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s WtyW&W!
July 1st, at 8 o'clock
Linen, Torchon and Cluny
Laces and Insertions
These goods are brand new and embody
all of the latest patterns and designs. All
widths, - - - 15c a yd
German Torchon Laces
and Insertions
New and crisp goods, all widths,
8 l-3c a yd
See these Goods in our Beretania Street
Show Window
Sachs' Dry Goods. Co., Lid.
jT.piVral "0""O 01'' klck or Wnianac sand, coral
or rock furnished to fill up depres-
"501113? X4QIL Mons or buil(I UP terraces.
Phone SOO F. M. FOND
Repaired ,0n M at our Garae
Your mncliine will bo taiy for
you when we -say it will 'ic. Wei
don't experiment ou nutos; we repair i
Von Hamm-Young i1
Kins and South Sts.
Royal Hawaiian
Repairing by Expert Mechanic.
Prices Reasonable.
2 1-2 x 1-4.,. 3 1-4x4 1.4
3 1-2 x 3 1 -2 J 3 1-4x5 '-2-
4 ' 5
0 ex.
12 ex.fA
:4 ?"
G ex.
12 ex.
G ex.
12 ex.
Kach Do,.
.04 .45
liach Do..
..o; .Co
Uach Doz.g
.06 70.
Our fonmila is:
"Personal attention
and thoroughness."
Take Your Films to
JBWIf I'Vijii 1
Merchant St.
Schuinnn Carnage C Ltd.
Merchant St.
Ve Iflo O
Car No. 184 can now
be Found at
TEL 199
Officers Elected Ana
New Orleans Gets
Next Conclave
1909 AND 1910.
Illllicrl.il Potent lit o (lonrgu I..
Street, of Itlclimoml, V.i.
Imperial Deputy Potentate 1'iedcr
Irk K III'ios. tif Los Amjoles
lui'rl.il Chief It:tljlan J. Prank
I'icul (if Pargi N. 1).
Inipcilnl Assistant HiiIiIj.iii W. J
Cunningham, (if llultlmnie.
Iniliril.il High Priest iitul Prophet
tMIII'iin V lu.ln ur Wheeling
Imperial Orh in il (iiihle -Jacob T
.t.iiiou, of Columbus
: Iiupciinl Tre.isutor William S I
Brown, tif Pittsburg (reelected)
Imperial Itoeordcr Benjamin W
Howell, (if Boston docketed)
llil'il.u I'lrsl Ceremonial Master
Pi edoilck IL Smith, nf Hnclioitrr. N. Y
I Imperial Second CereiiKinlnl .Muster
J P Slovens, of I'lirlliinil. Jlc
1 Imperial Marshal llenr) I". .NMil
! liughutis, (if SI UmiIh
I llil'ilnl Cnptiiln of Die (lirird
Charles I:. Ovcrshlic, of Minneapolis.
Imperial Oilier (liniril Lll is J. Jnu
ohy. of ImllniuiiKillK (nil.
Tliu thlrty-nflh sessnln nf the Ini
lierlnl Council of tlie Ancient Arabic
(Inter of N'olile of the Mvhllo Slirllle
cniuo to nil end at 3' II) o'clock jester
day nfterlioon In Scottish Kite Catho
ilral, Sixth mid Walnut sttcels, after
(mo nf the most liiirimiiiloiiH meetings
III the history of llic Phi)gtcuiic1 of
.Musoniy, sa)s the l-oulsvlllo Courier
.lonrnal. Only two session of the Im
pel hil Council vvoto mccss.irv In which
to complete ItK business The fact Ik.
thoio was hut little of liiiorliincc lo
he transacted hy the nobles, with tin
ht For
i Pines
Washington lime 1M - In imexpecl
'dlv short imltr He Senate todjv took
ip and ill ihikciI of the liimher schedule
Hid then ctlltll'lg Upon the discussion
if pineapples, ngiccd iihiii the provi
sion icgulutlng the rates of duly on
ili.it :n tide
The sailing uas not Kiiioolli when
It ratlin to pineapples. The contention
In this connection w.u foi I I j lift tales
mil cniiiu frnni Duiimciit.c rources.
l'he olijectors weie Taliaferro mid
Fletcher of Florida The house hail
Hed ii diilv of b cults per ciihlc foot
11 pliif.ipjdcH In h'liiels and of (8 per
ilioiiKiind, hilt the Senate Committee,
oil Flu. nice reduced this rati- to 7 cents
mi! 7. icspt rltwly. Ihus rublorln;,' the
lirovlsloiis of the Dlimley law,
Tnllaferio preseiilt'd an 'amendiueiit
eutorliiK the llonxe rate, hut chutiKiiiK
'he other K)itlons of the prolnlous so
is to lequlro Hie p.iyinent of half a
out a pound for pineapples In hulk.
