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F V '
pv-ENiNG Bulletin
Jilt" 120 King Street, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii
Iptily every day except Sunday. Weekly issued on Tueiday of each week.
IJVallnco R. Parrlnnton,
rtrMonlh. tnrwhtrcln U.S .7H
Per Quarter, M)rrlt In U.S 3,oo
itti Yitr, nitcilnU.S. H.oo
;pr Veti, postpiid, lottltn la.ou
WBBKur nui.L.trriN
torSllMontu .Ho
Pet Year, nnhi la U.S. .. ,,. I.oo
Per Ytir, anntbett n Cut. da., I. Ho
PerVear ixtatpuld, lotcicn S.oo
iY in the Territory of Hawaii.
f ofc . . . nm
I tiditorial Kooms, - J.OO
1 Business Office, - 256
Entered t tbe Pattofficc at Honolulu
u lecond-clftM nutter.
TUESDAY, MAY 3, 1910
The man who chooses pleasure as
the object of his life has no real
haven, but is like a boat that beats
up and down and drifts and drifts
to and fro, merely to feel the motion
of the waves and the impulse of the
wind. When the voyage of life is
done he has. reached no port, he has
accomplished nothing. Henry Van
Tt...... .. .... ..!.... t a. ll .,.
.HUbB il K1CUI B.11V111V. I.V-1 till tllC
fjirlsuiuTH go utter the reward offered
ylor Anderson Orace.
m On July 2G Honolulu will make n
noise (lint will lie recorded by every
iBclsnioKraiili In the country.
JCItlicr clean the llusslatis out or
clean tho town of Ilussldiis. Kur
fthcr quibbling U worse than lion-
sense, i
it' What we have done should be a
guide to what we can do. There Is
no reason why Honolulu should sit
flown with folded arms.
So the Prohibition agent says that
the nleblsclte will lin a eonil teal of
11:1 Willi's ability for self-government.
The Prohibition agent Is the only
representative who has thus far In
suited thn citizen, nf llnwntl hv
openly charging them with being In
capable of Belf-govcrnment.
Hearst savs that nnvennr lltichea
and n combination of Standard Oil
su'iporters defeated tho Income, Tax
amendment In the New York Legis
lature. It this be true, what will
A'ssociAtn Justice Huchpn tin to the
.Standard Oil en so when It finally
teonics before the Supreme Court.
SvTlieodore Roosevelt has handed
nut more. Declarations of lndcpend
fun re In the last two months than
have been ever previously signed In
itho'.world, Zr
Ilryan says tho Democrats now
J havo n chance. It they will only takb
riiuvaninge or u as tney snouiu. ion
(Bee ha hus his doubts, born of Ions'
Men with means In Honolulu au-
pear lu lie having n fit .for tear tuo
iprlco ot sugar, will, go up, and the
worst they have predicted regarding
lino high price of stocks realized
Sfj(Oraml Master Pierce will find the.
Ijtasonlc order in Honolulu as husky,
healthy, peilceful and. kind-hearted
fnsililH hosts havo found him to be
tThnt Is enough to satisfy anyone
Mr. Wool ley says ho hopes he wil
not.be. misquoted. This Is Interest'
inc. coming from an agent whose
only hope for success Is his ability
to misrepresent true conditions and
pull tho wool over the eyes of the
people. '
Senator Fiilrchlhl voices the sent!
mtyit of not, only the people of KaUal
wlion he sa)'B that the present law
for .dealing With tho liquor truffle la
qulto sufficient to satisfy all the do
nlands for' Prohibition, If tho peo
plBveally want It.
MS- P. Weston has proved that a
mero matter; of years lia's nothing to
jfijwltli a Jnnn'g ability to walk
across tho continent. It Is all a
matter of what ho makes up his
mjrid to do. That's the case with
most everything in this life.
line cil mistaken. Indeed hv the
standards of his own statements.
When the Southern Pacific decides
to sell Its oil lands for the benefit
of Its stockholders, you may assume
that the Southern Pacific, concludes
that oil has seen Its best days.
. When Japanese spies go around
sketching ilrltlsh "defenses, they land
In jail. Our authorities give then! a,
ftUtle. friendly' talk and turn them
loose. Our policy represents one of
two- things; cither we ha've great i
conflijen'ce liv the Japanese or wo are
ift afraid of any nation on eart'l
. . .t- .. . . ... .
;uki uoni'cnre wno irics 10 get a
sketch of our torts.
