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Copyrlifht, 1103. by the Robbs-Merrlll Co.
.Vr Klrknnod. she mint li.nc
l.nuwn Hit' Ji'Hi-Ik were lint hers."
"Yes." ln nsscntrd passively, tint
lir!jr iinccim ti"cd.
"A Hit nhnt." she demanded, wllh n
gesture (r exasperation "whit would
)mt ndvlso"
' Scotland Yard." be told her bluntly.
Jlut UN n family secret. It tnuit
not appear Ui tin- U)cri Don't you
imilcrstninn Ci-orge Calendar li my
uuslmeid'g cousin!"
"I run think of nothing else unless
yon pursue them In persou."
'Hut wIiKIiitJ-'
"Tlint remains to lip dl'cnroreo.. I
can It'll ou nothing mure tlinn I have.
Xlny I tlinnk you for your hospitality,
express my regrets tli.it I should nu
ll Ittlngly have loi'n made tlio agent of
tlili disaster mid wish you pood night,
or, rather, good morning, Sirs Hal
lam?" Tor n moment slic held (dm under n
calculating Blanco, which lie withstood
ullli gracelers fortitude. Then, realiz
ing that he was determined not by nny
means to bo won to her cause, she
r-iU' him her hand, nlth n common
place nlili that he mlsht mid hli af
fairs In better order than seemed prob
able, and rails for Ilcclcs,
The butter shoncd him out.
"Well." appreciated -Mr. Klrkwood,
with gusto, "she's got Ananias and
Kapphln talked to a standstill, nil
rlsht!" lie ruminated oicr this for n
moment. "Calcndir can lie snme. too,
but Inrdly nlth her picturesque touch.
Uncommon Ingenious, I cnll It. All
thu same, there nere only about a
do7en Mm of tiling that didn't tit Into
her mosaic n little bit. I think they're
ill tarnil nlth the Mime stick nil but
the girl. And there's something
afoot a lone sight more devilish and
ritfty than that shilling shocker of
mnllnm's Dorothy Calendar's cot
almut ns much active pnrt In It as I
hae. I m only from California, but
they'e got to show mo before I'll lie
lie; o n word against her. Those In
fernal scoundreNI PnineliodyN sot to
be on the KlrlN side, nml I seem to
have drawn the luiky straw. Oood
lienveiwl Is It possible for a Brown
man to fflll heels over bead In love In
two short hours? I don't believe It.
It's Just Interest not hlnu more. And
I'll have to have a chnnj-e of clotbtf
before I ran do nnytliliis further."
lie htrucl: ncmpa town u dlmtly
aa iiiIbIU be for St. I'.iiktmm xlntlou
It nniilil undoubtiilly be n long walk
but a, iilit iwri' prohibited h liN Klr.llt
ened uieins, and the Iiiitn wile all
iibt'il n rd wouldn't be nsilr for hours
He ytrinle nloiiB rapidly. IliidliiB liN
nny more through luliiltton tlinn by
olikerMitloti or r.iuilllnrll v. It It l.on
don'n Beojiriiphy liid'rd, vns enne
nwnre of his surroundbiBs. for his
bruin was lit j with line Imagery, r.ipl
In ii glowing dream of kulghl erruiilr)
unci (hltnlrle deeds.
CIlAl'TUII Xlll.
KinKWO(lI) wastid llllle time
lli tl.ld not lllllcll to ivuste
were he to do lh.it upon whose
doing he had net Lis heart. It
Irked hi in bore to have to lose the In
Miluahle moments demanded by ter
tain liifperntlve iirr.iugcuients, but lili
haste was ruih that all was coiisum
mated within un hour.
Within the perhMl of a single hour,
then, he hud ransomed his luggage at
St. Puneras. caused It to be loaded
upon ft four wheeler nnd trunsferied
to a neighboring hotel of evil ll:tor,
hut medeinle tariff, where he engaged
a room fur a week, ordered an linuie-,
dlate breakfast ni.d retired wllh his'
belongings to his room lie had shnv-l
1 and changed his clothes, selecting
servlf cable suit of heavy tweeds, stout
shoes, a fote urd aft cap mid a uegll
gee Hiifrt of n deep shade, caliiilated at
lensi to seem ilcmi for n long lima,
finally he hud devoured his bicon and
eggs, gul ed down his coffee nnd burn
Buldebnol;, eneyilopclla nml conserv
er of the pence.
