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From San Franciico:
Sleira URMHt 26
For San Francisco:
Siberia .i.-. August 27
From Vancouver:
Zcnlnndla September in
For Vancouver:
Mnrnmu September 13
If yon have "the goods" and will:
tell the plain, simple truth about
them, Bulletin advertising will'
Can furnish you advertising service unsurpassed
ESTABLISHED 1882. NO. 4704.
A 1 tI jb. Jl .
r !-
Starts On
OYSTER BAY, L. I., Aug. 23.
Colonel Roosevelt started today on
his speech-making tour of the West.
He will go us far West ns Cheyenne,
Brands Andrews' Deal
As "Rotten" Stands
For Reform
UTICA, N, Y., Aug. 23. Colonel
Roosevelt nude the first speech of
his tour at this city today. He was
well received. He spoke on the
conservation movement and dwelt
with special emphasis on the better
ment of men placed in positions of
trust in public life.
Stanton Starts Splendid
Scheme And All
Join Him
One hundred thousand populatton
fur Honolulu In 191fi, and u Ilcalty
Heard to help turn the trick, was
the slogan of the business men gath
ered at u dinner given lust evening
In tliu Commercial Chili by Mr.
Charles Stanton, manager of the
Ktiipiukl hatul Company.
It would have ilutiu the people ot
the illy good to liuvu attendeil that
Ubseuihly, hut, of course, Mr. Stun
ton could not Invito the whole town
ito tlie IiauquiM hoard, though lie
ptomlses to gUe one grand luuu
when the one hundred thousand
uiurU l readied In 1913.
Hut what would have done, the
people paitlcular good would he the
information gained regarding Hie
ill III til Huh that real estate men havo
In handling property. These dMl-
cullies If straightened out will hen
oU the town, benefit tho buer and
bencllt the seller. There Is tho mat
ter of titles, tho question of slualis,
tdio building laws and the tuxes.
Mr. Dondcro brought out the tin-
lires-slve fnctB of tho taxes. He told
if try.'ng to handle a piece of real
i-Btnte and discovering that there
were six bundled dollars of buck
taxes dun on It. Ho went to tho tux
oltlce and nsked why these. tuxes bad
not been paid. No one seemed to
know. Mr. Dondero suggested that
n great deal of Improvement could
he accomplished If the buck taxes
were collected. lie nlko thought
that there should he a board of as
sessors, Kimo of whom were real cs
tnto men and know what they weie
talking about, A hoard gave some
opportunity for sifting of opinion;
now It- Is one-man opinion.
Mnrstnn Campbell Bpoko of the
Kiowth of the town In the past and
what It would do In the future.
It. II. Tiont proponed the Olio Hun
dred Thousand Club, and said a
lenity hoard should accomplish some-
thing to upset the kuockeis.
C. S. Desk)- spoko against tho
rhuchs mid 'wild the work against
them bad been going on for many
j ears and bo hoped It would on
tlnuo. (Continued on Pace 3
Tho first automobllo kIiow for west
ern Canada will be hold at Winnipeg
in 1-Vbriiury, l'JU.
THINK that tho thing Is totten.
I mil simply disgusted with
what is going on, want nono
of It, and I rt-f u so to bo drawn
It," suld A. L. C. Atkinson this
morning In speaking of the action of
the llepubllciin Territorial Committee
in Its exoneration of I-orrln Andrews,
Mr Atkinson is no lunger chairman
of the roiiimltleo bis resignation hav
ing been presented at tho meeting last
evening ns an expression of bis tils
nppiovnl of what had In en dono
due of the Incidents of the oxecu
tho meeting that filed Atkinson's ire
was tho direct proposition made to
him by John Waturhiiuse Hint If tho
resolution exonerating Andrews be
passed, Andrews would Immediately
resign. This was apparently a b-ilt
lliionu out to buy Atkliisou'ri favor
He binnded It as an Insult.
"I have alwuys stood for clean poll
ties uuil I am on the side of refill in.
I bellevo tho reputable body of the
Itppiihllcnn party feel the way I do
nbuiit this matter.
"I want It clearly understood that
I do not stand for any control of tlte
llopiihllcnn party by tho lliiuoi- people.
Kveionp knows where I stand on tho
liquor question. I'ersonnlly I nm for
local option but having gono through
a plebiscite mid obtained the opinion
of tho mujoilty of the voters, I b-
llovu lu accepting the facts. Wo llvo
under n representative fonn of gov
ernment mid the people have siKiken.
It Is wise to follow tho people's wishes.
