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flp,) 0 ' - KVENINO HUM-ETIN. HONOLULU. T. II.. MONDAY, APK. .11, 1910.
t , . ,
I 1 Mixed
The attraetive feature of Our Ocean View District property is the
high elevation so near the sea and the excellent sweep of ocean view ex
tending between Diamond Head nnd Koko Head. A number of wealthy
tourists to whom we have sold a great deal of this property claim that
they have never seen anything equal to its mountain scenery and ocean
view. On the mainland Ocean View property commands the highest
prices, and our growing city will be no exception to the rule, just as
scon ns our citizens begin to apprco'atc rrorc arid more the true value
and healthful condition of the higher elevations.
And Our Ocean View District today hr every advantage for home
site investments. Its liiph elevation and dry semi-arid condition, with
sufficient rainfall and Koko Head breeze, easily irflkc it the most de
lightful and healthful section in the city. Our improvements, such as
paved streets, water pipe's, electric light, telephone service, etc., includ
ed in our prices, give you an opportunity for a very profitable and safe
OUR PRICES: 5500.00 for corner lots, and. $400.00 for inside lots:
size, 75 ft. x ISO ft., or 11,250 sq. ft. each. Terms, $50.00 cash down
and $10.00 per month on each lot. Invest your money in Ocean View
Kiimuki Land Co.
Math Office:
Corner King and Fort Streets
Branch 'Office:
Koko Head and Waialac Avenues
79 Hotel Street
Oriental Meals and ChoD Suev uo-
stain. Occidental Meals downstairs.
Open Day and Night
GENft FlWbtilMB
Corner King and Bethel
Everything absoluteljfnew and
fresh from the Coast. " r
Wan Ying Chong Co.,
-Xing St., Ewa Fish Market
Dealers in Furniture, Mattresses,
etc., etc. All kinds of KOA and MIS
SION FURNITURE made to order.
You'll Find
for Gifts at
Wing On Chong's,
Bethel St., Between King and Hotel
041 Nuuanu Street
Phone 2fi0
-, TI19 Russians are to Imvo thi'lr fijin-
ohb ilHKRcr ilwiro nt tlio Park Theater
'this mcnliiK anil tho crowd will lio
larRo In consequence. Those p'oplti
! lime mado n Kroat lilt In their tUnce
unil havo opened the eyes of Honolulu
1. as to their capabilities In thin respect
"' 1 ho Molnotte sisters charmed thor audi-
. , encoa lust weok with their coon hong
and will repent It tonight. Tho motion
' plctnro, "Thi) Slut or tho Ka'her," will
'Jib given for tho'flrst llmo. Thoro la n
moral to this picture Ihut should havo
i 'n good Influenco uiion tho averago
1 (young man who wants to be tough.
' Several rohberles woro reported lo
the police yesterday, and two of them
occurred tt the Occidental hotel on
Saturday night. Two rooms were ent
ered at tho hotel and a sum of money
amounting to $15 wan taken-, nome
clothing was also annexed and the
thief got clear away.
The next place visited was the Hoi
ton rusldonco on Punchbowl street and
a small amount of money wag taken
1, from a bed room. Tho work looks
llkti tlint of aoiueono who la acqu'iliit
ed, with the Wolters family, as In nil
I.ale on Saturday night a bad as
sault Is alleged to have been commit
ted by a marine named II. H. Cham
berlain on two lortiigueo youths who
happened to pass the corner of Man
nakea nnd Hotel streets. This portion
of tho city Is very badly lighted, ami
repeated rows havo occurred at tho
lot. There Is a vacant plot of land
on one of tho corners and. Judging
frpm the number of empty bottles tint
are to be found thee, there is n lot
of drinking going 011,
It appears that a party of soldiers
were standing on the. corner and when
ever anyone would pass the bunch
would attaok them. Tho two Portu
guese lads, whose names are Joseph
and F O. Sllva. were walking along
Hotel street, when Cnamberlaln and
another Mnrlno iiro alleged to havo
run out nnd started to beat tho boys
Deputy Hobo nnd an officer lieunl
I ho tucket nnd at once ran to the spot
and succeeded In nrrcKtlng Chamber
lain. Tho other mnn escaped In Hip
darkness, hut way bo arrested today
sometime On the way to tho polloi
station the prisoner was observed to
throw something away and a search
ree.ilcd the fact that a brass knuckle
duster was the article discarded. An
examination of the Portugucso lads'
heads showod that they were both bad
ly cut on the scalp.
