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1 909 Model
jyA. jv vJBiBHE!BPBt vj9K!W3 w ii 1
1 909 Mode!
We offer this high-class machine the latest product of one of the largest factories in the Uuited States. Special
Features light weight, easy control, smoothness of running, and high power. On these points the E. M. F. com
pares favorably with $4,000 and $5,000 "cars.
the price ever placed on the market.
In short, the E. M. F. Studebaker is the most remarkable car for
One of these cars was selected by the committee as a pathfinder
for the Gliddcn Tour, and covered twenty-eight hundred miles go
ing to Detroit, St. Paul, Omaha, Denver, and Kansas City, in the
month of April, in the hardest kind of trail, going through deep
snow and mud nearly all the way, and carrying 1,400 pounds, pas
sengers and baggage. Not a single mishap not even a broken spring.
Artists' Materials at Gurrey's
OiiKth from tlio Coast for sugar on Fildny, selling at IIS',4. Hwa will
Mocks Ik 11 new phnsu uf tliu jiiarket. ' not likely Increaso I(h icgulnr dividend
Thu iluiiiuiiil Ik bribk. Whether IIiIk iiiiiI It will piubably cany over a lurg
I the result of (lie recent Ihting of er cuah surplus tills j ear than ever bo
llnunll.it. mjar stocks on tho 1 at An-! fore, to piovldo for future possible
Eden sloe': exchange linu nut devel
oped, but ell things appear to bo woik
lug together for tho benefit of an net
hu market dining tliu usiiully dull tea
son, I.oc:il brokers liavo iccently sent
cnblcii to Kan Francisco asking for
stockB and have iccelvcd n iccpiobt to
make offeilngs themselves.
Apparently Iho (!o:ist iwoplo nro
waking up to the fawunldu conditions
Unit liavo pi e ailed In tliu Islands tills
Hummer, bavo also got over the wuiry
caused by Hie strike of Jnpnnese. and
what Is niillo ns iiupoitnut for the
welfare of Ilia market mo finding
uiniiey condlllon.i easier In their own
8011100112 has said t lt.it San Francis
co would begin to bii) Tiack Dm stocks
ro goneiously iul.cn up liy Hawaii for
the lust two jeaiH wueu the ninikel
readied ' Iho tnpnoleh, This was
ilniibtloti Ktlil with Iho cornel Ions of
19UU In mind. It does not apply to tliu
PR-sent Bitiiitlon, howovor, at an)
flngo of the game. Jluwnll was nuvcr
In a i,tinngcr llnanelal condition tliuii
today. In 11)00, lla.v.ill owed inllllous
of dullnrs for Iho now pinjicls then
, under way, Today Its debts aio paid
mid Its ngoncles and plantations have
Biirpliubns that are btlng paid out In
dividends nt the rato or hair a million
11 mouth, (treat amoiiulH of bonded
Indebtedness have- been paid olf, and
thu pioaiect far. the future Is veiy
bright. '
strengthen when home of the piesenli staring them In the fare If piercnt Oiook I'loporly at Kallhl to A. H. Mat
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Aside' from this now side-play fioni
tlio Coast thu week lias been (pilcf
wltli tho market closing cry htrnug.
The advancing price ot Biigar nml the
excellent hyslcal condition or ovory
plantation In the Inlands are the prln
ilpal reasons for this.
Oaliii, Uwa, Wnlnlua nud Pioneer
liavo furimlied tho nucleus of the bus
iness for tho week,
One of the curiosities Is tho falling
off In tho prlco of Kwa This planta
tion, with n ciop of 33,000 toiiB.to fin
ish gilmUng tho latter part of next
week, nml unilrtf oidiuary ecniilltlmiH
rlnsliijt Ihoyenr vv(lli n uash lial.utro of
J500 000, ilioppoii off llfty cents n flinio
, 1 . .. U -'.. ' .
complications. Hut It Is bound to pay
an extra unless something very nnox
lH'cteil hnpiieus. On this probable
slfovvlng tlio stock drops fifty cents a
share.. Few things are harder tlian
iircouiitlng for u pilco on tho Hono
lulu Stock nc!iangc.