"I think that the results of the dis
cussion of tho plebiscite show two
things l'lrst. Hint the present liquor
law should be supported without
amendments; second, that tho Liquor
Commissioners should feel that they
have tho support of tho community
In n strict Interprt-iuliuu of tho law
and keeping a firm grip on the situa
tion. "I conducted the campaign two
years ago and did not accept u slnglo
kopec from Hie liquor men. At the
snmo time I think that the Ilepubllcan
parly is big enough and broad enough
to give u square deal to all Interests.
"Tho Ilepubllcan parly should gov
ern tho Interests rather than allow tho
Interests to got em the party.
"We must Jealously guurd the In
tegrity of the purty and not allow any
sK'Clal Interest, liquor or any other
Interest, to gin cm It.
Ilepiibllcaiilsm stands for a squaru
deal, tho welfare of tho p'oplc and
the Common flood, brought about uy
honest methods."
$ rti
y - .''
Jwm-------P & 'JMMk
.BP-FriW ' 'vJui$KK
HK&HH.',7. ? , STOA
Hf7C&lcKlM.- W JF i 'fefeVtwlcT.
jRk. wr.UHIM-r 'SmBlr rvKS
ft 1M. .fm
HiB? i - '" ' ' WM
Will Rifusc To Make Use
J)f His Proxy
N view of the action taken yes
terday alternoon by the lle
publlcun Territorial Central
Committee I feel that I cannot
sit m.alii on the committee by vlitue
of the proxy tluu gao nic n right to
he pre.epl jenteribiy afternoon," nlil
John Initio this mo-iitiit;.
" 'In my np'nhn the best Interests of
the Ilepubllcan party did not recelio
the consideration they wcro entltleil
to at the meeting estenlay In win
necllou with the charges against An-ilrex-s
Tho procedure adopted was
ib cliledl) unusual, Tho charges wero
. I ('. VTKMIN.
Insurgent Movement For Progressive
Republicanism Aftermath Of
Andrews' "Exoneration"
I )&& ' -fvv '"am
An Insurgent movement, designed In
tho Interests of pmgruiiHhu Ilepub
llcanlsm mid ngnlust tho rule of
thumb methods that biouglit about the
"eMiiiei.iilon ' of l.oiilu Audi- ws ufler
It bad been stipuhitcil that he would
resign f.iithwlth. Is, the dlnvt out
come of the session of tho Ilepubllcan
Teirlloilal Central Committee held
yorfterduy afternoon.
The next result of tho action taken
by Wntorhouse, .Macfarlnuo. King and
Voeller Is that Chairman A. U C At
kinson has leslgnvd and declares ah
solutely that bo will go before tho
peoplo In tho Interests of "progiysslvo
Ilepubllcunlsm. He Insists (hut his
resignation as chalrmnn be acceptd.
AtkliiKou docs Pot Intend to recede
from the position be nsuinoil yester
day aftertiiKin when Hie vote was tak
enIn will nut ng.iln participate lu
the count lis or tho Territorial Central
John l.ane, who has sat on the com
mltlco during the Andrews hearing
wlh Hie jiroxy of Otto Iloso. declnresi
that h- cannot roiibcleutloiisly con i
tlnuo to use the proxy. He declared
that he shmiM withdraw yesterday!
aftemoon and ho wrote to Hose this!
morning telling him that hu would not
use the pi ox) again.
Marvel at Action
Itopiihlicans throughout the city aro
marveling at tho policy that dictated
Hie action of tho committee jesterday
iiftornoini It was agreed by those
favorable to tin- exoneration of An
Continued nn Paco 2J
joii.v lam:.
presented In a formal way and In my
opinion were entitled to the utmost
"The proposition to exonerate Mr.An
dreus and then bnve him resign did
not appeal to me ns being satisfactory
to one slilo or the other.
"1 have wiltten Mr. Hose (hut I do
dot Intend to use his proxy again.
And 1 Intend to nl -de by that decision.
My principles in politics are fairly
well known and I cannot reconcile
inysclt to tho urtlnii tukeu yesterday."
Our New Phone Number Is
Apents, Alexander Younn Hotel
i Laundry
And tho llusslans nro bo
gliinlng to find that Ilawnll
Is not such a bad place, lly
a recent steamer from tho
Coast there returned one of
tho llusslau Immigrants who
thought he would find every
thing ho wanted lu Callfor.
nla, He leturns with tho
report that be prefers Ha
waii. Ilo encountered union
men.'uiid regular work, and
not bo much money In tho
long run. Ho says he lias
come back to sta.
