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From San Francisco:
Korea ..., Jan. 12
For Shu Francisco:
Alameda '. Jul). 12
From Vancouver:
AorniiBl Jan. 8
For Vancouver:
Mukurn .... 4 Kcli. 1
Fcrtcvcrcncc is nn mlvcrtisinc ne
cessity. Persevering Honolulu adver
tisers learn that Bulletin space
it an advertising necessity in order
tc get returns that Justify their ad
vertising expenditures.
The Bulletin prints all the bargain jps any woman needs to read
ESTABLISHED 1882. NO. 4511.
h 'I
' : T. r
PINCH OTjMany Dismissed
(Snccial Bulletin Cable.)
After a cabinet meeting held today,
Forester Pinchot was dismissed.
This action is the outcome of Pin.
chot's accusation of the Secretary
President Taft's special message
dealing; with -amendments to tho in
terstate commerce law was presented
to Congress today.
The President advises legislation
that will require corporations doing
an interstate business to secure a
Federal charter, and the establish
ment of a Court o'f Commerce to de
termine interstate Appeals. 'His plan
calls for Federal supervision of rail
road rates, stock issues, pooling
ecreements and freight classifica
tion. He believes that no road
should be allowed to acquire the
ownership of a competing road un
let!) it already owns half of the
Mcie than one hundred thousand
dollus worth of Kuual Hallway bonds
were sold jestorday by the Hawaiian
Tiust Company at !)S uud-tho bond ls-
miu made Us first nppcurjnc? on the.
stock hoard sales sheet this morning.
"Absolutely nothing doing" was the
recoil of the morning session, TJuy
eis are waiting for tho pilcu of sugar
to diop and frighten tho timid ones.
On tho other hand the steady advanco
of tho price of beet sugars in Kuropo
has taken all the fear out of the' small
holders and speculators. They cun't
see anything at which' they should bo
llutwccti Hoard sofea Bbowcd an ad
vnnco In WnhUim to 121 and no mora
offeilng nt that price. Mcllrydo also
advanced, selling yoterday at C 1-8
and that figure bid for It today, Iluy
ers of Mcllrydo are talking of It as a
second Walalua. Hawaiian Commer
cial sold nt $37.75, a slight drop. Onlnt
lioldL at 32.7S-aud Olan sold at C.75.
V" . A beautiful home with over three
acres of ground, fruit trees, lawns,
etc, situated in
pC Eight acres of fine residence prop-
erty situated on
4 ' For Particulars Apply to
fo. . .Real Estate Department,
s- -
Hawaiian Trust
Co., Ltd.
On Liner Korea
General Upheaval Follows Investigation
By Manager Schwerin-More
There linn been a cleaning mt of
lio Agean stables by General Manager
3chwerln of tho Pacific M.'ill Steam-
ship Company In the cane of tliu liner
torpii, according to tliu inrormatiun
brought down from tho coast by the
ameers of tho steamer Alameda.
Tho wholesale decapitation of heads
belonging to the popular official stnff
if the Korea Is said to have been gen
oral with a possible exception of Cni-
l..l 13 ....ll.n,., t ..n..t..ll.d n f.itv nlll.
ce's co,meed'w,,h ,' earing nr Ym?XK uFSXV
department. The Ko.ca i due herownn8, ,' "rf. .u' ? "'J'0'"1 !"'.'
next Thursday from tho coast. ","'? liaC' , ","". ian " T'.'
Ti,n snn VrnnoLrn f!.ll tnte (hot ?' r obrlety and Industry, says that
H. I. Hcliworln, lce president nnd
general manager of the Pacific Mall
i-iimpany Is engae'd In n wholesale
house cleaning on the liner Korea, and
when the ship goes to sea It may 1u
with an entirely new set of officers.
According to tho "cigarette board," as
Srhwcrln designates the unofficial
prophets on the water front, tho In
vestigation now In progress in tho
general manager's nfllco was brought
about ns tho result of report made by
two watchmen who made tho round
trip on the liner with others to keep
their eyes open and to tnko extensive)
All the ship's officers singly and "
squads, havo been "on tho caruaL"
. .... . - ....... ...... . .. .
