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From San Francisco i
Sierra July 15
.For San Francisco:
llhelmlna, Sierra July 20
From Vancouver:
Marnm i July 22
For Vancouver:
MUuta July 20
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2:30 EF31TSON
Gives .results, hence has high rank among advertisers.
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ESTABLISHED 1882. NO. 4070.
'" i
LONDON, July 14. Dr. Hawlcy
Crippcn, an American, dentist spe
cialist, has been accused of the mur
der of his wife, Belle Elmore, an ac
liess, whose" body was discovered in
the cellar of a deserted house yes
terday. She has been missing since
last February.
The body was found to have been
buried in quicklime fcr the paruosc
of destroying it. It is believed that
Crippcn hes fled to the States in
ctmpany with Clara Lenevc, his
pretty stenographer. Search for the
suoncsed murderer has been started
by the London police and detective
Shells Fort
HONOKONO, July 14. The Por
tugese gunboat again bombarded
Fort Colowan, putting to flight the
defenders of the fort and killing
many Chinese. The situation is be
coming terse. The Portuguese have
sent for reinforcements and will con
Wife And
f tinue to fight theChinese pirates.
German and Briton iiavc
Renounced Former
Today final application w.is mado
by tun Hiiliji-ctB of foreign powers foi
American citizenship papers, Kniporur
William ninl King Oiorgo tucli Iuh
IiiK u subject whtn tliu llnul papers
urn Issued.
William Klein who was linin In
WuIhbUIii, Uormmiy, September !).
18C5, mill first uiinu to tliu United
Stntcs lauding In Now York In lfcb'3
IIIh llrst Intention or booolng a cltt
zen was mado In Chicago uu May 1.
Klein came to Himuiiilii In I00G
with his fmnlly mill his resided horo
hIiicu lli.it time. II" li.m a wife anil
llucn children mul In a hulcliur by
Olio peculiar tliliiK about bin uppll
citlon la tbut 1ih futher was an Amu
i lean citizen before tliu nun became
nf ngo mill under Uioso circumstances
tliv boy wan ulso ii citizen. However
iij Hi a father la ileail mnl no trace or
IiIh papcrH can bo (found It was no
iocs try for Kllon to tnko out papuis
The other applicant for nutmallza
Hon today was William i:uim u team
M(r l Bchoflclil Ilnrrncks who wai
born In Hwaiirea, Wales, August 25.
lie cniiio to the Unltoil States terri
tory llrst In 1872 landing nt Dull IUV
er. South Carolina, fiom tho brlK Na
tlVo l'earl on December 1 of that
Hvnns cimo to Honolulu July 5,
1S79, mul has been hero since that
tlmu. Ills llrst papo wero taken
out In Honolulu, Juno 22, 1008.
i -
Bomo people are unable to pockot
their pride because thry haven't a
pocket largo enough.
When a woman tlnda marriage Is u
failure she wants it divorce so that
tho cun try agulu,
Salutes Fired At Noon By
Foreign Warship And
U. S. Ships
Todii) Is ti.-. I-Mtt anniversary
of the fall of the lljstlle, and Is
gcuernll) Lhsened tliroiiKhotit tllo
woi Itl lnio Prerihiiiun are to ho
found Hawaii, mid especlullj Ho
nolulu, will be no exieptlou to the
rule Preparations bae been go
ing on for a number of das to cel
ebrate this most Important happen
Would Represent llilo In
Lower House Of
(Special C'oricspondence )
Illto. Hawaii ,luly II llorniiril Ke-
lekolio Is the latest star which has'
been discovered on the local political
(Imminent Ho lias announced htm-
self as u candidate for tho House of
Iteprcsentathea I
The fame of llemurd extends all
or the Islands Ho is li Hawaiian
Demosthtncs (uratorlcnlly not culin
ary), and j ears ago, when In ills ten
der youth, ho earned tho namo "Hoy
Oratoi" through his political speeches.
