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omoU 'tfe-trirv-f"
ssA '
WeeKly Calendar
Pacific Stated.
Honolulu Commandcry Retl
Hawaiian Flrt Degree.
Honolulu Commandcry Order
ef the Temple.
i Lcl Alclia Chapter No. 3
All tUKIdk meiaucri o( Ute
Order are .cordially Invited to
Attend meetings of local lodger
Meet en the
2ml and 4th
Mondays of
each month
at K. P. Hall
7:20 1'. M.
BENEFICIAL AJSni!ATIOI!. ci"tien5 cor
' dially invited.
i CABMOinf T,0DGE, No. .3, I. 0. 0. 5.
Kcelt every Monday evening at
f;20 in L O. O F Uall, Fort Street.
-- E. R. HENDIIY, Secretary.
V. D. WICKE, N. 0.
All visiting brothers very cordially
, CAHU LODGE, No. 1, X. of P.
. Meet every Crrt and third Frl-
lay evening nj 7:30 In K. ot P. Uall,
Mrner Tort and Heretanta. VlslUni
i trethtrs cordially Invited to attend.
P. I.. NUGENT, C. C.
R. GOSLINQ. K. R. 8.
EONOLULU'lODGE 610, B. P. 0. E.
Honolulu Lodge No. 616, D. P. O.
v Elks, meets In their hall, on Kins
Btrcet, near Fort, evory Friday even-
lug. Visiting Brothera are cordially
Invited to attend.
H. C. EA8TON, Bec'y.
Meeu on the iwi and 1th WED
NESDAY evenings ot each month at
ijr:30 o'clock In K.. ot P. Hall, corner
'Ueretanla and Fort streets.
Vlslt'm Eajles are Invited to a4-
' nl
W. St. McCOT, W., Preit.
U. T. MOORE, Secy.
17m. U'lONLEY LODGE No.8, fcofP.
Meets every nd and 4tb Saturday
renlng at 7:30 o'clock In IC. ot P.
'Hall, cor. Fort and Ueretanla. Visit
lag brother cordlilly Invited to at
tend f. M McQREW. O. 0.
HAWAIIAN TRIBE, No. 1, 1. 0. R. M.
Meets every Oret and third Thurs
days ot each month at Knights ot
Pytklae Hall. Visiting brothers cor-
dlaJly invited to attend.
L. A( PEnitY, Sachem.
D. V. TODD, 0. of R.
Rainier Beer
. WAIK1K11NN -
'b-Tha Finest Bathing on the Beaek."
:" . Heals At All Hours.
W. 0. BERGIN. Proprietor.
The most popular
I place in town.
. The Fashion Saloon
;V Hotel St. near Fort
t ' faok Sctdly, - . Jack Roberts
NoFtSa Pole
Beer on Tap
jDrpheun. Saloon,
A W. IK CHALIlliiib
,' General Contractor and Builder.
tt- . Estimates furnished
'. - Free ofUiiMsc. .
aiLtJm 11 VonIin?il Tlnllillnrf.
fflMVViU t -.-- - .-.. p.
. Jionotuiu, x. ii.
San Francisco Hotels
Geary Stteet, above Union Square
Jul oi?jilt Uofrl St. FriotU
European Plan S1.60 a day up
American Plan $3.00 a day up
Steel and brick structure furnish.
Ingscott $200,000. High (Use hotel
atmsderate rates. Center of theatre
andretalldlttrlct. OncarnoMtranij
ferrtne rollover city. Omnibus rneett
all train; and steamers. Sand for
booklet wlthmapofSanFraadecq,'
Hotel Stewart now recognisad aa
Ha w.l liap Itlsnd hiiqu."rri.Cnb(e
addrwf, "TrawcH." ABC Code,
(Continued lrora Pejre H
It dm neivspauurs find pet Indicate which
nro furnlirh" I by the clipping bureaus,
Moreover the character of nil this
viltlng shows n much batlcr and truer
conception ,oi conditions In tho Terrl
torv than was pliflirn from tho sntno
omees within as rhort ii epaco as n
vcji ago Jnrt at piosont comment
l particularly iiHUo lit tho malnla.i.l
litem over thp proposed change In
Mir Ittti'l 1 1 .a. mid the efforts of tli"
'ferritins t lit corn) "Americanized."