KlrkwiHid said somelhlus Itenenth
his breath, n nnrd In Itself n com
fortable mouthful nml wholesome nml
emphatic He giant cd ngaln nt the
cab nnd groaned. "O (.ord. I Just das
sent!" with which, tti'iuklug the bu
reau of Information, he set off rapid
ly down drey's Inn road to Mini the
Alethea before slw palled. I'rocecdlnR
itpoti Hie working h.Mithesls that ilrs.
Ilitll.i in whs ii pollhed liar In most
respects, but had told the truth so fur
ns concerned her statement to the ef
fect tint the Bladstonc bag contained
tnluable property, whose ownership
remained a moot ipjcstlon, though
Klrkwood was definitely committed to
the belief that It was none of Mrs.
Ilullnm's or her sou's, he reasoned
that the two adventurers, with Doro
thy nnd their booty, would attempt to
leave Loudon by n water route In the
ship Alethea, whose name had fallen
from thlr lips nt Ilermondsey Old
KlrLwood's Initial task, then, would
be to (hid tlio needle In the haystack.
The metiiphor U oor more properly,
to sort out from the hundreds of ves
sels of nil descriptions at anchor In
tnldvtreiim, moored to the whnrfs of
longshore warehouses or In the glgnn
tlc dinks that Hue the Thames. Hint
one called Alethea, of which he was
so deeply mired In Ignorance that he
could not say whether she were tramp
steamer,' coastwise passenger boat,
one of the liners that ply between Til
bury mid all the world, channel ferry
boat, private yn.clit (steam or sail),
schoouer, four master, sijuare rigger,
bark or brlgantlne.
London hud turned over once or
twhe and nu pulling the bedclothes
oi er Its head nnd grumbling about get
tng up. but the city was still sound
asleep, when nt length he pnured for n
minute's rest In front of the Mansion
House mil realized, with a pang of
despair, 'Hint he was completely tuck
ered out
Wllh n sigh be surrendered to the
flesh's frailty. An early cabby, cruis
ing up from Cannon street station on
the off dunce of finding some one
astir In tin city aside from the doves
and sparrows, suffered the surprise of
his life when Klrkwood halted him.
"Jump In. sir." he told Klrkwood
cheerfully ns soon as he had assimilat
ed the Litter's demands. "I knows
pns-lsely notcher wants. Leave It all
to me."
The admnultlon was oil but super
fluous. Klrkwood was unable for the
'no being to do might else than re
Jign nis fate In In another's guidance.
Once In the cab he slipped Insensibly
Into a nap nnd slept soundly on, as
reckless of the cab's swlft'pace nnd
continuous bouncing ns of the sunlight
glaring full In his tired young face. ,
lie may hive slept twenty minutes.
lie awoke faint with drowsiness. Un
cling from head to toe from fatigue
nml In distress of n queer qualm In
the pit of his stomach, to find the han
som nt rest and the drher on the step,
rhaklng his fare wllh Llmlly delerml
iiallou. "Oh. a' right." he assented
surlily nml by sheer, force of will
made! himself illmb out to the side
walk, where, lining rubbed his ejes,
nt retched enormously and .limited dis
courteously lu the face of the cum end.
he was once more himself mid a hun
dred times refreshed Into the bargain,
l.'outculcdly he counted :i shillings Into
the cubby's1 palm,' the fare nnined be
Ins one nnd six.-
"The shilling over aril above the
tlii Is for finding me the waterman
nnd bout," he stipulated.
"Itl.tht-o! You'll mind tho 'orse n
minute, sir?"
Klrkwood nodded. The man touched
his hat nnd disappeared Inexplicably.