He was later on attached on Uov
ernor I'ai tor's staff, as stenographer,'
and ho added much to the lustre of
that spectacular administration. It
was dining this time that ho mado Ills
famous speech about (!o ernor Car
ter at a St. Uiuls Alumni bnnciuet I
Alter deiotlug sctcrnl )ears to tho
sen Ice of tho government, Kelckollo
retire to pihato life. Ho took u tly-!
lug trip to San Kramlsco, but did not
like the coast, and returned, coming to
llllo, where he lias lhed several
jears, holding a position as stenog
rapher for the Volcano Stables Co.
Kelckollo lias not taken much part In
public affairs since lie urrled In
Ullo, but ho Is now ready to do so,
and ho has many friends who will as
sist him
SAN rilANCISCO, July 2 Joseph
Hidalgo, formeily instructor of Ian
guages In the University of Califor
nia, was taken Into court In custody
jesterda) to hear argument on tho
demurrer Interpobed b) his attorney,
II. T Murshill, to the Indictment
charging him wlti criminal con
spliacy agnii.st public morals.
The chief point mado by Marshall
was that the Indictment Is defective
became it fulls to state that draco
Ullfritz, with whom Hidalgo Is al
leged to have consplied, was nut his
wife The Bupiuiiic Court of Cali
fornia has ruled that there can ha
no such thing as conspiracy between
a man and his wife.
Aftor AE9lstant District Attorney
Cnubu had replied, Judge Couley
overruled the demurrer.
The cuso went over to next week
for n motion to sot aside the Indict
ment to bu argued,
ing In the history of Franco
The l'rei It cruiser Montcalm Is
la pint mul it Is mippiiM'd that her
cruising ordeis wt-re so arranged
thaj she should be hero on this day,
and there Is no mistaking the fact
that tier presence In the harbor
ndds I'Ulislilcrab e weight to the da)
held so dear In the liraits of all
Umil Kiciichmei..
Thlh evening on board the fine
lapolnud 'miser Montcalm, six bun
tied mul thirty tnllormen will make
llne'rj li honor of tho nstiil day In
! the calendar of tho llepubllc of
I Main a ' Vive n hi rrrnce." will
he proposed before tliu celebration
druws to ii close
A program abounding In songs,
re nations and amusing actr alon;
lines of pantomime will assist In
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Honolulu and Island Boys
To Have Jolly
Tomorrow evening at 7. 30 o'clock,
tho minimi i.uaimer gathering or the
Kauiehuiuchn students will bu fitting
ly ceUbraled In the clubhouse uf the
Alumni Association on Tort street.
Owing to the presenco In town of n
largo number of Island members, the
occasion It Is repotted by the nr
raligemunt committee, will bo umisii
ally Interesting.
The cininillU'p, consisting of S W.
Hpeticvr and Clement (loo On havo
pi ep lied a special program, both
inimical and urntor. which will rer
tnlnl) aroiiKu Hip cuthusliism of Hie
students Some of the recognized Kn
niebaiuiha singers, who are te idling
in countl) districts havo contented
to slug a few catch songs, which
are now to the Islands At tin con
elusion of tho program, pedro contests
will bo In order. Tho winners will
bo nwaided with special prizes, which
nro said to bo well worth contenting
lUfrushmcnts will ho served during
tho cutertnlnment. In order to make
tho matter clear, tho committee would
like to slnlo that tho affair will ho
strictly for men.
All tho Kamthiimohns arc urgently
icriuc'Hteit to attend without Invita
tion. They will bp received by a ro
ocptlon committee ut tho door. This
Is especlnll) arranged so that tho
town and counlr) district Kameliame
Iiuh may havo an opportunity of meet
llig and becoming bettor acquainted
City nud County Attorney Cathcart
denies tho assertion contained In the
Advertiser this morning to the effect
that he Is taking an active part in bis
precinct. '
"I have taken no part In the nomin
ation or selection of olllcorst" said
Cathcart, "and do not Intend to In
regard to tho assertion that 1 lost my
precinct at the last election anyone
who cares to consult tho records will
llnd that statement Is an absolute
falsehood, I can led my precinct at
the Inst election although tho morn
ing paper llmls It nocessary to des
cend to an unipialllUd He In that con
nection." A blush on thu check Is worth two
on the nose I.I to.