The pisKizlnp ititlclos of AlfNander
Hume I'ord tire litltiKlUK many Itiqiilr-
leu, uhlcli wjillo iudleatlnR that most
of the IfHiillrem hac Rallied possibly
rwptsern'etl Ideati of tho opportunities
Kiov. ,ns o'l Inihhcu In Hawaii, Kllll
i.how that Hie Ihlauiln nro hulim
limm lit to tho attention of hundred
o ftficiitanilri of eltlieits who tiro com-
Itii; to ii all re for the flrtt time that
Hawaii la :i place of Mime Importance,
and a part of tho United States.
rorht") I.ltuU.ty u well kniron writer,
has recently wiitten u number of art
icles on Hawaii which lias been "niii-
illcatcd" nml publlrhol In thuusaiida of
newsiapers all over tho coitntty.
Comritlttee Receanlzed.
er' kooiI tlRii that our t lace In
the communltj la becoming er.v koii
trally recoKiilied. U In th0 fact that
almost nil of the badness housea ot
tho city nro turning over to this ofllco
for answer lettera which they tccolvu
fi om prospictho lnltnrH or cettlem.
Wo get many such luttcra from tho
Postmaster, and this wools we lrivo a
largo packaco of such Icttcrit from Gov
ernor Frear, whoso prospective trip to
Washington next week, prevents his
answering them In person.
1909 Floral Parade.
I sincerely hope tint there may be
little further Onlay In necirlng a 1)1
rector of the 1910 I'.oral Parade an I
woik on the iMalh of this Impoitant
ount commenced. It (r high tlmo that
this bo done, Alrcidy wo Inuo u num
ber of letters trom various parts of
Europe acknowledging tccelpt of our
Floral P.irndo Posters and comment
ing ery pleanantl. upo-i tlieni. Dy
this lime I bellovo that tho poster
has been well distributed on tho main
land alto. I hatn been expecting tho
Ktipply hero which however, linve not
as et arrived.
Tho balk of tho lottcrc wo receive
now nro from petsona who want to
come to Hawaii, either for ploasuro,
or to found homo. Many want em
plojmcntj many others want to secure
land nml Inquire concerning public
lands, and nlso abort private lands
which they mUht purchase. These
mo all aiibwcred its duflnllely as pos
rlblo under the clrciimataucos. Homo
nro referred for fuller Information to
the Territorial Commissioner of Public
Steamship Company Interested.
Wo hao iccelvcd an Interesting let
ter fioni C. D. Uuipiiin, general pas
fccnger pgent of the Pacific Coast S. S.
Company. Ho spent, n good deal ot
his pergonal tlmo Jn trlng to secure
the pioposed Elks' excursion from Salt
I.ako City, mnklng n trip to that place,
but could not get tho orsanlzatlon to
put HP the cash guarantee he deemed
nvccDD&ry, Hut he continues;
,-,Vhllo it Is (no lato In tho season
to do so 'be comlnii winter, w0 h.ivo
In mind udvo-'lslng on our own hook,
excursions to Honolulu next winter,
putting our nrtvertlalng matter sunt
clently In nilvcnce to attract patron,
age, and hope to bo able to work up a
Honolulu winter biulu'sn tho hunio as
wo huvo to Alaska during tho minimcr
months. In that cate, we will Invito
nil thpgo various societies to "come In.'
We believe nlso (hat the cruises should
htm t from I.ob Angeles, there being no
direct scrvico fimu that ort to the
Iclnndr. This Ic a mrttor that wo will
take tii with your oiricojn due tlnio."
Will Dlfj Lake Cesper. Spokano
Ort. 22. Sullivan lake, tho second
largest body of water In oaBtorn Wash
ington, Is to bo miulo ton feet deeper.
A big dam Is to bo thrown across Its
outlet preparatory to building a 1800,
000 cement plant. Tho lake Is II miles
long, and thousands of ucrcs of land
will he Hooded when tho dam'ls built.
Clearance Sale
New stylee
being sho'.vn.
Boston 31dg: Fort Street.
I W,rtWHll
The Blfl Nickel Scratch Pad for mI
at the B u 1 1 e tJ n qftlce for five cent,
la one Inch thlok, made up of two hun
dred sheets of good paper. Six for a
quarter. ,
Call and see Mike Patua at the En
core. The 19th instant is' the last day
for paying the second half of taxes.