Chamberlain has been charged with
iiKi.iult with a wcaiKin, ami he will
appear In court tomorrow morning..
The nrt of Marshall Hurraed, (he dis
tinguished Shnlcspcare reciter, has re
ceived In Honolulu a cordial apprecia
tion that cannot but bo gratlfjlng to
the artist.
Many-sided as Is his art, nno feature
has ns et escaped public comment
his wonderful power of memory. Since
his first nppearanre lieriT lu June, Mr.
Datrnch has recited without notes and
without piompter, "Julius Ccusar,"
"Twelfth, Night," "Merchant of Veil-,
Ice," 'Tempest." "Hamlet," "Mar
bell)," "Itoimo and Juliet" "The'Com
edy of Errois," nnd "Midsummer
Night's Hrcani." Nor Is Iho fact tliat
In the ImperFonntlun of tho yarloiiH
clriracters' he has never put Into tho
mouth of one person a speech belong
ing to another the least wonderful
part of his mcmorlc power, in ovary
pluy tho vocal quality assigned to a
character at the beginning of tho play
Is preserved until the ond; and every
lime that particular character speaks
ho speaks In tho volco assigned. Thus,
there Is produced In tho minds of the
listeners no confusion as to the Iden
tity of that paitlcular character, and
tho whole effect Is as though a group
of actors had been performing tho pluy
Instead of a single man.
Achi Says Politics On
Hawaii Is Much
The Commissioners of Education
met this morning In the ofTlco of the
Superintendent of Iubllc Instruction
Pope and listened to tho reading of
reports nnd suggestions, as presented
by Siierlntcndent Pope und School
Inmipptfir Klnir.
One of the mat'ers. brought to tho
attention of the commissioners, which
was Anally laid aside, was thc,etl
Hon for the construction of a BChool
house In Knllhl camp. Sonio time ago,
a meeting was held In Knllhl camp
for tho purpose of discussing tho ad
visability of electing a school housu
Owing to luck of funds, however,
the commissioners, voted against tho
erection of tho proKsod school In Ka
llhl.' Another petition for the erection
of a school house at Manuwal was
alio declined on tho samo reason.
An Important feature of tho muctlng
was the decision of the commissioners
for the appointment 'of tho Territorial
peoplo to vacancies when they occur
lu the schools tliioughout tho Ten I
tory. This Is welcome news to thomj
who were educated hero, and paiticu
tarty to those who now hold first cIiib
Two land transactions which were,
brought to the attention of tho com-1
mlsslnners were confirmed today, lu
his report. Superintendent Popo rec
ommended tho land at Kuhnna, which
was used for school puriuso be trans
ferred to tho government, ns it was
ho longer needed by the department.
Ho said that tlfcrewero not enough
pupils to attend the school rendering
It therefore useless for the department
to maintain,
Mr. C. II. Cooke was this morning
elected n member of tho McKlnlev
Memorial Fund Committee, succeed
ing his Into father, C. M. Cooke.
Ills appointment was made unanimous.
Hcports of the l.nlmlnaluna Semi
Twonty Home Rulers who were
present ut the meeting of tho Dem
ocratic leaders held last Saturday
night nt Walkano Joined the Demo-'
oralis patty. They wcro so con
vlnce'd and enthused over the able
speech of-II. M. Kanlho, the "Cnn-
nun Hall of Kohaln," that they
signed tho enrollment list at the
conclusion of the meeting, which, It
Is tuld, was one of the largest that
ctcr assembled theie.
