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Evnsn'o bulletin, Honolulu, t. h i-riday, ocronnR i, iood.
Evening Bulletin
At 120 .King Street, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii.
Dally every day except Sunday. Weekly Issued on Tuesday of each wek.
Wallace R. Rtirrlnaton, - - Editor
Par Mouth, iybrr la U 3. . ,.4 .711
Wr Quarter, anj-whc; t In U 8. -. a.oo
I'er Vr, ohrte mUS. H.imi
Per Year, vvKtul, lotrijtn, ,. 13. uo
in the Territory of Hawaii.
HPaJ I Editorial Rooms, - 185
e,,lBulness Office, - 256
fcntwed at Ike Fotloffitc a Hooololo
u aronKl-clawi mtier.
Celerity is never more admired
Than bv the neeliRent.
Let Alaska have n Covornmcnt by
Commission If she wants It, b)it none
for this Hit Itmlc.
Kverjbody Is talking about Ha
waii. Kvpii tlio lomlc supplement
Ii:ik discovered that the plucu Is on
the tnup.
n. v i
Besides pinning your faith to the,
proiperlty ot Hawaii be sure you
back It up by Investing bo ns to pro
mote more prosperity 111 the Islands.
Are tho Superylsors of the city of
Honolulu merely members of an or
ganization that runs to cover every
time a corporation snaps Its Ilngeis
ami looks ugly?
Let the stiM'iishlp companies an
nounce wliu they will do, Tho
people have made up their minds
that Anicikan transportation Is the
basis of the pioiperlty ot Hawaii.
As Is often the case, the radical
liquor ineti and the radical temper
linen men take such extreme posi
tions that the solution by practical I
people is inane an me more uimcuii.
Discover of a new-old crater In
the vicinity of Kllauea oUfjht to as-J
sine tne snriners ot uianr a new
thrill, and they might up 'given the
honor of christening the ' 'present
headquarters of a band ot wild coats.
When the I'ederai Gorernment
shows Us readiness to contribute to
ward putting Honolulu's milk sup
plv on n pure basis, the Hoard of
Supervisors ought to realize that
there Is much Iii the milk ordinance
worth while.
These celebintlons that nre being
held nn cither hide of the continent
make one think that tho big cities
me almost as miiih Inteiested In I
keeping the public amused as Hono
lulu enlertaluers arc In holding ine
pace on the Itowerj.
I'teslilent raft apparently Intends
to make the ship subsidy u leading
administration Issue. This means
that It will be pushed through tne
Republican Congress In some form,
and Hawaii should be on hand to
help If occasion oers.
Voicing the sentiment of tho peo
ple whose votes will be needed In
the next campaign, the Bulletin
Joins In tho request that Delegate
Kuhlo continue to lend tho Repub
lican forces, and do so on a common
sense land-policy platform.
If the Merchants' Association con
tinues Its record for Important meet
ings, It will shine as tho no-quorum
organization. Merchants are sup
posedly Just the men anxious to
hear views expicssed that tend to
keep the labor of our diversified In-
dust lies within the clicle of citlzeu-
Americans huvc never icqulrcd
compulsory military service to prove
their ability to fight winning bat
ties. Our greatest trouble Is the al
leged generals who havo beon Jump
erl Into commands over the heads of
trained, experienced and competent
olllecrs who huvo devoted their lives
i to n stud ot tho wnr gnmo nnd
t know how to take care of their men
'us well ns tho best method of plac
ing them lu battle.
Compulsory military service In
times of peace is something for the
Democratic paity to take up, so ns to
completely kill oft tho political or
ganization that still exists In name,
but no loiigei for a definite purpose.
Isn't It enough to bo turning out
each year thousands of well-trained
military men fiom the state univer
sities, and more from the military
Institutions? The aimy Is all light,
and would he better If only every
Commandor-lii-Chlef would ulwavs
iccognlzo the trained men for the
highest and most responsible posts,
hut tho civilian has not jet i cached
the point whero he Is willing to con
templato military servile undei loin
pulsion, when wo havo no battles to
light, and, what's mine, niu not look
ing for any.