Send )our clotheato the Honolulu
Clothes Cleaning Co., for, careful press
ing. Phono 147.
For an eesy-rldlnc car, Jerry,
Roonoy's Packard.) Telchone i,9.
King and Bishop streets, t,
Salpds net veil with light lunches at
the naltlmoro Cafe. Hotel street,, com
tain the best of ever thing.
What about jour hid?, It's tlmo It
was recti to. Cull In The l?xpertHnt
Cleaners, Work guaranteed.
Anything new in the, sporting tin?
Anything good In the liquor Unef You
can Dad It at "The Two Jacks."
If you want a good job done on aa
auto or carriage take It to Hawaiian
Carriage Mfg. Co., 427 Queen St
Sam Ch(llngtvorth Is taking much
pains In working up the soccer game.
and It is owing to his efforts (hat tho
sport Is booming at present.
Soccer players nru practicing ovcry
evening out at the Punahou grounds,
and there Is nlwajs n good number of
cnhublnftB leady to don tho football
.lodge Dole this morning handed
down a decision In tho case of J. Kn-
iMta and others ngalnst tho KtenniBlilp
'Stanley Dollar." The decision ns-
eesscs tho amount to be paid to tho
complainants nt n2.4&
The football men of tho Ilodfonl
have a line collection of shields which
they bnvo won In nil puts of the
world. The poccer te.im is a vtti
htrnng one. and tho furt that they
rinsed u ilrnvv vvitn tin San ! ranch co
club shown that tho local team wilt
have to be good to defeat them. on Sut-
urdliay next.
A fine of $230 was Imposed by Cir
cuit Judgii Do Holt jesterday on Wll
Ho Vldu, Kaea, Apollona and Keplkl,
convicted gamblers. In passing sen
tence upon tlie men Judge l)e Uolt
condemned tho growing tendency
among wmo elements In the commun
ity to countenance gambling and ho
declared that he, was Informed that
games of chance had a firm hold upon
the. rerutablo citizens of tho commun
ity. Ho nlso took occnslon to condemn
tho practice, of "nntchlnV to see who
pays tho rnrfr..t.
,-AND '
Miss Kate Woodnrd. 1141 Fort
street, Is dlsplujlpg sonic vory pretty
pillow tops.
.Property and' income taxes must
he paid on or before the 15th in
stant, or ten per cent wjll be added.
Tomorrow and Saturday Jordan's
will clean up nil the remnants left oyer
from their big talo of the past ten
da s.
If you have real eatalb to sell list it
with tho ronl estate department of
Dlshop Trust Co. Ilethel street. Ulsh
oil Trust Co. havo tho liveliest real es
tate department In town.
Friday nnd Saturday are positively
tho last days ot tho big shirt waist
talo nt Sachs Dry Goods Co. It wilt bo
jour loss if sou don't take advantage.
of this sale, Tho doll contest 1b now
At the meeting of tho Healanl Boat
Club, which was held at the club house
Inst night tho election of. ofllcors took
placo. There was a big muster ot
members nnd the greatest interest
was ehown In the nflalr,
The following officers were elected:
President, Lester Petrle: vlco-nresl-
dent, Hun Clarke; sccretnry, Eddie
r-ernandoz; treasurer, S, Mnhelona:
auditor, Sum Chllliugwnrtli; Com
modore, John Clarke; vlco commodoic,
Robert Fuller; captain, Jiunes Lloyd;
vtco captain, carl oss,
Tho return, of Jnntea Lloyd to tho
gaifio gava much pleasure to ovcryouu
and his election ns captain vvts
cheoroil to tho cpho.
,'no iicaiani oiiiu is going to boom
from now on, nnd sovorul cnteitaln
ments ate planned to be given li the
near future ln(nld ot tho nssochtlon,
Sacramento Valley Cornnany fo Op.
eiating on Big Scale,
CIIICO, dct. '2,!l The Sacramento
valley sugar company has leased the
900 acre farm of tho Motehead com
pany, nbout'two miles from tills city,
nnd will plant the entire tract next
jcar to sugar beets.
