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Evening Bulletin
From San Francisco-
Xevadan July 21
For San Francisco.
Mongolia July 29
From .Vancouver:
Mamma , . . . .July 22
For Vancouver:
'-ptiiaiMlla August tfi
Gives results, hence has high rank among advertisers.
, tr
ESTABLISHED 1882. NO. 4070.
(' -!( J
1 "
Left To Cremate
Chinese Meets Horrible Death
At Kahuku Posse After i
Murderers . j
That nucitlier nppnlllng crime Iiuj dead mull belonged quickly Informed
been "added to tint long list that the police of the mntter.
exltts at present, In the belief uf The slleiiLe of the deputy sheriff
Deputy Sheriff Rose nnd Chief Mc- of the district Is most unaccountable,
Dufflo, ulio were Informed this morn- und the only possible explanation Is
lug that a Chlneto rite plunter that he lives some twenty miles from
I amed Chin Ton had been beaten where the muider took pluce. i
up at Kafiuku uud then thrown onto Accoidlug to the Btor brought to
n pile of dried rite straw undulmost Itono'ulu, Chin Ton was nttHcked by
crcrmtcd, a mob of Chinese and badly beaten
The horrible traged) Is said to Up He was thought to bo dead and
have occurred nt the See Tal Wal his wuuld-ho murderers then drugged
Illce ' Company, which has many him to u heap of rice struw and,
ncrcs under culthatloti'ln the. Ka- after loverlng him up, set fire to
huku illatrl t. Word was brought 'the highly-Inflammable material.
Into town by a Chinese tills morn- The thugs then adjourned, and are"-
iLg. nnd the society to which the 'Continued outage 3) A I
.. 'Bii S''iK auv" y)
"It Is Up to the Hawaiian." Woolley Interview
It cnn't be called Nob 1 1 111 exactly,
that trart out at K iwallon. It might
bo tho I'lim of Hack ISnj but if will
be tho aristocratic hiiburb of alt Oaliu
If the applications of fifteen promin
ent IlonoiulaiiH aro npprou'd this ar
toinoon nt tho ineitlng of the I-aml
Hoard for thros acre residence trncia
near tho boach tlicro
Of ull tho applications wjilcli nre
before the boaid today that or n. V
Iiwln anil IiIh fourteen associates Is
tho most Important In many mib,
Those, whoso names nre on tho poll
lion fur tlicto tracts besldos Mr. Ir
win nre W. D. Adams, W, II. Mcln
crny, I) I. Coukllng. .1. C, i:nns, Dr.
C. II. High. Prank Thompson, Robert
llond, W T. Illnglnm, John Stokes,
W. V. Drake, Dr. O. n. Wall, Mia
Klla Osborn, C, II, Krniler and J, D.
Mulncrn), tho lutter uppljlng for tho
Island of Popoln
These fifteen havo taken tho cream
of tho lots of government land offer
ed at Kuwalloa nnd will hnvo n HCt
tlument of their own In which to
12-Inch Gun
i lilln 11
Charge Of Gross Cheat'
Dismissed By ,
China Says
spend week ends and enjoy ono of
the finest bcuches In tho Territory.
Ihe Land Hoard went Into session
this afternoon at one-thirty and It will
take until late this afternoon for it
to consider afl tho applications which
aro to come, before it.
Applications which havo been filed
with Commissioner of Public Lands
lenities tho ones for Kawalloa aro
many " J
Manuel Sniitni wants Ijla St mil
Sr at ICnlnhco. Kauai; and Qwoclc1
Illn Society has applied for thrco
ncruH of groiifnl nt Keokca, Kuta.J
Maul, which Is u part of Cornweirs At th() ,,ollco Colrt t)lg nlornlll(.
..' ,ii I Coo Wan Hoy, who was charged with
J. H Raymond asks o Iwso gov, FoRTHESS MONROE. Va.. July gross cheat, was acquitted mid dls. PEKING. July 21. China il
"TL."r". !i '. ?.'r.: 21.-EIeven artillerymen are dead charged from custody. Judso Hum- tirely satisfied with the conclusion.