.AUBURN, Cal., Aug 23, The
Tahce forest reserve is threatened
with fire, and troous have arrived
to fight the flumes.
Chauffeur Nearly Sent
"Down Below" For
The Night
There was quite n gathering of
stockbrokers, lawyers mid medical
luen'at the I'ollce Com t this morning,
and the occasion (hut ilruw tliu un
usual crowd of spectators was the
trial of I!. J. Uml, who was charged
with heedless and lerktesa driving of
uu automobile. Frank Thompson ap
pealed for I-ord mid tho case was sent
over till August ::o.
It appeals that last night at K
o'clock Special OtDccr Chilton and
Deputy Slit rln' llusit wire slamllng on
tho corner of Hotel mid lllshop stieiiis
when Iord came along at n pace es
timated at thlitv-llve miles an hour
j and swung mound the (orner.
Tint puce Is said to have been ter
rlllc mid It was u wonder that the
car did not topple over when making
the turn. Chilton at ome Jumped on
bis iiioloi cycle and made alter Hie tly
(Coutimted on Pne 2)
Applications Returned As
Not Properly
Applliallons for lioiunstenils are
coming lu with great regularity tu
every mull, but on account of home
applicants iijiL following tliu Instruc
tions sent tin-in, 'n number have to
be leturiied to tho senders.
Tho Instructions uio plain, hut
mail) full to observe the B.inplest
ones. The most tominou overnight
Is not to iii.ii K on tho envelope lu
what laud dlEtrlct tho land Is asked
There aie live land divisions, and
ut the ol'lie of Josh Tucker, lu tho
p.ila ii. there ore lle sealed boxes.
Into there boxes are put all appli
cations for linmrrUMiU before they
lire opened, wht h will be done mi
tliu d.i) 'if the iliawlng in Nov em
her lu ordei to place the applica
tion in one ot the boxes, it Is liec-
(Contiuucd on Page 2.)
Brcckons and liendry
Leave For Maui,
In Hurry
"400 Lost III
lllrllLUrDMJ - a
i-ire owepi
SPOKANE. Wash.. Aue, 23. R
polls from the forest fires are itlarrt
inp in the extreme. Sifcli n fnirfr
CHINESE IS BELIEVED sweep of fite accompanied by henv
TO BE COUNTERFEITER,10 of !ife hM, nevr .bcen J5"0.!
At.vi ha lumtii) iii iivui vuiiuu
Wireless From Sheriff Saffery Causes
Marshal and U. S. A
Take the Mauna Kea
stations show that nearly the who
of the treat pan-handle of the Sinl
Marshal and U. S. Attorney to'f Mho is nblarc with forest fire
ir.l.- ,L. rr.. I.. ' .1 Pltnf itnflt n-n bflt full
four hundred lives have been loj
Over nine hundred forest rangers ai
missing. -1
(The property loss will reach mart
millions of dollars.
' 1
Upon a hurry iall this morning,
United States Attorney Ilreckoimand
United States Marshal Hendry left
on the Mnunn Kea for Maul and wjII
there Investigate the passing of
counterfeit money for which I.ee
lAiug Is held under arrest.
It was after 'J o'clock this morn
ing that a wireless was received
from Sheriff Saffery at Walluku to
the effect that he bad a Chinese
under arrest for trying to pass
, (Special Bulletin Cable)
I AN FRANCISCO. Am?. 2.1 Tli
counterfeit coin, and l!ieckoniTiur.r. scci'csTn the big leagocs' plrfyHcdu
are: :
American Boston 11, St. Lont
11: Washington 0, Chicago l;,Thi
adelphia 2, Cleveland 1; New Yot
3, Detroit 2. .
National Pittsburp 0 Philadc
phin, 0; Cincinnati 5, Btooklyn
Chicago 3, Boston 2; St. Louis J
New York 1. -1
Standing of American Leauue, Auar,I
(Jiuu. w.
1'hlladelphla 74
Detroit CT
Now Yoik , CJ
Uoston .', f2
Cleveland tf
Washington IS
Chicago -II
St. 1-oulK 3S
Standing of National League, Aurjfj
Hendry grabbed their traveling kits
at once and '.i-ft on the Mnunn Kea
at 0 o'clock.
There has been coin found from
Hmo to time lecently of a spurious
nature, but so far no arrests havo
been made, nor has It been possible
to find out where the coin was coin-
liig from.