The big sugar factory nt Hamil
ton Is now experiencing tho great
est run since U'was established.
The factor)- Is handling laigcJ
quantities of boets ftoiri Yolo and
Colusa counties, In addition to the
product of Glenn and Hutto coun
ties. Cant Breaks, Drowning Many, Con
stantlnopld, Oct. 21. Twenty-five per
sons woio dnJwiicd today following
the bursting, ot a dam at Lako Derkos,
30'mlles noifhwest of thin city. Tho
lako supplies writer for tho capital,
No Dftsnpnew. 1 i ' t
City Transfer Co.
Jas. Ht Lovo-
i iM-Hn.n
I. .A U.i
? DO
GEVtj .
ThsMisur asd Kunrtssinit
WeflU eatvCMl PImb S88
'9i W. Matafal, rfep. (
'wmmimmtttfmm inn mi
, H011ERT DOI.l.All of tho Robert
Dollar Steamzhl company, ono of tho
bcs.t known stcamrlilp companies ope
rating on the P.icllle ocean, was I
Tacoma from, Kan I'ranclr.eo. Recent
ly Mr, Dollar came to thu Sound to
meet the delegation of tho Japancao
trade extension cummllteo who nrrlv
rd from tho Orient.- He Is personally
acquainted wltk more than half of the
men who will trpretcut .lnpan's com
mercial organlzntlo.is. He recently
visited Manila.
Mi4.. Dollar Is the ner of tho Dol
lar steamers and has lately attracted
liipch attention mid ciuateil great In
terest In tho effoit for leglslutlon to
Restore the American niertliaiit ma-
"Tho merchant in irlne of America
tins been legisjiitei! off thu face of the
waters,'' he said, "for nenily 10
eais Congress lias hail this question
before it; the question Is still before letting her drift l.icl: with tho waior.
thu House, but the ships nro not be- and then miming out tho pott anchor,
torn them now. Mr. Hnnit'i had a bill- Captain Kntwls-tlo managed to g-t
fcoforo (.'engross, nnd hal It become clear of the dilplilii. lTventlially, she
law wn woul?l havo ind plenty of worked back to (he channel, nnl
fchlps, but tbero has been nn bill bo-j Moamod clear. Tho clinmirfl in nwlc
loro (ho llquro since even If It had'wnid n( that ttagu. n tho vernel hits
become luw, thpt would have glvou in In uieet njiy How cf v.-atur dli;o.iply,
n uiciehnnt mat Inc. The subsidies
proposed were utterlj Inadvqintt-.
TO S1EET tiiu heavy demnuds of
the lucieaslng pashtngpr tralTlc bo-
tween San Francisco and the northern
Coast ports, two now flrt-clas Kteel
passenger hteamers mo being ecu
itructed for flio Sim Francisco and
Portland Htcatii.-hl Company, nn off
shoot of tho Pacific Mall Steamship
Company, by tho Newport N'ows Hlillv
building Company nt Newport Nona
Vn. Ono of the vessels, which will ba
alster-hlp8. wan; launched on October
,lfi niiichilstened'the Hear. Tho foc-
j-nd stcnmcr( to be mimed tho Heaver
wjll bo launched toma time In Novem
ber. Ha
Neptune, being constructed for a Ham
burg company to bo used for trading
in thp South Sens, was hunched nt
Oakland, Cal., on Octoher 10. Tim
Neptune Is u trjra,llttla schooner with
n tonnage or tGi) tons, a keel 100 foot
long, and 11 feet deep, with a beam
ot 20 feet. Tho Neptune has been con.
Ktnicted to tako the p'aco of tho trad
ing uchooner Gazelle, which wns lost
on a reef near Gabriel Island last
of Ualtlmnre was tho lowest blddor for
tho. contiact for tho csiistiuctlun of n
fleet collier for tho United States
Navy, bids for which wera opened t
tho Nnvy Department nn August 31.
Tho collier Is In have a Bpeed ot
fourteen knots and n'cnrrylng capacity
of not less than 12 COO tons of cargo
and bunker coal. It is to cost not
moro than'1901,000.
t THE IlUItKAU OF Navigation report!-,
that 347 sail nnd steam vessels
ot 48 914 gioss tona were built In th
United States during t!io quarter end
ed September 30. Dm lug Hie cor
icspomllng quarter ended September
30, 1908, 319 sail nnd steam vessels of
20,887 gross tons vvero built.
recommended to bo dropped from tho
Annapolis Naval Academy bocaiiko of
their failure to pass on their to ex
amination last month In tho studios In
which they were found to bo deficient
at tho Juno examination.