Kuiilho, who recently came to the
support of MiCiindlcss, ns a candi
date 'for Delegate to Congress, went
down there at the spoclal request
of the Homo Killers of Waikano.
They wanted to hent from the Ko-
hnla orator, ns to his political stand
ing. They slated In their letter
which was received by him thtlt If
he (Knlilhu) would only go down
thcio and tell them the reasons why
he changed his mind recently In
Bupport of McCnndless. thsy would
also join the Democratic army.
The meeting was largely attended
by the voters of different political
parties. Availing himself of this
chnnco to ninko votes, according to
tho promises of tho peoplo there, ho
went down, Ills catchy ways of ex
plaining to tho voters carried .so
woll that nt tho end of tho meeting
tho Home Itulcrs cania forward nnd
signed the Democratic enrollment
list. McCandlcss nnd other leaders
of tho party expressed much pleas
ure at tho additions to their party.
Luau Was the Finest.
Mayor Fern, whip accompanied tho
other Democrats to Walkano Inst
Saturday afternoon, stated this
morning that tho meeting was n
great success. He praised the good
wdrk $f Kanlho nnd other speakers
In winning for tho party twenty
moro supporters, who are convinced
that Is Is to their advantago to be
come Democrats.
Republicans Marching' On.
The Republican party leaders nro
vory hopeful for tho future.- Thoy
nre enthusiastic over tho reports
which .uro coming In dally. Cam-palgrt-i.Mnnagcr
l.orrln Andrews ts
bendliiR,out Hawaiian circulars to
the voters explaining to them the
real standing of the Republican
party. The circulars nre signed by'
himself und Klin Crawford.
Pahia, 'New Sheriff. '
Fiuiik I'unu, ueputy Bherlff of
Koolnupoko, Is the latest candidate
An entire change of program nt thn
Ninelty Theater (onlfiht. Tho Enrlo
Slstcis will put on tho burnt cork nnd
glo so;ne real live coon hours. Their
black fnco work was one of tho hits of
their eastern engagement nnd tonight
they will sing the following Ethtoplar
ditties: "Kinky." "Sugar Cane," "Any
Old Placu In Ynnkeo I. nnd Is Good
Enough For Me," and "Make 11 Nolsn
like u Hoop and Roll Away." In ad
dition to these clever song nnd dined
artists, the Russian, musical sextctti
will slug Mime of their national nirs
nnd play iikiii their quaint Instru
ments. Thcsp artists nio not nmn
tcurs, some of them nro from tho
music halls of Harbin. Tho new films
nre all good ones.
"Tho Tin co of Us." that sterling
piny which will recclvo Its first Ilono
lulu presentation by the Henry Mcltno
Company this cvcnlng.-jiromlscs to bo
one of the greatest successes 'which
that excellent organization has scored
since It opened Us engagement In this
city. "The Three of Us" Is a play of
compelling Interest nnd It never falls
to hold tho audience from Iho rlso of
tho curtain until tho end of' tho last
Tho piny has been staged with the
thought to detail which lias character
ized all or the productions of tho Mc
ltno Company and the settings nro of
surpassing beauty. The favorites In
tne company nro cust In congenial
roles and there Is ovcry Indication that I
"The Three of Us" will nlay to tho
largest business which has greeted the
Mcllae Company ,111 Honolulu as yet.
Miss Oswald' will bo seen at her
best In Ryo McChcsncy. Oeorge
Webb the now leading man, will iiiakul
his Initial appearance.
1: tt ts tt u a :: :: n uiim
rnr linrlfr .in llin Ilaiiiilillnun tlplrnt I
11 1 1 1 1 . ..IHcans and Democrats; but will stay
lla In urnll kn.Mvn lmvlno- nnon tinlrt1 ' -
He Is well known, having once held
. .... utfui, u..... i '. ton rcgardlCMH of party ufflllntlon.
kingdom during the monarchy. Hits' ..H,.. r th,. ,n i, i,.i
, by Makekau when he Is up for elcc-
gives' the party throe prospective
candidates for sherlfT Andrew Cox,
Captain Robert Wnpn Parker and
Frank Puhlu. -
"It seems to me that Senator Make
kau Is the most (Kipular nun politi
cally on the Island of Hawaii today,"
said W. C. Achl, leader of the Labor
paity, who returned from Hllo lasl
Bill unlay on tho Manna Kea.
