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From Snn Frnncitco:
Tcnjo, Maru August 22
For San Francisco:
- Siberia Autust Z7
If rn h-vc "tho trcoh" and vul
(ell ilic nl.iln. simple tmlh aboul
Front Vancouver;
thci.i, Bulletin adveftisfrrj will
Kenlaudla S"pcnibcr 1G
For Vancouver:
Mnrnina Scptcinhor ia
Can furnish you advertising service unsurpassed
ESTABLISHED 1882. HO. 4702.
ij JWy ,r
i v
' J
GOT $50Q
Day At
SAN FRANC'SCO, Aug. 20. Two
hundred Honolulans held a grand re
ception nt the Hotel Stew-art Inst
night. It was decided to make it an
annual reunion event of nil persons
whatsoever connected with Hawaii.
The date set for the annual event
vrs August 10.
runs amuck
MARE ISLAND. Cal.. Aur. 20.
The battleship South Dakota broke
her mooritiR lines tcday and drifted
cut into the stream, colliding with
the tugboat Unadilla, badly damag
ing tlio smaller craft. The South Da
kola finally grounded n a mud
bank. I, is expected that the ship
will be floated nt high tide.
tm i
raging fire destroyed the business
district of this city today. The loss
will amount to millions of dollars.
No lives are reported lost.
Pleasantly Referred To
By Evening Press Of
San Francisco
Tlio nun Francisco lliillclin (if Ails
4 Bays of tho I) ill lot In party;
Tho six jnimg ladles who wpio the
Eiiccriusful cniulldaleB In the voting
contest of tlio llimiiliilu livening
Itulletln ni lived In IIiIh city frinn
Hnintiilii tin tlu Mutton Navlgatloh
stoimvr Wllhe'inlnn. en route to Yiwu
mlto Valley aii'l tho M.irlposu Cmvc
or Dig Tiocs, mill tiro at tlio Manx
Hotel. Tlicj1 will leavo tills city vln
Hip Southern I'liMllc nt !): 10 this oven
iiiK, to lio gone oiio week. Tlio paitj
will rottitn to lloiiolulii on tlio Wll
liilmln.i, sulltiiR August 31.
'I lie following miiku up tlio party
.Mlcii Kmiiia Akuinit. Miss Kiuma Ha
sukl, Miss Anglo P.mgelliian, Mica H.
tali Cockctt, MIhs Maiy McCubo, Mitt
C. V. Mikiiii ami Mrs. C, J. Heggs
'I ho (Mist of llio tamo lalu says:
A patty cit six joiiiik women wlio
vvcio successful candldatei In a vot
lap, contest lecntly conducted liy a
Honolulu nowspapor loft toiluy from
Ifero for tlio Yosoinllu and ,MiirlKisa
drove i)t Hlg Ticca. They will iciiialn
there ono wM.'k. ami will return to
Honolulu August 31. They nrrjvcd
horn Julv i'i.
lloshlcs tlio clitipcinno, Mrs. C. J
Ileggs, tlio p.uty Includus MIhbps Km
ma Akamii. Kinni.i Husakl. Anglo lau
RPllnnii, fiarali Tooki ltr"Mary McCain
unit Mrs. C. W.'Mooro
Goes Back
To Trial
(Special Bulletin Cabin'
QUEBEC, Aug, 20. Dr. Crippen
and h stenegmpher, Miss Lcncvc,
accused of the murder of Dr. Crip-
pens wife, Belle F.lmcic, started for
England today in charge of Inspector
Dew. I
Falls To
Before the Tcrri orial Central Committee this afternoon, J. C. Cohen admitted that he had nuthoriicd
Lorrin Aiidicws to draw a draft for $500. Cohen stated that this money was for "personal services" and
lad no connection with political woik. The draft. Cohen admitted wts cashed during the early pirt of
Miit.li, the lime mentioned by Buchly in the charges against Andrews.
"I nave borrowed money from Andrews and he has borrowed money from me," declared Cohen. "The
$500 was for personal services.." .
Last uiglit Cchcu stated that he had never paid Andrews a rent.
(Peace In II
I Fiehting HI
; Republic j
Ethol Caullelil. tho famoui vlo
i It It vlrttiimo, aci'Oiniianlcil liy I'rof.
AinlfiiMiit of Now Yoik, will outer
tain tlio illtmiH at the Aluxumlei
'Youiik Cafo on Mouilay, Wedncmlay,
, Kililuy uiul Hatiuday nlghtB.
