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tax imi ,i .!.
r iii' iiwiVi'
MEtf Wf Etl MM ;l
Ccrdcll Anxious f"r Another Go at
Cornyn Considers That He
, Should Have Got Pat in Last
Jack Cordell dtupped Into tlie(
Itu 1 1 1' 1 1 n oltlce thl morning mill
raid Hint lie would like to have an
other go against rut Cornyn. "I
feci that I can beat Cornyn," said
Jack thin morning. "In tho Inst
routnl I hail him koIiir, and I win
Just, wantn, tit land one imnch thiu
would have won ttlc 'fltflif. prcsterr
up from the seventh round to the
twelfth, anil 1 wan never dazed at
any time. I certainly would llko to
uox''Cornyu nRiiln." ,
'Joe MUlurn. who"l's a husky yomiR
fellow, would like to have a ro lit
Madison, who beat Sarconl on Sat
urday nlfiht, it nil possibly a inatrli
may be arranged. In tlio near future.
Co'rdell also wild tills morning that
he 'thinks too many people had n
llliRcr In tho promoting pie and that
one man would please him bettor
than a hunch.
Jack shown no lsnil of the stren
uous tunts he went through' bit Sat
urday nlRht, and ho thinks that ho
had a little the best.of the tight.
Wealthy New Jersey Woman Return
in? From Health Trip. Vaults
'Over Steamer Rail. . .
NKW YOIIK. July 10. loo
Kroueh Jlnor La Loralne, which nr
rived this-, iiuornlng from Havre, re
ported tho loss of a woman, passen
pcrt Miss Elciilior Kiiurfniaii,' flft'y
throc years told, of Hlbcron, N. 'j1.',
who Jumped pvorbpard In a dense fog
on Thursday morning. July ii'. west
of the Orand Hanks. ' two 'sailors
mw her leap, hut .nothing could be
Uoiio to recover, the woman. The
tohlu was oulcltlv stunned, and 'Can
tuln, Mauras. ran Jior jackworA"ftpd
forward, over the snot for lhoro than
un hour before Riving up al) Iiqpo of
resculiiR the woman. The woman
could' hardly bejieen through the fog
frouf'tho steamships ileck.aiid.lt, was
daiiRorous to lower a boat, as It proli
ably would have been Immediately
swallowed up In the fog a ml lost
with the men In It.
One of the sailors saw Miss Knitff
man Jump tnerboard. He noticed
her when she came to the promenade
dock. She walked dliectly to the
rail and vaulted over.
Miss Kauffman, who was quite
wealthy, wus traveling for her
health. Slio had spent several
months In (icrmany and Franco
without much benefit, and hoped that
a sua, voyage and return to" this court
try, mlKht help her. She was lie.
cnnipanled by her sister, Sarah, who
was asleep when she left her state
rooriuto pud her life.
,01(1, Lady (In drug storeWIloy, can
you chango u dollar bill? Hoy "Yes,
: ma'am. Ilow'll you havo It in qui-
nine pills or cough drops!"
u a ,(' 4fr v;'. . ' v r'- i i ray . . . yf .at
c- 'Whi:? .;&," jfv V m'gan fey -J&t v$"m$
A-W,,,, ( ' V'y ... Aft-?-- iMMm
fe?- i'MI:vi: Noi5 'T& . ' !i '"VWmmdM
,JJ'Kew Vork, July 17 Kor tho ntxt two months tho United Stutcs Is duo to do nioro sky gazing than during tho Hitting of Ilalley's comot, for tho
heavens are to bo dotted with ulr tilers. Throughout the country various cities are offering prizes for nights n hlpluncs, uuroplanes, or most tiny
liirid of air cruft that will keop going. The New York to St. 1-ouls flight with u prize of (30,000 comes tlrst In Importance. The New York to Chicago
lilgh't with a, prize of (25,000 comes sscond. Then St. Louis and Kunsutt City aro working together for 11 round trip Might, while ljulsvllle uud Chi
cago are up and bidding for a trial. Washington Is raising (10,000 for a flight between the capital, Baltimore, Philadelphia and return. Indianapolis
wants a flight from tho cupltal of Indiana to Chicago and return, The ontlro country seems to ho In the grip of the ulr men. In New York C. K.
Hamilton Is doing sensational flights with his machine, calling on sick friends, turning lu the air In the length or his machine, diving, rising and
dally doing marvelous tricks that cause the crowds to gasp In wonderment Olenn H, Curtis has decided that tho New York to Chicago trip Is pos
slule and, has tjpleeted H.XUttt.AlluL will, skirt Ltika lirle.
C. P. Moric Captures Honors in the
Country Club Tournament J,
C. Evans Gets Into Second
The novelty match played at the
O.ihu Country Club yesterday was
ucr a very dlfflcuU coutso and was
Rreatly enjoyed by all those wlui
took purl In tho play, especially by
thi' bettor players.
C. I More captured llrst prize
nun J. (!. . I'.vaiiH the so-ond prize.
hiiiI, both ,playci well .deserved tho
iioiiois won. v;. i , .'iimpu is it new
man at tho came and kIvos nromlsa
of bccomltiR one of tho best players
In the Islands.
