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"W 'liTI -Br ," -,
-v- -'- -.1 . .yjr,..
." r 4 J !
Evemng Bttlietin:
At 120 King Street, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii.
Daily every day except Sunday. Weekly issued on Tuesday of each week.
Wallace R. Fnrrlnuton,
fer Month, ftn) where la U.3 0 7fl
Per, Quitter, anywhere tn U.S 3.oo
Pei Yer, mr orhere In O.S 8.00 s
Pit Veer, poetpaid, lorclin 1 3. 00
in the Territory.
rwJ 1 I Editorial Rooms,
1 I. I Business Office,
MONDAY :.t..:
Nothing is impossible to the man
who' can will. "Is that necessary;!
That shall be." This is the only law
of success. Mirabeau. "
Tho campaign against" the mos-'
qulto Is on. Head tho' scheme "Jan-V
see to It thnt you do your share as
n member of the army that"' knows
no such thing as defeat.
Merchants and their association
might Just as wolt vote for tho' de
struction ct their business as toshow
any licsltnncy In meeting' the iImuo
of local sell-government.' , .
Honolulu business men of calm
judgment have no need (o hesitate
In connection with the action to bo
taken on tho Issue presented by tho
proposed prohibition legislation now
before Congress.
Those who believe vthat tho people
of this Territory should govorn .them
selves under tho Organic Act ;passed,
by Congress, at the time ot'annexa-,
tlon, should vote first, last, and al
ways against the assumption by tho
Federal government vof any furthor
authority than Is now exercised;
thojj should stand by homo rule.
Those who believe that they .and
all other citizens should be govern
ed by outside authority, that tbay
should bo handled ns dependents' mdjhlng the question was (that called'by
incompetents, mar. inis ;i err; tory j
should move backward fifty years In
Its government those who believe
' In the degradation of Hawaii will
vo'tetln support of, tho movement for
the Federal government to assume
additional authority In handling the
liquor traffic.
Tho Issuo is fairly presented,, and
the .response should.be direct. There
can bo' no evasion. ' ' '
Some' may consider it unfortunate
that, tho liquor question should be
the medium by which the ;lssue ls'
raised. Thoy'may have one opinion
on the liquor problem and another
on too much Interference of the Fed
eral government with our measure
of homo rule. It 'is Just such men
whoso, hesitating and faltorlng opin
ions, may turn the tide In favor of
commission government and .destruc
tion of Hawaii's independence.
But situations don't create them
selves to order. Homo rule'ls now- at
stake and now Is tho tlmo for citi
zens to oxprcss tjioir honest, positive
opinions on tho government of the
Islands. 'This 'is the' groat issuo Un
derlying the whole agitation. Pro
hibition or no prohibition Is merely'
the froth that attracts -attention
. what In a general way shows thq
direction ot the controlling currents
below. ..
iiiuzens or Hawaii soouia reiusa
to bo fooled by the radical supporter
of prohibition' who uses the present
opportunity tn declare that any (n -
( terference with what is now being people hope to gain and Is the grijat
dono In Congress Is nutting one self test 'enomv to sound movement uf real
on the -side ot tho dive keeperfand,
DuslhesH men have the habit ot,
gettlng.at the bottom ot, things. T,hey
arc tn the habit ot dealing with men
who attempt to fool them In their
trade transactions. They' are Just as
keen ns the next one. r .
All thoy havo to do In the presontj
InBtanco Is to apply the same xeen
Judgment to tho homo' rule and pro
hibition controversy, and .act in a
direct manner that no one can mis
understand act for home rule. " .
Twn rharmlncr sisters who live in
the wcst-sldo Soventlos are engaged
to two brothers, and, as tar as New.!
Yorkers ever Interest themselves in
anything, their neighbors have been
Interested in tills dual .love affair
llie yumi in uccupy mu iuuiim-
floor apartment on tho south side ot
the street, and the other day trie
elder sister was stopped In the street
by tho young scion of the family who
occupy the fourth-floor apartment In
the house Just opposite.
"Oh, .Miss M ," said the small
boy, trotting along at her side, as
he had often done before, "my papa
said last night that someone ought
to tell you to pull' down the blinds,
'causa, If love Is blind, the neighbors
Is not!"
FmSIi Mouta... . ) .80
Per Veer, inpiheicrnUJI. ...... 1. 00
Per Yeer, urwhere n Cenede., 1.80
PtrYw oMrM,loMica 3.oo '
of Hawaii.
Catered at the PoetorBce t llomlmlu
m eecceiA-ereee metter.