Thero Is reason for tho sagging mar
ket of O.1I111, that has clioppcd from
9'i lo L'S'ii. Its crop, tliougli 11 largo
imo Is eo.nlni: off slowly and as Iho
plautrllou Is tho tenter of attack by
tho Jupancto strlkVis lis poblllou Is
dllllcult. Under present conditions It
Is quite, probable that thu dividend ot
two per c nt may be, rut for tho re
mainder of the ear to ono and nno
half or oven ono per cent. Iteductlon
of Iho dividend will catn.o a temporal)'
drop In thu prlio, possibly below 28.
Wnluliia Inn! inado n sharp advanco
ou' Iho splendid phjslcal showing or
Iho pmpcity and Iho letuius of the
fields for tho piesent crop. Tho brok
ers llguro that with ordinary condi
tions nud a fair pi leu for sugsr W'ul
alu.i will havu u good margin of sur.
plus in cairy over lo nuxt oar nml
ufler Iho nop Is off air Iiiitciiso or div
idend or mi extra or both is exacted.
Tho crop will bo rf thu latlcr part ot
August, and will go above Iho est!
ninlo. This stock will oaslly go to
par and should tho prlco of biigar ad
viuiro, considerably nbovo.
Many or Iho wUo ones claim that ir
tho shares or Pioneer woro or Bmallor
denomination the I.ahulna plantation
would bo ono o'f tho most actlvo on Iho
market, Its dividend will bo continue.!
through tho jear and tho stock selling
now nt 173', Is likely to go to 175 In a
shoit lime under Iho lufliictico of a
brisk niaikct.
Hawaiian Conunorclal lias advanced
lo 32 bid, with an especially sharp bid
ding ror II In San Francisco. TIiIb Is
tho stock tho Coasl buyers know and
they appear to bo coming bad; to It
Among tho less nctlvq stocks Hutch
inson haB mado Its nppearaiico again,
selling In 100 share blocks nt 17W. Ha
wallan Sugar Is strong at I2& with
nono in bo had, Quito n lot or Mr
llrydo tins t,od al 3"i ami mom Ik of-
feio.l, 'hlbichcap slock will probrbli
oftcrlngs nro out of the way. Tho
1908 crop Is up to tho estimate nml
(pilte n lot of tho plantation's floating
Indebtedness will bo paid off this year.
Olnn lias dropped Into tho three-dollar-ami
n-rrnctloii class on account of tho
nop running below twenty thousand
tons. This Is duo to the weither con
ditions pteviiillng nil along tho
llilocoasl this spring, that reducad
tho siiB.ir.contenl or Iho cane. Tho
uxpenses of tho piopeily liavo been
kept down A good crop or over l'J S00
tons will to taken oft and n larger one
rouillllouB ptowill, b ivo wlllidinnii field, and tho purchani of a Muiioa lot'
Ihclr fin inilul suppoil fiom the stilk-jby Mlidrod liomls Nouls floiu Mis.
eis, Tho olIier-lsHnd Japaneso Imo A. It. (luney. The KailnAal plaio
censed or leilnced thelr'Coutllbiitlou.s. owned by Messrs. llowltuiil mil II id
Tho strlkeis nio going to work but not' ley Iras been sold lo John Guild, who
the comer liavo ro-le.ued their pmp
erty for six jears to the furnlturu
hlmu that his held bway for several
A great lucreaso In the plneapplj
acieago in tho vklnlty of Wahlawa U
on tho plnntatloiih they left. They am has nlso uikeii up ono of tho Icarol leporitd. Many Jipmiuso nro ta'clng
seeking employment elsewhere. Two lots on thu Queen's property beyond, i It up.