Tlu ((intention wis for and against
ilils lucieasr and the llsht was mainly
oetwe ii Hit Klorlil.i Senators repre-
'yentltiK a pineapple piodiiel'ii: Stnlo
and Smith ami Itnjucrnf Mai land In
whose State there ale lame pineapple
caiinlnK tstalillshiuenls I)lsaoului;
nil championship of the miners, the
..MaOUlid Scnalors in. oh a struuiious
flRlit ou Kcneral principles against the
Increase of the dut. Il.it tier t harmed
I the Hepuhllcnn p.irt ulth hid fnllli In
pioinlsliiK to lower tariff duties
After n deliite cNlemllim over all nit
four hours' lime, the Talhiferro atiiein!
inont was addplcil 114 In 3D This was
u defeat for (he finance (oinmlttee hut
the amendment wag not stteiiiiniisl
leslsted hy the committee and hecinl
of Its members voted for II.
In the case of Lewis S. CooK. Ltd
iiealtist Mary II. Atcherlc), C'leiK
'riiompMin of the Supieine Court
has Just received acknowledgment of
iccelpl b the clerk of the U S. Su
piemu Couit of the records on tile in
the above t.ise. and has been Klven
niiiubei 197, set for October, 1909.
The plaintiffs In the cave of Solo
mon Kauliiuie et nl against William
l.aa have submitted a motion In the
Supreme Court to dismiss the de
fendant's exceptions.
Van N.inlcn's Mug-ulne will havi
'ill ill tide on Hawaii h A II l'ord In
Its August Issue
lAccplinil r ihctlii)! tin oilier emu .1
the h Ik Hon of the u M meeting place
and having a " I time
New OrlPiiu was iinuiiluiousi) cjios-
eli as the tmctlug pluce next .veir and
the date of holding the session was
fixed nt April 7 and s In order lint
cooli r weather conditions tu.i) prevail,
other than the nobles cimc In contact
wllh In Louisville during the month of
liinv. Iteallv there was no conies! on
the tloor of the (ouucll for the next
imotlllK pi, He Although Toledo did
lint withdraw from the i;ue. vet it was
cccii when the time came for selecting
u place that Ncvv Orleans hail II by
overwhelming odds. Toledo nobles
took their defeat gond-iinttircillv and
joined In making the vote for New
Orleans unanimous.
Won In a Walk.
Lllas .1. .Iiicoh), isitrntiite of Mural
Temple, lnillunaiolls, lud won the
election ns outer glial d in n walk. The
falling down of W. I'reeland Keudrlck.
of I. ii Lit Temple, Philadelphia, I'a.,
was a great snipiNc to his ft lends. The
llrst li.ilt.it wiih such a siirpilse to Iheiii
Dial It uas several minutes before
they got their lirinlh and when the)
did get It the Minister noble hail c.ii
IiiioiI the pi Ire. The first ballot saw
four candidates In the Held for the of
lice, i; I., (I.'iirelson, of Anil Temple
TiKonia, Wash : Kilns J .lacohy, of
Mural Temple Indianapolis, Ind.; WII
Hum Van Sickle, of Moslem Temple
Dettolt. Midi., and W. Freelaml Kend
rick, or 1 .11 l.u Temple. Philadelphia.
I'll. The fit st ballot resulted III Mr
J.iuihv leading In u hlg luaVnlt) Mr
Van Sickle ami .Mr. Cnrrelsou with
dicw from the race and the second
ballot resulted as follows. Jntoh, 250,
and Keudrlck, 1S.
No Ctunnr In Rulci,
An aliempt was made to make n
change In the rules as rpg.nds the fees
In (oiinecHoii with slirineilom, hut lids
was voted down by an ovcrwhvlmlui;
William Dalley, of Korein Temple,
jllnvvlliis, Wo. made the repot t of the
'committee on time and place of meet
ing next vear Mr Dalley stated that
the commltuo was unanimous in nc
(iiiiiiiL'tidliig that New Orleans b sc
llecled as the mieling dace for the
I Shi liters anil that the (Into he changed
to April 7 mid S for the reason Hint
cooler weather might be experienced
In that latitude during April than May
or June The New Orleans nobles
wauled the (lute fixed about the middle
of Mav. but the (oiiimlttee decided on
April The New Orients nobles sild
lh.it the dale would be sullsfactoiy
The recoininc'jdullou of the roininlt
tie also contained a proviso Unit u
spec lal committee be llplMllllleit so It) !
