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- - v " ' ''4' j
?siivSSfe .
The K2ih
is tho Jiy that everybody has a chance to go to ths big
While you ere there, do not for&ct to put in a little time looking
over our display of i
We will have the CYPHERS INCUBATOR at work hatchine out a
lot of ckus, and as it is under the immediate cliaigc of Mother Hcnablcs
ou can figure on sceinc some prcttv fine chicks, though the late thun
derstorms and Nc.v Year's boinb3 miy mhec the size of the hatch this
Keep the Poultry Show in mind don't fail to sec it and also
keep in mind the fact that we havj CYPHERS' fine line of POULTRY
SUPPLIES in stock. I
E. O. Hall Sz Son, Ltd
Attrong plir.itcbut
it's a good name, for
Congo. Perfect rolls.
carefully mads and every
one inspected and tested. No im
perfect rolls will reach jou That's
why it never leaks. There are no
flaws no thin fixes, no weak f pots.
Once it is on the roof, the water
will not get through.
A (ample will thow you why.'
Send for it to-day; jt'a free.
Lewers & Cooke,
If desired, we will deliver coods in
By Soecial Me;seneer Service.
Without Extra Charge.
W. C. Peacock & Co., Ltd.
The House of Quality. Wines and Liquors.
Veterinary Remedies
Hotel & Union.
Phone 301.
Union -Pacific
Transfer Co., Ltd.
pMiMtiirr tnd Piunn Mnvinii
We carry the largest and most varied stock in the islands.
Good furniture at moderate prices.
Your credit is good.
185 Kine St.
Woman's Exchange
Ring up
for Groceries, Phone 70.
Thayer Piano Co.
150 Hotel St. Phone 218.
Mrs. Taylor,
Yountr Bide. Tel. 339.
TTERE'S a pointer for you. If yob are
- Hunting for Health drink a glass of
Pri,mo Beer with your meals.
It aids digestion, induces sleep, and quiets
tired, worn-out nerves.
The little alcohol is too slight to be con
sidered, except as it aids the digestive functions
and g'.vjs a slight stimulation.
One of the best things it does is to flush
the system. Water do2s roi tastfc good enough
you don't drink enough of it; that's where
one of the virtues of Primo Beer comes in..-.f
Ask ) our physician about ir.
ai cmmmmw
The J5eer That's J5rewed
4&44s''-?Jt'-'''' " ;
Lal mad Natiomal
Big Tennte Starts
This Afternoon
TIiIh nttprijoon on tlm lleretnnla
courtn tho litg tctuiU tournament
will be Htnrtcd, and in It Lour and
M(Luur1iIIii, tho two ()UUR experts,
will bIiow what they can do at the
racauct game.
At linlf-pnHt threo this nftornoon,
Mclaughlin 'A III play It. A. Cooke,
mid nllhoueh the latter can hardly
hope to win, n fine exhibition of
tennis Should result. Tho match
will bo for the best two out of threo
nets, nud It goes without tuning that
a big crowd will attend at the
courts to watch the play.
Then Will noth will have a go
nt A. I.. Castle, and the match
t-lunild closny appioach chnmplon-
Some Notes On
Lady Champion
Now that tho Hawaiian Tennis
Association ban decided to He ml Mis.
Coulter to the mainland to compete
ngnlnst the best lady pin) era there,
much talk Is going on about the
champion of Hawaii's chances
against the top-notchcrn.
Miss Miriam Hall Is considered to
be In the first night of lady play
ers In America, yet Mrs. Coulter hud
not much trouble In defeating her
easily. In Miss llotcbklss, Mrs.
Coulter could not run up ngalnst a
very much better player than Miss
Hall, and the Honolulu player
would seem to have a good chance
of defeating the American champion.
Miss May Sutton did not play for
and meets ono of the! player In the United States, she at
layers, a magnificent 'present does not hold the champion-
si-1 r form. Itrth Is u hard man tortile championship last season, nnd
heat, and If he getB Into tho finals, although she Is doubtless the best
or semi-final
Callforulun play
Ktruggle should eventuate. Uhlp.