.'FEBRUARY 7, 1910
What must Congress or the people
of the mainland think If they -should
find that citizens of Honolulu .hesi
tate on tho Issue of local self-government,
or fall to discern the 'real
iBsuont stake In the bill beforo Con
gress nder the name of. a prohibi
tion law?
Nothing short of freo. sugar or tho
leaf-hopper can work destruction to
the business 'progress of Honolulu'
equal to that which would certainty
result .front a'surrendc'tOra govern
ment by commission bill forced
through ' Congress tinder tho name Of.
a prohibition measure. J
.Under Its present form of govern
ment, Honolulu and 'the .Territory)
generally Will advance, as does every;
self-governing, , Intelligent cotnmunt
tylblessed with a falrlmeasdre of op-
courageous cltlzcn-
fTo take -away any ,part of tour
.Prohibition .has ,been discussed In
circles as intelligent as 'those we
..tjoy tn Honolulu and one of the
most distinguished assemblies hand'
jhe Economic qluh ot '.
Boston .some.
months ago. Mn the views offered at
that session, prohibition .found ,few,
supporters. ' T,ho
was "The
Liquor Problem.'
Augustus "Rrtymond Hatton, pro
fessor of political science In Western
Reserve "University, spoke largely in
favor of district option.
jNorman Hapgood, editor of Col-'
Her 8 'MaEazfrie. ex'nresseri himself .In
foAror' of tho' .Scandinavian system.
ana ueuevea tne open-minuedneBs ol
the .people iwquld solve the .problem.,
Hugh tE. Fox, secretary of tho U.
S. Ilrewers' Association, asked Jon
the cooperation of the temperance
workers with, the growers .in solv-,
lhg nnd -reguiatlng'-the eyllB of "the-liquor-
traffic. jHo welcomed the no
license wav'o as causing honest In
quiry among intelligent -men' fend did'
not believe saloons should be allowed
In residential districts. '
Hugo Mtfnsterborg, professor of
psychology In ,Haryard University,
said ho did .not -believe In '.'the wave'
of prohibition which had swept over
the 'country and called' it a bad pol
icy; ,He believed In total .abstinence;
for all nervous people and young
folks, but on; 'the other band Bald al-
cohol was not dangerous to the nor-,
mal man 'in' small doses. 'Mental'
l(fe would ."bo better ,lf, latter istttint'
in a room uuea wun smoxe, lor two
hours one took Borne alcohol, he add-
e'd.. ,rr6hlbtion''wlll lead to aharpi
(reaction and destroy all 'the good the'
temperance,'' rrehtlng, a disrespect for
the '.law; .he concluded,
Bach .had his own .Idea for hand
ling' -the Jlqubr problem,, but no ono
endorsed prohibition as a practical
means' to. a 'temperate end.'
I ' ' '3
JFlat,ter a man it you want him to
have' .Implicit faith in your Judg
ment. When it comes --to Jealousy ana
crowing a man can put It 'all over
a rooster. i
.Mr. Drawn hnil tnnt hnA n tain.
honlc'! connection b'c'twoon his offlco
and house nnd was very much
pleased with it. :
V' tell you, Smith," he was say-j
ing, "this", telephone business is a'
wonderful thing. I want you to
dine with me this evening, and I will
notify Mrs. Brown to expect you."
Drown (speaking through the tel
ephone) My friend Smith will dine
with us this evening.
"Now listen and hear how dis
tinctly her reply will' come back."
Mrs. ilrown's reply came back with
startling " distinctness: "Ask your
friend Smith if he thinks we keep
a hotol." '
. ' ' GRADES. ,7r T' i '
I .-
tit .' ,
IV .'
V )
VI ) ; .'.. 2,066
VII ) ,.
Total 8,004
First Clue As To Pilikia
Makers May Lead To ;
Their Arrest
The arrangements for the Ilrltish
float for the Floral Day Parade ,are
progressing favorably and will .be
one of the best :in the parade. This
float will bo a typical representation
of the Ilrltish Isles. Tho committee
In chared of this Is as follows: Geo,
Davles, Robt. Catton, John Walker,
J. H. Flddes.
A professional decorator has been
engaged, and the committee has sent
to San Francisco for suitable cos
tumes, so that this entry may be a
truthful representation of the lands
of the rose, thistle, shamrock nnd
Tho Chinese merchants, In addi
tion to 'handsomely subscribing I to
nutting in the finest float ever seen'
hci'e, are (helping other entries ,df
their countrymen. A party of young
Chinese have subscribed a sum' !of
'26u, which amount has been for
warded to the finance committee,
with a view to making the Chinese'
section otitho parade unique In every
Considering that the Chinese New
tYear celebrations .are to bo .held on
Wednesday, a time when all gopoj
Chinese pay up their debts and pro
vide for this 'festival, -It -speaks well
for these representatives of the
Flowery Kingdom that 'they .have
come forward tn Buch a handsome
manner to make their section pt the
nnv'nrla 4lin''ni1Aaf anil ntrtat rnotlv
(fUlHUa 1U Miv niu luwn vvwbii
over seen nere.