Achl Is highly elated ocr tho
fact Jhut ho was a winner If
a li-iml contest, which was uniuht out
before the Circuit Court In Hllo. Ilu'
went (hero originally tuiippcar on be
half ol Senator Makekau In an eject
ment suit. Tho defendant was repre
sented by W. T. Rawlins, United
States Assistant District Attorney.
Reside tho legal business which took
him lo" Hllo, Midi sized up tho politi
cal situation 011 tho big Island. Ho
found, fioiu Investigation, plus tho In
formations furnished him by the vol.
cis, tbut Makekau will probably bu
elected ngaln at tho coming election.
He Is also posltlvo from observation
that t(io voters on Hawaii, particular
ly tho.e in Hllo, would not necessarily
Nolo (or party men, as has been tho
customs In the past. They would
lather ute for men who nro best fit
ted for the positions they nro necking.
That they Intend to glvo their sup
I'oil for such test men. Is evidenced
by the statements mado to him by
nnry, Hoys nnd Olrls Indus'rlal Schools well known .Republicans nnd Demo
vjere also lead unci placed on (llo. eratH. Achl, who Is nlwnyB Interested
At 2 o clock this afternoon,, ho,,,, llllterB ,)omcn wnB ftt ,,, omct)
KSZTi worTe" "'Pl'r m'',ln8 B-'-m-jr "'"'""'V'" "" ",0 -'
. , Ileal sltuiitlon, Ua wns surrounded
COAST PETITIONS W, ,"lH Jjl'1"; lncliiilUns Charley
am iTfiin-DiTv Clark, F, K, Archer mid other poltlcnl
ON ATOIIhHLbY r),,,rH,
(Continued from I'Jgo J.)
of medicines Is being mado by Dr At
rhorloy, that on may bo peraopall)
sallslled of tho good It Is doing us.
"Vfi havo formeily applied to Dr, I..
Mead In tho samo way that wo uro ap
plying lo you but ns jet wu linvo re
ceived no roplv
In (ho course of Intcrvlow Achl
W seems to mo that Makekau Is
Some of tho well known tinolo Re
publicans, It was reported lo mo, havo
likewise expressed their willingness
to vote for Makekau, whom they think
Is one of the ablest men In Senate.
"As to tho pin ty lines," continued
Achl "t mil nfraltl them Is llofhlnir In
it. The ptoplo uro awakened to Hup
fact that best candidates Irrespective
of their paity connections, should bu
given tholr votes,
"Everything up there In Hllo, Is 0,1
hilxcd-up." lenowed Achl, "The samu
mixed-lip iifTutis, which I found up
there, urn nlso prevailing hero in Ho
nolulu. There nro so many dlffeient
factions, working for their IndUldiial
Interests, that the voters nro begin
ning to stand by nnd watch tho actions
or these party leaders.
"Somo hlug has got to be done to
wards adjusting these differences bo
forc a voter can Intelligently cast his
vote. Personally I am nut anxious to
tnko put In 1 nllttr-H.' 1 would rather
be left alone so that 1 can devote my
tlmo lo law practice."
Asked whether ho had anything to
say of Honolulu politics, Achl shook
his head and snld "nothing doing."
As soon ns Achi arrived at his ofllco
Saturday, hla adherents came In ti
learn tho conditions, or to Inform him
of tho iKilltlcnl nltuitlon here In Ho
nolulu, Ho was apparently pleased lo
know what hair1 taken place since Jio
h fl hero two weeHa ago.
Ucfnro concluding, Achl said that A.