Per Si MxjU,.Mf .'...,... .Bo
ret Yftr, iirMt. lull 3. . t.uo M
Pel Yew, utj'Thtre in Canada I. Bo
Per Yrriottpail, loieijt). 3.oo
OCTOBER 1, 1909
Hard work Is one of the certain
ties to which Delegato Kuhlo will
make up Ills mind when deciding to
assume the leadership ot tho Re
publican forces In (he 1910 cam
paign, There will be no doubt on this
point, jind the work cannot begin
too soon,
It the people v'cre grateful, if they
always locognlTed thtf true worth
and what a man has done for the
common goddud general prosperity,
the (Itltans of the Territory ot Ha
waii would, Iioau sent Delcgato Ku
hlo back "to 'Congress in the cam
patgft of, 1908 by a unanimous vote.
Ilut they didn't. ' ' .
If full appreciation 'Of' good workj
prevailed, a unanimous popular ap
proval ot what has been don'o nnd
unanimous re-election in"1' 1910
should be forthcoming without' any,
further effort. Hut it won't, t '
i Delegate Kuhlo wilt hao to tako
his coat off and tho Republican par
ty will have to .do the name. A
pronunclamcnlo from business men
of Hono'lulu, will do much, hu)., not
overj thing. Votes nro'nccessary1 to
carry an election. , r
It will be necessary for, , tho Re
publican leader and the 'Republican
party In general to get close to tho
people, nnd make a light for honesty
against forces that offer everything
in sight to everyone who asks, with
no more Idea ot fullllll-ng any one
of the promises than of Hying to
the moon.
These sentiments may not fall
pleasantly on the ears of people who
would like to have everything fixed
up In advance and thus relievo them
of any political work until tho last
three weeks of the campaign, but It
will be better for nil lonccrned and
the Republican party In particular
to tome down to brass tacks at tho
vci outset ' i !
The 11 u I 1 e 1 1 n believes that the';
Delegate understands the situation
lieitei than ninny ot his associates.
We nlso believe he wjll ''respond to
the demand for him to enter another
'ongiesilonal utiiviibu, And when
lie does. It should be the signal for
woik all along the line whether the
people who think politics are dis
agreeable Uke It or not.
Let's ravo the swimmers at Wnl
ktkl. protected against misfortune,
but don't Rive, the place an unneces
sarily bad "name by marking any
spot dangerous.
With the Increasing number ot
people bathing at Watklki a beach
patrol should bo maintained us a
peimauent feature.
It Is hard to Imagine nny safer
place for luthers In tho world than
the W'alklkl beach In the vicinity of
any of tho, hotels und homes. Rut
persons suddenly attacked by cramps
or becoming excited by going in over
one's head are as likely to drown in
tho vicinity of the swimmers' plat
form as anywhere else along tho
beach, unless aid comes promptly.
Our own people aru such good
swimmers, and tho beach has been
so frco from drowning accidents be
cause) ot volunteer assistance, that
a feeling of too great security has
become engendered.
It would appear to this paper that
the steadily Increasing number of
people using tho beach Justifies tho
establishment of a regular llfo-sav-Ing
bathing beach patrol, such as is
maintained on all the largo beaches
of tho mainland resorts. Then
there would bo a man or inon, strong
swimmers, with a boat constantly
watching the bathors and rendy to
put off to the rescue In cose of any
If such n patiol did not save moro
than ono llf0 In ten yeais that would
bo enough to Justify whatever money
might bo expended. It would nlso
avoid marking our beaches n dan
gerous, n woiil that does not occu
lately descilbe any portion of them'
when (omp.iied with tho danger
spots of othei lewts vvllh which tho
vIsIIoih fiom tne mainland aie ac
quainted. i i
The Industrial Edition of the!
. i. .. , K "uiitnn, wniDDca
ready for mailing, 50 cents at B u 1
1 e t i n Afflrp
To Let
Oandall Lane 2B.R..$12.00
Klnnu St 2B.R.. 17.00
Middle St 2B.R.. 18.00
Union St 2B.R.. 18.00
Kalmuki 2B.R... ,25.00
Vineyard St.
Pawaa St. . .
Kinau St. ..
Kinau St. ..
Bates St.
Beretania St.
Elsie Ave. ..
.t i
Waikane' ....". 5'. . . .4 B'. Rj
Xaimuki 3B.R.
Nuuanu St 5B.R.
Trent Trust Co., Xtd.
