO.IX)
Advertising, not pin rated 1 0'jOXK)
Wahlawa Pound, not pro rated ZinXOJ
Liulldlng and Plumbing liiHiector, llorso and
Duggy, not pro ratevl 475.WI
Liilldingand Plumldng Inspector, Keep of Horse :Jmi 1CM0
Pupukcn Homestead ltoad, not pro rated iQQjW
Poumalu Homestead ltoad, not pro rated 750.00
Looks, County Attorney's Ofllce, not pro rated . C71.SO
Maintenance of Schools LOoOaW CMQXii)
Janitors, Pay-IIoll 27100 I.CrCuO
Honolulu Jail Improvements, not pro rated ... 5.090.00
Hospital Lxpehses 1.150 00 OlKU-0
Lenhl Home 125aJ 7S0XK)
Met I III pector Pay-IIoll U 00 &00o
Milk Inspector. I'D Itoll and Transirtatlon I0oi)0 C0900
Fish Insiector. Pa)-ltoll 85.00 510.00
Morgue Attendant, I'U) -Itoll ... .'. 85.00 510.00
Sanitary Insjiector's Pay-Itoll 170.00 1.0200
City and County Physician. Pay-Itoll 150 (xi 990.00
Maintenance of Jails, laytoll 8C5 00 5 1990
Maintenance of Prisoneis bkSmi 4.110.l0
Clark's llridge redecked, Wahlawa, not pro ruled &00.00
Ma)or's Iteceptlon Fund, not pro ratnl . . . 50000
A'toclated Charities . . . loooo Cimj.oh
Mulioa llridge nnd ltoad. not pro rated .. 1.200 00
UK IT FUIITHKK Iti:S0LVi:i, Hut Ihu following sum amounting to
are herein appropriated to be paid nut of inoncjs In tlio ltoad Tux
Sleclal Fund of the City und County of Honolulu, for the building send
maintenance of rondo and bridges In the resu-ctive dUtrlcts iiaiiie-d
herein, said payment to be III pro rata monthly subdivisions of said
amount as stated In the schedule thereof herein eontalned-
Per Month, Six Mouths
Honolulu 2,000 00 12.000 00
Lwa and Walauue 1 ,000.00 C 000 00
Walalua 450.00 2.700 00
Koolauloa 200 00 1.209.00
AND III IT rUHTHKIt KIUIOLVi:, that tlio Auditor of Hie Clt
und Count) of Honolulu, Is hen by authorized and directed to drau
warrants on tlio City and Count) Treasurer fur any of the sums named
herein, or parts thereof, upon having died with him sclmdulu of sui
nrles fixed by law aul other salaries, of 'lunations named ben In, of
pa rolls and of accounts for material and supplies, arcouipauttd b
original vouchers uud cert I lied by the Clerk us liuvluj bteu duly paskod.
uud allowed b) the Hoard of Supervisors at ati) regular inittlng or
liny siecliil meetluK called for the purponH of cuuslilerlng exM-udltures.
AND UK IT FUItTIIKK ItKSOLVKD, that to make exM.udltun
under this Itesolutlnn, Il shall be nucssaiy Dial all salary lists. Items
of donations, payrolls, Mm of material uud suppllis uud accounts of
general exienses shall beforo being presented to the Hoard of Super
visors be papst'd upon by a Committee or Cmninltlies nml b) sudi Ut
tejioited to the Hoard of Supervisors with the reromuieudutlou of such
Committee or Committees, and sums found to bo lawfully due und pay
tihlo may then bo voted mikiii singly or collectively is louvenUui on a
call of the uyes nnd noes. In Hie event of ail) suih Committee fulling
or neglecting to so pass Uihjii any sueh matters, or to make uu reoum
luemlnllou In regard thereto, tho Hoard may lln-reiii) ail
AND 111' IT FUin IIICH IIKSOLVICD. that no pjyim-iits under Hits
llesolutlon shall bo made, nor Indeblednem of the fit) und Count) of
Honolulu Incurred, In any month In nii't, or the moiitlily pro rata
funis herein nuthorlred
Iniroduied by Supervisor DANII'l. LOOAN
Dated June 2Mb, 1909
The foregoing llesolutloii, inuklug upprupilailons far Iks rtrluu
f 11 v lies of iho City uud County of lloi.iilulu ut ui u regular tamtiBM
of the lioird of Hupervlsiirs of I lie City uud County of Umiujulg ImM
rn Moiulu)' Jiuiu 28lli A. I), 1949, iinntnl lo prlnl on llw (oHowltiti A
und No vole of Ihu suhl HOurd ol rlupervls'irs
Ayes' Ahla, A)li II, Kane, l'goii, Mtl'li Hun (jiiluu Tmsl 1,
Noes- Noun
Allien 1 nml not voting Cm Total I
Hoard of HuKrvlMiis of Hie Cll und ('ouiily id llwiolulu
11 ivvi.Aiiim-i,Ai.i JJi
il9--Junw H) it) July
1 1
(.'Hi uiul Vmmt t'ttok
1, 1 i
HIUJ Ju- . .. u uf (b
viKit of Oft 1,01 1. j I liiid I'ah
uilMtumr l'mi 1" 'J iiiwi M Kau
the work f op lii'ic up m tiart M uui1
near Wl)jlou fu H 1-0.01 tuu 4
f ud San Kaabsjw- tiu- Uaeasr lav-aj-ectur.
