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'fJIgy'iJi 'WmlWfW1 'T"?'"':e,' '","-1 wyrMjMwy
'TTnjjr&WHW''- "K
"" 'J 'iwyH"
HfSSnh? .1h.i'irho ".'"V'1 of ,8ulwvlBirH of tho CltV n.l County of
ho cuv n'!.,?T,nl ?, ""'."V10 "c""n ag MumMnit Inspector of
u?wer nnrt '!. 8?raV S"l,,plu.D'bJ'S Inspector hall have all of tho
J?r w ..i " A'"'0 n" of tho duties hereinafter provided, and
wfinr iJ ? , "" lh" lwors and porfoim such other duties as may
hereafter bo designated by tho Hoard of Supervisors.
i.n8V.-f.?i' rFrnln an'1 Brlor ',J, l,a"nB0 of this Ordinance, It shall
uo '"iiawiul Tor any perron or persons, firm or corporation to rarry
o?Hnnni,nr.,!,,Mr,or ,U' ..ny l!umul''B i I" City and County
f it v uh i""".' h0 nr ,h(!y lml1 ,,BV0 nrst restored at tho offlco
or the Plumbing Inscctor.
Section 3. The Treasurer of tho .City and County nhall Issue to
nny person or persons, Arm or corporation who has registered In
accordance with tho provisions of bcctlon 2 hereof, a license to do
plwnblnR work In tho Cltand Count of Honolulu.
No llcenso shall bo granted lor moro thnn one year or tho unexpired
period thereof; all licenses shall cxplro uron tho first day of July of
each year.
The. annual fco for such license khall bo- tho sum of Ten (10.00)
ixniars, which fee shall bo palil to tho Treasurer of tho City and
acctlon 4. ncfoie or nt tho time a llcenso Is Issued as provided
in Section 3 hereof, tho applicant therefor, tlin'.l glvo a. bond to tho
city and County of Honolulu In the sum of Klvo Hundred (1500.60)
uollars, with Rood and sufficient suroiics lor tho faithful dlscharco
or his or their duties under this Ordinance, which bond Bhall bo approv
ed by the Board of Supervisors.
Section R. Any person or persons,- firm or corpn.allon before do
!'i1K ).'!' l'll,n,,ll"K work In "y building of any description within
mo City and County of Honolulu, except In enso of stoppages In pipes
or repair of Icaka In drains, vent pipes, waste pipes, faucets, valves
and water supply pipes, shall fllo with tho Plumbing Inspector, plans
ami specifications which shall clearly show and Indlcato tho entire
work to bu done, tho number and clnrnctcr of all fixtures, the slto
and locations of all drain, waste, roll and cnt plpes,trops and" clean
outs, and whether connection Is to bo made with tho sewer or with
n cesspool, , , '
Tho plnnH and specifications shall be nrcimp!lsli3l by an applica
tion, written In Ink upon blanks furnished by tho Plumbing Inspector,
giving tho namq of tho owner orowners of tho proporty and the exact
location of llio samo. together with such other Information iaa may
Ikj required by tho blanks, and no pirt of such work shall bo dono
until a permit authorizing the samo shall havo been Issued by tho
Plumbing Inspector. , .
Section r,. No permit shall bn Issued to any perron or persons,
firm or corpornt!onfor doing plumbing work In tho City arid County
f Honolulu, until tho sum of 2.00 haa been paid to the Plumbing
Insicctor therefor, provided that this provision shall not apply to
tho repair of leaks In drains, vent pipe, wnsto Mpes. fauceta, valves
nr tvntn. ut.nt.l.. ntnj.M ... ... .t. . . .. . .
-. ....... -,,,,., ..j-, ur ,u mo reaiavai or oDsirucuons in pipes.
Ono permit shall suinco for one btilliUafc and onoouthOuso only.
Section 7. When a permit Is Issued, tho application, signed by
tro person or iicrsons, firm or corporation, together with tho plans
n..d specifications, shall bo filed with tho Plumbing Inspector 'and
ilwll thereafter remain In tho custody of said Inapector.J Whon It Is
deslrablo to make changes In 'tho plumbing work from that shown
on tho plans and specifications as nlcd, tho person or persons,, firm
or corporation to whom tho permit has been issued shall glvo notice
or such changes, and If such changcaart found to bo In accordance
w.th tho provisions of thls'Ordlnanco, such changes shnll bo allowed.