'Continued from Paca t
be spares! from thu strenuous task of
coaling, will leave on Monday morn
ing on thu lighthouse tender Kukul,
for a trip to I'earl Harbor. A large
number of tho officers in tho fleet have
nover been to Pearl Harbor, and It is
expected that n good many will be
on hand to go on Monday, Tho start
will bo made about 10 o'clock, return'
Ing somo time the early part of tho af
ternoon. '
Ships Coaling.
Coaling preparatory for tho long
trip to NnrC's'! lliirbor has started
n'n'lnnn 4 I.a V 1. 1 1.1 it (I... !.. n.l f.t.r '
WtlW,,f ,IU .I'Q Wt .,,1- MWl, UtlU tU,lt
now until, the signal full speed ahead
Is 'given on Tuesday, it will be tho
order of tho day.
Thu Washington took ou HC0 tons
yesterday at tho Oceanic wharf lu rec
ord time, so as to make way fur tho
Hngllsh ship Dedford.
Tliu California Is coaling at the nav
al wharf, nnd this afternoon her berth
will be taken by tho Maryland. An
soou ns tho Koutli Dakota completes
her coating ithqiTennsylvanla will
start, .to bo followed' bv thn Colorado.
Tho tworflagstiliuiyllio' West Virginia
and TonncsKi-tf.wiii Btart on .Monday,
flnlshlnilhMlmotto' be cleaned up bo
foro thsy loprivafi'Tuestlay,
Supply Ship Arrives.
Tho U. S. S. Olacier, Captain R. V.
Ionez. supply sill ii of the l'.iclfic fleet.
arrived off port early this morn ng and !
shortly after 8 o clock entered tho liar-
hor aud made fast to thu wharf at tho j
goods consigned to them.
As, soon as she was mado fast, tho
work; of unloading stores for tha eight '
ships -'mmencod'an'd by. ,,9 o'plock
boa4 irom uljithoshlpa.inhotlect
we al5ngsJ(Joi .roadytUj'-retjclvo thii
good scrinslgnod o'theni.-.,' T- "' V
Tho Glacier le,fC BayKranclsco' last
Wednesday nb-jipoi.jind' nxjierlencetl
linn we.ilher utter tlin flhit ilAV.' Tim
Glacier, after unloading ,horr stores, i
will commenco coaling ntnl'wh'e'n that
ordeal Is ovor will leavo f6r Narc's
Harbor to Join tho fleet. i
California On OoMcm.
On account of tlio small amount of
water In Naval Slip No. 1, and the
fact that she Is full of coal, the cruiser
California Is resting on u mud hank
and so far all efforts to get her o
have tailed.
A year ago the Pennsylvania, after
coaling, stalled to get out and It was
found that slfu would not move, but
nfter an hour or so working with tlio
engines she slid off undamaged into
deep water.
Waterhousc Trust
For sale in College Hills A very
desirable home, located near the car
line, on high ground, commanding
a splendid view of Manoa Valley,
Size of lot 100x150. House consists
of living room, dining room, break
fast room, two bedrooms, kitchen,
bath, servants' quarters, etc. New
ly painted inside and out and mod
ern in every particular. Price
$4'500,00, cash or easy payments.
Waterhousc Trust
A Country House
To Let
At Waikane, on the
windward side of Oft
hu on main road,
near beach; 4 bed
rooms; hot and cold
water; barn: will rent
for six months or
shorter term. '
Rent ...i $30 per -mo.
- .j - ,x
will plM4 nottht(
Hotel Street corner ofthev
Tonne Hotel Building. -
vJll to 11.30 p.m.
" '
:fK .
J 4. -
Send a wireless to
your .friends at sea.
A godd 'deal of trouble has been
caused ships before In this slip and It
was understood alter tho Racine licet
left hero last year that dredging would
he started Immediately, but nothing
ro far has been done, although sound
Ingi wero made, last vear by tho civil
engineer's force to ijctermlno how
miicn material would navo to uo taken
out to make tho slip deep enough tn
take big phlps.
Repairs On West Virginia.
Thu necessary repairs to tho port
engine of the flagship West Virginia,
which have been made by tho engineer
force of tho Honolulu Iron Works,
under the direct charge of Manager
Hedemann nre about completed, and
by Monday everything will lie lu read
iness to tut n over to tho chief engi
neer of the ship.
Tint oinccrs of the West Virginia
aie loud In their prulso In tho way
the work has bscn dono by tho local
men, which was moru serious than
they first expected, nfowovcr, the
engine vll bo In perfect trim for the
next leg of the cruise.
