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W ror Sg'. M.r. 2 3.30 EDITION' J, This 0ay's News Isjjged in Today's Bulletin and Prflt"
Shoots At Sharks
And Saves Sailor
Jumps .Overboard From Celtic
. Chief and Faces Death
In Waters
Surrounded by ferocious man eating ,
sharked sailor namedpewell)n, who
lumped overboard from tho Celtic
Chief, this morning, was only wived
through tho destierate efforts of the
. captain of tho tug Intrepid and u Ha
waiian who bravely dived Into the
water and held the drowning man up.
Tho sharks wero only kept nt bay
by shots fired by tho captain of the
Intrepid, who grabbed a rifle when
he saw the danger the m in wus In
from the Ben monsters.
It appears that tho sailor had a
rooted objection to sailing on the Cel
tic Chler, and' being somewhat Intox
icated" lie, Just as tho vessel was be
ing towed out to sea, ran to the side
of tho ship and threw himself over
board. Tho gallant action of tho Ha
iwnllan who, on seeing that the sailor
was drowning, promptly went over af
ter htm, Is thought to be tho bravest
act seen In tho Honolulu harbor, ifor
Grand Jury Returns
Bill Against Holt
Indictment Charges Former Assessor
With Embezzlement Of
Public Funds
Charged with the embezzlement of,
public funds whtlo Tax Assessor of
the district of Oaliu, nn Indictment for
cmbezzloment was returned by the
Territorial' Grand Jury this morning
agulnst James L. Holt and he will bo
arraigned on the chargo Mondoy morn
ing. It Is stated that Holt's enso was con
sidercd at considerable length before
tuo uailot tnat resulted in tne return
of a true bill wns taken. Tho lapse of
tlmo between tho date Holt Is alleged
New Matson' Liner Much
Admired By
Throo hundred and seventy-three
miles or oven a trifle better was turned
dally by tho engines of tho Matson
n...1.i nn- uiMuimi, .i,i
tlia flvo daya.anOuqlBhteon hours run
from San Francisco to Honolulu,
Were It not for tho unfortunate
grounding of tho liner upon a mud
bank near tho Lombard street wharf
at San Francisco, which detained tho
veseol for six hours, tho Wllbelmlna
would bso been given a lusty groetj
liig by cngor Honoluluans during the
early morning hours.
However, tho welcome accorded tho
latest addition to tho Matson Naviga
tion fleet was enthusiastic as it was
As tho stoamor came within eight of
Koko Head, hor holiday bhntlng was
flung to tho brcesoirom her three tall
steel masts.
Tho sight 'was nn Inspiring one as
the llnor approached tho entrance to
tho harbor shortly before- C a clock last
evening and after n speedy handling
by tho quarantine and tho immigra
tion officials sho camo up alongside
tho Matson wharf. i
-I 10 wi lioim nn Is uullt for uusl- sinterooms are locniea, oacn canin is
.i. . .ki ..mi... .,i, n ,.,...
from ono of tho officials of tho ship
this morning. Whllo luxurious feur-i
roundlngs hao boon incoiparated)
rfAalWH-ni ! . nif.ni.liii ifTttrtrlvi n""
many years.
The captain of tho Intrepid tele
phoned to tho police station as soon
at tho sailor was brought to shoro and
till ambulance was at once sent to the
wharf at Fort street. Tho sailor was
In a bad way and appeared to. be all
In, but on arriving at the Queen's
Hospital was brought around and Is
now sortcd to be doing well.
The Celtic Chief was at loist two
miles out when Lewellyn Jumped over
board. Tho crew of, tho Intrepid saw
th'i man as ho went over and Captain
Hyde nt once headed the tug for the
man. vho was swimming strongly to
ward Intnl.