Klrkwood. needlessly attaching him
self to the reins near the animal's
head, pried his sense of observation
open nnd became nllve to thu fact that
he stood In a quarter of London ns
"A 'nrd Job, sir. Not knnwfn' wot kind
of n boat she nre mykes It 'nrder." IieiP0,..fnr ,1ck of ,TTln n w
I . .!. l..l I it .
id his mouth mid. ii nu. (1 with a smut ' "."'. ,, """ " u"u """ "'"u
m-,i iiuii.
in nils uny he cannot put a
stick, kct hit hotfoot In the xt III dim
glimmering of early day
ISy Ibis time his cash capital hid
dwliidhsl in the s'un'i of '.' ins Sd
nml would have been much less had
he paid fu his bilging In iuUiiimi
At King's Cross Kin t lull on the un
ucfgruuud mi nciiie dRippiilmmcut
nwalled littri. There likewise he
learned something uliout Loudon. A
syinpathell' bobby Informed him thai
no (rnlps would be running until nfter
fi :.'!(! mil tint, furthermore, no buses
wou'd beiln to ply until half after 7,
"It's trnmp.lt or cnb It, then." mused
the young ninu mournfully, his long
ing gare seeking a retirby cub rank.
Just then occuplid by n solitary ban
roni. driver somnolent on tho ho.
'01Jlccr"-bc ngaln addressed the po
liceman, mindful of the Kngllsh ax
iom. "When lu doubt nslt n hobby"
"ofllcer, when's liljli tide this morn
ing?" The bobby produced a well worn
pocket nlmannc. moistened n mnsslie
thumb nnd rippled the pages.
'Ldiiibiii bridge, 'Ish tide twenty
'lulniitc.s nrlter (1. sr," he aunouueisl,
ultli u glow of tmtlsfiicllnu wholly
(urdotiublo In one who combines the
fl1"? T --r . t""m'"-v iiio'. iniyjiini
' jei.-
In 'It, lie surmises that It was Wan
plug. His cabby popped hurriedly
nut of the entrance to a tenement, a
dull vlnstd, broad shouldered water
man ambling more slowly after.
"Nevvy of mine, sir." auuoumed the
cabby, "and a fust rjle waterman.
Knows the river like u book, he do."
The nephew touched bis forelock
"Thank you," said Klrkwood, nnd,
turning to the man, "Your boat?" he
asked, with the brevity of weariness,
"This wye, sir."
At his gulijo'a heels Klrkwood thread
ed the crowd and then de'su-nded
to n floating stage to which n heavy
row boat lay moored. In the latter n
second waterman wns seated, balling
out bilge wllh a rusty can.
" 'Kre we me. sir," said tho cabman's
nephew, pausing at the head of the
steps. ",nw, whern's It to be?"
Tli? American explained tersely that
he had n message to deliver to n
friend who had shipped aboard u vessel
known ns the Alethea. scheduled to
call at fluid llde. furl her -than which
deponent in erred naught,
trolled hopefully,
"Ten shillings," volunteered Klrk
wood promptly "10 shillings If you
get mo aboard her liefore she weighs
nnchor, 15 If I keep you out more
than nn hour nml still you put me
nlsinrd. After that we'll mnke other
The mnn promptly turned his back
to hall his mate. "'Arf n quid. Knh. If
we puts this gent nlsinrd n wessel
name o' Allytheer afore she syles nt
turn o' tide."
In tho bont (he man with the balling
enu turned up nn Impassive counte
nance. "Coom down." Ho clinched the
bnrgnln nml set nbout shipping the
sweeps. '
Hows swinging downstream, 1h
bont shot ou,t from .the shore.
"How's the tlder demanded Kirk
wood, his Impatience growing.
"On th" turn, sir," he wns told.
1'or a long moment broadside to the
current, (he liont resimndrd to the,
sturdy pulling of the port sweeps. An
other moment nnd It wns In full
swing, the wntermeti bending lustily
to their task. Ship after ship wns
passed, and In keen anxiety lest he
should overlook the right one Kirk
whh1 searched their bows nnd sterna
for names, which In more than one
case proved hardly legible.