Ill case Hie hotels of New OrU ills d
not ke p their agreements la guirim i
teeing not lo lalse their pilces alio
the prices for onllnnrv occasliuis 1m '
cdiunilttee with the imperial xit n
late, mav have the siwer lo rlinmo
the pl'Ue of tneetliig This wns aN.
siillsfactor) In Hie New Orleans n ihli -Tlie
dales of the thirl) four session
preceding the Uiulsvllle mieilug and
the cities In which the) vveie held an
as follows.
June , I87fi. New Yolk Cltv
IVIirtiniy , U77. Alli.ni N V
IVIminr) fi. 1S78, New York flu
Ktlnii.it) 8. 1879. Alhativ N Y
rebriinrv 4. 18S(l. Alb.iti). N Y
June 2. 18SH, New Yotk Clt)
June 9, 1881, New York Cllv
June 7, 1SS2, New Toik I'll)
June . Ibi.l. New York Cltv
June I. 1S8I. New York Cltv
June I. ISs:., New Yoik Cltv
June H, 1SS5, Cleveland
June 20. 1S87. Indlaiiniiotis
June 2.1. 1SSS. Totouto. Can
June 17. 18.9. Chlc-igo
Juno 2.1. 189D, Pittsburg
June 9. 1S9I, Niagara Kails N Y
August i;. 1892. Omaha
June 1.1 U9.1, Cluclniintl
June 21 1S9I Delivei
September 2 189,1, Ninitaskel lleni.li
June 21. 1S9C. Clew-laud
June 8, 1897, Detroit
June II, 1898. Dill.is.
June II. 1899. Murrain
.May 22. 19oil, Washington. 1). C
June 11, 1901 Kansas City. Mo.
June 111, 19U2. San Francisco
July 8. 903. Saratoga Springs. N Y
July 13, Hull. Atlantic City. N Y
June 20. 19ns. Nlngira Tails N Y
June 12 lsofi, Chicago
Mn 7. 1907 Los Angeles
July U, 1908. St. l'nul.
fisHHSjWork Horses
""SHjSJ, Co , Young Dulldlnrj
the Electric ,
"Iftg. CO. Yo
;vJS5 (Under
HsmUC-iSlRll). Bishop St.
Reccptl ex Alamfda a New Ship
mint of Iateit SI vies in
Large imported woik horses for sale.
Fort St.
TEL. 100.
- I jTJW"''01- Henl" cartfs on talo M
J5T nuLETIN ADB PAY -fpQ; Ihe Uulletln odise.
Matchless Styles
In Regal Footwear
now beinp; worn in New York and
oilier fashion centers. Exclusive
models and hili grade in every par
ticular. Vamps made in King patent colt
and uppers of suede of different col
ors to match clothing. Up-to-date
joung men are buying them rapidly
because the shoes are nifty and styl
nil. Custom Special, bench make. $5,00
n pair,
ftSiijji f-iSWrtyV
Regal Shoe Store.
McCiimllcss Will,'
King and Rctlid Sti,
petition Finni
M. I' Iloblnsoii. Hie surviving en
eciitor or the tslale of Ihe late James
llobliisoti, has nsked Hie Circuit Conn
In a petition tiled today, ror a Diiiil ills
trlhiitloii of the proipert) in accordance
with Ihe terms or Hie will left Id Mr
Iloblnsoii. lie sets forth Hun no s.'tl
lion has over been filed asking for the
approval ol final accounts, and at ores
cut the titles are vested in him
This Is the case in which the six
unnuiil accounts wen. n mi n'..,i n.
September 7, 1870. M llolilnson. Hie I
line v I' Ward niiil the lute 8 C
Allen were npimlutcil e.tecutors of the
last will of the late Jumes Hoblnsoii
Tint will was admitted to promt.
March 11, 1878. Ward die March 19
1892 mid Allen. Mid 13. 1903 Tin
letllloner states that an annual ac
counting has been rendered up until
the present time, mid now asks for n
final distribution of Hie propert). which
is said to he v allied at 1100,000
VERY DaY can be
Sunday for the
cooK when jou
Cooliing is playing,
to ihe woman 'who
hts a Cas Stove.