Section 8 In the construction, construction or alteration of
imy building of any description. Inflpcli plumbing fixtures nro to
bo placed nil plumbing work shall bo Wfinected with tho public Hewer,
where such sower Is accessible, and, whero thcro Is no sewer, acces
elblo, with n cesspool, construction to tho approval of tho Plumbing
Inspector. All bulldlngB In which the plumbing has been done, prior
to tho passago of this Ordinance, must conform to this Ordinance
before being connected to tho hewer.
Section D. Tho term "houso sewer" 'Iff herein n-efi lo designate
thnt part of the drain between tho sowrr or cesspool and to within
llvo feet of the building connected or fo be ciinnccloj with the sower
ur cesspool. Houso sowers shall n6t bo loss thwi four (4) Inchos In
diameter and tkall bo of cast Iron iIh or sile glixed vitrified plpo
and shall bo laid to a true grade, at Ici-t one! foot under ground.
Chnngcs In direction shnll bo made by "Y" bran-hos and 1-0. 1-8, or
MB bends. Salt glard vitrified pipe wlb not be 'allowed under any
building. If salt glared vitrified plpo Is used In the construction of
imy sower, It shnll havo a fall of nt loast ono quarter of an Inch to
tho foot the Joints shall bo mado of mortar, composed of equal parts
of Portland or other good standard cement and clonu-screeued sand,
nnd said Joints shall bo covered with cloth In hying. A disk entirely
filling tho houso sewer plpo shall bo kept In tho pli and drawn foiv
ward as each longth Is land. Whon ghso.l vltrlflM plHi Ik used -In
wet ground or water, tho samo rhaU bo concreted entirely around tho
plo up to a thickness of at loast six Inches. Whon .-nst Iron plpo la
iiucd all Joints shnll bo packed with picked oalorn an I rim with molt
en lead, mid shall bnwcH caulked, and fhnll hive a fall of not less
thnn thrco-slxtccnths of an Inch to tho font, In tho cm st motion of
nny houio sower no Intermediate section of ra'.tiglirod vitrified stone
plpo shall bo used between sections of csst Iron plpo nor shnll any
cast-Iron soctlons bo used between rcctlunn of sttf glared vitrified
stone pipe. Tho flow of nlr shall not bs o'isjiucted In any houso sewer
when connected with any cesspool or rewor.
8ectlon 10. Tho term "houso drain" Is herein used to dos'finnto
that part of tho drain under tho first floor of tho building or structuro
and oxtondlng flo feet outsldoof tho walla thorcof. All houso drains .
rnnn oo or cast-Iron or galvanized wrought Iron pipe not less than
rour inches In diameter and shall havo a fall of not loss than 3-16
I Vt 'ncn.10 tno foot buildings or structures of over thrcoi atorlcs
in night tho grndn of cant Iron plpo commercially known as Extra
Heavy or galvanized wrought Iron shnll bo used fiu- tho house drain
soil awsto and vent pipes and tho fittings fhall bo of tho iianie grade
All houso drains Bhall bo Beciiroly Ironed to wuIIh or laid In trenches
of uniform grado or suspended to floor timbers by atrong'lron haugors
Jo. no caso shall daublo hubs bo allowed and all hubs shall bo laid
opposite to tho fall of tho sower. Drass clcanout connection located
In nccoBslblo places shall bo put In nil house drains at tho foot of each
.vertical riser and at every change of direction of the drain.
Section 11. The. term "soil pipe" Is herein used to designate' the
vortlcul plpo to which ono or moro wntor closets nnd other fixtures
are connectod. All soil pljio shall bo of cast Iron or galvanized wrought
ron plpo not less than four Inches in dlamotor, and If of cast iron.
In bulldlngB of over thrco stprles. shall bo of oxtra heavy grade. All
soil pipes shall be continued unobstructed and undlmlshed In size not
les thnn, ono (1) foot nor moro than fouileen (14) Inches nbove tho roof
of the building. All soil pipes shall bo run on n ntralght a lliio:n,s,po!v
shlo and shall not terminate within ten (10) feet of any window or
opmlng. If galvanized wrought lrnn plpo Is used all tlie fittings must
bo recessed and the plpo reamed to full bore. , '
tn tho construction of soil pipes all cast Iron pipes and fittings shall
bo covered,-Insldo and outside, with a ooatlng of .nsphnltum. Changes.