The Alethea waa not of their num
ber. In the course of some ten minutes
the watermen drove tho bont sharply
Inshore, bringing bcr up alongside an
other floating stnge, In tho shndow of
another tenement, Imth so like those
from which they had embarked that
Klrkwood would hnie been unable to
distinguish one from another.
In the bows old Hob lifted up n sten
torian voice, summoning one William.
In answer to the third ear racking
hall a mnn, clothed simply In dirty
shirt and disreputable trousers, showed
himself in the doorway above, rubbing
the sleep out of a 'red. bloated counte-
j nance wllh a mighty nnd grimy fist.
"Kilo," he said surlily. "Wofa th'
" 'Oo." Interrogated old Hob. holding
the I at steady by grasping Hie stage,
"was th' party wot engyged yer larst
night. Hill?"
"Pnrty name o' Allytheer," growled
tho drowsy "one. "W'y?"
'Tarty 'ere'a lookln' for Mm. Whero
will I find Jhls Allytheer?"
"Hest look sharp "r yer won't find
lm," retorted the one nbove. " 'E wns
nt nnchor off How creek larst night."
Klrkwood'a heart leaped In hope.
"Whnt sort of vessel was she?" ho
asked, half rising in his eagerness,
"Hrlgnntlne,. sir."
And again the boat was flying dawn
In midstream, the lenden wnter, shot
with gold of the morning sun, pnrtlng
sullenly beneath Its bows. Hugging
the marshy shore, (hey rounded the
niaekwnll point, the boatmen pulling
hard. Young' William looked to Klrk
wood. caught his eye and nodded.
Klrkwood rose, balancing himself
against the leap nnd swny of the bont.
"fsuniwhcre's 'long o' 'ere."
From right to left his eager glance
swept the river's widening reach. Ves
sels were there In nbundince, but no
brlgnntlnc,uosalllug vessel of any type.
The young mnn's lips checked n cry
that was half n sob of bitter disap
pointment. He sat down suddenly.
"She's gone!" ho cried In n hollow
The tired boatmen eased Uion their
oars, nnd old Hob stood up in the
bows, scanning the rherscape with
keen eyes shtelded by a level palm.
The boat drifted listlessly with the
Old Bob panted, "Dawn't see naw.
Ihln' o' ." He resumed bis seat.
"Thero's no hope, I suppose?"
The elder watermnn shook his head.
'Caru't sye. Might be round-uex'
lend might be pnssln' .Purfleet.
I'olnt Is me nu' jeung Wllyum 'ere
-enrn't do no moie'n we 'us. We be
wore out."
"Yes," Klrkwood assented, dlsumso
late. "You've certainly earned jnur
pay." Then hope relived, lie was
t cry j onus lu heart, you know. 'Can't
you suggrst somelhlng? I've got to
ciitoli that ship!"
Old Hob wagge! his head lu slow
negation; young William lined his.
"There's a rylewye runs by Wool
wich," he ventured. "Yer might tjko
tryne nn' go to Rheeruess. sir. Yer'ii
bo positive o' p3sln' 'er If she didn't
le nfore 'Igh tide. 'Ire a bent nt
Sbccrness an" put out nn' look for 'er."
"How 'far's Woolwich?" Klrkwood
demanded Instantly.
"Mile," said the elder man. "Tyke
yer for five bob extry."
Young William dashed the sweat
from his eyes, w Iprd Ills palms on his
hips nnd titled Ihe sweeps again to the
wooden tholes. Old Hob was as rendv.
With nn Inarticulate cry Uiey gnvo
rcni .
" ."-t"!)...! (s l'"l
"terll niene royke It," the traler
man told him; wllh a weatherwlse sur
rey of the skies.. "Wind's" freshenln'
from the esst'rds, an' that'll 'old 'er
back n' bit, sir."
"'Arsk th' wye to lb' Dockyard sty'
shun," young William volunteered
"'TIs th' shortest walk. sir. 1 'opes
yer catches 'er. Thanky, sir."