; Prohibition's organ, says.that.lt Is
not afraid to have the 11 u 1 1 o 1 1 n
publish the remarks of Agent Wool
Jcy' before the Senate committee.
We are pleased to hear this.
1 STlie JinJ'y thing that now remains
Mn -doulrli why the Prohibition
prgan has been trying to make a row
about It.
An answer to this question Is
probably found "In the well-recognized
plan .ot-jfrphlbltlon forces to
stir upojlA sxt of a", side issue .so
that thqy mar call names and there
by hopeto" distract attention, from
the overwhelming demerits of their
cause. .
ownership and control of not to
exceed throo thousand acres of
land; and this provision, shall
ho hold to prevont any corpora
tion engaged In ogrlcutturo
from being In any wlso Inter
ested in any other corporation
engaged In agriculture. Any
transaction, :ice, or contri
vance, tho legal effect of which
would he to vest In any corpor
ation the ownership In or con
trol ot more than three thou
sand acres ot land shall not bo
effective as to the excess over
the amount vesting' such own
ership or control of' slid three
thousand ncros, and tic excess
ncrcago lu question shall by vlr
tuo of such attempted pur
chase, contract, devhe, or con
trivance escheat tcj tbe people of
Porto Itlco, which essheat shall
be determined by n legal pro
ceeding lu the namo of the peo
ple ot Porto, Itlco, conducted In
the United States District Court
of Porto Itlco by tho attorney
general, and any stock Issued by
a corporation for the purpose ot
obtaining, directly or Indirect
ly, control ot land In excels ot
three thousand acres, as afore
said, shall also esChcnt to the
people of Porto Itlco, upon pro
ceedings In the court and by the
authority ns above provided.
Any corporations holding lands
,ln excess of tho three thousand
'acres limit at the time this law
goes Into effect shall be required
to dispose ot abe excess -over
and above three thousand ncres
within n period of five years
and until they do, so dispose of
said excess the some shall bo
subject to a gra-luated Increase
in taxation, sail excess being
taxable, at tho end of. one year,
at. the rate of fifty per centum
more than ordinary taxes atj
provided by law ffar similar
property, and at the end of two
years at twjco said rate, and
thereafter said rate ot taxation
oir j&ald excess rhall annually
increase at the rite of fifty per
centum until the same Is so dis
posed of. Corporations, how-
Trent Trust Co., Ltd.
Consult, us for; Furnished Houses.
We have a long list.
To LetUnfurnished
10. Wahiawa ".... 2 $20.00
11. Aiea 3 50.00
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10. Kamehameha Road, 4 25.00
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35. Kaimuki ' 3 35.00
30. Matlock Avenue 2 25.00
37. Lewcrs" Road . 3 30.00
38. Bcrctania Street G 37.50
39. Lemon Road, Waikiki 3 20.00
40. Twelfth Avenue, Kaimuki 2 ' 20.00
Trent Trust Co., Ltd.
ever, may loan funds upon real
estate security, and purchnno
real estate when necessary for
the, collection ot said lorins, but
shall dispose of the reel estate
so obtained where tlio same
would constitute an ex' ess over
threo thousand ncres, within
five years' after stich purchase,
and under, IIUo taxation penal
ties as aforesaid. Corporations
not organized or residing In
Porto Illco mid doing business
therein Bhall be bpund by the
provisions of- this, section."
Ier, to krop tho limit of acreage very
much' below what Is desired by the
larger rornorjtlons. while Increasing
It somewhat abovo the limit fixed in w"".e,y To ?Peak- , .. ,
I th nrnnt iw - Woollcy wl speak o tho members
fleets the sentiment ot the voters.
Woolley Admits Mistake.
John (. Woolley. who will bo tho
lender of tho prohibition campaign,
mndo a nhmber of calls upon his sup
porter In the city this morning. HoJ
nns aircauy given voice to soma or nis
!dHB on tho approaching plebiscite
and his statement Is characteristic of
tho extremist advocates ot prohibition.
"It is a fine test of tho capacity of
the neonlo for sflf government." ho
Bays, "and 1 think from what i know!
or tno crystallization or tlio semimnnt
of tho people that they will pas upon
It cmpuntically and squarely and that
the Legislature will deal fairly with
Tlio Inferenco to bo drawn from this
statement of Woolley'B Is that tho peo
plo of Hawaii nro to have their su
premo and first test of the, qualifica
tion of s'o.lf-govcrnmcnt on, July 23th
and that n man who docs not vote for
prohibition is not competent to cant a
Incidentally yoolloy acknowledges
that ho made n mlstako when ho sil
ently stole off to Washington and at
tempted to forco the Curtis, bill through
Congress without giving the peOplo of
tno Territory a ennnco w. exprcefe
their sentiment.
