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Evening Bulletin
At 120 Kinic Street, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii
ail; every day except Sunday, Weekly issued on Tuesday of tack weak.
vVnllno ft. Parrlngton,
rclMnnlli, M)tbcln U.S .7lt
Peru"'!", anrwhtrt In U.S 3.M
Pm Vmt, anvftiicrc InU.S. H.ou
Par Year, poAtiiaid, lorcitn la.ou
in the Territory of Hawaii
Editorial Rooms,
Business Office,
The burden of suffering seems a
tombstone hunpj about our neck,
while in reality it is only the weight
which is necessary to keep down the
diver while he is hunting pearls.
lean Paul Richtcr.
Ih thin n Tirrltory or Vlccger
enc) '
When t lie trmlc winds start again,
business can't lielii tint strlko tlio
tilllllllic g.llt.
.Muiiy mosquitoes are giving that
rejuvenated mosquito campaign the j
merry pliigping.
lloniiltihi doesn't need watchers
for 1 In growth. It's the workers
thai make things go.
Mr. Taft Ins not jet reported on
what rich ml thuso rnllw.iy presi
dents held up his message to Con
gress. Of course, our Floral Parade will
be tho grnitcst ccr. It will bo
In keeping with tho future of Great
er Honolulu.
It Is getting so hot In Washing
ton political circles that more than
n Taft smile will be required to cool
them off.
Tuberculosis' terrible toll Is re
corded Vrlth a regularity that
should rouse tho workers engaged In
fighting this great enemy.
Aiiiour thn good things brought.
In during tho New Year, don't for
get the array of boosting that al
ways follows In tho trail of Alexan
der Hume Ford.
Some of these little brown broth
ers fiom tho Philippines aro not
much to look at, but they have ex
ercised a tremendous Influence In
tho affairs of Hawaii.
Something new In city pavements
Is necessary for tho business dis
tricts of Honolulu. Dusty streets
must go by soma otber route than
tho street-sprinkler trail.
Zclajii Is bound to keep In tho
public c)i, If he has to ho threat
ened to do It. Ono can hardly be
lieve that ho suffers greater dangor
In tho City of Mexico than In Ni
caragua. For years tho cry has been that
experienced lawyers would not or
could not afford to accept appoint
ment to tho bench, Now that a few
of expcrlcncotaiiil,' ability aro avail
able, it seems that jouth and beauty
Is to be given tho preference.
j . ,
rtcfU6.il of the 1 1 rnlil ones to bo
seated out Is one, of tho reasons for
Inactivity In tho Block market. And
why should they bo afraid when ro
fined Is advancing and beet sugars
In Europe aro heading toward live
Mr. Bchwcrin runs his lino on
much the came plan as James Gor
don Bennett handles tho New York
Herald when his home-coming Is
celebrated, by making his elevator
boy chief, and giving tho chief IiIh
choice of quitting or becoming ele
vator boy.
Attorney . General Wlckersham
could nut report favorably on tho
charges of Inspector Glavls without
A crowd had asscMiiblvcl at n depnl
In ono of'cmr cKIch durl'.ir a conven
tion, to wait for n much delayed train,
In the crowd was a man much thu
worso for liquor. In tho omwd also,
was ono of thoso good, '.ml nieddlu
somo old ladlos, who never 1-ito un oi
portunlty to Impiess the ivssoui of
"My man," rho said to tho drunken
follow, "do you know whoru jcni arc
"Yes'in, fjnlii' (hie) to Toitckcr," re
plied tho Inobrlato.
"Mnybo you aro." responded the old
lady, Bavercly, "but you are also on
the road to hell." I
"ThuBh bo?" said tho drunken man,
taking a braco on himself, "Well, I'm I
doggoiio gl'id this train Ish
Into.'' I
WUUKUV iiuii.nTiiN I
rer Sia Mmilna a) ,fio
Per Var, anywhtic in U.S l.ou
Pel Year anrvtierc n Canada., Kilo
Per Year ietall,foiicn 3.w
Entered at the PtMtofficc at Honolulu
aj ftrcoitci-clais matter.