Tuo'ilay ami Thutmlay nlKhtu hIip
will Im-liparil at the Young Hotpl
illiilim-rcinin, on the aUth lluor, ntnl
at the Muaiia Hotel on Sunday ulght.
(Special Bulletin Cable)
BOMB. Aug. 20. Lieut. Vivaldi
of the I nlian army wns today in
stantly killed by a trtU of over. 1000
feet from his aeroplane.
(Special Bulletin Cable)
PORTSMOUTH, Aug. 20. The bat
llcship Orion was launched today,
(Special Bulletin Cable)
crick Castor, a young pugilist, died
today ns the result of a blow re
ceived in a boxing match.
When tlio Ameilcmi Imik Niiunuu
railed from thn port of New York the
llrt part of thla month, hound for Ho
nolulu with a largo shipment of roii
era) inereliainllfo roiiHiRned to tho
aiioney of T. II. DiivIph & Co, Cailaln
Wnllor I.yman Jomiolyii then com
incnrnd what In claimed hla llfly-aev-Miith
royagu around Capo Horn.
Tho Nuii.uiu la now fourteen days
out from tho Atlantic coast port. Kor
tlio aiiiart hark to luakn tho round
trip to the Inlands ieiilred tho gre;it-
nr pact of ono enr.
Captain Jonaelyn Iiiih to hla credit
Iwpiity-llvo trlpa around tho Capo of
looil llopp, flvo tlnu'H around tho
world and now has In hla present trip
in thin port (viiunioiicoii hla thirteenth
vnynt;o around tlio Iloin aa immlor of
tho hark Niiiiauii.
Captain .lonielyn liai followed the
sea for llfty-twn )cara-nnd It la mild
to hla crvdlt that lie haa upent thla
entire time with hut nix veaBcU.
Tho Bkhuinr of tho Nuuatiu will ho
rcnitiilliorcd huro iib having written
an InteroatlnB uh woll aia ulahorato
lilatory of hla career.
In a Ktatonipnt made In Now York
before milling ff Honolulu, Captain
loHKnlyn In credlte'd with Eaylng that
he linn nerved under live master., four
of whom went liiMiino.
Tho Nuu.uiii la credited with having
iiiado imo tuiiart paasngeB to tho Is
lands.' I lor cargo generally IncludeB
must everything ranging from kltcli
pii rnngra to tieedlps or works of art.
fitnplo grocnrlex and tho tltipnt of
nllka and Ihcph vie with each other In
taking up the avallahlo cargo space
of the four-inanted batk.
Tho vetuiel Is one of tho few whono
arrival hero Ih always looked forward
to with pleasurable anticipation.
Hacked up by alllilavlln, tho
charges that have been mado agiiiunt
Lorrin AiKlreua and .1. C. Culirn
were iigaln biotiglil bvforu the Ter
ritorial Central Coinmittco at It i
inei'tlng which convened shortly aft
er noon today.
In Mipport of his allldavlt, declar
ing that Cohen had Mated to tho
extJ'iitlve committee of tlio iintl-pro-liibitloiilrlH
befoto the plehlscitutb.it
Lorrin Andrews would promlie that
no n fit I lliiuor plank would he In
iiuioiated III the lteuilillcafl ptat
fcrm, Muclib' mado a Btatemcnt In
which h declared that l.'iOU of tho
funds Contributed to tho nutl-pmlil-hltlon
light hcic wns sidetracked by
Cohen for tho buncllt of Andrews.
Illicitly further staled that fur tho
fSfiUQ asked for by Cohen In An
drews' behalf, Hint Andrews would
further promise that no atiU-rnlooii
or null prohibition nouilneo ' would
place on the llepuhllcati, Hum bo cut down to Sizon, making
JI.'ilMi in nil. This is all the money
that vvna received hero tho iliOU
mentioned going to protect tho draft
that was Issued here."
find n
"It was dm lug tho last week of
Mulch," Ktated Muchly, "that Ali-
Itcwb catua to my ofllce ami inadu'
tlio proiMislllon if lr.iH). Wu tiirii-l
ol hi in (iown, and then lie rtatedj
that1 ho could get the money on tho'
Coast. I went to the Coast on thu
tamo boat with Cnheii, thn tilerra,'
and a confereiire wau held in Sail
Praia -Isrii, at tho olllee of the alwa
Wine nintrlhuttag Company, on the
i ciiVutlim that wJ'ull in) iii.i''- to
ngrUtliT thu tillpfMilbltloii fight
Protect the Draft.