No clue of any great importance,
in regard to the capture of Jimmy
Wllder's confederates, who are try-1
Ing to make plllkla for the .Floral
Parade, has come to light. The re
sult of Saturday's confab between
Director-General Harold Dillingham
and Chief Duffle has been that' Chief
Of Detectives Wi berforce of Hllo
has -been put In charge of a special
detail from (Hawaii, ;and It is expect-(
ed tnat tne cuipmstwisr ue run i"
earth before -very 'long;.
While in the neigbbornooa pr ian-
laius yeaieruuy mrutiuu, vuiqi m.-
Dufllo camo across .ah old :pnlnt
brush. Whether It was of the size
commonly Used by artists of- .Mr.
TVfjder's stamp, could not be ascer
tained, 'as Chief McDufne had lyd
explicit orders to keop mum -on nil
subjects pertaining to this pIHKia
' UJ-"
The -Best Advice Use the
Wireless ;
Office open Sunday mornings (from
eight nitit'ten.
msmsmass !. '
Waterhouse Trust
Real Estate for Sale
' . A bargain, at Kalm.nkt. on Eleventh
Avenue, ,tl(0Q.
Lots lu Kalmukl, Park. Tract, 1400
each, on 'easy payments. Three
acres, cleared and "fenced, In, the Kal
mukl Trac,t, for ,12600, Acreage)
property In iPalolo 'Valley.
', ) 1
(""These aro a few ot the opportunl- "
ties we have to otter tor Investment
tn real estate.
WatohoHse ipt
i kti&L. .li Tort and
5,602 .
2,720 '
, 1.074
United 8tates.
.47 .42"
' ,19,527
The brush In question Shag been
marked ".Bxhthlt A" and is now In
th6 safe deposit vault of the' 'First
National 'Rank. (From outward In-J
dlcntlons, It .had apparently been,
used dulto recently, as the under
cust was still moist and of a deep
brlck'red color. i
The place where this brush was
found was well adapted for meet
ings of conspirators, as the foliage;
was, particularly dense andjthere won.'
no trail tn the Immediate neighbor
hood. The 'grata had been .tramped
down, showing (that there musUhavo
oeen at least live or six in tne party.
There were several cigar, butts and
halt -consumed matches scattered
about tthe, place, .and from tho bands
It was seen that the cigars wero ,ot
no common brand. An empty flask,
which stilt) retained a faint odor qfl
wpiqaey, 'was conceaiea ueinnu tno
stump of .n charred eucalyptus (tree.
The label had been caroiuiiy .torn,
oft and evidently burnt, as there
-were 'Bias .u a bdihii ue. ,t
A sample of the paint .from the
brush nas been submitted to an aia-.
,lyst in -order "that he may be auio
to nnd out tno exact composition or
tho paint, so that dealers. may bo ap-,
proached and their samples com-
roared In this way Chief McDuffle,
ti... ... ... ... i
.win know for certain wnetner .tne
,ijuuii wua laimii jucuii;. i vvu ui ".v.
painr, was raixea locauy. i wo yi lire
cigar butts were brought down, buM
they were so badly bitten at one end
that It will be a difficult matter to
determine Just how strong the nico
tine may have'beenjn'order'that tho
brand' and nn estimate of their prob
able cost may be obtained. ,
However, now that detectives are
really on the trail 'and Wllberforce
of Iltto hot In pursuit, something
startling Is bound to transpire with
in a few days. Dy tomorrow at noon
it Is expected that some tangible
proof 'dt Wllder's complicity wlir'be'
forthcoming 'and n special' detective
sent tn'thft South flea 'Islands 'to ar
rest this plllkla maker. ' x
,.,,;, -. flnAT.mn i
ii. ' i
(Continued from Pete a.)
to make room for 'the' Pacific Mall'
liner China? which Is expected from
tho Const early torriorrow morrilng.'l
The Tennessee -anil"the "WnahWt-'
ton are to proceed, to uremerton.