THE MATSON Navigation steamer
Hllonlan, which sallpd from Honolulu
en. November 2nd has arrived nt Sau
Francltco, Tho vessel can led a mini,
ler of pntkcngerH and a general cargo
from Hawaiian ports.
IT IS RELIEVED that the Italian
ciulser Cnlabrln will iiulvd here on or
about Thursday; Tho war vessel Is
coming doi fmm San Frnncltco hav.
tng participated In tho recent festiv
ities tlicio,
THE HUIIEAU of Navigation re
ports that 69 sail and Bteam vessels,
of 5319 gioss tons wero built In tho
United Stntes during 8epte;nbor,
- .1 ' i i in. .." I ' j i.
Men's Clothes
Style and Fit
No Bust.
Island Transfer.
s, Excavatinif and Filll
Excavating; and Filling.
Vintyard St., Ewa of Huuann Stream,
Till". UNION' SHeaniKhlp Company
I'cccntly Issued liistructlons to 'their
olhccrs In regard to" tho Bluff harbor
that (Icpaiturcu must bu inadu nt
"slack w.itor," this ileclnlon being the
outcome of the iccenl gmuiiilhiu of
the Mupuka, over which event an In
quiry ivns held. Tho wisdom of this
decision v.as oxuinpllflud recently
(8iivh the IllutT coiTCspui'lcnt of the
Diiue'lin "Star") when tlli Iluidart
Paiker liner Ullmato-t attemplcl to
tuako her ilcparturo ngalnnt n strong
Incoming tide. Thu Ullmnto.i gqt
clear of tho wharf, and worked iicioih
to tho channel llh. tomo little dim
eulty. On leachlii't 'thu channel tho
vessel met tho full furcu of the tld
vvlilch was running In at nbont seven
l'tints, nml this clewed her bow a nmn,
i-o much that she almost collided with
the red dolphin, mid lou'ted HUo get
ting Into slioal VMter, Hn-vcver, by
unit m Ik lhblo to "slow" nt na time
except at slack water,
THERE IS about fifteen hun-lfcd
tons of general cargo fioni Oriental
I"" l to be dlt..hnrgil liom (tin T. IC
K. Clilyu Mum, which is expected to
arrive nt Honolulu on 'Sunday ultci
noon. Tho vessel will prnlubl le
inaln ut the part until Mimo time Mon
day morning. The Chivo Mnrn vtlll
lake three or four lay-over, p-isHetigcr'a
for Sail KRiiicIbro,
CAPTAIN KELLY, miv.ler or tho
Hark Aiulruvv Welch, wll! uall for Can
rranql-fro today. Ihu vcirel Is" pro
ceedlng to tho coast in ballast. The,
Andrew Welch in rived at the port on
October 27 with u general cargo of
merchandise to tho. ngqncy'of C. Blow,
er & Co. One p.iskeiiser left by the
vessel. "
LATEST ADVICES by v.lreieas. re
ceived nt tho Kahuk.i ututioii an
nounced tho position of "ho IT. it. A. T
i.herldan nt about a tbouiuiiid miles off
lionolulii, -This vesLel Is cxrectel to
in live hcto Saturday nrtiinoou nt thu
lueJlnt into of speed now being undo
1 Hip vessel,
A CONSIGNMENT ot telephone
poles and other heavy Umber Is lielnc
discharged fiom the schooner Alice
Cooke. Th.it voasel wns shifted from
the railway to the llackfeld wharf this
morning while, tho timber wan being
taken out.
geueiul cargo for Kahulul nnd eleven
bundled tons, of freight for llllo, tho
MaUon Navigation steamer l.iirliuo
lallcd for Island ports Inst night. Tho
l.mllno Is duo to return hero In tlmo
lor n dispatch to San Francisco on No
vember 17.