In direction, of boII pipes Bhall bo made by "Y" branches and 1-0, 1-8
or Mil bends; nnd In no cascehall double hubs be used except for
vent flttlngB where the fittings arc to be Inverted. Sanltnry "TV
may be used In vertical runs. Tin pipes and pipes made from sheet
metal shall not be used In tho construction of soil pipes.
Section 12, The term "wastn Vlp" Is herein used to designate
tny pipe lendhg from any flxturo to n soil plpo or houso drain nnd
receiving the discharge from nny fixture. All wnste pipes except ns
herein provided shall bo of Iron, tlranch wnstn pipes may be con
M rue ted of lead or Iron, provided, however, that If load Is imed It shnll
bo only as n branch to connect with an Iron pipe und shnll not exceed
three fcot In length. Tho size of the waste pipes shnll vary nrcordlng
Ir. the fixtures they are lo serve, and In no event rhall be less thnn
the following:
Cloret .' -
Slop Sink 3
Floor Drain t 2
ikBath . , 114"
8lnk , 1(4"
Wash Trny- ,....114"
Urlml , t4"
liar Waste fx-
Uasln it,"
All wasto pipes from grcafe traps shall be In slzo not less thnn
the mutlct of same. Wnste pipes from refrigerators or other recep
tacles In which provisions nrc kept, Fhall noo connect directly with
tho drain: soil, or vent pipe, or discharge unon tho ground beneath
the building, but shall be trapped and tho discharge therefrom allowed
to drip Into nn open flxturo In dully use, or bo convcjeil to tho ground
nt least three (3) fcot away from tho building.
Section 13. All Fixtures shall bo ro separately and linlepcndonlly
trapped as near the opening thereof as Is practical.
All traps shnll have n water seal of not less than l',i Inches In
depth and shall bo set true to water seal. The slzo of eiery trip
shall bo tho same as tho wnsto plpo It serves. Kitchen rinks shall
bo provided with an approved grenso trnp when connected to the pub
lic sewer. No grease trnp (hall In nny caso bo placed under n build
ing or structure. Tho capacity of grease traps shall be ns follows:
For residences, not less than thrco (3) gnllons;
For restaurants, hotels, tenement nnd boarding houses not less than
30 gallons. ,
Provided, however, that grease nftps In all restaurants, holds, ten.
cmnnt and boarding houses shall bo constructed subject to (ho npprovnl
of the Plumbing inspector. No bell trapn shnll bo used In nny case.
Antl-syphon traps shall only bo used whero tho Pliimblmr Irmiwrinr
' finds (hat It Is Impracticable lo use nny other. All traps In the ground
or'ln concrete sluill bo of cast Iron coaled with nsphaltum.
Section 14. In every building or structuro whero there Is n wnt'er
, cloret; there 'Bhall bo at loast 0110 four (I) Inch cast Iron vent pipe,
; running from tho house drain unobstructed nnd undiminished In slzu
to a point not less than ono (1) foot nbovo tho roof of the building
or structure or fire-wall, or If such building or structure has a fire-
, wall wllhln ten (in) feet of said vent, then not lcsn thnn ono (1) foot.
above said. Arc-wall. The terminal of all vents shnll bo nt least ten
(10) fcot from any window or opening.
All traps within any building or within flvo feet of any building
Bhall lie vented by special nlr pipes of lead or Iron, but In no caso
1 shall n vent plpo end. In. chimney' or earthenware flue. No lead plpo
shall be utcd for any vent except as n branch to connect with nu Iron
pipe nnd then only for a distance -;iot to oxcocd two .foot. Vent pipes
may converge Into one plpo at any point not loss than three fa) feet
six (6) Inches above the floor lino of the building or structure. All
cnt pipes shall bo extended nbovo tho root or tho building or structuro
In tho samo manner ns tho four (4) Inch cast Iron vent plpo herein
leferrcd to.
Tho slzo ol ent plpcn for each flxturo rhall not bo less than tho
llnslns :..AVi"
Flnkn i,i
Ilaths lli"
Wash Trays '..".... 1 W
Urinals .' "
Har Sinks , t!V
nidct I Va"
Bltz Uaths 114"
"Water Clofcts 2 "
Slop Sinks ! 2 "
All vent pipes shall have a grado towards the trnp nnd shall not
be carried moro than 12 feet oul of n vertical lino to enter another
pipe. When two water closets arc on a four Inch vent stack, such
stack may vent both closets providing It Is within 21 Inches of tho
tinps of such closets, on tho line of tho pipe.