"At tills mooting Itirtfl of the Hal-
lau-SwIsH Colony stated that $r.00flj
l would be cnntriliilteu. v-oiicn men
Ktated Hint tho draft for $r0U would
have to ho protected- that draft.tliat
vent to Uirrlu Androws, nc ordlng
to Cohcn'a statonicnt. ltonsl then
Htatch that his coiitiibiillou would
At this Juncture Cohen Interrupt
ed with a nuestlou as to the distri
bution of llio total amount received
fiom California.
"We are. I am. talkinc about that
ir.nn," iet.uiicil lluchly, and he was
Hipportcd liy Mncfarliino a moment
later when Cohen asked permission
to go and "got a letter" which he
rtntcd would throw light on tho sub
ject. ."Tho community Is Interested only
In that Sr00," stated .Mncfarlatie.
"Tlicro Ih no necessity of taking up
any other question. Vo want to
know where the iron wont."
"Tlio letter will show where It
went," paid Cohen, and a ro'ess of
(Continued on Pace 7.)
NEW ORLEANS. Aup. 20 Pri-
vate tclenmrns have been re eiverl
here stating that President Madriz
oi Nicaragua ana ucncrai istrnaa
HUTfc illb.U )I ICait Klllt) uii tun-
dition that Jose Estrada,, brother oP
the insurgent, will be elected l'rcs-J
ident. i
- j
WASHINGTON. Aug. 20. Aj!
nria ons r.f $2.000 .000 have I
rrndc for the Sates militia. Hoi
gets less thnn $10 000.
ar: 90 dcgicw test, 4.431c. Trci
quotnticn. 4.425c. '
ar: 03 degtecs test. 4.44Sc,
vicss quotaticn, 4.425c.
Malson Line Said To
. Have Boosted
" Tariffs
How can a bachelor of arts bo wed
ded to his art?
Don't waste jour time trying to get
buck at a backbiter.
Illlo business ami commercial In-
torpsti! aro raid tojiavo hecixuo much
cxeiclsed over what In termed an
In-re.iKc of fnrtv cents to the cost
of hrlimlni! everv ton of inorchaii-
illto to that iort. Thoy chargo tho
MatBiin Navigation lino with lovy
lug a higlior tat Iff, and thu predic
tion Is now made that tho American-Hawaiian
lino will follow suit.
It la claimed that tho rlso In
the fieluht tariff Is n direct result
of thu combination that Is claimed
to have been effected between the
MnUoii and tho Amerlcnli-llawallnti
ompniilcs, which was first noticed
In n derided liimn In Hie rales on
gaso'llio. Illlo people bcliovo that
Mikv biivo been sliiclcd but as tho
only pent whoro tlio reported ralso
will go Into elToct.
There Is Mimn talk of attempting
to bring tho matter before the Ter
ritorial authorities. It la claimed
that tho ralno In tntca Is a direct
vlnl.il Ion nf tlio Sherman act. and It
Ih contended that It Is a matter that
should receive tho attention of Unlt-
iwl KtiitfiH Attoinnv ltreekons.
Tho chargo is mado nominally us
lighterage between tho ship an Hho lies
In Illlo liay and the warehousos.
Tin, Hawaii Herald claims that
"Hi,, ehiireliii! nf fnrtv cents tier toll
lighterage, howover, will probably uo
rcrolvoil with a great deal ot coin
plalut, ua it gives a tremendous prof
it to tho company doing tho work,
which Is. of course, tho Matsou com
pany. Ao'ordlng to S,wo of tho best
authorities on this kind of work In
lllln linth lieliiL- men who havo tier-
sonal mtact with the work, the
actual coat of lighterage Is le.ss than
omi.thlrd of tho extra Hum dnmaml
oil. Ono of thesn men estimated the
iictiial tost ns being eleven cents per
ton ami the other placed It at twelve
cents. Prom this it will bo been
(Continued on Page 2)
Honolulu, T. II., Aug in, lain.