Ab soon ns the swimmer saw ihe
tug headed for him ho turned'around
and struck out In tho direction of
Kauai. Then collapsing, the man sank
once, and seemod to ba about to go
tottbe , bottom. Captain Hyde worked
i-'ri'CCeatMwd om Jate 4i
to have embezzled over $700, and the
time of Its discovery wsb tho.causo of
careful consideration of the .evidence
that vvni submitted to the Grand Jury
by Deputy City and County Attorney
Mllverton. '
A second -Indictment was Included in
the partial report of the Territorial In
quisitors returned this morning, Joseph
N. Ftetas Is charged with committing
Jon assault wth a weapon obviously
nnu imminently aangerous to we. ne
will also bo arraigned on the chare"
Monday morning. '
with a lavlshncss entailing the ex
pcndlture of many thousands of do!
lars to fit up her suits. .cabins and din
Ing saloon, nevertheless-tho manage;
mont has not lost sight or the
that the big revenue producing factor, 'hat Tin Soon, the man who Is sus
In tho successful operation of tho Wil-pected oVhrivIng stolen two horses
helmlna will bo hor freight capacity I from local llvory stables and ot sell
and consequent earnings. Ing them at Watertown, had been
Tho big holds of tho vessel have a arrested
capacity for between seven and eight The had e,U(Ied tne poIlc for
thousand tons pf freight. It Is a far rni11,iB . wefiw. .,, nithnuch
call from the.navlgatlon bridge to tho J'"'I 0, weo,s , . , !
bottom of the1 forward hatch. To movo Chief McDuflle was certain as to wno
tho large amount of cargo which tho the horse thief wns, no search of the
vessel is caliablo of carrying, tho very town revealed his whereabouts,
latest machinery In the lino of winches Becoming convinced that Tin Soon
and gear has been Installed. Perhaps had gotten away to one ot the other
wlthilha slnglo exception of tho ,blg ,andl MDurae sent a description
Great Northern llnor Minnesota, one A ,.....i. ., , it
of tho fow vessels In the Pacific which
i. ..,. ..iti. i..-i,. nntrniinra tho
iWlljiolmlna has tho most modern ab-
nllnnces of snv vessel calllnrr at Hono-
A constant stream ot visitors
swarmed over tho Wllhclmlna at will.
throughout tho day. The olflcars dls -
&n yn,I?raS?.?lmSi ' Twi""1.'
tentlon to the Inquisitive. There wns
not a portion of tho handsome now
ship but. what was Inspected by Hono-
lulu peoplo nnd also the tourist now
a guest within tho city's gates. Tho
several large suits, finished In their
wealth of dark woods, provod a mocca
which riveted tho attention of the fair
(visitor, These nparttnrnts leave noth.'
Ing to,Jo desired from the standpoint
of furnishings and fittings nnd It Is
also a notlcoablo fact that tho ad nils-
Blon of plenty of daylight and free von
tllatlon has not boon lost Bight of by
the designers nnd tho builders.
Tho Wllhclmlna is a well ventilated
vessel from Btcm to stern. On tho
Bnipon tiecK, wncro nouuio rows 01
.Ulorooma are located, each cabin Is
of Biifllclent Uo to guuranteo no
crowding oven should the regulation
three persons bo required to shnro It.
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lien.' 1
SAN FBANCI8C0. February 17.
Judge Lawlor this' morning, of his
own. motion, 'postponed the trial of
Patrick Calhoun Ho April 29.
Magelan Wreck
OtrRT.T.OW. nriile."1 VW 17 A"
Chilean qrniier has rescued
efrht nee$'- from the wreck
" ' T-" w .-- v . kat
jmusn steamer xuruvuat wm
In .the Straits of, Magellan)
Who Has Arranged For Aelgn of
i Island Princesses.
Captain . Fetter Of Hilo
Captures Man This
Chief McDuflle received a wireless
from Captain Fetter ot Hllo this alt-
ornoon, and It announced the news
""" ' """ " '"l'" "' " " "'"" ""
the police departments of the group.
wan known that the horse thlet
was keeping company with a Porto
mean woman, and these facts, to-
gether with the photograph, enabled
Captain' Fetter to capture the man.