Navy League Today.
This, afternoon nt 4 o'clock liio local
members of tho Navy Lcaguo will meet
Furnished cottages at Pnuahou,
Beretania st. tnd Waiklki Beach.
Unfurnished homes in all sections of
the city.
For Rent
The A. HOCKING house at the
mauka end of Kewalo street. Com
pletely furnished. This is the most
desirable, house in Honolulu being
offered 'for rent at the present time.
Rent $100 per month,
For particulars call at
Bishop Trust Co.,
Bethel Street.
ut tho Naval Station, nt which time
Captain Hi ndley A. Klsko of thu Teiv
iiosseu will Rpcak. Chad mail Ration
of, thu locai branch of thu League, Is
very anxious to have ovcry ono Inter
sjtet! in thg; Navy to bo present thu
ifterhogn,,, us Captain Plsko is an an
tliorlty'pn nkydl mattejs, having writ
feu 'uiu'tivirtlclc'g on technical sub
jofcts'pXjttalnlng to the Navy, nnd hit
laljt 0la''aftornoon will bo very Inter
"eVtjrpgt'fnJ'lpaiiy Wnvs.,"
Pvefty .Officers' toDancei f
'iDiiWht,'ift- the "Young Hotel, tho
pety., bllci)rs df, the J'aclllV licet will
rtjctftyu thl friends, at iVhh( promises
lo1v6 thu most successful Iunc(lon fever
given by them. r '-
Thu two pavilions on the roof Bar
den whero thu dauco wll;lwj" Ueld, is
thu Hcene of greul activitytoday, and
tonight thu guests will hu greatly sur
prised with tlie efforts that luivu been
made' In then behalf.
The eight ships of thu fleet havu
been culled upon to fuiiilsli tho music
and' tlie.danrcmusic will be furnished
by- thV'tieStiinhslciaiis, In thu service.
.llotnA'AnJliTb.ls nhfl U'rgu number
of 'officers'.; nrep expected bp bu present.
as wvir its uisny uwnie,opiu, us sev
eral hu'tidrcd'XjlnylGUIons, have been
sent out. -fc-iv
Thu Inmeri'.il 'Jananc'se. bruiser II-
zuina, vvhlc 1 1 xv J 1 1 represent .'upau .u
thu Potluln eIdbrai:oii jhls month,
win not slop nciu until bur letiiiu
trip to Japan,
Ono of" thu officer of tho lledfonl
stated this morning that thu Captuln
of I ho Japanese c-nifcpctoUl.iilci-tiut.
I'cfor leaving that ilia nulii-woilM go
to Sim 1'iaticlsio 'direct, Calling hero
ou her way back t6 Japan. A good
many reports have been In cliculatlou
heru about her arrival toinorfovv, but
Oils news from the Dedford scorns to
put nil doubt at an citd.
Admirals Call. v
Admiral Scbrce. accompanied by
Flag Lieutenant Holmes and Admiral
l'arrv with Aid Glassfurd, p'ifd their
olllclal'ioturn culls on thu captain of
thu English nnd Dutch men-of-war now
III port. By lequest (if both Admirals
no salutes vveio filed as they wero
leaving thu ships. The cnptuln of tho
German cruiser Arconn called ou lio.ud
thu TeunesKoe this mnHiIng und was
received with tho usual honors, except
the salute.
(Continued from Pace 1)
owen her beith at tho wharf to the
courtesy ot Hackfcld & Co, -who made
arrangements for her to come Irtslde
She Is b'ii to vlsltois nt nny tlmo
hut preferably between i and 2 and
R and 7 In the afternoon. She Is not
us roomy as tho American mid Kug
llsh mon-of-war In port, but shows
every sign of being capable f devel
oping great speed when necessary.
vOn her mnln deck nre housed nlno
great whltu pigs from Yokohama, who
will somo dny go toward thu upbuild
ing of tho German nation. On her
nfter de?k eocoa plants nro growing.
In tho pnrsagu lending lo thu cabins
of tho dock officers Is a complete dla-
.. ,. . ... ..on..,, I ,.a tt , mil ) I. il
Mum yn t-.i-ij ij I" " ivurui in iiiu .
llrltlsh Nnvy and no other muu-of-war
or nny other nation is oiniio cnart.
llattlcshlps and I, It and III class
cruisers are all represented. There
are about sixty diagrams.