San Francisco Left Behind
Amid Gales And
The Oceanic steamship Alameda bo-
gun tho year 1910 In seemly rashlou
or at least Bho started out on tho now
year lit the light, direction.
Tho vessel sailed from San Francis
co for Honolulu at noon on January 1,
despite An apparent conspiracy of tho
elements to deter her leave taking to
a later period. Tho vessel bucked In
to the fleicest sort of weather from tho
time that sho cast off her linos until
about forty-eight hours out from 8an
Francisco. Tlicro was a decided drop
In the tempernturn nnd heavy seas
swept tho vessol, flooding some of tho
deck cabins.
Altogether It was a Now Year's Day
that several will not soon forget.
The remainder of the voyage was on
Iho whole pleasant. Tho Alameda wns
far from crowded. Sixty-four persons
traveled In the cabin while sixteen
came stecrago.
'We hail accommodation for sixty
additional passengers, nnd could havo
given that nr.xlmis squad of million
aires who aro alleged by tho advocates
for ioaBtwl8u suspension, as pining ror
nn opportunity of coming down to Ha
waii, their cholco of cabins," was tho
comment fiom one of tho Alameda'H
o lllccrs.
The old reliable Snn Francisco-Ho
nolulu ferry biought 17S0 tons of gen
eral cargo, Including tlireo nutomo
bllcs, Ono blooded horso was
brought down on deck.
A mall amounting to 25(! sacks arr
rived by this vessol. Tho wireless
plant ofi the Alameda was put nut of
commission during tho past two days,
duo to nn c'eclrical stony. Chief Op
rrator G. It llaxtor now claims tho'
record for speed in tho dispatch ami,
receipt of messages for u dlstanco of
three hundred miles or over. A mes
sngo was handed tho offlciul when Iho
Alameda wns porno thren hundred
miles out fioni Ban Francisco and It
took Just six minutes for tho receipt
oi n repiy.
Tho urilnU by Iho steamer Ineludo
n number of well known knmanlnas.
Dr. J. Ueattlo, Mrs. Heattlu, J, I) Ken
,dall and Mre. Chlshold aro prominent
In Inslness and social llfo of Utah
and Salt l.nku City, Mr, Kendall Is n
wcallhy inJno owner there. The party
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mid tho court martial In not yet
thmiiKli. Only three decapitation
han resulted ho far. but It In general
y understood that Ihe worst In yet to1
come. It Ik said further that when
lh InveatlirnHtin nln. It will Ik. r.
opened to Investigate counter charges
against tho two watchmen whose le
ports lmc disrupted what was Keuer-
. naio uisrupicu wnai was geuer-
supposed to ho one of the. mo t
ships In the company's fleet,
., . 4, .1.1 h.I... ...!
he was not told why and does not
know of any reason for the sudden
scveiaucc of diplomatic and financial
James ltudden. tho Korea's chief of.
fleer, has been detached from tho shin
and placed on waiting orders. It.
Drennan, formerly on tho Panama run;
has been npiiolnted In his place and
iiniiiicia iiib nun ii u Lira.
rtudden, when on the Panama run.
made a reputation for handling men
thnt still .lives. It Is said of him that
ho could tako half a dozen of those
.Tri'I'.'T11:""! J"","'" "a""5
of Central America and get more work
out. of them than nnr olhnr officer
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Brings Many Ideas
Interests of
Alexander Hume Ford has ar
rheil. Mr, Ford fume In on tho Alameda
this morning, absolutely unchunged
as regards his enthusiasm for beau
tiful Hawaii and Kb great opportu
nities. Having relieved himself of
tho chronic sunburn that came from
hours on the beach at tho Outrigger
Club, he gives the Impression of
having grown good looking, but he
promises to wipe out that Idea Just
us soon ns it is possible for him to
get to tho beach und And his old
Jiathlng suit.
New propositions galore are bulg
ing from Mr. Ford's two heavy grlpB.