Castle Is ptnylng In fine form nnd, I Mrs. Coulter will reach the main-
although defeated by Gee a few i land about May or June noxt, and
weeks ago In the Wall Cup tourna- President llocktis of tho Hawnllan
ment, Is capable of putting up a Tennis Association will have nr-
liiuch better game than ho did on ranged matches wth both Miss Sut-
inui utcuBiuu. lun nun juiks lloicnKiss II nossiuie.
In the second round, Long will If there are no symptoms of stage
meet Captain Low, and there Is one ' fright, the Honolulu player should
thing sure, nnd that Is that tho
)oung Callfornlan will have to earn
every, point he makes. Low is al
ways on the Job and never jnows
when he Is beaten. Long, of course,
will win, unless something very un
foreseen happens, but still there will
be Home fine rallies before the match
Is finished.
dec, who holds tho championship
of the Islands, will next tackle. W.
V. Dillingham, and the latter, who
nt one time held the championship,
will, If In form, put up n great fight
ngalnst the present chnmplon.
Just to hazard an opinion, It
would appear that McLoughlln,
Koth, Long nnd (ieu will win out In
the preliminary rounds; "and then
there wl be four giants at the
game K'ft to light It out to the
finish. Ijoth nnd Gee will probably
put up tthe game of their lives
ngalnst (lielr !iexpectlve opponents
In the seml'-tlnnls, and if they are
defeated, 1.0ns and McLoughlln will
meet In (ho final. Threo sets out ot
live will be played, nnd there Is not
much doubt that tho best exhibi
tion of tenuis ever given In this
city will, he given by the Davis Cup
men, ,,
The doubles should provide fine
sport, too, nnd although the Call
fornlnns would appear to hold all
tho rest sjfc, borne good matches
.... .- .. ....j .. .. .
win no Been ueroie inu end or me .could approach her, and she ron
tournnment. 'tinned the undefeated champion up
make the best tennis exports
their best to win from her.
Miss Payten, who for the past ten
years has held the championship or
Australia, Is retiring from the
game. She took the championship
when fifteen jcars of nge, and ccr
talnly was a phenomenal player. Shi
could defeat most, of the men players
Ehe met, and hnd a serve that was
the terror of her opponents.
Many pin) era who competed in
England and America considered
thut Miss Payten would have given
Miss Sutton a tight go for the
world's chninplonship had they ever
met. The ease with which the lady
chnmplon ot Australia defeated all
comers year after" year was marvel
ous, and there was no one who
could come close' to beating her.
Her first nppearancc in the annual
championship tournnment 'caused a
sensation. She was only a young
ster nnd wore her hair In n "plg
tnll"; tho first opponent sho played
had been chnmplon once, but Miss
Payten quickly defeated her. She
went right through to the final nnd
then played the holder of tho title.
Tho match Is not forgotten, oven
after the lapse of ten years, and the
way "the kid" as she was alluded
to dofcated the champion was a
treat to watch. From that time on
there was no woman pln)cr who
On Sunday, Koth and Oee will
play a return challenge match wltn
Long and McLoftghlln, and the
Couutiy Club courts will be tho
Lceno of action. It will be remem
bvred that the joung Callfornlnns
placed and defented our champions
homo months ago. The Country
Club courts are In good condition,
niurtlie tenuis' that will be pla)cd
there on Sunday afternoon next will
be spoken of In Honolulu for a long
tlmo to como. i
n u a
Football Games
Promise Well
Tomorrow afternoon there will be
something doing In the way of .that the general Impression was that
sports, nnd It will be quite a change tho games should not bo nlavcd.
fj-om tho dull days of late. There , Towusend thought the same way,
will he tennis nt the lleretanla nnd Sam Chllllngworth of the Din
courts and soccer football at the mond Heads concurred with tho
Outside ot thnt thore Is nothing
doing, and for Sunday there Is only
till last month, when she retired on
her lauiels.