.JANUARY 7, 1010
forcing the resignation of Secretary
Uulllngor. Thcroforo tlin President
appears to have arrived where ha
must either mako up or break up
with l'lnchot or ll.illlngcr.
Sir. Anderson's candidacy for tho
Supremo Court meets with no enthu
siasm from any sourco that cares to
make Itself heard. Sir. Anderson Is
universally recognized ns a pleasant
gentleman, liut ho Is not rcgardod
as tho man for thu Supremo licncli
when men of wider cxpcrlonca aro
What ore the present relations be
tween President Tuft and ox-Pros-Idcnt
Itoosovclt? Aro tho old cro
nies still friends, though their
friends' friends arc bitter enemies?
Discussion on this point has
brought out n very Interesting wagor
between Joseph Pulitzer of tho New
York World and Colonol Henry Wnt
lerson of tho Loulsvlllo Courlcr
Jouinal, Colonel Watterson puts It
In this way:
Our esteemed contemporary
accepts the wager of u dinner
for n dozen on n side "four
and twenty blackbirds all In a
row" Including the Chief Jus
tice, tho Vlco President and the
Speaker of tho Houso ns makc
i weights and' referees, tendered
It by tho Courier-Journal, to bo
given .In tho city of Washing
ton, District of Columbia, on or
Innucdlatcly before, tho first
Monday of December, 1911, tho
gage being that then and there,
or thereabouts tho Prcsldont
that was In other words, The
odoro Itoosovclt and tho Pres
ident that Is In other words,
William Howard Taft will bo
reaching after one another's
vitals, tearing ono another's
hair and otherwise disfiguring
ono another's personal and po
litical record, tho Courier-Journal
taking the nmrmatlvo, tho
World tho negative, of that In
teresting proposal.
In respoiiso tho World says:
The World accepts. Tho
colonel ran count us "In," and
wn havo only two conditions, to
First Win or lose, tho col
onel shall personally order tho
dinner and supervise Its prep
aration. Gecond Ho shnll stand by
and see It through from tho
caviare to tho coffco,
Ilrlng on your feud or your
food, colonel!
This plcturcsquo wngcr between
two of tho best-known editors of
tho country nttructs widespread at'
tontlon because pf tho growing be
llet among the people that an Irre
prcsslble conflict Is going on be
tween what might bo termed Taft-
Ism and Itopscveltlsni, nnd tho con
sequent conclusion that tho two men
cannot remain friends, though their
relations may not now bo sovcrely
Sir. Taft has been In offlco long
enough to convince u great number
of peoplo that he Is carrying out tho
Roosevelt policies with about as
much hewing to tho lino as Rooso
volt's course after ho promised to
carry .nut tho McKlnlcy policies.
It la generally conceded that thero
can bo no draw In this strugglo on
Threoi fellow truvolors In tho smok.
Ing room of a fast train wore discus
sing tho speed of trains.
"1 was In a train clnco," said tho first
man "that beat everything I over fiidu
In for speed. Why It went so fat-t
that tho telegraph poles at tho side of
the track looked like an Immunso fi no
toothed comb."
"Tlmt's nothing," said tho second
traiclnr, "I remember riding In an ox
press train on tho & Hut
wont nt such n gait that tho tolegruph
poles looked like a boIIiI board fence,."
Tho third man niado an exclamation
of Impatience,
"Ah, you fellows don't know what
high speed on a railroad Is. Why, I
traveled wcbI from Chicago last month
In a train that went at such a paco
that when wo passed some altcrnato
fields of corn nnd beans they looked
llko succotash," i
i T
For Sale
A modern 7-room house, Mat
lock Ae.; 3 bedrooms; elec
tric llghtB, gasj $2700.
A 7-room cottage on Anapunl
St.; 3 bedrooms; gas, electric
lights; modern; lot 75x125;
A 7-room modem houso on
Maklkl St.; $1500.
Trent Trust Co., Ltd.
which the editors havo Jeopardized
such a wealth of gastronomic glory.
It ihould be noted that tho conten
tion of the World Is that Tntt and
Roosovclt arc. even nt th nrpsftnt
day, enemies.
Senator Dolllvcr's letter ma do
public In Washington has suddenly
bared the fight on Ilalllngcr of all
Its subterfuges and pretty words and
brought tho contest down to tho
real principals In tho affair Secre
tary Ilnlllngcr and Olfford Plnchot.