THERE IS a hrgo general caigo for
Honolulu In tho Mutton Navigation
fctejiner Hyadoa vvlilch Is re-ported to
have sullod fropi Seattlo for tliii, port
yesterday. Soino tcven bnndred (jih
or aminuiilllim is Inclinlcd In the
Irclght list,
THE PACiriC MAIf. liner Asia la
Is on tho way horn Yokohama to Ho
rolulu uecoidlng to.latoat advices. Tho
vessel left tho Jnpauofco port jeetei
day and J dio hero on Npv ember 2.
THE ARRIVAL 'of tho rchoonor
Muriel from Honolpu Is lopoited from
SainKrnnrJsro, Tliq vestel Bailed from
Ihe Ilnvvallnn iiort for tho coast on
Oc! .'.isr 21
THE raPAllTUIlE of thu MaUon
Steamer Kntwpiko from San Vnn:
Cisco, dPstined for IJHo, Is icporled'.
The veH'el failed from, tho coast port
THE SCHOONER Espado which
discharged n Bliljnneilt of lumber nt
this port, has nnlvod ut Gr.iya llur
bor . Tho vessel left here on October
22ml. v
A WIRELESS mcuihagi fmm tho To
yo Klscn Kahha lner,Chlyo .Mam re
ceived nt Kiihuku tliiilq.i 4at night,
nnupimccs tlial vessel.dua In nrilve nt
noniilulu piohubly Sun lav evenltig.
W. W. Ahana Co.,
1 ' 62 So, King St.
j Shippinng'
J ' I - ' ' -'- IMIIH.-Hl.il ! .Mlll.IM.M-4
Wednesday, November 10.
HAN FRANCISCO Arrived Nov. !):
Stbr. Muriel, from lloiioipu Oct, l,
SAN FRANCISCO Arrlvtd No .10.
S. S. lllloulau, lirneo Nov, i.
S. S. Enterpilso, for llllo.
YOKOHAMA Sailed Nov. Id-
S, S. Asii, for Honolultr.
AMONO Till! dcpirtures f mm. the
port today will bo the Ilrithh ship ltlv
ersldn, vvlilch arrived nt Honolulu on
October Z7 Willi n shlmitonj ot feitll
7(t from l.eltti Tho lllveislile pro
eeeds to the Sound In ballast,
Thp following wlrelejs has Iwcii re
ceived l tho ngelltu rioiu tho S, S,
Alameda: ,
"Alatiicda, S p m Nov "J. 1U0O.
"All veil 112 inllos Btiong eiut
wind nnd hsavy head sea."
Notice Is hereby given that Duxhury
Reef VI Istllng nitoy, huiPtufoio re
IKiited tulsslngj wns reiilaecil Octcliut
19, 190'J.
Notlte Is heieby given Ihu, about'
December 1, 10!1, the light r-t this st.i-
(iliiit will ho moved to and pstuhllshud
in tho new tower now lining hailt nhou:
40 feet I'lR ileg. 00 mill, ti no (SE. u-10
... jiia'.) n om ilie present tight.
Thp lUht will be 211 toot nlnvo thv
water ni'il 84 feet iviiovo tho grou.id
nnd will bo shown f-nm a giny, oci ih
enal, iiyr.imldal, coneicto tower hui
mounted by n black eyllij.lrical lant
ern, ilsiug from a gray dwelling with
led niof. and should b? Millik! iiliiul
21 inllea In cleir vvpatlii"-. tho obrerv
ir'H v o lfi feet nlaue the w.iiur.
Thp iipiiolmalo gpogrniihle jmsl
lion cf tho light, na tnk.-n fuiiii fii-nt
-.lid Oeudetle Survey Clint No. 5332
will bo: Latitude nprth, 37 deg. 4')
mill. (28 neco); lonttii'o, west, 122
dcg. 2." mill. (21 see ).
Angel Islan ! rlleht tangent (i tus
45 mill, truo (N. bj VV. mag.); Go it
island, light tangent 113 ilea:. 00 mln
truo (E. 7-lfi S. mng); rail Point
I Ight Hnu-p. 250 dag. 43 mln. true
(SW. 11-lli W. iiwB.1.