Convicts are the 0111 people who
do not bellove In their convictions
Chicago News.
Famous Engineer Engaged
By Piantation
Is Now at Work and Will Probably
Have llcport Ready Within a
Month New Development.
l!r-mr f Oalm Sugar Conip.in)
at their last meeting voted to empio)
' i-'nglmcr John Jorgensen to make a
preliminary survey of tho wuter
sources abovo the plantation property
. u..d report on the feasibility of de-
Ivcloplug water resources for planta
tion uses,
Knglneer Jorgenscn, who has Just
completed tho lower llaiuukiiii ditch
and Is still iurthe service of the Ha
waii Ditch Company, came to the city
by tho last .Ma una Ken. lie 1 now
making u preliminary survey In tho
mountains ilnd tramping through thu
water hounes back of Oaliu planta
tion It is cxpeited that this work
will occup) Horn two weeks to 'a
month, and then the -directors will
have something definite on which to
This plun of getting watt r for Irri
gation from the mountains back of
Oaliu plantation lias been talked of
for many yeais and now seems to bo
on tho way to n lair teit.
0010 MAI
Strong Combination Will
Play The Puunene
On I'rldny, August 12, the Honolulu
tenuis plaera will start for Maul, und
on the next day will eiigago tho I'uii
nwiw tenuis men on the courts at the
big mill. C U llockus has written to
Superintendent Searby, who i look
ing after thu detalls.of tho mutch, and
has announced that at least elv pilrs
will make the trip; It Is i'isslhti that
seven couples will get away on thu
Mlkahalu, but at present It cannot he
said fur sure
Tho following players I. me sn fur
agreed to go: A U Castlo, Stanley
Kennedy, A. J Iwrey, It. A Ccoke,
Captain Ixiw, A M. NoaoII, 1' i:
Steere, t O llockus nnd John Wat
urhouse These men rcprommt about
the best In Honolulu, and the I'mi
nene teum will havo to bo very strong
to havo u chance of winning,
Tho return trip from Knhulul will
start at midnight on July 13, titid the
Honolulu people will bo back In toiwi
on Sunday ufornliig, July 11
Iliisluoss (lulled down somewhat In
tliu stock market toduy and tho Olaa
that was, m popular n day or two
ago took one of tliu Bags that is so
' characteristic of the trading
Illddlng was not as active us It has
been on nu of the stocks. Mcllrydu
remains strong ut C.G0 and Olaa
touched fl 2S on thu bourd this foro
noon, although u between Ixiard salt)
was rccoided ut Mil).
Seventy-five shares of Oaliu sold at
32 7C, tho piov.illlug ligiiio and ten
Waluieu cniiio Into the market at 120
Tho last pievlous snln wus 1R5 sumo
mouths ago. fifty Honolcaa sold at
or Did Not Figure
In Shooting Last
Wulwnlole, a .lawulliiu, Jesterday
tflertiooir Hied two shots fiom a re
volver ut bis wife, and she, although i
tlll living. Is in a teilous condi
tion. The attempt to murder was
enured through Jealous), and was
further Incited by the fact that thu
wife bad instituted divorce proceed
ings. I
llilo Grand Jury Didn't
Find Apana's Man
(Special Correspondence)
llllo, Hawaii, July II. Judge Par
sons' Ornud Jury convened last Wed
nesday, and, ufter working dally Until
.Saturday morning, It ruturnod quite n
bunch of indictments, most of them
for iin.uult cases,
The indictments weie as follows-
llllarlo Asugnl, the I'lUpIno who Is
alleged to have killed bis woman and
her lover at l'aaullo, wus charged
under two charges of murder in the
llrst degree Attorney Hurry Irwin
was appointed b the Court to de
fend htm I'leas of not guilty were
Jose Mai la llalbosa was charged
with aksault with a weapon. Attor
ney Furry was appointed to defend
him, but declined on tho plea that bu
know tliu defendant too well. Tony
Corren was then given tho prlzo, but
ho had no better luck, withdrawing
because Mr llulbosa refused to follow
his advice. J U Smith finally was
handed the Job, and n plea of not guil
ty was entered
Lchcole Koko wus charged with as
sault with a weupon. Harry Irwin is
his counsel. He entered u plea of
not guilty.