This means that tho bitter war
should soon bo under full headway
in full view of tho public.
Perusal of the dallies and tho
weeklies and tho magazines that
havo long been associated with ro-
forms In tho United States cannot
fall to convince tho average reader
that a doflntto movement Is on foot
to keep allvo tho Roosevelt pollrlo
in so far iib thoso policies epito
mized tho progrcsslvo spirit of tho
oountry, nnd nt Just tho present mo
ment Plnchot and Ilalllngcr repre
sent tho clash of the Progressives
and tho Old Ilcglme, or, as often
icrmcu, tno interests.
Chicago s unquestionably ono of
tho storm centers that threatens
Taft If "Taft policies" mean Mipporl
of Dalllnger lis against Plnchot. Tho
Crano "Incident" still rankles In tho
breast of such men as Lawson of tho
Chicago Dally News, William Kent
and Attorney Fisher, the man who
finally engineered tho great reform
Of tho Chicago street railways.
These men have long been associ
ated with the Colliers, publishers of
Colliers' Weekly, that rccontly
bought out such a broadsldo
against Mr. Dalllnger, Utterances
of tho American Slagazlna may also
be accepted us outward evidences of
whut .theso men aro thinking and
doing. Cooperating with them In
that center of progressive thought
nro Potor Dunno, who docs other
things than writo Doolcy stories;
Ida M. Tarbell, Ray Stannard Ilakor
and other writers who havo becomo
household authorities among tho
readers of magazines that deal with
live topics.
Unless all signs fall, this more or
less homogeneous circle has decided
Waterhouse Trust
Real Estate for Sgle
Well, we have sold our College
Hills bargain advertised last week.
Onr bargains seem to take.
Here are a few more;
Two building lots in Hanoa,
$2,000 and $080 respectively. Good
soil, good elevation and price and
terms right.
At Kaimuki and Twelfth Avenue
we have four' (4) of the best lot's
left. This is the locality that hat
an unrivaled view of Honolulu Har
bor and the Waianae Mountains,
and where the best residences in
the tract have been built. These
lots are cleared and improved. A
bargain' at $3,800,
Waterhouse Trust
Fort and Merohant Street.
For Sale
,1-ot In College Hills, 100x200,
on cnr-llnc; $800.
Lot In Puunul, 2COx200 12,
S00. lots, Tiiuoa lid., 50x100;
Lots In I'alama, 41x110;
Four lots on Oiillck Ave;
The Wireless
On Sunday the office is open from
eight to ten a, m.
that, como what may, Ilalllngcr must
go, und 'though Crnno was sacrificed
In a most outrageous manner, Pln
chot shall not ho slaughtered with
out tho greatest fight and tho most
thorough overhauling that tho na
tion has ever known.
Curiously enough, tho Crnno nnd
IMnchot supporters wcro enthusiastic
backers of Taft for nomination und
Whether thoy now think ns well
of tho President In his performances
as thoy did when ho was promising,
Is, of course, Impossible to say. Hut
ono thing Is ccrtnln thoy aro mon
who mnko ho compromises when
thoy once enter upon n campaign
Btampcd as a righteous cause, and
they do not lack for wherewithal or
Perhaps tho Ilalllngcr-Plnchot
squabble can bo patched up with
tho Tatt smllo and a few explana
tions. Hut that did not serve In the
Crane case.
(Continued From Page 1.)
wuys available to tho seek or for In
formation, but he has not had any
j previous experience In tho line of
j work ho has undertaken and ap
pears to be very much nt sen as to
whnt should.be clone nnd how to do
It. 1 found our posters well display
ed throughout Java; the blue folder
was also the most attractive pam
phlet to bo found nt the different
hotols, and a special tablo was al
lotted to our album of Haawllan
vlhws. In fact, ours was tho only
album of views displayed In tho
, Tourist llureuu. Java Is attractive
and must contlnuo to bo visited by
.many tourists, llor greatest draw
ing card Is the hotols. Evon In the
I most out of tho way places you will
.find good hotels, nice rooms, excel
lent table, at a chargo of $2.50 per
day. While at Woltevredcn, wo put
up nt tho Hotel Dcs Indcs, tho best
. i . -..
l. t - u
If You Have a
To Rent
Furnished, or
List it with nt. . We have
some very good realty propo
sitions to offer you.