Until Iho light la move I It will b
obsuired bj tho now tower between
Hip banrlngs 29u !og. ro mln. truo (W
3-lfi N mug) nnd 211 du-x. ni mln,
truo (NW. 3-4 N. rau ) and hv the mil
Itary prison belwmi the healings 12'J
ileg. Ort min. truo (JW1I5. 7-S E ln3,'.)
und 13.' ileg. 00 mln tiuu (SE. !- E
9-1 Ii Ii mng.)
HU.M110I.DT 11AR, CAL.
Notleo Is lieioby given lint Hum
boldt Oulsldo liar Whlstllig lluov (a
Ifointii went adrift last 11IUU It will
be leplarod ns soon ns in ictleilro
Ily order of tho Light house Hoard.
FennelPs Sleuths Find
Illegal Sale of
George Davis, a retire 1 member of
the .Marine Corps, who claims to havo
resided In TInnnliilii Int. th,. mil r.
vyeais. wbb found guilty cf yelling spir-
iiiioiM liquors wiinoui u itrcnsa, mid
ivns filled $150 lis Jlldso Andr.idn lliln
Davis was arioatcd rn tlio ovinlng
Of NllVPllVliei. a 111- i.in Itil rtlM,..,,.., I..
-- - -- "j "-V"', '.,n.in ill
thargu of Llecnvo Inspector Fennoll.
Doniipii airniio was ono or thu prln
clp.il witnesses ng-Unst D.tvls, He
ebiliniMl to h.iio lirn iin,tin 11,.. ,...
of InspccliV Feuiiol nnd was Instinct-
-n ij 1 ihu uiiitiai in pay n visit to
DnVls' ld.lt-O llpflt- tin. rrlnuir nt fVitn,,
mid ltlchiiiils (tieet, Strnuh wbh nc-.
viiiiiuiuii'ii uy urreu Hawaiian women.
lie nskpdfo- beer nnd was given four
hnttlCH OT' tbn f'hrfillTlir tiil.,rifra On
then ordeieil 11 lioltlu of vvhlBkey wliirli
waK nlso forthcoming. For tills mix
ture of liquid J" tho uloutli tendered
two marked silver dollnis ns inymq.ii,
A poitliin of the booze vvnu consunio 1
rn the D.wln ptcnihoa by Slrauli an I
I1I.1 fumnlo rinnpaiilniiH,
Fenncll nnd tlio olllcern mndo tholr
lipponruneo iimn thu scoi;n whlio tiis
(low f tlm bowl was in progrozs. Ho
placed Davis under nrrest and secured
tlio two dlsflgmed coins ns n portion or
the evidence. Attorney Strausa ropre
l.ented (bo derendunt In thu casu nu 1
ho Indulged In several Illuminating
Igil tilts with Pinseciitlng Attumcy
C.iilictrt In tlio court o or the lioarlqg
Stiama. In tlio witness Stiuub fir
Iho piokpcmlnn, round 11 foo woithy
or his iherouciil qiullflcutlons, Tho
I'tioinoy tn.i-MVored to ilimr that
Sttiiub win fi receive u.e sum or
twenty inl,iiR frpm tho Riivcrnmoiit
upon a conviction of Duvli,.
Judijo Anh iido dccluroi! Dtvls gnl
t'. nt the :M'i' .iislon of tl(e I10-11 Jtf
rind uEescd n fluo ot ono hundix-d mid
fifty dollt.i.1. Attorney Hu.-u-s g"vo
notlco of nn nppaal Imn l:igiiaP Coiut
' .
tntf,r.fBl(.nd and O. n. .t L. shipping
Looks for sale U the nullotlq
office, 6C each. .
Wo.liiesday,Novembei' 10.
M. N. S. S. Lurlliio, Weeden, for Kit
nulul nnd llllo, 9 p, m,
f.1.' . : -
U. S. A. T. Sheridan, fnim Snn.Fran.
clfco; malls '
Stiur. Mnunn Loa, from Kona and
Knu ports; pass, and gen. cargo, a. in.
u..,. h. h. .Marama, ror Austrnllan
liortH; iass. and g-i, cmgo, p. in.
Stiur, Miiimn Koa, from Hawaii and
Maul ports; pass., mall nml gen. cargo,
11 m.
Stmr. Mlknhala, Tullett, fmm Molo
kal and M1111I ports, a. 111,
C.-A. S. 9. Miirnmn, from Victoria,
u, in,
r 1.