her 491 at Walakoiea. Puna, Hawaii "vend are injured as tht re- phrlcs nnd Attorney Miqooii np. reached by Russia and Japan in their
u nuVp,, suit of an accident to one of the big penred for tho defendant und Deputy alliance for maintaining the present
f" l.nl Younis wants to renew tho guns oi me oaiicrics ucrc, wnicn uu-1 county Attorney Jlllvertou prow.ut- "unmj " '""''""',
Plebiscite Illegal For
Inspectors Just Re
ceived Notice
(Special Bui let In Wireless)
llllo, Hawaii, July 20 Herald pub-
leaso on lot D95 of tho laud of Wala- curred during target practise. 'eli. I government today issued a statement llshes todaj that ptohlsclto is Illegal
kaluawaho, Oahu, nnd Kahulul Itall-I wmie uie men were operating one j T,e defendant went on tho witness "pre"'K ibiuihciiuu wiui me tts tlio law requires that rroclamatlon
snail tie transmitted to inspectors
torty uays boforo election. Under nro
lslons nf scctliin twent).flvo of ultc-
Hon law Proclamation urrhed here
Suiiila) and was posted Tucsda)
road Company wants to exchange cor- of the great twelve-inch guns, the' tulld ,ler u moton to aismiss hudlRuM0,JaPaneie convention.
(Uonttnuea on Jfasre i) "'"'" ., ' . .7, been dented by Judge AnuriiOe uooi
of the artillerymen were wiped out
In a twinkling. !
I The Ann) and Navy Journal gives
tliu 106th and ICBtli companies of
Coast Artillery us statloi ed at Fort
less Monroe.
"Vote down the prohibitionists next
Tuosda, and let us have liberty,"
At the noon hour today, In tho
nilitsl of about three hundred voters,
Oeorgo Mnrkham niado tho first autt-
liosed supporters present, they kept unchanged
"I tell ou,. fellow citizens," said
Markjuiui, "let us voto against tho
prohibition next Tuesday,, Let lid
show and prove to Woolley that wo,
MONTREAL, Canada, July 21.
The strike situation among the em
ployes of the Grand Trunk road is
Wan Hoy told of the whole transac-jgg'y'g" D.EAI)
llllli, UIIU UIUIIHUU MIUI win m-iinit.inn.
wore not tho kind ordered. letter
written In Chinese was produced, und
it purported to Buy thut tlio bed-
fetctlon hvpiity-fhe, nhlch tho Her
TiniPDTAT nl T1 OI C...H ulll mint Oil nti iinlinlillnir tin tnttlAti.
steads V ore not satisfactory and that ,e fJ fc tlon that the plebiscite IsJIIegnl. pro-
the freight had to bo paid by the man xcrtve heatFin the imperial Val- llles ",al ,h" Proclamation of n spe-
Governor Makes Public
Those Who Will Serve
For Four Years
"No" On Tuesday
President of Inter-Island Makes !i
Strong Statement Against
Prohibition Propaganda
President J. A. hruittilr the Intrr-Iolimd Me.iin NiMlirallon Com
pany dirlarrd tlitt niornlntr (lint lie ulll MU Tuciday ngalnvt the Uollcj
Thurston prnpjirnnd.i.
Prrrililrnt Kennedj' statement was us follow! .
' I am not a prohibitionist but a re
strictionist. I believe in the regulation
and restiiction of saloons and the liauor
(business in the Territ iry. I would like
to see the Liauor Commission backed un
in-its endeavor to carry out the wishes
of the people and the enforcement of the
laws. Honolulu is a seaport town and
meny people do not take this important
tact into consideration m making: com
parisons with cities and towns of the 1
interior on the mainland where entirely
different conditions prevail.
"I shall vote NO at the coming
piohlbitlon campaign spttcli against Hnwiillans, nro no Indians, us he rop
tho Woolley piopagnnda, at tho corn- resented us to be to tho peoplo In'
or of King and Bethel streots in Washington
tho absence of a soap bo which wus' "Tho only way t ocall him down
ordinarily used during the pist polltl- Is to voto down his proposition with
ru campaign, juurmium iiioumeu m wuicn no is iiying to misienuiis. m Ab g)()I M tll0 rcBat ration boards
ll i-uiuiiiuy iimuu imiiu aim otuiu. uie nisi mui:u, lie iiuw hu uusiuunB, .,. , ,,,,. .,.., i, .,-,,
Woolle nnd tho pnihlUtlon leaders Us a malll.lnl. to come hero and die " disposed of lie next Important
Hu challenged tho into como for-1 late to us what to do on tho liquor n,ft"ur wn,c1' w,u ""B'10, t,,e ultu"
wtid and opposo Iitnii but. alas, thero question Ho Is Inesponslblc nnd his t,on of "overnor rrear Is the preparu.
weie no prohibitionists In tho neigh- ndvlct should nut bo supported by Hon of his unuuul report for truiis
borhood. Ho called for Woolloy to us. f mission to Washington,
ronio forward nnd face the Hawali.uii "lie has done a dirty and ungen- From now until the report Is plnced
rowd: but he was not present Al- tlcmnnlj thing at Washington by In the' malls aovernor Frear will bo
though there wero a few of his sup (Continued on Page 2.) - (Continue! on Page2)- -
they were consigned to.