Come in and see us.
Bishop Trust Co. Ltd.
Now Open
Bishop Trust Co. Ltd.
Bethel Street
hotel to be found In the Pacific out
sldo of Honolulu and built for tho
tropics. Wo had a largo room, with
on outsldo sitting-room, largo bath
room and modern toilet accommoda
tions, at a chargo of $3.25 per day,
board Included, and a better table
could not bo asked for. Tho steam
ers plying between Uatavla and
Slngaporo woro built for this run
und aro admirably suited to equato
rial weather comfortablo lounging
docks- large airy staterooms, tho ser
vice In every way being of tho
best. Tho Dutch aro fond of good
living, and cheap, and get It.
Java Is very prosperous. A num
ber of new tea plantations nro be
ing opened up at tho present time
by English capital a now condi
tion, ns up to three or four years
ago the Dutch rather opposed the
Introduction of foreign capital nnd
maintained a most exclusive colony.
Today we havo sighted both Ilor
neo and Sumatra. Wo are duo at
Slngaporo tomorrow morning at 10,
and oxpect to flrfd tho Klcist In port;
It so, wo will sail for Colombo about
S p. in., calling at Ponang en routo.
Our present Itinerary allows us
about ton days In Coyjon, being due
to sail from Colombo tor Sydney on
or about December 20,
With kindest regards to Mrs.
Cooper, bellove me, very truly yours,
January 5, 1910.
Henry Waterhouse Trust Co., Ltd.,
Agents, Continental Casualty Co.,
Gentlemen: I own recolpt of
jour check for Thrco Hundred und
Twenty-five (S32G.O0) Dollars In
full settlement of my claim against
tho Continental Casualty Company
under Accldant Policy No. 717176,
for which I bog- to thank you. I
wish to tako this opportunity of ex
pressing my appreciation of tho very
satisfactory munnor In which this
claim has boon adjusted.
Again thanking you, I remain,
yours very truly,
The above letter rotors to a set
tlement mndo on account of an ac
cident occurring only two duys after
the policy was Issued, thoro being
Fight woeks' total disability, i $200
Additional hospital Indemnity
for" two weeks' ... I ....... . 25
Additional Indemnity for oper
ation by laparotomy 100
The policy Issued was the New
Perfection Policy of the Continental
Casualty Co.
Henry Waterhouse Trust
Co., Ltd., agents
. ,
185 dltorial rooms 250 bust
neat office, Thtto ara the talaphons
Mmilifm uf tb Bulletin offlrt.
v-,V ...... .. .. S...'V . . ..", ,. .slrW ' . . i..' s 1 .,..' '
Lancaster, October 28, 1909,
Editor Evon Ing Uullotfni
Tasmania enjoys tho distinction of be
ing singularly unique. In that re
spect It resembles Hawaii. It resem
bles Hawaii In having a lino climate, a
bonutlfully clear and healthy atmos
phere, Kurthcrmoro, Tasmania Is an
ideal Island for Lowthlan Orcon'B fam
ous theory In crystalography, Tho ed
ucated reader Is nodoubt acquainted
with this glftgd Honolulu man's Ideas
about tho earth's crust. That, at tho
moment of tho earth appearing abovo
sen-level It dispenses with Bphcroldlty
nnd assumes tho figure of a triangular
pyramid (tetrahedron). Hcnco tho
fact that all land allowed plasticity is
triangular, ns for Instance South Amer
ica, Africa, India, tho big Island of
Hawaii, and Tasmania. And my Idea
is, that Lowthlan Orccn In that respect
Is a very good and sound authority.