Ono of them Is a big banana propo
sition that Involves the possibility of
fruit steamships being put on tho
run to Honolulu by tho Southern
Steamship, and Development Com-
puny and the Southern lianann com
pany that handles the banana trade
centering about Texas and Mexico
and Central America. "Should theso
people come here," says Ford, "they
will pay cash for the bananas on
tho dock." I
Since leaving tho Islands Ford
has been writing of them In maga
zines and getting quorles front all
kinds of people with all kinds or
mpnoy, 4He belloves that he will gel
Mr. Clark of tho Clark's tours us n
rualAant nf 1 Tsinnlnlti ulv mntttha in
the year. Clark tells Ford that It
lltn til in nt a ninl stirrrtiitwt f ntru nrn
i nnd surroundings are
one-half what he claims for them, he
can't think of living anywhere else
Oil earth.
Iteccntly maguzlno work has
taken Ford to Mexico. A short time
ago ho signed a contract with
Hampton's Magazine to wrlto a se
lies of articles on Immigration, This
scries has entailed an Investigation
thnt has taken him three times
around the United" Stntes. And
Ford admits he is tired.
Hut there Un't time In ono morn
ing fur Alexander Hume Ford to tell
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Owner Was. Officer On
Bark Alexander
Owners and Agents Abandon All
If aha 0ttinn AMittttlm CUIh
i F iji Th . i' j"
Is Hapidly Ooing to Pieces Under
lnc J.rcmcuuuuB x uuuuint;.
the Tremendous Sea Pounding.
An artificial leg, n fearsome thing
or " leather nnd springs, Is the
" v"'"' "" " -' - ""
only Item of salvage out of two hun-
. ... . !
dreil thousand dollars' worth of
lliltlsh bark and rurgo of nitrates
thnt has thus far been secured fiom'" mlr 8"11 "'" ' "" ""i
tho, doomefl Alexander lllack. rap- Company nnd tho Oceanic Steamship
Idly going to pleies on the reefs otT .Company.
Pala. Maul. Jo,in " Spreckels' deposition In the
Tho extremely valuable aid lo nnv.caso wor attempted to ha taken before
Igntlon for u one-legged man now Notary Public J. I), llrown in tho office
reposes upon the Mnunn l.oa wharf of Sullivan, SulHvun & Itocho last
of the Inter-lslund Steam Naviga-1 Wednesday. Malt I. Sullivan put the
tlon Company, and will not be n. questions. At tho start everything ; proceedings snd process under which
lowed o be romoved, us it Is rumor- went along smoothly. Sprockets said you aro nsumtng to nsk this qucs
ed that the limb represents about that he was n mccchant aml.was llv-itlon uro Illegal and void aud afford
nil that Is tangible In the way of
- o-" - j - ,
The artificial limb was the prop-
erty of tho steward of the bark Alex-
nnder lllack. That official died on
'he voyage from the Chilean nltrnto
port to Honolulu, und his body was
consigned lo the sea. After his
death, tho presence of the fictitious
portion of the steward's anatomy
was revealed. The thing of cork
nnd leather was therefore removed
nnd stowed in the ship's cabin.
The leg served to give a half dozen
seamen belonging to the Inter-Island
steamer Mkellke, the scare of their
lives. Yesterday Captain Hugluna,
superintendent for the steamship
company, aud a number of tlie-l.lke-llke's
crew succeeded In gaining
the decks of the Alexander lllncl:.
Tho llawallaiis went below, but
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Governor Frear Will Turn
First Shovel of -Earth
Next' Monday will be n gala day for
tho First Methodist Episcopal church
of this city. A 4 o'clock a "Ground
Breaking" service will be held on tho
now lot so admirably locat
ed for church purpose! fen tho corner
of Ueretanla avenue and Victoria
street. Some of tho prominent clt-
linnu of the cltv will have u part In
(n roKTam. among them. Hon W. It.
Castle, Governor Frear, H, II. Trent
and J. W. Wndman. The pastor, Ituv. i
J. T. Joues, will bo master of cere
monies. The Itoyal Hawaiian Hand
will play. Oovernor Frear will turn
tho first shovel full of earth. All tho
churches of Iho city and tho public
generally uru Invited,
Tho church will bo of tho MoocIhIi
stylo of architecture and .will make
U .............. .:..... l., ..."