He caught dexterously the sovereign
which Klrkwood, In ungrudging mor
ality, spared them of Ills store of two.
The American nodded acknowledg
ments and adieus, wllh n faded smile
deprecating his chances of winning Ihe
race, sorely handicapped ns he wns.
He was very, very tired nhd In his
heart suspected that he would fall.
Hut If he did he would nt lenst lie
able to enrnfort himself that It wns
teeth on that covenant In grim deter'
tulnrttlon. Kllher then1 wns n strain
of the bulldog latent In (he Klrkwood
breed or else his Infaluallon gripped
him inor strontrly than, he guessed.
Yet he suspecied something of Its
power. Ho knew that this wns alto
gether nn Insane proceeding and thai
the lure that led him on was Dorothy
Calendar. A strange, dull light glowed
In his weary eyes on Ihe thought of
her. He'd go through fire nnd prater
In her service. She was costing him
dear, perhaps wns to cost him dearer
still, and perhaps there'd lie for his
guerdon no more than a "Tlinnk you,
Mr, Klrkwocdl" nt the end of Ihe pas
sage. Hut that would be no less than
his deserts. He was not to forget that
he waa Interfering unwarrantably.
The gtrl was In her father's hands,
surely safe enough there to the cas
ual mind. If iirr partnership In her
parent's fortunes were distasteful she
endtlred It passively, without com
plaint. He decided that It was his' duty to
remind himself, from time to time
that tils main Interest must bo In the
game Itself, In the solution of the rid
dle. Whatever should befall, he must
look for no reward for his gratuitous
and self 'appointed part. Indeed, he
was all but successful In persuading
himself that It was the. fascination of
adventure alone that drew him on.
A bspchsnee native whom he pres
ently encounterrd furnished mlnuto
directions for reaching the Dockyard
station of the Southeastern and Chat
ham railway, adding comfortable In
formation ,to the effect that Ihe nett
eastbound train would pass through
In ten minutes If Klrkwood would
mend his pace he could make It easily,'
with time to spare.
Klrkwood ' mended his pace accord
ingly, but, contrary to the prediction,
had no, time to spare at nil. Even as
he stormed the ticket crating the train
was thundering In nt the platform.
Therefore ''a nervous ticket agent
pnssed hlmuut n first class ticket In
stead of the' third diss he had asked
fur, nnd there was no time wherein to
lis re the mistake recti tied. Klrkwood
planked down the fare, swore and
sprinted for the cnrrlages.
The first' cijnipnrtinent whose doof
he prkert,Ylo1enlv open proved to be
l ecu pled and .wns, moreover, not
imoklng car. He rKclt'ed n fleetlrc
Impression of a woman's startled eye
staring Into his own through a tbln
mesh of Veiling, fell off (he runiilue
board, slummed the door and hurled
himself toward .the next compartment.
Here hnppior fortune attended upon
his. desire. The boxlike section wns
untenanted, ard n notice blown upon
the window gliss announced that It
was "Second Class Smoking." Klrk
wood promptly tumbled In, and when
be turned In shut the door the conches
were moving,
A pipe helped blni to bear up while
the train wns making .Its two other
stops lu the hortiugh of Woolwich. It
consoled him little that none disputed
with him his lonely possession of the
compartment. Hint be had caught the
Sheerness 'train or that he was really
losing no time. A sense of deep de
jection had settled down upon his con
sciousness, with a realization of how
completely a' fool's errand waa this of
bis. He felt foredoomed to failure.
He was never, to see Dorothy Calendar
again, and bis brain seemed numb
with disappointment. Presently be
toppled limply over on the cushions
and fell fast asleep.
Ilattllng nnd swaying, the train left
the town behind.' J
Presently, he put aside his pipe and
stared blankly' out at a reeling land
scape, the pleasant, homely, smiling
countryside 'of Kent. A' deeper mel
ancholy tinted his mind-Dorothy Cal
endar was forever lost to him Pres
ently he toppled llniplyover on the
rushlons and fell fast asleep.
After n long time he seemed to real
Ire rather Imzlly that the carriage door
had been opened to admit somebody.