A. li. C. Atkinson, Ksip, t'liulr-
man, Itepiibllcan Central Com-
mlltee, Honolulu
Dear Hln A kiiiupeI has been
made to thu undersigned, a com-
Inlttee appiilnted ns a result of a
meeting of a number of Itipubll-
can voters In tho 3rd I'reclnct,
Kb District, that wo appear bo-
foro tho committed appointed to
consider Uio management of the
Itepiibllcan party and campajgn
In this County by Mr Uirrln
AndrowH. Thin wo do not raro
to do Wo havo no charges to
prefer agalnnt thu management
of tho part affalrH at largo by
Mr. Andiow.1,
Vie delicti', li(icicr, that the
iiictlioiN purriird by lilm In our
prcrlnct haic not been fur the
gneil nf Hie party, nor are the)
nirtliiuli vililrh vie ran reiiule-
mi nee.
Accordingly wo aro continuing
thn fight wo mado against thoio
methods at the last precinct elec-
Hon by planning to elect and
send to tho coming conventions !
delegations which, In our opln-
Inn, fairly represent all the vot-
era o our precinct, Including thu
business clement.
Our ticket Is n heady mado up,'
and Mr. Andruwa' iiamo Is not
on It
Tlicreforc, nltrlhrr or tint, Mr.
AnilrciiK In retained by .your
riiiiiinltti'C, vie propoic to run-
tlntip our light ailing Hip IIiipi
Truly yours,
K. 15. 8TKK1U5,
('. (!. IUIODI5S.
Crop Exceeds Estimate
And Prospects Are
Walmaiialo plantation will finish
grinding next week, anil tho total ton
nage of sugar will amount to about
3G00 Ions. The estimate a't tho begin
ning of the season was 3 '00 tons, ilnd
Manager Chalmers went very near In
estimating tho exact figures.
All thy company's cano has been
harvested, and the mill nt present la
grinding outsiders' cane. Tho mill Is
running very slowly as tho rune Is
being brought from little fanners'
patches all ovor tho place. Tho cano
Is going high In sugar contonts, and
the crop has been satisfactory In ev
ery way.
It lias been tho practice at Walma
iialo, Tor the pant twclvo years, to
burn Instead of stripping for tho Inst
lime. Tlio burnt cano is harvested
and giound within thirty-six hours,
and there Is little or no deterioration
If It Is all through tho uillla within
that time
Wnlmanalo young plant nnd ratoon
cann lookn remarkably well at pres
ent, and an abundant supply of wat
er Is Increasing tho tonnage per aero
considerably. On tlm heller laiidn
Yellow Caledonia Is planted, and on
tlio slightly Inferior lleldu, Itono Ham
lino buhls sway. Tho plantation la re
markably fteo of weeds and every In
dication of careful cultivation la to
bo seen on all sides.
Tho mosquito pest Is somewhat
abated nt Walmanato, and tho little
buz7crn have been blown away by tlio
stiff sea bronres that havo been pre
vailing lately. Tho police who were
down at Wnlmanalo with Sheriff Jar
relt during tlm strike, had a terrible
time with moxqiiltos, and yesterday It
was quite a pleasant surprise to And
thatjho Insects wore not nearly so
bad iih they were at tlio time the
trouble occurred tho plantation.
Abe Praises lla,Ynii's
Hospitality And !
Count Okiimu, rresldciu of (lio f'nl
verslty of Wancda, ono of J lio niont
prosperous educational liiKtllothiml In
Japan, will lie presented with special
walking ratio mado In llonnniii, llui
Tlio cano Is In iiossenKlnn of Prof
Abe, llio director of tho Waseda haso
ball team, which Is visiting Hawaii
It will bo presented til tho Count, upon
tho Profi'Hwr's arrival in .Inpan. H
is most magnificently HilidiCil. and Ik
the gift of How fc'okilio of llonomti
Prof. Abo. hu, through his man
ly .mil ';niitlemauly wav, bus won tin
confl I nco of Hawaii's p'-oplo, is an
olhe. lucky Indivldiiil II" lo-i, ha,
b-eu prcfcnloil with a good ami valu,
nhlo walking stick by the roccptloi
committee of thu Japanrne Yiflitr
Men's Association of Wnluke-i. Tip
Professor is exceeding'' pp-axed, he
rnuso ot tho fact tint It Is undo ol
u special specimen ol Havval'lan wood
Tho Professor stciol this limning.'
that tho crater of Kll.mea was n mar
vel. Ho had seen volcanous before,
hut none of them einil I lie pomp tied It
beauty and splendor with that of Mn
dam Pclu.