; Inter-League Ball
Games Abandoned
It lina been decided that tho' Inter
league baseball series Is to be aban
doned for the time being. This Is
n wise move to make, as so many
postponements have been made that
the public has lost all interest In
tho Idea of. seeing tho Diamond
Heads up against the Japanese Ath
letics. Manager Mnrcalllno went nround
i lid sounded the different men wliu
have a say In the matter, and found
tlm tennis match at the Country
Club scheduled. Golf, of course, is
always being played, and the mem
bers of the different clubs have a
good time every Sunday,
Tomnriow the soccer games should
nttiact a good ciowd, and tho strug
gle between tho lion Works team
and the Punnhous Is going to be a
thing of Joy while It lasts. Tho
other'g.une, between tho Malles and
High School, will also be a good ono,
and It will cause much excitement
while It Is on.
The league grounds are In good
shape now thnt the ruin has held
First ot all, the illness of a couple
of players prevented tho games be
ing started, and then the rainy
weather set In, nnd week after week
the series was delayed. Taking
everything Into consideration, It Is
better to put off the Inter-league sc
iles until next season, when u prop
er start can be made If both teams
are still anxious to Bee which Is the
stronger nine. t
Ilnseball Is pau now for the tlmo
bolng, and'whpn the next season
starts up there should lie u vim and
go about tho game that will bo good
to see.
K II tt
Jack Sculyniay take a hand In
off for a while, and diving suits will tho Hnlelwa MuTnthOn race If every-
. ... . . 1. .,.-. . . .. . ... . .
urn u requirvu irum iuu iiajk ui uuuy gem lugemor nnu siari uoosi-
things at present. The soccer men
dt-borvo n helping hand, for they
have had awful luck as regards at
tendance nt the gumes. The wretch
ed weather hns kept people away,
mill allnniigh some brilliant games
huvn been plajed, tho crowd on tho
sidelines has never beep veiy largo.
I A substantial endowment having
hec'n becuied for It, the wuild's Hist
nullum iustlt'ite will be opened at
.Heidelberg, (lermnny, before the end
of tho 5 ear.
lug the affair. Monte Montgomery
who Is now with tliu Two ducks, U
albo Interested lu the loug-dlBtnnce
run, nnd may donnto a suitable pilze
for tho event.
Gents Furnishings
Yec Chan & Co.,
Cor. Kins and Bethel Sts.
We have placed on sale our entire
stock of the celebrated
consisting of
Some stylish and all are
.Substantial and Waterproof
L. Aov;
Nuunnu Street.
The Superiority of Hand Work
over machine work is shown in the beautiful finish on the
shirts and collars laundered by us. Let us prove it.
A Sensational Bargain In
Dress Materials
Matchless values in the Grandest Display
of Dress Materials Honolulu- has ever
seen. ,
Note the following prices:
FANCY REP. PONGEES One of the most stylish ma
terials we show. Best and very lasting shades of Navy,
Nile, Sky Pink, Old Rose, Fawn, Lavender and Copenha
gen; 30c yd,
v STRIPED INDIAN HEAD; all shades; regular 25c;
we will sell at n'jc
PLAIN INDIAN HEAD; all shades; regular 25c; dur
ing sale 17V&C
MERCERIZED PONGEE, in twelve distinct shades,
fast colon, 35c; regular price 45c.
POPLINS IN SATIN STRIFES Beautiful shades in
rink, Light Blue, Copenhagen, Champagne, Olive Green,
Lilac and Old Apricot. Great values in this very fashion
able material. Worn by the ultra swell class; 30o yd.
LACE CURTAINS; new designs;' great value; from
0cup per pair.
CURTAIN MATERIALS; latest designs; 25o to 75o
SCRIM; regular at 20c and 12V2c; 38 inches wide.
LADIES' RAGLANS, Rubberized, Pongee and Satin;
reduced to $10, $11 and $12.50. ,
many different shades; $4.00 to $5.00.
LADD3S' SKIRTS no duplicates; very much up to
date, and sold from $3.50 to $21.50.
LADIES' TAILOR-MADE SUITS; handsomely finished;
satin lined and plain and braid trimming; $11.25. $15,
$17.50, $22, $22.50, $26.50; reduced from $15, $20,
$22.50, $25, $30, $35.
An early call will convince you that our goods arc
the best.
L B. KERR & CO., Ltd.
Alakea Street
"(' I

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