These vessels will .remain its units in
the 'formation fromthotlme'of leav-1
Ing th'eharbor uotlli'well out -and)
away' from "the Island,, when 'the ,two
vesselB will changelthelr:courBO,nna
proceed northward, 'while ,'the re
maining' six 'cruisers' -will continue,
the voyage to San Francisco.
The departure 'of the'fleet from
Honolulu may hinge' upon tho ar
rival of the Pacin'a'VaUl(ner China,
which lsibeileved'tb be ;boarlng (Im
portant mall for the Beet.
' Admiral Bebreejhas.'trahsforred his
flag frgm the Tfennessoe' to the Cali
fornia. Ho now "has" much more am
ple quarters. Admiral Bebree will
haul down his flag, from the cruUer
on the nineteenth of "this mbhth,
which Is 'the date set for his retire
ment, from .'the service.
The BlgrBlght h'avo made serious
. J.-. ! till' J. IJ.I.
A Furntajied House
At"summlt"of Pacific Heights; 10
rooms; 2-story house; 4 bedrooms;
electric lights; phone; garage. Place
Is known as
The Atherton House
,From this point a beautiful view of
Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, harbor
and city Is obtained. A good road
"from King street to house.
Pacific Heights
Price $50.00
Trent Trust
A fix-room houte ori Alexander!
Street, comDletelv forniihed. Bootn
areianre tand tne entire bouie it
saodern .In every -respect. The lot it .
lam and well imnrovedi This place '
u one oi wo jai uciunuie .luxnun
d houses 1ft Hoaololu.
JLKHI VU rjtiK JriUmn
..We jhave for rent a 12-ropm, ;S
bedroom house on Pacific Heights.
High and sightly location "Large
A vukuvui xiuusc uu oiuuwik
A mi am " ! tf4 mm m VAlrtbAMll
Avenue, large lot. .100-ft. f rontaye,
' ' BethelStfeet
1 "'- -
Inroads upon tho coal pile at the
naval station, and it Is conservative
ly estimated that at least fifteen
thousand tons ot fuel have' been
Placed In the bunkcrn of tho eight
cruisers during their stay nt Ho
nolulu. ,
: (Continued From-iPage 1.) .
ways t-.'.u toiue bought from mainland
Under !io contract tho mill has to
ba ready for shipment by Docombcr
of thlB ,ypar, and it, is fcoraln to. bo
on.tho,way at thatstime.
'Tho award of this contr.tct Is a
.great compliment .to 'the local' Iron
works, b the request for tenders
camo unsolicited, and Honolulu takes
(ho work out of, the greatcs't',,centbr'Of
sugar mill 'mauufactorlcs'ln tho world.
Qno of the New York gentlemen (In
terested mado tho statement that ho
wonted to' glvo tho WOrk'to tho 'Hono
lulu Iron Works because It always had
Its mill fl'nlBhedon time, iitid tlio mills
mado by this concern havo always run
fhorsfyoar without a hitch that-ls
mpro, than could, bo eald of tho othprs.
Mr. Poolo) for many years manager
of Spreckelsvlllo, will be tho manager
of the Mlndoro proposition. and is now
'bntjhe grouty!. Mr.,yer of ho, Iron
Works Is'now on Tils way to tho site of
the plantation tp settlo pn matter of
water BUpply, tail! site, transportation
and bo forth.
Tho local' iron Works considers that
it Is doing 'well 'to bring business to
th cltv"ln. connection With now sugar
mills' n a territory' 'that will not come
Into direct competition wun tno local
sugars. It "has never 'takon 'or' gono
'after contracts for the 'construction
of sugar mills in Cuba.
'' "
China May. Get Into Trouble, by Ig
noring Compact Made.Wrth Ja
panChina Takes Bold Steps in
Manchuria Affair.
WASHINGTON,, January 21. Tho
Tatt administration was able to an
nounce this evening through the State
Department a complete and startling,
answer to the rejection by Russia 'and
Japan of tho .Knox plan; for the pre-'
sorvatlon of the open door .In China,
which' "was mado today, Tho united
fiffitrta ."hft-i-cjk H'ttfTnli-oa At PnUln.'Mr.
Fletcher, advised Secretary Knox (hat
China "has Issued an' Imperialrescript
permitting tne construction ana guar
.antco ot bonds ot tho AmorlcanBrl;
tlBh Itallroad In Manchuria, from
Chlcn-Foo to Algun.