Its smart closing bang shocked him
awake. He snt up, blinking, in con
fur Ion, hardly, conscious of more, to
begin-with, than that 'the train 'had
paused nnd was again In full flight.
Then, bis senses clearing, he became
Quinn Says All Employes
Will' Be Asking For
It was n harmless resolution, Intro
duced by Supervisor Dnn Loaan, call
ing for nn Insignificant chnngo In the
llnm nt IROnn nnnrnvcri In tho AlinrO-
prlatlon bill for the repairs to school"
buildings, but Supervisor Kane thought
lie saw a "Joker" in It, pricked up his
cnis nnd reared to action. His drn
matlc efforts wcro suddenly dampened
by Logan, who told him to quit talk
ing nonsense nnd sit down.
Tho C0OO pnssed In the bill, provid
ing $1000 per month for tho repairs to
city nnd county school buildings. Mr.
tognn called attention to the fact that
most nil of the repnlr work had to be
done (luring tho vacation months, nud
that a change would havo to be nude
by which tnoro money per month would
bo available. Therefore his resolution
rend: "that tho Item In' the Appropri
ation Bill for the six months' ending
December 31, 1909, 'Maintenance of
Schools $1000 per month, $0000 ror six
months' be amended by striking out
$1000 and inserting In lieu thereof 'not
pro rated.'"
Aylclt thought ho smelled mystery
In that resolution nnd bubbled Into ac
tion.' Ho did not boliove It was a
good thing for Ocro might sicnd most
of that money In too big n hurry, nnd
It wouldn't go around, l.ogan caned
attention to the fact that Mr. Gere
bad told him there was enough money
to repair all of tho buildings needing
repairs, nnd somo probably over.
Then Kano appeared nctoro mo iooi-
lights. "It nln't right, this resolution
(long pause) for when the 6uuu wnt
passed, it was at tho rate of $1000 n
month nnd that Is enough, what
does ho want more for?"
Hero 8ucrvlsor Logan lost his tem
per, "lor goodness sane uon i iuik
such nonsense You don't know what
you aro talking nbout. Thcro Is only
$6000 appropriate!! for six months, and
that's all that will bo used. Sit down."
And Kano nt down. Supcrvlsor
Ahoa thought Ocro was not looklng'Uf-
ter tho work close enough, and wanted
lunas appointed to watch tho men
working on each schoolhouse. Ixigan
said It was not necessary, to pay out a
lot of extra money uselessly. Mayor
Kern suggested that one man .warning
wllh others on a Job could, act as luna.
Logan Bald this was the present plan
carried out. And bo tho resolution
passed. Alctt nnd Kane dissenting.
Tho County Physlclnn, Dr. Mockall.
asked the Board to give him $50 a
MAnih n trttiin tin rnnntra nn 111 A flllto
mobile used In city and couhty workC
Mr. Aylclt Introduced the resolution,
and thought It was fair and Just.- a1
ihonch Oulnn kicked In his usual char
acterlstlc way. "First thing wo know,
everybody will be wanting automo
biles, this ordinance has not passed
yet, I don't know what It calls for, and
wo haven't got the money," he sold.
"This Is the Doctor's private auttf
mobile, bought with his own money,"
retorted Aylett, "and 'what about that
$450 for a horse and buggy for the
plumbing Inspector? We allowed that
before the ordinance was passed?" The
matter was thoreforo tabled until the
next meeting.
The health ordinance was then In
troduced, passed first reading and was
ordered printed. Two other ordinances
creating tho office of meat and fish In
spector, and defining their duties were
passed. Quinn then Introduced an ord
inance to regulate the traffic of all ve
hicles other than trains, streetcars, toy
wagons and baby carriages. Tho ordi
nance passed Arst reading requiring
nearly an hour. '
Mayor Fern sent a letter to the
Board, stating that the Oovernor waB
desirous of having thoso city em
ployes, who are mclhbers of the Na
tional Guard rifle team ordered to the
target shoot at Cump Perry, Ohio,
granted leavo of absence. Thero wus
some question as to whether the leave
should Include pay. Quinn said the
Governor hud always been good to the
Board and moved that tho request be
granted, saying that the city and coun
ty Is much Indebted to tho Governor
and that It should extend any courtesy
possible, Tho requested leave of ab
sence was therefore granted. s
A rcbolution was passed Instructing
the County Engineer to call for bldB
for tho construction of roads at Ka
luanul and Kahana beaches, just us
soon as ho shall have completed the
survey of the roadways, as they are
in bad shape.