T. K. K.J. 8. Clilyu Slam, from
Yokohanin, a. m.
Jnp. cruiser Idzuiuo, fioni Slontcrcy,
Stmr. Kimn, Gregory, rrnm Kauai
pons, n. 111.
lltmr. Hulene, from San Francisco,
p. m,
1 .y
P. M. S. S. Siberia, Zeeder, from San
Francisco, u. in.
;. : 1
(ler. cruiser Arcdna, from San Fran-
Hal. ciulser Calabria, from S.ui
Per Am. bk. Andrew Wolcli, for S.m
Fiaticltco. P. 13, Clark,
Per St. N. 8. S. Lurllne, for Sau
Francisco, Nov. 17. Slra. C. SI. Figo
ley. Dr. and Sirs, ltodgers, A. 11. In
Mils, E. L. Ilcrkeley. Sirs. A. P.
Cooke. Sirs. C. Sliuprnn, Sirs, K. St.
Sroliy. E. 13. Itlchar.ls. Walter Vnincy,
II. U llronlinlnior, SIlss Tnrr, P. Peck,
Lulu Law. Gov en nor W. F. Fienr, C.
A. Hums. A. Jcmca. J. A. SIcGlellan. .1.
.1, SIc.Mnhon. Sirs. SI. 13. Tcnny, Sirs.
IsnonniM XV. Duck, Sirs. Buck. SIlss
Ulanchard. the Sllrsen llnrd, .1. SI.
IIoro. R 8. Gorman
Per Sir. Ctnudlno for Sliiul, nmt
Hawaii ports. Nov. 12 J. W. Doylo.
C. W. Thomas, SIUs J. Ilaniull, Stis.
Geo, W. IMty, W. vl. Coellio.
Per T. K. IC. S. 8. Clilyu Slnru. for
Sau Friinrltcn. E. O. Child, II. JCald
lack, Ohiis. E. Sillier,
Malls are duo at Honolulu frQM
points as follows:
Sail Francisco Per Sheildun, Nov, 12.
Yokohama Per Chlyo Slaru, Nov. 14.
Vancouver Por. Slaramn, Nov. 13.
Colonics Per Aorangl, Dec. 8.
SIolls will depart forth following
rolntc as follows: ,
Yokohama Per Siberia, Nov. 15.
Vancouver per Aornngl, Dec. 8.
Colonics Per Star&ma, Nov, 18,
Charitablo Workers in Connecticut
Have New ScR-me.
OREKNWICH,. Cfiiin., Oct. 25.
"Teeth tilled utlhe'iiite of 10 cents
a tooth."
That looks HUo nn advertisement
of a dontHl quack, but It Is not.
Tho patient must bo a Grecnvvlch
Ito, n child, nnd ho or sho must pre
sent liluicoir or herself nt th looms
of tho United Workers on ceitaln
las or tlm week In order to hnvo
the work done.
Tho United WorkciH, nn organi
zation composed mostly of wealthy
peoplo, havo Intel estcd tho dentists
In theli;vfii)c among tho poor to tlio
extent that they have- formed an 11s
Ecclatlnn nnd havo olfoied to cain
ror tho poor thlldien's tcotli.
Tho wink Is Intondi'd to bo ilono
free nnd tho 10 conts n tooth Ib
chnreed In oulor that tho chlldion
und tho paients may not feol thai,
thoy mo ti.o icclplciitH ot chailly.
YASI1I.GT0N. Oct. 23. Another
campaign rur rulslng funds for tlio
arlouu niitl-ttihoiciilosls orgunUa
UotiH thioiighom tlio United Stuteu
Is Co bo conducted by tlio American
Red Cross dm lug tho icimlng Christ
mas season. Thlity -million Hod
Ciosh giulstmas BtUiinis hnvo been
ordeicd and will bj dulhuiud bufoto
tho end t-f November.
Thq Kicloty litipes to huvo 50,000,
00l stamps. 1111 sale by December 13.
Pci mission lias been obtained to
tfoll thesu Btnnips in till ot tho post-
ouicej or urn united States. .
Fairbanks Leaves- Manila Manila,
Oct, 22. Former Vlco President I'lilr.
b.iiiku luft iioio today for Hongkong on
the steamer .Minnesota en touto for
1 V Vl "!

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