Almost simultaneously with this im
portant jiiows,. Secrtary Knox received
Int'oljlgenco that Japan anct 'Russia had
ofllclally ro)efctod .MS plan for tho neu
tralization ot railways In' Manchuria.
China Flouts Janan.
The Iritorna'tlona'l Importance of the!
action ,uy tnina oonstsis or me (aci
that ailna h'as disregarded her treaty
with Japan ot September 24, 1909, by
which Japan was to bo consulted when
Over China, proposed to mako a railway
concession or a mining concession tn
It is manifest to nil tbo world now,
Co., Ltd.
thnt, with China, tho United States
and Croat Britain authorizing a con
struction of a railway clear across;
. t . ... ..I" ... . . ,
niancnupawiiu connections iruiu ru
kln to tho 'Coastntisso-JapAncso mo
nopoly of trado In Manchuria will ceaso
to exist.
As Secretary of State Knox and
President Tatt aro committed to tho
principle of railway neutralization, Ja
pan, Russia, Franca and", Germany
havo 'been notified. 'that1 theyican take
stock In tho nrttlsh-AmCrlcan railway
If they desire.
8lahlflcsnt Announcement.
The control of 'the' railway, Jiowovor,
Is to bo British-American 'and its de
fense physically, which means. Its ad
ministration. Is to be In the hands of
tho United Slates and Great Britain.
Russia and Japan claim the right to
administer railways and protect them
physically nnd th'oj aro now making
that .point Bpccinca.ly In Manchuria,'
at Harbin, .nt Antnug nnd at Mukden.
Tho tremendous' rstcp which China
took when sho lot tho United States
and Great Britain Into tho so-called
sphere of infliienco of Russia and
Japan Is BlRnldcpntly enough an
nounced at Pokln nt tho very hour
when Russia and Japhn reject tho'
Knox plan qf neutralization.
It Is obvious 'that Hhls plan was one
of the ways President Taft' and Secre
tary Knox had of Introducing the
United States into Manchuria as an
cquallrpoworful trustor with Russia
and Japan. . - ;
New Alignment' of Powers; k '
The neutralization fallctl "for the
prsenivrtut'tho equally cffectivVplaA
of -building' and controlling an Ameri
can railway appears to havo been suc
cessful, i
lfj China otanila, firm, her; flrmnbas
will, create 'Vhoto "illgitrhent 6f tho
powers In the East with :tho Uriltcd
States, Great Brltiln, China, and Ger
many on one side and Russia, Japan
and Franco on tho other.
Up to. .date the United States h'as
had no sphere of Inllu'cnco In China.
Germany has tho Shsn Tung Province,
franco controls Tonquln; Groat Brl
tain lias tho llongkong territory, litis.
sla ttnil Japan control the Ma'nchtiHan
Prpylnco,,and even llttlo Portugal has
a spnero or innuenco at Macao.
Although 'It ,1s1 knrfwn that Japan
objects vigorously to tho British
American syndicate, It is not expected
buo, win go to tho length of protest
ing against tho contsructlon ot tho
railway from Cblon, Foo at Algun.
Japan knows, of courso, that With a
BrltlBh-Amorlcan railway In Manchu
ria and a port at Algun her' steam-'
ship trade with tho Pacific 'Coast will
loso its value and political1 Import
ance. Activity ought to manifest Itself In
a few days In Now York nnd London
over the news of China's grant to the
British-American syndicate. The mc
npy to build tho road will be subscrib
ed by New York and London banters'.
JEWELRY should not be left
to inexperienced and incom
petent hands. VThen your
.diamond ring requires repair
inR, you need the services of
an expert.
We are wspert jewelry re
pairers -of, many years', expe- A
rience. Your work is safe, in I
our hands.
11. F. Wichman
& Co.. Ltd.,
(Continued from Page 1.)