An estimate of tho monthly provi
sion supply needed at tho County Jail
wns submitted by tho Police Commit
tee. The figures arc as follows:
Meat. 2200 nonnils! crackers 1500
aware that , his solltnry companion, Just pounds! salmon, 400 pounds: potatoos,
450 poundB; pol, 1800 pounds; onions,
200 pounds; pork, 200 pounds; rice.
400 pounds; beans, 120 pounds; suit
entered, was a woman. She was seated
across from him, her bark to the en
glne. In nn attitude which somehow
suggested a highly nonchalant frame j 150 pounds; ten, 60 pounds; coffee, 80
HI old boatman leenuil Inclined
toward opIl.nNm when the
Isint lay alongside a landing
stage at Woolwich and Klik-
wood bad clambered uslior
of mind. She laugbed, and Immediate'
ly bcr speaking voice was high and
sweet In his bearing.
Beneath his breath the bewildered
man said, "The deuce!" and above It.
In A stupefied tone. "Mrs. Hallam!"
She nodded in a not unfrie'ndly fash
lon 'smiling brightly. "Myself, Mr.
Klrkwood! Really our predestined
paths are, badly tangled Just now,
aren't they? Were you surprised to
flnil me in here with you? Come, now,
i confess ,voi were!"
1 He remarked Ihe smooth, glrllih
1 freshness of her cheeks, the sense and
humor of her mouth, the velle.l rlo-ini
1 of etcltemeiil in her e)iM of the chiii :
lug.Ne' nnd saw in well that she waa
die. mod fo'r traielliig, sensibly, but
with mi air, mid had brought a small
Iil: liai !JjJl lr.
pounds; soap,. 120 pounds; flour, 50
pounds; vegetables, $8.00; bread, 1400
louves; coal, two unci one halt tons;
flro wood, ono cord.
A resolution was passed directing
tho County Clerk to advertise for bids'
for a supply sufficient for six months.
Tho following money was appropri
ated. $937.75, to pay for petrollthlc
roller, harrow nnd cultivator; $188 50
donation to Kuplolanl Park; $873.05,
payrolls for Ewa and Walunao road
districts; $3,115.41, payrolls for Hono
lulu district; Jinii, Manoa road and
bridge; $375.50, collection and disposi
tion of garbuge; $2,156.02, material and,
Minnlles mnd dlstilct of Honolulu;
$201.58 Kimlauloa road district;
$2ai'..1,l.i (from general fund), material
nnd KupplloH for Honolulu road dis
trict, $355.73, Wnlalim mad district,
$599.57, maintenance of (Ire depart-
for Infants and Children.
The Effects of Opiates..
THAT INFANTS are peculiarly susceptible to opium and Its various prep
arations, all of which are narcotic, la well known. Even in the smallest
doses, if continued, these opiates causa changes In ths functions and growth of
the cells, which are likely to .become permanent, causing- Imbecility, mental
perversion, craving for alcohol or narcotics In later life, Nervous diseases, such
M intractable nervous dyspepsia and lack of staying; powers, are a result of dosing
with opiates or narcotics to keep children quiet In their Infancy. The rule among
physicians is that children should never receive opiates In tho smallest doses for
more than a day at a time, and only then if unavoidable.
Th administration of Anodynes, Drops, Cordials, Soothing Syrups and other
narcotics to children by any but a physician cannot be too strongly decried, and
the druggist should not be a party to It. Children who are ill need tho attention
cf a physician, and it is nothing lest than a crime to dose them willfully with nar.
CoUo. Castoria contains no narcotics ifitbears the signature of Chas, H, Fletcher.