There was n theory Hint It was
being put out on the Const and sent
down here Jn small quantities for
passing, but'tlicu thore wns a ques
tion also If the stuff was not being
put out here and sent to tho Coast
for lr illation, while but a strny
piece in w anil then was passed out
'I i ,on dollar gold pVco was tho
clev "t Imitation of the genuine
article, although the schemes ot the
counterfeiters went so low ns to
manufacture a spurious nickel, both
of these coins being found In Hono
lulu within the past few days.
United State officials havo been
keeping their eyes open for the
sourco from whence enmo these
coins, and although several clues
hnvft limn linivtiirml f,n,n tlt.m fn
time, the nrreat of tho Chinese ntl'l'""""
Walluku by tho sheriff thero Is Hm' . . TTX7-
first deflnlto step that has been ' Jy JvJ,S. CUD All Y'
The wireless mesiago received
from Suffery this morning wns brief
in the extreme, nnd as It was so
near the sailing time of the Manna
Kea, no query for partliulars wus
sent from hero.
It was merely stated Hint the Chi
Club. W.
Chicago r,8
New York CO
I'lttsburg fit
Cincinnati. ,... 51
Philadelphia .... CI
Jtrooklyn 42
'St. lnl 41
Directors' Inspection Tour
Results In Good
Harry V. Lewis and Mark Ilohln
win leturned last evciing from a
tour of Inspection of Oahu planta
tion, and their report to tlfelr fellow
dlrectois will be most gratifying.
"We found Oahu lu Ilrst-clnss
condition," said Mr. Lewis In speak
lug of their lour. "The wells of
which hi much hns been said are
well filled with hweet water. The
joung cane Is looking lino nnd every
thing Is going along 3n a most sat-
i isfnclory manner.
I "As for next year's crop, I have
no doubt that it will be as largo or
larger than this ear's output The
young cane looks well, nnd I should
say that the lowest limit should be
a crop equal to this ear's, and
should we have some soaking rains
dining the winter It ought to go
)iisldernhlv higher I nssure nn
Hint Oibu is all right I don't know
anything about the sto k quotation
I am ii buver and not a seller.
That's the wav I feel aboul It "
(Special Bulletin Cable) I
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug. 23.j
Mrs. Jack Cudahy, who has bet
seeking a separation from Iter hu
namnii bad In bis possession spurious band since the family fight son
toln when tnkon Into custody, but.mo'nni ago, wncn uuaany, wiiii u
the denomination or the coin or; $d,.of hi$ chauffeur, beat lip Je,
coins in his possession wns not, LHl". an admirer of his wife s, r
(,,! ceived bcr divorce today, with ai
llreckons and Hendry nro expect-'""1 fixed at onedMlar. ,
ed buck within n lonple of days with i
their prisoner, unless Uifoinintlon ', V OTE BUYER I
gnlned Hint will lead to further In-, !is
tlB-lln-. K AKKKS'l'l
FRANKLIN. Pa.. Aug. 23.--J
xeiih C. Slhlev. n Remihlir-An V.ti
VOTE BONDS ' Rxe"'onttl candidate, has been. a
I resua ana cimrgea witu conspire
-.--.W-..T,-- - i . -- ' o aeoaucn voieis, mere Deing el
SACRAMENTO, Cal.. Aug. 23.- dence to thc effect' ,hat 532,000
Governor G llett has issued a call been lpcnt in the district by sib'
for a special session of the Legisla- in the purci,,e 0f voters. ft
ture to authorize a bond issue for . A
the Panama Exposition in San Fran- rn-iT3AT A Tf n
Cisco. It is proposed that the State lUltlNiiJJU j
shall issue bonds for five millions' TlTi1GrP'DWX
of dollars, the proceeds to be used UIIiO 1 i,U 1,1
in guaranteeing the Panama-Pacific . j
Exposition of 1015, j V'UDINGTON. Mich., Aug. 233
" 'A disastrous tornado has swei
1T AT)"RT7 A NT) through this section of the counfir
ATJ..XyXl.J XXXlXy UniniF 1iltl,J n Ibo Jvljn nf o ml
HIS GENERALS dollar, No lim are nv
Bulletin Business Office Phone 250
Bulletin Editorial Room Phone 185
C0RINT0 Nicaragua, Aug, 23.'
Ex-President Madnz arrived here fo. (
day. He is accompanied by a num- SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 23?
ber of eenernls'who fought with him Beets: 88 nnnlvsis. 14s. lid ns
I in the battles for the control of thc itv fi,18c. Previous quotation, 14
'Government. 10 l-2d. s j M
. . -fti.ji--.
, -ii'- .

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