Fernandez,, tho supervisor, who has
been mentioned as 11 probable, candi
date for Senator (in tho Republican tic
ket, was seilously thlnklpg of with-diuwIug-hlH
nnuio for tho position. He,
It Is said lifter feeling the imlltlcnl
pulso of voters on Hawaii, found that
lie would not ho nblo to boat Make
kau, In case he allowed his name to
bo used
the most popular, man on Hawaii to-J Holsteln Worklna-
nay. i moan politically. I urn qultiii Accoidlug to repents from Hawaii,
ceiinin inni no win o eiecie.i ceuai- Speaker II. I. Holsteln, tho recently
or again 111 1110 next election. nnnolnted Nntional Committeeman, has
Ho Is. 11 clever' man. Ho has n.Hiu.adv hecun his stiimnlne on tho ble
"We further humb;; petition' your catchy wny of tulklng to tho people. ; H,m,i Tho latest roport from Ko-
Excellency nnd your honorable Hoard Ho knows what Is proper to say ut
thai Dr. Atcherlny be requostod to R olitlcal meeting In order to cntch'
come and llvo win us ror six monuis. vo - 0n6 f t,e BlronK0)il ,ealtiroa
Le..k"", .h" r" .l.': i' Jr.1;1"' M prospective election as a Senat-
lui inn aHnva ni.i, iiihi ... mu ..w..m ... .
hula, tho homo of Speaker Holsteln
Is that Ilumy Heckley, son of Admiral
liecKiey, win Do n Itepuiillcan candi
date for ruporvlsor from that district.
large. There are thousands of others1,01' '" November Is tho fact that he ii mmo huB n)ot wln great of
In various parts of tho world suffering "lis done many favors for ofllco holders favor from the Home Rulers thore.
from thla dlraso nnd when we have in iiuwnn.
Mr Darrach's last nubile annearauce bn cured they will want tho samoj "It was largely .duo to his efforts
lu Honolulu will be tonight In the great
Scottish tragedy "Macbeth,"
tt : n n u n n n n tt st
Instances members of the hotel pio
prletor's family hao been robbed
Chief McDufflo Is working on the dealer, which nre lo be Inoculnted and
mniii-r nun nireiuy n.is sreureu n eino H(nl ,0 Mn'ol.nl for oxpeiliiiontnl-oh-
1 that tho salaries of the clerks of thu
The Federal Government has long1 circuit Court wero raised. ThlB also nruved
?en Interested In onmlrlcal trmtmnt i,iinM tn tlm nth,.r i,vh who It i.
- . ...... fg'fv - ...i .-.- j t . - . .
rom tnoso suuenng irom leprosy, an. cnnfll,BI H y sald,.aro simply wains a
lilis lecently ordered 500 rablillM mid . .. '. ', ... ' .' ,holri. fr
8WI monkevH from a Market-slreot mr i tim.. w lien u ey wui snow tnoir fror
Heckley Ih In the automobile, busi
ness and his election means th-i
roads on Hawaii will bo greatly lm-
that may lead to tho nrreat of Ihn mid
s soon as the new handballs arrive
from the Coast tin Mnrlne.Y M. ft. A.
appreciation. to Makekau for his good tournament wlll'bo conlhi'ued and tho
work In Iho Senate. students nro expected to' play n much
"These boss nr sail! tn be llepub- hotter gamo than they did lu the first,
Turkish Towels
From 10c to 60c
For. Single, Three-Quarter and Double
Beds , ,
Pillow Gases l
42 x 36 and 45 x 26, plain and
, hem-stitched
Colgate's Goods
American Brokerage Co.
Telephone 291
Daily Delivery
NEW SATS, Coast Styles
1021 Viiunnu St
Haas & Son's Candy
Rubberized Silk Bathing Caps
Benson, Smith & Co.
TH0NE 207 ',
International Correspondence
School Agency
1139 Fort Street - Honolulu
Heinz "67
Have you tried the dainty r
They are jut the thing for
India Relish, Chow Chow. Cream of Tomato Soun. Annie
Butter, Sweet Gherkins, Baked Beans j and Many More
Every One Delicious
night proulcr,
' 4 Wlk,
'fj " ,r i.' Vi-
-A ..J, Mb 'ar Ajjiff

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