"Tho Prluca won out In his fight
contention," says Woolley, "but I
made the best fight t colild, and I am
glad now that ho .won out, for, from
what I havo thought of, it l tnuiK lu
Is right about It, to submit this mat
ter to tho people hcmsrtvcsv"
J The present Porto Itlco law, gen
erally Known as the Fornker Act,
'llnllts tho amount ot agricultural
(land that may bo hold by a corpor
ation to five hundred acres, hut, pro
viding no penalty for violation of the
law, It Is n dead letter.
Whether this law for Porto Itlco
may be regarded as an Ailmlnlstra
tloh measure, this paper Is not' in
It niuicars from the committee ro-. formed, but tho particular reference
port that this, new rule, tor. the dlspolu the committee report to tho small
slUon ot the lands ot Porto Klc? is planter is n very strong Indication
framed with spcctel reference to tho .that tho hill carries out PreslJent
sugar Industry of tho Islands. After Tnft's frequently-expressed objection
discussing, the various phases of tho
question ns presented by various In
terests, tho committee In Its report
says: "Havjng considered nil the
reasons advanced on either side,
your committee thinks it desirable,
In tho Interests, of tho small plant-
Mr Mr. Woolloy admits that he mado
la, mistake in Washington. He has
.changed front so many times on tho
Kllquor question In this Territory
that his wholo record is, a continuous
' nejerfhee has been mado in theso
columns to the determination ot
Congress that, the lands ot the new
possessions shall not bo "gobbled
up" by corporatlpps, whatoyer be
comes ot the lapds ot tho mainland,
This Is suggested by the following
from the bill before Congress to
amend the Organic Act ot Porto
"Section 68. That no cor
poration shall be authorized to
-conduct tho business ot buying
and sellng real estate, or be
permitted 'to hold or qwn real
estate, except such as may. be
reasonably necessary to, enable
It to carry out thn purpose for
which It, was created, and every
corporation engaged In agricul
ture shall be restricted to the
alcohol, that deadly poison, instead of the milder poison, the ordinary
aiconoi mat goes lnio manuiaciurea wnuitcy,
The New York Evening Post, in announcing this intemtinir result
of "total abstinence." says: "Thus far eleven persons have died sudden
ly.within the, past, week', and.it is. known that at least nine of the num
ber had partaken of the poisonous potion. An arrest'.is expected within
a short time."
Eleven dead ii enough to emphasize the common-sense facts con
cerning true temperance which we have often put-before our readers, and
which we shall put before them often in the future.
Xou can not in a day or in, a century change, the habits of eighty
millions of people.
You could not make vegetarians of all the, people in. this country by
any" number of laws', although, by closing the butcher hop'tyou might
encourage the eating of decayed meat just as in this prohibition town
prohibition has forced upon the people the drinking of poisonous-wood
alcohol whiskey. .
It isn't possible to stop. absolutely the sale, and the drinking of stim
ulants. Every sane man knows it. Every Congressman who voted to
close ud the canteens in the United States army unless he was a fool
knew that he was casting a hypocritical, vote, He knew that he was
driving the soldiers from the use ot beer under, vynwesome surrounaings
to the drinking of vile whiskey in dives.
The man who votes to make a city "dry" knows, if he knows any-,
thing, that he is really voting to stop the sale of the mild stimulants,
and to'force those, that drink to drink poisonous spirits, easily con
It oucht not to be necessary to have many more doses of this "me
dicinal whiskey," many more deaths from wood alcohol, to make, sane
men realize that those that really want REAL TEMPERANCE should
work to discourage in every possible legal way the sale of the. whiskeys
and other highly alcoholio poisons w!.h high, license. And at the same
time encourace the sale, under cood conditions, of the- light beers and
light wines universally consumed in Europe, AND WITHOUT DRUNK
It. would be interesting to knpw whether those that advocate pro
hibition, deny that, the poisoning ,of these eleven peonle ssimply a con-
spicuous ttiiu viuicm ana scnwiunui msiuiiue ui wimi. uappwi. uuiuvui
of times on a less sensational scale when the well-meaning, prohibition-'
ists succeed in compelling men that- WOULD take mild stimulants to
take the highly alcoholio ptisons instead. "
to passing over all agricultural lands
in the tropics and semt-troptes to
corporato control.