Icnatare f
Tonr prepsntloa kaonn Cwtoria I tun ottil
fir jttm Id chlldna's coopUlali and I bit found
eUdag bttttr." Joss J. Lsm, U. D.,
' Clmlaad, Ohio.
Poe stmal jutt I ntemmniti ro 'Cutorlt'
sad shall slwsrs eoaUaat to do so, m It has lavs-
rUblyprodoudbtatScUl molls."
Xowii T. rABBsa, M. D., Nor Totk Citf.
"Yost Castorls Is a nurilorimt hmwfcold
remedy. It I portly ngtubl sod seta u 'mild
ntssrtlc. Abors all. It dm no tujra, which (
sura thu eta bt said of tht great majority of chit
drtaa rcmtoW''
Ticroa H. Onrsia, II. D.J Oauha, Ktb.
guarantees geaalno
Recommend Castoria.
"I hwt pteKilbtd your Ctstotla la tutor curt
and havt alwaji found It an efflcltnt and speedy
remedy." A. T. Ptttta, M. D., St. Loots, Ho.
" I htvt saed your Cutorlt la my ewa bootthotd
wllh good rrnlla, and htvt advised ttrtrtl patients
to dm It for lit mild, laxtllvt effect tnd freedom
from harm." Eovtao Fiaaiaa, If. D.,
Brooklyn, K, T.
"Tort Cii'orla holds the eiteem of tht medical
profeeolon In t manner held by no other proprietary
preparation. It la t tort tnd reltablt medlclnt for
Infante and eh! drea. la fact It It tht BBlrcraal
hootehold remedy for Infantile ailment," '
J. A. Pi us. M. D Kansas CUr. Mo.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria.
In Use For Over 30 Years.
ment and electric lights; $984.31, main
tenance of jiollco.
In compliance wlth a resolution In
troduced nt a recent meeting, the Roiid
Committee reported the dcflclta for tho
care nnd dlsioslllon of, garbage dur
ing the Juno quarter of tho past four
years as follows:
Quarter ending Juno of this year.
$184.89; quarter ending June, 1908,
$991.68; quarter -ending Juno. 191)7,
$2,327.14; quarter ending June, 1900,
FIffy-soven dollars nnd forty cents
was aimroprlatcd to pay n Judgment In
favor of Mario K. Humphreys for a
tree destroyed, by county officials. Un
der tho terms of tho law, tho county
may sottlo ror damage dona to nny
tree for the sum of $5,00, No settle
ment was made .In this enso and the
court' awarded tho. plaintiff damages to
the amount of the legal Indemnity. 1)ut
tho county ulso baa $52.40 costs to
Or. Wilson Resigns. San Bernar
dino, .July 9. Dr. Gustavo Wilson, as
sistant physician at tho stnto hospital
at Patton. resigned tonight. His resig
nation was accepted by tho board of
managers and the state board of
lunacy. Wilson's resignation Is nn out
growth of the recent Investigation In
to tho death of Henry Orassmcc, a
The Supervisorial Committee on
'loads, Public Improvements, etc., litis
favorably recommended 'that tho paths
nnd roads through (he grounds of the
Capitol und Judiciary Uuildlngu'
grounds should bo repaired. Tho rec
ommendaton followed n communica
tion from Mnrstim Campbell, Suierlii
tcndciit of Public Works, to tho name
effect and thu expense of tho repairs
will be levied on Campbell's depart
Morris J. lllssell has been named In,
succeed Mnmton Campbell as n Regent
of the College of Hawaii. Mr. Camp
bell's tcr-ii has expired.
Or. James R. Judd has been named
ns tho successor of Dr. Herbert on the
Lunacy Commission .tho lattcr's res
ignation havo been cabled.
I D. K. Motzgur. J. II. Moragno and
Hugh Howdlo will compose tho Com
mission that 'will Investigate the con
duct of tho wharves and landings o(
tho Torrltory und report to tho 19lt
It is its
that makes
advertising pay
better in the
than.in any other,
newspaper in
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