huiidii.d or more went out to Iho llii-j Savings banks liavu consulted to
makiia elite h. Others nro going out In i taku $.ui p of Terrltoilal fun Is ou do
small niiiubt'i-s lo seek work any-1 posit on thu same terms a.s regular
wheie. A few aio moving Inck lo
Oahii and Honolulu Vlaulatlons, bill
very few 'Ihu plan seoma now lo li-
lo wrecV IheFo piopeitles ir poshlble
Is In lino for next eur. (Julie a little Their labor ilenuud Is being supplied
trading has been dime In 'Inter-Island
Steam Navigation slock nt 110, Ha
waiian Pineapple has Mild III small lots
nt "I. llonds nro nlwu)s In demand
and there Is hardly a session of tlio
lCxrhango nt which good sized salon
are not repotted ill good prices.
Talk of an Incienso In tho capital
stock or Hawaiian Sugar ("Miikawell")
liau aroused some dlsriisslou us to I lie
advisability or Incteaslng thu capital
of other piopcrllcH pajlug largo div
idends. It does not meet with un.
vol sal nppioval. Far-seeing men real
ize Hint It will bo nccoBb.iry lo put
morn money Into Iho homes of tho
workmen, If right conditions aio lo
prevail In Iho Industry, These men
believe tlpit tho surplus money ovcV a
fair dlvlduid on tho present eapltullza
tlou might better bo put Into prepaia
lions for changing labor conditions,
than pay dividends on slock wnterol
up to tho book viiluo or Iho plantation
proporty, and when a bet-back conies
and largo dividends on tlio Increased
qnpltal can't bo paid, ciy haul (linos,
1 Innnclal hugs want all ttioy run get
and then cry for niore. This Is Ilia
Iheoiy on which tho Japanese vvero
put In (outiol or tho labor on many
or tho plantations, and tho roily Is now
app.nent. Tho financial boa, b.iw no
danger In It and was tlio fliot to
squeal when tho pinch came. Theie
appeals no good leasou why the Mu
tiny ot the financial hog In labor mat
ters should bo rppealed In tho stock
by Iho ill Ike b-eakers however nud
Ihu citizen laboter of Honolulu In In
belter ilrcuiiil'inccii thin uvcr be
fine In Ida lire.
LiihlomerH This cl.i t tho Territory
four ami die half per cent ou ipilte a
hum .
Under tho revised chaiter or Iho Mu
dial Telephono Co., tho Teirltory has
tlio right of compelling a good t-crvlco
through thu courts, A. Smith, who Is
hORhNOI carries
llringlug llfty-rour pTscnsers ror
Honolulu, and experiencing pleasant
weatlic thioiighoiit Ihu voyngo, tin
to h.uo charge or putting tho wires Hteamshlp Aor.mgl, Captain Phillips.
undergtound, uulved In Iho Alameda, nnlved this morning from Vancouver.
Iluslness block" plans aio ou foot all doc'clng at tho lllshop, slip shortly
annum tlio iiusiiiess coiner, llio nfler S ocluck. Allogctber. sho broughl
Chamber of Commerco building Is flVo bags of mnll and a Bin ill itniutiut
itlll on tln t'ipis, Tliu Moichants' As- ((f freight for HiIb pint.
soclullon l.as taken Iho rcspomdblllly Prominent among tlio pisscugerH Is
Tho so called strlko has resolved It.
self inlo a hirjcotl or Oahii and llopo
lulu plantations, Japaneso merchants
nml proroBslonal nion ueolun dlnaatci
lninili;innU mn coming In fmni nil
aides. I'mtj live Filipinos, the llrst
lot fmni the cnlbtmeiii by I,. H, Pink
linlll. Ill-rlVf.il III' III.. Iffiri.n AiimiIii.h
lot or leturn.sl Immigrants eanie by."r l"r,MB "' """ ',"'c' "" 'r Covcnum Uver.ild In. Tlm.ni of FIJI,
Iho Alame.1 , lioni i,r Francisco nud "", "rm'"y" W hm, ' "' " Mn ' ' w'' T,t" A"nn"1 ",!lK """ n'vr"""" f,)f
Potlugiio fiom Iho lislern KLH.. "'",S ' V? " ' ""n tho Colonlm at 3 o'clock.