1 Tln Boou wm bB sent down on tne
t Maunn Kea, and on arrival here
... . ,. ',.. ,. ,,, ,
w' confronted with the Japa-,
neBe to w.hom he is alleged to have
sold tho horses for a small amount,
J ,
Yucatan Losl
On Iceberg
JUNEAU, Alaska, Feb. 17. The
ct,t,in Vnnatnn in ihf Alaskan.
Z A""' XL "T"
i'TT ri.rf , ' j.itm ..n
Faciflo Coast transportation service,
has been wrecKed on an iceoerg in
AlasKan waters. AU on ooejo wero
saved. , v
r t
BbbHI'i 'idPPsV 2Sara
FlorafcV Para4e'n A I M1WW Ttnralidaa
ns beeh made for
the success of the Flora) Day Parade,
and things ar shaping up nicely. Each
class of entry lhas'.ben assigned a
specified txtelttop. w that thero will
be no delay lft 'getting the parado
started. ad no. confusion. '
Marshal Dcnlaota'has selected his
deputy marshals. These will have
charge of the jkrlous divisions of the
parade, tne namaa ot tnese deputies
are as follows Lester Petrle. John
Clarke, Robcrtl ClAke, George Clarke,
P. O. Cox, BdJ McCarthy. L. S. Con-
ness. C. FV ChllllBgworth, Ralph Lyon,
. M. Hurtt1 B. M. Bnmher. Maior B.
yDm.r.nTn "
The committeCof this vear's Floral
bav Parado has ald. pnrticutar regsrd
to tho photographing ot the d-coratod
automobiles, and 'hays i xreceijcd tho
anrix emphatic m the photograph-
ftvihJMsj'atraSptg'in! Kn.
Hon wflj ba ropV in which only
nit'nni;apherfl:esrnto(nclai badges
U, return for 'this favor'tlio whotn-iSS
rhrbers havn.' aai-MxI. tn furnish thn
Tmirtlttee. frat of charci, copies (of
sir (se Photographs they " have on
that day for ' use in the album which
is' kept as a reord. All lha TTofPf i
slonalrphotographcrs-ln tQjrtt.vwKh
exception bftrfr'fgrvAtetiipU
under tlu? dlrecfibnTo'CH. B.J
has made g4at progress. Pmf.,H9s
mor has handed,' In "his Knn report
from 'which' It Issecn'thst tl School
section Will ti&vetsMriratsfttolng horse-
drawn flts In- line:- , Manual Training
Department of (ho Ksmthsmeha'
Schools, a float reprerenting tub tnpa
Industry; The Normal School, a float
representing Wisdom; 'the $t, Louis,
College, a flpnt in Which a band will
play. -.
The School automobile floats will In
clude thp folfmvihp: Collego of Ha-,
wall, representing the flplrlt 'of Ap-
Piled Bciitfc'wflrado Public
Schools of this cltytwlll have an auto-.
rrtnKtiA flnnt rAnrnsnntlnv Tiwrrrtma
inuuiin itiv ibJtvnuiin a lUpiivn
leading Hawaii; uanu college and l
lanl College will both enter a florally
sa'n Francisco; rb'. 17. Beets;
88 analysis,' 13s.r4d. ' Parity '435c.
Prsvlous quptaU6rr-13ir3d.
cnvf YOU.
Vfhlle the public has a iea
ral Idea, of tba-buWaats of
a trust company, , thers ar
many who do not know In lust
what manner suck an laaUtu
I t lou. as ours' can servi their
Individual needs. Therefore
we enumerate the followjpg
features of our Trust Depart
lent: '
Oilr, Company acta aj Trus
te1 and Kxecntor ot wills, and
as Adrhlnlstratdr sad Guar
dlaa, , , . '
Out1 Company sets as Trus
tee under mort(ies au4 trust
1 deeds, as Trustee under agree-
aienta relating to Ufa Insur
ance and declarations of trust
generally, and receives and
manages ilrikl- funds.