The scores were ns follows:
(truss. Hep. Net.
C. IV Morse fi.1 20 T
J. C. Kviiiib "u 401
Capt. YV. YV. Low,. Ct ll! 4S
T. (Jill ,.."" " ""
V. II. ArmstrotiR.. .".8 2 6
H. II. Sinclair... . 07 10 57
K. O. Whlto 05 0 59
II. II. Walker 09 8 CI
J. O. VflllllK 7." 1
It. A. Jordan
SAN FjtAfoCISCO, July 15. drew
somn pud spook'y was tho story told
by ,tlvo llltlo, "kanaka sailors who ar
rived hero 'on tho IIr frclRhter Vir
ginian from Sallha Cruz on Tuesday.
Wfly down; below San Dlcgo, lu mid
ocpau, the- dlscbvorcd that thero was
a, dead man aboard. Ilo was burled
deep., down In the forward hatch,
plnljiiied,, fast' liy great steel beams
and weighty' Cargo. How did they
know? Why, way down' In tho sea off
jtlio Mexican "coast one night they
.heard a ghciatly and 'ominous tap-tap-,tap
,on tho iron ntalca of tho big ves
sel ,and over)- now' and then a ghast
ly'goatj resoliAdlilg In the cavernous
hold. Tho dead man's spirit was
pleading for release, and In tho night,
when njl was still, one could lo thero
In the dark and listen, and always the
tnp-tni-tap on the Iron plates way
down In the depths of the vossol. On
tho shli's iirrlval in port the awed hut
positive assurances of the llttlo brown
men were so convincing that a search
was made. Although tho steel beams
were on tho bottom, n thorough search
was ordered by Chief Engineer Trip
pance. No corpse was found, hut they
did find a looso beam which, when
tho ship tossed and rolled and groan
ed In tho still night, gave out a steady
and ominous tap tni-tiip,
Kvcu u consistent temperance ad
vocate may kick on tho amount of his
water tax.
I.ove Is, hardly ever a cheerful losor.
Full many a train of thought doesn't
,nm. unv rrulirl.t
V.tllJ ,J ,,l,bl.
Occasionally u man does the right
thing at- the right time.
Ccruus, Bulletin Shows Growth of
Industry in the Last Five-Year
WASHINGTON. I). C, July 10.
The magnitude of tho central nice
trie station Industry lu the United
Stutes In the census year of 1907 ns
compared with the census year 190L',
and tho growth during the Interven
ing live-year period, are shown In
tho Census lliireau's special report,
now In press, on the second census
of tho Central Kleetrlc Mght and
Power Stations for the year 1907.
These stations arc defined ns those
which, exclusive of Isolated ele.'trlc
plants, furnish electrical energy for
ilRhtlng and heating; and power for
manufacturing and mining purposes,
for street railways jind elevators, for
charging halloi-lcs, etc , .,
Central stations aie classed as
"commercial" and "municipal"; the
filmier being those operated under
private ownership, whether by Indi
viduals, companies or corporations,
and the latter being those operated
by State, city or other local govern
inetits. 'except those operated especial
ly for Institutions.
With reference to tho municipal
stations, tho lejMirt states that theso
plants aro generally established pri
mal lly to furnish current for light
ing public buildings, streets and
parks. Their Hold of operation Is,
however, much llko that of tho com
mercial stations.
In the llrst chapter of tho report,
which Is a general discussion of the
subject. It is stated that tho ten
dency to sell electricity for general
commercial uso Is constantly lucrcas.
lug aiming electric railway com
In 1902 there were 251 railway
companies whMi furnished elec
tricity for light, owcr and other
pur oses. These companies reported
an aggregate Income of $7,703,571
from the sale of current. In 1907
there wore 330 railway companies In
this class, and tho Income from tho
sale of current amounted ' to $20,.
In 1902 the annual output of all
electric stations and electric rail
ways amounted to 4,708,535,512 kil
owatt hours. In 1907 tho output of
the two classes of stations wns 10,
021,100,837 kilowirtt hours, tho In
crease In that year ns compared with
ii)02 being 5,852,871,325 kilowatt
hours, or 122.7 per cent. In 1902
the output by electric railways form
ed 47.7 per tent, of the total, but by
1907 I ho proportion for such railways
had fallen to $44.9 per cent.
Regarding tho Isolated plants, tho
report states that for the puriiose of
lighting and furnishing power for
fnctorles, hotels, or other enterprises,
a large quantity of electricity Is gen
erated In plants which are operated
for the exclusive benefit of theli
owiipis. Somo of these plants sell
limited amounts of current, but they
wero established as adjuncts to other
forms" of business, and practically no
statistics concerning them are In
cluded in the census reports. Soma
of these Isolated' plants nre exten
sive and have a much larger capacity
than many of the central stations,
At the census of 1902 It wus esti
mated that thero were 60,000 of
these Isolated electric plants In the
United States.