raino In on iho Aonngl today. A. .1 ""'7 "" " ,,, V " ' ','
Campbell aiiived It. London .1 "f "ial "'""''" ' Interehlonnln
Iho vvie'c nud his ciiiipalgu for llml -.-...
km ope in Is piogieshlng r.ivorubl)
Thtro Is rniiiu lalV or taking up llus '
i Ian 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 U-1 . 1 1 1 1 m i , but since tho people1
would luvo to ho brought In via Kobe
It looks kp rubbing it Into Iho Jnp i
iiih'hu uiiiiecessailly, ul Ihclr homo'
port,. !
' I
Ileal cHtulo. Ihongh genurally cum-,
niented ou us Inactive, is changing
liuuds at rnlr llguies aH tliu time. Out-
slders ienll7o tlio-valuo of rutiiro pros
pects on this Island If Ihoso long les
Ident hero do not, A touiist or u few
vveoks Bluv In tho city bought a $ISi"i
lot the other day. Ho has gone homo
but ho Is coming back and will build
Thcso Instances nro or qulto frequent
occurrence. 7
Tlio Hem) Walorhouso'TruM Com
pan) reiiJ-ostato depaitment rppnrts
tho cniapletl.m of the deal by which
Iho llaalalea I.awn property goes (u
tlio University Club f(,r lis nwlinine.
Phus ror the new bulliliiig will boon bo
called ror nud somo or thu enlhuulHsilc.
clubmen believe that tho noxt iinnu.il
ball will ho held In tho now home.
Tho Henry Wnloilmnno Trust poopto
nl.k) loi'ort thu Falo of Ihu Marlon
Sentence of S'l days vvns pionounccil Hf,
on J. Kal.tma l.lliu ror nssnuiunK Main , - -
Knwahnheo III Iwllel last Tucmlny.'JJ' l
night. ,( 1
Compliliiant wltnesa gave his c,JI-M
cli'iiie with a largo patch on his forv
head nml n tdidt plentlfu'ly besp'il. '
t,.,.,.l .-lfli ltliu.,1 lli. fi.Bllfli.il Hill lin
.'.". .".. "Mi
li ul una n Fcraji wun ins ininer nniiM
that defendant hud separate 1 th'iin.
It... I.. I I .lnl.....l.t.l f...
liwi i;iun i uniiv ii miw .ii..im iiii i--j. ll
lug his Ivnipur binaslied him vvllrt a fil
lieer bottle. vl
Tlio iKillce bniuglit n nnis of toslltVI
inoiiy lo show Hint Mint committed Iho
assault while Attorney Chllllngworth
on his behalf atlempti-.l to show (hat
tho father committed thu nssaull. ;'
This tho rather Ugorously ilenled
and us tho ilcnlnl was I'lihstantlally
bornu out by llio other evldenco Judge
Andrndu. pronounciil tho afoiuinvn
Honed HO'itrnco.
Alisknn Mllllonalrei. Healtle July "(
7. On tho slenmer Ohio, which airlv-,
ed fiuni Nome, wpm gold shlpmenfs Jj
aggieg.it lug u total or half a million
dollars. Of this niiioiilit $2l0.o00 m. a
longed In Iwo Norwegians, who wept
tri Alask'i 15 mouths ago ciuly haudod
and nro returning mlllloiialics.
"F l" eir t nuHftln.
Peek, Frean & Oo.,ttd.
Celebrated London Biscuits
Larue new shipment of these celebrated biscuits, in tins, just received, including
Plasmon-plain and sweet; Pat-a-cakes,
Water Biscuits, Cream Crackers,
Oaten Crackers, Marie Crackers,
Cream Fingers, Cracklets,
Milk Biscuits
Henry May & Co., Ltd.,
yti,ib AWiXtf, WtkAAHU!, r-V , r.i
J.,Wx.J. . , A.'liMtoWlM!!utitlt1IWIilS'TCi

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