Honolulu Gas
Co., Ltd.,
. n
For covering Wall-Paivcr.
Plaster or Wood '
The ideal snmtarv wall cov
ering. In runny tints.
Sec sample in nctual use in
new rooms of the Alexander
Young Cafe.
Sold by
Lewers & Cooke, :
177 S. King $t.
Teiritoriat Board of
Office 403 Stancewald Bldg.
The most ponular J
place in town, J.
The Fashion Saloon
Hotel St. near Fort.
Jack Scully. Jack HobfrK 1
' " i i iii i. . m J
SiiKTliitetiileiil of Pnhllc Works
Miirslou Campliell this mornlnir nn
Ii "-'Hi Hint he had concluded succesB-
lul iiegotiatlcui lor Ihe widtnlng of
lli'lel street, between Alake.i and
Itlchnrcls tlrevts. Tlio iiciiulrument of
lliu nccostar) proierly to ussiire the
widening of the sheet lias been a sub
ject r illlllcult work cm the part of
Mr Cumpbell, and ho received llmil
word nt ncKiii that Ihe prciiHisltlnn made
by the Hoard or Public Works for Hit
property hud been accepted It means
n Kleal dial to the clt) to have this
st I eel made wider, and has been agitat
ed for a long time without icsiilts un
III now-. i
, Although he piotcstccl streuit
'ousl), Attorney Doiithltt had to sub
mit to the otilei mudo by Juilou lloli.
Iukiii this illuming in tlie Clicui'
Coin I to tiansfei the iwo nw
against Yoshlda, ludlcteil by tlio
iTciiriiiulal Hriuid Jui) Mr nosault
and battel) und false llnpi l.oiiiiicnt,
to Judge Uhiiuuys court Tlio
transfer vvim in.ul,. iccoiim of the
ili.t i use whh It has begun licfore
Judgo Itiiblnsoii, and the etowded
((million of the calendar.
Levy's for Groceries
Thone 70.
these was nl once subscribed. Tvv.v
hundred dollars were given to the.
IiIiuiii,i pniMiuugc limn.
A kerles of Iniurestliig nitdicsseH
was dellveieil li 1' T I'ukiMi, .Mrs.
I. r. Kolsom or llllo, oo Yee lltll,
Deaconess Land and others.
I The annum meeting of the Wo
man's Auxiliary and (liilld of the
L'pUcup.il Chinch lit the Island vvua
held )eslnl.iy In the .Memorlul I'ar
ish House of SI Androvv's Ctilheilial
The llnaurlal rcpoit uhowed that
twice us much inunuy was raised ni
last year and n larRor iinmbor of
pailshea IikiI lirnnches of tlio auxili
ary I Tho Hot, Shim Yin Cliul of Kuln,
Maul, told iif his nccil ur a hell anil
it fQiniiiunJoii Krvlco. Munc twe
Judgment wus allowed plalnllrf In ,
the case of Cecil I frown and others
ngalnat Kiiima Niiwahl b) Judgu
llolilnson this mnriiliiE, uftei llstoiM
lug to Hie aiuuincnts In tho proi ceil
ings hroiisht to rorcclofo u SO, 000
mortgage Tho llllo Sugnr Coin
pan) wore llrst named In the ait Ion
but II led n dlsdnlincr. having no In
lei est In tlio propert) The action
In foreclose was liruuglil on tlio
Riuiniils or failure lo pay principal
or Inluicst, and fitlliire to reply to
Hie suit. M. T. Slmonton, elerk u(
the Circuit Colli t. wus appoln'tccl
coinnilsaluiior or the estaio under
bond or SOOO ,
I'ur a tulislileiatliiii ur il.'l a deed
was Died toda couvivlug hum ,lao-
ciululi do l-'rlis to Willi un Uieliu uop-
or iv at ('.ilama, Uuiiolulu
For Sale
Large new house and lot, 4080 J
sq. ft. on Ruckle Lane, between Kti-, i
kui anil Vincjaul stiects. Substau- '
Unity bui'.t. Iron roof. 3 bedrooms.
Modern llumbing At n sacrifice. P
P. E. R. Strauch '
WullyBMiT. 71S. KliigSt, h
... t
-. 4-'-
MM WlllIlM-
"j"1. 9t? -"e
M. -1 1L.

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