Tho receptions tp.idtr them, ho said
wrro oxroliont. and tho iteoplp whom
thoy hnd met were most honppibl.
' m '
(Special Bulletin Cable)
scores in the big leagues' play today
American Flnladelph a 6, Chi
cago 4; Boston 0, Detroit 0; Wash
ington 5, Cleveland 0; New York
5, S(. Louis 3.
National Pittsburg 2, Boston 3;
Cincinnati 3, New York 0; St. Louis
0, Philadelphia 5; Chicago 11,
Brooklyn 2. '
Standing of National League, Aug. IS
Club. W. U Pel
Chlengo fi'i 2-' .C7i
flushing r.n ii ,r,'j.
Now Yoi k C!) . K .584
Cincinnati lift fi( Sit
Philadelphia fu r,2 ,1'Ji
Ilrooklyn II .'.! .lid
St l.ouU II G.' . ,3V
Ilostoit II GS .370
Judjic Dplc. Declares!
And Void In Case
OfSaiki ;
Jltduii Dnln linmleil dnu-nl
,'JcebbiiiH lii tlio Pedrral ,tjitirt!
ntiiviiliii. ,.. ...i.i.i. I...,,. k..i!
.willing ') n llli.ll iii,ji ,,qivi
mil .Urn will havo to pay back q
fccelved from one Hall, I juct b
!to went Into bankruptcy, . J
Hie cauwi lit which uitt uoaj
worn given worn thotc of Hard
lietirpr, us trtiHlec of SI, ,1
igalnrt H. Neemoto, and au
igniiint S. Jlro. ' '
The KiillJ was brought 1 1 each
or a iIppipo declaring tho'lra
f inotieya by tho bankrupt t
'eferd.ints to be null mid vot
hat ilcfciidantH bo mado to aj
it theiic inotipys, which wer
ilvPl within fi)iir laonlh's
llltig of tho petition in hnntfj
In Ills' opinion In the case.'jfj
)olo states that it Is perfent
vl-nip tho transfoiii were niadl
irefeiciieo liftlieso
Standing of Amerli.in Lcigue, Aug 1
Club. W
I'hlladPlphla VI
D'trolt 1
Now York Gl
llontou Gl
Cleveland IS
Washington ....... 17
Chicago It
I St. 1-ouls ns
"Can ou tell me If .lolin Drew ns
much us Alma Held?" "No; they went
playing ' Checkers." "University of
California Pelican.
.The Hawaiian band will play nl
thu lxilo game today.
Hotter ii serm hi b-v,ed Hsm a ten'
thutt u I'lttcM,
two crei)
. .. . ... -1""!
'ami owpt IHicKieiii t uikjinii
ock ft Co largo rum; '.vjfilC
lad pronilr"d to pay on ijtjm
lnle. and Mislead of puylngf
ip paid to various Jiii.itijnou!Sl
ho wns liiiloblPd tlio sum nfji
Ho stated to llio two InrgOit
irn thai ho pi Id thla inoneri
presiure. ' .
The evliletiro proved, ill Jfflj
Ion if Judge Dole, that Ha Ik
urge credit when lio Knowrjl
IPlng under, with no liltejUi
laving up. . ' J!
Tho inmciit of J5()ft to Hes
mil IG'10 to Jlro la declared
i it it void, an both h.'id rcaEOii
'levo thai they received thu
'hroiiuh iircfercnrp.
l.aU iilglii thu Mvrt:vSl
lal.-p vim vvo'l nlteiided. atrt
noabie Haw vvim had bvlv
Tlio iiimsIi was roikI, IhfUilTra
'ct. and the girlies wctnw
c,oiild bo dcslrod. Tlio "mjJkJJ
ii!ghi--tPo h;lght (or.-mags
ho ilipann w. ' and, cjfldl
tPli wtto I'lttppil to pel teciwij
Theio was a long prflgrajj
ivery danco saw Hie full Jtion
ho conipnii) om tho llisir. S
'lHppy slgiii went lip whon 'U
viilm was' plajeil. ami tlio or
iroi wus ui'il iiiPr,wero
iilinberi- fin tho llitvj'
The Myrt'u bi))i! lriYQLto
elieni muds, and ttiprRarS
in the Hroi as HiP,v,iWbifTlM!
and that I' golngjtoliii
w .. f
rifts, iirtva
iwikkMisAi- ii'Mifc'ihii''ii ii iiti JB

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