Our Cofcipany acta as Trus
tee for Investing ssoaay, col
lecting Incomes tad cartas fer
estates. -
Onr Oosnpaay acta as Depos
itory tor Trdsfees and Ottcers
having the management of es
tates and funds, '
Our Company 'acts as Ite
celrer and, Asslgoeo'uader ap
pointment by court-
Our Company acts as Regis
trar and Transfer Agefltt In
the Issuing and, recording ef
stocks and, bonds,- "' ,
In addition to these trust
Our Company writes surety
Our Compsny writes fire,
accident and Ufa Insurance.
Our Company Insures auto
mobiles against Are and acci
dent. Our Company acts as brok
ers In the purchase and sale
of stocks and bonds.
Our Company haa an up-to-date
real estate and rental de
partment, '
Our Company renls safe 'de
posit boxes.
Fort and Merchant Btrccts.
, Telephone 730."
ST. PETERSBURG, Feb. "17. To
day's issue of the Journal of Com
meroe and Indnatrv. th oraamof the
wini.fH, Wbmm nnUut.M .
Zli-i . u iZZTIi. .r.V"r
The paper, draws, the attention of
xuuiana to tha mrsrepreaaaUtioni
'aUeted to have betn nade by the
Hawaiian immigration agents 'to tho
RsufcuuVho have now become rei-
J'7J Tl'W ter,!lfJP
$4ntpartT of famati to the
Buttian Coaiul at Yokohama, after
, ', ,. ,i ,. T T;,,ui-'
In Charge of Floral Parsds Float
Activity Revives Some
what, But Market Is
Not Lively ,
Flvo shares of Mutua) Telephone
stock came out on tho Stock Exchango
tixlny anil sold at an advanced prlco.
.This shows tho public has confidence
'that n fairly decent tolephono norvlco
is tp bo Installed deBplto tho miserable
I excuse that Is now handed out to the
' subscribers III return for their monthly
payments. Mo shares of tho stock
told.nt 10.125,
Onlui Sugar Is undergoing ono ot its
periodical- ad'tui'us. Starting In at
36 between boar Is yesterday after
noon It sold on the Board today at
3C.23, and 36 SO la asked. Hawaiian
Commercial also advanced twenty-five
cents a share on the last sale made at
88.75. Hutchinson went at 18 and
Olaa touched seven dollars on a Balo
of ten shares.
Paauhau sold jestcrday at 20.25, Pio
neer 217,50, and Pala 134. The blocks
twero not large but tho prices held
firm. , Pala advanced fifty rents a
shnre on tho board by a salu ot flvo
m, KbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbH
aHHEsV IbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbVj JflaW bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
UOnds are changing hands In small iv-iV. m.FlT v. Bre.
n.,.Jiui.. .i . i.ii. ...,. r... i held a conferenoe on the Postal oar-
Sugar Es sold at 101 50, and Oahu ,,n & U " an attempt to each
Hallway 5s at 102. itapld Transit Ca'iome agreement in accordance with
Bold at 107 and Hllo Hallway Cs nt President Taft's expressed wish for
100 25,
Petty Jurors cillod for service In tho
United States District Court are In
formed taht thoy will not Itavo'lo re
port tomorrow nnd will not bo ro
quired to '(10 so until February 21,
Two women In an uutnmobllo picked
up Thomas Oraham, a crippled news
boy cut In street fight In New York
recently and carried him nn their Inpa
ns tho enr rncod to llellovtio hospital..
talthbugli their' dresses wero saturated
j with' blood. .,
C L .i . . 2MabJ
mtJmsmSSMSSiiiSiiiSjiLLJX'ii'li:'.;. .R.'.- fr,?:.1.;
""V i
Spreckels -Trust Involved
. Local Deal Deed
Is Filed
There wps placed on record this Spreckels, Rupnlpli Spreckels nnd
morning In the Unrein of Conveyances . Claus Spreckels Jr.
the deed under which William O. lr-' Tho deed bvnrs the date of oxecu
win acquired outright the binklpg tlon ns February .1 an) cable advices
business of Claus Spreckols & Com- 'from San Ir.tnclirn utato (hat Pro-
pany tor tne sum or is duu. ;
The deed recites the Met tbn.1 -the
sale is made by, tho .three trustees
under the- will of the late Claus
Bnrrckels.. who died at Ban Franclrco
on December tfl.the trustees accord
ing 10 ineicecumem Doing Anna iu.