Whenever fixtures aro grouped tho vents therefor shall not bo less
than the following:
1 Rasln on ono Vt" plpo
3'Uaslns on ono t" plpo
2 Sinks or 2 Ilaths or 2 Wash Travs or 2 Ui Inula or 2 Har
. Sinks nr 2 IlldetB or 2 Sltz Hatha 011 ono l'j" plpo.
0 Rnslns or 4 Sinks or 4 Jlnths or 4 Wash Trajs or tMJrlnals
or 4 IlldetH or 4 Sltz Ilaths or-2 Water Closets or 2 Slop
Sinks or 2 Dirt Catchers on ono 2" pipe.
. 8 IlaHlns or fi Sinks or C Ilaths or 0 Wash Trns or C Urinals
or fi nidctB or 6 Sltx Hatha or 3 Water Clohcta or 3 Ship
Sinks or 3 Dirt Catchers on ono 2MT plpo.
11 Hasina nr 8 Sinks ior 8 Baths or 8 Wash Trays or 8 Urinals
or 8 nidctB or 8 Sltz Baths or R Water Closets or 5 Slop
Sinks or 5 Dirt Catchers on ono 3" pipe.
IS llnslns or 11 Sinks or 11 Ruths or 11 Wash Trays or II
Urlnnls nr 11 IlldetH or 11 Sltz Baths or 7 Water Closets
or 7 81op Sinks or 7 Dirt Catchers on one 3V4" Imi,
20 Ilnslnn or II Sinks or 14 Wash Trays or 14 Urinals or II
Bidets or 1 1 Sltz Batlm or 9 Water Closots or 9 Slop Sln'oi
or 9 Dlrl Catchers on 0110 -1" pipe.
Section IE. All Joints of rnst Iron pipe shall he packed with pick
ed oakum and run with molten lead nnd rhall bo well caulked. Joints
and connections In lead plpo shall bu mndo with wiped Joints. On
nectftns of lend with cast Iron plpo shnll bo made with brans forrul"
md wiped Joints, caulked In. Connections or lend nnd wrought iron
pipe shall bo, made with brasB soldering nlpplo and wiped Joints, rcrew.
vd In. Connections or brass and wrought Iron pipe (hull bo mi la
wlth-11 brnsa rcrow collar.
k .
8ectlou Ifi. Tho iiko of pan. hopper or plunger closets la prohibit
ed. No water closet or urinal shnll bo placed or maintained In any
room In which there Is not a window opening direct tn tho exterlinl
atmosphere. 8lop rocks shnll bo plnccd.nn all supply pipes to water
closet tankB not less than l'i Inches aliovo tho floor.
Section 17. All urinals or groups of.urlnn'ls shnll lie supplied with
water. Tho floors ami sides-around nil urlnnls shall bo coered with
non-corroslvo nnfl non-nliBorblng material.
Section 18. No safo yynstcs Khali bo. used In conjunction with
urina la. Safo wastes from any flxturo shall not bo ronnerlml directly
or Indirectly with any sower, houso drain, soli or wasto plpo.
Section 19. All cleanmitB shnll bo In ncccsslhlo places, nnd. whero
cemont floors aro laid, they shall bo brought up. fliibh with IhcLfloor.
Section 20. No sinks or wash trpys of wood shnll bo constructed
r used except In hotel or restaurant kitchens nr buildings iihcd for
imluitiial purposes and. ptovldcd that when constructed or used In
hotel or restaurant kitchens 'or buildings used for Industrial purposes,
sinks aud wash trays may be built of 2" sugar nlnu and ns directed
by the Plumbing Inspector.
-Section 21.. All places, used for tho manufacture of nol. for salo,
ror ho washing of carriages, for tho stabllng'of horses .and miilea and
rcr the washing of clothos at laundrleB shall, bo provided with a floor
or asphalt or cement mortar maBonry, and shall bo connected with
tho public sewer, whero such sewer Is nceesslbh, nnd where thorp Is
no sower accessible Wt, cesspool constructed to the munwnl of
the Plumbing Inspector.
In all such placeB the open end of any drain leading, to tho nswer
shall be covervJ with a mctnl screen at least one fourth of an Inch
13 r
In thickness nnd so secured In place that It cannot easily Iks removed.
The meshes or tuch screen shnll not exceed nnc-fiiurth of an Inch in
dlninetcr. All such places shall bo furnished with an efficient dirt
The dlsrhargo plpo from all wash floors, and
felinll bo trapped and tented.