that wo bo given Asiatic labor, wheth
er tho samo bo granted to our fellow
cltlkens on tho mainland' or not; the
claim that wn ought to brf privileged
to ship our sugars hi foreign bottoms;
our present demand for a suspension
of tho coastwlso laws; Hlio Plnttham
.brief sent to Congress attempting to
prove that tho Islands were unfit far
nn American community of laborers,
and that only Asiatics could thrive
hero In agricultural pursuits, and now
this last plea that Uncle Sam must
police our drinking habits are one and
all proofs from our own, lips that wo
belong In tlio "Island possession"
class, to bo governed outsldo of tho
Constitution nnd nt tho will of .Con
gress. In my Judgment, in pursuing
this course, we aro and havo 'been
playng wljli fire, no, not ftrd, Chain
lightning. We should cling draper
ntcly to local self-government anil ten
ter a protest publicly hd privately
against any move, however Blight, In
vading that right. Unfortunately, the
Issue of homo" rule Is .Involved tn, or
comes up or grows out ot the liquor
question, which many citizens feel
should bo abated as a common .mils
anco and with a strong hand, but wo
should know enough to;koep our minds
on tho 'main Issue. Many peoplo'seem
to.thldk that' prohlblUorl 'will prohibit
It Congress passes It.' Congress, 'with
military government back ot It,
coul'd not break down local sentiment
In tho. South, after tho.Clyll War; Its
only effect was to destroy prosperity
and generato endless bad blood. 8ho
history of,local self-government shows
that communities 'thrive under jit and
sturdy citizenship Is 'developed, there
by. There Is nothing in pur plea to
Congress. "You tako cai-e of usl" to
recommend ua to an 'sclf-respcctlng
community, on the malnland"(V:any
wher6 else. Congress 6S19 riot
dream of suggesting such a law elthor
as to Arizona orNow M6xlco. It'ls bo
cause we havo pictured ourselves, or
allowed others to do so. as being on a
'fur With an Indian 'reservation, 'that
sucn iiDonies aro now uemg.tnxcn
.with this Territory.
Ono has but to rood of tho terrible
effects of 'drink on 'tho' mainland, as
evidenced daily In tho .mainland pa
pers, tto r'oallzo that jt Is father .hys
terical for U sto claim that'tho evil ef
fects of -drink in Hawaii. are necessar
ily such as, to call for Congressional
prohib'itlbn, brought about by an in
vasion (of qurconstltutlonal right to
home rule. f ' .
Back of this demand' upon 'Congress
by us Is an unwillingness to do our
own duty', coupled, I "am afraid, with a
Jlcllberato Wlsh.ion the 'part of ; somo
to destroy .local self-government.'
Wo are certanly running our heads
Into a noose and musj secretly 'be a
laughing Vtoclc Id tho eyes ot ,'Uiose
who not only aro stimulating govern
ment by commission but under 'that
government proposo a 'plan ot cam
paign that, If I, do not miss roy gyess,
will' raise the hair in bohsternatloji ot
nlany who aro now 'helping on .'that
form of government because .'they
think It will Inaugurate a rulo' by
"some ot us" without the bother ot re
ferring matters to tho people once In
a while at elections.
YouVs truly,
(Continued from Page 1.)
window, and tho glass was down.
However, 'Kalchi. happened ti be
standing in the line ot .the ballet
arid ho received the ball
in itns
As soon ns the shooting was(1done,
the two men, who wero In a drujjken
condition, wandered oft to a -native
house, and it was there, that C-jptsJn
Punahou ot the police 'fOTce test
ed them.
It was ticklish work for the po
lice officer, as there was onlyone
door to the room the Bailors were in,
and HAssey'sat "exactly 'opposite it
'with the revolver Vesting on' his
knee. The captain of police got, his
own gun out ready for action, and
Just as he was golngl'o Jutnp in and
take a Chance' on being shot, the
sailor's attention was districted' and
he turned away from the door. The
captain was on top of the man be
fore he knew what wasc doing, and
then the rest was easy. The, patrol
Wagon was 'called for, ,nnd 'the' two
sailors taken to the police station. ;
' Tho revolver used .In .the shooting
affair was found In.' Hussey.'s posses
sion. It Is a now ono and showqd
feigns of having been used, although
tho chambors wero full of .new shells.
' Ryan.'the 'second man, Is being held
as a witness in the case', and ho has
linen identified as tho, man who was
in company of Husspy at the, tlmo (he
tiair visited the JapoJieso hoWie. Hus-
Bey made a wild BtatomcnvaDoui Hav
ing taken the revolver' from a hack
driver and that ho was going to turn
It over to tho officer of the watch on
his ship, when ho reached tho vessel.
An 'inquisitive 'messenger boy saved
tlio llfo of a girl wli6' planriod sulctdo
In Denver recently. Ho read a noto
she wroto to a friend and rushed Hvlth
it' to tho police station. A police' doc
tor reaohed the girl's side soon otter
she took a doBO ot poison.
A man may ,bqw to ,tho Inevitable,,
but ho doesn't lift his hat.
When a girl says that she has no
use for a 'certain .'young' "niah It usu-
-tuy mvuus, mui no nas noi imp tor
her. '
i . v
1' -
JNMKt--' '.

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