"Prestiges of tho Molten Olobo" Is
tho product of a world-gcnlus. Thu
crust of the earth follows the samo
phenomenal way of cryBtallzatlon as
tho sapphire. Why Is a mystery. Tas
mania Is distinguished otherwise,
Whllo tho Islands of Hawaii nro of
tho most recent geological make-up,
Tasmania and her giant neighbor Aus
tralia, aro of an exceptionally old crus
tatlon. In fact geologists suspect It
having priority uvcr all other land,
lsa-vls ago. Tho spring In tho south'
cm hemisphere commences with yet
low flowers, so much ns to say that a
funeral Is at hand. Tho fo'tlago Is tho
sombre ollvo evergreen, nnd nothing
else. The Idea Is therefore very sug
gostivo that Australia-Tasmania as a
continent Is sinking, disappearing, dy
ing, Onco upon a tlmo Austrnllaiwas
tho world's largest continental shelf.
It was connected abovo water with
Now Guinea, Borneo,, tho Philippines
and Slam. At that tlmo thu country
was dimly known as Java Majoris. Hut
unregistered earthquakes nnd new de
flections of tho ocean currents changed
tho configuration. Hence tho remark
ablo fact that Australia today Is nn Is
land. Changes of tho earth's climate,
such ns tho glacial perlous for In
stance, and changes In tho rlso nnd
submergence of land, nro due (nccord
Ing to Croll) to the socular variations
In tho eccentricity of tho earth's orhlt.
AH terrestrial revolutions, all tho heat
as well as all thu frost, ura duo to
cosmlcnl causes, nut thn upheaval of
tho molten substratum, after that re
uiarkable process, has taken place, is
duo to a liydrogruphlc force (Green)
Tho crust assumes triangular appear
ance, whether coming or going. Ann
that was Mr. Orrcn's great Idol and
discovery. Tasmania la hIsc noted,
and very much so, for Its penal settlo-
mont. In bygono clnys, Englnnd sent
Its homeless and hopeless population
to Australia and Tasmania as convicts!
This happened at a tlmo when tho
world witnessed a very strango father
hood. Wc, In our ago, who havo drop
ped behind us this queer kind of Fath
erhood, and accepted In Its stead
Drothcihood as a solution for tho
homeless In tho world, look upon the
Colonial Poltc of England as a thing
wonderful to behold. Dotwccn 1788
and 1850 over 120,000 convicts wcro
dumped iiion tho shores of Australia.
In 1841 Hobart, tho onpltal of Tas
mania, had 15 000 convicts! When I
heard tho story, how hundreds upon
hundreds of "convlsts," somo young
boyr, fourteen and fifteen years of ago
only, used to Jump overboard to end
their mlsorablo existence, chained to
hand and foot as thoy- woro, It mudo
mo think of England, tho "Imperial
leader" of modern times what Is com
Ing to her.
Tasmania Is moro than four times
larger than Hawaii. Us cllmato Is tho
Vancouver-Island cllmato. It Is not
tho cllmato of FIJI or of Hawaii. I
nevor In my life oxporlenced a finer
cllmato than that In Honolulu. Tas
mania was rim discovered by tho
Dutch sea-captain, Abel Tosman. In
1642. Ho named tho Island after An
ton Van Dlemcn, tho thon Governor of
Datavla. In lato years, on account of
tho stigma of and shamo attached to
tho Islnnd, tho popular representatives
have changed tho name of n "govern
or," to that of tho namo of tho pious
nnd splendid scamun. Henco tho namo
uous, ha Is entitled to and should
reccivo tho ndvlco of tho court ns to
whethor ho shall ba renulrml in nn.
swor tho question which you havo
Just asked.
"It Is nroner to Btato nt this tlmn.
and wo are requested by tho witness
to inform you that should It be de
termined that tho question which
you aro asking Is relevnnt, material,
liortlnent nml leiml. n,i thnt t,n-
same should be answered, and this
proceeding bo fnlr, and is not Illegal
or Void, and affords a legal founda
tion for this examination, ho will bo
willing to testify fully with rcspoct
io an manors properly brought In
question concerning his relations
with the parties to this nctlon."
To the following questions of Sul
livan the same attitude was taken
and on the samo grounds: "Are you
the president of the Oceanic Steam
ship Company? Aro you In any way
connected wills tho firm of John I).
Doctors Judd nnd Snclnlr aro In re
ceipt of n number of letters, written
by local Portuguese that savor muchly
of Intimidation Bnd consequently both.-
medicos nro ludlgnnnt, much moro so
through tho. fact that tho letters aro
It would seem that a certain Pr.