In all pnl factories,
Section 22. No steam exhaust, blnw off, drip pipe or rain water
pipe fchall bo connected with the public r.ovcr.
Section 23. No open end of nny wnste pipe or waler cloret shall
be placed less than two feet nbovo lila'j tide, tin established by tin;
datum used Jn Onvcrnmcnt work. No wood work of any diT-rrlptlnn
thnll bu placed around nny flxluru except for capping or frame.
Section 24 All pipes and llxturea fchall be left exposed to lew
as much as possible,
Section 25. All Iioumi Bcwcr, hiiinu ilruln, soil, waste nnd vent
pipes, Insldo nnd outsldu of buildings, before being-covered, shall hao
nil openings stopped nnd filled with water tn the top of tho highest
unt pipe anil the entire sjstcm must bo water tight. This test shall
ie mndo In the presence of the Plumbing Inspector. No homo rower,
house dram, soil wnsto or vent plpo sha I be covered or concealed In
any wn) until nfler.lt has been examined nnd npprnved by the Plumb
ing Inspector. Such exniiilnatlou nnd approval shall bo made Imnie
dlatcly upon Information nndjiotlflcntlon being received by the Plumb-lug-Inspector.
After nil fixtures nre connected nnd traps tilled with
water there shall be 11 final Inspection made liv tho Plumbing Inspector
In no case1 shall the Plumbing Inspector nrcept or approve nny Job'
of plumbing work until tho same tins bciti undo perfectly llaht mid
In conform with this Ordinance. ' "
Sect Inn 2d. -The Plumbing InsK'ctor shnll Issue In any person,
persons, firm or corporation nil necessary plumbing blanks.
Section 27. After plans hao been properly filed and approved by
tl.o Plumbing Inspector, ho shnll Issue the required permit lo tliu
person, persons, firm or corporation applying therefor.
, ." FEES.
Section 28. Tho Plumbing Inspector shall collect nil fees prot tiled
for by this Ordlnnncn except license fees, nnd shall nn tho Inst day
nl each month dcisislt said fees with the Treasurer of tho City and
County of Honolulu.
Kcrllim 29. It shall bo the duty or (ho Plumbing Inspector In In
flect all plumbing work ilflno In the City ami County or Honolulu and
f nrter proper final Inspection of any Job or plumbing work tho aamo
is round to bo properly done and to be perfectly tight ns requlied
by this Ordinance ho shall Issue to the. proper iK-rson, persons firm
or corporation a certificate setting forth the rnct that tho work has
been Inspected and the sarric round to havo been dono according to
tho reqnliemonts or thin Ordinance. Tliu Plumbing Inspector shall
havo tho right und Hiillinilty to enter nny building or' go upon nny
premises wheio plumbing work la being ilono nUnll reasnnnblo hours,
tn nsccrliiln.lt the ptovlslmis or this Ordinance have been or nre being
compiled with.
Tho Plumbing Inspector shall keep n complete record or all regis
tintlnns and inspections uiado and nleo all permits granted by him
as Plumbing Inspector, nnd make a report of tho same each month
to the Board of Supervisors.
Section 30. Any iersnn. pcion firm or corporation Rotating nny
of the provisions or this Ordinance, shall lie deemed guilty of n mis
demeanor and upon com let Ion thereof Bhall bo fined in any mini nut
exceeding Five Hundred (t.Wo.no) Dollars or be lliiprlioned in tho
Honolulu Jail for a period not exceeding six months.
Section 3. This Ordliiimcu shall bo In rorcc nnd tnko effect from
and utter the date of Its approval.
Introduced by Supervisor
Date of Introduction July Clh, 1909.
The foregoing Ordlnnnro was, nt a meeting of tho Board or Super
ilsurs or tho City nnd County or llonoli.lu, held on Friday, July 9,
1909, passed to print on the following otn of tho said Board:
Ayes: Alila. Aylctt, Knno, Logan, Quinn. Total 5.
Noes! None..
Absent nnd not noting: Cox, McCIollnn. Total 2.
Clerk, City and Comity or Honolulu.
,Jnlyl3. II, 15, J6.-17.