Takano Klohiirn was charged on
two Indictments with assuult with 11
weapon. Harry Irwin represents him.
I'leus of not guilty have been entered,
Takahase Noliutaro and Iwamoto
Yoshlgoio wero charged with larceny
In the llrst degreo It Is alleged that
they stole 11 trunk containing Jewelry,
whlc'h had been dropped on the road
fiom 11 stage Thu ti link belonged to
Mrs. U-onhardt of I'uaullo.
Kin Inn lJcrcuuba, 1'opo Itodrlguos,
Ilenturu Iteln, Process Trailed 10 und
Sulbu'dor Aguerez wero charged with
robbery In tho first degree They ure
alleged to Imve held up and lobbed 1111
old Chinese peddler In llauiukua dis
trict u few weeks ago.
Menyo KunJIro, tliu Japanese fiom
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ASK Hill iiivoiici:
Two libels for dlvfrco weru filed to
iluv In com t (mo being a Japanuso
mid thu other a Hawaiian
Asanoml Kulno asks for divorce
from Asauonil Klnsaku uu thu ground
of uon support
Juims Iwa asks for dlvurcu from bis
wlfu K'alwa Itva alleging that sbo do
roiled him In tho ear 1891 nnd lias
never lived with him since.
It nppenrs that Dip woman was
preparing nipper at her home, on
Knmehnmchn IV nud, when her
liusbnnd walked Into the kitchen
and, grubbing her li) the throat,
cried nut, "Now jour life Is In my
lini-ils " Drawing n revolver, the
maddened husband then fired two
shots at his wife. The llrst bullet
enteied the side of the face and
emerged below the Jaw, it missed
the Jtiglur vein mid may not cjuse
death. The second shot was dis
charged iulo the light shoulder nf
the woman, and the bullet It. still
la the Joint
As toon as Walwalnlc shot hh
wife he went to the house of the
late I'rank llarvej and, upon en
terlng the front ,roum, klBsed two
friends unrt remarked I have kill
ed m wife mid have comu to sa
(Cuntinued on Pace 6)
Governor's Staff Had No
Uniforms for At
tendance There was not all tho eclat per
bops that there should have been
when Admiral Castries of tho .Mont
calm accompanied by his aide and
Consul Marques called on Acting
flovernor .Mott Smith this morning
mil lie laundoman was triitucd for
mo ' 'f 1I111 trouble
li w h expected Unit the call wniiMrentnu for this change, which will $1
Uh lll.lllll ,,ulfiri1n. nnn.ii...i .....I ll . I. H dl, nmn.l 1... !.. !....!. M
prep.natlons were made. Herr Ilcrger
and Ills musicians being ic.ul on
the Capitol grounds to piny iho Mar
selllase ami iho (lovunor's staff wait
Ing for Iho summuus which would
bring Hit in to attention at Iho side
of the acting chief executive
The Montcalm failed to come In
early, Iho call wus not made and all
wended lhlr Eepar.ito wuys home
ward This morning nollre w.ih recelvid
a short tlmo before the call was mndiiu..rk ... nn..rni ... r.. .i."S
that the Admiral was to bo at lio)0lpr mf ot , 1alli u tllH
"' "," . un ...... ine
was mado to round up those colonels
und-lieutenant colonels who nppe.'ir
only nt state functions, nlso noticing
Hcrr Ilorger In bring around Ids nnml
All fulled The miiilclans could not
ho located One long und lank col
one! said his uniform was In the wash,
another one not so long und link an-t
Bwered Jn Ihu snino , strain, one wai
away from town, nnd Colonel Klshor
was the only one who could bo found
with soino clothes to wear. (Why!
don't full colonels have more than one'
uniform so that they ma) bu uliwijs
read 7)
Well. Fisher scut home for Ills rcgl
mentals, but na Ihey woro slow In
arriving the Admiral enmo nt tho snmo
tlmo and so there was no chance for
the officer to don his uniform und
appear properlj clad
It was a sony dai for Acting (lov-
""r '"" ......