tvt" ebi air Vt'ti&t vt tbr
TerrltiMlal Samrr l pananiiaii as mum
00 tbe xruMflt. and uurttat oa
ting up thf trart taiw dt lata ata 4
rlKUtlHd r-y tin- sMBeails 1
"Tlie UttA is nnfttum t a
under learw to au- WsiuUsia
turai & Gratiot Ctmmmar." 34 Kaav
liane "It ( dliwtrd altuux aaa oaHaa
(rem Watohtoa Taw i4a ! was k
up Into ceeUssa. avrti ciatailag TTT
rBtr-for acres I aaaUtn- Ua4 amA
alxiut HsAi acres ul ascrti-tiataaal laata.
nmV'- - -hr tetavl area A -rtj tut 1
tliiiiy-iao acras. TVrrt
,tej)ty-'lie axifMcaBta iur Ma a ,
'eiil. practlcctlx atj a thnu UastwUam.
laud tliex irtu to ail ahum ttor
lots Ui be ofwB for trttltwesi
"l JfensM. irlw-i I a la
Waiobluu rrcestljr that ik rtorsunr
Usd lustreMed gr-r VftUmat t am
certain wbeUtrr or out ttw
who )uu HH44 tor taw tot 1
from WaioUea. mnsU gsr t baaTr
a tract o, la4 civt-er to tm IImiB'
vjiesed hi inrfnita to basramt k"
wauka laudt. Is or4er (luU ttuY Htftst
Maintain H,Jr boaata tigb at Ota -lage
TlKW tmrs lut aroaU W rnirk
stualk'T tlsau ta Kairrs tkw avraa tar
facii n ol Uwia latet, at w fs
Kw.L ooly froni lo cw as4 faatf
jcrtHL 1 uB4mtn6t tliai 1 avayM
cant preter Le lo; erWaMUt mpyHtt
for. as lii-r ctuiiter lite luta n 0 .
tillage too wal tu be of am tmtttt I
tM-neflt tu ) au4 for tada r 111x11111 I
do not Ihlul. Dial nsrtMsc 1M oa-ar
of Iho p4u tu Ui teu Ua M
tlio prewiit lime, at feat
The Kallbl Athletic Clt) UH4 a.
ver) Mir-ssful luetlug hut nidaA
and much bullae aa Uko at
before It adjourued It aa tft4Md
to give a dauc and outvewt im tb
evening of July 10
A fine pro gram baa bn arraae4
rod tbe erv lew of the llefal Hawa
iian Glee Club Lave b--u rBKKi 19
piovlde for tbe wltcblug wail; b4
popular two-atej).
Several new tsetaban bare Jue
the club, and Ibe liBauen IJie J
atltutlon are In a ik Rovrlaatvg
1 itiudltlot) The itroeeeaa f tbe W
I of tickets foi tbe dauce and eeueHl
will be deleted lo tbe benefit nt tbe
.The new Kallbl Park it at fa.
F.eltlng Into ti. mi in a imt
time now bftselwll abovhl be iur'
Milng on tbe Hew (Uauetid.
Weekly Bulletin U Per Yenr
The taroraui for ilw Ibumaa I
IwmJ eutti'ii 1I1V -tMiiua alii ho
Ward)-4Tie Bally aair ajfj
a) HoaB VaAattt wwi
" it- rf riiff rtniriltn
ifiowi m
uu vnmm -wm ,
1SMTI Ugag
(W TmSt'p Vtie 1 ai-tjuw ua&)
aWMItlatanu "i rl. t
JAT li
VuaaJ 4Jsaailaii auu,i. i b UttMf
tamimttm A Iiuijv.i, IJUI Uajfi '
vw ws( iixvwwi iaaw
I'lWtb tfaliuuki
Tli Vm atauu4 HtHaW
BWMai)ttaWkV 3sj-.

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