Governor Welcomes
i4pto -Boys
Traveling Contingent Of Famous Club
Is Received In The Throne
(Jovcrnor Frcar this morning ex- crnor Trcar entored began plalng
tended n formnl welcomo to the
Ameilrau Dojh" traveling contln-
gent In the Throne Room of the Cap-
lltol, piesented them with a flag of
Hawaii, and complimented them on was United States tcriltory and that
the alms of their organization, Incl-.tho-Constltutlon was as supreme here
dentnllyjmpresalng upon their minds as It was In their home Stato of Cal
that Hawaii la an Integral part of Ifornln. '
the United States. The Governor added that he was
fter their release from quaran- g!ad to note that the motto of their
tine the boys first marched to the ntgnnlzu'.lin was "clenn. living, clean
Opera Houbb anil entered the Capl- thlnkli g and clean sport," and stat-'i
tol grounds at 11 o'clock, to tho
music of their band. They entered
the Throne Room, and when Gov-
(Special Bulletin Cable.)
SAN LORENZO, ,Cal.. Feb. 17.
The powder works here blew up to
day, killing five and injuring many
others. .0
a s
Rep. Senators
Get Busy
(Ssedal Bulletin Cable.)
WASHINGTON, D, 0 Feb. 17.
Th Tt.imriljnaii Roiotnr. inAav
more aoeedy action of legislators.
Bal linger Opens
(Special Bulletin Cable.)
WASHINGTON, D. 0 Feb. 17.
Secretary of Interior Ballinger hat
withdrawn 2.068.402 acres of the
'uublio domain and opened up 46,431
acres to settlement.
.. t . .
r u
bate Judge Coffey has declared Invalid
the Spreckels trait, and It- Is poslbla.
that the deed transferring tho control
of riars Spreckels nnd Company to
William O. Irwin will likewise be In
validated by tho finding of tlvo San
Franclrco Court.
."The Stiir ISpnugled llnnnor."
In mldicsslng the boys, tho Oov-
crnor stated that he wished to Ira-
prets on their minds that Hawaii
cd that If they lived up to their
motto tirey would accompllth much,
that Is desirable. '
32 Men
(Special B,u 1 1 e t i n Cable.) '
QUELL0N. Cliile, Feb. 17.Alt
the rescue of over eighty from .the
wrecked British steamer Lima, in the
Straits of Magellan, the rescuers
were compelled to abandon further
work, leaving thirty-two men still
on board, Hope for their rescue has
been abandoned. "
Among the passengers returning on
tho Wllbelmlna VQstcrilay was Mrs.
Harriet Dow sett, who has been away
from Hawaii for n period Of nlno years.
Mrs. Dowsctt Is n sister of John
Jones. '
Tho motorc)llsts nro getting ready
(or thu Floral Parade nnl it scorns
that a larger number than was at first
supposed will tako part In tho show.
st n
C. n. nut-kUnd, the retiring ed
tt Hor of tho Hllo Herald, has been
tt named ns tho man who will nc- St
tt company the I'nrtiigueso who tt
tt hnve beon refused n lauding in tt
tt Hawaii, back to their nntlvo tt
U land. Ho will tako tho Portu tt
a gueso back ns tho agent of the K
tt Territorial Hoard of Immigration H
tt and will bo away from tho Tcr- M
tt rilury for a period ot soveral tt
tt months. ." i It
.. . , It

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