Gaspar who, somo thrco years ago
failed to njitntn a license to practtco
In this city, has again put In an appli
cation for.cxamlnaton,
With a view loJiclpIng Dr. Oospar
along tho following' anonymous let
ters wcro written and havo been re
ceived by thu examining physicians:
"Doctor A. N. Sinclair,
"Sir. I beg to Inform you that Doc-'
tor Caspar Is hero. Wo'want tho doc
tor lapro. Wo need hlnr! for tho good bf
tho people." Wo want io bcllovo that
you will behave better than three
years ago. Yours iA GROUP OF
Tho cplstlo with which Dr. Judd was
favored Is Insulting In Its language
"Doctor J. R. Judd.
"Doctor Gaspar Is needed here. Wo
need him. Ho knows moio than nil tho
doctors In thtaitown. Don't bo Jealous.
Ho good. Ro Just. Tho Portuguese col
ony Is claiming clamoring for tho
man. I.ct us have at least ono real
portugucre physician. Wo nro expect
ing you will behave, bettor than thrco
ycarB ago. Ro sure. If you don't let
Doctor Caspar pass tho .examination
will bo tho Anish of tho members of
8t. Antonio fnd Lur.ltana Societies.
OUBSE," "Thero Is no way In which wo nro
ablo to communicate with tho writers
of thoso Impudent lottgrs," said Dr.
Sinclair, "nnd through the press I want
to atnto for their benefit and for thn
benefit of everyone Hint wo proporu
simply to do In Doctor Caspar's caso
whot wo would do In tho caso of any
ono else. If ho can pars tho examina
tion satisfactorily, -ho will receive his
permission to prnrllco In tho Terri
tory: If ho cannot paan tho examina
tion, ho will not bo permitted to prac
'Continued from tvu 11
club nnd ndmlnlstcicd a blow that laid
Rclasco out cold.
Tho patrol wagon was telephoned
for and tho Chilian, who hud recov
crrd his rouses, was placed In It nnd
taken back to tho prison. On the way
down to thn Jail Uelasco uttered somo
fenrful threats ns regard h the ncgrn.
and sworo ho would finish him off
some- clay.
nolasco Is tho man who was found
under a' be,l nt thn nkh.m ,.,
nml, later on In court, told a wlerd
""" " " ireiici naving ordered him
to-go Into tho houso.- ,
! .
Sprockets & Ilros. Co.? Aro you n
holdor of nny of tho capltnl slock
Of tho John D. Snrenl.'elu A II. n t
Are you president of John D.
aprcckols & Ilros. Co.?"
The Court to Decide.
Attorney Sulllvnn accordingly post
poncd tho. taking of tho deposition
Until the Witness shnll limn l,..,. !,.
rtructcd by Judge Murasky as to
whether ho shall' or shall not an
swer tho questions. Harry W.
Thomas, socrctnry of tho Sprcckolt
luiuiuiiiy; ... h. aamucls, another
member of thn tlrm. nml I w. nii-
man of tho Union Trust Company
uau ruiuson on mo samo grounds to
answer similar questions us to tholr
connection with tho companies
named. Tholr caso will bo detor
mlnod by tho.uctlon of tho court In
the matter of tho John n srtiu
Tho suit In which tho depositions
oro being taken was Mmi int n.in.
her for tho specific purposo of hav-
8 niu inisi company removed us n
trustee tinder tho linn.l usn r ,i..
Oceanic Steamship Company. In
"mil urn csinio is pecuniarily In
terested. Mismanagement of tho af
fairs of tho steanikliln ,.,,.,.. i...
John D. und his brother, Adolph, Is
uiou jiiaiguut
We havo recently opened up
a new line of Mission Style
Chafing Dishes with ebon i zed
handles and stands.
Artistic, harmonious and
rich in design.
Just the thine: to keep your
house in readiness for chanco
H. F. Wichman
4 Co.. Ltd.,
leadinir Jewelers.
hr . '. .'...
&it & &&&:
J-lmt,tLZElffJ . JaW "J Wfl Jifcjfi 'iff 1 toiiwLf1 4tt&T i7 . -! C r t

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