Intetlor Is conveniently arranged for
nil kinds of church work. Tho audi-
torlcm Is fifty foot by nfty feet. In-
ciiihmi mur, pinpii mm pipu-orKau in ,
" tf ""-"SS'l1
,oft w hcat ony )Cr(H)nB' Tho ,,.
ttorliim with the irnllerv will seat nvo
hundred, A ladles' parlor seating nine-.
ty, located between tho two vestibules, j
from which It Is entered, Is connected (
with the auditorium by folding doors..
Tho Sunday school assembly room I
seating two hundred nnd fifty, can '
nlso be thrown Into tho auditorium by
folding doors the floor or wh'c'h Is so
elevated that persons tilting In any
part of the room can easily see and
bear the speaker. Adjoining the Sun
day school ut.tcmhly room uro the
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Spreckels Faces
Contempt Charge
Refuses To State Whether He Is President
Of Oceanic Steamship
San Francisco. Jan. 1. John I).
Spreckels has been lied to appear be-
' Judge Murnsky to show csuso
w)J. hl. h0Mu , ,0 pl,nlshei for 'con-
,n.t r,,P hnvlnn- refmwil to answer
certain questions put to lilin last Wed-
,.. t... ... .. .. i..in i
""'.". ", X',,,.' , t.Z
, k .. .,.. , auinvan counsel for
nkn, '' Mn,u ' H1,u'va' counsel for
niiilnlhli nnil PlnUii A S4iirr)rlr itlu fill I
""""'" "- " t It
srelllur "' "" '"" "' "" " '""'
Ing with his fsmlr)'1'Brr'ZOim-'Paclfic
avenue; which hod been his home for
eight or ten years, Tho troublo began
when 8uillvan asked the next question,
"Arc you a stockholder or the Oceanic
Steamship Company J"
Refuses to Answer.
Spreckels' nttorney,"
W. I. Uro-
Not Always Conclusive
At Washington,
He Says
(lovernor Frrnr slated this moinlng
thnt ho had not heard from Washing'
ton regarding nominations for the va
cant judgeships and observed that Iho
press would probably receive the first
Information of the names sent to tho
Semite for confirmation.
Incidentally, the Oovernor said that
resolutions nnd petitions did not havo
much weight with the officials of nn ad
ministration In the selecting of can
didates. He also said that there, wns
u difference sometimes In Urn public
resolution of a public body and In tho
privately expressed views of Its mem
bers, s
tlcferrlng to the candidates for tho
ofnoj of Superintendent of Public In
struction, the (lovernor said that ho
had decided nothing definite as yet,
but observed that quite n campaign
wis being waged In tho interests of
Charles Baldwin,
"It Is n difficult position to All," said
the (lovernor as wc.ild nppeftr to tho
luymnn largely from the fact that
there aro twcnty-thrcn good and true
candidates after the placo.
Perkins Better
Senator Perkins of California.
-.W,J ..-!. I, ...,J
. "V"", "" j.,,v.uT
ov a fall on the ice. Is reported as
much improved.
A knowing widow says that a high
gradu complexion Is always worth the
Palm Cafe?
." i'
Hotel near Union Sti.
berk, raised a warning hand, and the
witness remained silent. "We de
sire nt this point," said limbeck, "to
state the position of the witness with
respect to his examination under the
process under which you arc at
tempting to take his deposition, and
miii it tui
m "r. - ...... ... i
MO """l'' ')u t,lul "l invesuga-,
,.- - -
011t ,,, c()Un8e, i naVe nilvbvil
. . . . ..
'ni to refuse to answer me ques
tlon which you now put to him, for
the reasons that the question which
ou now request him to answer U
not material, 'relevant or pertinent
to any Issues presented by the com
plaint heretofore tiled In tlili cause
and Is Illegal; that the taking of
this deposition and the unking of
this question is unfair, and thai the.
no foundation for. the examination.