After reading the Porto llfco bill,
It is obviouu that the Commltteo ion
Territories took n very conservative
course when dcalllg with tho land
Tovl:tons ot tho hill to amend the
Organic Act ot Hawaii,
(From New York Evening Journal,)
Eleven. Killed
, By Prohibition
Here's, On Plain Proof of the Ef
il.feet of- Driving Out Mild
'' 6tlmulant and Dragging
In Strong Polsono.
t The town of- Westerly, in -Rhode
Island, is, a PROHIBITION town.
That town is as 'dry as the conscien;
tious, wtH-meaning, heart, of- the.dry
est, abolitionist conidi possibly desire.
And because Westerly Is, a, dry,
town and the citizens, put, on a, par
'with the Indians on the Indian res
enration, can, not, get, the mild -and
Srelattyely harmless stimulants, .ELEVEN- PEOPLE HAVE JUST BEEN
r!VrtTTT,TT,TA nv a TinftTnniimnw nn,un n-o tTTTrTOYri-v
JUUXVlX,Xi.ii AX il f AUX11U1XIU11 X1X1A1TXJ 1r W XU0JVB x ,
J ,' y.ou, can not get light beer or light. Wine in. Westerly, Rhode Island
S that's against the law. And those that want to evade the law 'of
Iconrse don t deal, in beers or wines, which are bulky and difficult, to hide.
iThcv deal in the vjlest kinds of whiskeys and other highly alcoholio
spirits easily concealed.
S? ' .
fThe, druggists, also in that bHssful prohibition, territory do, a thriy-
ne v'meuicinai wmsKey" business. And the. other nay one ot tnese pro.
Iliibitlon, druggists helped out the undertakers of. tbe. nejghliprhood by
Skilling. e)ev,en 'citizens with ope mixture, ,
PTOjjjlThis druggist of Westerly, while 'mjiing'.a. jnedlcipal. whiskey"-and
IBjW"K, J. KYW n"u buuuk, ,io Please me prymuiuvu irttuc, .uwu wuou
Waterhouse tmst
of tho Hawaiian Prohibition League
next Thursdav nlsht. President .1. K
Nnkookoo and his lieutenants, who
havo been, feeling tho pulso of tuo nn-
tivo Hawallans on prohibition, mo
getting everything In readiness for
Woolley'B first address.
Among tho names mentioned as in
terpreter .for Woolley Is that of Fred
K. Bcckley, tho Hawaiian Interpreter
of tho Judiciary Department, Whether
ho would consent to do so remains to
bo soen. Beckley s ability and com
potency as a Hawaiian Interpreter and
translator Is well known throughout
the Islands. .Ho Is highly educntod
and-knows tho English and Hawaiian
phrases well.
The place whero tho meeting la In
taka placo will ho announced In the
future, and In tho meantime tho agents
who nro working In tho Interests of
tho prohibitionists will. It Is reported,
bo Instructed td, submit their reportu
to tho so-called central eommlttce.
Jit. McKlnley has beon scaled and
Dr. Cook's story of scaling It scorns
scalier than over before -Troy Press.
The girl who doesnU appreciate
her father la llltcly to acquire a mean
Somo women won't bo happy In
heaven unless they can clean house
twlco a year. '
If a girl Is all the world to a ninr.
ho should marry her and cngago in
tho realjCKtato business. ,
You may bo ablo to glvo n good im
itation ot a man thinking, but can you
(deliver tho goods?
onco ihero. was a woman wno au
mltted that Bho talked too much and
j r fk
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pocket timepiece is found in
a Howard Watch.
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8 to 10. '"
(Contin-'d from Page 1.)
fore the Congresslqnal hearing at
Washington even Woolley admitted
thnt tho Island ot Kauai was "con,-
trolled by rich, good men, who are
tho political leaders there." It rq
mains to bo seen whether the main-
lander T'll' exclude Senator Fair
child ' -i honorable category
bee upo ..i vileves' that the admln-
I tintlon ci the llqiior law on them09t of the tlmo sho was kept in u
ft. efficient nnrl ro-f -.A.i,i.t aII
Island ot 1 nual Is efficient and ro-
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ht ....tdi&!

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