Tho Arcona will lenialn hero six
days. Tho officers arc: Captain
Schroeder, Lleulenant-Comniiindcrs
Couiieman pud Albrccht, Lieutenants
Il.ihrfeldt. Schiillcn, von Iloniliaid and
Koenlg, Junior Lieutenants Sclimol
ling, von rischel, anil von Xltzuwltz.
Great Bargains
Let us show you 250
kinds of iron beds at
specially reduced prices
during the next few days
J. Hopp & Co.,
King Street, near Alakea
Wc rcsair by the same kind of machinery used in up-
to'-date factories to make shoes, and we do the woik bet
ter, quicker and cheaper than is possible by hand.
We can do ordinary repairing while you wait.
Men's soles and heels 1.25. Women's $1.00
Raffioe Store, - cor. King and Bclhel
Snslgns von Mellenlhln and Count von
Schmetlow, Stuff Surgeon Dr. Kraifse.
Paymaster Kxiiusu, Chief liglneet'
Huusu, and Assistant Chief Ziiern,
(Continued from Pfie 1)
It seciiH that the man, who Is too
modest to havu his name mentioned,
was over the side on a stage cleaning
und painting, when the ship took n
roll, nnd, being unable to keep his
balance, plunged ovei board, but for
tunately clear of the ship's screws.
Ilelng a good swimmer, he struck out
for the buojs which the alert sentry
had tliinwn when he saw him go'
over, and when the boat crew nrrlv
ed .hiil. was inliuly sitting on thu
buoy singing and smiling us calmly
as If he hud been on boaid his ship.
As the boat uenred him ho look a
dive Into the sea and swam up
alongside of tho boat, whero ho was
hauled on board by willing ship
mates. As tlio boat arrived along
side the ship, the stiles were manned
by the crow, who gave three rousing
cheers. Tho boat was hoisted, the
order full speed ahead was given to
the engine room botow, and In a fovv
minutes the Incident was over.
Jack s.ivs, however, that hu will
take caio to be well secured tho noxt
tlmo ho goes over tho side to woik
at sea.
LONDON, Sept, 11, The blhlo
will soon he printed in every Inn-1
gunge or dialect known throughout
the vvoild, Last year, according to
tho 105th ropoit of tho llrltlsh and,
Porclgn Illblo Society, tho languages
In which either lompleto bibles or'
'Arnold' Goods
For baby's bath, tie
this anron around you,
and after washing,
wrap the infant in the
apron, which will ab
sorb every atom of
moisture : this apron
can also be used for a
carriage or cradle
It is made of cotton,
closely knitted with a
lonR, downy fleece,
Price $1.25
putts of It vvcic Issued I cached the
total of 418. Dining the vcar six,
fresh tianslatlons were .added u
the society's lengthening list ami
were reduced to vvilttcn fonn, so as
lo becomo vehicles of the Gospel.
Two of them belong to Asia the
bordeis of Spltl and Thibet ; two lu
Africa Southern Nlgeil.i and the
eastern edge ot Rhodesia; nnd twii
In Oceanic.
"The f.isto of force In the mission
field (nits aloud for unit)," said tin1
bishops nt the Lambeth t'linferem e-
jThls principle ot union has fount'
flesh opportunity for practice lu till'
society's woik In miiry direction'
'abroad, nnd steps have also been tnl"
en to produce a unified st.ind.ud Vbl"
dish bible. Again, the sot lei J h:s
nt least Mime embossed portion i'''
the Scripture now available for tit"
blind In thlity-oae dlifercnt l.it
kuiircs. '
Last jear neaily 0,000,000 hlbl
or portions theicof weiu Issued,
will he seen In tho following nn!
parntlvu table:
ioos-on. i or
Illblcs 8S4,lU.'i Ml
Now Tcst'lsf. .1,110, i)7 l,i;
Portoins a,o:i:i,si:i :i.r,s
Toluls ,ri,9:H,71 1 n.i.ss.i'pi
185 editorial rooms 250 tn'"1
nest office. These are tho telephd
numbin of tha Bulletin office.
Your monogram or lcist
embossed on your paper iKt'e
tone to your letters.
Ask to see our snmpUl
We carry a fine stocB of
correspondence paper tnd
envelopes in stock.
H. F. Wichi
& Co.. Lti
Leading Jeweler
I. .Jl
Cor, Fort and Merchant Streets,

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