The number of commercial and
municipal plants Increased from
3020 In 1902 to 4174 In 1907, tho
Incrcaso amounting to 1091, or 30.2
per cent, Tho application-of,, the
same rate of Increase to the. esti
mated number of Isolated plants In
1902 gives an estimate of 65,000 for
Thorn , were In 190", according to
the report, upward of 3o;oV)(i,lndl-vlduals,-;
companies, corporations hint
imintultmlllli'S, exclusive of Isolate!
cle trie1 plants, whlh reported -.tho
gencrutfun or utilization of electric
current In what may be termed
"commercial enterprises." ,
These ijiidustrles represent nil out
standing capitalization of (0,209,
740,753, of which amount (1,307,
338,830 Is ciedlted to central elec
tric stations - (3,774,722,090 to
electric railways, (811,010,004 to
commercial or mutual telephone com
panies, and (253,019,817 to tele
graph companies, the latter. Item
Including (32,720,212, the capital
stuck of wireless telegraph com
panies. Tho report states that tho muni
cipal stations are practically exemp1
from the consolidations that .10 fre
quently;, occur among commercial
companies, and tills fact 110 doubt'
accounts In huge part for tho pro
portionately greater Increase discov
ered In tho former class of stationi.
Not only was there a large 1 11 crease
In the number of municipal .Uations,
but an analysis of the repot t ri'ows
that, although 33 niunU'lpul stations
which reported lu 1902 had hwimo
commercial Btntlous In 1907, 113
stations which wore repotted as com
mercial In 1902 had become, nuuilcl.
pal In 1907.
Forty Orientals Arrested in Santa
Cruz County $12,000 Worth of
Drop; Found.
WATSONVIM.K. July .10.. Cru
sades agnlnst opium dealers, prompt
ed by tho State Hoard of I'hnrmacy,
culminated tonight In tho nrrcst of
forty Chinese at Santa Cruz, Salinas,
Monterey and here. Tho arrests
were made by local officers In caph
City after Kred A. Ilrown nnd Harry
Alvord, Inspectors for tho board, had
guided tho authorities to tho places
whero the opium Is alleged to havo
been sold, and In somo cases smoked,
Opium valued- at about ,(12,0.00
was obtained as evldcnco In the four
cities, llcsldcs this, 11 large amount
.of iparnphernaUa for smoking tho
drug was found and taken to bo In
troduced an evidence against tho al
leged dealers. The majority of the
opium- was found In Salinas, Santa
Cruz and Mantetoy. One Chinese
here was caught In the net of smok
ing, 0 racers aver.
The- ialils wero made quietly and
little excitement attended tho en
trance, of the officers Into the various
Chinese quarters. Suspects nrrested
at Santa Cruz were placed In Jail
there. Prisoners from the other
towns were Jailed nt Salinas.
A wholesale house in San Fran
cisco arranged with Attorney Ocorgo
W. Smith here to look nftcr the lega'
interests of the men. He will make
an attempt to get them released on
bonds. Tho technical charge 11 gal list
tho prisoners Is having opium Il
legally In their possession.
It Is suggested that eczema suffer
ers ask the Honolulu Drug Co., of this
city what reports ho is getting from
the patients who huvo used tho oil of
wlntcrgrccn liquid compound, ll. I). U,
Bl 3u
Finest Table
One thing is certain Puritan Creamery
Butter is the best butter in this market. Sweet
and fresh. Always uniform in quality.
Leading Grocers
Honolulu Athletic Park
C. A. C. vs. J. A. C.
U. S. M. C. vs. C. A. C.
'kP.,A. Cvs. WASEDA .
Admission 25c, 50c. ot'.d 75c,
Box Flan for Season Tickets at
Chambers Drop; Co.
1S5 editorial rooms 250 ' bul'
nesr office. These are the telephons
numbers of the Bulletin office.
May &
Congressman Burke Calls a Meeting
of Committee to Probo the Charges.
l'lHHIti: (8. O.), July 17. Con
gressman llurke, chairman (it tho
HoiiKo commlttco appointed. nJL tho
last session of. (jougross to Investigate
charges of brlh'crr In legislation dp.il
lug with the salo o'f 'Indian - lands
made by United States Senator Ooro
ngnlust William McM'urray or McAlls
ler Okla.. has notlllcd tho members
of the comnilttvo to 'iiss'em'lilo nt Miih
kogen, Qkla., on August 4th. Thu In
vcntlgiitlon wll begin on that date.
Senator (loro has agreed to ho pre
sent nt tho meeting of tho committee,
nccordlng to Congressman Ilurko, Svho,
has returned from Mhnknto, Minn.,
whero ho held a conference with tho
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Oct busy and start Bomcthlng oven
If It Is only 11 bunk account.
FOR the stomach's 'sake an
i. ' occasional glass oifbeer us
very-good... It is a well estab
lished fact that '
contains corrective and tonic
qualities which make it invalu
able to the run-down system.
Apart ffom its medicinal pro
perties ;f!jR.Vlv,0- is., an ideal
leverage; '-wellsqitd to the
requisitions of this climate.
The Jfrecr Thai's
10 quit ine
Co., Ltd.
Phone '22
New Orpheum
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