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Comment of the San Francisco
Argonniit nn tho situation In theso
Islands has nftrneted considerable
nt ten t Inn 011 account of the Argo
naut having wlthdinwu from ltrt
time-honored opposition In the Chi
nese. The lending editorial In tho
Argonaut of June 19 follows:
Tbeie Is no need to get excited
over tho news r 10111 Hawaii. It ap
pears to be only 11 cue of a strike ot
Japanese laborers cxnggirntcd by
the Intempernnci) of two nr three
rrctirled editors of Jnpnnesc news
papers. It Is a sluinlloii which easi
ly lends Itseir tn the- methods of.
jellow journalism Amcrienu ns
well us Jup.mesu thundering .
louder In headlines than iinywhern
e tc Tin Japanese consul general has
promptly dismum i., ,.n.o0 of
tho Japanese government, although
this dltcl timer us hardly necessary
under the circumstances.
The Incident la clgnlflcaut only In
Its-clemonr.tratleii id the tinsatisrartnry
state or InditKtry In Hawaii ami further
as Illustrating the tendency of thu
Japanese In act In cooperation nnd ti
sock political remedies for social grluv
nnces. If nil this cornea to nothing
Just now, It Is iioiiu thu less tu be re
garded seriously. It Is n demonstra
tion Hint the Instluci of thu l'acind
Coast with lespect to thu Japanese Is
a sound one. There Is no mistake
about It, they nro not only non-naslniil-able,
but In large numbers thuy nro
a menace to the ieaco of any coiin-
tiy In which they nny establish them
selves es colonists.
It Is now clear mougli that the Jn-
pauere me not n dependable mid satis
factory labor resource even in Hawaii,
where the general conditions nro sn
suited tn them. It Is quest lonahlo it
thotre who nro there ought tn bo al
lowed to remain, In tlcw or their isillt
Ical presumptions nnd nssiimptious.
Ami uiKin (he bisls of this situation
there arises n new problem In con
nection with tho Inliistflnl working
of Hid country. The native population
la ton limited nt the point pr numbers,
oven If It were ludiirtrlally Inclined
tn support tho Indiiittlal operations
which hnyo been Inttugaratcd by Ainer- .
lean Initiative and capital. The effort
In get laborers from Italy .and Spain
for Ihe sugnr plantations has fnllcd.
Immigration from the .American ninln
Intid Is out of the qustlon. Thoro re
ninlh two K)sslblo sources of labor
supply tho Philippine Islands nnd
China. The Island planters, having ex
perlmenled widely, prefer Chinese lust
as tho California fanners prefer hem:
nnd if It wero possible under tho Immi
gration laws to bring In Chinese, thoro
would speedily bo nn end to tho Ha
waiian troubles. ,
Tho planters, wo nre told. Intend tu
nppeal to Congressvln this connection,
and wo'see no reason why their appeal
should not bo granted. , way has
been round to recruit tho Carolina cot
Ion factories by direct Importation of
Riiropcnn lalmrers unjer contract;
llkcwlso llceiifo, was given to tlio Ila
wnllnn planters tnjexiierliiient wllh
Spanish mid Italian lalnr under tdinl
lar Biupont-lnn nf tlm Immigration
Iiiwh. I,uwh iiro mado not In restrain
and parabio Industry, but tu promote ,
tho gcne'rnl welfare, and In tho enso
of Hawaii tho general welfare calls
for a labor supply which can bo had
moro certnlnly ami reasonably In
China thnn elsewhere, II Is. we think,
a case whero thu law ought. In be suffi
ciently relaxed to allow a rmirso urged
by ninny suggestions of expediency
nnd propriety.
There Is but 33B.r,r, left nt tliu
Chlnrso Fund, und still nlio.it 118,
11110 In claims outstanding against
It, which will make it necessary ror'
the next Leglslaturo to voto an
npproprlntldn to mnl.o 1111 thu doi-
l.flrlency. The Chlncso Fund was
Innucd to pay back thoi-o Chlncso
who, under tho Republic, were ro
qulrcd'to pay $1.50 a month toward
their rare back artcr their contract
was oxplred. Tho law ceased with
umiexntton, hut tho fund was loot
ed by Tiensiirer William II. Wright.
California's "bluer war ngaliiBt
the Japanese Is tnl.lng material
.form, ns is evidenced by stickers
that hnve been pasted around tho "
pillars of the Hidden ftnte, samples
nf which were brought down here
by a soldier on tho Thumas. Tho ,
stlckors read as follows: "Hire tho
Jap and you let tho white man go
und help orlcntnllio California. '
$G71,fi70 of onr hnrd-earned coin
shipped to Japan during three
months or the lerent panic. dr
course we will hao thousands of,
unempln)cd ns long as you patron--"
lie the Jap."
Tiititoh! rri'tt ft vtftety

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