He Is Instructed, therefore, ,by his
counsel. Hint with nil due icspect
nnd consideration for the court In
which this action was commenced,
and without any desire that his con
duct should ho regarded ns contempt-
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Visits The Straits Settle-
ments And
AMIng Secretary Coopor of the
Hawaii Promotion Committee has
Just received n very Interesting let
ter from II. P. Wood, secretary of
the above promotion committee,
which Is given ns follows;
Onderwcrp, S. S. Humphlns.
On Voyage From llatavla to Singa
pore. Dear Mr. Cooper: It is Just a
week ago today since we landed at
Tunjok Ilrlok, the ixjrt for Hatnvla,
leaving yesterday nt C p. in. on our tented to CongTesr today a deflcten
return to Singapore. Tho time nt ( cv eitimate of three hundredfthou
our disposal did not penult touring sand dollars to provide foiifthe
tho whole Island, so wo contented jdredginp; of Pearl Harbor,
oursolvcs with doing qijlle thorough-1 The Secretary explains that this
ly thut part lying between Hatnvla j is put forward in order to prevent
and Oarvet, taking In tho Volcano any possibility of delay in thclwork
of Pupundnjau, from which tlier-i
was h disastrous eruption as late as
1858. It was well worth tho trip;
even Mrs. Wood, though consider-
ably shaken up by fifteen miles of
jolting in .a i-enan ennir,. expresseu
herself as well pleased. Wo passed
, lor several nines inrougn n wrgmi
forest of magnificent tropica vego-
tntlou, the trees helng literally fen-'
touncd with oichlds, many o( them
in bloom.
Tim gieutcst .treat of all, how
ever, was the Hotanlrnl (lard en' nt
Hultzcnzorg, tho director, Herr Wle
gnud, Ulmlly dovotlng two hours a!
Ills time to showing us about, thus
enabling us to sea Intelligently, if I
may use the exprewdon.
Whllo ut Wcltcvreden I spent 'm-
olilArftlila tl.ttn nt llin n.t,.plal tl,.
Menu. This organization, though lo-
celvlng an annual subvention of 30.-, appears that Sinnit was In chargo
000 guilders from the government, f u big gang of prisoners, nnd Just
Is managed as n private corporation about lunch time tho Chilian nnd tho
'and gels Its main support from the negio had nn uigumcut about touu
tallway and steamship companies, thing, and In loss than no time they
hotels and business houses. i do had grabbed slimcls und wero trilng
not think Hint they full)' npprcclato
what may he accomplished by such
a bureau. Tho manager J
tary Is a young l-renchmnn. who
HkmIib excellent, English and Is nl-
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'Special bulletin Cable.)
The Republican' Insurgents, with the
, aid of the Democrats, carried
through an amendment to the rules
of the House of Representatives,
whereby Speaker Cannon loses nil
appointive power ever committees.
' The committees will now be ap
pointed by the vote of the House.
In losing this appointive power.
Sneaker Cnnncn is deprived of much
r . . .'....
nf uj, ...r r.rer lofriclniinn
, .
Tv'ASHIIIGION. D. JO., Jan. 7.
Tnc House adopted the resolution
calling fcr the investigation of Bal
Knox For
(Special Bulletin Cable.)
Sccietary of Stntc Knox lies nro-
' nosed the neutralisation of the Man-
chunnn railway.
More Coin
For Pearl
Harbor i
Secretary of the Navy MeverJibre.
of developing the Pearl Harbor naval
station through a possible exhaus
tion of the regular appropriation. He
cxnrcsses the hone that the harbor
and naval station will be complete
in lulu,
At noon toihy there wns tome seri
ous trniibl up nt tho now Children's
Hospital on Ku.iklul t-licet. A Chll-
j Ian prisoner named Antono llelnsco at
tacked a negro fellow' cumlct, and
could only lie stopped by tho gutird, I;.
HI mill
knocking lilin senseless with
,"'"" " '"'"", !' . .
I """i J"'"r , 11,n""'1 ''l ,0 k"1":
S Wtfffl IS
K(,llnK ,, mllr((.r W(luM )l0 ,,on0 If
ib0 Chilian wim not slopped, diew his
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