vven, me can nassou on smooiniyi , . , ,,, ' , . tfl
and this afternoon In company with "mU J ' y w III tako iurt in thea
Co'onel risln-r tho Acting Hovernor ,lllr a"a u wl" '' Interestint; to .io Jl
will ruturn tho call of Admiral Cas.jI,0W ''J' B'ack up against the ciibri-J
tries, tlio'hour tet belrg 3. SO. P'on boy pluver Athurton Itlchaids
As (loveirnor Frear returns Moudaj Tho Wall cup tnurnaiunt U alwayjw
noxl, iho Acting flovernor Invited. n popular one, o'td tho tennis inihuw
.uiuiiiui v..ii.iiirH uiui shcii uniei-rs as;iasin iiirn out every ufteriioon in c.
uu snouiu uesiguate 10 no ino guejis
i'i lerriinriiii nerrcuir) luiliaillllll
on nn automobile trip around tho lal-
nnd on Tncsdio
Admiral Castries has Invited Mr
and Mrs Mott Smith to bo Ills guests
on hoard tho Montcalm for dinner
Wednesday evening.
When II comes to repenting Itself,
gossip has history beaten to n frai-xlo.
Horses end
PORTLAND. Ore., July 14. A
$300,000 fire occurred here last
ninllh in which the Multnomnh Atli.
letlc Club, exhibition and other
buildincs were destroyed. One' man,
ami iou noraes were burned to'
death, and several nenom ronnrt.i
All 41tl, tllA l..ll,!an I... ...! ...
. .... ti WV UU11U11IK3 uuiutu mc
r AN FRANCISCO. Julv 14. Sue-",
...... Oft J... ..i A an- . "''
i. wu uckiccs icsi. h.ouc. rrevious'
quctaticn. 4 315c. Sects: 88 nnalv"-
,sis. 14s 7d.; parity, 5 11c. Pre-
'vious Quotation, 14s. 7 l-2d.
Railroad Takes Quarters
In Peacock Block
In Town
(Special Correspondence ) 'JM
IIII.O. Hawaii, July 11 Tho llllo S
Itallroad Compaii) Is this week tak
ing the dret stepa tuwanls citabllsli.
Ing Its headquarters In Hllo, whuro-
as heretofore Wftlnkea has had tha't-M
honor The building of the new "X-iM
tension to Haiuakua fiiriilsbns the'K
niutilt, at It will make It far euslnr- i
land morn convenient to do btiMtnosc'HB
wltli the railroad
The iullroadconipany baa leased"
uve i Minis upstairs in the Peacock!)
block. The larcS narlnr nn llin rnr.?l
ner will be occupo(lv by lookkeeper
i.eaiuiru nuu ins sinjr. .Next to tula.
r...i. ti.t.t.. .. ..it .. .. .fi-A
" e fi iiiiiiKW in-ei& will e llio Cll;
flees of the stenographer, of Super
Intendent Killer and of l.tirrln'Ai
1 Thurston, who Is alrend) hard at,
ku eide. will he uu office for tlio
The railroad company will occunw
Its now quarters until It hta conS;
Btructed Its new nation at tho foottj
of Wulaiiucmif) street Work on thlal
building will be rommenred ns noon"?
as the postotn e lias been removed,
On August 1 tho Wall cup tennis'
tournament will bo started up onicj'
more, and tome tlno play Is looked
forward to by thu members of thus
llerctnnla club Atherton Itlchnrds at
preient holds tho cjip, which has t
be won three times by utiy nlaver be-
foro It becomes his absolute proportyJ
Added Interest Is given to tho nf-11 "
'fair by the fact that Stanlev Konnedv'
numbers to ceo tho pla
Tho novelist who marries his lieroy
to u buffragette will Imvu a hard ti
to convlnco his readers that they
going to live happily ever after.
Ooose-flesh Is bclnc worn quite
teuslvely this spring, despllu tcTo f
that It Is not populur. I'lttahurgS
- -U
.iJUi .),'
! litwStA,

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