Mlherton cross-examined Clou Wan
Hoy uud elicited tho fact thut the de
fendant Is well llxed us regurds woild
ly goods. The defendant bald that
ha stopped the check given to Man
uger Chang Chun of the lther Mill
Co. because ho saw thut the t,ooiln
sent to his customer were not us rep
resented. The Judge said thut it was Imi'd to
believe that the defense had mado up
u story as suggested by tho prosecu
tion, und that the small amount In
question made It Improbable; tho ac
cused was therefore dlschurgid
In a former repuit In this cuso It
was Intimated thut It wns the City
Mill Co that was prosecuting (loo
Wan Hoy; that was not torreit as It
was tho Itter Mill Co, uud the man-
Winter state
To hold offlcw for the uext four
5 ears, the boards of registration
lllltn llAflll tttl.inlntO.l f.(. fln.Awnna
Walter I' Frear,part of the np-uJE.
uoliitments belnir nmde lestenlavniul
tlie remiiltiiler Imlu. TT,
II, nil tlio districts except the
Fourth uud Fifth ou Oahu, the ap
pointments wero mndo effectho as of
yesterdn), yhllo the. Oahu appoint'
mentu were not Dually declJed upon
until todu und have been nude as
of this date. All appointments wil
expire ll. July. 1H. "
clal election must be Issued by the Those whom the Cloernar ha
flou'rimr forty dns befuro tho elec- named to be members of the boards
jo the Inspectors the different tllll,u miri t-Otto'w, Hose, chalr.
' i ' , i ,. . . """'i Manuel 8. Pncheco, Win. II
tlon Is to be held, and that copies of am:
ino proclamation shall be transmit
I oil
'11 A .ASK A urec
, iuw uuuier iiruviues inai i". Kfltuniitla.
1VASHIN0T0N, D. 0., July 21. at three conspicuous places In cadi
Proceedings have been begun by gov- precln.t, but no specification Is given
eminent officers to extend the jvns- UH to the tlmo nf tho posting
diction of the Interstate Commerce Km titer along theiu Is n section of
commission 10 xne AtasKa iranpor-ih law, howuter, which provides un
Island nf Haw all,, First Iteprrseu-
tation comnanies.
der "duties of Inspector" that tlio
Inspoclur among othtr things shull
post notices uf tho election In It 1 f
pleclnct In pi ices as before prulded
ut least bcen ilus befoio tlio cUc
ttou Ik to lake plnre.
I When khowu the iiIhjvo wireless (Ills
C, July 21. afternoon flmernor Frear. Secretar)
Piesident Madris of the Nicaraguan Mott Smith who has charge of tho
ugorH name Is Cluing Chun, not A,t.r. . ,M"t, ,i,i, . .ii M11V ..n .-,i,i ii.m ii, mviuin i
41tVltUW Vt VII T1tk Bll,l ," -"' -- ."- ...- 1'iu.to.u.t
cention, was a follower of President "letum tweiiiy-n was for tho Issu
Cluing Chau.
No, Cordollu, you can't travel .by
irtull, een If you do stamp your feet
' JKdE
-"For Sale" cards at bulletin,.
nnro of tho proclamation by the' Gov
Jeruor and that thero was no prol
Itonunnea on rage a;
Island of llawllf Second Itepre-
twututlve DlstrUt deoige P. Till
loch, (hilrmnn, Allied tl. Patten,
8. V. Kaal
Islands of Maul, Molokat, I.annt
ai d Kuhoolawe. Third Hepreteiitu
tlvo UUtrlct tlcorge Weight, chair
man; David Mutton, Morris K. Keo
hokalole. Island of Oahu, Fourth and Fifth
lleprcMMitatlvo Districts Samuel K.
Chllllngnurth, chnlrinnu; Atlanta-
slum K. Vleria, James D, Holt,
laluuds of Kaunl and Nllliau,
Sixth Ilepresentatho District Wal
ter V. Banboru. chairman; Clnrles
lllake, K. V. Kinney,
If a man is really a dead one he Is
In ii univ si ftntullt Inn
-- v
. ., . &
-"J w n i. J.., I .1 , 13.

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